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KK Chat - Aug. 11, 2002 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:55:46 pm »
KK Chat - Aug. 11, 2002, pt. 1

[16:59] * KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:59] <scribbler> and looks like I may not do Darkover this year after all... :(
[16:59] <Kendall> hey KK
[16:59] <@Sedina> hi Katherine!
[16:59] <virtualbabe> Ki Katherine
[16:59] <Martine> Hi Kk! Huggles :-)
[16:59] * Bynw sets mode: +o KK
[16:59] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[16:59] <@Bynw> Hiyas KK!!!
[16:59] * scribbler sends greetings to KK
[16:59] <TranshaLass> Hi, Kirienne
[16:59] <TranshaLass> Hi, KK
[16:59] <Mak> Hi Katherine
[16:59] <Dan> Hi
[16:59] <scribbler> ah, at a decent hour today... ;)
[16:59] <Martine> Wow! Now I don't have to stay up late to pack. The ice cream traps worked!
[16:59] <@KK> Hello, all.
[16:59] <Dan> I'm a new sucker
[16:59] <kirienne> Hi KK :-)
[16:59] <RainbowDragon> Hi KK!
[16:59] <jbt> me,  too.
[16:59] <Mak> (And I'm still here!!! :) )
[17:00] <scribbler> where is Shiral today? Just curious...
[17:00] <Martine> KK, I just sent you a whole bunch of goodies on Rhemuth Castle :-)
[17:00] <Martine> Congrats, Mak! ;-)
[17:00] <@KK> Oh, goodies!
[17:00] <Martine> Drawings, notes, musings, brainstormings....
[17:00] <Martine> And lots of extracted quotes!
[17:00] <Kendall> you aren't done with that yet? :)
[17:00] <@Sedina> Scribs - today Shiral is at a birthday party for her mom
[17:01] <@KK> Still getting it just right.
[17:01] <Martine> Just starting on the castle, Kendall. St. George is winding down - at least for the poster version.
[17:01] <Wrengl> hi katherine
[17:01] <Kendall> cool
[17:01] <kirienne> Martine, it sounds like that's going to be awesome
[17:01] <scribbler> ah...happy birthday to Shiral's mom then... :)
[17:01] <scribbler> thx Sedina
[17:01] <Kendall> I have to give someone a hard time
[17:01] * Martine bops Kendall with smelly lutefisk
[17:01] <Mak> And I have to go...
[17:01] * Jessie  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jessie
[17:01] <Dan> KK - I've had a "wonder" for a few years.  Is there an analog of the Clan Prescriptions in this world - that is secular (vs. religious) persecutions?
[17:01] <scribbler> take care Mak
[17:01] <Martine> Bye, Mak! Huggles!
[17:01] <Wrengl> hi jessie
[17:01] <@Sedina> Hi Jessie
[17:01] <Kendall> got plenty of that fish here
[17:01] <Andy_Hock> Hi, Jessie
[17:01] <Martine> Hi Jessie! Huggles :-)
[17:01] <@Bynw> Kendall, you can help me give Sedina a hard time when her bday comes up next month :-)
[17:01] <Wrengl> cya mak
[17:01] <@Sedina> bye Mak
[17:01] <Mak> Bye everyone
[17:01] <Kendall> Hi Jessie
[17:02] <the_Bee> Hi Jessie bye mak
[17:02] <kirienne> bye MAK, Hi Jessie
[17:02] <@Bynw> hiyas Jessie
[17:02] <@Jessie> hello & bye MAAK
[17:02] <Kendall> bye Mak
[17:02] <RainbowDragon> Hi Jessie! *huggles*
[17:02] * scribbler sends greetings to Jessie
[17:02] <@Sedina> pbbbbt, Bynw
[17:02] * Mak  Quit (QUIT: If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane --Jimmy Buffett)
[17:02] <Kendall> no prob Bynw
[17:02] <Martine> I'll join you too, Bynw!
[17:02] <@KK> Dan, please clarify.
[17:02] <Martine> Plots galore :-)
[17:02] <@Jessie> hello all
[17:03] <@KK> Hi, Jessie.
[17:03] <virtualbabe> Hi jessie
[17:03] <scribbler> send a cake with a kilt-dressed man inside?
[17:03] <@Sedina> Sure, and my bday is on a Sunday this year too, so I can't avoid you all.  *lol*
[17:03] <@Sedina> Hey, that would work for me, scribs.  *lol*
[17:03] <Martine> Oooh! I love the idea, scribs!
[17:03] <TranshaLass> Sort of like king cake in New Orleans, scribbler?
[17:03] <@Bynw> that will even make it better for us Sedina :-)
[17:03] <Dan> In the Highlands - Several clans (Gregor is probably best known) Were "prescribed" and a price put on their heads.  Some of the smaller clans disappeared.
[17:03] <the_Bee> KK: how are your new family members doing?
[17:04] <@Sedina> Bynw - yeah, I know...that's what I'm afraid of
[17:04] <scribbler> *lol* unfortunately lost track of my friend with the Irish kilt...and I think his wife would have VERRA many objections... ;)
[17:04] <Dan> The Prescription basically put a "price" on the head of anyone wearing the clan name.  That's why Rob Roy typically went by his Mother's name Campbell.
[17:04] <Martine> We'll just have to find a twenty-something red-headed McLain kilted guy then <G>
[17:04] <Kendall> if I had a black watch....
[17:04] <@Bynw> we can send you a cake Sedina with a Chippendale inside wearing a kilt
[17:04] <@KK> Dunno, Dan.  Bee, the newlings are doing just splendidly--though Tilly got her jump wings on Thursday, by falling off the upstairs landing. Nothing broken, but she sure thumped her right hind leg.
[17:05] <the_Bee> Tilly?
[17:05] <scribbler> did you decide on names then?
[17:05] <Martine> Ouch! THat's probably quite a fall, then!
[17:05] * @Sedina bops Bynw 
[17:05] <kirienne> poor tilly:-(
[17:05] <virtualbabe> New fur-babies Katherine?
[17:05] <TranshaLass> Wow, it usually takes quite a fall to hurt cats.
[17:05] <Wrengl> Katherine, Kathi is glad you liked kelson and nigel
[17:05] <@Sedina> Poor kitty
[17:05] <@KK> The boy is now Augustus, Gus for short.  The girl is Matilda, or Tilly.
[17:05] <Dan> It had just occurred to me as yet another twist to put into plots - from things that really happened.
[17:05] * QuasiSparklz  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:05] * @Bynw still wants to get a new kitty :(
[17:05] <scribbler> ah...excellent!
[17:05] <Martine> Hi Quasi! :-)
[17:05] <TranshaLass> Hi, Susan
[17:05] <QuasiSparklz> Hi Martine
[17:05] * scribbler sends greetings to QuasiSparklz
[17:05] <Andy_Hock> Hi, QuasiSparklz
[17:05] <the_Bee> Hi QS
[17:05] * Martine just wants a kitty - and death to allergies
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> hi scribbler, hi Andy_Hock, hi the_Bee
[17:06] <kirienne> Hi Quasi
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> hi kirienne
[17:06] <@KK> Yep, rescued them from Clonegal Castle, where they'd been dumped.  Only about 8 weeks old, just barely weaned.
[17:06] <@Sedina> hi Sarah
[17:06] <@Jessie> hello QuasiSparklz
[17:06] <@Jessie> good to see you again
[17:06] <@Bynw> hiyas Sparklz
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> hi Sedina, hi Jessie
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> hiya Bynw
[17:06] * scribbler thinks that a dishwasher will have to take priority over kitties in requirements for new apartment... :(
[17:06] * Dan has a Samoyed - that's a dog that acts like a cat at times...
[17:06] <Kendall> hello QuasiSparklz
[17:06] <@KK> Quasi-greetings to QuasiSparklz.  ;-)
[17:06] <Martine> KK, we had a rush of new visitors last night. It looks like they're coming back today - so I guess we didn't scare them off TOO badly <g>
[17:06] <Wrengl> hi quasi
[17:06] <kirienne> dishwashers are nice thingh to have
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> hi Kendall
[17:06] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:06] <scribbler> *lol* aunt had one ---
[17:07] <QuasiSparklz> hi Wrengl, hi KK
[17:07] * virtualbabe would love to have some kitties, but her apt. doesn't permit pets
[17:07] <@KK> YOu'll have to do something about that, Babe.
[17:07] <Wrengl> poor vb
[17:07] <QuasiSparklz> i decided to come here rather than take a nap
[17:07] * Martine thinks dishwashers are an absolute requirement <g>
[17:07] <Wrengl> lol martine
[17:07] <Dan> If you can't have a cat, they're not bad...  Watching a dog "pounce" is pretty good!
[17:07] <scribbler> as I stare at the stack that needs to be washed, I agree, kirienne... :)
[17:07] * Kendall agrees with martine
[17:07] <virtualbabe> I'm also trying to save up some $15,000 US
[17:07] <scribbler> why so, VB?
[17:08] <the_Bee> Mom had 4 dishwashers.  I was the third.
[17:08] <@KK> Particular goal in mind?
[17:08] <virtualbabe> my surgery
[17:08] <Martine> LOL, Bee!
[17:08] <scribbler> *lol* Bee
[17:08] <Kendall> lol BEE
[17:08] <Dan> Now if you can only figure out how to make the dishes climb into the dishwasher.
[17:08] <Wrengl> ah
[17:08] <@Sedina> Dan - I used to have a Samoyed too     :)
[17:08] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:08] <Martine> If you figure that one out, Dan, let me know!
[17:08] <Wrengl> good luck in saving the money.  may it happen soon
[17:08] <Kendall> me too
[17:08] <kirienne> and then put themselves away
[17:08] <Kendall> even better
[17:08] <@KK> I've got a friend with Samoyeds.
[17:08] <Dan> After I clew in my SO.
[17:08] <Martine> I just got a new dishwasher, to replace the old sort-of-built-in portable that came with the house.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh.................... <g>
[17:08] <TranshaLass> Sort of like the kitchen in Beauty and the Beast?
[17:09] <QuasiSparklz> that would be cool.. Beauty and the Beast used to be my favorite movie.. hehe
[17:09] <Martine> Heck, TL, I'll take that whole self-cleaning palace! <g>
[17:09] <@KK> I treated myself to a new one last year, when we redid the kitchen.
[17:09] * jhalavar  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:09] <Dan> Sammy's are fairly smart! This is our second.  The first opened LOCKED sliding glass doors!
[17:09] <@Jessie> hello jhalavar
[17:09] * scribbler sends greetings to jhalavar
[17:09] <Wrengl> hi jhalavar
[17:09] <Martine> Aren'te they wonderful things?
[17:09] <QuasiSparklz> hi jhalavar
[17:09] <Kendall> hello jhlavar
[17:09] <Andy_Hock> Hi, jhalavar
[17:09] <Dan> Hi JH
[17:09] <@Sedina> hi jhalavar
[17:09] <the_Bee> Hi JH
[17:09] <@Bynw> hiyas jhalavar
[17:09] <@KK> Sammys are also good with cats, I hear.
[17:09] <jhalavar> hi everyone!
[17:09] <kirienne> hi jhalavar
[17:09] <Martine> Hi jhalavar!
[17:09] <scribbler> brb...
[17:09] <Dan> They are.  Our first lived with several before we got him.
[17:09] <@Jessie> Katherine:  how did writing go this week
[17:09] <@Bynw> hmmm we are up to 20 users right now ... .lets see if we can get some more
[17:10] <Wrengl> before we lose anyone else!
[17:10] <Dan> Sammys are also good with babies.  Our youngest took food out of his mouth with no adverse occurences.
[17:10] <virtualbabe> What's the record now Bynw?
[17:10] <Kendall> you better hurry, i will have to go soon
[17:10] <RainbowDragon> Bynw - how did the midwest gathering go?
[17:10] <@KK> Pretty good.  I'm working on Chapter 14, when thing start hotting up, re Krispin getting killed.
[17:10] <QuasiSparklz> Could someone clue me in on what a Sammy is?
[17:10] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:10] * Wrengl locks the room door so kendall can't leave
[17:10] <Martine> Ouch! That sounds like a touch chapter to write.
[17:10] <@Bynw> mid 20 something i think
[17:11] <virtualbabe> Samoyed, A breed of husky
[17:11] <the_Bee> samoyed=dog breed
[17:11] <QuasiSparklz> ah, okay
[17:11] <@Bynw> RainbowDragon, just me, teek and Bart
[17:11] <virtualbabe> Husky
[17:11] <@KK> Just the setup; not the killing yet.
[17:11] <Wrengl> ah
[17:11] <Dan> A sammy is a "Samoyed" that's a dog that looks a little like a miniture polar bear.
[17:11] <Martine> Okay - tougher chapter to come then.
[17:11] <@Bynw> RD, next year both the JC Mo people are coming
[17:11] <@KK> Hopefully, this week.
[17:11] <QuasiSparklz> a miniature polar bear? that sounds cute
[17:11] <Kendall> and the WI guy and his wife
[17:11] <virtualbabe> but with a much nicer disposition
[17:11] <Dan> Actually - Huskys are supposed to be more of a cross between Sammy's and Wolves.
[17:11] <@Sedina> the what, Bynw?   
[17:11] <scribbler> back...had to wake up Sleeping Beauty (aka my husband) and send him off to grocery shop...
[17:12] <Martine> LOL, scribbs!
[17:12] <RainbowDragon> Oh!?
[17:12] <RainbowDragon> *G*
[17:12] <Martine> Mine's trying to make me proofread resumes and cover letters. Luckily, he's a patient man! <g>
[17:12] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:12] <kirienne> lol
[17:12] <scribbler> he job hunting?
[17:12] <Martine> Just because I like to write, I get nominated editor...... <hee hee>
[17:12] <Martine> Yes, scribs. He's been unemployed for a while now.
[17:13] <@KK> And she writes very well, too.  ;-)
[17:13] * Martine blushes
[17:13] * @Bynw nominates Martine Editor
[17:13] <Dan> Hard to imagine having to read anything dryer (other than old college texts)...
[17:13] <Martine> Thank you :-)
[17:13] <Kendall> same thing happens to me Martine, except I get from the school
[17:13] * kirienne sends job getting luck to Martine's husband
[17:13] <@Sedina> Martine -you can gladly take the editor hat from me.
[17:13] <Martine> LOL, Sedina!
[17:13] <scribbler> of luck...I've decided to refer to myself as a "freelance writer" -- it sounds better than "unemployed" and the pay is similar...
[17:13] <Martine> But then I REALLY won't have time to finish your story for you, Sedina!
[17:13] <Dan> LOL
[17:13] <Kendall> lol scribs
[17:13] <@KK> True, Scribs.
[17:13] <Martine> I like your philosophy, Scribs!
[17:14] <@Sedina> Um, that case, I'll keep the hat for a while.  Just hurry up with SGAK, will you  :)
[17:14] <kirienne> good thinking scribbs
[17:14] <Martine> I'm not a business analyst and database developer - I'm a freelance writer! <G>
[17:14] <Martine> More fun, anyway.
[17:14] <@Bynw> and of course with next years Midwest Fan gathering, we hope to be able to bring our favorite author too :-)
[17:14] <@Sedina> lol scribs
[17:14] <TranshaLass> LOL, the perfect title, scrib
[17:14] <Kendall> PLEASE
[17:14] <@KK> I'd certainly like to be there.
[17:14] <Martine> Along your philosophy, Scribs, my husband is currently a freelance web designer.
[17:14] <RainbowDragon> That would be neat
[17:14] <Dan> M - I'm BA & DB developer....
[17:14] <Martine> Small world, Dan! :-)
[17:15] <Dan> Yep...  I've noticed that over the years.
[17:15] <@Bynw> maybe then some people from MO, WI and ND will come too
[17:15] * @Bynw smiles
[17:15] <@Sedina> that supposed to be a hint, Bynw?
[17:15] <Kendall> I have already made plans of for next year 
[17:15] <Andy_Hock> I might scoot out there next year, Bynw.
[17:15] <virtualbabe> still hoping for something a little closer to BC Bynw
[17:15] <scribbler> oh, yes...since I probably won't do Darkover this year after all... :( -- worried that this might be Mom's last Thanksgiving so should stay close to home...
[17:15] <@Bynw> Sedina, no it's more like a frying pan in the face :-)
[17:15] <QuasiSparklz> I may decide to skip out of here in a few minutes.. I need some tylenol and a nap.
[17:15] <RainbowDragon> I was busy collecting crystals in Ark., Bynw. I spent $300 *blush*
[17:16] <Martine> Hopefully that time next year I'll have to miss the gathering, because hubby will be employed and we'll be tromping through the Highlands and Ireland.... <crossing fingers>
[17:16] <Kendall> visit the diamond fields?
[17:16] <RainbowDragon> BTW- who is quasisparklz? 
[17:16] <kirienne> Scribbs, it's important you be with your Mom,
[17:16] <RainbowDragon> nope
[17:16] * virtualbabe sends QuasiSparkle a virtual Nap and some tylenol
[17:16] <QuasiSparklz> well, thanks.. lol
[17:17] <scribbler> I know...she's getting chemo for her lymphoma and is just really weak... :(
[17:17] * QuasiSparklz used to come here a year or so ago under the nick Sarah^
[17:17] <Martine> We'll keep you and your mom in our prayers, Scribs.
[17:17] * Barticus  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:17] <Kendall> Bart!
[17:17] <Andy_Hock> Hi, Bart
[17:17] <scribbler> thx, Martine...
[17:17] <Martine> Hi Bart!
[17:17] <the_Bee> hi Bart
[17:17] <@KK> Barticus!
[17:17] <jhalavar> hi bart
[17:17] <Barticus> Howdy all!
[17:17] * scribbler sends greetings to Barticus
[17:17] <QuasiSparklz> hi Barticus
[17:17] <Wrengl> hi barticus
[17:17] <Barticus> welcome back KK
[17:17] <@Bynw> hiyas Barticus!
[17:17] <kirienne> I lost both my parents two years ago, I know what you're going through. I was my mom's care giver for her last month, she was under hospice care
[17:17] * virtualbabe shudders @ the word lymphoma, she lost a close friend to
that a year ago
[17:17] <TranshaLass> Hi, Bart
[17:18] <jbt> Howdy
[17:18] <kirienne> Hi Bart
[17:18] <QuasiSparklz> brb
[17:18] <Barticus> loved your story transhalass
[17:18] <@KK> Both parents in the same year?  That's got to be tough.
[17:18] <scribbler> my dad died 32 years ago, so I've only got the one parent left --
[17:18] <QuasiSparklz> back
[17:18] <scribbler> oh, yes, me too!
[17:18] <Martine> Kirienne, one of the guys that works for me had the same experience. My symphathies.
[17:18] <@Sedina> Martine - remember, if you're going to go tromping around the highlands, you're supposed to pack me in your bags and take me with
[17:18] <Martine> LOL!
[17:18] <kirienne> six months apart KK. It was really rough but faith got me thru it
[17:18] <scribbler> *lol* Sedina
[17:18] <Martine> I know, Sedina. I won't forget your bail money!
[17:19] <Kendall> hmmm, sounds interesting
[17:19] <Martine> And I've lined up Highland housing, now that my London John friend has become my Highland John friend <g>
[17:19] <Martine> So we're all set!
[17:19] <scribbler> ah, nothing like a Motel 0....
[17:19] <Martine> Nope, scribs!
[17:19] <Dan> Got room in that bag for one more?
[17:19] <Martine> Sure!
[17:19] * Martine unzips her second bag 
[17:19] <jbt> or 20 more?
[17:19] <Martine> Hop on in!
[17:19] <Martine> ROTFL, jbt!
[17:19] <Dan> Can I bring my pipes too?<g?
[17:20] <virtualbabe> sounds like almost everything's planned Martine
[17:20] <Kendall> I think we should all go to Ireland after ITSK
[17:20] <Martine> Um... no pipes, Dan. Definitely not.
[17:20] <Dan> :(
[17:20] <scribbler> indeed, Kendall
[17:20] <Barticus> I'll mail myself in a duffel bag and you can carry me along
[17:20] <Martine> Not in my bags. We'd all likely get thrown off the plane!
[17:20] <Barticus> :-)
[17:20] <Martine> LOL!
[17:20] <kirienne> :-)
[17:20] <@Bynw> hmmmm... mailing yourself someplace
[17:20] <virtualbabe> The definition of a gentleman, one who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn't
[17:20] <Martine> Are you all up for camping out a night at Culloden, too? <g>
[17:20] <Kendall> nothing like having a Castle party and inviting yourself along :)
[17:21] <@Bynw> get a big box and address it to Holybrook Hall and send yourself there
[17:21] <Martine> LOl, vb!
[17:21] <Martine> ROTFL!!!! Bynw, I think you're on to something! ;-)
[17:21] <scribbler> *lol* mean KK hasn't gotten around to installing a Transfer Portal yet?
[17:21] <Martine> KK, prepare for the horde! <g>
[17:21] <Kendall> KK may send it back, addressee unkown
[17:21] <@KK> HOrde is welcome.
[17:21] <Martine> I might even mop and do dishes for housing :-)
[17:21] * Barticus makes a check list bring army food, toilet paper and a blanket
[17:22] <TranshaLass> Some of us can sleep in the stables or hall if we run out of room in the bedrooms.
[17:22] <@Bynw> MRE's ... yummy
[17:22] <Dan> Nothing like the pipes when used as a meeting abaitment device...
[17:22] <scribbler> I 'll just snuggle up with the kitties... ;)
[17:22] <Barticus> oh yeah real yummy
[17:22] <Martine> Sure, tl. I'll already have a sleeping bag for Culloden :-)
[17:22] * @Bynw would see if he can find the ghosts that are there
[17:22] <Kendall> ?me thinks Bynw should cover the cost of all of us going to Ireland
[17:22] <@Bynw> yeah right
[17:22] <Andy_Hock> lol
[17:22] * Martine will join Bynw on the ghost hunt
[17:22] <Kendall> lol
[17:23] <@Bynw> Martine, come to Iowa and you can help me find the grave of a Vampire
[17:23] <Martine> I thought I saw one in MY house a few weeks ago <g>
[17:23] * the_Bee will haunt the ghosts
[17:23] <Barticus> or maybe everyone coming to Iowa and crashing at bynw and tika's
[17:23] <Martine> Gave me quite the start!
[17:23] <Martine> LOL, Bynw! I love it!
[17:23] * Wrengl will also join bynw
[17:23] <TranshaLass> I know, the proceeds from the next DA novel could go towards airfare.  ;-)
[17:23] <Martine> Party in Ireland!
[17:23] <Barticus> oh I forgot about that the vampire grave
[17:23] <Wrengl> lol tl
[17:23] <virtualbabe> Sounds like they've got it all planned katherine
[17:23] <Wrengl> vampire grave?
[17:24] <kirienne> and if one of us wins the lottery, we could take all the others to ireland
[17:24] <Kendall> would you like us to include you KK?
[17:24] <Wrengl> what vampire grave?
[17:24] <scribbler> *lol*
[17:24] <Martine> Oh - KK, I think I found the perfect rose for Holybrooke. I can plant a few when we invade <g>
[17:24] <Wrengl> tell all?
[17:24] <@Bynw> on the grounds of Salisbury House here in Des Moines
[17:24] <Martine> It's called "joseph's coat" - I planted two last spring.
[17:24] <@Sedina> Martine - your "haldane" roses?
[17:24] <Martine> The buds start off crimson, open to golden, and darken back to crimson :-)
[17:24] <scribbler> sounds lovely, Martine...
[17:24] <Martine> That's it, Sedina!
[17:24] <@Sedina> :)   
[17:24] <Barticus> its an awesome looking house
[17:25] <Wrengl> certainly sounds nice
[17:25] <@Sedina> Just wanted to make sure if I was thinking of the right ones
[17:25] <kirienne> sounds like they should be called Haldane Roses
[17:25] <Barticus> we went sightseeing when I was there
[17:25] <@KK> Sounds like an impressive rose.
[17:25] <Martine> That's what I think, kirienne :-)
[17:25] <virtualbabe> Sounds like a great rose Martine.   
[17:25] * Mistyck  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:25] <Martine> It's gorgeous, KK! They're climbers - eventually grow to about 10 feet or so.
[17:25] <@Jessie> hello Mistyck
[17:25] <Wrengl> hi mstyck
[17:25] <@Bynw> hiyas Mistyck
[17:25] * scribbler sends greetings to Mistyck
[17:25] <kirienne> how do we go about changing their name?
[17:25] <jhalavar> hi mistyck
[17:25] <Andy_Hock> Hi, Mistyck
[17:25] <the_Bee> climbing or bush?
[17:25] <@Sedina> hi Mistyck
[17:25] <the_Bee> the roses
[17:25] <Mistyck> Hi everyone
[17:25] <Martine> Climbing, bee.
[17:25] <Barticus> howdy Mistyck
[17:25] <QuasiSparklz> hi Mistyck
[17:25] <Martine> Hi Mistyck.
[17:25] <jbt> Greetings Mistyck
[17:25] <Dan> Hi
[17:25] <kirienne> hi mistyck
[17:26] <the_Bee> hi Mystyck
[17:26] <Kendall> howdy
[17:26] <scribbler> brb...wake up call time AGAIN... :(
[17:26] <Kendall> lol scribs
[17:26] <Martine> LOL, scribbs! Just dump him out of bed.
[17:26] <Mistyck> How's everything going?
[17:26] <@Sedina> lol scribs
[17:26] <Wrengl> lol scribs
[17:26] <Dan> Anyone seen anything worse than some of the "Barbie " PC games?
[17:26] <jhalavar> did i miss jastaelf to day?
[17:26] <Wrengl> have not seen her today
[17:26] <virtualbabe> The dragonrider PC game
[17:26] <@Sedina> I haven't seen Jasta yet, jhalavar
[17:26] <the_Bee> Whoever developed the variety gets to name it, i think
[17:26] <@Bynw> Jasta hasnt been there that I know of yet
[17:26] <jhalavar> ty
[17:26] <@Bynw> here that is
[17:27] <Martine> KK, what else is new at Holybrooke?
[17:28] <Mistyck> Hi KK, I can't believe that I managed to log on while you were here.
[17:28] <Martine> Okay. That question just stopped the room dead.
[17:28] <Kendall> did we all fall off the face of the earth at the same time?
[17:28] * Martine checks - she did shower today...
[17:28] <@KK> Nothing much.  I'm back in harness on the book.
[17:28] <@Bynw> WHOOO HOOOOO
[17:28] <@Sedina> always a good thing, KK
[17:28] <kirienne> :-) KK
[17:28] <Dan> I feel really lucky.  My first try & she's here!!!
[17:29] <Kendall> how many chapters do you have planned? 
[17:29] <Martine> I hope it's at least a comfortable harness.
[17:29] <scribbler> back -- he's up and out the door!
[17:29] <@Sedina> whoo-hoo, Scribs
[17:29] <@KK> probably twentyish?
[17:29] <Martine> Congrats, scribs!
[17:29] <Kendall> okay
[17:29] * Dan is looking forward to the book getting done!
[17:29] * Barticus is too
[17:29] <@KK> So is Katherine.
[17:29] * Kendall as we all are
[17:29] <scribbler> glad to hear it's finally coming along well, KK
[17:29] <@Sedina> Dan - I think that is something we all feel  :)
[17:29] <Martine> LOL!
[17:30] <Wrengl> Katherine Kathi is glad you liked Kelson and Nigel
[17:30] * Mistyck  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:30] <@Bynw> LOL
[17:30] <scribbler> ack -- how DARE peer!
[17:30] * Barticus begins beating peer about the head
[17:30] * scribbler slaps Peer silly....
[17:30] * Kendall draws his sword on peer
[17:30] * Wrengl  Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
[17:30] * Wrengl  Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
[17:30] * kirienne takes bow and arrow from Legolas and shoots Peer
[17:30] * the_Bee stings peer up the wazoo
[17:30] * Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
[17:30] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:30] * Mistyck  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:30] <Martine> Kirienne, you keep Legolas stashed away? Lucky girl!
[17:30] * Kendall well that should do it
[17:30] <QuasiSparklz> wb Mistyck
[17:31] <Martine> wb, Mistyck!
[17:31] <virtualbabe> ?me Pelts peer with a plateful of petrified peeps
[17:31] <@KK> I'll bet being stung up the wazoo really hurts!  ;-)
[17:31] <Wrengl> wb mistyck
[17:31] <scribbler> WB Mistyck
[17:31] <TranshaLass> wb Mistyck
[17:31] <@Sedina> wb Mistyck
[17:31] <Mistyck> sorry, lost my connection
[17:31] <kirienne> well, since I can't have Morgan, heheheh
[17:31] <Wrengl> lol kk
[17:31] <@KK> And having petrified peeps chucked at one....whoa!
[17:31] <the_Bee> You got PEEEERRED
[17:31] <@Bynw> gotta watch that shift key folks when doing actions :-)
[17:31] <Kendall> so we got peer for you
[17:31] * virtualbabe is now known as VB_is_AFK
[17:31] <scribbler> well, since the next Peeps season isn't till Halloween...
[17:31] <Martine> LOL!
[17:31] <@KK> Are there Halloween peeps?
[17:32] <@Jessie> yes
[17:32] <Martine> What? Halloween peeps?
[17:32] <@Sedina> There are peeps for every season, KK
[17:32] <Kendall> all peeps shopuld be banned
[17:32] <@Bynw> there are halloween peeps???
[17:32] <QuasiSparklz> there are Halloween Peeps?
[17:32] <Martine> Oooh! I might have to buy candy this year!
[17:32] <scribbler> I've seen them -- ghosts and cats...
[17:32] <Wrengl> yes katherine
[17:32] <kirienne> many peeps, in many colors
[17:32] <Wrengl> also christmas and valentine's day
[17:32] <TranshaLass> I've seen star-shaped peeps year round.
[17:32] <QuasiSparklz> hey, speaking of peeps, have any of you seen the peep research webpage?
[17:32] <@KK> Yes!
[17:32] <Kendall> those things are disgusting
[17:32] <Barticus> I have
[17:32] <Andy_Hock> There are even 4th of July Peeps.
[17:32] <Mistyck> KK, thank you again for your encouragement.  I couldn't believe it yesterday when I got your email.  I am truly honored.
[17:32] <the_Bee> yes! LOL
[17:32] <Wrengl> have not seen the 4th of july ones
[17:32] <Martine> That page is proof of people with much too much time on their hands - and a wickedly funny sense of humor!
[17:33] * @Bynw has only seen easter peeps
[17:33] <QuasiSparklz> I like that webpage.. showed it to my Chemistry teacher last year and she liked it, cuz we did a couple experiments with peeps last year.
[17:33] * scribbler HAS to finally get hold of DA the Zine this time...
[17:33] <@KK> Ah, so that's you, Mistyck.
[17:33] <Andy_Hock> Red white and blue stars.
[17:33] * @Bynw thanks all the countless gods for that too
[17:33] <QuasiSparklz> yes, I've only seen Easter peeps, too
[17:33] * Barticus is going to have to try microwaving a peep
[17:33] <Kendall> Chris what is the record for people here?
[17:33] <Mistyck> yes Ma'am!
[17:33] <QuasiSparklz> lol
[17:33] * Dan has also only seen Easter Peeps...
[17:33] <@Bynw> Kendall, I think we are about there right now
[17:34] <@Jessie> Bynw:  thought it was 29
[17:34] <jbt> If the candy makers could conjure up a character for Labor Day, I'm sure we'd be seeing those now!
[17:34] <Wrengl> 25 or 27 I think
[17:34] <@Bynw> hmmmmm
[17:34] <Barticus> I think we need at least a couple more to break the record
[17:34] <@Bynw> You might be right Jessie
[17:34] <scribbler> split the it 26...
[17:34] <QuasiSparklz> we saw a video last year of microwaving a bunny peep and a chocolate bunny that my teacher had from a long time ago and the guy who did the narration seemed very strange
[17:34] <Dan> Gotta go...  The natives are getting restless.
[17:34] <scribbler> bye Dan
[17:34] <Wrengl> cya dan
[17:34] <kirienne> bye Dan
[17:34] <TranshaLass> See you, Dan
[17:34] <Martine> Bye, Dan!
[17:34] <QuasiSparklz> bye Dan, take care
[17:34] <Kendall> cya Dan
[17:34] <jhalavar> bye dan
[17:34] <@Jessie> bye Dan
[17:34] <the_Bee> cya dan
[17:34] <@Bynw> cya Dan
[17:34] * VB_is_AFK is now known as Debbie_VB
[17:35] <Andy_Hock> Bye, Dan
[17:35] <Mistyck> Bye Dan
[17:35] <Kendall> brb
[17:35] <jbt> Y'all come back, y'hear?
[17:35] <Dan> Enjoy...  Perhaps I'll see you all again sometime soon!
[17:35] <Barticus> bye dan
[17:35] <Debbie_VB> Bye-eee Dan, nice to meet you
[17:35] <Mistyck> KK, you are such an inspiration, I figured out where to put the stolen map--in Chap 3.
[17:35] <Martine> Ack@ jbt, you sound like my cousins! <g>
[17:35] * Dan  Quit (QUIT: )
[17:36] <scribbler> *lol* Martine
[17:36] <jbt> lol
[17:36] <TranshaLass> Now all we need is Jessie playing musical names, too. ;-)
[17:36] <Martine> Yes, Jessie, I see the morning monster persona has disappeared :-)
[17:36] <Barticus> is it jessie or nessie
[17:36] <Wrengl> lol tl
[17:36] <Mistyck> breaks up the monotony.
[17:36] <Kendall> back
[17:36] <Martine> wb, Kendall
[17:36] <kirienne> wb
[17:37] <Wrengl> wb kendall
[17:37] <scribbler> wb
[17:37] <Mistyck> KK, hope you weren't offended by my sending it for your review.

(to be continued...)