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KK Chat - May 26, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:48:03 pm »
KK Chat - May 26, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
<Martine> Hi Katherine! Huggles!
<virtualbabe> Hi Katherine
<Sedina> Hi Katherine!
<Tika> hey KK :)
<Barticus> howdy KK!
<Shiral> Hello Katherine
<Madeleine> Hello, KK
<Wrengl> hi katherine
<Rebecca> Hi Katherine
<KK> And there they are!
<Helenmary> Hi KK.
<The_Bee> welcome KK :)
<Shiral> Welcome to the tipsy Chat <G>
<KK> The tipsy chat?  Hmmm....
<Wrengl> lol shiral
<Helenmary> Well, we did have some food before the drinks!
<Sedina> We're having a little bit of fun at Martine's house, KK
<Tika> Martine, just plan on getting some new keyboards tomorrow :)
<Shiral> Well, SOME of us are sober...
<Martine> Katherine - Wrengl, Sedina and i HAVE BEEN having margaritas in my back yard :-)
<Wrengl> How dare you call the three of us in NJ, TIPSY
<KK> Well, then.
<Martine> As evidenced by my inability to use the caps lock!
* Tika giggles
<Shiral> Easily, because I'm out of reach in California!
<KK> So, is it being a good Memorial Day weekend?
<JastaElf> Hi KK!
* Martine reaches through the chat room and bops Shiral with a kahlua bottle
<Wrengl> We also beta tested your peach cobbler recipe, katherine
<Sedina> LOL Martine
<Wrengl> yummy
<virtualbabe> we had ours last weekend
<Shiral> Didn't even feel it, Martine <G>
<KK> LOL.  How did it turn out?
<Martine> It was verra yummy topped with homemade cinnamon ice cream  :-)
<Sedina> Yes, the peach cobbler was very yummy.  Sinfully so, in fact
<Shiral> Aim for the MIDDLE shiral
<Tika> is it ready to be released to the public, Wrengl? :)
<Tika> after the beta test...
<The_Bee> middle shiral?  you mean there are 3 of her??
<Martine> Shiral, you would have felt the bop if you didn't drink all the kahlua afterward!
<Wrengl> yes it is ready for release, tika
<KK> Well, fortunately, it isn't <that> evil--nothing like the Chocolate Macadamia nut pudding.
<Shiral> Never touch Kahlua straight up...
<Martine> We had plenty of other evil, believe me.
<Helenmary> Oh, my!  THAT sounds good, KK!
<KK> After all, it's just fruit and a little flour/sugar, butter topping.
<Wrengl> indeed we did.
<Shiral> NOTHING is as evilly wonderful as the chocolate macademia Pudding.... <G>
<virtualbabe> chocolate is NOT evil
<Martine> brb... need to set Kathi up :-)
<Wrengl> And we still have an entire watermelon to eat
<Sedina> Oh, we had chocolate to munch on too.  I introduced these wonderful people to a regional delicacy from my town.  :)  Martine keeps telling me I'm evil
* Tika is going to let Bynw online now before he explodes
<KK> The Choc-Macademia recipe is on the website, and is past beta-testing.  Well into release.
<Shiral> No, but after that pudding, all one can do is sit in a digestive stupor for a while..
<Tika> can't have any exploding Bynws around...
<Tika> nice to "see" you all again!
<Shiral> Oh heck, Tika, Let him explode!
<Tika> LOL
<Shiral> We never get to talk to you!
<KK> Why would Bynw explode?
<Helenmary> I believe that Benjamin Franklin said that "Beer is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy" - I just think he really meant "chocolate" :)
<Tika> nah I like him too much :)
<Tika> 'cuz I'm chatting and he's not
<Tika> hehehehe
<JastaElf> Tika & Bynw have been married 6 months!!
<KK> Aha.
<JastaElf> Time flies....
<Tika> yup, as of Friday :)
<KK> Yike, it doesn't seem like 6 months!
<virtualbabe> conga-rats to the two of you
<Barticus> let him back in I need another guy in here
<Tika> thanks bunches all... cya!
<Shiral> He's lying on the floor thrashing in his duct tape bindings is he, Tika?
<Shiral> bye Tika, Huggles
*** Tika is now known as Bynw
<KK> Awww, is barticus the only guy?
<virtualbabe> later Tika
<Barticus> I think so
<Sedina> bye Tika
<KK> Ah, not now.  Hi, Bynw.
<Martine> back :-)
<Wrengl> tika that was quite a transformation!
<Barticus> not that it is bad thing
* Bynw frees himself from the duct tape and resumes control of the keyboard
<Shiral> LOL
<Sedina> wb Bynw
<The_Bee> yes, we're his harem
<Bynw> hiyas all
<Shiral> WB, Bynw
<Barticus> wb bynw
<JastaElf> Duct tape bindings... Bynw, is the camera working?
<Wrengl> hi bynw
<Martine> And he's so disappointed in the male/female ratio, too
<KK> Quite a harem, Bynw and Barticus.
<Bynw> nope Jasta
* virtualbabe giggles @ the thought of being part of a harem
<JastaElf> darn... :-)
<Bynw> not until we have everything of our own setup
<Wrengl> good sized harem they have
<KK> And all the way in canada, no less.  Hiyas, VB!
<JastaElf> ah, good point....
* Barticus has never had a harem before and wouldn't know what to do with one
* Bynw would
<KK> LOL, Barticus!
<Wrengl> lol barticus
* virtualbabe also wishes she could type better
<Martine> I'm sure you'd learn really fast, Bart <g>
<Sedina> LOL Bart
<Shiral> KK, How did the Writing go, this week?
<Martine> LOL, Bynw!
<KK> Ugh, don't ask.
<Shiral> Oops, sorry
<Wrengl> barticus, ask duck for instructions next time you see him
<Martine> Ooh.. That good, huh?
<KK> It's slooooow, right now.
<Wrengl> he constantly has a harem
<Barticus> oh I will
<Helenmary> Who is giving you trouble, Katherine?
<KK> But I did get a whole bunch of notes sorted out and sort of integrated, so hopefully I'll be charging ahead this week.
<Shiral> Bart, I have a feeling you'd figure out what to do with a Harem....eventually <G>
<Martine> Whoo hoo!
<KK> I think he would, too.  :-)
<Shiral> There are bound to be slow weeks now and then
* Barticus blushes
<KK> Yeah, I know.
<Martine> Just slap on a kilt, Bart. You'll have at least one member devotee, then!
<Bynw> Bart ... it is easy to figure out what to do with a harem of lovely ladies
<Wrengl> hope you can charge the computer and make the story run!
<JastaElf> Bart, harems LOVE guys that blush...  :-)
* Martine ducks, considering Sedina actually CAN throw pottery at her today.
<Sedina> You just want to see my real reaction to a kilt that's all, Martine...  *lol*
<Bynw> LOL Martine
<Wrengl> lol martine
* Barticus where can I buy a kilt
<Shiral> And a blushing guy in a kilt would score big...
* Sedina wonders what she can toss at Martine from Kelson's desk...
<virtualbabe> in a kilt store Bart
<Wrengl> only saw uniforms yesterday.  NO kilts tho
<Shiral> Just go weave a kilt, Bart <G>
<KK> BTW, I played with that first DR chapter this evening.  It has evil tab embedded in it that seem to require each paragraph to have the Word commands tweaked.  I need to send you my default settings, so's you can work with those.
* Martine hopes Sedina doesn't see the crockery on Kelson's top shelf.
<Wrengl> just as long as sedina does not sent the enterprise to attack martine!
<Sedina> Ooo...crockery.  :-)
<Wrengl> I am in the middle
<JastaElf> Evil Tab... diet drink that controls you??  :-)
<Helenmary> Couldn't you just find and replace for the tab, KK?
<Martine> Oooh! Human shield!
<Shiral> You may find that a few commands need tweaking, KK
<Sedina> Just because you don't want to get a concussion, Pat
<Helenmary> LOL, Jasta!
<KK> Evil tabs that march arcoss the top of the page and mess up the format.
<KK> And just pasting her file into my format doesn't seem to do it. Word can be squirrely.
<Wrengl> As long as you don't drink the Tab Katherine!
<Sedina> lol
<Martine> Katherine - when pasting, try Edit/Paste Special
<virtualbabe> Word IS after all a Micro$oft product
<Martine> Then select the "text only" format
<Shiral> I did struggle somewhat with the tabs while formatting
* JastaElf can't drink Tab any more since the operation. :-( The fake sugar tastes too weird...
<Martine> That will strip all Word formatting
<KK> I dont drink Tab.  I don't drink any diet drink.  In fact, I don't really drink soft drinks very often.
<Martine> Well, how about another Margarita, then?
* Bynw drinks PEPSI
<Wrengl> yum margaritas
* Barticus just found a new drink recently vanilla Coke
<Sedina> Ack...not Peeps!
* Shiral hands Bynw a nice big bottle of Pepsi
* JastaElf drinks Code Red Mt. Dew
<Sedina> Bart - that's actually pretty tasty, and I don't even like Coke
<KK> Thanks, Martine, I'll try that.  You may hear more from me later in the week, as I wrestle with it.
<Martine> Sedina and I tried that yesterday, Bart - in Manhattan
* Wrengl drinks diet pepsi, but doesn't have a choice. Gotta drink the fake stuff
<Shiral> I hope it won't drive you too nuts, KK
<Martine> Okay, Katherine! Thanks! :-)
<Barticus> I can only get it in 20 oz containers
<Martine> Later in the week, I may be recovered from my Sedina Takes NYC weekend :-)
<virtualbabe> Katherine, i was reading about your ghosts, and something occured to me
<KK> I do like Dr. Pepper, but can't really get it easily over here.
<Sedina> Hey, I'm thinking I'm going to get back to North Dakota and be comatose for a couple of days or so.
<KK> What about the ghosts, VB?
<virtualbabe> do they read your writing, and if so what do they think of it
<KK> I don't know if they read it or not.  St. Camber was reading over my shoulder one night, though--though I don't know if he exactly qualifies as a ghost.
* Shiral is glad St. Camber doesn't read over MY shoulder. I'd be way too intimidated to type!
<JastaElf> :-) Right.  No pressure....
<Martine> Try having DHUGAL read over your shoulder, Shiral. Most distracting.
<Shiral> "Just pretend I'm not here..."
<Wrengl> If you do not see them, would they even bother with you
<virtualbabe> or nigel haldane
* Sedina smiles innocently
<JastaElf> Ain't nothin' compared to Nigel and Duke Richard...  :-)
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Nigel Haldane?"
<Shiral> What makes you think Dhugal never did, Martine? <EG>
<Martine> Or Duncan...
<Wrengl> Shiral, watch out that kelric doesn't annoint your computer with honey
<KK> Wrengl, I have no idea.
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Duncan McLain?"
<Shiral> I inspect it for honey every morning, Pat <G>
*** Sedina is now known as K
<K> ack
<KK> It <was> rather interesting to get an e-mail today from Duncan McLain, though.  :-)
*** K is now known as Sedina
* JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Duncan McLain?"
<Shiral> Tee hee!
<Sedina> Don't ask me how that happened...silly Mac
<The_Bee> ?? KK
<Shiral> I hoped you'd find it amusing, KK
<KK> Yes, Bee?
<The_Bee> about email
<KK> Well, it seems that Duncan now has a hotmail account.  :-)
<Bynw> Martine just has MACs?
<KK> Or was it yahoo?
<The_Bee> and will we ever meet Jehana's family?
<Shiral> Dhugal made him do it KK <G>
<Sedina> No...but Kelson does
<JastaElf> It's hotmail.
<Martine> Bynw - two XP boxes. Hubby has the mac
<Wrengl> no.  one computer is a mac
<JastaElf> Nigel has one too.  :-)
<Shiral>  Said it was about time his father joined the 12th century
<Martine> Though I'm currently on an annoying work laptop.
<Bynw> ah
<JastaElf> He lets Meraude use it.
<KK> Some of them, Bee.
<Wrengl> the other three are not.  We thought Kathi might sign on to chat also
<Shiral> Meraude has been busy with the kids, lately
<JastaElf> Oh good.  :-)
<Barticus> isn't there another nigel kid on the way
<Shiral> But she may return to e-mailing   one day...
<JastaElf> :-) I like the way you put that, Bart....
<Sedina> lol Jasta
<Shiral> Around here, they call me "Kid Nigel"
<Martine> a "Nigelet" ? <g>
<JastaElf> <--likes Nigel kids.  Heck, I just like NIGEL!  :-)
<Helenmary> LOL, Martine!!
<Shiral> We're Shocked,  SHOCKED to know you like Nigel, Jasta
<Wrengl> LOL shiral
<Martine>  Well, if you can't get the original, Jasta, may as well try for a copy <g>
<KK> Just a sec--Cameron has just called.
<Wrengl> How could anyone think Jasta liked Nigel
<Shiral> Beats me, Pat
<Sedina> I haven't a clue, pat
<JastaElf> ME???  Like NIGEL???  Nah.  ;-)
<Sedina> It's just like people thinking that I have a thing for kilts
* JastaElf wonders why her nose is growing...
<Martine> Hmmm... it might be the Carthmoor arms Jasta's currently draped in.
<virtualbabe> next thing you will tell us is that some of you like alaric morgan
* Barticus wonders if he should get a kilt
<Martine> Or Kelson :-)
<Shiral> Jasta would LOVE to be draped in Carhtmoor arms... <G>
<Sedina> LOL Bart...   
<Wrengl> You  DO  have a thing for kilts, sedina.  Don't even try to deny it!
<JastaElf> Oh yeah baby....
<virtualbabe> every guy should have one Bart.   
<Shiral> Nice, strong muscular Carthmoor arms, too.... <G>
* Sedina does her best to smile innocently but is laughing too hard to pull it off
<Martine> She's even been sleeping under my wool plaid blanket the past few nights.
<Wrengl> All depends on the legs, vb
* JastaElf sighs happily at the thought of strong, muscular Carthmoor arms.... :-)
<Martine> Don't ask me what kind of things she's been talking about in her sleep.... <bg> <duck>
<Barticus> isn't it sort of drafty though
<Wrengl> some guys should never even think of wearing a kilt
<Sedina> Remember, Martine, I have crockery  :)
<Shiral> They can catch you if you lose your balance, Jasta <G>
<virtualbabe> not really, only in the dead of winter
<Martine> Uh oh! No, please! <smash> Ow!
<JastaElf> Why yes, Shiral... a thing that is happening with appalling regularity these days...  ;-)
<Wrengl> lol sedina
<Shiral> You need Nigel to follow you around and steady you
<Sedina> Bart - it all depends on if you were them the way they're meant to be worn.  A lot of guys actually will wear shorts/boxers underneath
<Wrengl> Yow!  that just missed my head!
<Shiral> Especially after Code Red Slurpees...
<Shiral> LOL, Pat
<Helenmary> Lordy, you folks up in NJ are a rowdy bunch :)
<Sedina> LOL!  I'll try harder next time, Pat
<JastaElf> Oh, twist my arm.  Being followed about by a drop-dead gorgeous elder Haldane male...
<Shiral> If I twisted your arm, you'd probably fall over right now!
* Barticus ponders to wear or not wear
<Martine> Wanna come join us, Helenmary? <g>
* JastaElf looks around for Nigel....
<Shiral> Which would of course, necessitate Nigel's rushing in to catch you
<JastaElf> Well, I'll have a slurpie and turn my head, that should do it....
<Sedina> Come...join us.  We're an insane bunch.  :)
<Helenmary> Sounds fun!
<Shiral> Since you WILL insist on walking around the castle ramparts not looking where you're going even when feeling light-headed!
<Wrengl> Jasta:  I found a source of the wine I had at Darkover!
<Martine> I don't have everclear, Jasta, but you can have tequila for your slurpie!
*** KK has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
<JastaElf> Pat: really???  Where!!
<Sedina> ack!!!
<JastaElf> Eeep!  KK go byebye!
<Sedina> Bad Peer
<Shiral> Ackk....ARg...
<Martine> DOUBLE ACK!
<Bynw> ACK
<virtualbabe> Peer got Katherine!!!!!!!!
<Martine> And I don't have my peer shortcut here!
* Barticus feels sorry for the poor pizza delivery kid that shows up, that looks like a haldane
<Helenmary> Slap that peer silly!
* The_Bee swarms angrily after peer
<Shiral> LOL, Barticus
* Martine slaps peer silly with her riding crop
<Sedina> lol Bart
*** Madeleine has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
* Barticus bombards peer with mashed potaoes and gravy
* JastaElf ponders how yummy tequila would be with Code Red Slurpie... and grins evilly.
* virtualbabe pelts peer with a plateful of Petrified Peeps
<Wrengl> Up here in NY.  Found a liquor store that stocks it
<Martine> Or would you prefer Peach scnapps, Jasta?
<JastaElf> Actually, that would be yummy too... peach schnapps and
cherry Mt. Dew...
* Martine passes Jasta the peach schnapps
* JastaElf grins and takes the bottle
<Helenmary> Wrengl, I keep meaning to ask you, is Magners cider by Bulmers the same as Bulmers cider?
* virtualbabe tried pepperming schnapps and hot chocolate one time
<Martine> that's yummy.
<Barticus> what started this drinking binge anyway?
<Martine> So is irish cream and hot cocoa
<Wrengl> Have not seen magners but it should be sililar
<Martine> When Sedina, Pat, and Kathi decided to come over to my house and have a barbecue, Bart!
* The_Bee is drinking coffee w. chocolate & whiskey
<Barticus> oh boy
<Martine> Margaritas have been a-pouring since :-)
<Helenmary> I'll keep looking for the Bulmers, too, then.
<Wrengl> I prefer godiva liquor in my hot chocolate
<Barticus> what did you cook?
* JastaElf likes Jaegermeister and vodka...
<virtualbabe> is that the stuff in the topless bottle?
*** Kelos_al-Hazar has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> Pat and Kathi brought yummy marinated chicken breasts
<Helenmary> Ketel One vodka?
<The_Bee> hi kelos
<Jessie> hello Kelos
* Barticus likes his Jaegermeister chilled
<Helenmary> hi Kelos
<Martine> Tabouli, hummus, and babaganoush and spinach pastries
<Barticus> howdy kelos
<Sedina> They exposed me to various Mediterranean cuisine.  Very yummy
<JastaElf> hey Kelos
<Shiral> Hi Kelos
<Martine> And I added salad, stuffed grape leaves, peach cobbler, and
homemade cinnamon ice cream.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Hi, everyone! :)
<Sedina> Hi Kelos
<Wrengl> Helenmary, try the one you found.  It should be similar
<virtualbabe> Hi kelos.
<Wrengl> hi kelos
* Bynw uses his jedi mind trick to make sure everyone comes to the Midwest Deryni Fan Gathering in July
<Martine> Sedina made the ice cream, actually <g>
<Kelos_al-Hazar> JUST got back from a client's house...made $46.80...  :)
<Martine> Hi Kelos.
<Barticus> the spinach pasteries I recognized
<Helenmary> I did, Pat, and it WAS good.  I just figured if there is a difference I will still keep an eye out for the real stuff.
* The_Bee congrats Kelos
<Barticus> awesome Kelos
<virtualbabe> were those spinach pastreys the proper spanakopita?
<Wrengl> Helenmary, I think the differences are kinda subtle.
<Martine> Not quite, vb, but they were better :-) 
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Wish I could, Bynw...truly I do... but I can't...not and have a breath of a chance of getting to Darkover, too.
<Barticus> hey all I need to get going
* JastaElf thinks of the mention of spanikopita in "Carmen Miranda's Ghost" and grins like an idiot....)
<Barticus> I'll drink some coffee for you ladies
<Shiral> Bye, Bart!
<Helenmary> I don't know - I can taste a lot of differences in the various Woodchuck brews...
<Shiral> Huggles
<virtualbabe> I'm pretty sure darkover's out for me this year, but I'm planning right now for '03
<The_Bee> for me, Darkover is still a distant dream :(
<Martine> BYE, bART!
<Martine> Huggles!
<Martine> Silly caps lock
<Wrengl> Probably vb they came from a lebanese deli.  She is a verra good cook.
<The_Bee> bye Bart
*** Kelos_al-Hazar has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
* Barticus steps onto his portal waves ashe disappears to the kilt store
<Helenmary> see ya, Bart
<Sedina> Bye Bart
*** Barticus has left #Deryni_Destinations
<Bynw> see ya bart
* The_Bee stings peer up the wazoo
* Sedina giggles
<Wrengl> nuts missed him!
<Helenmary> I wonder which tarten he'll come back with?
<Martine> Methinks Sedina will be dumping her new fleet week sailor soon! <g>
<DeryniBot> Peer is not being nice today ... must have a chat with him later
* virtualbabe has seen the gay tartan
<Helenmary> Gay tartan?!?
<virtualbabe> very brightly coloured including several pinks
<Sedina> Hey, I was good yesterday!
<virtualbabe> I wish i still had that URL for it
*** Kelos_al-Hazar has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<The_Bee> twell, the Gordon clan used to be called the Gay Gordons....:)
<Wrengl> I thought lavender would be in that one, vb
<virtualbabe> I don't think they meant it in the same way
<Kelos_al-Hazar> What the heck just happened?
<JastaElf> There's a wonderful Scottish Country dance called the Gay Gordon.  VERY fun dance to do.
* Kelos_al-Hazar feels VERY puzzled
<JastaElf> You got peered, Kelos
* Martine hums... "those eyes, they were a-roving...." when they weren't trying to figure out how to avoid getting lost
<virtualbabe> you got peered kelos
<Wrengl> The tour guide on the Circle Line tour even welcomed Sedina to New York!
<The_Bee> you got peered, kelos
<The_Bee> and KK is still missing
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Oddest reaction (by mIRC) to it!
<Sedina> My eyes were permanently fixed on the back of your curly head so that I didn't end up going "where in the world am I at?"
<Helenmary> I think Cameron called right before she got peered so she may still be on with him.
<Shiral> Probably HM
<Sedina> yes, I was welcomed as "Miss Fraser from North Dakota"
<Wrengl> Kathi and I cooked that one up
<JastaElf> Cam may have gotten the cool job in LA he was hoping for. <fingers crossed>
<JastaElf> Cameron is SUCH a neat person.  A lot like his Dad, and yet very much a Cameron too.  NEAT people.
<Shiral> But.... WHY couldn't have called tomorrow morning, instead??
* Shiral pouts
<Wrengl> Sedina even got a complimentary picture of the five of us before we boarded the boat
* Martine crosses her fingers for Cameron too
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Felt weird to be singing the national anthem of Great Britain in church this morning...
* Sedina crosses her fingers and toes for Cameron
<Helenmary> My younger dog just came in to try to convince me to come feed them, though why she thinks that dropping her tennis ball in my garbage can will work I just don't know...
* Shiral crosses her fingers for Cameron
<virtualbabe> why were you singing the national anthem of Great Britain in church Kelos?
<JastaElf> It's a hymn tune used in many places. Including "America"... and it is memorial Day weekend...  :-)
<Helenmary> "My Country 'tis of Thee"?
<JastaElf> Our church did it too, but someone else had to preach.  :-( I was stuck in bed, dammit.  :-)
<JastaElf> Oh wait, yes, My Country Tis of Thee, you're right...
<Sedina> When do you get off bedrest, Jasta?
<virtualbabe> ?me slaps her forhead, she just had a major blonde moment
<Kelos_al-Hazar> 1. Memorial Day. 2. We had a British preacher. 3. My church's pastor wanted us to do it.
<Helenmary> I had to start singing it before I realized it wasn't America, too.
* Bynw wonders if KK will be returning
<Wrengl> Jasta I thought you were getting off bedrest last week some time
<JastaElf> I can get out of bed tomorrow and see how it goes.  But so far, every time I change the angle of my head, the room frickin' SPINS.  Oy...
<JastaElf> I was, Pat, but the flooding and haemorrhaging began again and I went back in hospital.  :-(
<Sedina> ack, Jasta...  *huggles*
<Martine> It's a free roller coaster ride, Jasta!
<Martine> Ack!
<Helenmary> Vey!  Very frustrating!
<JastaElf> yup.  Ick...  :-)
* Martine sends huggles and prayers
<The_Bee> curious: what is your illness, Jasta?  still post-surgery?
<Wrengl> this is not a good thing Jasta.
<Shiral> Definitely not
<Wrengl> sounds like something needs to be cauterized
* virtualbabe sends white angel light towards jasta for healing
* Shiral just cuts to the chase and Sends Duncan to Jasta
* Wrengl sends healing vibes towards jasta
* The_Bee summons rhys Thuryn to Jasta's side
* Martine sends Nigel after Duncan to cheer Jasta up
<Sedina> lol Martine
<JastaElf> They're not sure what it is, tho all prayers are welcome! I'm bleeding by quarts from "down below" (sorry guys, it's a female thing) and they're putting me in and out of hospital.
<Helenmary> That's right, Bee, call in the professional! :)
<JastaElf> ooo, Rhys AND Duncan AND Nigel!!  :-)
<Bynw> only 1 guy in here right now
* virtualbabe understands about "female things"
<JastaElf> :-)
* Shiral tosses in Meraude to listen about "Female troubles."
<Helenmary> Female troubles, you mean Jehanna?
<JastaElf> SNICKER!!!
<Shiral> Her too, if Jasta wants to put up with angst <G>
<virtualbabe> I think most of the angst is gone from her, now that she's dating Barrett
<The_Bee> no worries.  Barrett is with her
<Shiral> Who knew an old bald guy would have better luck with her than Brion? <G>
<virtualbabe> hey, some old bald guys are pretty sexy
* Martine will not say what popped into mind at Shiral's comment
<Bynw> do do do
<Sedina> uh-huh, Martine...  *lol
<Wrengl> maybe because the old blind guy sort of snuck up on her unawares
<The_Bee> and he was nonthreatening
<Shiral> Possibly, Bee
<Shiral> Low expectations, but hey, he's kind of nice....
<Helenmary> Jean-Luc Picard manages to do all right...
<Shiral> Who needs thick black hair and grey eyes with long dark lashes....?
<Martine>  ME!
<JastaElf> I DO.  :-) Attached to the Royal Duke.
<Shiral> Okay, so silly analogy....<G>
<Bynw> some people just need kilts
<Wrengl> go jasta
<Martine> You take the duke. I'll have a dash of king <g>
<Wrengl>  lol martine
<Shiral> Martine is ambitious
<Martine> More precisely, a stuffed kilt
<Martine> Go for the top, baby! <g>
* Wrengl thinks the laughing really is out loud!
<Bynw> stuffed?  how do you stuff a kilt Martine?
<Martine> I'm always in for a good challenge.
<Sedina> No...remember, as Kathi says, it's not kilt "stuffing", it's kilt "lining"
<virtualbabe> Go right ahead martine.  I'll volunteer to comfort Araxie
<The_Bee> sage stuffing or mushroom?
<Martine> With a hunky Scotsman, Bynw
<JastaElf> :-) I just want my Nigel.  Tho I do love Meraude dearly too.  Just... not THAT way.  ;-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> "Warning: Dates in calendar are closer than they appear." 
<Martine> Oh, sorry. A lined kilt!
<Shiral> LOL, Jasta
<Wrengl> oyster stuffing bee 
<Shiral> COULD have a threesome, I suppose...
* Martine tosses Araxie to vb and heads straight for Kelson
*** Sedina is now known as K I L T S
<Wrengl> lol martine
<K I L T S> Hey dammit!!!
<Martine> Nice, Bynw! <g>
<Helenmary> Oh well. We've progressed to loud whimpering downstairs near the dog bowls.  I think I had best be off to feed the beasties.
See you all soon!
<Wrengl> Welcome KILTS!
<Shiral> Sneaky Bynw....<G>
<Wrengl> good work bynw
<Rebecca> bye Helenmary
<Bynw> moi?
<Martine> Look out! Kilts have entered the area!
* K I L T S bops Bynw repeatedly...and then moves over to Martine and
Pat and does the same
* Bynw didnt do anything
<JastaElf> bye Helenmary!!
<Wrengl> Night helenmary
<Martine> Ow!
<Bynw> cya Helenmary
<Jessie> bye Helenmary
<Shiral> Bye Helenmary
<Shiral> Huggles
<The_Bee> bye HM
<K I L T S> bye Helenmary
<Martine> Bye Helenmary
*** Helenmary has quit IRC (QUIT: leap out of her Jedi speeder and down to the dog food... )
<virtualbabe> Later HM
<Martine> you know, Sedina, Kelson's gonna get annoyed that you're destroying his hand-thrown pottery :-)
<Shiral> So THAT's what Kelson's been doing over at your place
<Bynw> she's just hand throwing it
<K I L T S> I thought you were busy distracting Kelson, Martine...  he shouldn't notice such things
<Wrengl> Watch out sedina
<Shiral> He got tired of Kinging it, and took up crafts??
<Martine> I can only distract Kelson so long, you see
<virtualbabe> Hey even Kings need a hobby
<Martine> Well, his physician told him he needed to find a relaxing hobby.
<Bynw> KK is back
<The_Bee> no just throwing Martine
<Martine> Whoo hoo1
<Shiral> Excellent
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
<Bynw> WB Katherine
<K I L T S> wb KK
<Martine> wb, KK!
<Shiral> WB, KK
<Jessie> wb Katherine
*** K I L T S is now known as Sedina
<Wrengl> Yup.  Kelson's Kingly Krafts as they are known in Gywnnedd
<JastaElf> WB KK!  How's Cameron??
<The_Bee> any good news from Cameron?
<Shiral> LOL, Pat
* virtualbabe tried to throw pottery once by a wheel, ended up making plates
<KK> Hi, guys.  It was my kid on the line, his nickel.
<Wrengl> wb kk
* Sedina sticks her toungue out at Bynw
<JastaElf> Any word on The Job??
<Shiral> I tried throwing pottery on the wheel, it stuck to the wall
<KK> Everything is fine.  Yeah, it's still sounding good.  He says hello, Jasta.
<JastaElf> Aww, bless his heart... much love to him!!
<Martine> Shiral - John/Kelson's pottery is decidedly LEANING.
<Shiral> <G>
<Martine> The leaning mug of pisa, the leaning vase of pisa, etc.
* Bynw sticks his tongue out at KILTS/Sedina
<Wrengl> When will he know definitely Katherine?
<Sedina> Yeah, but that doesn't matter when I start tossing it
<KK> He's setting up the computer he gave his grandmother for mother's day, updating stuff off the internet.
<Shiral> I do better with the two dimensional stuff myself
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings, Lady Katherine! The arm is MUCH better this weekend..
*** Sedina is now known as K I L T S
* K I L T S punts her "cousin" in the butt
<Wrengl> Bynw gotcha again!
<Martine> Double whammy, Bynw. Excellent ;-)
<KK> They hope to have him aboard as a consultant in the next couple of weeks,and hire him full status as of July 1.
<Shiral> What a pity you don't live on a hillside, Martine <G>
<Martine> Whoo hoo!
<JastaElf> Oh, that would SO rock!!
<Martine> Oh, but I do, Shiral!
<virtualbabe> sounds promising Katherine
<Wrengl> Verra good katherine.  Wish him luck
<K I L T S> Excuse me, I think I need to walk around the desk and torture Pat and Martine for laughing so hard at me
<Shiral> COol! Congratulations to Cameron and Good luck to him, also
<Wrengl> lol
<Martine> Yes! Good luck!
<KK> He'll be doing router configuration, whatever that is, and security for the County of Los Angeles.  8th largest system in the US, I think.
<Bynw> cameron should learn about mIRC so he can chat here too
* Wrengl looks up innocently and wonders why Sedina wants to attack her
<K I L T S> Don't even try that look, Pat!
* Martine hides behind Wrengl, thinking human shields have their uses
<KK> I'm sure he knows about it, but I don't think this is his thing.
<Wrengl> Hmm.  not fair sedina
* virtualbabe is having problems figuring out a router for a home network
<Kelos_al-Hazar> If anyone wants Microsoft Office, but doesn't have the $$$ for it, try SOT Office ( is all but identical, and can use MSOffice files.
<K I L T S> Send him our best of luck, KK
<Wrengl> I'm simply sitting here typing.  all innocent like
<KK> Anyway, he gave her a Mac he cobbled together from bits and pieces.  Now she'll be able to do genealogy on the internet.
<JastaElf> Cool!
<Martine> Neat!
<K I L T S> That's very cool, KK
<Shiral> What a nice Grandson
<Shiral> <G>
<Wrengl> Neat katherine
<KK> Yeah, it was a long slog, but he apparently aced the exam--95.5%, and set a new curve.
<Martine> Good for him!
<JastaElf> WOW, that's a boy!!!!
* virtualbabe is impressed
<Shiral> Good for Cameron!
<K I L T S> Wow!  Very impressive
<KK> He's talking about moving to Pasadena and commuting to UCLA.
<Shiral> Hope he likes to drive....
<Wrengl> looking for a masters?
<KK> Plans to be there for a couple of years and get qualifications up the kazoo, then move on to the next big thing.
<The_Bee> in rush hour traffic
<KK> He loves to drive.  Cars are his passion.
<KK> I think he can avoid rush hour traffic.
<JastaElf> Not at all like his Dad....  ;-)
<Wrengl> before or after computers
<Shiral> He should be in Heaven, then <G>
<KK> Far worse than his dad, though his tastes aren't as refined. He's mad for French cars.
* JastaElf falls over in a dead faint at the concept of French cars...
<Wrengl> lol jasta
<KK> Yeah, he's driving a Peugeot right now.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Contradiction, isn't it? :p
<Bynw> the French have cars?
<Shiral> Now Jasta, Nigel didn't have time to catch you!
<Martine> I prefer the Italian type myself - Ferrari, Lambourghini...  <g>
<Bynw> i thought the only thing good to drive in France was a tank :-)
<virtualbabe> I believe there is one french car that is even called the lemon
<JastaElf> ANYTHING good mixed with French just is so wrong, except food and wine.  :-)  Well, and maybe SOME architecture.
<Wrengl> Thought you would be more interested in german cars   
<JastaElf> German ANYTHING rocks.  But then I might be a tad prejudiced.  ;-)
<KK> Well, we used to have a wonderful little 2CV.  In fact, we rented one on our wedding trip and drove all over the Scottish Highlands in it.  Actually had to get out and push it up a hill once.
<Bynw> nothing like that great german craftsmanship huh Jasta!
<K I L T S> lol KK
<Shiral> Very romantic, KK <G>
<Martine> LOL, KK!
<Martine> "You look so good covered in road dust!"
<JastaElf> Ay-men, Bynw...  :-)
<Wrengl> you prejudiced jasta
<KK> Well, they don't have very big engines, and there were 3 of us plus luggage, and it was a steep hill.  But the little red 2 CV was adorable.
<The_Bee> KK do you hear confession in chatrooms?
* virtualbabe has a vision of that car, looking up the hill and saying, "You've got to be kidding"
<Shiral> Three? on a HONEYMOON????
<KK> And we had one here that always made people smile when it went by.  2 CV's aren't at all aggressive.
<KK> Well, Cameron was 9, after all.
<Shiral> Ah, I see
<Shiral> I did kind of wonder......  ;o)
<KK> And we had the first 2 weeks to ourselves, then had Scott's mom put him on a plane to join us for 3 weeks of family holiday.  Real bonding time.
<Shiral> You must have had a blast <G>
<Martine> brb...
<JastaElf> we had 12 on our honeymoon.  ;-) Went to Monterey on a business trip with Jim's office clutch.  ;-)
* Shiral won't comment.....
<Martine> Back :-)
<KK> We did.  I shall never forget taking Cameron to Beaumaris Castle and having heart failure as he raced along the edge of high parapets as only 9-year-olds can do, who are convinced they are immortal.
<Bynw> Front
* JastaElf won't comment either. :-)
<The_Bee> sideways
<Wrengl> center
<Shiral> Well, he did grow up to get 95% on his exam, so maybe he was right, KK <G>
<Martine> Left of center
<K I L T S> lopsided
<Shiral> Upside down and backwards
<Martine> Leaning
<The_Bee> akimbo
<Shiral> Listing to port
<KK> Maybe.  And he survived his altercation with black ice.
<KK> But the Capri didn't.
<Shiral> Ouch...
<The_Bee> when was this?
<KK> Oh, about 8 years ago.  Broke both ankles, cracked his knee and his nose.
<Martine> Very ouch
<Shiral> Yikes...
<Martine> Oooh. Very ouch
<K I L T S> yikes
<virtualbabe> ouchers
<Bynw> ouch
<KK> Yep, when I saw the remains of the car afterward, I actually got queasy.  He easily could have been killed.
<Shiral> Not something that would be fun to hear about over the phone
<KK> Which we did.  In New York.
<Martine> Can I say ouch again?
<Shiral> So, when he was back on his feet, did Scott break his neck for giving you the scare?
<KK> Fortunately, we were already scheduled to fly home the next afternoon, and he was ok in hospital, nothing else we could have done if we'd been home at the time.
<KK> No, Scott just suffered having his own no claims bonus banjaxed for the next 5 years, because Cameron had been on his policy.
<KK> As a consequence, CAM has never been allowed to drive my car, because someone in the family has to keep their no claims bonus or no one can afford to drive.
* virtualbabe thinks, the Joys of Parenthood
<Shiral> Owie
<Shiral> owie owie
<KK> Yes, it was not a happy episode.
<Martine> You know, all the stories I've heard in the past two weeks, I'm getting scared to have kids! ;-)
<Shiral> For anybody
<Shiral> Just bring the kid up in a hermetically sealed jar, Martine <G>
<Martine> Lock him/her in the crib for thirty years?
* virtualbabe would still like to have a family. She thinks she'd be a pretty good mom
* K I L T S will stick with having her "children" be of the furry variety
<KK> In all fairness to Cameron, it was too early to expect black ice--and there were actually two patches, the first of which he had successfully navigated when he hit the second.  And they hadn't been drinking, and they weren't speeding.
* Wrengl would stay with only fur children also
<Shiral> That's it, I'm taking the cat's driver's licence away from him...
<KK> I really do think boys must be more difficult than girls.  And since I had no brothers, I really didn't know what to expect.
* The_Bee would like a fur child
<Wrengl> although the meow mafia can get into enough trouble
<virtualbabe> I would too Bee, but My apt rules are no pets
<Martine> I had no brothers either, Katherine.
<Wrengl> Shiral, I thought you did that months ago, you threatened it back then
<KK> Anyway, it was good to hear from Mr. Crumz.
<Shiral> Well, he promised to be good, Pat <G>
<Martine> :-)
<K I L T S> Hey, I don't even let my fur children near the car. They're hard enough on things in the apartment (including me).  :)
<Shiral> I have two brothers, but I can't remember that they were particularly difficult
<Bynw> lol
<Shiral> Of course, I'm not my mom
<Shiral> He was always out going joy riding around the neighborhood...
*** K I L T S is now known as Sedina
<Bynw> dang it
<Sedina> Okay...back to my real name (so long as Bynw leaves it that way)
<Martine> LOL!
<Wrengl> how long before your nick is changed this time sedina?
<Martine> I give it fifteen seconds
<Bynw> why would i change it?  how would i change it?   
<Sedina> Don't give him any more encouragement
* Bynw is innocent
*** virtualbabe is now known as Debbie_vb
<The_Bee> speaking of felines:  KK, when I first read about Nigel's "crescent-charged lion," I envisioned a lion standing on a crescent, like a rocking-horse on its rockers
<Sedina> Ha
<Shiral> LOL
<KK> Why do Jasta and the Logbot have a plus sign?
<Shiral> A rocking Lion
<JastaElf> Grin....
<JastaElf> cuz I'm holy.  :-)
<Shiral> 'cause she has a Tale
<Bynw> LogBot has a + to make sure it's just noticed
<Martine> The Haldane Lion got into my margaritas?
<KK> You, I understand.  But the Logbot?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Hmmmm...interesting factoid: "The average computer user blinks seven times a minute."
<Bynw> Jasta has one cause she is part of the DT group
<Sedina> lol Martine
<KK> And the Logbot?
<Debbie_vb> ????? the DT group???????   
<Kelos_al-Hazar> "DT" group?
<Sedina> DT group?
<Wrengl>  dt group???
<Martine> dt?
<JastaElf> Deryni Tales
<Shiral> Delirium Tremens
<Sedina> lol Shiral
<Martine> LOL, Shiral
<Debbie_vb> that's what i thought shiral
<Wrengl> lol shiral
<Shiral> AND Deryni Tales, too
<KK> And what's the difference between the Logbot and the Derynibot?
<Bynw> logbot is just so it stands out in the crowd
<Shiral> By the way, Hygilac said hello, to you Katherine
<KK> But what does it <do>?
<Bynw> DeryniBot can't log the chat :-)
<Shiral> SHe has houseguests this weekend
<Bynw> LogBot makes a log of the chat for the stats page
<KK> Ah.  OK.
<KK> And how about the Derynibot?
<Wrengl>  relatives actually
<KK> At Linda's, or the Derynibot and the Logbot?
<KK> (I love these crossed conversations.)
<Wrengl> linda's relatives
<Shiral> Derynibot is a relative of Linda's
<Bynw> DeryniBot makes announcements when you first come into the chat and can make you an @god if required
<Sedina> Katherine - Deryni
<Sedina> ack...silly keyboard
<KK> OK.  Finally.  :-)
<Bynw>  Channel Stats at:
<Wrengl> too many margaritas, huh, sedina.  Not enough Men in Kilts
*** Sedina is now known as K I L T S
<Martine> Alright, Bynw!!!
<Wrengl> lol
*** duck has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Bynw> hiyas Duck!
<Shiral> Hello Duck
<Martine> Huggles, duck!
* K I L T S must make a trip to Iowa and have a "chat" with Bynw
<Wrengl> way to go bynw
<K I L T S> Hi Duck!
<KK> And there's the Duck!
<The_Bee> Quackeroo!
<Wrengl>  hi duck!
<Bynw> K I L T S, you can do that in July
<duck> g'day people
<JastaElf> DUCKERS!!!!
<Debbie_vb> Gd'Quack Donald
<Martine> Wanna join the NJ Deryni Drink-a-thon :-)
<Wrengl>  we send you cheers from Margaritaville, New Jersey
<duck> depends on what you're drinking
<The_Bee> what AREN'T they drinking??
<K I L T S> pbbbbt, Bynw
<Wrengl> Margaritas and that wine we had at Darkover
<Martine> Let's see - margaritas, kahlua thingies, peach schnapp
thingies, wine, beer....
<KK> Whoops!  I hear Scott's car pulling up out front, and he doesn't have his key, so I'd better go.  Besides, it's past pumpkintime.  See you guys next week.
<duck> didn't anyone tell you mixing drinks is a bad idea
<Shiral> Night, KK!
<Martine> Good night, KK!
<Martine> Huggles!
<Bynw> cya Katherine
<Shiral> Hope the writing goes better this week
<Bynw> have a good night
<Wrengl> cya katherine
<The_Bee> good week , KK
<Martine> Happy writing :-)
<K I L T S> Take care, KK!  Have a good writing week
<Shiral> I'll keep sending you those chapters, this week
<Debbie_vb> Sweet dreams Katherine, and thanks again  for the recipe
<K I L T S> Bynw - at this point we don't much mind.  :)
<Wrengl> pleasant dreams and good writing next week
<Kelos_al-Hazar>'re more likely to get killed by a flying champagne cork than by a bite from a poisonous spider.
* Shiral sends KK a blast of inspiration
* KK steps onto her Portal and disappears in a shover of green sparkles.
<JastaElf> Night KK!
<Shiral> Bye!
<Jessie> night Katherine
<Martine> Thanks for the recipe, Katherine!
<Martine> We all enjoyed it :-)
*** KK has quit IRC (QUIT:  )


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