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KK Chat - Sep. 1, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:58:35 pm »
KK Chat - Sept. 1, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<virtualbabe> If you keep that up, I'll have to start singing the lumberjack song
<Sedina> Hi Katherine!
<Martine> KK! hi!
<crawler> hi
<RainbowDragon> KK!
<virtualbabe> Hi katherine
<TranshaLass> Hi, KK
<jbt> Hi KK!!
<Martine> Thanks for all the floorplans, Katherine!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> GG: Go with Mozilla...Much better. Welcome Lady Katherine!
<Shiral> Hello Katherine!
<Ghostgames> Hi, KK! We'd just about given up on you! All the ice cream's
melted again!
<TranshaLass> Whew, rescue from the spam song
<kirienne> Hi Kathrine, welcome
<Martine> I have most of them, but in far less detail. Those will be a bit
help :-)
* Shiral sets out FRESH unmelted Icecream
<the_Bee> they don't even care what gender you are.  I get invitations to
enlarge an organ I don't even have
<RainbowDragon> LOL! BEE
<Shiral> Gotta love those viagra adds, too
<virtualbabe> Boy would that be waisted on me
* Martine hands Katherine the Death by Chocolate
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Same here...
<KK> Very good, Martine.  COuld you open them?
<kirienne> lol bee
<Ghostgames> Kelos: Mozilla isn't functioning properly under Mac OS 9.04.
I've logged a few bug reports in Bugzilla, but the problem hasn't been
resolved yet.
<Martine> Yes, Katherine. No problems!
<the_Bee> Katherinwe! when did you get here?
* RainbowDragon gives Katherine a big hug
<KK> Just now.
<Shiral> About three seconds ago
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Oh...I didn't realize you were on MacOS, Ann. Sorry.
<crawler> At last the creator is here
<Martine> We've been trying all sorts of different ice creams to bribe you
in :-D
<Wrengl> hi katherine
<Shiral> How has your week been, Katherine?
<RainbowDragon> Didja have guests, Katherine?
<Shiral> THere's a little something on it's way to Ireland for the amusement
of Gus and Tilly
<Ghostgames> Don't be sorry. I have my choice of any flavor of Windows and
several flavor of Mac OS's in the house (9+ computers on our network, yes,
for 2 people!), but I prefer Mac OS 9 above all.
<KK> We were just running a little late tonight.
<crawler> Whats this i hearabout changes to the books?
<KK> A week of miracles, especially on Monday.  We found Nicholas, alive and
<Martine> ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
<the_Bee> Yayyy!!
<Sedina> That's great, KK!
* Kelos_al-Hazar cheers!
<Andy_Hock> Cool!
<Martine> Do tell, KK!
<kirienne> That's wonderful, where was he?
<Ghostgames> Hurrah!
<virtualbabe> Terrific news Katherine
<KK> He was locked in a nearby house that's been closed up.
<RainbowDragon> Where was he? The neighbors?
<RainbowDragon> Oh my!
<Martine> Ack!
<crawler> Is he one of the kittens
<the_Bee> How did he get out?
<Shiral> Woohoo!
<Wrengl> congratulations on finding nicholas, Katherine.  we still have not
found Lady Grey
<KK> Yep.  It was sold a few weeks ago, and he got locked in.  Was walking
on the scaffolding and meowing; another neighbor heard him and came and
asked how long he'd been missing.
<Shiral> I'll bet he was HUNGRY
<the_Bee> five cats now?
<TranshaLass> That's great, Katherine, good thing he didn't starve to death
<Martine> Sounds like he must be a mouser to survive that long.
<KK> Yep, 5 cats.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> My sister did! Look in the Target stores!
<Martine> A full house!
<virtualbabe> so, Is he talking to you yet?
<KK> Kittens are fine; Nicholas was the reason I took the kittens--and then
he came back.
<KK> He's sliming my legs right now; very glad to be home.
<Martine> ROTFL!
<the_Bee> how do they all get along?
*** Bynw|Supper is now known as Tika
<Wrengl> bet he won't disdain food for a few days!
<Shiral> I'll BET Nicholas is happy to be home <G>
<Tika> hi all :)
<Martine> What a transformation there, Tika!
<Wrengl> hi tika
<kirienne> hi tika
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Tika.
<virtualbabe> Hi Teeks'
<Ghostgames> Hi, Tika!
<KK> He's fine with the kittens--Uncle Nicholas.  Even lets them eat with
him, and washes their ears.
<the_Bee> faster than vb
<Shiral> Boy, be careful when you have dinner with Chris and Donna! <G>
<crawler> chicken tika
<Sedina> KK - if he's anything like the way Myah was after we found her from
her "missing" stint, he'll never let you forget that he had been lost.
<Tika> lol, I lured Bynw away from the computer with food :)
<Martine> Aw.... sweet kitty :-)
<TranshaLass> LOL, Tika
<Martine> Food always works, doesn't it? ;-)
<Sedina> Hey, Tika :)
*** Tika is now known as Guest40635
<virtualbabe> at least he's not blaming you for his being lost
<Wrengl> how is nicholas with the kittens
<Shiral> So what was the next miracle, KK?
<Martine> Tika, you're reverting!
<KK> He eats about 6 times a day.
<Guest40635> grrrr
<Guest40635> brb
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Uhoh...The Enforcer strikes again!
<KK> And the kittens are terrific.
*** Guest40635 is now known as Tika
<Martine> Are they still waking you at dawn?
<Shiral> Bynw is probably rolling on the floor, mummified in Duct tape right
now... <G>
<KK> Not quite dawn.  They're learning the household routine.
<kirienne> lol Shiral
<Martine> LOL, Shiral!
<Tika> [18:09] -NickServ- The nickname Tika has been released from custody.
<Shiral> It's TIKA's Turn to chat....<G>
<Tika> whew!  glad I'm not in custody anymore! :)
<Tika> hehehehe
<Tika> having fun with kitties, KK?
<Martine> I never knew your nickname was arrested, Tika!
<KK> Yes, indeed.
<Tika> me either!
<Shiral> So are we. It's boring springing you out of the Big House every
week, Tika <G>
<Tika> :P
<Tika> LOL
<Shiral> With LOTS of kitties
<Tika> how many total now?
<KK> And our second batch of swallows flew for the first time on Monday,
just before we discovered where Nicky was hanging out.
<KK> 5.
<virtualbabe>  that's why I like my nick.  It's fairly rare
<Kelos_al-Hazar> When you timeout on indentifying up to NickServ, Enforcer
locks your nick for a while...and changes your nick to Guest and a number...
<Tika> kitties AND birds?  that must be interesting
<Shiral> So we're up to two miracles for the week at Holybrooke <G>
<Tika> hehehehe
<KK> Well, the twain rarely meet, so it's ok.
<Tika> smart swallows :)
<virtualbabe> especially for the birdies
<the_Bee> barn swallows or tree swallows?
<KK> Wrengl, sorry to hear that Lady Grey hasn't yet reappeared.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Those swallows won't get (heheh) swallowed...
<TranshaLass> That's good, KK, dead birdies aren't a welcome contribution
from kitties
<crawler> lol
<RainbowDragon> How did writing go this week, KK?
<KK> LOL, Kelos.
<crawler> not
<virtualbabe> how about dead bats transhalass?
<TranshaLass> Dead anything is pretty gross to find on the front doorstep
<virtualbabe> we had a cat who caught one and gave it to my mum
<Martine> Agreed, TL!
<Shiral> Or further inside
<KK> Not bad.  I got most of a new chapter written.  Krispin and Marie are
about to get snuffed.
<Ghostgames> Katherine: have you received my questions re capital cities in
countries such as Bremagne? I just want to be sure my questions were lost to
the "lack of spare time" trap rather than to the electronic ether....
<RainbowDragon> uh-oh!
<Shiral> Hooray about the writing, KK
<Martine> When I was a kid I had a pet crow. It terrified the neighborhood
cats! <g>
<Martine> Yay! New chapter!
<virtualbabe> so, how much longer before alaric appears?
<Shiral> Alaric must still be twinkling in someone's eye
<the_Bee> doesn't Marie have a boyfriend who gets snuffed with her?  Krispin
is 8, iirc
<KK> I got them, Ann.  What's in the Codex is pretty much correct. I don't
want to change names just because I don't particularly like some of them.
But there are a few.  I'll get back to you in the next few days.
<virtualbabe> Donal Blain's eye to be exact
<Shiral> Yes
<crawler> NO realy?
<Ghostgames> Thanks, Katherine.
<Shiral> But his eyes do a  LOT of twinkling <G>
<KK> The boyfriend doesn't get snuffed as of this stage of planning, though
he'll be blamed at first.
<Tika> LOL Shiral
<the_Bee> k
<Martine> brb.... dinners ready!
<Shiral> Well, Donal was a busy man....;o)
<Ghostgames> It's too bad that good fiction requires writers to be really
mean to some of their characters.... ;-)
<Tika> apparently Donal follows through on quite a few of those twinkilings
<KK> True, but life is also mean sometimes.
<kirienne> lol
<Shiral> If you're nice to your characters, they start to get boring <G>
<virtualbabe> Well, Katherine isn't as vicious to her characters as Terry
goodkind is
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Amen, KK...I'm still working on recovering from a slam I
got in early July...
<Martine> Ann, I think it's the mean part that makes it fun!
<Shiral> Yup, Writing as Sadism <G>
<Ghostgames> Well, of course it is, Martine. ;-) (for the readers, and the
writer; not for the characters.)
<KK> Right now, Princes Brion and Blaine are sailing toy boats with Krispin,
and Seisyll Arilan has made an excuse to talk to them--and also try to check
out Krispin.
<Sedina> This coming from Martine the baby killer
<Shiral> Awww,  toy boats <G> <G>
<the_Bee> the stories I tell only in my head give happier endings
<Shiral> Kelric would approve!
<KK> What kind of slam, Kelos?
* Martine looks innocently at Sedina
<Martine> Just because a newborn gets murdered in one of my stories...
<KK> Been there, done that, Martine.
<virtualbabe> sometimes death is necessary for the story
<crawler> When will the re-writes be availabe in the UK, KK
<Shiral> Well, there WAS a high rate of infant mortality back then <G>
<Martine> This crowd won't let me live it down, Katherine! <g>
<Martine> Did you have to wear armor in public, Katherine? <bg>
<KK> The rewrites, as in DR et seq?
<virtualbabe> as well as maternal mortality
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Main computer (an HP Pavilion) overheated. Sent it to the
shop...July 25th, 2002, they DESTROYED it... burned out the CPU! :(
<Sedina> Yes, but this child met its death by flying thru the air and
hitting the ground, Shiral...
<the_Bee> look how many of Camber's kids and siblings died
<crawler> YUP
<Shiral> I remember it well, Sedina
<Shiral> Martine is just cruel to infants, that's all We must accept it and
move on <EG>
<Ghostgames> I didn't learn this as a gamemaster of roleplaying games for
quite a while, I kept "fudging" the dice rolls so none of the player
characters ever died. The first time the dice said that one of Paul's
character was dead (in a fight against a dragon), and I said "Alex is dead,"
the look on Paul's face was priceless -- surprise (almost shock), and
delight! It brought a whole new dimension to our game playing.
<KK> I'll do DR as soon as I finish IKS.
<Sedina> lol Shiral
<TranshaLass> Sounds as happy as Steinbeck's "The Pearl," Martine
<Martine> When you kill characters, you add to the element of "Danger", I
think. Readers/players can't be assured of a nicely packaged happy ending.
<KK> Ouch, Kelos.
<crawler> Have you found someone to do it in the UK?
<the_Bee> Even comicbook characters are staying dead nowadays
* kirienne hands Martine her targe so she can defend herself
<KK> That's been my philosophy for the entire saga.  You know that a great
number of my characters are not necessarily safe.
<Martine> TL, I had to rent full body armor when I visited the chat room
after I sent that story around <g>
<Shiral> I like it that the possibility exists that a person can die
<Martine> Thanks, Kirienne!
* virtualbabe rubs her eyes, she thought she saw target
<Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: I've got a new box lined up (in pieces...) but need a
better power supply that will be ordered Tuesday.
<Shiral> I was almost certain Duncan would buy the farm in King's Justice
<KK> What do you mean, "do it"?  As in, publishing a UK edition?
<crawler> YUP
<Wrengl> indeed shiral
<Martine> That's what hooked me at first, Katherine! Bishop's Heir was my
first book, and I couldn't believe Sidana died. But boy, at the time it sure
hit home, and I was hooked!
<Shiral> But I'm glad he didn't <G>
<Ghostgames> I fried a Mac computer once, by spilling tea, it dripped onto
the computer case and made a beeline for the vents and onto the motherboard.
Mmmm, sugary tea makes a great conducter! :-/
<Kelos_al-Hazar> VB: Lady Grey tea is available at Target...and it's even
Twinings Lady Grey in the 24-count box!
<Ghostgames> At least the hard drive was recoverable.
<KK> I think that my agent will wait until it's actually done.
<Shiral> Don't talk to me about liquid ruining electronic devices today.....
<Ghostgames> Actually, although I really dislike Earl Grey tea, I love Lady
Grey tea. (Very sorry to hear the cat's missing, though.)
<Martine> I love both teas.
<Shiral> Not after Cat drool killed my stereo receiver!
<crawler> And the first Chyld Morgan book??
<Wrengl> so do i
<virtualbabe> Let's hope that they come up with some better covers for a UK
edition then the french covers  were
* Kelos_al-Hazar hasn't yet tried Lady Grey... but plans to soon.
<Shiral> Lady grey is wonderful
<KK> Mmmm, I love Earl Grey. Lady Grey is a bit insipid by comparison.  But
Chacque a son gout.
<Shiral> I love Earl, too
* Kelos_al-Hazar votes for Shiral to do the covers for the Child Morgan
<kirienne> I haven't seen that tea yet, will have to look for some
<Shiral> Early grey, the one man in my life who always pleases!
<virtualbabe> lady Grey, Is that with less bergamot?
<Shiral> Yes
<KK> I got great Russian editions this week for QSC and The Bastard
Prince--great covers!
<Shiral> Wow, exotic!
<RainbowDragon> I want to try Earl Grey tea sometime... its Jean-Luc
Picard's favorite drink
<KK> I thought I might scan them and send them to my webmistresses to put on
the website so you guys can see them.
<Martine> Please do!
<the_Bee> yes!
* Shiral seconds that motion
<virtualbabe> It's nice RD, Tea falvored with bergamot
<crawler> Yes please
<Kelos_al-Hazar> 'tis wonderful stuff, RainbowDragon...
<kirienne> oh yes, Kathrine. Please.
<Shiral> ALso, we need pix of the new Holybrooke kitties!
<Ghostgames> It has bergamot, but also orange and spices, so it's more like
Constant Comment (one of my favorites) than Earl Gery. The spices actually
make the bergemot taste pleasant to me. (By itself, bergamot tastes as
though someone neglected to wash the soap out of the cup before pouring the
tea -- to me, at least.)
<KK> THey're in the camera.
<Martine> Was the artist Russian? I remember a lot of fabulous art by
Muscovite artists when I was living in Russia.
<crawler> KITTIES.................... ahh
<Shiral> Molto Bene, KK
<Ghostgames> KK: any chance those covers would be suitable for the Deryni
RPG book?!?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> But it wasn't until I accidently spilled some on a burner
that I realized where I'd smelt oil of bergamot...
<KK> Ann, try Twinings Earl Grey.  That's the only one we like.  Others
taste smoky.
<Shiral> Sheesh, it's too hot to hold the cat today
<the_Bee> what's bergamot?
<Shiral> I like Fortnum's Earl Grey
<virtualbabe> would love to see them too Katherine.  Essential oil form the
bergamot orangs
<virtualbabe> orange
<Ghostgames> Even Twinings tastes like soap, sorry! (It's Twining's Lady
Grey that I like.)
<Shiral> BUt Twinings is the only company that makes Lady Gray
<crawler> He's a character from one of KK's books
<Martine> I have a box of Twinings Ear Gray at work. Yum.
<kirienne> it sure is hot, tripple didgets again yesterday, a touch cooler
today but not much
<Martine> LOL, Crawler!
<Shiral> Pan realizes he's skating on thin ice and is trying to make it up
to me
<Martine> Come out to the right coast. We're experiencing lovely Irish-like
weather this weekend.
<Martine> Dark gray, high 60s for temp, and off-and-on rain.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> My grandad used a tobacco in his pipes that was flavored
with oil of bergamot...
<KK> Ann, you'll have to decide for yourself--but I'll bet they'd be
affordable, the Russian economy being what it is.
<kirienne> I would like that :-)
<Shiral> But a hot, furry cat is not something I want to get cuddly with
* crawler Earl Bergamot rubbed his chin with a silk gloved hand as
<KK> It's cool here.
<the_Bee> Is Pan the cat who jumped in your lap at the shelter and started
<KK> Such summer as we've had this year is mostly gome.
<virtualbabe> it'sa fairly warm yet on the we(s)t coast canada
* Shiral passes KK another cat through the monitor screen
<TranshaLass> It's just right in Utah, not too hot or too cold
<Martine> So is ours, apparently, Katherine.
<KK> No!  No!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> LOL @ crawler's phrase...
<Martine> LOL!
<the_Bee> America had droughts, Europe had floods
<Ghostgames> Bergamot is an American herb used in Twining's Earl Grey tea.
<Shiral> Oh, dear, Pan, She doesn't want you. Sorry!
<Martine> After five cats, would you even notice a sixth?
<Ghostgames> KK: please cc me when you have them scanned!
<KK> Ok, so what's the stuff they use in perfume from whale barf?  Somehow,
I thought that was bergamot.
<Martine> Ann - any Progress on John Ennis at all?
<virtualbabe> Actually ann, bergamot's from oranges
<the_Bee> ambergris
<Shiral> Oh my, Now I REAALLY want to try that perfume!
<KK> Right.
<Sedina> not all of America's had droughts...we've had lots of flooding
where I live
<Martine> Oh, that sounds Lovely, Katherine! :-P <g>
<TranshaLass> Too bad we can't just redistribute the water, huh?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Alabama's drought's almost over; we've officially been in
drought since 1987...
<KK> Well, I'm glad we're not driniing whale barf.
<Martine> And I seem to be having trouble with my Shift key finger today....
<KK> drinking it.
<crawler> Whale barf/
<Shiral> I think a LOT of people are glad not to be er...drinking that
<Ghostgames> Martine: I inquired as to pricing and was told "thousands." I
explained the project further, made an offer, and asked if he might be
interested. Haven't heard back from him, but he may not deal with business
email on weekend/holidays.
<Martine> Today is the first meeting of Misspellers Anonymous. Would anyone
like to get up and share their story? <g>
* virtualbabe is trying to remember whah the stuff from whales is, it begins
with an A, she knows that
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Ambergris, vb... :)
<KK> It isn't misspelledness; it's fat-fingeredness.
<the_Bee> ambergris from whales, used in perfume
<Shiral> It's these cheap finger-rental places we keep trying
<KK> I know.
<Shiral> You get what you pay for, folks!
<Martine> Thanks, Ann. I actually bought one of Patricia Kenneally
Morrison's books once on the strength of his cover art.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> That and getting tongue tangled...
<Ghostgames> Hmmm, my resources on the Internet say it's an herb (Monarda
didyma) that was first used by native americans to make "oswego tea." It
"smells pleasantly of oranges" but isn't actually related.
<virtualbabe> So, how many languages have your books been translated into
<crawler> not cheep fingers again. How many times must i tell you?
* kirienne wishes she could find a sale on the good typing fingers instead
of having to get the cut-rate ones :-)
<KK> 1-2-3-many.
<Martine> LOL!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> LOL!
* virtualbabe grins
<Shiral> Now the Deryni can be Russians, too <G>
<the_Bee> giggle
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Good news there, KK...
<KK> The usual ones you'd expect: French, German, Spanish, Italian.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> How many languages altogether, KK?
* Shiral tries to envision Alaric in a tall fur hat....
<KK> Also Russian, Japanese, some Swedish and Romanian, and a couple of
other odd ones.
<the_Bee> cheep finger= chicken fingers?
* Martine laughs at Shiral's vision
<Shiral> Chickens are TERRIBLE Typists
<Martine> Swedish? I'd love to get my hands on one of those copies.
<KK> Alaric in a tall fur hat would go very well with Matyas.
* Kelos_al-Hazar looks surprised as he sees Alaric in a Turkish fez...
<crawler> top shelf
* kirienne laught at the thought of Morgan in a tall furry hat
<Shiral> come to think of it, yes, they would
* Martine laughs harder when the tall furry hat moves and blinks at her
<kirienne> lol martine
<crawler> TRIBBLES
* the_Bee goggles at the thought of Alaric and Matyas as a couple
<Shiral> Sorry no, that was Pan blinking at you, Martine <G>
<Martine> What's Pan doing on Morgan's head?
<Ghostgames> There's apparently a small orange-related plant whose fruit
peels also yields a substance called "bergamot," and this latter is the one
that's used in Earl Grey. Whoda thunk?
<Shiral> I have NO idea, and neither does Alaric
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jessie
*** Jessie sets mode: +o KK
*** Jessie sets mode: -o Jessie
<Martine> The bergamot mystery is solved!
<kirienne> maybe Kelric put the kitty on his daddy's head
<the_Bee> wb jessie
<Shiral> That's a possibility
<crawler> Long live Earl Bergamot
<KK> Some cats do adore the strangest places.
<TranshaLass> LOL
<Shiral> I'm a cat couch
* Kelos_al-Hazar wonders if it's a descendant of Symber...
<Martine> I housesat for one that insisted on sleeping all curled up around
my head, which wasn't so bad. It was the tail up my nose that made me
<virtualbabe> I did have a shoulder cat once, until she got too big for my
<KK> Symber is actually a beloved black cat I had may years ago, called
Cimber--but I changed the spelling because Symber is easier phonetically.
<crawler> I had a boot cat once, got too big for my..............
<Sedina> Martine - the tail up the nose thing is one of Sadie's favorite
ways of waking me up
<Martine> These cats must be related.
<KK> And the white cat who isn't named in that story was his littermate,
called Galadriel or Gilly.
<Shiral> Pan looks a lot how I think Cimber must have
<virtualbabe> I remember reading that in DA, the book
<KK> Except that she was long-haired.
<Martine> I loved that story, KK!
<the_Bee> I've read that a cat establishes ownership by shoulder-sitting
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Same here, VB...
<Shiral> That was a fun story, yes <G>
<Martine> Galadriel is a great name for a cat.
<Ghostgames> I once knew a cat (a siamese) who would wake you up by lying on
your chest and gently taking your chin in her mouth. If you didn't
immediately start petting her, she'd begin to apply pressure....
<Shiral> Did she have a penchant for mirrors?
<Martine> Oh, geez, Ann!
<KK> It fit her, too.  She was an elegant lady cat with a glorious plume of
a tail.
<Sedina> LOL Ann.
<Sedina> If I'm laying in the bed in a way where Sadie can stand on me,
she'll do that, but if I'm on my side, she uses the tail method
<Kelos_al-Hazar> How many other Elvish cat names have y'all seen? :)
<TranshaLass> LOL, Ann, my dog does something similar, only he starts
licking your face.
<KK> Augustus still has his blue eye.  We're hoping they won't change color.
<KK> Eyes.
<Martine> What's Gus' fur color again?
<Ghostgames> She also had eyes that wiggled back and forth all the time, due
to having been tossed out the window of a car that sped past the Arabian
breeding farm that took her in (where I met her). Aside from her insistence
at being petted whenever she wanted (and for as long as she wanted), she was
actually a very nice cat. :-)
<KK> Orange and white.
<Shiral> Lovely boy, KK <G>
<Martine> Blue eyes must be striking then.
<KK> Yep, dream-boat eyes--and he knows it!
<Martine> Arabian breeding farm?
* Martine drools
<Martine> LOL, KK!
<Shiral> Hmmmm, maybe ALaric and Bronwyn need a nursery cat? <G>
<kirienne> he sounds verra pretty
* TranshaLass would like to horsewhip anyone that mistreats animals
<Martine> I'm a sucker for blue or gray eyes, I admit.
* virtualbabe wishes she could have a kitty, but that darn "no pets" rule...
* Kelos_al-Hazar would switch that to the Roman flail...
<Shiral> Well, yes Martine, but he's not a HALDANE Kitty <G>
<Martine> That's better than the allergy rule, vb.
<Martine> Details, Shiral!
<Ghostgames> My friend Karen has a long-haired white cat with the most
golden of eyes I've ever seen -- startlingly beautiful.
* the_Bee doesn't dare get a pet till she cleans her apartmant
<Martine> I was a sucker for gray eyes before I'd even met Kelson <g>
<Shiral> Isadora has golden eyes
<Martine> That sounds gorgeous, Ann!
<TranshaLass> Oooh, a Roman scourging is even better
<KK> Nicholas has copper-colored eyes--very unusual and very striking.
<kirienne> wow, I bet that is quite striking Kathrine
<Sedina> My blue-eyed fur child is currently doing her statue impression as
she sits on her chair and stares at the birdies outside the window as
they're eating from the feeder
<KK> Clean, Bee!
<Martine> Copper eyes? Sounds like a cat Dhugal should own!
<Ghostgames> I have a long-haired black cat (Shadow) who had dark golden
eyes, and two white-and-grey-tabby cats (one short haired, one longhaired).
They were born under a bush at a barn, though, and never socialized
properly, so they're still mostly feral. (I took them in because their
choices were to be eaten by foxes or coyotes or euthanized by the humane
<Ghostgames> (Shadow has golden eyes, not had.... grrr, have to get a refund
on these finger rentals!)
<Martine> LOL!
<Shiral> KK, what are your plans for the coming week?
<Martine> That's okay, Ann. Do you know any place I can rent a brain to
write coherent e-mails at midnight? <G>
<crawler> Gotta go, bed is calling, nice to meet(?) you at last KK. see you
in England someday? ( AT Watersones bookshop, new st Birmingham, monday to
friday 9.30 am till 5.30 pm .)
<Shiral> Bye Crawler
<Martine> Reading back through some of the stuff I've sent you and Katherine
at that hours... sheesh!
<kirienne> bye crawler
<Ghostgames> There's a shortage of working brains, Martine, sorry! ;-)
<KK> Nighters, Crawler.
<virtualbabe> Bye-eee crawler
<Sedina> bye, crawler
<Martine> Night, Crawler!
<Ghostgames> Bye, crawler!
<jbt> bye Crawler
<Jessie> night, crawler -- come back again soon
<Martine> Darn, Ann. I was hoping....
*** crawler has left #Deryni_Destinations
<the_Bee> Say purr to Nicky for me, Katherine.
<KK> I'll be pushing forward on the book for another week--and getting my
lecture notes ready for our next lecture-cruise, leaving on the 12th.
<Shiral> Wow, coming right up
<Andy_Hock> "Night, Crawler" . . . is that a pun?
<Martine> Another lecture cruise? Can I be slightly envious? ;-)
<Sedina> Martine- you do realize the reason the brain doesn't work is
because it's overworked.  That's what happens when it's shared
<KK> Yep, it's tough duty, but someone's got to do it!
<Martine> Well give me my half back, Sedina! <G>
<virtualbabe> only if I can be also Martine
<Shiral> Poor Katherine and Scott. I just feel terrible that you're having
to go on cruises <G>
<Martine> I give you permission, vb! <g>
<Tika> where do those cruises go, KK?
* Martine counts her pennies and chants "I will go on a Windjammer cruise in
February... I will go on a Windjammer cruise in February... Hubby MUST GET
<KK> Anyway, Scott got back from the US Friday night, and is catching up on
sleep.  But I intend to start cracking the ship tomorrow.  he's got writing
to do, too.
<Tika> what body of water I mean :)
<Shiral> Cracking the ship?
<KK> This one leaves from London, goe to France, the Channel Islands, Spain,
and ends up in Lisbon--10 days.
<Martine> Wouldn't that make the ship sink?
<Tika> yes he does! ;)   although probably not on the book I'd have him
working on
<Shiral> Maybe she meant "whip"....
<Martine> Oooo! Nice itinerary!
* Kelos_al-Hazar hopes against hope that he'll manage to get enough money up
to have his cloak made...
<KK> Yes, whip.  Those cheap fingers again....
<TranshaLass> Sounds like fun, Katherine  :)
<Shiral> Poor Innocent Scott.  Doesn't know he was about to have a ship
cracked over his head!
<Martine> ROTFL!
<Martine> That's gotta hurt.
*** Tika is now known as Bynw
<the_Bee> hope all your fur folk are there when you get back, KK
<KK> He will, if he doesn't get back to work quickly!  ;-)
<Martine> Oh my! It morphed again!
<Shiral> Boy, it would sure make ME get to work!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Bynw: Enforcer's after ya!
* Kelos_al-Hazar grins
<KK> The magical Lucy will be staying with them and pampering them.  She's
looking forward to it.
<Bynw> not after me ... my nickserv password is scripted :-)
<Shiral> Just tell him if the whip doesn't do it, you'll REALLY mean
business when you start cracking the SHIP
<Martine> And then hand him a life jacket and tell him he better practice
<Bynw> Katherine, yes Scott needs to write book 3 of Knights of the Blood
<Shiral> Keep the cats in, this time I'd say ;o) So nobody can go walkabout
* Kelos_al-Hazar makes note to send Kiri the log of this's too
<Martine> I've already got it covered, Kelos.
<Shiral> And all four foots will be present and accounted for upon your
<KK> That's hard, while still allowing the dogs to come and go.  The kittens
don't go out yet, though.  And I think Nicholas will stay close for a while.
<Shiral> True
* TranshaLass can almost picture Nicholas tied on a leash while Katherine's
<KK> Yep, she doesn't want anything to happen on her watch.
<Martine> Nicholas will tie HIMSELF to that leash.
<Shiral> Once cats get a taste for going out, they really want to keep doing
<Shiral> LOL, Martine
<KK> Yep, but they do outgrow that eventually.  Edgar rarely goes out.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I dunno, Shiral...he DID get locked into that house!
<Sedina> Shiral - not when they've been lost though.  That does tend to curb
that desire - at least for a while anyway
<Shiral> Isadora would sit in front of the door and cry until I let her out
<KK> Well, I'd better boogie.  It's late over here, and I've got to get a
lot done tomorrow.
<Martine> Good night, Katherine!
<Shiral> Night KK, write lots this week!
<virtualbabe> I know shiral.  My Bro had a cat who went out fairly regular.
he was eventually neutered, but still went out, but as a consultant
<the_Bee> god week, KK
<Martine> And thanks again for the floorplans
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Sleep well, Katherine... Write well!
<Sedina> good night, Katherine
<Shiral> And have a good week in all other respects
<the_Bee> and good week too
<KK> Also, Scott informed me earlier this evening that we have a house guest
coming in tomorrow for 2-3 days.
<TranshaLass> Have a great week, KK
<jbt> Happy Writing!
<kirienne> g,night Kathrine, have a good week and a fun cruise
<Ghostgames> Good night, Katherine!
<Shiral> have fun cracking the ship <G>
<virtualbabe> Sleep Sweet katherine, and have a good week
<Martine> Sounds like a party at Holybrooke!
<Bynw> have a good week Katherine
<KK> Thanks, all.  See you next week.
<Martine> Happy writing!
<Shiral> Bye KK, sleep well, stroke Nicky for us
<Sedina> Have a wonderful week
<Shiral> And tell him "welcome home"
* KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodnight as she disappears in a shower
of green sparkles.
<Jessie> bye Katherine -- enjoy the cruise
*** KK has quit IRC (QUIT: _)


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