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KK Chat - Jul. 7, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:51:40 pm »
KK Chat - July 7, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** Martine has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<jm> Hi KK
<the_Bee> Hi KK!
<Sedina> Hi KK
<Wrengl> hi Katherine
<RainbowDragon> Hi KK!
<Sedina> Hi Martine
<Steven> Hi Katherine
<Barticus> howdy KK
<Wrengl> Hi martine
<Martine> Hi all! Huggles :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings, Lady Katherine and Martine! :)
<jm> She survived her voyage
<Steven> Hi Martine
<Andy_Hock> Hi Martine, KK
<kirienne> Hi Katherine
* RainbowDragon gives Katherine a big hug
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Missed crawler, KK...
<Barticus> how was the trip, KK?
<kirienne> Hi Martine
*** KIK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> Yes, Katherine. Do tell :-)
<jm> hi Martine
<Barticus> howdy Martine
*** Shiral_Eating is now known as Shiral
<the_Bee> are you back home, Katherine?
<Martine> Ack! Peer struck in silence, it seems.
<Shiral> KK!!
<Shiral> And Martine
<Shiral> Hello
<Martine> Hi Shiral ;-)
<KIK> She's baaaack....
<Wrengl> Katherine, Kathi is designing a magical cross for you
<Shiral> Welcome home, KK <G>
<Martine> Welcome back :-)
<Martine> How was the trip?
<KIK> Cool, Wrengl!
<Barticus> yes welcome back
<Wrengl> It has a morganite as the central stone
<Shiral> And welcome back to chat, it's kind of you to join us tonight
<Sedina> Yes, Kathi was describing the cross to me the other night and it sounds very cool  :)
*** KK has quit IRC (Kill by Kelos_al-Hazar (GhostKill) )
<KIK> Cruise was great!  The Bayeaux Tapestry was amazing.
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> OOoooo! I'm every so slightly envious!
<Shiral> How did your lectures go?
* Kelos_al-Hazar is now thoroughly confused...
<KIK> Lectures went fine.  So fine that we've been given a second cruise in September.
<Martine> She's being cloned!
<Martine> MORE BOOKS! WHOO HOO! <g>
<Wrengl> neat
<Andy_Hock> Me, too, Kelos!
<the_Bee> We did it! We cloned Katherine!
<Shiral> Excellent, KK
<Sedina> Very cool, KK
<kirienne> that's great
<Martine> That's terrific, Katherine!
<Barticus> thats awesome
<jm> congrats
<Shiral> Now one of you can go on cruises and the other one can write <G>
<Wrengl> lol shiral
<KIK> The new one will be London to Lisbon, same ship.
<Steven> Which ship was that?
<Martine> That sounds like fun!
<KIK> This means I have to <really> write in July and August and early September.
<Wrengl> indeed
<KIK> Raddison's Song of Flower.
* Shiral sends KIK WAVES of inspiration
<Martine> Nothing like a little motivation.
<Steven> Very, very nice ship!!
<KIK> Hmmm, I see I am here twice.  Let's see if I can eliminate one of me.
<Shiral> When did you get home to Ireland, KK?
*** KIK has left #Deryni_Destinations
<Barticus> uh oh
<Martine> One of you? No! We want twice as many books! <g>
<Barticus> hopefully not writing one
<KK> OK, that worked.
<Shiral> Rats, I knew it was too good to be true
<KK> Got home Thursday evening.
<jm> Would have been nice
<Martine> So you should be unpacked and recovered now, then.
<Shiral> Well, the one we have keeps us plenty happy =o)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I was a LITTLE confused when KK came right back after I did the ghostkill, KK...while you were KIK...
<Martine> This is very true :-)
<jm> and busily writing???
<KK> Unpacked, e-mails mostly dealt with, now getting ready to head out again on Thursday to DC.
<Martine> At least you get a week to breathe in between.
<KK> Well, almost.
<Martine> Okay. Breathe and write and pack again? <g>
<Sedina> a chance for the fur children to see you before having to run off again
<Shiral> TO inhale, but not exhale?
<KK> Whether I actually get to work on Deryni remains to be seen.  I have stuff to prepare for Sacred Space.
<KK> Yes, fur children were very glad to see us.  Nicholas was actually curled up between us when we woke up this morning.
*** JastaElf has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Jasta.
<Martine> That's cute!
<JastaElf> hi folx
<Shiral> Hello Jasta
<Martine> Hi Jasta! Huggles!
<Shiral> Huggles
<Martine> How you feeling and doing?
<jm> Hey Jasta
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Hi, Jasta! :)
<Wrengl> Katherine: Do you wear silver?  Do you have a special cross to wear?  Kathi would like to know
<kirienne> Hi Jasta, huggs
<Steven> Hi Jasta
* Sedina tackle pounces Jasta (but gently)
<KK> Jasta!  Good timing.  I just got here, too.
<Barticus> howdy Jasta
<the_Bee> Hi Jasta <huggles>
<JastaElf> :-)
<JastaElf> hanging in there.
<Wrengl> hi JASTAELF
<JastaElf> hi everyone
<KK> Yes, I wear silver.  And I have several special ones, but another is always welcome.
* Shiral gives Jasta some of Meraude's raspberry infusion
<JastaElf> :-) yum!
<Shiral> Keep up your strength you know
* Martine sends Nigel over to help cheer Jasta
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Nigel Haldane?"
* Shiral sends Duncan after him
<Barticus> save some of that for NIGEL!
* Martine also sends Duncan over for a bit of healing :-)
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Duncan McLain?"
<Martine> LOL, Shiral! GMTA!
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Hey, I sent him first <G>
<Wrengl> Besides, Katherine, I will bet none of the other crosses has morganite in it
<JastaElf> ooo, morganite... pretty....
<Shiral> Did you have good cruising weather, KK?
<Wrengl> Morganite and I believe lab alexandrites
<KK> I suspect not.  Er, what is Morganite?
<Wrengl> It is a pinkish beryl
<Wrengl> It can be heat treated and then it would turn into an aquamarine but ours are morganite
<JastaElf> native to Corwyn.  :-)
<Wrengl> lol
<Martine> Hee hee hee!
<Wrengl> where else
* Shiral swats Jasta with a pomegranate
<kirienne> whatever it is, sounds really pretty
<Wrengl> lol
<Wrengl> they are pretty
<Martine> Jasta! You look... um... juicy.
* JastaElf takes the pomegranate and enjoys the seeds. :-)
<kirienne> Did someone mention Morgan?
<KK> It was grey the entire 10 days, raining most days.  Rough weather heading west from Orkney and down to Skye, such that half the passengers didn't make it to dinner that night, including my darling husband.
<Wrengl> I went nuts the day I won those stones at auction
<Shiral> Oh darn, it burst open and now you've got seeds all over you.
<Martine> Oh! That doesn't sound like fun.
<Wrengl> poor scott
<Martine> Scott hadn't acquired his sea legs then, huh?
<Sedina> Ick.  Poor Scott
<Shiral> Too bad, KK
<Shiral> And poor Scott
<Wrengl> I took dramamine with me on our two night cruise but never needed it.  others did, however
<KK> I think I'll like Morganite; and I definitely like alexandrites.
<jm> Sea legs can be hard to come by
<JastaElf> good with drawn butter tho...
<Wrengl> lol jasta
* Shiral wonders if we'll see an "Alexander Morgan" in the books...
<Martine> For some people yes, jm :-)
<Martine> When you DO get them, it's harder to get your land legs back! <g>
<Wrengl> the alexandrites are lab-created.  Natural ones are prohibitively expensive
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Or an Alexandria Morgan, eh?
<KK> Scott is not a happy sailor.  But the night we were rounding Cornwall out of Dublin, it was nearly as rough, but he was fine.  Came of prodicious intake of champagne before and during dinner, I suspect.
<RainbowDragon> KK - do you have a pic of Scott online anywhere?
<Martine> I remember after coming home from a few trips where we had been on my parents' boat for a week or more. When I took a shower, it felt like the bathtub was rolling! <g>
<JastaElf> <grin> champagne, the cure-all...
<Shiral> There should be one on Deryni Destination somewhere, RD
<Martine> LOL, Katherine! Champagne is good medicine!
<KK> You can see Scott on the website.
<Wrengl> indeed it is
<RainbowDragon> what page?
<Shiral> Let me check, BRB
<KK> Yes, he's said he could develop a near-fatal addiction to it.
<RainbowDragon> k
<Martine> LOL!
<jm> You can get used to walking on three surfaces and then get on land and people look at you strange if you try it
*** jhalavar has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Andy_Hock> Hi, jhalavar
* Kelos_al-Hazar thinks he needs to setup an album of his Darkover 2001 pix...
<Shiral> Knights of the Blood page, RD
<Martine> Hi jhalavar
<the_Bee> hi jhalavar
<Sedina> Hi jhalavar
<Wrengl> hi jhalavar
<JastaElf> hi jhalavar
<Shiral> Hello jhalavar
<jm> Hi jhalavar
<jhalavar> hi all!
<Steven> Hi Jhalavar
<Barticus> howdy jhalaver
<KK> Hello, jhalavar.  Where are you?
<kirienne> Hi Jhalaver
<jhalavar> Rapid City, South Dakota
<RainbowDragon> OK, thanks shiral
<Shiral> Anytime =o)
<Sedina> jhalavar and I are <almost> neighbors.  We're at least both in the Dakotas anyway
<JastaElf> kewl!
<Barticus> really? thats cool, jhalaver
<jhalavar> yeah it is
<KK> Woo hoo.  That's a place where not that many people go--which is probably why you're there.
<Martine> You mean there's a place in this world where you're not surrounded by tens of thousands of your closest neighbors? <g>
<Barticus> I've been there its awesome scenery
<jhalavar> actually i grew up here, and your right there are not many people here
<kirienne> There are a lot of people in my church from South Dakota
<KK> And Kirienne, that's a neat name that I don't think I've seen before.  Where are you?
<JastaElf> sounds lovely to me...
<Martine> Me too, Jasta.
<Harvey_grilling> How big was the boat Katherine that you could feel the rocking?  Some of those cruise boats are enormous.
<JastaElf> kirienne was new last week KK
<Martine> I think we may have the megalopolis suburbia blues.
<JastaElf> BRB
<Shiral> Kirienne and Jhalavar are both new to the Chat room, KK
*** Harvey_grilling is now known as Harvey
<kirienne> I'm in Sacramento, Ca.  I'm new to this chat but have loved Deryni forever, especially Morgan
<Shiral> But are nonetheless eager fans
<KK> Well, I was pretty sure of that--at least to Sunday evening chatting.
<Shiral> WB, Harvey, are you done?
<RainbowDragon> Oh, I LOVE the background color on the Knights page, Shiral!
<Barticus> oh no not another morgan fan
<Harvey> No.  I've only just grill.
<jm> WB Harvey
<Shiral> Oh hey, you're pretty close to me, Kirienne
<KK> Kirienne, my sister lives in Sacramento.
<Shiral> I'm down in Mt View
<kirienne> Yep, a Morgan fan through and through
<kirienne> cool Katherine
<Shiral> Grills just wanna have fun, Harvey
* Barticus groans
* Martine groans too.
<Martine> What's for dinner, Harvey? Are you sharing? ;-)
<Shiral> RD, that was Carolyn's touch <G>
<KK> Harvey, if you want to see more about Song of Flower, you can go to
<RainbowDragon> oh....
<Shiral> The background color, I mean
* Wrengl thumper walks over to harvey. Sits. Looks up earnestly. *Starving puppy*
<Shiral> Don't believe him, he ate my turkey burger!
<Harvey> Strip steak.  it's been marinating for a it's slow grilling.
<Martine> Uh oh. I think Thumper's whining, Harvey.
<Martine> Ooooo!
* Martine holds out her plate, and offers apple crisp pie in return
<kirienne> sounds yummy Harvey
<Wrengl> sounds nummy
<KK> It only takes 180 passengers, so it's almost like being on someone's private yacht.  Food was terrific, with more modest portions than the QE2, so we didn't come back totally bloated.  And we walked. Lots.
<RainbowDragon> Katherine: Scott is a handsome and distinguished looking chap!
<Shiral> So...with all the rough weather did you get anything done while sailing, KK?
* Wrengl has her plate ready. Gonna join thumper
* the_Bee sets out Fianna Red to go with steak
<Shiral> Good choice, Bee
<Martine> Hmm... I might have to up the bribery pool. Harvey hasn't counteroffered yet.
<KK> Well, they kept us pretty busy, but I worked a couple of hours on one of my presentations for Sacred Space, at least.
* Shiral makes KK a Sundae at the sundae bar with PLENTY of chocolate chips
<Harvey> I have been considering going on a cruise.  When I was in San Juan for work, I saw the boats and they were huge.  But, those are the ones that take 3000 passengers.
<Martine> That's good! And bad - working on vacation that's already a working vacation <g>
<KK> Well, I don't think you'll do better than Song of Flower.  We loved it.
* Martine takes her Edy's Coffee Chocolate sundae ice cream out of the freezer and adds it to the sundae bar
<Harvey> I only have four strip steaks...but I don't think anybody could make it in time for dinner.
* Shiral hands KK her sundae.
<Wrengl> ha
<Martine> Harvey, I've made Boston in 3 hours and Cape May in 2.5.
<Wrengl> Thumper is fast!
<Shiral> Just what you need after having been out to sea with a buffet, I know
<Rebecca> I'll be there in 45 minutes Harvey. :)
<Martine> Give me a REAL incentive, and I'll be in Maryland in 15 minutes! <G>
<Wrengl> although holigan is probably faster
<jm> Portals are wonderful things Harvey
<Barticus> its too long of a  haul for me Harvey 
<KK> No buffet for dinner; only for breakfast and lunch--and for both of those, there were things you could order instead.  Dinners were 4-star, exotic, and wonderful.
<Wrengl> not with a portal, barticus
<Martine> Yum!
<Wrengl> sounds great Katherine
* Shiral is just plain envious
<jhalavar> sounds delicious
* JastaElf can be in Maryland in 20 mins -- but can't sit up that long. ;-)
<KK> We had venison, we had ostrich, we had wonderful lamb several different ways, we had some of the best beef we've ever eaten.
<Shiral> Harvey will prepare a Doggy Bag for you, Jasta <G>
<JastaElf> Kewl!  Woof!
<Martine> That sounds absolutely delish :-)
<JastaElf> How did your presentations go over on the cruise, KK?
<kirienne> now I'm hungry and It hasn't been long since lunch
<Shiral> So...what's Ostrich like?
<JastaElf> chicken.  :-)
* Shiral swats Jasta with an ostrich feather fan
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Martine> It's taste is sort of a cross between beef and chicken, to my taste buds
<the_Bee> Big Bird
* JastaElf looks about innocently, fairly glowing with sweetness and light.
<Barticus> everything tastes like chicken
<Wrengl> lol barticus
<jm> If prepared right
<JastaElf> Elf... tastes just like chicken
<KK> For shore excursions, we visited an unusual place in Cornwall that we wouldn't have seen if we hadn't gone on the tour, called The Eden Project, which is several geodesic environment domes set up in a played out china clay pit, all planted with tropical and semi-tropical plants.  Very interesting.
<Martine> Big Bird, Bee? Have you eaten Big Bird lately? <g>
<Wrengl> lamb does not taste like chicken barticus
<KK> They have a website, if you want to see more.   
<Shiral> Definitely doesn't taste like chicken
<Shiral> Lamb, I mean, not the Eden project
<KK> Ostrich is actually a red meat, very low cholesterol, very tasty.
<Martine> It has to be prepared carefully, though, because it can dry out easily.
<KK> We also had pigeon on a starter salad, which was good.
<Martine> Hubby and I are getting better, but we haven't stumbled on the secret yet.
<JastaElf> Saw some stuff about ostrich on the Food Network this weekend.  Interesting stuff!
<Shiral> Sounds like a feast at Torenthaly, KK <G>
<kirienne> wow, you did have exotic food. It all sounds like it was yummy
<Shiral> Sounds like you ate everything BUT roast peacock
<JastaElf> peacock... must be careful not to put too many on one platter.... :-)
<Martine> The page must have stumbled while carrying the plate.
<JastaElf> GMTA, Martine!!
<JastaElf> :-)
<Martine> ;-)
<Shiral> THAT would get a page in trouble....
<Shiral> VERY expensive Dog Food!
<JastaElf> make the dogs happy tho....
<Martine> LOL!
<JastaElf> :-)
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Harvey> I am a fan of exotic meat.  I like to grill ostrich steaks.
*** KK has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
<Martine> Ack!
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
<JastaElf> oh no!  Peered!!
<Shiral> Oh dear!
* Wrengl Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
* Wrengl Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
* the_Bee divebombs peer
* Barticus breaks out the bazooka and aims at peer
* Barticus booom!
* Shiral stomps Peer in to ostrich puree with spiked mountaineering boots
<Harvey> You have to baste ostrich while grilling so it doesn't dry out.
* jhalavar draw sword
* Kelos_al-Hazar DUCKS
<Harvey> Speaking of grilling...I'm going to eat my grill work now. See you in a bit.
*** Harvey is now known as Harvey_Eating
<Martine> And he's not sharing. Humph
* Shiral sets up an altar to summon KK back again...
<jm> Pretty one way
<Sedina> we shall have to chastise him thoroughly, Martine
* Shiral waves the bowl of hot fudge sauce....
* Martine sets chocolate chip ice cream and hot fudge on Shiral's altar
<Martine> Absolutely, sedina!
* Shiral sprinkles holy water over the chopped toasted nuts
* the_Bee sets a vessel of Bulmer's Cider
<Shiral> KK....Return KK...
* JastaElf looks in her canonical handbook to see if she can consecrate such materials on ANY altar. :-)
<Martine> ROTFL, Jasta!
<Martine> I'm sure you'll find a way ;-)
<Shiral> Be inventive, Jasta <G>
* Wrengl Gromette races into the room, grabs one of harvey's steaks and races out of the room
<Martine> Go, Gromett!
<Shiral> They only involve a LITTLE bit of sin!
<JastaElf> Book says it's INTENT that matters, so yeah...  :-)
<Wrengl> gromette won't share either, unfortunately.
<Shiral> KK....KK...KK....KK....return to us...
<RainbowDragon> Come back, KK!
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Sedina> wb KK
* Wrengl thumper looks sad eyed at harvey
* Martine sets up the jet-powered fan to blow the scent of ice cream and fudge to Ireland
<kirienne> kirienne sets a decanter of Fianna Red on the Altar
<Shiral> Ta da!
<Barticus> she back
* RainbowDragon gives KK a big hug
<Shiral> WB, KK
<Martine> Whoo hoo! The ice cream altar works!
<Wrengl> wb katherine
<Andy_Hock> wb, KK
<kirienne> yeah, it worked
<KK> It wasn't peer's fault.
<jhalavar> wb KK
<Martine> wb, Katherine!
<Barticus> wb KK
<Shiral> Has never failed us yet <G>
<Barticus> its never peers fault
<the_Bee> K-K-K-Katherine, wonderful Katherine
<KK> I saw an e-mail coming in, and mine is set to disconnect afterward.
<RainbowDragon> Hit the wrong button, KK?
<RainbowDragon> oh..
<Shiral> The sundae bar has now been blessed, KK <G>
<Shiral> Jasta did the honors
* JastaElf grins , blushing
<KK> Excellent.
<Martine> Unfortunately the jet fan I set up to blow the scent across the Atlantic also blew most of the sundae ingredients onto the eastern wall, but I'm sure we'll make do!
<Shiral> So we only feel half the guilt while consuming ice cream =o)
<Barticus> Hey all I need to get going,nice to have you back KK and have safe trip next week
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Sorry to say, I must proceed away from the chat... Been real, y'all. :)
<Barticus> bye all
<Shiral> Bye Barticus
<Martine> Bye, Bart!
<Andy_Hock> Bye, Barticus.
<Shiral> Bye Kelos
<KK> Bye, Barticus and Kelos.
<Wrengl> bye bart
<kirienne> Bye Barticus
* Barticus steps onto his portal and is gone
*** Barticus has left #Deryni_Destinations
<the_Bee> bye bart and kelos
<Steven> Bye, Kelos
* Kelos_al-Hazar walks to the Portal, and vanishes while waving to everyone
*** Kelos_al-Hazar has quit IRC (QUIT: May Blessings Be Unto Thee and All Those Who Call Thee Friend In Truth. )
<jm> bye kelos
<Shiral> I forget..did you go to Mont St. Michel, KK?
<Sedina> see...there's a reason I issued the preemptive good bye earlier...
<KK> So, what's everyone been up to, the past two weeks?
<Sedina> I missed both of them
<Shiral> Stirring up trouble, generally
<jm> You did good Sedina
<Wrengl> missed kelos
<KK> Yep.  Not enough time, though.  Fortunately, that's the one repeat port on our September trip.
<Andy_Hock> Looking for missing milk.
<Martine> Being slave driven at work so I can still take my vacation in a week :-)
* Shiral is seriously envious
<RainbowDragon> I bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday
<Martine> Alright!
<JastaElf> laying around in bed a lot, leaking.  :-(  But reading a lot too...
<KK> What kind, RD?
<RainbowDragon> A Dirt Devil
<Shiral> =o(, Jasta
<RainbowDragon> its bagless!
<Shiral> regarding the leaking
<Martine> I work for a private partnership, and a new C-level executive team was just elected and is taking power. So, they're keeping us busy with new directions, new needs, which means I'm building new systems.... Fun!
<KK> Aha, is that good?
<JastaElf> yup...
<Shiral> I'm going to have to buy a different brand of Caulking, obviously
<KK> Bagless is definitely good.
<RainbowDragon> Yes! No bags to change and this one has mega suction power
<Wrengl> Just back from Maryland where Kathi took two silver smithing classes. Third one on 3 August
<Sedina> I started my new job on this past Monday, so I've been busy with learning all the new in's and out's
<KK> Especially good for cat hair, then.
<Wrengl> Now she is even more dangerous
<JastaElf> can it pick up a bowling ball, RD??  :-)
<Martine> LOL!
<KK> Sedina, what's the new job?
<RainbowDragon> I suppose it would be good for cat hair. I gave the house a good cleaning with my new toy
<Sedina> Completely different from what I had been doing.  I'm working as a legal secretary now
<Sedina> The plus is that there's a good chance that I'll be able to use my Spanish.
<JastaElf> cool!
<the_Bee> as opposed to an illegal secretary?
<Martine> LOL, Bee!
<Sedina> lol Bee
<Wrengl> sedina is often illegal
<JastaElf> <snicker>
<Martine> Sedina's only an illegal secretary if the client comes in wearing a kilt.
<Andy_Hock> lol
* Sedina bops Pat for that comment
<Wrengl> lol
<jhalavar> LOL
<kirienne> (grins and is giggling)
<KK> I looked at a Dyson (that doesn't look right) when I got my last new one, but our housekeeper liked the Miele Dog & Cat one better; so that's what I got, since she's the main one who uses it.
<Shiral> And the kilt wearer is under 18 <G>
<Sedina> Hey...don't forget that my new boss is obsessed with his Scottish ancestory too
<Andy_Hock> Oy vey!
<Martine> Hey, now, Shiral!
<Martine> Okay. If the client OR boss comes in wearing a kilt <g>
<KK> What's his name, Sedina?
<Wrengl> lol martine
<Shiral> "Why is our new secretary rolling her R's and looking at me with lustful eyes?"
<Sedina> McKechnie...which is a sect of the MacDonalds....and well, um, I'm also a Campbell as well as a Fraser.  *sheepish look*
*** hygilac has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Andy_Hock> Hi, hygilac
<Shiral> WB, Linda
<Sedina> We already had a laugh about that bit....   
<Wrengl> wb hygilac
<Martine> Hi hygilac.
<hygilac> hi again
<KK> A Campbell?!  Oh, no!
<jhalavar> hi hygilac
<Martine> Uh oh, Sedina. No pay raises for you!
<kirienne> Hi Hygilac
<Sedina> wb Linda
<the_Bee> hi HY
<KK> Hi, Linda
<JastaElf> Hi Linda!
<hygilac> hi KK
<hygilac> how was the cruise?
<hygilac> Hellooo Jasta!
<JastaElf> hi babe!  :-)
<KK> Wonderful.
<KK> Where's Jessie tonight?
<RainbowDragon> I wondered that too
<KK> And Bynw and Tika.
<Martine> I don't know either.
<Shiral> Bynw and Tika haven't been around much lately. Don't know about Jessie
<Sedina> Saw Tika a bit last night...they're celebrating having a real bed of their own now.  :)
<Wrengl> hey all, non sequitor, I just found a recipe for guinness ice cream!
<the_Bee> rolling in the hay laughing?
<Martine> Is it a straw mattress? <g>
<JastaElf> guinness ice cream???
<KK> I was going to say, they're probably still settling in from their move.
<Shiral> So one would assume, Bee
<Wrengl> Jessie said she would not be here today.
<hygilac> guiness ice cream?  ewww
<Martine> Ick. I agree, Linda.
<KK> Blech!  Ruination of perfectly good ice cream, Wrengl.  I am not a Guinness fan.
<Martine> I'd take Irish Cream over Guiness for ice cream :-)
<kirienne> sounds awful
* Shiral draws the line at Beer Ice Cream
<jhalavar> whats the recipe? have guinness in the fridge right now...
* JastaElf draws the line at ANY libation you have to CHEW... ;-)
<Shiral> Me too, Martine
<kirienne> Irish Cream ice cream is yummy
<Andy_Hock> Guinness ice cream DOES sound odd . . .
<KK> How about Irish Cream, over > ice cream?
<JastaElf> OH yes...
<Shiral> NOW you're talking!
<Rebecca> I have an Irish Cream icecream recipe.
<kirienne> that's yummy too.
<Martine> I'm with you, Katherine!
<hygilac> now that I could handle
<Andy_Hock> Sound delicious!
<Martine> Irish cream over Irish cream ice cream?
<KK> Bailey's over ice cream would be even better.
<kirienne> even yummier
<Shiral> Double whammy, yes
<Wrengl> nor am I a guiness fan katherine
<Martine> Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
* Martine convulses in imagined ice cream heaven.
<Shiral> Why would ice cream heaven induce convulsions? <G>
<KK> And then there's Chambord over ice cream....
<RainbowDragon> ....I like his book of records though!  :-P
<Martine> Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................
<JastaElf> peach schnapps over Breyer's french vanilla....
<Steven> Chambord is a winner!!!
<Shiral> Ooo...And I just happen to HAVE some chambord...
<Shiral> ice cream
<Martine> amaretto over vanilla or peach
<the_Bee> chambord?
<KK> Yum.  Though my current tipple of choice is Amaretto.
<hygilac> Katherine is inventing new treats for the Royal Ice Cream parlour of Rhemuth, Shiral
<hygilac> get these down
<Shiral> Black raspberry liqueur
<Shiral> I think So, Linda
<Shiral>  <G>
<Martine> I have a recipe for chambord sorbet. Portal that chambord on over, Shiral, and I'll throw it all in my ice cream maker :-)
*** Tika has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Wrengl> love chambord also godiva liquer
<KK> I went through <lots> of Amaretto on the ship.
<JastaElf> TEEKS!!!
<Shiral> We might have to phase out the Murdoch flip
<Martine> TIKA! Huggles!
<the_Bee> Hi Teek
<Tika> greetings all :)
<Shiral> Hello Tika!
<Shiral>  Huggles
<Sedina> speaking of trouble...  Huggles, Tika
<Steven> Hi Tika!!
<KK> And speak of the Tika....!
<jm> Hi Tika
<Martine> Amaretto is verra yummy
<kirienne> Hi Tika
<Rebecca> speak of the devil....
<jhalavar> hi tika
<Rebecca> Hi Tika!
<JastaElf> How's the bed, Schatzele???  :-)
<hygilac> hi Tika
<RainbowDragon> Tika! Where have you and Bynw been hiding?
<Wrengl> Hi Tika
<KK> In the bed, obviously.  ;-)
*** Shiral sets mode: +o KK
<Tika> we play D&D on Sundays at his brother's home now so we've been away for a few weeks
<Tika> but we're moving it to Saturdays :)
<KK> Clever woman.
<Shiral> Smart Tika
<Martine> Good move, Tika :-)
<hygilac> good deal
<Tika> LOL KK - the new bed IS wonderful!
<Wrengl> verra good tika
<Tika> Jasta it's good to see you up and at the keyboard! :)
<JastaElf> It
<JastaElf> s'good to BE at the keyboard.
<JastaElf> :-)
<Tika> :)
<Martine> Jasta - I'm smack in the middle of Deo Volente now :-)
<JastaElf> Oh cool!!  :-)
<Tika> KK are you back home after your trip now?
<Martine> Me likes :-)
<KK> Yep.
* JastaElf blushes
* Shiral likes Deo Volente as well
* Tika likes all the stories in Deryni Tales by authors currently present :)
<Wrengl> INDEED
<Shiral> Very diplomatic, Teeks <G>
<KK> Tika has a diplomatic career ahead of her, too.  :-)
<Steven> Oops, look at the time.  Off to dinner and church.  Bye everyone - stay well!
<Tika> hehehe
<jm> Taking special note and acknowledgement of Sedina's blanket goodby, I have to say goodbye, all the talk of food  has made me realize it is dinner time  have a good week
<Shiral> GMTA, KK
<Wrengl> bye steven
<JastaElf> bye Steven!
<KK> Bye, Steven.
*** jm has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<Shiral> Bye STeven and Oops, bye JM
<Martine> Ack! I missed Steven!
<kirienne> By e Steven
<JastaElf> oops, missed jm!
<the_Bee> bye steven
<Andy_Hock> Bye, Steven.
<Wrengl> missed jm
<hygilac> bye Steven
*** Steven has left #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> Well, Tika, I already told Shiral I ate up Dhugal at Court.
<Wrengl> lol martine
<KK> What?!
<Shiral> AND the dog-gnawed pheasants
<JastaElf> Didn't Duncan get upset??
<Wrengl> did not know you were a cannibal
<JastaElf> <snicker>
<Shiral>  Yes, but I got peered before I could read it, Martine <G>
<Martine> Duncan was a bit perturbed, yes, but you should have seen Caulay! <g.
<Wrengl> lol
<Martine> Man. If I had a clan, he would have started a feud.
<Tika> Dhugal at Court was verra verra good ;)
<Shiral> How could ye eat m'wee bairn?
<Wrengl> lol
<Martine> Um.... One bite... I mean word... at a time?
<Tika> and The Green Tower was good but it did leave me with a quite frustrated Bynw!
<Andy_Hock> lol
<Wrengl> lol tika
<Martine> LOL, Tika!
<Tika> he was so funny....
<KK> Which was part of the point of the exercise, it being a teaser, after all...  :-)
<Martine> I'm still working my way there. Silly placement, at the darn back of the book...
<Shiral> Well...I must confess I now have more questions AFTER reading Green Tower than I had BEFORE it <G>
<Wrengl> i'll bet
<Tika> KK, understood! :)
<JastaElf> Teeks, come to a back window and let an old married lady tell you what to do with a frustrated Bynw.  <grin>
<Shiral> I suspected as much KK! =o)
<RainbowDragon> I enjoyed Green Tower as well, but wanted to know exactly what he did wrong that killed him
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Sedina> lol Jasta
<Martine> ROTFLMAO, Jasta!
<Tika> ROFL Jasta!!!!
<Harvey_Eating> I finally acquired Deryni Tales, but I haven't started reading it yet.
<hygilac> it is nice to see Jasta feeling better!
*** Harvey_Eating is now known as Harvey
<KK> Did anybody say he'd been killed?
<Shiral> Or is he just in limbo?
* Tika grins at KK
<Rebecca> nope.  He just disappeared.
<RainbowDragon> Oh..... um no KK
<Shiral> Maybe he's on a cruise?
<Martine> Harvey, I picked up my copy during an 8-hour power outage on July 4th.
<Rebecca> see, I read the text carefully :)
<Andy_Hock> Darn!  Another question!!
<Martine> Not much else to do :-)
<Sedina> Oh sure...she just dangles that little bit in front of us to torture us even more  :)
<Wrengl> lol
<Harvey> What did you do Martine, steal it from a store whose alarm system was down?
<Harvey> Or do you mean you read it then?
* JastaElf pictures KK blinking innocently at the screen, with a little smile on her lips....
<Martine> LOL, harvey!
<Martine> No, the store was up.
<Shiral> I'll bet she did, Harvey!
<RainbowDragon> Now I'm really tantalized KK!
<KK> No, cackling with glee, Jasta.
<Martine> But the transformer on my street exploded.
<Harvey> Transformers...more than meets the eye.
<kirienne> I think my copy fell into a portal, I was nearly finished reading it and now I canna find it
<Shiral> Even Jessicat is probably laughing at us, Jasta <G>
<Martine> Since it was a holiday, and there were other outages across the river from us, we were not a priority repair.
<JastaElf> Harvey, you read my mind....
<hygilac> more likely an evel grin, Jasta:  "Got 'em hooked!"
<Harvey> I went to a toga party on Summer Solstice and wore a toga made of a Transformers bedsheet.
<JastaElf> <grin cackling... I like that....
<Martine> LOL, Harvey!
<Shiral> But..we were ALREADY hooked!
<Wrengl> lol harvey
* Tika watches Bynw pack up to go kidnap JastaElf and extract whatever knowledge she has regarding Lewys
<JastaElf> mwah-hah-hah....
<KK> Harvey, you must have been quite a sight.
<Sedina> Miss Myah (also currently known as the kitty who loves to power shed over everything) sends her greetings.  She's intently watching the screen to the point where I can barely see it
<Martine> She just sunk a second hook in, to make sure we don't work loose
<Harvey> I think QUITE a sight.  I'm glad I don't have to look at myself.
<JastaElf> *blinks innocently* Moi??
<Andy_Hock> Cruel, she is!
<JastaElf> Andy's channelling Yoda again....  :-)
<Tika> Harvey I don't want to know why you have a Transformers bedsheet LOL
<Wrengl> indeed
<Shiral> Welcome to Zippersisterdom, Jasta
<JastaElf> My son had a set when he was little...  :-)
<Harvey> I bought it at the thrift store in anticipation of the party.
<Martine> I was thinking the same, Tika.
<Harvey> Of course.
<Tika> of course ;)
<JastaElf> We ADORE Optimus Prime.  :-)
<KK> You mean you did it deliberately?
<JastaElf> <grin>
<Harvey> Even worse.  I know.
<Tika> LOL
<Wrengl> lol
<KK> Well, I suppose I could do a PacMan sheet; I don't think we have any white ones.
<Sedina> Harvey - what's worse is that you searched for that sheet
<Shiral> The PacMan toga? WHat a mental image...
<Martine> Katherine, I'll loan you an ivory sheet with lace ;-)
<KK> But I have an excuse; it was Cameron's.
<Harvey> Everybody else had white.  I didn't want to be the same as everybody else.
<JastaElf> :-)
<Martine> LOL!
* Martine opens her linen closet
<Shiral> Well, that must have worked, Harvey <G>
<Martine> Pinstripes, anyone?
<KK> Harvey is a true member of this pack!  Individualists, all.
<Harvey> Wokka wokka wokka wokka wokka wokka (that is Pacman noise).
*** micronuke has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Tika> Harvey somehow I seriously doubt you'd have a problem being the same as everyone else ;)
<JastaElf> hi micronuke
<micronuke> hello
<Martine> Hi micronuke
<the_Bee> hi micronuke
<Andy_Hock> Hi, micronuke
<Tika> white sheet or no!
<Tika> hi micronuke
<micronuke> hi martine
<Wrengl> hi micronuke
<jhalavar> hi micronuke
<Harvey> Well...I wanted to overcome conformist tendencies.
<micronuke> hi tika
<Tika> hehehehe
<Shiral> Hi micronuke
<KK> Hello, Micronuke.  Where are you?
* JastaElf wants Legolas sheets. <evil grin>
<micronuke> i am in FL
<Sedina> hi micronuke
<micronuke> usa
<Martine> You'll have to fight me for those, Jasta! <g>
<Tika> hahahaha JastaElf wants Legolas... sheets or no :)
<Shiral> No, you just want LEGOLAS, Jasta
<micronuke> hello
<hygilac> you mean Legolas in the sheets; you can't kid us
<Shiral> Forget the silly sheets!
<Martine> LOL!
<JastaElf> Well, OK, yeah, I really just want The Elf.  :-)
<Martine> Whatever would NIGEL think of that?
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Nigel Haldane?"
<Shiral> A flet in a Mallorn tree will do
<JastaElf> yup!
<JastaElf> or even just the ground.  :-)
<Shiral> With one of those nice elven cloaks...
<JastaElf> Oooo....
*** KK has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
<Shiral> Nigel says he's crushed, Jasta
* Wrengl Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
<JastaElf> mind the brooch pin....
<Tika> ack!
<Shiral> EEK, AGAIN!
<Martine> Ack!
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
* Wrengl Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
*** Mouse has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<RainbowDragon> Oh no!
<Sedina> Hi Mouse!
<Shiral> Hello Mouse
<Wrengl> hi mouse
* Tika kicks peer's buttocks
<JastaElf> Hi Mouse!!!!
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Mouse
<Shiral> KK just got peered
<JastaElf> KK just got peered....
<Mouse> Hello to all
<RainbowDragon> Hi Mouse
<hygilac> hi Mouse
<jhalavar> hi mouse
<JastaElf> GMTA, Shiral...
<Shiral> Hopefully she'll be back
* the_Bee flails peer with a giant squid
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Mouse> Bad peer
<Martine> wb, KK!
<micronuke> hi m,ouse
<Andy_Hock> wb, KK
<JastaElf> WB KK!
<Sedina> wb KK
<Shiral> WB, KK
<Mouse> HiKK
<jhalavar> wb KK
<micronuke> wb kk
<KK> That <was> peer.  Somebody whack him with a frozen tiger shark.
<Shiral> We did
<the_Bee> Done!
* micronuke says ugh!
* Martine whacks peer with an electric eel
<Shiral> He has been well disciplined
<Wrengl> wb kk
<Martine> Whooops. Wrong fish
<RainbowDragon> ...or a monkfish!
* Mouse whacks peer with a mace
<Mouse> Why fool around?
<Shiral> Oo, it's the warrior Mouse!
* Martine tosses the eel back in the fish tank, reaches in, and grabs the tiger shark
<micronuke> ouch!
<KK> Now, Micronuke, where in Florida?
<Martine> Ow! He bites!
<hygilac> what is it with the eels today?
<micronuke> Naples
*** Bynw has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<KK> Good lord, what are you doing in Naples?
<Shiral> Hello Bro
<Wrengl> hi bynw
<JastaElf> Hi Bynw!
*** Tika has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<KK> Bynw!
<Sedina> Hi Bynw
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Bynw
<Mouse> Hi Bynw
<micronuke> I live here
<the_Bee> living?
<Bynw> Hiyas!!
<jhalavar> hi bynw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Bynw
<micronuke> yes
<Martine> Hi Bynw!
<the_Bee> hi Bynw
*** Bynw sets mode: +o KK
<Martine> Long time no see :-)
<KK> But how did you end up in Naples?  I got out of Miami as soon as I could.
<Shiral> Darn, forgot to Op KK...Again
<RainbowDragon> Bynw and Tika are on simultaneously! They must have got a 2nd puter!
<Shiral> Not anymore, RD
<Shiral> =o(
<JastaElf> Nah, Teeks bolted already
<JastaElf> waah....
<Shiral> No farewells....WAAAH
<micronuke> this is where i live
<Bynw> nope just started my mirc when her's was already running
<micronuke> i never thought to question it
<Mouse> She just likes to slip out quietly
<Wrengl> no tika left
<RainbowDragon> Oh, I see, Bynw
<JastaElf> That's OK, micronuke, we all gotta live somewhere.  I'm in Northern VA.  WHAT an odd place to live....
<the_Bee> all gone Teek?
<micronuke> i cant imagine living anywhere else
<KK> Hmmm, land of humidity.  Mind you, I got a good education in So Fla.  But I can't take the heat anymore.  My dad is still in Lauderdale, though.
<micronuke> i see
<Martine> And I'm in New Jersey. Who in the world wants to live in New Jersey?
<Shiral> YOU do <G>
<Bynw> yeah Atlanta was too humid for me too
<Martine> No, my HUSBAND does <g>
<micronuke> yeh
<Mouse> I wouldn't mind.  Trade you for flaming Colorado
<Shiral> Oh, silly me
<Sedina> Excuse me...I think I have all of you beat.  Remember where I live.  North Dakoka, anyone?  *lol*
<Wrengl> lol martine
<Martine> LOl, Mouse!
<micronuke> now thats remote
<Shiral> I live in the land of Surreal Estate
<Martine> So do I, Shiral!
<hygilac> and there there is hot, humid Tennessee
<Mouse> Just let me know when you want to take me up on it, Martine. No humidity here
<Martine> Only in New Jersey and California can you get a three-bedroom house for the steal of over $300k
<RainbowDragon> I live in a state of confusion *G*
<Harvey> It's not the end of the world, but go about three miles, hang a right (leave the hard surface) and you'll be there in a jiff.
<Shiral> Well.. I do too, RD <G>
<JastaElf> I'll take Massachusetts any day...
<Sedina> I take up residence there too, RD  :)
<Martine> Yes, Mouse, but I'm prefering to escape the "hell scenery" environment ,<g>
<Wrengl> Since we have historic district designation pending with NYS
values on our block have increased dramatically
*** Twister has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<hygilac> Massachusetts is not for sale, Jasta
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Twister
<the_Bee> hello twister
<Shiral> Hello Twister
<JastaElf> hi twister!
<kirienne> Hi Twister
<Martine> Hi Twister
<jhalavar> hi twister
<Mouse> Just gives me a reason to be good, Martime
<Sedina> Hi Twister
<hygilac> hi Twistr
<Mouse> Hi Twister
<Twister> wow!!!
<JastaElf> We're getting a full house here today! :-)
<Shiral> We sure are!
<Wrengl> Besides in NY at least NYC 300G might get you a studio coop!
<Twister> ive never been greeted like this
<Wrengl> hi twister
<Shiral> Feeling important, Twister?
<RainbowDragon> Hi Twister, how's your sister?
<Harvey> 18 non-bots are present (20 with bots).
<JastaElf> We're a friendly bunch!  :-)
<Shiral>  <G>
<Martine> NYC is the land of supersurreal estate, Pat!
<micronuke> yes these people are gung ho
<Shiral> And only a little bit strange
<Wrengl> lol martine
<hygilac> slightly insane, but friendly
<JastaElf> and whacked...  :-)
<Mouse> What do you mean a little bit, Shiral?
<Wrengl> One of the houses on my block is going at over 600K
<Martine> That's great, Pat!
<Shiral> Okay  a lot, Mouse
<Wrengl> and that is an attached
<Wrengl> not like ours with driveway and garage
<Martine> Alright, alright. We're extremely warped and strange :-)
<Mouse> Nice neighborhood to be in
<Twister> very
<Shiral> But mostly harmless
<hygilac> except to peer
<hygilac> wer are very rough on Peer
<Shiral> Yes, Peer is the exception
<Twister> hey KK, got a really weird question for ya
<Mouse> Well, after all, Peer started it
<Wrengl> when this house was bought in the 70's I believe it was less
than 100
<Bynw> RD, you making it to the midwest deryni fan gathering??
<kirienne> and he deserves every bit of it
<Twister> when you gonna write a book about goats? 
<Shiral> Goats?
<Andy_Hock> . . . Goats?
<JastaElf> Isn't that the FBI definition of the SCAA?  "mostly harmless monarchists"?? :-)
<Wrengl> lol
<Martine> LOL!
<Shiral> May I suggest reading  "Heidi"?
<micronuke> oh yes
<hygilac> the FBI have not met Mouse and her Mace
<RainbowDragon> No Bynw, 'fraid not. We're going to Mt Ida, Arkansas and get me some more quartz crystals
<the_Bee> Society for Creative Anonymous Alcoholics?
<Wrengl> lol hygilac
<hygilac> how was the war, Mouse?
<Martine> LOL, Bee!
<micronuke> CAA
<micronuke> SCAA
*** cantwait has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** Twister has left #Deryni_Destinations
<JastaElf> hi cantwait!
<Martine> Hi cantwait
<the_Bee> hi cantwait
<jhalavar> hi cantwait
<Mouse> Oops, got to go.  I'll let Deirdre on
<micronuke> hi
*** Mouse has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving )
<Martine> And belated bye to Twister
<Andy_Hock> wb twister
<cantwait> hi everyone
<Martine> And mouse
<the_Bee> cantwait for what?
<Shiral> Eek, Mouse left
<kirienne> hi Cantwait
<Shiral> Hi Cantwait
<Sedina> hi cantwait
<hygilac> what have we got, a revolving door?
<jhalavar> lol
<Martine> I think Bynw just installed one last week.
<micronuke> the door swings both ways
<Martine> A new revolving portal, too!
<Shiral> KK, you still here cackling at our being teased by GReen Tower?
<JastaElf> It's that entry Transfer Portal, you know....  :-)
*** Deirdre has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<KK> It does look like it.
<Andy_Hock> Hi, Deirdre
<Sedina> Hi Deirdre
<Shiral> Hello Deirdre
<Martine> Hi Deirdre!
<Deirdre> Hi
<jhalavar> hi Deirdre
<JastaElf> hi deirdre
<micronuke> hi deirdre
<the_Bee> hiya Deirdre
<kirienne> Hi Deirdre
<Shiral> Or maybe it's one of those revolving doors <G>
<hygilac> Hi diedre
<micronuke> wow!
<Shiral>  LIke they have in hotel lobbies
* Bynw wants the REAL green tower story
<Martine> LOL, Bynw!
<Shiral> Snert bynw! <G> Get in line!
<KK> Why, Bynw, that <is> the real green tower story.   
<Sedina> Bynw - Tika was telling us that you were a wee bit frustrated
after reading Green Tower  :)
<KK> It just isn't <all> the story.
<Shiral> But we want the version with the GROWNUPS<G>
<hygilac> she is now blinking innocently at the screen
* Martine hands Bynw a line-placement bracelet
<JastaElf> I wanna see the story when Lewys comes BACK!  :-)
<Bynw> the details of WHAT Lewys did
<the_Bee> an eye-witness account
<RainbowDragon> KK has an ornery streak!
<KK> But these aren't his storyes.
<Shiral> And comes across Kelric dribbling honey?? <G>
<JastaElf> can't you just see him blinking at the stunned watchers?
"What?  WHAT??"
<Bynw> oooooh that would be good too Jasta
<Shiral> Where am I and what the heck happened???"
<JastaElf> The CC would PLOTZ....
<JastaElf> Which of course can only do them good.  ;-)
<KK> They would, indeed.
<Shiral> IT would do them good, Jasta
<Shiral> GMTA
<JastaElf> :-)
<Martine> Even funnier - he lands in modern Greenwich Village. Wouldn't THAT give him a shock?
<Bynw> hehehehe
<the_Bee> the plotz thickens
*** cantwait has left #Deryni_Destinations
<hygilac> face it folks, we all have it in for the CC
<Shiral> Of course, it's too late for Vivienne, she plotzed on her own
<Wrengl> hi dierdre
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Hello Deirdre
<Shiral> True, Linda
<JastaElf> Oh, but I *love* the CC.
* Andy_Hock idly speculates that cantwait couldn't wait to leave.
<JastaElf> They go so well with Bearnaise sauce!  ;-)
<RainbowDragon> hmmm - I guess cantwait couldn't wait any longer...
<Harvey> Can the story have monkeys?  I think it needs monkeys if
we're going to tamper with it.
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> And a nice Fianna varietal?
<the_Bee> I prefer hollandaise
<JastaElf> yup...
* Martine fires up the gril and throws on the CC
<KK> Well, here we have one of those conumdrums of prequels.  None of the characters we know can know what happened, because they don't know what happened.
<Martine> How do you like yours done, Jast?
<Shiral> With grilled baby vegetables <G>
<Sedina> You and monkeys, Harvey...I have to wonder about you
<Martine> Medium? Well? Rare?
<Martine> Details, KK!
<Shiral> True, KK
<JastaElf> I love prequel conundrums.  :-)
<Shiral> But you REALLY got us, this time <G>
<Martine> Give the details to a new character, then kill them off! <g>
<Martine> Problem solved.
<Shiral> FInish your vegetables, or no prequel conundrums, Jasta
<Wrengl> LOL
<JastaElf> Awwww....  :-(
* JastaElf whines
<kirienne> :-)
<Martine> Shiral, I'm with Jasta on this one.
<Shiral> Forget the veggies, FINISH YOUR STORY, or no prequel conundrums!
<Martine> Ick! No veggies!
<Martine> There wer go!
<JastaElf> But I ate my veggies at LUNCH!!!
* JastaElf ponders that Shiral has her there. :-)
<Shiral> And I believe you know the story I Mean <G>
<KK> And on this note, I think I'd better slip away.  Lots to do.
<Shiral> GOod night, KK!
<Wrengl> I'm sure
<JastaElf> ?me starts humming "Dream"....
<Bynw> ok have a good night Katherine!
<KK> And I won't be here the next two Sundays, being in DC.
<the_Bee> have a good week, KK
<Andy_Hock> Bye, KK.
<hygilac> good night KK
<Sedina> Glad to have gotten to see you tnnight, KK
<Wrengl> Thanks for chatting Katherine
<kirienne> Bye Kathrine, thanks for chatting
<Wrengl> night
<Rebecca> night Katherine
<Shiral> Travel safely on the next leg of your trip and have a good
<Martine> Bye, KK!
<Deirdre> Bye
<JastaElf> have a safe flight KK!
<Sedina> Have a good time in DC
<Wrengl> indeed
<Martine> Have a safe and wonderful trip!
<Shiral> Thanks for coming to join us, tonight
<hygilac> save journey!
<the_Bee> nighters kk
<RainbowDragon> Have a good night, KK! Thank you for stopping by!
<jhalavar> night KK
<kirienne> safe travels
<Shiral> Night, sleep well, get lots done that must be done
<KK> Jasta, please let me know who's collecting me on Thursday.
<JastaElf> Will do
<Wrengl> safe trip next week
<Shiral> OOh, I wanta KK collection too!
<JastaElf> :-) Collect the whole set!  :-)
<Martine> You have one, Shiral. It's on your bookshelf! <g>
* KK steps onto her Portal and waves bye-bye, disappearing in a shower
of green sparkles.
<Shiral> Bye, KK
<JastaElf> night!
<Shiral> Huggles
<Martine> Bye!
<Martine> Huggles!
<Sedina> huggles
<Wrengl> huggles katherine
<Shiral> Well. true Martine, but that's not quite what I meant <G>
<hygilac> night KK
<JastaElf> huggles... the official *word* of the DD chat! :-)
<Martine> Details, Shiral!
*** KK has quit IRC (QUIT:  )


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