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KK Chat - Aug. 11, 2002 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:57:03 pm »
KK Chat - Aug. 11, 2002, pt. 2

[17:37] <@KK> Not at all.  I have some more comments that I'll send tomorrow.
[17:37] <TranshaLass> She's had all kinds of names this week, bart
[17:37] <Kendall> I am afraid I must depart this august body of Deryni folk
[17:37] <@Sedina> Bye Kendall
[17:37] <scribbler> take care, Kendall
[17:37] <@Jessie> bye Kendall
[17:37] <Debbie_VB> Later Kendall
[17:37] <Mistyck> I can't believe it, you are absolutely wonderful!
[17:37] <Martine> Bye, Kendall!
[17:37] <@Bynw> cya later Kendall
[17:37] <kirienne> Bye Kendal
[17:37] <@KK> Bye, Kendall.
[17:38] <Andy_Hock> Bye, Kendall.
[17:38] * Kendall steps onto his Transfer Portal and feels the energy below coursing through his body taking him far, far away. The castle is deserted...
[17:38] <the_Bee> see ya kendall
[17:38] <jhalavar> bye kendall
[17:38] <Wrengl> bye kendall
[17:38] <Mistyck> Bye Kendall
[17:38] <Martine> KK, I'm really stumbling on where to put the library in the castle. Where do you see it?
[17:38] * Barticus  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:38] * Kendall Quit (QUIT: I hope this is the right castle!)
[17:38] <scribbler> aaaack!!!!!
[17:38] <Martine> Ack, Bart!
[17:38] * scribbler grabs a rotten lutefisk and pounds Peer with it unmercifully....
[17:38] * Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
[17:38] <Debbie_VB> Uh oh, Peer got Bart
[17:39] * kirienne shoots more arrows at Peer
[17:39] <@KK> I'll have to think about that, Martine--and look at my diagrams.
[17:39] <Martine> Okay. Thanks!
[17:39] * the_Bee swarms angrily after peer
[17:39] <QuasiSparklz> ok, I think I've tried to stay awake long enough. I'm gonna surrender to taking a nap and come back later if I remember.
[17:39] <@Bynw> someplace on the 2nd floor that has a portal i hope
[17:39] <jbt> I always envisioned the library as in the vaults underneath somewhere.
[17:39] <Martine> Bye, Quasi!
[17:39] <scribbler> *lol* have a good nap...
[17:39] <QuasiSparklz> bye Martine
[17:39] <kirienne> bye quasi, have a good sleep
[17:39] <@Bynw> cya QuasiSparklz
[17:39] <Martine> The library has windows, jbt, so it's above ground.
[17:39] <@Jessie> bye QuasiSparklz
[17:39] <@KK> No, it's at least one floor above ground.
[17:39] <Andy_Hock> Bye, Quasi.
[17:39] <jbt> that's right.,.
[17:39] <QuasiSparklz> bye kirienne, thanks. bye Bynw
[17:39] <QuasiSparklz> bye Andy_Hock
[17:39] <jhalavar> bye quasisparklz
[17:39] <QuasiSparklz> bye jhalavar
[17:39] <Martine> And it has west facing windows that look on the stable yard....
[17:39] <@KK> Bye, Sparklz.
[17:40] <the_Bee> bye QS
[17:40] <QuasiSparklz> bye KK
[17:40] <QuasiSparklz> bye Bee
[17:40] <@Bynw> Martine, just use the tesseract
[17:40] <Wrengl> bye quasi
[17:40] <QuasiSparklz> bye Wrengl
[17:40] <Martine> No prob, Bynw! Great idea!
[17:40] <jbt> bye QS
[17:40] <QuasiSparklz> bye jbt
[17:40] * Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:40] * QuasiSparklz  has left #Deryni_Destinations
[17:40] <Martine> And now that I reason out the description... that rules out the Keep, which is where I kept getting pulled.
[17:40] <Barticus> i'm back
[17:40] <@Jessie> wb bart
[17:40] <the_Bee> wb bart
[17:40] <Martine> wb, Bart!
[17:40] <Barticus> phone
[17:40] <@Sedina> wb Bart
[17:40] <kirienne> wb Bart
[17:40] <scribbler> did you guys know there's going to be a "Wrinkle in Time" miniseries this fall?
[17:40] <Mistyck> Hi Barticus
[17:40] <Wrengl> wb bart
[17:41] <scribbler> WB Barticus
[17:41] <Debbie_VB> The library is probably near the top of the castle, just below Kelson's private quarters
[17:41] <jbt> no!  that's great"
[17:41] <the_Bee> what network?
[17:41] <TranshaLass> wb
[17:41] <@Bynw> wb Bart
[17:41] <Barticus> wheres shiral at today
[17:41] <TranshaLass> That's cool, scribbler, those books are great
[17:41] <Mistyck> with a private entrance from Kelson's chambers
[17:41] * Debbie_VB is waiting for a deryni miniseries
[17:41] <@Bynw> no i didnt scribbler.... what network??
[17:41] <scribbler> I think ABC...Disney produced it (saw highlights on the "Spy Kids" video)...
[17:41] <the_Bee> mom's b-day party
[17:41] <@KK> From your mouth to God's ear, VB.
[17:41] * kirienne would also like to see a Deryni series
[17:42] <RainbowDragon> I enjoyed A Wrinkle In Time with its theory on tesseracts
[17:42] <scribbler> I hear a rehash of the "casting thread" coming on?
[17:42] <Mistyck> I wish they would make more of the Highlander series.  I miss Duncan.
[17:42] <Barticus> get peter jackson to direct it
[17:42] <@Bynw> cools .. I will have to watch for it ...
[17:42] <kirienne> so do I mistyck
[17:42] <Wrengl> so do I mistyck
[17:42] <Martine> Hmm.... Kelson's quarters are NORTH of the stable yard, though.... <g>
[17:42] * Barticus finally saw the lord of the rings on dvd which is awesome
[17:43] <kirienne> isn't it though. I have watched my copy several times
[17:43] <Debbie_VB> So did the babe bart, in fact she bought it tues
[17:43] <Mistyck> Love that movie, can't wait for Two Towers
[17:43] <Martine> Unless... KK, what do you think of building it into the wall that separates the stable yard? Jutting out of the square tower?
[17:43] <@KK> Martine, if you've gathered all the quotes about the castle, I should be able to go through and make sense of it all.
[17:43] <the_Bee> Why is the November LOTR supposed to be special?
[17:43] <scribbler> I missed the TT trailer when I went to see MIB II...we got there too late!!! WAAAA!!!
[17:43] <Martine> Okay. Thanks, KK :-)
[17:43] <Barticus> it has 4 dvd's
[17:43] <Debbie_VB> 4 disks including 30 min that was cut from the movie
[17:43] <@KK> I saw it, Scribs.  We went last weekend.
[17:44] <Martine> Get your hands on the LOTR DVD, scribs. It has the TT trailer on it :-)
[17:44] <kirienne> it has some footage that was not seen in the theater, about 30 minutes, and more behind the scenes stuff
[17:44] <the_Bee> what about vcr?
[17:44] <@KK> 30 min. cut from the movie?!
[17:44] <Mistyck> aww, scrib
[17:44] <Barticus> I like behind the scenes stuff but 4 dvd's worth
[17:44] <scribbler> ooooh...may have to invest in that, and HINT STRONGLY for DVD player for Christmas...
[17:44] <Mistyck> lol, scrib
[17:44] <@KK> I can play them on my computer--which is better than nothing.
[17:44] <kirienne> yep, more footage on the elves and Strider and the hobbits at weathertop
[17:45] * Debbie_VB bought a DVD player some time ago, just on the strength of having the LOTR out on DVD
[17:45] <Martine> I just bought it yesterday, but won't be able to watch it until next weekend :-(
[17:45] <Mistyck> I always loved Strider
[17:45] <Debbie_VB> And the giving of the gifts in Lothlorien
[17:45] <@KK> Wow, I'm fading early tonight, troops.
[17:45] <kirienne> me too, along with Legolas. They were always my favorites from having first read it over 30 years ago
[17:45] <Martine> Ack!
[17:45] <scribbler> saw a National Geographic DVD on Fellowship of the Ring...looked really good from the description...
[17:46] * Martine sends KK a pot of espresso
[17:46] <RainbowDragon> Hard day, KK?
[17:46] <@KK> Think I'd better sign off, so I can get up and get writing early tomorrow.
[17:46] <Mistyck> I'm going to see Rush next Fri, too bad they won't play "Rivendell"
[17:46] * @Bynw banishes fatigue on Katherine
[17:46] <Debbie_VB> sleep sweet katherine
[17:46] <Wrengl> good night Katherine
[17:46] <Martine> Sleep well, Katherine :-)
[17:46] <kirienne> bye KK, good night
[17:46] <Wrengl> good luck writing.
[17:46] <Martine> And get lots of writing done tomorrow!
[17:46] <@Sedina> Sleep well, Katherine.  And good luck writing this week
[17:46] * scribbler sends KK a pillow and afghan so she can sleep well...
[17:46] <the_Bee> have a good week Katherine
[17:46] <Mistyck> Sweet dreams KK
[17:46] <jbt> May your Muse accompany you on the Morrow!
[17:46] <@KK> See you all next week.
[17:46] <@Bynw> Mistyck... cool
[17:46] <scribbler> take care, KK...
[17:46] <@Jessie> night Katherine -- have a pleasant visit to the feather islands & happy writing
[17:46] * @Bynw is rush fan too
[17:46] <Barticus> bye kk
[17:46] <RainbowDragon> Bye Katherine 
[17:46] <@Bynw> night Katherine *huggles*
[17:46] <Barticus> thanx for coming 
[17:46] <Wrengl> hi guest
[17:46] <jhalavar> night KK
[17:46] <Martine> Huggles, KK!
[17:47] * @KK steps onto her portal and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:47] <Wrengl> huggles katherine
[17:47] <kirienne> huggles KK
[17:47] <TranshaLass> Take care, KK
[17:47] * KK  Quit (QUIT: )


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