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KK Chat - Jun. 2, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:50:13 pm »
KK Chat - June 2, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
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<Shiral> Hello Katherine
<Wrengl> hi katherine
<KK> Hi, all.
<the_Bee> Hi KK!
<Dennis> Hi KK!
<hygilac> Hi Katherine
<Jessie> hello Katherine
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings, Lady Katherine!
<Sedina> Hello, Katherine  :)
<Steven> Hi, Katherine
<KK> So, what's up?
<Shiral> Lunch is served =o)
<Rebecca> Kelos, Sedona is the name of a town in Arizona
<Rebecca> Hi Katherine.
<Shiral> We've been busily stocking up the virtual buffet
<Dennis> And brunch, supper, dinner, and a late night snack. :)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Ok....but I had no idea it was...
<Wrengl> lol dennis
<KK> Any ice cream?
<Shiral>  And breakfast tomorrow, if you don't mind leftovers.
<Rebecca> lol KK
<Shiral> Lots!
<the_Bee> caviar, salmon, Bulmer's cider, sandwiches....
<Sedina> what kind of silly question is that, KK...but of course there is  :)
<KK> Yum!
<the_Bee> lots of ice cream.  name your flavor :)
* Shiral hands KK a nice big bowl of chocolate chip icecream
<KK> Thank you, Shiral.
* Wrengl sets a chocolate chocolate chip sundae with cherries and chocolate whip cream in front of katherine
<Shiral> Any time
<Shiral> Chocolate sauce?
<KK> Whocolate shipped cream?  Wow, talk about gilding the lily.
<Wrengl> LOL
<KK> Chocolate whipped cream.
<Shiral> We shipped it in this morning
<KK> Spastic fingers.
<the_Bee> from Whoville
<KK> Never had dyslexic fingers before.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I've used chocolate whipped cream's quite good stuff. :)
<hygilac> Does anyone here know what surreal numbers are?
* Dennis was just thinking that, Bee.
<KK> Surreal numbers....
<Shiral> Yes, they apply to California real estate, hygilac
* Kelos_al-Hazar goes to look it up
<hygilac> lol, shiral
<Shiral> Have you had a good week, KK
<the_Bee> I've heard of imaginary numbers, but surreal??
<KK> Surreally high, then?
<hygilac> I just think David is having me on that's all
<Rebecca> a better writing week than last week I hope! :)
<Dennis> It sounds like something from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Surreal numbers could be used in Improbablity Physics.
<KK> Yes, much better.
<Shiral> I want your name, rank and surreal number....
<Dennis> lol, Melissa!
<KK> The whole end of the book worked itself out--not the writing of it, but the plotting of it.
<Shiral> Hooray!
* Dennis cheers!
<Rebecca> are you close to the end?
<Shiral> Congratulations, KK
<the_Bee> goood for you!
<hygilac> terrific!
<Sedina> that's great!   
<KK> Now I'm doing yet another pass with the layering in of info at the front of the book, to get from there to the end.
<KK> No, not close to the end yet.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Hooboy... I think I'll paste the URL instead.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Surreal numbers:
*** JastaElf has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** virtualbabe has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<KK> Jasta!
<Jessie> hello JastaElf
<Jessie> hello virtualbabe
<Sedina> Hi Jasta!  *huggles*
<KK> Baba!
<JastaElf> Hi y'all!   
<Sedina> Hi vb
<Shiral> Hello Jasta and Virtualbabe
<JastaElf> :-)
<Steven> Hi, Jasta and virtualbabe
<virtualbabe> Good afternoon all
<Rebecca> Hi Jasta.  How ya doing this week?
<KK> Babe!  (Can't type for sh*t tonight.)
<JastaElf> Good evening everyone!
<Sedina> lol KK
<Dennis> Hello!
<the_Bee> hi vb
<hygilac> thanks Kelos
<Shiral> KK, those cut-rate finger rental places are just no good
<virtualbabe> welcome to the club katherine.  I usually have rented fingers
<Wrengl> Hello Jasta
<Dennis> Surreal numbers.  Mathematicians drink a lot, don't they?
<Shiral> You have to go with the respectable outlets <G>
<KK> True, Shiral and VB.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> The explanation of them is quite strange.
<Wrengl> hi debbie
<JastaElf> Sorry I'm late, Jasper was trying to have his name changed to Pill Creep.  ;-)
<the_Bee> ???
<hygilac> hi Jasta
<KK> Pill Creep?
<Shiral> I like the name Jasper better, I have to admit...
<JastaElf> Ahh, he was doing the Dance of "Everything Eats Little Horses!" this afternoon.  ;-)
<KK> It sounds like this means you're feeling better, if you were off doing horsie things.
* virtualbabe wonders about the signficance of that particular nickname
<JastaElf> Well, mostly I watched others do it, but I actually got out to Dolores' ordination yesterday...
<KK> Cool!  How did it go?
<JastaElf> and felt pretty OK enough to go to church this AM
<JastaElf> Oh, it was lovely.  VERY nice.  I got you a program.  :-)
<KK> Terrific!
<KK> Was she squeaking?
<JastaElf> They were all STUNNED at how I look.  :-)
<JastaElf> Oh, she squeaked all over the place.  :-)
<KK> Surprise-surprise.  :-)
<Shiral> Not that  Jasta enjoyed that. <G>
<JastaElf> Nah, not a bit of it.  :-)
<JastaElf> But was nice.
<KK> So, did you go in canonicals, and lay hands on her?
<JastaElf> I went in semi-civvies, but they invited EVERYONE to come up and lay hands on her.  VERY cool.  :-)
<KK> Definitely!
<virtualbabe> sounds interesting Jasta
<JastaElf> semi-civvies = dark pantsuit, red blouse, HONKIN' big pectoral cross.  :-)
<Wrengl> bet you looked nice Jasta
<KK> Sounds like you did us proud.
<Shiral> But it's not polite to honk your cross all the time... <G>
<JastaElf> :-)  I tried.  Made it all the way through the ceremony and only cried once.  :-)
<JastaElf> LOL, Shiral!!
<KK> <Very> good, Jasta!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> That is rather funny...come to think about it.
<Shiral> Does it say "honk if you love Jesus?"
<JastaElf> :-) Waterworks closed for the time being...  :-)
<JastaElf> Better than saying Jeez if you love Honkus...  ;-)
<Wrengl> that is good news jasta
<Shiral> Very good news
<JastaElf> So how's everyone else this evening?
<JastaElf> everybody OK?
<Shiral> Fine on the West Coast
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Glad you're doing better, Jasta. Indeed I am.
<Wrengl> doing fine
<the_Bee> just back from Vermont.  My mom is having heart surgery Monday or Tuesday
<virtualbabe> The Babe's doing OK except that she's getting fairly warm
<Dennis> Not bad.
<Rebecca> yep. everythings fine here
<Kelos_al-Hazar> So far, so good, although this time tomorrow I might be wiped out...
<KK> On another subject entirely, are you getting much coverage of the Golden Jubilee over there?
<JastaElf> Ooof, Bee, what's her name again?  We'll put her on the prayer list.
<hygilac> hot in Tennessee
<Shiral> Hope your mother's surgery goes well, Bee
<Wrengl>  Katherine: Tika is actually finding time to work on getting the jewelry up on our website!
<JastaElf> We see a little of it, KK
<KK> Prayers winging her way, Bee.
<Steven> Yes, KK, our PBS station is doing extensive coverage.
<the_Bee> Her name is Caroline Allen.  89 years old
<JastaElf> I liked the fact that Hell's Angels bikers rode past Buck House in salute.,  :-)
<virtualbabe> We are up in canada
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Empire State Building is doing something in honor of her Jubilee...can't recall exactly what.
<Wrengl> we got to see the concert on pbs last night
<JastaElf> She'll be prayed for on this end, hon.  Keep us posted!
<Shiral> I haven't watched any of it, but I do know that it's going on
<Sedina> KK - I'm able to see a fairly large amount of it because I live close enough to Canada that I can pick it up on their stations
*** Guest06446 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<the_Bee> hi guest
<Guest06446> Hi
<Jessie> hello guest
<Wrengl> Tuesday the Empire State building will be Purple and Gold in her honour
<Dennis> Hi!
<KK> The horse show at Windsor was televised this afternoon, and they rolled out the coronation coach--which she'll be riding to the service tomorrow.
<Steven> Hi, Guest
<Wrengl> also got to see a nice special on her youth
<Jessie> Guest:  to change you nick do a /nick <newnick>
* JastaElf adores the Coronation Coach... *sighs happily*
<Mouse> I'm back.  He to everyone who joined while I was on the phone
<JastaElf> Hi Mouse!
<Mouse> Hi Jasta
<Shiral> Wb, Mouse
<virtualbabe> only thing is, her youth was looong ago
<JastaElf> :-)
<Steven> Hi,  Mouse
<Mouse> Hi steven
<Shiral> It probably Does feel like it was quite a while ago to the Queen, too
<KK> Well, 50 years is a while.
* Kelos_al-Hazar asks the ops not to kick him; he's saving a log for Kiri's benefit.
<Wrengl> Katherine: Her coronation was one of the first things I remember watching on television.
<Shiral> I wonder what SHE feels about it all
*** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<KK> She looked bretty happy at the horse show.
<Dennis> It's the fourth longest reign since the Norman Conquest, I think.
<Shiral> Hello Barticus
<JastaElf> Bart!!!!
<hygilac> she has had a hard year
<Barticus> howdy all
<the_Bee> hiya Bart
<KK> 'Lo, Barticus!
<Mouse> Hi Barticus
<Wrengl> hi barticus
<Dennis> Hi Barticus!
<Sedina> Hi Bart
<hygilac> Hi Bart
<Jessie> hello bart
* Barticus waves tiredly from Iowa
<hygilac> recovered from the Wedding yet?
<Shiral> Do you feel popular now, Bart? <G>
<Barticus> no
<virtualbabe> why is barticus tired?
<Mouse> why not, Barticus?  We all love you
<Barticus> still recovering from the wedding
<Shiral> KK, the horse show was probably one of her favorite parts of the festivities <G>
<KK> I expect so.
<virtualbabe> well, she is a fairly avid horsewoman
<KK> Prince Phillip enjoyed the carriage driving.
<Shiral> Definitely
<virtualbabe> or would that be horse-queen in her case?
<the_Bee> horses don't have political agendas--except Jasper ;)
<KK> Royal Horse Artillery did their flying exhibition and fired the cannons.
<JastaElf> She makes side-saddle look easy.  :-)  And I know that ain't the way it is.  :-)
*** Guest06446 has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving )
<Barticus> just when I thought I would get a nap in I get a call to go help take the tent down they put up for the rehearseal dinner
<Mouse> Side-saddle is for idiots
<KK> Actually, they say it's almost impossible to fall off riding side-saddle.
*** Bynw has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** PC has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<JastaElf> Bynw!
<Jessie> hello Bynw
<the_Bee> Hi Bynw
<Shiral> Possibly, but it looks pretty uncomfortable
* virtualbabe has almost never even ridden a horse period, let alone side-saddle
<JastaElf> PC!  Hi!
<Mouse> Hi Bynw
<Shiral> Hiyas Bro
<Sedina> Hey Bynw
<Bynw> hiyas all
<Dennis> HI Bynw
<PC> Hi y'all
<KK> Bynw!
<Barticus> howdy Bynw
<Bynw> hi KK :-)
<Rebecca> They've just reported that there was a fire at Buckingham Palace.
<Shiral> I've ridden, just never side-saddle
<Mouse> Tried sidesaddle once.  Never again.  I prefer bareback
<JastaElf> A fire today???
<the_Bee> fire?
<Barticus> I heard that too
<Rebecca> yep.  Doesn't sound like it was serious.  They've moved onto other stories.
<hygilac> ack!
<KK> Scott is checking the news.
* JastaElf told those grandchildren, no smores in the fireplaces....
<Shiral> LOL
<Mouse> lol
<Dennis> LOL
<Shiral> Their whole problem is that they don't have a nice sensible moat monster, Jasta
<JastaElf> Just hope it isn't serious.  There's a whole lot o' history in that place....
<JastaElf> This is very true, Shiral.  :-)
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Moat Monsters?"
<Shiral> Unlike Rhemuth Castle, of course
<Wrengl> hi bynw
* Mouse suggests they import one from Scotland
<JastaElf> :-) The denizens of Rhemuth Castle are wise and kind, and have much shrimp.  ;-)
<Dennis> Wouldn't they need a moat?
<Shiral> Details, Dennis
<Dennis> Heh.
<JastaElf> Oh, Dennis, Rhemuth Castle has a moat.  But we have a running gag about the moat monster, too.  :-)
<Shiral> The moat monster can live in the Fountains, instead
<JastaElf> (It's really me, but don't tell anyone. <g>)
<JastaElf> moat monsters like fountains.  :-)
<Shiral> Where's Martine today??
<Dennis> Thanks, Jasta. :)
<virtualbabe> then wouldn't that make him the fountain monster?
<JastaElf> speaking of castles.... and Martine....  :-)
<Wrengl> hi pc
<Bynw> btw, the stats page was updated yesterday
<Shiral> Well, yes, I suppose so, VB
<Shiral> Hi PC
<KK> Fire apparently was in a corridor between state rooms and ballroom, probably from overload from extra lighting, or perhaps a careless cigatette.  All put out now.
<PC> hi
<JastaElf> Well yes, but it's like KK's gargoyles: there are monsters and such all over Rhemuth.  :-)
<JastaElf> Whew!  Thank God!
<Dennis> I have a question about the Camberian Council, inspired by the sample chapters of ItKS.
<Shiral> Good, hate to think of Buckingham Palace burning
<KK> We have Sky interactive, so we were able to go right to the story.
<Dennis> Yeah.  Too much history to lose.
<KK> Go, Dennis.
<JastaElf> The answer, Dennis, is that they are obsessed.  :-)  That's the answer to ALL questions about the CC.  :-)
<Bynw> lol
<Mouse> lol
<Shiral> Especially after Windsor Castle burned ten years ago
<Mouse> and agreed
<Wrengl> verra true shiral
<Shiral> Snert, naughty Jasta
<hygilac> lol Jasta
* JastaElf will stop being silly now, and beg Dennis to ask his question....
<KK> Where's Martine tonight?
<Dennis> Do Council seats deliberately descend in families?  Just about all of the CC members in 1082 are from families that have had seats at other times.  If so, could this be part of why the CC got so stodgy?
<Shiral> Hasn't been here all weekend
<Wrengl> have not seen martine all day, have you sedina?
<KK> Sometimes they descend--and yes, it could be part of the problem.
<Dennis> That's not a bad answer, Jasta. :) 
<JastaElf> Maybe not a bad one, but a naughty one.  :-)  They're just verra, VERRA cautious....
<Dennis> Thank you, Katherine.
<Sedina> She had to work some yesterday because they were putting a new program up, but I haven't actually seen her since Friday
<the_Bee> after they went underground, they had to recruit from among people they knew and trusted
<PC> That would make sense
<JastaElf> and frankly, if I had to ride herd on all those darling, dangerous and talented Deryni, I'd be obsessed too.  :-)
<KK> Yep, and at the time of this story, there're a fair number from outside Gwynedd.
<Jessie> Martine's company was doing a software upgrade this week-end. She was supposed to work yesterday.  If all wen't well she would be off today -- or that is my understanding.
<the_Bee> so how did Kyrie, Vivienne and Tiercel get in?
<Shiral> They bribed their way, Bee <EG>?
<hygilac> broke down the door
<hygilac> blackmailed someone
<virtualbabe> and i doubt that there are all that many high level Deryni families anymore
<KK> Possibly all of the above.
<Mouse> Or they are just too good and obvious to ignore
<JastaElf> Who owed whom the favour that got Thorne Hagen on there?   
<Shiral> Hmmm, wonder what kind of goods Vivienne had on the council....<G>
<hygilac> Rhydon
<KK> There was definitely hanky-panky re Thorne Hagen and Stefan Coram.
<Barticus> so that must be why alot of the council come from outside Gwynedd
<Dennis> Thorne was so the others could feel good about themselves, I think. :)
<the_Bee> Does the CC claim jurisdiction over all the 11 Kingdoms?
* JastaElf shudders at the thought of hanky-panky between Thorne and Stefan... :-)
<Shiral> LOL
<Barticus> lol
<Shiral> Me too, I'd think that Stefan would have better taste
* Mouse falls down laughing
<KK> Well, they can <claim> it.
<JastaElf> Euwww, sorta like imagining Galadriel kissing Gollum.  :-)
<Dennis> There's a lovely mental image I'll never be free of unless I figure out a way to bleach my optic nerve. :)
<JastaElf> LOL!
<PC> ooohhhh
<Sedina> lol Dennis
<Mouse> Yuckkk
<Shiral> Pass the Bleach, Dennis
<Wrengl> lol dennis
<JastaElf> Attention please, there will be an Optic Nerve Healing in the St. Camber chapel tonight at 8:15.... :-)
*** KK has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
<Shiral> ACK 
* Wrengl Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
* Dennis laughs and is first in line.
<Barticus> ?
<JastaElf> or even the st. CAMBER chapel.  next door to the St. Cmaber chapel
* Wrengl Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
<Mouse> Dennis, I'd rather watch Hubert brushing his teeth in plaid boxer shorts
<JastaElf> Oh no, KK got peered!!
* the_Bee stings peer whare the sun doesn't shine
* Barticus begins beating peer about the head with a baseball bat
<Bynw> ack Peer attack
<JastaElf> EUWWW, mouse!!!!  :-)
<Shiral> The Cmaber chapel is where the junior healers work <G>
<Dennis> Fine, Mouse, but how will he get his teeth into the boxer shorts?
<JastaElf> :-) YES, Shiral!  :-)
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Bynw
<JastaElf> Oh BAD, Dennis!!
<hygilac> lol
<Mouse> Well, neither picture is pleasant, Jasta
* virtualbabe pelts peer with a plateful of petrefied peeps
<JastaElf> :-)
<JastaElf> She said the holy word!  Peeps!!!  :-)
<Sedina> Mouse - perhaps your next door neighbor is Hubert's reincarnation?
* Wrengl clobbers peer with a lutefiske stuffed haggis
<Shiral> AAACk, Mouse! WHat an image...
<Mouse> All Hail the Peeps dipped in Chocolate
<JastaElf> So is that ALL teeth in one pair of boxers, or is there a tiny pair for each tooth??
<virtualbabe> the babe says lots of different words.
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> That's a circus tent's worth of plaid
* Kelos_al-Hazar Shiral Are you planning on sending Kiri the log of this chat? Just wondering.
* Barticus gets out his sligshot and begins to pelt the petrified peeps at peer
<the_Bee> Cmaber = "come and have a beer."
<Mouse> Hey, Shiral, this is from the lady of the Nettle mattress
<Shiral> I can, Kelos
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Miscommand alert!
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
<Shiral> But I hadn't planned it
<Steven> Welcome back, KK
<Shiral> WB, KK
<JastaElf> YAY, she's home!!
<the_Bee> wb kk
<Bynw> wb Katherine
<Sedina> wb, KK
<Dennis> Welcome back!
<Jessie> wb Katherine
<PC> welcome back
<Barticus> wb KK
<virtualbabe> WB KK
<KK> Harumph!  Peered!
<Wrengl> wb katherine
<Mouse> Hi again KK
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I was asked to do it, so I shall.
<Shiral> Peer has been rebuked, KK
<Shiral> Okay
<JastaElf> Peer has been Peeped!  :-)
<Shiral> KK, did you get all the chapters okay?
<KK> Peeped!  Oh, no!
<Mouse> Oh Yuck.  A peeping Peer
<JastaElf> :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I almost pulled out the frozen tigershark, too.
<Shiral> A fate worse than death, for peer
* virtualbabe passes around a plateful of homemade Baclava
<KK> Yes, I got all the chapters.  But I've sent one on to Martine to see if she can set up a reformat protocol for me.
* Barticus almost out the mashed ptoatoes and gravy
<JastaElf> Oh yum...
* JastaElf hands around pitchers of peach sweet tea and lemonade on
the rocks...
<Shiral> Boy, Barticus fights rough....
<Kelos_al-Hazar> What sort of reformat protocol, KK?
*** PC has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving )
<Shiral> Ptoatoes!
*** Kosty has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<the_Bee> hi kosty
<JastaElf> So KK, what did young baby Nigel do this week?  Oh -- and
the other characters of less importance, too....  :-)
<Steven> Hi, Kosty
<JastaElf> Hi kosty!!
<Shiral> LOL, Jasta
<Barticus> ptoatoes from st cmaber
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Hi Kosty
* virtualbabe giggles@Jasta
<KK> Shiral scanned DR, but it's only indented about 2 spaces, and I want my own indents and margins and such.  But each paragraph seems to be demanding that I do it separately.  Word can be squirrely.
<Shiral> Cmaber LOVED ptoatoes!
<Wrengl> hi kosty
<Barticus> howdy kosty
<JastaElf> Another typo goes down in Chat history....  :-)
<Shiral> Well, now you know the awful truth, KK I can be squirrelly as well
<KK> Baby Nigel has been temporarily ignored.  I'm layering, so not much new written.
<virtualbabe> well remember katherine,
* Shiral goes and checks her store of nuts for the winter
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Yes, I've noticed that myself, KK...and the newer the Word version, the worse it gets. :(
* JastaElf faints in shock at Shiral's words.... :-)
<Sedina> Hi Kosty
<Dennis> Word is evil.
<hygilac> it is, it is
<Shiral> Yup, the larder is full
<Rebecca> that's why I refuse to use it.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> If you wish me to, KK, I can spare the time to reformat the document after Monday...
<virtualbabe> Word IS a micro$oft  product.  The only time they will make a product that doesn't suck is the day they begin manufacturing vaccuum cleaners
<Wrengl> a bit early to have a full larder for next winter, squirrel shiral
* Dennis used to get these ms files in Word 7.0 and have to get them into WordPerfect 5.1.  It could take days if the author was using tons of features.
<KK> But that's the industry standard for writers, alas.
<JastaElf> VB, I love that quote.  I cross-stutched it and have it
framed in my office.
<JastaElf> :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Try SOT Office, KK... :)
<Barticus> cross-stucthed?
<virtualbabe> I just recently heard it
<JastaElf> :-) yes, Bart, now you know the truth: Jasta cain't type fer Scheisse.
<Bynw> that's what i was wondering Bart
<Wrengl> I like word
<KK> Martine described saving the files in text format--which I figured out how to do--but when I then paste that into what I thought was the proper Word template, it still looks the same.  I'm overlooking something.
<Barticus> st cmaber cross-stuched his mashed ptoatoes
<JastaElf> :-) LOLOLOL!!!!
<hygilac> jasta!
* Dennis laughs!
<JastaElf> Hi Linda! :-)
* Shiral is sorry to have caused KK so much work =o(
<Wrengl> lol barticus
<hygilac> I never let my studnets use that word!
<JastaElf> studnets!!  I love that!  :-)
<Wrengl> It would have been more work, Shiral, if Katherine had to retype it all!
<Shiral> Everyone rented their fingers tonight, it looks like
<KK> Shiral, you have nothing for which to apologize.  You're saving me from having to retype the whole ms.
<virtualbabe> sounds like everyone's got rented fingers today
<Shiral> GMAT, VB
<Shiral> Or rather GMTA
<Dennis> Heh.
<JastaElf> hygilac, imagine Scheisse said in a drawn-out southern drawl.... SHYYYYY-zuh....  :-)
* virtualbabe giggles
<Wrengl> those rented fingers again!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Or Yoda-speak
<Mouse> Rented fingers aren't worth what you pay for them
<Shiral> I think I rented two left-hands worth of fingers...
<hygilac> Wir Sprechen dixie-deutsch?
<Barticus> the studnets cross-stuched st cmaber into the mashed ptaotoes
<Shiral> LOL, Linda
<Mouse> What's wrong with that, Shiral?
<Wrengl> problems with yoda-speak, have you Kelos?
<JastaElf> Ja, ich spreche Dixie-deutsch, y'alles!! :-)
<KK> Kelos, if you're serious, I'll send you the first couple of chapters and my preferred format and you can see if it's something that's easily doable.
<Shiral> LOL Bart
<Kelos_al-Hazar> He would probably say "Great Minds Alike Think, yes?"
<JastaElf> Think alike great minds do, hmmm????
<Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: You're on.
<KK> LOL, Bart!
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Kelos_al-Hazar> True, Jasta.
<KK> Thank you, Kelos!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> De nada. (It's nothing.)
<JastaElf> the studnets cross-stuched st cmaber USING mashed ptaotoes
<JastaElf> :-)
<hygilac> alike think great minds
<KK> No, it's something.  :-)  And I appreciate it!
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Dennis> Kicks butt Yoda does.
<KK> LOL, Jasta!
<Wrengl> lol dennis
<JastaElf> :-)
* Barticus waits for someone else to make a typing mistake
<Dennis> LOL, jasta
<virtualbabe> I've still not seen AotC yet
<Shiral> How do you cross stutch mashed ptoatoes?
<JastaElf> me either VB
<JastaElf> with floss, Shiral....  ;-)
<Shiral> Me neither
<Barticus> with a fopr
<Mouse> Dental, I'd say
<Wrengl> no spoilers will you find here, hmmmmmmm
<Bynw> agree with Dennis Bynw would
<virtualbabe> I'm going through too much month at the end of the money again
<KK> We saw it last week.  Disappointing.
<hygilac> no, mental, Mouse
<JastaElf> no Qui-Gon, doomed this movie was from the start....  :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I am honored to help you out, KK, and that is the fact of the matter. :)
<Wrengl> we enjoyed it
<Mouse> Mental Floss?  Is that for cleaning out dirty minds?
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<Shiral> Mental FLoss euch...
<Dennis> I liked it too.
<Steven> The effects in AotC were good, but the story was so-so
<KK> The story wasn't.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Heard this many times, I have.
<KK> I.e., it wasn't a story.  Very graphic-novel/video game, where plot was concerned.
<Barticus> I liked it to but it took long to get to anything of real importance
<virtualbabe>  the third movie will very much be a total downer though
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I hope not!
<Wrengl> true
<Dennis> I dunno.  I like the stories of both prequel episodes.  It's the execution of the stories that bother me.
<Mouse> At least we can prepare for it
<JastaElf> Y'mean sorta like the book covering 948 in Gwynedd??  :-)
<Wrengl> the fall of Anakin will be a downer
<Steven> I'll have to go back a re-read some of the books because I thought the clones were supposed to be a bad thing
<Shiral> Yes, thank you Jasta... <G>
<JastaElf> :-)
<Dennis> CtH would be a good analogue for Ep. III, probably.
<Shiral> Or the death of Brion...
<Barticus> the bad thing is coming
<KK> Well, Anakin is already heading for a fall.
<Shiral> Except MUCH better written, Dennis
<Dennis> There is that. :)
<JastaElf> They will be later, Steven.  Look at how much they resemble stormtroopers....
<Wrengl> Steven, they may be a good thing that turns bad
<the_Bee> and everyone knows it's coming
<virtualbabe> speaking of good writing, I got my copy of Deryni Tales yesterday
<Mouse> So we can brace ourselves
<JastaElf> YAY!! VB :-)
<Dennis> I really think that both prequel episodes were good movies that could have been great movies if the scripts were better.
<the_Bee> mine came last wek
<Steven> You're right, Wrengl, just like Anakin who I think has already had his fall
<Barticus> I got mine thursday
<KK> Well, aren't they cloned from that Bobba Fett's dad?
<Shiral> Hooray VB <G>
<Dennis> I got mine last week, too.  I've been enjoying all the stories.
<virtualbabe> I did like that one story where the bully got what he deserved
<hygilac> re read hHoG before going to see the downfall of anakin; it won't seem like such a downer
<the_Bee> the DT's are CLONED??
* JastaElf blushes happily for Dennis
<Shiral> LOL, Bee
<KK> Hee-hee, that's Shiral's!
<Bynw> yes Katherine ... Jango Fett is the model for the clones ... so is Bobba
<Shiral> Oh dear, what an image...
<virtualbabe> I know.  I recognised the name
<Dennis> Whoops, spoilers we have spilled....
<Kelos_al-Hazar> And I thought it was "Boba" all these years.
<Shiral> Nicholas Murdoch getting CLONED.. AGGG...
<JastaElf> euwww....
<KK> Maybe it is Boba.
<Dennis> It's Bubba. :)
<Bynw> LOL Shiral
<Bynw> LOL Dennis
<JastaElf> Only down here, Dennis....  :-)
<Barticus> no thats clinton
<KK> NIcholas Murdoch clones we do not need!
<Bynw> is K I L T S awake?
<JastaElf> "Thet air Bubba Fett, he be dangerous, y'know??"
<Mouse> Being as all the clones are related, wouldn't Bubba fit?
<JastaElf> LOL, mouse!!
<Shiral> Amen, Nor do we need cloned Hubert McInnises
<KK> LOL, Mouse.
<Mouse> :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Or (shudders) clones of Loris!
<Bynw> sure we need those clones ... they make great target practice
* Mouse unleashes lethal sense of humor
<Shiral> Duncan DEFINITELY wouldn't need Loris Clones...
* Barticus maybe we should clone nigel haldane so Jasta can have one
* JastaElf unleashes many Mirkwood elves for target practice at Bynw's place... :-)
<Sedina> pbbbt, Bynw
<Dennis> I suddenly have an amusing mental picture of Boba Fett in full armor with a beer belly creeping out from under the breastplate, holding a rifle and a bottle marked XXX.  Bubba Fett.
<Mouse> We all need clones of Loris.  How else do we teach the kids to hit something with the crossbows?
<JastaElf> Oh Bart, what a lovely Idea!  I think I love you!!  :-)
<Sedina> lol Jasta
<Bynw> i guess i have my answer about K I L T S
<JastaElf> :-)
<Steven> With so many clones, it could be a Bubba fete
<Mouse> lol Dennis
<Shiral> Ouch, Steven <G>
<KK> Well, part of what I've been doing this week is backing up the ages of some of our more heinous clergy folk from the time of DR--like Loris, who is already a priest when our story gets underway.
* Barticus would like to see araxie cloned
<JastaElf> Ah... cool
<Kelos_al-Hazar> "De puns, de puns!" (GD&R)
<Shiral> So would Kelson's council, then she could bear him twice as many heirs <G>
* virtualbabe would like to see Araxie cloned also
* Barticus snickers
<Bynw> Loris is already moving up huh ... *shudders*
<Dennis> Well, the council would say "Cut out the middlewoman and clone the heirs," but I think Kelson might disagree.
<Shiral> It would make Martine CRAZY, though <G>
<KK> This is true.
<Mouse> Bynw, wouldn't it be crawling up in Loris' case?
<Shiral> Duncan would speak out against the morality of cloning though, surely?
<virtualbabe> slithering up maybe
<JastaElf> :-) like cockroaches, yes, Mouse...
<KK> Well, we've got some nasty clergy as precursors, all right.
<Mouse> Oh, yuck.  Somebody step on Loris roach
<JastaElf> KK, what was the Abp. like that ordained Duncan?
<Shiral> And some nice clergy too <G>
<Dennis> Alexander Darby seems like a piece of work.
* Shiral whips out the can of black flag and SPRAYS the Loris-roach
* Dennis suddenly wonders if/how Jorian de Courcy is related to Michon.
<KK> Yep.
<Barticus> maybe both are related to Guiscard deCourcy
<KK> cadet branch of the family.
<KK> Yep.
<Shiral> Jorian's or Michon's is the Cadet branch?
<Dennis> We don't need to kill the Loris-roach.  Kelson did a wonderful job of stepping on him like the bug he is.
<JastaElf> They all went to West Point?  :-)  (west point... cadet branch... <grin>)
<Rebecca> After reading the Green Tower I was wondering how Michon is Stevana's cousin.
<KK> Jorian's.
* Shiral swats Jasta with a trout
* Dennis *rimshot* for Jasta
<JastaElf> Thanks!  May I have another?
<JastaElf> :-)
* Bynw still thinks that all the nasty clergy of Kelson's time actually think they are doing the right thing ..... it's the clergy of Alroy's - Javan's time that are truely evil because they KNOW better
* Shiral rimshots a trout at Jasta
<KK> It's a distant connection, as I recall.
<Barticus> well all I need to get going
<Shiral> Bye, Bart
<Barticus> y'all have great week
<virtualbabe> Later Barticus
<Dennis> Bye Bart!
<Shiral> Look out for the Ptoatoes
<JastaElf> bye Bart!!
<KK> Bye, Bart!
<Bynw>  cya Bart
<Steven> Steven agrees with Bynw
<Mouse> bye Bart
<Barticus> bthanks for stopping by KK
<Sedina> Bye Bart
<JastaElf> may St. cmaber be with you!
<hygilac> bye Bart
* Barticus waves as he stewsp onto his portal and is gone
<KK> I think some of the clergy of Kelson's time know better, too.
*** Barticus has left #Deryni_Destinations
<JastaElf> KK, what was the Archbp. like that ordained Duncan?
<KK> Remind me who it was.
<JastaElf> Ooo, umm, I can't remember....
<Dennis> I think it was Alexander Darby if I remember from Codex.
<KK> De Nore, wasn't it?
<Shiral> I think Darby was archbishop of Rhemuth  in 1113
<Mouse> You mentioned DArby earlier
<Shiral> De Nore was the Primate
<KK> No, de Nore did Arilan.
* Shiral hands the Primate a banana
* JastaElf tries to remember the scene in QStC when they talk about Duncan accepting ordination from....
<virtualbabe> well, you with the codecils would have a beter idea then i would
<Steven> It was Alexander Darby
<JastaElf> Ich habe kein Gehirne heute Abend....  :-)
<Mouse> What?
<Steven> Oops, that's Alexander Darby, of Rhemuth
*** Sedina is now known as K I L T S
<JastaElf> I have no brain this evening.  :-)
<hygilac> it was Alsexander II Darby
<KK> Darby is nasty.
<Shiral> That's okay, most of us have rented fingers!
* K I L T S kicks Bynw in the butt
<JastaElf> Poor Duncan....
<KK> De Nore is merely a cold SOB.
*** K I L T S is now known as Sedina
<Shiral> Poor Duncan, but at least he survived his ordination
<Dennis> Are any of the Archbishops from Brion's time not nasty? Loris and Corrigan were both appalling too.
<JastaElf> I can only imagine how icky it must be, to be ordained by a nasty bishop.
<JastaElf> All that energy... and you're so OPEN....
<the_Bee> will we ever learn how Duncan avoided merasha-dosed wine?
<JastaElf> <shudder>
* Shiral is looking forward to reading about how that happened
<Bynw> probably have to wash often
<KK> But Donal's personal chaplain toward the end of his life is Wolfram de Blanet.
<JastaElf> God did it, Bee.  God *loves* Duncan McLain.  :-)
<Steven> I always saw Corrigan as kind of bumbling, but always following Loris' lead.
<Shiral>  Cool! I like Wolfram
* Dennis cheers for Wolfram!  I like Wolfram.
<Mouse> Wolfram's decent, at least
* virtualbabe thinks, so does jasta
<Shiral> Is Wolfram a Bishop at that point, KK?
<JastaElf> :-)  Just possibly, VB....  :-)
<Shiral> Duncan McLain...
<KK> Yes.  I've been thinking about the clergy attitudes at Donal's time, sketching in where some of the later biggies were then.
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Duncan McLain?"
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Hello, I'm Bishop Bradene de Tourz, a Later Biggie.."
<Steven> Wolfram became a bishop in 1091
<JastaElf> KK, speaking of Bradene, do you have a preference on what colour his eyes are?  And hair before he went grey?
<KK> Yep, having been the king's chaplain obviously was good for his career.
<JastaElf> Shiral, that's "rising star of the lower ecclesiastical hierarchy..."  <g>
<Shiral> I always picture Bradene as Tall...
<Dennis> Hi, I'm Thomas Cardiel.  You might not know me now, but in a few books, I'll be Achbishop of Rhemuth.  That's why I carry the Gwyneddan Express Card.  The Gwyneddan Express Card.  Don't leave the seminary without it.
<JastaElf> LOL!!
<Shiral> But KK said  "later biggie" first.... <G>
<hygilac> Oh, I have always seen Bradene as redheaded with green eyes
<Mouse> lol Dennis.  Got to give you credit for that one
<Shiral> Interesting, Linda
<JastaElf> I see him with green eyes too, but not sure on hair colour -- auburn maybe...
<Shiral> I don't really have a clear picture of Bradene, except that he's tall
<Dennis> LOL.  That was awful, Mouse.
<Shiral> BAD mouse!
* Mouse hangs head in shame
* Shiral swats Mouse with a Wheel of Brie
<Mouse> Slap my hands, Shiral, and I can't write
<JastaElf> auburn goes grey early (she says, from the voice of experience...) and scholars and Bishops always gain credence when they are grey.  :-)
<Dennis> Well, awful is good when you're punning.
<JastaElf> So KK, if we write about a green-eyed Bradene, is that OK? :-)
<Shiral> That is a point, Yes, Mouse...
<Steven> Hey, folks.  Gotta go.  Off to dinner and evening service. Stay well!
<Dennis> Bye Steven!
<Shiral> Bye Steven
<JastaElf> Bye Steven!
<Jessie> bye Steven
<the_Bee> night steven
<Mouse> bye steven
<KK> Night, Steven.
<Bynw> cya Steven
<hygilac> bye Steven
<Sedina> Bye Steven
<KK> Green-eyed Bradene noted; auburn hair also.
<virtualbabe> for that matter jasta, the appearence of baldness is a definite plus, which was one of the main reasons for the tonsure
<JastaElf> KEWL!  :-)
*** Steven has left #Deryni_Destinations
<JastaElf> Oh yes, VB.  :-)
<KK> Right now, he's a scholar at Gregotha.
<Shiral> How about Cardiel?
<KK> He's just a little boy.
<Dennis> I wonder why Gorony never made bishop.  Not that I'd want him as my spiritual father, but he was a favorite of both de Nore and
<KK> Probably was a grasping, slimy worm.
<Shiral> That's a good point, Dennis
<virtualbabe> maybe he was next in line
<JastaElf> Got a Duncan's Education Question, KK...
<KK> Shoot.
<JastaElf> he attends Grecotha at some point, surely?  But where seminary, and where did he get his medical training?
<Shiral> Don't hide your true feelings, Katherine. Tell us how you REALLY feel about Gorony!
<JastaElf> LOL...
<Dennis> LOL
* virtualbabe giggles
<KK> I think Duncan was also at Arx Fidei.
* Bynw has some thoughts on Gorony ....
<KK> Medical training--not sure.
<JastaElf> What an interesting seminary.  Produces some wide range of folks!  :-)
<Wrengl> Not pleasant thoughts I will bet Bynw
* JastaElf bets Duncan is a Gryffindor boy... <g>
<Bynw> actually some fan-fic thoughts about him
<Shiral> Ooo...cross pollination of worlds..
<JastaElf> :-)
<Dennis> And Gorony was a Slytherin, huh, Jasta?
<virtualbabe> Gorony was difinitly Slytherin
<JastaElf> Gorony would be Head Boy at Slytherin....
<KK> Yep
<JastaElf> :-)
<Shiral> Jasta, Just ask Duncan what he knows about Athelas <G>
<JastaElf> <snicker>
<Shiral> Learned all he knows from ARagorn...
<Mouse> Come on, now, Dennis.  I'm a certified Slytherin
<hygilac> he was t a slitherin' Slytherin
<JastaElf> And upbraided him for the lack of hygeine in chewing his herbs before applying them....  ;-)
<Mouse> Three times in a sorting hat proved it, and I'm not nasty. Just ruthless
<Dennis> Which one was the scholarly one?  RavenclaW?  Cos that's what Bradene would be.
<Shiral> Ravenclaw, yes
<Dennis> I bet that several of the CC would be Slytherins too.
<Mouse> Or Hufflepuff.  The loyal and hard working
<Shiral> Alaric would be another Gryffindor boy
<JastaElf> I'm a Gryffindor wannabe.
<KK> Arilan would be Ravenclaw, then.
<JastaElf> :-)
<JastaElf> SCARY headmaster at Ravenclaw....  :-)
<KK> Duncan is Gryffindor.
<JastaElf> :-) Yup.
<Shiral> How about Kelson?
<virtualbabe> Nigel would be a hufflepuff, definitly
<Mouse> Ah, Slytherin house.  Perfect place for future Aurors to begin their careers
<JastaElf> Gryffindor is a good Haldane house.  Red & gold.  :-)
<Mouse> Kelson's probably a Gryffendor
<KK> Yeah, I think so.
<JastaElf> What about Dhugal?
<Shiral> Nicholas would be a Slytherin <EG>
<Mouse> Definatley Gryff.  Too unpredictable for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw
<KK> Maybe....Ravenclaw?
<JastaElf> LOL!
* virtualbabe thinks, "why do i have the feeling that a number of the people here bought the video last week?"
<JastaElf> yeah, that would work.
<JastaElf> :-) Guilty, VB
<Shiral> I've never seen Dhugal as particularly studious for it's own sake
<Dennis> I rented it.  Too cheap to buy.
<JastaElf> Brian hadn't seen it...
<Mouse> Guilty, but addicted for years
<hygilac> mine is on the way from my vid club, vb
<Dennis> I read all four books about six months ago.  Finally had the time and inclination.
<JastaElf> after it was over, he looked at me with utter disdain and said, "The Troll in Lord of the Rings was MUCH scarier..."  :-)
<Shiral> I have to get a new VCR/DVD player, first
<KK> Not for its own sake, but he did study medicine, after all.
<virtualbabe> I actually got the DVD
<Shiral> True
<JastaElf> BTW, KK, Bry got a 3.35 average this semester -- and made the lower rung of the Dean's List!!
<Shiral> Not that he would have scorned learning, He IS Duncan's son, after all. But I think he would have seen it all as means to an end
* Jessie does a happy dance for Bry
<Shiral> Congratulations to Brian <G>
<KK> Wow, Jasta!  That's terrific!
<virtualbabe> Conga-rats jasta
<JastaElf> We just found the letter today in the mailbox.  :-)
* the_Bee sends congrats to Bry
<Dennis> Yeah.  Congratulations Jasta.
<JastaElf> Shows you how often the real mail gets checked...  :-)
<Mouse> Wonderful, Jasta
<KK> Give him a hug from Aunt Katherine.
<JastaElf> He's pretty happy.
<JastaElf> I will do that!
<Shiral> Mom is happy too, I think <G>
<JastaElf> :-) Very likely....
<Sedina> that's great, Jasta.  Give him big congrats huggles from me.
<KK> Well, guys, it's pumpkin time here in Dublin.
<hygilac> excellent, jasta!  give the boy a pat on the back!
<JastaElf> will do, Shiral
<virtualbabe> Sweet Dreams katherine
<Jessie> good night Katherine -- have a good week
<Shiral> So, I assume that at the appropriate age, Kelric will become a page under Nigel's tutelage, KK?
<JastaElf> Happy writing this week, KK!  :-)
<hygilac> g'night katherine
<Shiral> Bye, KK
<KK> Tomorrow's a bank holiday, so no post and probably no business phone calls.  Hope to get lots done.
<Mouse> Good night KK
<the_Bee> who says, KK? Jessicat or Nicky?
<Shiral> Keep up the good writing!
<hygilac> have another good week!
<Bynw> cya next week Kathrine
<Sedina> Have a good night, KK.
<KK> Yes, Shiral.
* Shiral sends KK a burst of inspiration
<JastaElf> NIGEL!  Hide the honey pots!!!!
<Shiral> Oh dear... Another pot for the story stove... <G>
<the_Bee> sleep well, write well, KK
<Shiral> What Bee Said, KK
<JastaElf> Bubble, bubble, toil and author.....  :-)
* KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodnight.
<JastaElf> night KK!
<Rebecca> night Katherine
*** Kosty has quit IRC (SENDQ exceeded )
* KK disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
<Shiral> Night KK, see you next week
<Mouse> Shouldn't put plot bunnies in a story stove
<Shiral> Then you get Plot Bunny Soup <G>
*** KK has quit IRC (QUIT:  )


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