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KK Chat - May 5, 2002
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:46:35 pm »
KK Chat - May 5, 2002

*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
<Martine> Hi KK!
<hygilac> hi KK
<Shiral> Hello Katherine
<Jessie> hello Katherine
<VirtualBabe> Hi katherine
* scribbler sends greetings to KK
<Sedina> Hi Katherine
<kolfax> there are a million questions I would love to see from the Codex
<jm> Hi Katherine
<KK> Hello, all!
<wrengl> Codex was also supposed to be published in a regular edition.
<The_Bee> You made it KK!
<kolfax> Hello Katherine
<wrengl> Hi Katherine
<RainbowDragon> Greetings, Lady Katherine
<KK> Had some trouble getting in, but I'm here.
<Rob_u> Hullo KK
* Shiral gives KK a bowl of Chocolate Chip Mocha ice cream
* scribbler wonders if she'll ever own a Codex in her lifetime...:(
<Martine> We have a new visitor today - Kolfax
<hygilac> katherine, did you smell the ice cream?
<KK> Must've done.
<Shiral> <G>
<KK> Hello, Kolfax.
<scribbler> Well, glad you made it!
<kolfax> Hello Katherine, it is an honor!
<Shiral> How did the writing go this week, Katherine?
<VirtualBabe> How was your week Katherine?
<KK> Well, I answered a whole bunch of questions for Jessie for the Codex Supplement.
<wrengl> that is good
<KK> And I worked a bit on the Childe book.
<Martine> Whoo hoo!
<wrengl>  goody
<Shiral> Yesssss!
<KK> But most of the week just somehow evaporated.  I'm not sure how that happened.
<scribbler> ah -- you answered my next question...
<kolfax> Ohhhhh aaahhhhh to cool
<Martine> LOL, KK. I think mine did too!
<scribbler> Weeks have a bad habit of doing that....
<KK> I answered some questions for Martine, too.
<Martine> Yes, thank you :-)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: If you had your choice of who you would prefer to do audiobooks of your Deryni stories, any idea who it would be? :)
<wrengl> My weekend evaporated. And Kathi was not even here to distract me!
<The_Bee> Question: what is the 11 Kingdom analog of England?
<Martine> I've been trying to do more research last night and today, but somehow just manage to fall asleep <g>
<wrengl> lol martine
<Shiral> Weekends do that even more often than weeks <G> 
<RainbowDragon> Deryni audiobooks... now thats a neat idea!
<hygilac> Dreams can be good places for inspiration too, Martine; just ask Katherine :)
<Martine> Shame how that happens, isn't it Shiral?
<scribbler> keyboard problems, Shiral?
<kolfax> very easy sometime to fall asleep while doing research
<KK> England roughly equivalent to Count of Haldane, Corwyn, etc.
<Martine> Oh I know, Linda! <g>
<Shiral> No, finger problems, Scribbler
<wrengl> Thumper would LOVE audio books!
<scribbler> I always blame typos on the keyboard....
<Shiral> I would too <G>
<wrengl> lol scribbler
<KK> An audio book reader ought to have a bit of an English accent. Can't think of anyone specifically.
<Jessie> Katherine:  what breed and size are your dogs & how many do you have?
<Martine> I'd love to hear Patrick Stewart to a Deryni audiobook.
<scribbler> with a laptop, it's easy...really small...
<Shiral> What I'd REALLY love though is one of those Holodecks like they have on Star Trek and run a Deryni novel program....<G>
<Martine> Ooooh! Yes, Shiral!
<scribbler> Martine -- have you ever heard his recording of "A Christmas Carol"? It's awesome.... :)
<Martine> "Insert Program KKB. Araxie = ME!"
<wrengl> indeed shiral
<Martine> I've heard snippets, Scribbler. I agree!
<KK> Oswald and Scrappy are what we call Irish Bassadors.  Their mother is a Basset Hound, and Daddy is a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix.
<Shiral> Martine, you WON'T be able to sit in Kelson's lap ALL the time, you know..<EG>
<VirtualBabe> And which character would you take in such a program shiral?
<Martine> I can try, Shiral! ;-)
<wrengl> We saw Patrick Stewart do a christmas Carol as a one man show
* scribbler throws a bucket of ice water on Martine....
<Martine> Thanks, scribbler. Needed that.
<Shiral> Not sure VB
<Jessie> Katherine:  are they playful & energetic & like to chew?
<Shiral> I'd think of SOMEBODY though
<Martine> Pat, I wanted to see that production. Never made it.
<KK> So Oswald looks like a short-legged (Bassett-legged) Golden
Retriever, and Scrappy looks like a short-legged Black Labrador.
<jm> gotta run dinner calls, have a good week
<VirtualBabe> I saw Patric Stewart in a full production of christmas Carol
*** jm has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<Martine> They must be so cute, Katherine.
<wrengl> Martine, Kathi won tickets from wcbs (Oldies) station
<scribbler> he's quick...
<KK> They're definitely playful and energetic--they're four now--and fortunately, they don't chew much, except for bones and pigs' ears.
<Martine> He sure is.
* wrengl thumper sends scrappy and oswald a half dozen pigs ears.
* Kelos_al-Hazar was a bit startled when he saw who played the Atlantean King in "Atlantis: Lost Empire"...
<Shiral> Katherine, in KKB, Kelson mentions a Chancery office -- does he have a chancellor? I don't think you've ever named one, if so
* VirtualBabe thinks they must have learn't that one from thumper
<wrengl> lol vb
*** duck has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<scribbler> I'd pick Sean Connery for audiobooks myself....
<Martine> Hi Duck!
<Shiral> Hello Duck
<VirtualBabe> Hi Donald
<hygilac> hi duck!
<Martine> H'Quack!
<kolfax> hello Duck
<KK> He must have one; but the chancery office could just be where the secretarial work is carried out and filed and such.
<scribbler> Duck, it's a Duck!
<Martine> G'Quack, too
<wrengl> g'dai duck
<Sedina> hi duck
<KK> Hello, Donald!
<The_Bee> quackeroo Duck
<Shiral> I'd pick Sean Connery to play Donal Blaine...<G>
<duck> g'day people
<Jessie> also:  King's champion was an "hereditary office" prior to Morgan getting it -- who was it before Morgan & is it hereditary as in Kelric will be Kings Champion?
<KK> Sean Connery would be great.
<Kelric> back to work
*** Kelric has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving )
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Or Leonard Nimoy...someone who would read with the correct emphasis...if you know what I mean...
<wrengl> Connery would be a wonderful reader!
<Martine> He's too quick, too!
<wrengl> Almost as good as David jacoby
<KK> Don't know, Jessie.
<scribbler> well, when you have to get back to work, there's no hanging around for long goodbyes...
<Shiral> Or Derek Jacobi
<hygilac> Derek jacobi, yes
<wrengl> verra true scribs
<Martine> Derek could work very nicely
<scribbler> What a coincidence -- "Down Under" started playing on my computer just as Donald came in! ;)
<hygilac> since we can't bring Richard Burton back
<wrengl> Derek is who I meant but the fingers thought otherwise!
<Shiral> Too bad, Richard Burton would have been great...
<wrengl> lol scribbler
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Now that is a wonderful coincidence indeed! :)
<duck> was it really a coincidence?
<KK> What, have Brother Cadfael in Deryniland?
<scribbler> wasn't he the actor who played Brother Cadfael in the "Mystery" series?
<Martine> Why not? <g>
<Martine> Yes, scribbler.
<KK> He'd make a good Gabrilite.
<hygilac> Yes, he would
<Shiral> Yes he was
<Martine> Oooh! Yes, he would
<RainbowDragon> Duck: ever had a veg-o-mite sandwich?
<scribbler> Oooh...excellent choice!
<kolfax> veg o mite very yyuuckkky
<duck> you mean vegemite?
<Shiral> Derek Jacobi, Roman Emperor and Gabrilite <G>
<RainbowDragon> right
<The_Bee> Jonathan Frakes could be one haldane or another
<VirtualBabe> Derek Jacobi?  yes he played cadfael
<wrengl> lol kolfax
<duck> one of the staple foods downunder
<Shiral> And Claudius
<scribbler> A friend of mine made me a CD with a bunch of MP3s -- I
loaded a lot of them on my computer so I can have music while I work...
<Shiral> in:  I, Claudius
<Martine> I loved I, Claudius.
*** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<Shiral> Me too!
<kolfax> shiver never again , though I was being a local , Duh
<Martine> Hi Bart!
<Shiral> Hello Barticus
<Jessie> hello Bart
<Barticus> howdy all
* scribbler sends greetings to Barticus
<hygilac> he was also a great Hamlet in the old BBc production
<KK> They've just shown I, Claudius on Sky over here.
<wrengl> hi barticus
<Martine> Ooooh!
<KK> Hello, Barticus.
* Barticus a very tired Bart waves at everyone
<The_Bee> hi Bart
<VirtualBabe> Hi Barticus
<Martine> I've been looking for I, Claudius on DVD. So far, no luck.
<Shiral> Livia was so wonderfully awful
* scribbler sends Barticus a pillow and blankie...
<Sedina> Hi Bart
<VirtualBabe> Why tired Bart?
<wrengl> they are showing claudius here I ran into it surfing one day
<Martine> Which channel, Pat?
<Barticus> which event do want 1st
<scribbler> Not sure if it's around here right now...probably not...
* Barticus has just got back from guards
<hygilac> I must go, friends
<Martine> Bye, Linda!
<scribbler> take care, Linda....
<Barticus> later linda
<Shiral> Bye Linda
<RainbowDragon> Bye Hy
<Shiral> Huggles
<KK> My new  current favorite discovery is Judging Amy, which is about to begin a new second season.
<kolfax> bye Hy
<wrengl> That's the problem.  I was surfing and saw it in passing and could not find it again!  In the 100's however, I think on DTV
<Sedina> bye Linda
<VirtualBabe> Bye-eee Linda
<KK> Bye, Linda.
<hygilac> have a good week, and hope I keep the body count at 0 for just 11 more days
<wrengl> cya linda
<Martine> Oh, yes. I love Judging Amy!
<wrengl> have a good week
<Shiral> Good luck, Linda
*** hygilac has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<Martine> I saw the first season and most of the second. I haven't watched any TV the last season, though.
* scribbler is supposed to be getting digital cable in 2 weeks -- if her husband will help her clean the apartment...
<KK> I think ER must be about to end the current series, or close to it.
<Barticus> hey all I have a special request from y'all
<scribbler> A lot of stuff ends this month...
<KK> New West Wing hasn't started yet; may not go until the fall.
<scribbler> Request away, Barticus...
* VirtualBabe listens for Bart's request
<Barticus> I kind of need some prayers for a couple of my uncle's
<Martine> I've been missing West Wing all this season. :-(
<scribbler> oh, gee...what's up?
* Kelos_al-Hazar nods to Barticus...
<VirtualBabe> say no more Bart.  Prayers on the way
<Shiral> I've been watching West Wing, but it's always on Wednesdays so I miss the first half
<Barticus> I just found out one of them from florida had a heart attack
<Martine> Ouch, Bart!
<Martine> Prayers on the way!
<Shiral> Yikes
<wrengl> Speaking of prayers I need some for two friends one just diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.  The other dying of cancer
<KK> Oh, dear.
* scribbler will be offering prayers -- been through that with both parents...
<Barticus> and the uncle I live with had to go to the hospital suddenly last night
* VirtualBabe hates hearing about people dying of cancer
<Barticus> he was feeling dizzy at church
<Martine> I know what that's like, Bart. My father-in-law had what they originally thought was a heart attack last week :-(
<Shiral> KK, Do you know what disease felled Duncan's Mother Duchess Vera?
* wrengl so do I.
<Jessie> will do Bart -- hugs
<scribbler> Speaking of illnesses, my mom's blood is still too healthy for them to start chemo, so that's good news -- she celebrated her 75th birthday a week and a half ago...
<Shiral> It sounds almost as if she might have had MS
* The_Bee sends good vibes to all sick friends and strangers and relatives
<Martine> Congrats, Scribbler!
<wrengl> good on scribbler
<Barticus> thanks
* Shiral does the same as BEE, and then Clones Rhys Thuryn to send out to all that need him
<Barticus> congrats scribbs
<KK> Don't know, Shiral--but I'll be finding out in the course of this trilogy.
<scribbler> they're testing her every month -- she says she feels like "a darn pincushion" -- although she used a stronger term than "darn"... :)
<Kelos_al-Hazar> I've also a prayer request... My paternal grandmother (who is probably somewhere in her 90's) is in hospital right now, the doctors say the primary pacer in the heart has quit, so a pacemaker will have to be put in. They told my sister it was "routine surgery". Makes me slightly wary. I dinna believe that any surgery is at all routine.
<wrengl> i am sure scribs
<VirtualBabe> the characters have not yet told you that eh?
<scribbler> "routine" and "surgery" rarely go together....
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Aye, Scribs.
<kolfax> they have pacemakers now that they put in thru the femeral artery, no real incision
<KK> Well, there are risks with any surgery, but some are less risky than others.
* scribbler lights a candle in the window for all in the group in distress...
<VirtualBabe> Pacemakers are done very frequently.
<Shiral> My mom had to have surgery for Pancreatic Cancer ten years ago
<Barticus> I'll keep her in mind in my prayers Kelos
<Shiral> But now you'd never know anything was wrong with her
* KK fans fresh air in the direction of Oswald, who is a very flatulent puppy tonight. Whew!
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Frequent <> routine, though.
<Martine> LOL, KK!
<wrengl> She was certainly lucky Shiral
<Shiral> So even major surgeries can turn out well, although they seem
very scary
<Shiral> We all were, Pat
<wrengl> LOL Katherine
<scribbler> *LOL* KK!
<wrengl> what did Oswald eat tonight?!
* Shiral hands KK some room freshener
<Martine> Did Oswald get in the beans tonight?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Appreciate it, Barticus...
<KK> Goodness only knows.
<kolfax> why do we always blame the dog
<Barticus> sometimes its the cat
<Shiral> I personally blame the cats
<scribbler> good question, kolfax -- we don't have a dog so no excuses here....
<kolfax> lol
<Martine> I used to live with a friend's dog that was rather ripe. Very easy to blame that dog!
* Kelos_al-Hazar looks at kolfax... I believe KK. :)
<KK> Lucky, indeed, Shiral.  That can be a fast and nasty one.
<wrengl> By the way Helping Hands, Inc.  May be renamed the Meow Mafia
<Shiral> Yes
<kolfax> Oh no I believe KK
<scribbler> cuuuute, Pat....
<Shiral> And ever since, it seems like I keep reading about people who die of it
<wrengl> Led by Hooligan instead of the CEO Bitsey
<Shiral> Yesterday, I was painting, and the news paper sheets I happened to use had a funeral notice for a woman who died of Pancreatic Cancer
<wrengl> Hooligan used to be Buttons for those who remember
<Barticus> I have no problem at all with it Duck
<KK> Well, we just had a friend die of it in February.  All his millions couldn't save him--and I do mean millions.
<Martine> :-(
<scribbler> boy, this is getting as depressing as the Heirs series... :(
<Shiral> And the day she got the diagnosis, I had been reading an issue of People that had an article about Michael Landon who died of Pancreatic Cancer
<Shiral> Yikes, KK
<Shiral> But you see what I mean -- suddenly Pancreatic Cancer is EVERYWHERE
* Kelos_al-Hazar decides NOT to share the statistic he discovered about a week ago...
<scribbler> maybe they're just diagnosing better...
*** KK has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
<Shiral> My mom's case was verra weird -- usually  it can't be corrected through surgery
<Martine> ACK!!!!!!!!!
* Jessie encourages Mr. Pierre to 'Play nicely with others.'
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
<Shiral> ACCCKK!!
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
<scribbler> AAACK!
* wrengl Reaches into her ammunition chest and takes out a moray eel with which she whips Peer mercilessly
* scribbler grabs a rotten lutefisk and pounds Peer with it unmercifully....
*** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
* wrengl Takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and whips Peer from one end of the room to the next.
<Martine> wb, KK!
<Shiral> WB KK
<VirtualBabe> Peer got KK!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
<scribbler> WB KK
* The_Bee sends a swarm to sting peer
* Barticus begins beating peer with a base ball bat
<Shiral> WE've dealt with KK for you
<wrengl> wb kk
<kolfax> wb KK
<Shiral>  WITh Peer, I mean
<Martine> I was beginning to wonder, Shiral! <g>
<KK> Was it something I said, I wonder?
* Shiral swats herself with a trout for the slip
* VirtualBabe pelts peer with a plate full of petrified Peeps
<duck> slip of the tongue shiral or something more sinister
*** homie_of_the_borg has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<wrengl> Peer needs to be sent for a time out
<Shiral> Maybe Peer doesn't like talk of Cancer
<kolfax> brb getting toast for the sick child
<scribbler> Is your Freudian slip showing, Shiral?
<wrengl> hello homie_of_the_borg
<The_Bee> Hello Homie
<Martine> Hi Homie
<Shiral> I hope not Scribbler
<homie_of_the_borg> hello
* scribbler sends greetings to homie_of_the_borg
<VirtualBabe> I've got a program on my computer that is doing cancer research
<Barticus> howdy homie
* homie_of_the_borg sends greeetings back to scribbler
<Kelos_al-Hazar> homie_of_the_borg == xmanii... (I think!)
<homie_of_the_borg> lol
<homie_of_the_borg> you are correct Kelos_al-Hazar
<scribbler> Gold star for Kelos!
<Shiral> Hello  xmanii
<VirtualBabe> I got it in honour of Kyra, a very special friend who died of lymphoma
<scribbler> well, whoever you are, greetings...
<wrengl> well xmanii is a LOT easier to type!
<KK> I've heard about letting one's computer be used to number crunch for cancer research, Seti, etc.
* Kelos_al-Hazar is running the same client...
<homie_of_the_borg> lol
<homie_of_the_borg> some people call me x
<homie_of_the_borg> :P
<Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: I can send you the link for all such programs...
<scribbler> brb....
<KK> Jessicat has just come into the office howling, and is now being a paperweight on my desk.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> And almost all the programs have a Deryni Fans team...heheheh.
<Martine> Howling? Did she see one of the ghosts, KK?
<wrengl> hello Jessicat
* The_Bee wonders if Homie, aka xmanii, is a fan of the comicbooks and/or the movie
<Shiral> I have furry paperweights too
* VirtualBabe ofers jessicat a nice petting
<wrengl> Rudicat says meow to jessicat
<Shiral> Although not right now
<KK> No, she just has a Siamese-y voice.
<Martine> Ah! A talker!
* Shiral gives Jessicat a nice catnip mouse
<Barticus> uh oh
*** homie_of_the_borg has left #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> Bye, homie!
* Barticus knows about the siamese sounding voice
* Shiral does too
<Shiral> There's no ignoring it <G>
<KK> The voices of the 3 resident felines are very distinctive, at least to a Cat-Mommy.
<RainbowDragon> "we are siamese if you ple-ease!
* wrengl also knows that voice
* VirtualBabe has a brother who had a siamese
<Martine> I got to house sit for three cats one summer. One was half-Siamese, half-torty
<Martine> she would hold meow conversations with people. It was really cute!
<KK> Edgar chirps, Nicholas has a soft meow.
<VirtualBabe> Quick RD. who sang that song
<wrengl> I hated siamese for years as a kid, RD, after seeing Lady and the Tramp
<Shiral> Izzy just has a mouse-squeak voice. Pan's the one with the mighty yowl
<wrengl> never forgave them for what they did
<KK> Peggy Lee.
<wrengl> yes indeed
* Martine wants a cat... :-(
<RainbowDragon> I dunno, VB
<VirtualBabe> Katherine got it
<wrengl> I was young enough for it to make that kind of impression
<KK> One could keep your attic mouse-free, Martine.
<Martine> I believe it, KK!
<Shiral> Izzy and I have meow-conversations.
<scribbler> back....
<Martine> Problem is, I develop allergies to ALL animals I spend long periods of time with.
<Shiral> WB, Scribs
<Barticus> Precious usually yells at me
* Kelos_al-Hazar has been saddened for years that he does not have any pets...nor the money to afford any.
<Martine> My luck, after 2-3 years, I'd have to get rid of the cat :-(
<wrengl> no self respecting mouse would anger the Meow Mafia!
<kolfax> back, from making toast 
* scribbler would like to move to an apartment that allows pets...but a dishwasher is a bigger priority.... :(
<KK> Bummer, Martine.  Could you not get anti-allergy injections?
<Shiral> KK, I'm giving DR a second go-through to make sure I caught all the bloopers
<scribbler> hope the kid feels better, kolfax...
<KK> injections, even.
<VirtualBabe> or an allergy free kittycat
<Martine> I could try. They only have 50% effectiveness in my family so far.
<KK> Ah, I was going to ask you about progress.
<wrengl> but maybe you would be one of the successful cases martine
<kolfax> heehe she thru up at breakfast in a resterant
<Shiral> I'm on chapter four, but I just started the process last sunday
<Martine> I might just break down and try the injections anyway :-)
<scribbler> ouch!
<Shiral>  I'm going through and making sure the formatting is consistent
<wrengl> cats are necessary to running a home
<kolfax> she has been resting on the sofa most of the day 
<Martine> I just don't want to rescue a cat from the shelter, only to have to give it back after I've really bonded with it.
<scribbler> awwww....
<scribbler> how old is she?
<KK> But it would be so sad if you got a kitty and then had to find it a new home after a few years.  :-(
<Martine> I know! I fall in love with cats almost immediately, too.
<kolfax> she is 5, my other 2 are 8 and 4
<wrengl> it is easy to do that martine
* VirtualBabe is a cat person too
<KK> If you're going to try it, get a very short-haired one; that will help.
*** Kendall has joined #Deryni_Destinations
<wrengl> hi kendall
<scribbler> awww...give her an extra big hug from us....
<Jessie> hello Kendall
<The_Bee> hi kendall
<Shiral> I keep having to brush down my pointy ears all the time
<kolfax> hello Kendall
* scribbler sends greetings to all....
<KK> Hello, Kendall.
<Martine> Thanks for the tip, Katherine!
<Shiral> Hi Kendall!
<Kendall> hey every one
* scribbler sends greetings to Kendall
<Barticus> howdy kendall
<Martine> Hi Kendall!
<scribbler> oops -- wrong shortcut...
<Jessie> good to see you Kendall  -- how is everything going?
<Sedina> Hi Kendall
<Kendall> busy
<wrengl> and have Kelson brush it frequently to get rid of the dander
<kolfax> she seem to be doing better now , she skipped dinner , but asked for a little something just now, think she is feeling better
<scribbler> I always pictured Kelson as more of a dog person...I think his father was...
<Martine> Pat, if I get a cat, *I'll* be doing all the care, I think.
<KK> Yep, it's actually the dander that most people react to, if they're going to be allergic.
<Martine> Hubby's more of a dog person.
<Barticus> hey all I need to get going, thnaks all for your prayers
and I'll keep you posted
<Shiral> The King won't help, Martine? <EG>
<Barticus> bye all
<scribbler> take care, Barticus...
<VirtualBabe> and the proteins in the saliva
<Kendall> later
<Martine> The King is above such things, Shiral <G>
<KK> Good luck, Barticus.  We'll keep your uncles in prayer.
<wrengl> kitty will win him over martine.
<Martine> Bye, Bart!
<Shiral> He'll have such fun waving his butt in Kelson's face
<Sedina> bye Bart
<kolfax> Cya Bart
<Shiral>  Bye Bart, Good luck to all relatives!
<wrengl> might even be persnickerty and bond to him not you
* Barticus waves as he steps into hsi portal and is is gone in a shower of mashed potatoes
*** Barticus has left #Deryni_Destinations
<Martine> Good news is that I lived with three cats one summer without a problem - just had to keep the borrowed house meticulously clean.
<wrengl> cya barticus
<VirtualBabe> Nighters Barticus
<Martine> LOL, Pat!
* scribbler grabs a damp paper towel to clean up potato mess....
<duck> cheers bart
<KK> I hope the mashed potatoes were dehydrated.
<Martine> Doesn't look like it.
<scribbler> dehydrated ones can still make a mess -- I've spilled enough of them in my day....
<Shiral> Smashed Potatoes? Sounds messy
<The_Bee> especially with gravy
<KK> Speaking of food--I tried a new recipe yesterday.  Anybody ever baked with semolina flour?
<wrengl> indeed it does
<kolfax> nope
<Martine> I have, Katherine. I hope yours turned out better than mine.
<wrengl> no.  just used it for pasta
<Martine> better, too :-)
<KK> It makes a very interesting cake with a texture like pound cake. Pretty good.
<VirtualBabe> I've uses semolina before katherine
<Shiral> My dad has, but then he uses some VERRA strange grains
<Shiral> Ooo....Sounds good
<Martine> Oooh! Yours DID turn out better than mine!
<wrengl> sounds interesting
<Martine> I tried bread with it - turned out dense and dry.
<wrengl> do you use the same measure as regular flour?
<scribbler> well, I need to get going and wake up Sleeping Beauty (aka hubby)...glad to see you, KK -- have a good writing week!
<KK> You make the cake, then 10 minutes after it comes out of the oven, you prick it all over with a fork and pour on this lemon sugar water syrup that you've made while the cake was baking.  And it all sinks in and it's yummy.
<Shiral> My Dad has used Buckwheat Quninoa, name it
<Jessie> bye scribbler
<Shiral> Oooo, Sounds great
<Shiral> Bye Scribs!
<Martine> Ooooooh! Yum!
<Sedina> bye Scribs
* scribbler steps into her Portal, waves bye-bye, and fades away to the echo of snores from the bedroom....
<wrengl> cya scribs
<VirtualBabe> Ohhhhhhhhh yummy!!~!!!!!!!
<wrengl> i like white whole wheat flour
*** scribbler has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<Martine> Sounds a bit like my mother's rum cake - she adds rum to the sugar water :-D
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Here's something I was told by a master chef: "Never measure flour by dipping it out of the bag...use a large spoon and spoon it out of the bag into your measuring cup. You'll get more consistant results."
<wrengl> not as dry and sandy in texture
<KK> Maybe I ought to put it up on the website.  It's pretty good. Not as good as the death by chocolate Macademia nut pudding, though.
<Martine> Yes! Please do!
<Shiral> Oh.. the pudding.....
* Shiral falls into a happy swoon
* Martine hits the floor next
<duck> measure flour kelos? shome mishtake shirally
<Shiral> What a happy experience it is.. <G>
<wrengl> yes indeed.  you need to put both up Katherine
<KK> Yeah, the CMNP is one of the best chocolate things I've ever tasted.
* VirtualBabe fans some chocolate scent towards shiral to revive her
<Shiral> But don't donate blood after eating it, all they'll get out of you is a pint of chocolate syrup
<wrengl> lol vb
<KK> Isn't the pudding there?  It was, at leat for a while.
<wrengl> lol shiral
<Martine> LOL!
<kolfax> hehe
<wrengl> maybe I missed it
* Kelos_al-Hazar will (hopefully) have another $80 towards Darkover 2002 by end of summer...
<wrengl> will have to look again
<duck> well people i have to head off - must finish a report fairly urgently
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Maybe more? Who knows? I sure don't.
<Shiral> yes, the pudding is still up there, KK
<RainbowDragon> I need to check out Deryni Destinations again. I hear there are updates!
<KK> Good.
<Martine> Bye, Duck!
<duck> enjoy your respective weeks people
<Martine> Good luck with the report!
<wrengl> have a good week duck
<Shiral> But me alone in a house with that pudding is REALLY dangerous
<VirtualBabe> Have a good day duck goodquack
<wrengl> huggles duck
<Shiral> Bye Duck!
<kolfax> bye Duck
<Shiral> Huggles, duck
<Sedina> bye duck
<wrengl> hope to run into you during the week duck
<Kendall> quack quack
<duck> ciao ciao
*** duck has quit IRC (QUIT:  )
<The_Bee> nighters duck
<Shiral> Updates to the progress report and the Burning questions page
<KK> BTW, some of you know, but some don't--the Spokane thing apparently is off, at least with me and Scott for GOH's.  Apparently the committee changed.
<The_Bee> or morners
<Shiral> Still no new Zipper Sister columns yet RD
<RainbowDragon> :-(
<wrengl> not nice of the new committee to change at this stage of the game
<KK> Shiral, are you going to post the rest of the questions in a few weeks?
<VirtualBabe> And spokan was one that might have been do-able for me. Well, one day...
<Shiral> I'm working on it, RD  really!
<RainbowDragon> Tell certain people to hustle their hineys
<Shiral> Yes, I will KK when it becomes needful
<wrengl> I would be pissed if I bought a membership based on a guest of honor that was changed by the committee
<Shiral> Or rather, I'll make Carolyn do it <G>
<KK> Good.  I figured that would give you some in reserve.
<Shiral> Excellent idea
<KK> Let's wait until next month, though--stretch it out.
<Shiral> Don't want to tear you away from ITKS any more than necessary
<Shiral> That was my thought, too
<KK> I think Susan's zipper column will have to wait until school is out.
* Kelos_al-Hazar is holding off buying his Darkover membership until he can secure the airfare...and at least half the hotel bill for 4 nights.
<Shiral> Yes, that's our plan
<wrengl> We often buy memberships early for the lower price if we particularly want to see a GOH
<kolfax> GOH _ ?
<Kelos_al-Hazar> GOH: Guest of Honour.
<Shiral> And if I have to SIT on her, I hope we can get this and a second column written while school is out this summer
<VirtualBabe> G(uest) O(f) H(onour)
<kolfax> ahhh nod thanks
<Kelos_al-Hazar> KK is rather a permanent GoH at Darkover... :)
<Shiral> I haven't yet heard from Armida Council about membership for this coming D-over
<wrengl> Actually they call Katherine a 'Special' Guest
<Shiral> I'll pay when it comes
<KK> Well, we hadn't heard anything, and hit the 5-6 month mark, so I e-mailed the guy who'd invited us.
<Kendall> that is because she is special
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, aye...
<KK> It would've been nice if someone had told us.
<wrengl> Too early yet for Darkover.  I think they do it in May or June with the first mailing.
<Shiral> Yes
<KK> Scott needs to visit his last remaining uncle, whose health has not been that good.  He lives in Seattle.
<Martine> Can you and Scott make the trip anyway?
<Kendall> yes to what Melissa
<Shiral> It would indeed be helpful if people would keep their GOH's advised
<Martine> To see his uncle?
<wrengl> Indeed it would have been nice.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, I was ORDERED to buy mine before I left Darkover the last time...:) They ALMOST persuaded me!
<Shiral> Yes, to it's too early for Darkover to send out their mailings, Kendall
<The_Bee> why are the vacations I win always for Disneyworld or Las Vegas, and never for Tiburon, Maryland?
<VirtualBabe> Seattle is even better then Vancouver for the babe
<Kendall> thank you
<VirtualBabe> then Spokane
<kolfax> where is a list of where you are going to appear KK
<VirtualBabe> GRrrrrrrrrrrr
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Because those are "vacation spots" (tourist traps)
<KK> Well, Scott needs to do it.  I'm not sure what we'll work out.
<wrengl> because Timonian is not a vacation/tourist spot, Bee
<KK> List is on the website, but only Darkover is there now.
<kolfax> nod
<KK> Washington will do as a destination.  It isn't that far into Maryland.
<wrengl> where are you located kolfax
<Kendall> I agree Kolfax, is there a list somewhere we can see where
you are going to be KK?
<KK> On the website, first page, I think.
<kolfax> that is where I'm from Old Maryland near DC
<wrengl> Unfortunately they do not usually offer DC as a prize either
<VirtualBabe> There ws , on the Deryni Website
<Shiral> If Darkover were in Tiburon California, it would be so much easier for me to get to..But ah well.
<Shiral> It isn't
<wrengl> ah so Darkover is a possibility for you to make, Kolfax
<KK> Well, I'm going to be teaching at Sacred Space in Washington in July, Klofax.
<KK> Kolfax, even.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Regretfully, I must shove off in a few minutes, if I am to safely make it to my Dad's place before dark...
<Kendall> actually, Katherine, you could stay home more, so you could get more writing done :)
<VirtualBabe> Nighters Kelos
<Shiral> Yes Kendall, but then we'd never get to see her <G>
<Martine> Night, Kelos
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Just bring your laptop, KK...Heheh... :)
<Shiral> Bye, Kelos
<KK> LOL.  I don't get out that often, Kendall.
<wrengl> night kelos
<kolfax> ah that sounds great, I will have to look into coming down, only 30 minutes to DC
<Kendall> Kelos has the idea
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Aye! And we enjoy seeing her! :)
<The_Bee> bye kelos
<KK> Having said that, we've just been offered another lecture cruise, in June.
<Kendall> cya kelos
<Shiral> Martine and I will come and cook and clean at Holybrooke
<Shiral> <G>
<Martine> Whoo hoo!
<Martine> I'm all for that, Shiral!
<Shiral> And write our Fanfic while you work at ITKS
<Kelos_al-Hazar> The laptop I used at Darkover nearly dead... :((
<Shiral> <G>
<KK> 9 days this time, Scotland and France.  A Raddison ship.
<Shiral> Hey, sounds neat to me, KK
<Martine> Maybe Sedina should come, too.
<wrengl> Where exactly in Maryland, kolfax.  I am down there often.
* VirtualBabe would love to meet katherine someday
<Martine> It's only a hop, skip, and jump to Scotland <g>
<Kendall> don't leave the rest of us out :)
<KK> I finally get to go to Mont St. Michel!
<Shiral> Look out for the Kilts!
<Martine> Oooooh! I'd love to see Mont St. Michel!
<Shiral> I would too!
<kolfax> I would love to bring the family over to Engalnd and Scotland, but that is for later
<Shiral> My mom and her boyfriend are going to France later this month
<KK> I figured you two, in particular, would love it.
<Kelos_al-Hazar> Keyboard is totally hosed. DVD drive refuses to play DVD's. :( It'll take $300 to repair or more. :(
<Martine> Actually, I'd love to see just about anything, since my previous trips have been confined to London and Moscow
<Shiral> But they're not taking me... =o(
<Kendall> I am trying my hardest to get to Scotland this summer
<Martine> I still have Scotland/Ireland on the books for next summer <does a happy dance>
<KK> Er--I think you'd cramp their style, Shiral,  :-)
<Shiral> But, I'd look the other way and everything! <G>
<VirtualBabe> I'd like to go to ireland someday.  Track down my roots
<KK> And hum loudly?
<wrengl> Kolfax, where in Maryland are you?
<Shiral> Actually, the three of us have discussed taking a trip as we all get along very well
<Shiral> Yes, definitely hum loudly <G>
<kolfax> north of dc in germantown
<KK> That would be cool.
<wrengl> Want to go to the British Isles myself.
<Shiral> ALthough I don't think I'd have Joram's experience, quite <G>
<Martine> LOL!
<KK> But one could hope....  :-)
<Shiral> One could
<wrengl> Ah.  We go down to Lothian (between DC and Annapolis)
<Shiral> But his faith is stronger than mine, to say the least <G>
<kolfax> know Annapolis well, the Navel Acadamy and all, have some friends that worked in the Library there
* Kelos_al-Hazar walks over to the Portal, then waves to his friends as he vanishes with a shower of Camber-shaped dark chocolates
*** Kelos_al-Hazar has quit IRC (QUIT: May Blessings Be Unto Thee and All Those Who Call Thee Friend In Truth. )
<KK> Kolfax, are you another library person?
<VirtualBabe> ????Camber shaped Dark chocolates????
<wrengl> lol vb
<kolfax> nope a fire fighter/paramedic
<wrengl> something new and uninteresting
<Kendall> Navel Acadamy? Is that a a new acadamy studying lint?
<KK> <Maybe he meant shaped like Camber's cipher or coat of arms....>
<wrengl> Camber shaped chocolates that is, VB
<wrengl> lol kendall
<KK> Kewell, Kolfax!
<Shiral> Or little chocolate St. Cambers <G>
<kolfax> a good friend , who started me reading, was very poor reader till second year high school
<wrengl> I would prefer the coat of arms than a little chocolate camber statue
<kolfax> she works at the Navel Acadamy library
<Shiral> I would too, Pat
<KK> Jessicat just caused a minor landslide on my desk.  Ack!
<Martine> LOL!
<wrengl> neat kolfax
<Martine> I don't need a cat to do that in my office <g>
<Shiral> She's a force of nature, too
<KK> She is, indeed.
<Shiral> Pan just likes to chew on corners
<wrengl> She is being a cat cleaner katherine
<wrengl> Rudicat just lays on what you are reading.
<wrengl> Hooligan tries to drag everything down to his level
<Shiral> And Pan has caused more than one paperslide in his time
<VirtualBabe> That's the definition of Cat Shiral
<Shiral> It is indeed, VB
<KK> Well, you see, I have this editing desk that sits on the desk, with a slanted work surface.  And all these reams of printouts of questions are piled on top....
<Shiral> Oh dear!
<wrengl> nuts
<Martine> Not anymore, they're not! <g>
<Shiral> I hope the pages were numbered!
<KK> Jessie's questions.  Maybe Jessicat took exception to someone else using her name.
<wrengl> lol katherine
<Jessie> lol
<KK> Fortunately, the different batches are stapled.
* Jessie apologies to Jessicat
<Shiral> "I WON'T Share!"
<Shiral> And what's this Codex thing??"
<KK> LOL.  She's just turned over onto the others side.  Papers now look safe.
<wrengl> good
<VirtualBabe> for a little while
<KK> Yes.
<Shiral> KK, I was browsing in a book store yesterday, and did a search on their computer..
<Shiral> And somehow, I think I may have left it on the Deryni Tales Page.... <G>
<KK> That reminds me, Shiral.
<Martine> Somehow, Shiral? <g>
<Shiral> Of?
<Shiral> Don't know how that could have happened, Martine....
<KK> Did you, by any chance, get a copy of Deryni Tales in the post this week?  Because I didn't.  :-)
<Martine> Uh huh.
<Martine> You play innocent just as well as Sedina!
<Shiral> No, not yet
<wrengl> lol martine
<Shiral> But I'll be looking out for it in the coming week
<Shiral> Or weeks
<KK> Well, then, look for one this week, I think.  They're supposed to send a copy to each of the contributors.  :-)
<Kendall> one didn't come my way either KK,umm imagine that
* Shiral does a little happy dance
<Shiral> I don't think Bynw got a copy either, poor thing....
<RainbowDragon> When we finally get Deryni Tales at Hastings, there are 10 on order  *EG*
<Kendall> hey I just want a copy!
<Shiral> And they're all going to you, RD? LOL
<Martine> One hasn't appeared in my mailbox, either. Imagine that!
<KK> Well, May 28 and counting, I believe.
<kolfax> Is Deryni Tales going to be distributed norm or are they order only
<VirtualBabe> When is it coming out?  I don't think Chapters has heard about it yet
<RainbowDragon> Not ALL to me
<wrengl> got to put my order in for that this week
<Shiral> In this final month, we're counting hours <G>
<KK> Bookstores, Kolfax.  It's from Ace.
<Shiral> May 28th, VB
<Kendall> are you going to do another fan fiction archives soon, KK?
* VirtualBabe makes a note to check out white Dwarf books
<kolfax> I don't ant to miss this one also
<KK> As in, Deryni Archives magazine, or another anthology?
<kolfax> want to miss this one also
<Kendall> anthology
<Kendall> sorry
<KK> That depends on how well this first one does.  It's an experiment that Ace has to see succeed.  Then they'll give me another one.
<Martine> Everyone buy 20 copies :-)
<Kendall> okay, I'm going to buy 10 myself :)
<KK> Which reminds me.  Does anyone know a fan named J. Elizabeth Godfrey?
<Jessie> I do not
<Martine> Not me.
<The_Bee> me neither
<VirtualBabe> Name doesn't ring any bells
<kolfax> i might just buy 2 and sent one to a friend
<Shiral> She is proving elusive
<wrengl> not me
<kolfax> I know her not
<KK> 'Cause I have a really good story she wrote about 10 years ago, when she was in New Mexico, and I don't know how to reach her.  I'd like to publish the story.
<Jessie> I plan on buying 1 in each of the 3 bookstores here in town
<KK> Good show, Jessie!
<kolfax> why in seperate stores?
<Shiral> Good idea, Jessie <G>
<Jessie> cause they order more
<KK> That will prevent any one store from being sold out too quickly.
<Jessie> if they sell one
<wrengl> to encourage each of the stores
<Jessie> yep
<kolfax> nod
<Kendall> cya folx, work calls
<Jessie> bye Kendall
<Shiral> Let's see...Keplers..borders,.;;;
<Jessie> good to see you
<Martine> I don't have much of a choice. It's the Barnes & Noble here, B&N up north, or B&N out west.
<Shiral> Bye Kendall
<VirtualBabe> K Kendall
<Martine> Bye, Kendall!
<Shiral> Come back soon
<wrengl> cya kendall
<Sedina> bye Kendall
* Kendall steps onto his Transfer Portal, disappears with a twinkling of lights, and winks at Jessie (wherever she is) as he fades from existence
<KK> I think I'd better check out, too.  That's why Jessicat is hovering here, 'cause it's bedtime.
<KK> Edgar has already gone.
<Shiral> Awww.....
<kolfax> I told you last night, I saw a codex on display, and had not a clue to what it was, and did not buy it, the fool I am
<Jessie> bye Katherine & thanks
<wrengl> I'll order online from Amazon.  No bookstore around
*** Kendall has quit IRC (QUIT: Khadassa! I hope this portal isn't trapped! )
<Martine> Jessie needs her people warmer? <g>
<The_Bee> the website has a direct link to
<VirtualBabe> and I've got chapters or white Dwarf, and chapters is not all that interested in Katherines work
<Martine> Good night, katherine. Happy writing!
<wrengl> cya Katherine
<kolfax> Bye KK
<Sedina> Bye Katherine.  Have a good week
<Shiral> Bye and happy writing this week, KK
<Jessie> VB -- if you order one through Chapters -- they will begin to think about carrying her books
<Martine> And I'll get you my next working of St. George's tonight or tomorrow night.
<VirtualBabe> Sweet dreams katherine
<Shiral> Hope it's a week of great literary inspiration...For everyone...
* KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodnight, disappearing in a shower of green sparkles.
<VirtualBabe> have a good week
<Jessie> I know one of the franchise owners and that is how it works
<Shiral> Bye KK, Huggles
<Jessie> someone has to bug them to carry the books
<wrengl> Grommet says to have a good week.  She is brotherless this week with Thumper in Maryland
<wrengl> huggles katherine
<Martine> Huggles!
<RainbowDragon> Goodnight KK
*** KK has quit IRC (QUIT:  )


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