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KK Chat - Jul. 28, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:53:26 pm »
KK Chat - July 28, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Sedina> Hi Katherine!!  You made it  :)
<Wrengl> hi katherine!
<Shiral> Katherine!
<RainbowDragon> Hi Lady K!
<Jessie> hello Katherine
<Shiral> We thought you weren't coming tonight <G>
<kirienne> I'm going to be Kelric's guard so I can at least be near to his daddy
<KK> Hello, all.  Sorry I'm late, but we were out to dinner with friends.
<TranshaLass> Hi, Katherine!
<Shiral> Hello hello
<Wrengl> ah
<kirienne> hi KK, glad you came :-)
*** starwolf has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Wrengl> heard you had a terrible trip home
* lbarms smirks... Wrengl got duped
<KK> Wow, Laura's even here tonight!
<jhalavar> hi KK
<Shiral> How was your trip up to that point, though?
<Wrengl> nope I got the original alaric.
<Wrengl> but I can share him with you Laura
* kirienne is poutng
<KK> It wasn't terrible in the end.  I did get home, as did all my luggage.
<Wrengl> after all what are old friends for?
<Sedina> That's always a good thing, KK
<Shiral> Good, a consumation devoutly to be wished
<Wrengl> that is good, katherine
<lbarms> yeah!!!! I am always happy when luggage makes it
<Shiral> Your luggage just wanted more adventure in its life
<Wrengl> indeed luggage arriving with one is always a good thing
<KK> Seeing as how I was diverted twice, I wasn't completely sure, but....
<Sedina> Though if you do need to have your luggage go on a trip without you, it's always better when it's on your way back from your trip than at the start of it
*** aegean has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Wrengl> especially on the outward trip.  At least at home one has everything one needs
<Shiral> Hello Starwolf and Aegean
<KK> Absolutely, Sedina!
<Wrengl> hi starwolf
<lbarms> that is true Sedina
<Wrengl> hi aegean
<TranshaLass> Hi, aegean
<Sedina> Hi, starwolf and aegean
<kirienne> hi agean and starwolf
<aegean> hello shiral
<Shiral> Yes, at least you had clean clothes WITH you on the trip <G>
<jhalavar> hi aegean
<aegean> hi TL
<Sedina> KK - on my way back from Darkover last year, my luggage took a
flight that I didn't, but at least I was home  :)
<aegean> hi j
<Jessie> hello starwolf & aegean
<JastaElf> Hi KK, welcome home! :-)
<Shiral> My luggage came home about 24 hours after I did after Darkover
<KK> In all, it was an adventure both ways.  My outbound flight was late arriving so we were late leaving Dublin, so I missed my connection there and came into BWI instead of Dulles.  People were looking for me.
<Shiral> So, are you settling back into your home routine, KK?
<TranshaLass> It's a miracle that doesn't happen more often, shiral.
<Wrengl> Going to Media*West years ago we arrived in Lansing but our luggage was in Detroit or somewhere.
<Shiral> Quite so, Transhalass
<KK> Just about caught up with the e-mail and putting things away.
<Wrengl> verra uncomfortable first night!
<lbarms> of course lost luggage isn't so bad.  It just means you get to go shopping if it is lost on the way
<Wrengl> we heard about that!
*** starwolf has quit IRC
<KK> Been there, done that, Laura.  The secret is to buy neat things that are on sale.  They never question that.
<Sedina> LOL Laura
<Shiral> Well, that's one thing if you're in a place where new clothes are obtainable <G>
<lbarms> true
<KK> Also true, Shiral.
<Shiral> If you're on your way to a safari, it COULD pose some problems
*** the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<KK> Definitely.
<Wrengl> we were lucky - - our luggage arrived the next morning
<Jessie> wb Bee
<Shiral> WB, Bee
*** aegean has quit IRC
<KK> 'Lo, Bee.
<Wrengl> wb bee
<lbarms> or deployed to an "unknown destination"
<the_Bee> Hi KK you made it :)
<Wrengl> indeed.
<KK> Whoops, Aegean left before I could answer up above.
<RainbowDragon> Was the spiritual retreat enjoyable, KK?
<KK> Very.  And productive.
<Wrengl> Happened to a friend.  He went TDY but his luggage did not show up. He is 6'7" with a size 16 shoe and needed to find new clothes in Korea, of all places
<RainbowDragon> Great!
<Shiral> Ouch, Pat!
<KK> Talk about a challenge....
<KK> Jasta, how're you feeling?
<Wrengl> indeed
<TranshaLass> My dad had a similar problem, serving as a missionary in Peru in the 60s.
<KK> Whoa!  Peru has little people, too!
<TranshaLass> He's 6'5", his mom had to send him socks one at a time, rolled up in newspapers.
<Shiral> And it can get chilly in Peru
<the_Bee> smuggling socks???
<TranshaLass> Yep, the postal office liked to steal anything American.
<lbarms> I can believe that
<Shiral> Just a slightly frustrating way of getting clothes.
<KK> So Laura, can you tell us where you are?
<lbarms> I am in Iowa right now
<TranshaLass> Fortunately it wasn't hard to find shoe repair places that could just resole his shoes as needed.
<KK> Well, how....prosaic.
<Shiral> Home of the Corncam
<JastaElf> :-)
<lbarms> indeed
<lbarms> Got to meet Bynw and Tika this week.
<Sedina> Shiral - apparently there is a Dairycam now too.
<KK> Are you visiting Bart and Bynw and Tika?
<lbarms> I missed Bart
<Shiral> The thrills never stop Sedina <G> Cows have to be a little more entertaining than watching the corn grow <G>
<Sedina> Bynw was telling me about the Dairycam the other day.  I can think of better things to do than watching corn grow or cows being milked
<lbarms> lol
<Wrengl> lol
<Shiral> Like, chatting with KK, for example <G>
<kirienne> :-)
<kirienne> yes!!!!
<TranshaLass> Speaking of meeting people, KK, it's great to finally meet the author.  :)
<KK> Well, just don't ask me about Deryni tonight, because I haven't written a word about them for the past month!
<TranshaLass> I've been reading the books for years, but found the online group last week.
<Wrengl> lol
<Wrengl> figured as much
<Sedina> Yup - you've been here for a week and we've already assimilated you into the group  :)
<Shiral> We're just glad YOU made it, KK
<KK> I knew I hadn't seen you here before.  Where are you?
<TranshaLass> LOL, you have to write about more than the Deryni.
<TranshaLass> I'm in Utah
<the_Bee> KK: re Saer de Trahearne:  does Saer rhyme with fear, fire, fair, or ferr as in ferry?
<lbarms> of course she was "trashalass" when I first met her (EG)
<TranshaLass> They've already twisted my arm into writing fanfic.
<KK> Say-er.
<Shiral> She upgraded
<TranshaLass> LOL
<Shiral> We work fast, Transhalass
<JastaElf> Twisted your arm, my foot...  :-)
<KK> Sounds like a good handle to me. :-)
<JastaElf> You fell in here with fanfic written all over you.  See?  There's a line of dialogue on your forearm!!  :-)
<TranshaLass> LOL, I wouldn't have started that story on Joram if you guys hadn't been egging me on.  <g>
* Jessie doesn't remember twisting JastaElf's foot to get TranshaLass to write fanfic
<kirienne> lol
<Shiral> No we twisted transhalass's arm
*** the_Bee has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer_)
* Jessie encourages Mr. Pierre to 'Play nicely with others.'
<lbarms> bad bad peer
* kirienne chases peer with a sword
* Shiral stomps Peer etc etc
<KK> Oooh, the Bee got peered!  Somebody whack him with a trout!
<Shiral> Peer has been raising his ugly head today
* TranshaLass sets her ferocious dog on Peer
* Wrengl Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
* Shiral bombards peer with slightly gnawed pheasants
* Wrengl Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
<KK> Hmmm, he still hasn't let the Bee back in.
<Shiral> Were the cats happy to see you home again, KK?
<Jessie> Bee said she was having computer problems
* lbarms would lob a cream pie at peer, but food fights are only for friends
<Wrengl> lol laura
<TranshaLass> Good idea, Laura, don't waste a nice pie on the monster.
<kirienne> ice cream is way too good for Peer
<KK> Well, the two who were here.  Nicholas has gone missing in our absence, two weeks on Tuesday. :-(
* Shiral hands KK a sundae with lots of chocolate chips
<Shiral> Oh no, KK  =o(
<Wrengl> oh no Katherine!  Not Nicholas!
<kirienne> hope he comes home soon :-(
<KK> It's been nice weather.  We're hoping he's just gone walkabout.
<Jessie> :-( so sorry Katherine -- for both you and Nicholas
<TranshaLass> That's terrible, KK, I hope he finds his way home soon.
<Shiral> And safe and sound
<KK> No bodies found yet, so that's a hopeful sign.
<Wrengl> indeed
*** the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Shiral> Very much so
<Jessie> wb bee
<TranshaLass> wb Bee
<kirienne> wb bee
<jhalavar> wb bee
<Sedina> wb Bee
<Wrengl> could he have gone back to the old house?
<Wrengl> wb bee
<Shiral> WB Bee
<lbarms> wb bee
<KK> On a brighter cat-note, though, I did get to see Jasta's new baby--who is a clone of my late lamented Rupurrt.
<the_Bee> thanks. who's gone back to what old house?
<JastaElf> Thrandy's a love that's for sure....
<Shiral> A hellion, but a love <G>
<KK> The old house is only next door, and there's no cat flap there anymore.
<JastaElf> I hope Nick finds his way home soon tho!!
<Sedina> You have a new baby, Jasta?  I missed hearing about that
<Wrengl> Nicholas Cat has gone missing, bee. He was missing when Katherine got home
<the_Bee> :-(
<lbarms> maybe he has only gone on an extended hunting expedition
<JastaElf> yup, 10-week-old silver tabby with HUGE feet and long legs.  He's gonna be enormous.
<KK> That's what we're hoping.
<JastaElf> his name is Thranduil, after the Elven-King of the Hobbit.
Legolas' father.  :-)
<Sedina> lol Jasta  :)
* the_Bee sends "come home Nicky" signals
<Sedina> And how are the other fur children responding to the new arrival?
<KK> Yes, please, all of you, send "come home Nicky signals!
* Shiral turns on the "Mommy's home now Nicky" sign on the roof of Holybrooke Hall
* lbarms hopes he appears on the doorstep soon with fresh mouse present for KK
<JastaElf> The other kids are tolerant but hissing occasionally.
* KK hopes so, too
* JastaElf sends Nicholas vibes to bring KK and Scott some vole faces, pronto!
<Shiral> Well, the King of the Elves has moved in with them Jasta <G>
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Of COURSE they're a little jealous!
<KK> Kidlet likes him, doesn't he?
<the_Bee> teaching the newcomer his place?
<JastaElf> Yes indeed... but Kidlet is Mr. Suck-Up.  :-)
<JastaElf> Nikki tolerates him, surprisingly.
<JastaElf> He spent most of the afternoon upstairs today playing and made everyone exhausted.  :-)
<JastaElf> He likes dive-bombing his elders.  ;-)
<TranshaLass> Sounds like my puppy, LOL
<Shiral> Pan is rubbing his cheeks on my monitor, KK I think that's his way of saying  "Come home Nicholas"
<TranshaLass> He played for half an hour with a Fruit-Loop he found in the kitchen.
<Shiral> Froot loop Hockey!
<KK> What kind of puppy, Transhalass?
<TranshaLass> Toy poodle, black.
<KK> How old and how big?
<TranshaLass> 3 months now, about 7 inches at the shoulder.
<TranshaLass> He won't grow to more than 10 or 11 inches.
<KK> Then, he isn't going to get a whole lot bigger; just more filled out. Sounds cute!
<KK> What's his name?
<TranshaLass> Jacques, he's been a fun pet  :)
<TranshaLass> Amazing how fast little animals can move, huh?
<KK> Jacques is a good name for a French poodle.
<KK> You shoulda seen the mouse Jessicat had last night!
<Shiral> Big?
<kirienne> was it a big one?
<JastaElf> good-sized one?
<TranshaLass> LOL, a live mouse?
<KK> I'll show you fast.  But to no avail, alas for Mr. Mouse.  He ended up in her tum--all but his guts, of course.
<lbarms> my Lovely kitty would love to be able to get out and find a big mouse
<lbarms> she has not appreciated living in hotels
<Shiral> Oh Lord. Such a welcome home
<KK> She brought in two yesterday, that I know of, and also two birds--which I didn't like.
<JastaElf> oh dear....
<TranshaLass> But she just wanted to share...  <EG>
<KK> At least she eats the mice, so they don't go to waste.  I wish she wouldn't do birds.
<Shiral> At heart, Jessicat must believe she's a lioness of the Serengeti
<KK> Most definitely!
<Shiral> Thank goodness she doesn't bring home wildebeests <G>
<KK> She even looks like a hunting predator--long and lanky, with the most amazing long, sinuous tail.  And perfect hunting camouflage coat.
<JastaElf> Such a pretty girl!
<KK> She'd bring home wildebeasts if she could find any, I'm convinced!
<Shiral> LOL
<Shiral> Irish Pygmy wildebeests
<JastaElf> :-)
<Wrengl> lol
<lbarms> Lovely was "chirping" at the birds outside the window of the castle we lived in our last week in Germany
<kirienne> she loves her mum and wants to bring presents :-)
<KK> Well, maybe.  I'll have to tell her to look for some.  She's here on the desk beside me.
<the_Bee> has she brought home any leprechauns yet?
<Shiral> Give her time, Bee <G>
<KK> Not that I know of.  If she did, they either got away or she ate them, little red caps and all.
<Wrengl> a leprechaun with a pot of gold would be nice for her to bring home
<KK> Definitely.
<lbarms> and it seemed the birds were mocking the kitty cuz they would sit on the window sill and look in at her
<Wrengl> by the way Katherine, I have been writing.  Working on chapter 6
<KK> Those clever German birds....  ;-)
<Wrengl> lol laura
<Shiral> Good work Pat
<Sedina> Sadie loves to "talk" to the birds, but it just comes out sounding hilarious.  This big fatty kitty trying to make a dainty little sound.  It just doesn't happen
<KK> Excellent, Pat.
<lbarms> lol Sedina
<Shiral> Pan is trying to hunt down the last of my cold chinese food lunch
<Wrengl> lol
<KK> Go, Pan!
<Wrengl> fierce chinese food hunting pan
<Shiral> Doesn't like prey that moves too much <G>
<Sedina> Well, she's either sitting in my chirping at the birds or she's singing to her boyfriend
<Wrengl> lol shiral
<Sedina> lol Shiral
<Shiral> Pan is just a chicken in a cat suit
<the_Bee> sadie has a boyfriend?
<kirienne> lol
<KK> Laura, did you have your kitty with you in Germany and then bring it home to the US?
<lbarms> yes
<KK> Cool.  Does he/she have a pet passport?
<Sedina> Bee - She thinks she does.  He comes and sits outside of my window at night and they talk and serenade each other
<lbarms> lol, no. Maybe it would have been easier to get her back if she had one
<KK> Seriously, you were allowed to take her back and forth between the US and Germany?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Sorry I was so silent...I kinda had no choice? The door locked behind me, with me barefoot and with no key to get back in; had to go over to Dad's to get the spare! LOL!
<KK> Poor Kelos!  Locked out!
<kirienne> lol Kelos
<lbarms> No one would fly her to Omaha because of heat restrictions, so I had to fly her to Chicago and then drive to Omaha
<the_Bee> quite an adventure kelos!
<KK> Heat restrictions?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Barefooted on asphalt....Thank goodness the streets were cool!
<RainbowDragon> How were you able to take her to Germany?
<lbarms> yes, airlines will not fly pets in the summer because it is too hot
<Kelos_al-Hazar> BRB...resuming making supper! LOL!
<TranshaLass> LOL, Kelos, I guess it's not over 90 degrees there today, then.
<KK> But you flew military with her from Germany to Chicago?
<lbarms> and they had problems with pets dying of heat stroke so most airlines have a restriction on flying pets in the summer now
<Shiral> I read a news snippet about a cat who logged 63,000 miles because he got out of his carrier while in flight
<KK> Wow, he qualifies for a free round trip ticket within the US!
<KK> With his Frequent Flyer points.
<lbarms> I was able to find a pet shipping company that ships pets on cargo planes
<Jessie> doubt if that cat will want to use those frequent flyer miles
<Shiral> He was finally found and safely returned to his owners, but was filthy and VERY nervous
<KK> I'll BET he was nervous.
<Shiral> I don't think he'll EVER want to get on another airplane as long as he lives <G>
<KK> Not many mice on an airplane.
<the_Bee> happy ending :-)
<lbarms> yes, the pet shipping company I went to told me about that cat
<Sedina> Shiral - I heard about that  :)
<Shiral> Shoot, he should qualify for the VIP lounge with that kind of mileage <G>
<Shiral> No mice, but way too much noise, grease and shouting people
<Jessie> Katherine:  any news on the map, atlas, role playing game, or DAtZ?
<KK> If the military didn't fly yur cat, that must have been expensive.  How long were you over there?
<TranshaLass> I can see it now, first class, canned cat food in a crystal dish...
<lbarms> I think Lovely has the same sentiment and she only flew one way over three years ago and one way back
<Shiral> Persian Airlines -- first class travel for pussycats <G>
<kirienne> lol
<the_Bee> PURRsian airlines
<Shiral> Lots of puffy chairs, scratching posts and toys all over the cabin
<lbarms> the military flew the pets over, but they would only fly them back to Baltimore.  Getting them to Omaha would have been my own problem
<KK> No word, Jessie, because I haven't had time to check in with the gaming folk.
*** Kiri` has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Shiral> Hello Kiri
<the_Bee> hi kiri
<JastaElf> Hi Kiri!
<TranshaLass> Hi, Kiri
<Kiri`> hello *waves*
<KK> Hi, Kiri.
<kirienne> hi Kiri
<TranshaLass> I re-sent that e-mail, Kiri, did it arrive this time?
<KK> I like PURRsian Airlines.  :-)
<Sedina> hi Kiri
<Kiri`> transha - yes.. you should have a reply in a few moments =)
<Shiral> Flying for Aristocats 
<TranshaLass> No rush, thanks for looking at it.  :) 
<TranshaLass> She was one of the ones egging me on last night, after I got the idea, LOL
<Shiral> I haven't looked at it yet Transhalass. I will after chats
<Kiri`> tha'ts ok.. she's gonna resent the one i'm sending =)))
<TranshaLass> LOLOL
<TranshaLass> It's a short story about Joram teaching 7-yr-olds, KK.
<KK> Laura, how long are you in Omaha now?
<Wrengl> hi kiri
<KK> Assuming, of course, that we don't go to war with Saddam?
<Kiri`> KK - speaking of emails.. did you get the one I sent ? =)
<KK> Which one, and when?
<Kiri`> the one about Deryni Rising and KKB.. i think.. er.. um.. within the last week
<KK> Bell-pulls?
<Kiri`> Yes!
<KK> Yep ;-)
<Kiri`> *ding*   that's the email =)
<KK> They didn't have 'em, but they could've.
<lbarms> I will probably be in Omaha for 3 years
<Kiri`> nods.. i was more thinking the internal workings all the way to wherever..
<Shiral> They had to summon their servants somehow <G>
<Kiri`> it's always bugged me. =)
<JastaElf> bellowing always works for me.  :-)
<Shiral> I missed that in my notes...
<lbarms> and in the job I am taking, I will not be on mobility status which means I cannot be sent anywhere
<Kiri`> really?  will you send us steaks? =) *grins at laura*
<Shiral> And Always worked for Nigel too, right Jasta?
<Shiral> =o)
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Nigel Haldane?"
<TranshaLass> Thanks, Kiri, can't wait to see your comments.
<Kiri`> transha - oh yes you can.. *laughing*   i marked it all up in a pretty blue! =)
<KK> Laura, what'll you be doing?
<kirienne> Yep, Jasta, Nigel was mentioned, lol
<JastaElf> :-)
* Kiri` wants a fast jasta update
<lbarms> I will be in charge of the education and training department
* Kelos_al-Hazar can't see Kelson and co. hitting a gong with a mallet (although Liam and co., maybe so!)
<KK> Cool!
<Kiri`> i was thinking a regular bell on a table actually.
<lbarms> and hopefully will get a chance to work on my masters in education
<Kiri`> or a servant (page) that was within earshot for errands or what have you
* KK also wants a fast Jasta update
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Probably so, Kiri! I was being my usual silly self. :)
* Shiral wants any Jasta Update
<KK> A bell on a table also works, in certain situations.
<JastaElf> :-) I think they mean healthwise...  :-)
<Sedina> that would be wondeful, Laura.  :)  I hope that it works out for you
<KK> Well, she did come up to West Virginia last Sunday, so she was feeling much better then--and looking good.
<Kiri`> i think kelson & co would like a gong.. however as children.. *snickering*
<Kiri`> laura - yes.. glad to hear your staying put for a while!
<KK> Kelson and a gong.  The mind boggles....
<lbarms> my family likes the idea ;-)
<TranshaLass> At least it's not red, Kiri
<JastaElf> Kiri, KK, anybody: here goes.  I've mostly got my strength back, my hands don't shake any more, I haven't fainted for over a week, I am allowed to drive again, I wrenched a muscle in my shoulder which hurts like a BEAR but is improving, and I'm flat broke.  I need a job, so send me job Woodgies.  ;-)  *pant, pant* there!  :-)
<Shiral> Kelson and Dhugal and a gong...Yikes!
*** duck has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<JastaElf> Duck!!!
<Sedina> Hi Duck!
<Kiri`> the Gywneddian Gong show.. starring your favorite royal.. =)
<Shiral> Hello Duck
<lbarms> hey there duck
<TranshaLass> Hi, duck
<Kiri`> hi duck *waves*
<Jessie> hello Duck
<jhalavar> hi duck!
<KK> 'Lo, Duck.
<duck> g'day people
<the_Bee> quackers duck!
<kirienne> hi Duck
<KK> Job woodgies headed your way.
<lbarms> how is the moving going duck
<JastaElf> Thanks!  :-)
<Wrengl> howdy duck
<Kiri`> sends good paying job stuff jasta's way
<RainbowDragon> Jasta: eat lots of spinach (for the iron in it)
<Shiral> GOOD Enjoyable happy Job woodgies to Jasta...
* Kiri` whips up some palak paneer for jasta.
<JastaElf> That's a good idea!  :-)  As soon as I can afford groceries again....  <giggle>
<duck> laura - good i think because i have no idea where any of my stuff is now
<Kiri`> good, enjoyable, upwardly moving, well paying, job for jasta. To go please *orders from the job person*
<Sedina> Jasta - eating would be a good thing
<lbarms> you and me both
<Shiral> For all within the Henderson household, yes
<JastaElf> :-) I've heard that, Sedina.  And thanks, Kiri!  And Shiral! :-)
<kirienne> yep, a verra good paying job and an Alter to go with it
<Shiral> And an Altar too <G>
<Kiri`> an 'alter top? ;)
<Wrengl> lol kirienne
<Sedina> I speak from experience, Jasta....  *lol*
<the_Bee> I take it the medics solved the mystery, jasta
<JastaElf> I saw one of the cooks on the food network do nice things with
spinach.  Been lusting after it since...  :-)
<Shiral> An altered altar?
<JastaElf> Yes, they did, Bee.  Seems all that weight I lost left behind a pile o' estrogen that floated around my system... until my cycles righted themselves post-surgery.  ;-)
<kirienne> one altered to be just perfect for Jasta
<JastaElf> Core dump... and there you go.  :-)
<Wrengl> good jasta
<JastaElf> Yes, Jasta would like an Altar of her own.  :-)
<lbarms> how much weight have you lost Jasta
<JastaElf> 130 lbs.
* lbarms does a happy dance for Jasta
<Shiral> KK, has Ace given you any indication about how the Tales are faring in terms of sales? 
<Shiral> You've lost a person, Jasta!
<kirienne> congrats on the weight loss Jasta
<KK> Not yet--but I haven't been home much for the past month.  I'll try to check on that this week.
<lbarms> only the evil twin section Shiral
<Wrengl> lol laura
<Shiral> Yes, Sharon's Evil Twin Sylvia
<JastaElf> :-) Yes, one of the acolytes told me this morning that he weighs 130 lbs.  I almost lost my jaw...  :-)
<Wrengl> lol
<lbarms> lol
<the_Bee> snicker
<JastaElf> Some people at the OSM retreat had trouble recognizing me.  :-)
<KK> Sylvia?  So, <that's> what her name is!  ;-)
<Shiral> She whispered it in my ear, KK
<Wrengl> I will bet they were pleasantly surprised Jasta
<lbarms> what is Sylvia doing in your ear??
<JastaElf> One Michaeline even told me my voice sounds different.  :-)
<the_Bee> speaking of ET's what's Martha been up to?
<KK> I have to say, it took me about half an hour to adjust my mental image to the new Sharon.
<Shiral> She tickles, Laura.
<JastaElf> KK was amused at how I've changed....  :-)
<Shiral> I think Martha's on the Lam, Bee. Haven't seen her in a while
<KK> All to the good, md'ear!
<KK> m'dear
<Wrengl> well it is a surprise, jasta and I am sure more so since Darkover
<JastaElf> I daresay, KK -- after all, I've been a butterball the whole time you've known me, til now.  :-)
<lbarms> uh oh, you never know what Martha could be up to
<Wrengl> indeed laura
<KK> True.
<JastaElf> Darkover should be "quite something".  :-)
<Shiral> Yes, but she's up to it somewhere ELSE, Laura <G>
<Wrengl> yes indeed.
<lbarms> that is what I am worried about
* Kelos_al-Hazar looks forward to Darkover XXV...
<JastaElf> Must make all new garb and a new OSM robe.  Awww, poor me.... ;-)
<KK> Guys, I've got to go to bed.  I'm yawning like young Dhugal, chin wobbling.
<lbarms> lol
<TranshaLass> Where is the Darkover con being held this year?
<Shiral> I've vowed I'm NOT going to bail Martha out again...ever ever ever
<Shiral> LOL, Kk
<Wrengl> Maybe _you_ should be the one to accompany Brenna and Cortagen in the masquerade.  You'll look better than I ever will!
<JastaElf> Holiday Inn, Timonium MD
<Jessie> night Katherine
<KK> Awwwww, she's got to make a new robe!
<JastaElf> Night KK, rest well!!
<kirienne> g'night and sweet dreams KK thanks for chatting
<RainbowDragon> G'night, KK
*** Sedina has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer_)
<Wrengl> night katherine
<Shiral> Night KK
<lbarms> night KK
<JastaElf> :-) Yeah, poor me....
<Shiral> Come back soon <G>
<Wrengl> tanks for stopping by
<TranshaLass> Too far for me to travel.  :-(
*** Sedina has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sedina
<the_Bee> good week, katherine
<Shiral> Bye Sedina
<JastaElf> Come-home vibes and prayers for Nicholas....
<kirienne> have fun making all the new garb Jasta
<Wrengl> wb sedina
<Shiral> Bye KK
<Sedina> dar...  *boots peer in the arse*
<duck> cheers kk
<JastaElf> :-) will do!
<Sedina> thanks
<Shiral> Hope Nicholas comes home soon
<KK> See you all next week, hopefully with good news about Nicholas.
<lbarms> hopefully
<Shiral> And safe and well
<Sedina> Take care, KK...and good luck finding Nicholas
<kirienne> ok, I;ll pray for his safe return
<TranshaLass> Take care, KK, I hope you find him safe and sound soon.
<lbarms> with mouse in teeth
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Be well, Katherine...
* Wrengl fingers and paws crossed for safe return of nicholas
<Shiral> Take care, hope you have a good flash of literary inspiration in
the coming week
* KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodbye, disappearing in a shower of
green sparkles
<Shiral> Bye KK
<JastaElf> ooo, green!  :-)
<lbarms> healing energy
<Shiral> Cat locating energy
<Kiri`> bye!
<Shiral> Have a good week KK
* KK 's voice floats out of the green sparkles, saying "From your mouth to God's ears, Shiral"
*** KK has quit IRC