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KK Chat - Dec. 15, 2002 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:59:46 pm »
KK Chat - Dec. 15, 2002, pt. 1

[16:03] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:03] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
[16:03] <RainTurtle> wb, Mistyck
[16:03] <Martine> Hi Katherine!
[16:03] <bynw> Hiyas Katherine
[16:03] <RainTurtle> Hi, Sam
[16:03] <jm> Hi KK
[16:03] <KK> Hello, gang.
[16:03] <Debbie-VB> Hi Katherine
[16:03] <Olympia> Hello Katherine and Sam
[16:03] <Andy_Hock> Hi Sam, KK
[16:03] <RainTurtle> Hello, KK
[16:03] <Mistyck> hi Katherine
[16:03] <the_Bee> hi Katherine!
[16:03] <Mistyck> Hi Sam
[16:03] <Barticus> howdy KK
[16:03] <Temprus> hi kk
[16:03] *** Gamgee_is_not_here_right_now is now known as Gamgee
[16:03] <Barticus> howdy Sam
[16:03] <Mobi> hi Katherine! Hi Sam!
[16:03] <StephanieG> Hi KK!
[16:03] <Wrengl> howdy katherine
[16:03] <Gamgee> hello all
[16:03] <Martine> Hi Sam!
[16:03] <the_Bee> hi sam
[16:03] <RainbowDragon> Hi, Katherine
[16:04] <Wrengl> sam
[16:04] <jm> hi Sam
[16:04] <Olympia> Debbie, no one actually - heh! I KNOW some of them in RL <grin>
[16:04] <kirienne> Hi Kathrine
[16:04] <kirienne> Hi Sam
[16:04] <KK> Well, we've got a big gang tonight.
[16:04] <Mistyck> yep
[16:04] <Mobi> seems so
[16:04] <Mistyck> how was your week, Katherine?
[16:04] <KK> Not bad.
[16:04] *** Gamgee is now known as Guest15551
[16:04] <Mistyck> uh oh, poor Sam
[16:04] <Martine> Whoops! Someone forgot to identify
[16:05] *** Guest15551 has quit IRC (QUIT: Put your spare computer power to some good use finding a cure for Alzhimers. Team 1084 Deryni-Fans -- For all your computer Tech Support)
[16:05] <Olympia> Martine, dear, would you apply the crop to the Peer?
[16:05] <the_Bee> we see through your disguise, Sam
[16:05] *** Guest89374 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:05] * Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
[16:05] <Mistyck> wb Sam
[16:05] <KK> I spent several days retyping a story that was never published, because Judy-Lynn del Rey thought it shouldn't be wasted on a short story.  So it will be part of the Childe cycle.
[16:05] * Mistyck handcuffs Peer and hauls him off to jail
[16:05] <Martine> Anytime, Olympia ;-)
[16:05] <Mistyck> cool, Katherine!
[16:05] <kirienne> cool Kathrine
[16:05] <Olympia> That's a good daughter.
[16:05] <Shiral> Back
[16:05] <jm> Neat
[16:05] * Martine smiles at Nancy
[16:05] <RainTurtle> wb, Shiral
[16:05] <Martine> Cool, Katherine!
[16:06] <Shiral> Hello Katherine
[16:06] <jm> wb Shiral- the cats happy
[16:06] <KK> Yeah, I was surprised at how good it was, written in 1978.
[16:06] <Mobi> was that a product of the Red Selectric or later?
[16:06] <Shiral> Of course you would come when I stepped away from the computer
[16:06] <Shiral> <G>
[16:06] <RainTurtle> very cool, that
[16:06] <KK> Well, I <just> got here.
[16:06] <KK> Red Selectric.
[16:06] *** Guest89374 is now known as Gamgee
[16:06] <KK> It was a--gasp--carbon copy, too.
[16:06] * Debbie-VB finds another reason to wait impatiently for the Childe cycle books
[16:06] <Olympia> Katherine, Shiral brought Duke Joszef but I left Stefan at home asleep. :)
[16:06] <Martine> No! Not the carbon copy!
[16:06] <Devin> Whoa!
[16:06] <Mistyck> lol...that's ancient
[16:07] <KK> Well, I did say 1978.
[16:07] <RainTurtle> a while back...heheh
[16:07] <Mobi> When your namesake went for her first typewriter, she glommed onto a Selectric.  It was a major flashback situation.
[16:07] <Shiral> Duke Joszef is sitting on my couch trying to figure out where I hid the vodka
[16:07] <Mistyck> I remember typing in triplicate as late as the late 80's
[16:07] <Devin> Next, you're going to find purple ditto'd DA back issues. :)
[16:07] <KK> The date is penciled at the top.
[16:07] <Shiral> Wow
[16:07] <KK> No, never!
[16:07] <Martine> 1978 I wrote my very first story - on my dad's manual Royal typewriter :-)
[16:07] <Martine> We won't comment on typos, spelling, or other presentation doo-dads, will we? <g>
[16:07] <Barticus> are type writers even used any more
[16:08] <KK> DA was always done in xerox--but mastered on the Red Selectric!
[16:08] <Olympia> LOL! I wrote my first story in... oh gosh let me do the math... uh 1957. In pencil.
[16:08] * Devin is envious. Never had a decent manual like a Royal.
[16:08] <Martine> They are, Bart, to fill in pre-printed forms.
[16:08] <Mistyck> we still have one at the office we use
[16:08] <KK> We use ours--the old Red Selectric--for quick notes and addressing envelopes.  Or, Scott does.
[16:08] <Mobi> Martine, none of us would ever be subject to typos, spelling errors or other presentation doo-dads!
[16:08] <Shiral> So it has an honorable retirement
[16:08] * Mobi looks aghast
[16:08] <Martine> Nancy, I was all of six. But someone told me that real authors used typewriters, so my story HAD to be written on a typewriter! <g>
[16:09] * Devin wants a Selectric II. Best keyboard ever made.
[16:09] <Olympia> I was 8 and I still have the story :)
[16:09] <KK> It's actually the third Red Selectric.  The first one wasn't a correcting one, and the second one got stolen.
[16:09] <Martine> I still have my old Royal electric correcting typewriter :-)
[16:09] <Olympia> Oh speaking of stolen... I heard a funny story today...
[16:09] * the_Bee sets out the ice cream social buffet
[16:09] <Mistyck> I still have a Panasonic typewriter that Ryan uses
[16:09] * Martine sits back for Nancy's story.
[16:09] <the_Bee> tell!
[16:09] <KK> Please pass some chocolate chip, or mint chocolate chip.
[16:09] * Shiral listens to Nancy
[16:09] <jm> We still have an old one on a shelf somewhere
[16:09] <Olympia> My friend Rosina's parents live in Las Vegas - their holiday reindeer was stolen off their lawn yesterday and was missing allll day.
[16:09] * kirienne sets out the vat of hot fudge
[16:09] <the_Bee> here, KK
[16:09] * Martine passes both chips to Katherine
[16:09] <Mobi> will mint chocolate chunk do?
[16:10] * Shiral passes Katherine the mint chocolate chip
[16:10] <Wrengl> I remember when that selectric was stolen!
[16:10] <KK> Mint chocolate chunk is fine!
[16:10] <Mistyck> why steal the poor reindeer?
[16:10] <Martine> You're kidding, Nancy!
[16:10] * Debbie-VB passes KK some mint chocolate chip icecream
[16:10] <Olympia> This morning at 3 AM (!) the cops knock on the door. The reindeer was found. In the neightbor's yard - apparently their son had been stealing everyone's decorations.
[16:10] <Olympia> I'm not kidding!
[16:10] <Martine> Who'd steal Blitzen? Or was it Vixen?
[16:10] <Mistyck> lol
[16:10] <Martine> Oh my!
[16:10] <Olympia> Obviously the LVPD don't have a lot to do...
[16:10] <Shiral> That kid's in hot water <G>
[16:10] <Barticus> rudolph
[16:10] <Mistyck> I'll bet
[16:10] <KK> Someone should steal the pink plastic flamingoes that were put on the lawn of my old Wheatland house in Sun Valley.
[16:10] *** duck has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:10] <Martine> ROTFL!!!
[16:10] <RainTurtle> hi, Duck
[16:11] <Shiral> Hello Duck
[16:11] <Mistyck> duckie!
[16:11] <Olympia> Oh lord. The flamingoes
[16:11] <jm> Hi Duck
[16:11] <Mistyck> g'day!
[16:11] <KK> 'Lo, Duck!
[16:11] <duck> evening people
[16:11] <Barticus> howdy duck
[16:11] <kirienne> Santa doesn't like kids who steal things, especially reindeer
[16:11] <the_Bee> quackeroo, duck!
[16:11] <StephanieG> He probably thought they didn't have enough decorations of their own.
[16:11] *** Carol has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:11] <kirienne> hi Duck
[16:11] <Debbie-VB> G'quack duckers
[16:11] <Martine> Someone should steal some of the decorations put up on my in-laws' street <g>
[16:11] <Wrengl> howdy duck
[16:11] <Mobi> Speaking of Christmas decorations, we were supposed to do the tree today, but Steve is zonked from last night
[16:11] <RainTurtle> hi, Carol
[16:11] <jm> Some one should collect all the pink flamingos
[16:11] <Martine> G'Quack, Duck!
[16:11] <bynw> hiyas duck!
[16:11] <Mistyck> wb Carol
[16:11] <Shiral> BRB Tea water is hot
[16:11] <RainbowDragon> How did ITKS go this week, Katherine? 
[16:11] <Carol> hello all
[16:11] <Martine> Pink flamingos... reminds me of a funny website.... looking
[16:11] <kirienne> hi Carol
[16:11] <jm> Hi Carol
[16:11] <KK> Went ok.  I was working on Alyce and Marie's arrival at the convent school.
[16:11] <Barticus> or put some peeps on the front lawn
[16:12] <Olympia> Hello, Donald.
[16:12] <RainbowDragon> ok
[16:12] <Debbie-VB> Katherine, do you follow the Tarot cards at all?
[16:12] <Mistyck> ooh, I STILL remember my first day at Mount Carmel
[16:12] <KK> I can still read, but I rarely do.
[16:12] <Barticus> peeps as lawn ornaments. there an idea
[16:12] <Mistyck> I was all of 4 years old...
[16:12] <Olympia> But the peeps have to be stale :)
[16:13] <Olympia> and if it rains, yuck.
[16:13] <Mobi> Nancy, I don't think even in Miss Dickenson's day, WSG could be considered a convent school...
[16:13] <Barticus> they will be
[16:13] <Debbie-VB> I saw a deck that I think would be perfect for you.  The Templar Tarot
[16:13] <KK> Peeps as lawn ornaments--what a frightening thought!
[16:13] <Shiral> Definitely
[16:13] <Mistyck> ooh, VB, where did you find those?
[16:13] <KK> A Templar Tarot deck?!
[16:13] <Olympia> Oooo Debbie! where?
[16:13] <Shiral> Peeps as almost any kind of decoration is a scary thought
[16:13] * Mistyck would like to get that
[16:13] <Martine> At least peeps are smaller than pink flamingos, and biodegradable.
[16:13] <Mobi> brb...have to go wake up Katherine.
[16:13] <Olympia> I like to bite the heads off of Peeps
[16:13] <kirienne> melted peeps all over the lawn, that's a scary thought
[16:14] <Barticus> as christams tree decoations
[16:14] <Devin> . o O ( Templar Peeps! Perfect for Tarot or lawn ornamentation! )
[16:14] <Debbie-VB> in a New-Age bookstore I'd found here.  i went in looking for the robin wood deck
[16:14] <RainTurtle> *presumes you are not discussing small pale sandpipers.....*
[16:14] <bynw> yeah where did you find that at Debbie?
[16:14] <Olympia> Devin!!! LOL
[16:14] <KK> LOL, Devin!
[16:14] * Shiral claps her hand and the chatroom is at once tastefully decorated with evergreen garlands
[16:14] <Martine> LOl, Defin!
[16:14] <Shiral> Templar PEEPS???
[16:14] <Barticus> ammunition for sling shots
[16:14] * Mistyck wonders if she can find some in Houston
[16:14] * Olympia showers the room with sparkles et voila! peeps of all colors
[16:14] <Shiral> Oh lord
[16:14] <Carol> I told my students a quick bit about the Templars on Friday the 13th.  They think I'm so weird to have all this odd knowledge stacked up.  Thanks for the info though Katherine!
[16:14] * Martine sneaks around and stashes tiny peeps and pink flamingo peeps in Shiral's garlands.
[16:14] <KK> I have--or had--a Robin Wood deck.  I didn't find it very useful, though it's pretty.
[16:14] <Olympia> That's my daughter!
[16:14] * Martine grins at Olympia
[16:15] <Mistyck> I have a Rider-Waite deck and an Aquarius deck
[16:15] <Shiral> I'll get you for this, Martine
[16:15] * bynw likes the Robin Wood deck
[16:15] * Devin has been having weird and strange thoughts all week, recovering from the flu, so figured he'd share.
[16:15] <Wrengl> Katherine I always thought the robin wood deck was more art than useful
[16:15] <KK> Rider-Waite is the good old staple.  Little chance of going too far off track.
[16:15] <Shiral> Even if it means Joszef and Kelson will be fighting over the remote, again!
[16:15] <Gamgee> My favorite deck is Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg.
[16:15] <Olympia> I have the Casanova deck - NOT good for reading but I'm going to write a series of (adult) stories I think
[16:15] <KK> Wrengl, I agreed.
[16:15] <Martine> I've got a Rider-Waite deck somewhere... key word being "somewhere" <g>
[16:15] <Gamgee> It's what I was using at Darkover.
[16:15] <KK> Haven't seen that one, Sam.
[16:15] <Mistyck> lol, Olympia
[16:15] <Debbie-VB> my fave deck is the Gendron Tarot
[16:15] <Devin> KK: I had to give my last Rider-Waite deck away -- it decided it didn't like me anymore.
[16:15] <Martine> LOl, Nancy!
[16:15] <Shiral> That should give you  LOTS of ideas, Nancy
[16:15] <Shiral> <G>
[16:15] <Mistyck> I had my old Rider-Waite at Darkover
[16:15] <Carol> I'd love to have a keyword somewhere on my computer... make it find what I've lost
[16:16] <KK> Sometimes they do that, Devin.
[16:16] <Gamgee> KK oh!  Next time we meet ask me.  I'll show it to you.
[16:16] <Mobi> well, ladies and gents, I must away.  Good to see you all again, especially KK.  Still hope to see you 2/1/03, KK.
[16:16] <the_Bee> question, Katherine: did you quote Aleister Crowley in Deryni Magic?
[16:16] <Mistyck> nite Mobi
[16:16] <Olympia> Bye, Mobi!
[16:16] <Shiral> Bye, Mobi
[16:16] <RainTurtle> bye, Mobi
[16:16] <Martine> Bye Mobi!
[16:16] <Mobi> until next time...
[16:16] <Wrengl> cya mobi
[16:16] <jm> bye Mobi
[16:16] <Barticus> bye mobi
[16:16] <Mistyck> Katherine:  I am a flybaby now!
[16:16] <Debbie-VB> nice meeting you mobi
[16:16] <kirienne> by mobi
[16:16] *** Mobi has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:16] <KK> Not that I was aware of, Bee.  In fact, I had a Crowley deck and had to give it away; hated it.
[16:16] <Devin> Right about the same time, a friend gifted me with a lovely deck done up with symbols and art from several SW Native American tribes. I didn't think I'd like it...but it's the best deck I've had.
[16:16] * Shiral has the invisible Tarot Deck
[16:17] <KK> Good for you, Mistyck!
[16:17] <Mistyck> Crowley deck did weird things for my readings
[16:17] <Mistyck> I threw mine away
[16:17] <Debbie-VB> i'm still on the flylady's 10 most wanted list
[16:17] <Olympia> Katherine, I'm going to write to Jaelle about the "Revel at Rhemuth" idea we had for next year (remember? from Sunday lunch?)
[16:17] <Barticus> whats a fly baby?
[16:17] <KK> I never got up the guts to actually try my Crowley.  It wierded me out.
[16:17] <Carol> thanks Barticus... I didn't want to be the only one who didn't know!  <g>
[16:17] <Devin> I've known one person who could use a Crowley deck, so far, and not give distorted readings.
[16:17] <Olympia> Yuck, Katherine. I never bought one. Too creeeeeepy.
[16:18] <Martine> I've never heard of Crowley. What's it like?
[16:18] <Devin> And also not have a distorted life.
[16:18] <KK> I think someone gave me one.
[16:18] <Gamgee> Thoth deck on acid.
[16:18] <the_Bee> "Magic is "the art of causing change in conformity with the Will.:  I think that's Crowley..
[16:18] <Devin> Martine: icky. :)
[16:18] <Debbie-VB> Alistaire crowley was a fairly infamous magician
[16:18] <Mistyck> Alastair Crowley, the black magician
[16:18] <Martine> OHH!!! That Crowley! <shudder>
[16:18] <StephanieG> Mistyck: is it helping? I have been doing flylady for about 14 months now and it has made a huge difference.
[16:18] <KK> I thought that was Dion Fortune, or maybe Gardner.
[16:18] <Mistyck> yes, but I just started this week
[16:18] <Olympia> I thought it was Dion Fortune.
[16:19] <Martine> I don't have a flylady scrubbed sink, but my kitchen counter is clear for the first time in forever!
[16:19] <the_Bee> could be.
[16:19] <Shiral> I've just made my peace with my inner slob
[16:19] <KK> I wonder how many FlyBabies we have here?
[16:19] <KK> LOL, Shiral.
[16:19] * Martine holds up her hand
[16:19] <duck> grab another beer shiral
[16:19] <Olympia> I have been throwing and throwing but the damn stuff seems to reproduce at night!
[16:19] <the_Bee> you put it in quote marks, but no attribution
[16:19] <Barticus> still have no idea what fly baby is
[16:19] <Martine> LOL, Nancy! Mine too!
[16:19] <Carol> Barticus asked what a flybaby is.... I'd like to know too.
[16:19] * Shiral takes a virtual root bear
[16:19] * Mistyck holds her hand up
[16:19] <Carol> please?
[16:19] <Martine>
[16:19] <Shiral> root beer, I mean
[16:19] <Carol> thanks
[16:19] <Olympia>
[16:19] <KK> I really think it's Fortune.
[16:19] * StephanieG holds up her hand
[16:19] <Debbie-VB> Bart, flybabies are those who are following the flylady
[16:19] <Martine> For those of us who weren't imbred with house cleaning/organizational abilities.
[16:20] <Mistyck> it's .net
[16:20] <KK> FlyLady has a system for decluttering your life.  And it works, no matter where you start.
[16:20] <Martine> Whoops. I think the ".com" is habit
[16:20] <Barticus> oh okay
[16:20] <Carol> I've got to look at that later!
[16:20] <Carol> bookmarked for now
[16:20] <KK> She says that even housework done badly still blesses your home.
[16:20] * Debbie-VB is still considering becoming one
[16:20] <Mistyck> I had a sparkling sink until I put the dinner dishes in there a few minutes ago
[16:21] <KK> Some of what she says won't apply, but that's ok.  You use the bits and pieces that work for you.
[16:21] <StephanieG> KK: how long have you known about it? I had a few friends introduce me last fall after a very bad hormone imbalance. Only thing that helped keep me sane til they got sorted out.
[16:21] <Carol> it caught me in the first line:  CHAOS: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome
[16:21] <kirienne> my kitchen table is nearly cleared of the clutter. When I finish wrapping presents, It will look all clean and tidy again
[16:21] <Mistyck> I've even got Ryan involved in it :D
[16:21] <KK> The 27 fling boogie is particularly satisfying.
[16:21] *** hygilac has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:21] <Debbie-VB> WB Linda
[16:21] <the_Bee> wb linda
[16:21] <hygilac> HI Katherine
[16:21] <jm> Hi Linda
[16:21] <Shiral> WB. Linda
[16:21] <kirienne> wb Linda
[16:21] <Mistyck> wb Linda
[16:21] <Barticus> howdy again linda
[16:21] <KK> I've only been on it for a couple of months.  But I was fairly well organized before.  It still helped me, though.
[16:21] <Martine> I tried the 27 fling boogie, but found my problem isn't I need to throw stuff away, because I use it all. I need to find stuff a home!
[16:21] <Wrengl> wb linda
[16:21] <Shiral> I need to do some cleaning OUT
[16:22] <KK> Recycling is just as good as throwing away.
[16:22] <Shiral> But I find other projects more interesting
[16:22] <Devin> KK: what really sucks is that Steph has been trying to get *me* to do the 27 fling boogie...on my old computer stuff I collect. :(
[16:22] <StephanieG> Martine: I still struggle with finding a place to put things!!
[16:22] <KK> "You can't organize clutter."
[16:22] * Mistyck still has CHAOS but it's getting better
[16:22] <the_Bee> I need to do some hanging up and putting away
[16:22] <KK> If you don't use it or love it, you don't need it.
[16:22] <Shiral> I'm good at throwing away....eventually
[16:22] * Devin loves his old computer stuff!
[16:22] <Wrengl> chaos lives in Brooklyn
[16:22] <Debbie-VB> i'm still at the "pile for everything and everything in it's pile" stage
[16:22] <StephanieG> Devin: you have done a great job getting rid of unreedemable items!
[16:22] <Martine> I got rid of all the "don't use and don't love" when we got married, and have been vigilent since! ;-)
[16:22] <Shiral> If I haven't used something for more than a year, out it goes
[16:23] <KK> Devin, I'll bet you have a computer graveyard like my son's.
[16:23] <duck> same with packing for travelling - if you didn't pack it - you don't need it
[16:23] <Martine> I just need to do things like get a little key hook so the car keys have a place to go besides the coffee or dining tables :-)
[16:23] <hygilac> Chaos is onmipresent, Werngl
[16:23] <Devin> KK: I'm trying to keep stuff that actually works.
[16:23] <Carol> but what about my husband's stuff?  If I can't get him on the program, I'll only get half Un-CHAOSed... or more than half, cuz he's a worse pack rat than me
[16:23] <Wrengl> lol duck
[16:23] <Olympia> is Cameron a saver of old files, Katherine?
[16:23] <hygilac> lives in Tennesse too
[16:23] *** Temprus has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:23] <StephanieG> Carol: After you fix your half of it they kind of wake up when they realize the only clutter left in the house is theirs. You can only lead by example.
[16:24] <KK> Ah, but Carol, you have to start with yourself.  With FlyLady, you aren't allowed to whine or procrastinate because your partner isn't doing his or her share.
[16:24] <Olympia> Or put all their stuff in a box and threaten to throw it out, Stephanie
[16:24] <Mistyck> or children
[16:24] <KK> Right on, Steph!
[16:24] <Carol> are you sure?  that clarion call might not be loud enough for him
[16:24] <Shiral> Buy a trumpet, Carol <G>
[16:24] <Carol> but I want to whine and procrastinate!  at least until Project X, Y or Z gets done
[16:24] * Martine hands Carol a bugle
[16:24] <Martine> LOl, Carol!
[16:24] <StephanieG> Olympia: Nope! I agreed BEFORE we got married(it was at least a day or two before) that I would not do that ever without his permission.
[16:24] <Carol> mmm... I like bugles... nice and corn tasty
[16:24] <KK> There's a book that reiterates what they keep telling you in all the e-mails.  But I found that I'd already read most of it in the e-mails, when I got the book.
[16:25] <Mistyck> Reveille Carol...can wake up the dead
[16:25] <Olympia> with Pace Picante Sauce Carol
[16:25] <Debbie-VB> I'm going to stop procrastinating...someday
[16:25] <Carol> my husband did 4 years in the army
[16:25] <Devin> :is very glad Steph has cleaned up her part of the clutter.
[16:25] <KK> But it's available on (enter through our site)--Sink Reflections.
[16:25] <Carol> reveille might be grounds for divorce!  <g>
[16:25] <Devin> . o O ( More room for mine. )
[16:25] <Shiral> LOL, Devin
[16:25] <Shiral> <G>
[16:25] <Carol> its why we bought a house... too much stuff for the apartment
[16:25] <Shiral> Now you can spread your clutter to fill the available space
[16:25] <Martine> Carol - what happens when the house you buy is smaller than your old apartment? <g>
[16:25] <Carol> hasn't quite filled it yet
[16:26] <Barticus> i've done 16 + years in the army
[16:26] <KK> I went from apt. to first house after a bookshelf collapsed.
[16:26] <Martine> That's my dilemma!
[16:26] <Mistyck> I have a pretty big house and it's full of clutter of just me and my son
[16:26] <Martine> LOL, Katherine!
[16:26] <StephanieG> Shiral: Only if it actually belongs in the room that it is in.
[16:26] <Carol> we did get rid of a lot of duplicate books when we got married
[16:26] <Carol> merging libraries made for doubles in a lot of areas
[16:26] <Shiral> I must have roaming clutter then, Stephanie <G>
[16:26] <Olympia> In Southern CA we have a problem with dust... :(
[16:26] <Carol> I gifted a school library w/ an entire KK set
[16:26] <KK> Martine, that's definitely a problem!
[16:26] <Martine> I just need to buy a northeast NJ house that doesn't belong in the unreal estate market....
[16:26] <Shiral> It migrates, kind of like Caribou over the frozen tundra
[16:26] * kirienne has too much stuff for the apartment and has been doing a steady give away or throw away for 2 years now, has it almost de-cluttered
[16:27] <Martine> $400k for a Cape Cod is a "no thank you" in my book ;-)
[16:27] <KK> For dust, use an ostrich feather duster.  It picks it up instead of spreading it around.
[16:27] <Carol> but other than getting rid of duplicate books, not much decluttering has happened
[16:27] <Olympia> whoa, Martine! is that in Tony Soprano's neighborhood or what?
[16:27] <Ghostgames> sorry, still catching up, but I've been a flybaby since Darkover and it's making a difference!
[16:27] <Shiral> Alas, we cannot all buy large houses in Ireland...
[16:27] <Martine> Yup, Nancy!
[16:27] <KK> Yay, Ann!
[16:27] <Martine> I've even unknowingly stumbled upon their film set in the parking lot of my Linens N Things.
[16:28] <KK> Soprano's?
[16:28] <kirienne> LOL Martine
[16:28] <Martine> Yup!
[16:28] <Ghostgames> In fact, yesterday my husband and I went out and ended up spending $5,000 on all new bedroom furniture -- that matches! It's our present to each other for this Christmas, along with a New Years promise to completely redo the bedroom as a clutter-free zone, and then to gradually spread that zone out through the rest of the
house. :-)
[16:28] <StephanieG> Ouch. Last we drove through Redmond by Lake Samamish(by Microsoft) a fairly small single family home starting at 496K.
[16:28] <Wrengl> we have fifteen rooms, a garage, a basement and a rented storage unit with stuff
[16:28] <KK> Or FlyLady's?
[16:28] <Ghostgames> (not to say flybabies have to spend money, lol!)
[16:28] <Debbie-VB> coolness Martine
[16:28] <Olympia> Pat! are you serious? a palazzo!
[16:28] <Martine> Sopranos. "Why are all those big black trucks with big bright lights in the lot?.... Oh."
[16:28] <StephanieG> Ghostgames: congrats!!! Glad you did something for yourselves!
[16:28] <Carol> Katherine, do you not get the Sopranos in UK?
[16:28] <Shiral> Ann, then I feel a LOT less guilty about buying myself the sound track to The Two Towers <G>
[16:28] <KK> FlyBabies <save> money, because you don't have to go out and buy another one of what you can't find because your house is so cluttered.
[16:28] <Shiral> For Christmas <G>
[16:28] <kirienne> wow Ann. What a wonderful gift to each other. I wish mine matched. I still have the dresser from when I was a kid
[16:29] * Barticus hopes
[16:29] <Wrengl> Nancy it is a two family brownstone.
[16:29] <Carol> been there, bought that KK
[16:29] <Shiral> I have "Mother's Attic" brand furniture
[16:29] *** Mak has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:29] <Wrengl> the rental apartment is our studio
[16:29] <Olympia> Oooo! they film at your house, Martine! I am sooo jealous
[16:29] <Shiral> Hello Mak
[16:29] <kirienne> hi Mak
[16:29] <jm> Hi Mak
[16:29] <Mistyck> hi Mak
[16:29] <Olympia> Hi Mak!
[16:29] <Mak> Hello, All!
[16:29] <RainTurtle> hi, Mak
[16:29] <Gamgee> Kirienne: that's nothing....  I still have the BED from when I was a kid.
[16:29] <Barticus> howdy mak
[16:29] <Wrengl> howdy mak
[16:29] <Martine> LOL! I wish they filmed at my house - might make some money and get a bigger house! Have to settle for down the street.
[16:29] * Mistyck needs new living room furniture
[16:29] <Olympia> Sigh. I want a bigger place. And servants. And someone to keep me in the manner to which I intend to become accustomed. I promise I will be VERY grateful.
[16:29] <Debbie-VB> I work almost next-door to where they are filming smallville
[16:29] <hygilac> hi Mak
[16:29] <Gamgee> I don't use it....  but I still have it.
[16:29] * kirienne would love a huge bed like the state beds in Rhemuth and Coroth
[16:30] <Shiral> Martine, perfect your Mafiosa look
[16:30] <hygilac> I'm with you , Nancy
[16:30] *** jp has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:30] <kirienne> with all the bed curtains
[16:30] <Olympia> I had to cancel HBO this season - too expensive :(
[16:30] <Shiral> Hello JP
[16:30] <Olympia> Hi jp
[16:30] <Mistyck> hi JP
[16:30] <Martine> That's a tad diffiult with my Swedish genes, Shiral!  <g>
[16:30] <hygilac> hi jb
[16:30] <RainTurtle> hi, jp
[16:30] <Mak> Hi jp
[16:30] <jp> Evening all
[16:30] <Martine> :-( Olympia.
[16:30] <hygilac> jp rather
[16:30] <kirienne> hi JP
[16:30] <Wrengl> howdy jp
[16:30] <jm> Hi jp
[16:30] <Shiral> You've never heard of the Swedish Mafia?
[16:30] <Shiral> HONESTLY
[16:30] <Martine> I've never had HBO for the same reason. I've never even seen Sopranos.
[16:30] <Shiral> I've never had cable
[16:30] <Wrengl> no but i have heard of the Meow Mafia
[16:30] <Martine> Sure I have Shiral, but they don't have greasy slicked-back hair.
[16:30] <Devin> Wrengl: the Moewfia?
[16:30] <hygilac> me either martine
[16:31] <Wrengl> no desire to see Sopranos
[16:31] <KK> We get Sopranos on Sky, but I haven't watched it.  Not too attracted to the Mafia.
[16:31] <Shiral> You can't tell because they're all blondes, Martine  <G>
[16:31] <hygilac> ditto Wrengl
[16:31] <Wrengl> Yup.  The Meow Mafia.  led by their Capo di Tuitti Fruitti Capi
[16:31] <Mak> Me, too, Pat and Linda- never watched, don't want to
[16:31] <hygilac> I don't watch TV duirng school year
[16:31] <Olympia> Martine, it totally ROCKS. The show is amazing!!!! I mean, you KNOW he's a bad guy but you root for him. BRILLIANT scripting and fantastic ensemble acting.
[16:31] <Debbie-VB> I agree katherine.  I'd much rather watch ground force
[16:31] <Shiral> I've mostly given up TV, and I have to say, I don't miss it much
[16:31] <Wrengl> Hooligan, by name
[16:31] <Martine> Is that it, Shiral? Gee, I missed it!
[16:31] <Carol> Ground Force rocks!
[16:31] <Martine> Nancy, you know that "Marcal" sign in the opening credits?
[16:31] <Shiral> I've heard the writing is excellent on the Sopranos
[16:31] <Olympia> yeah?
[16:31] <jp> Swedish Mafia run a DIY chain called Ikea (allegedly) in the UK
[16:32] <Olympia> The writing is superb, Shiral.
[16:32] <hygilac> I LOVE ground force
[16:32] <Shiral> Yes, that's it exactly Martine
[16:32] <Martine> That's down the street from where I used to live before we bought the house.
[16:32] <KK> Ah, I know about Ikea.
[16:32] <Olympia> whoa! cool.
[16:32] <Martine> I still pass it daily on my way to work.
[16:32] <Shiral> GUND force is about The Teddy Bear Mafia
[16:32] <KK> We don't have it here in Ireland.
[16:32] <Devin> jp: I thought Ikea was Danish Mafia?
[16:32] <Martine> I have Ikea furniture in my office.
[16:32] <Olympia> I have an IKEA couch.
[16:32] <Carol> lol shiral
[16:32] <Olympia> And a GUND floppy eared stuffed animal puppy
[16:32] <Martine> And they're building a new Ikea a few towns away.
[16:32] <Wrengl> we like ikea
[16:32] <Shiral> We have Ikea here on the West coast
[16:32] <Olympia> There's a HUGE IKEA in Burbank now.
[16:32] <jp> Swedish, Danish, same difference!
[16:32] <Martine> Good sturdy cheap bookshelves :-)

(to be continued...)


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