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KK Chat - Apr. 28, 2002 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:44:59 pm »
KK Chat - Apr. 28, 2002, pt. 2

[17:14] * The_Bee thanks Hm and tastes a Namino bar
[17:14] <wrengl> lol Helenmary
[17:14] <hygilac> wish you hadn't reminde me I have ice cream in the freezer...
[17:14] <Mouse> Just give me the MIlk Duds and leave me alone
[17:14] <wrengl> lol
[17:14] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Wish y'all could come hear me in the performance tonight...
[17:14] <@Jessie> lol Mouse
[17:14] * Barticus passes around some peanut butter sandwich & peanut butter patties Girl Scout Cookies
[17:14] <Martine> I nearly made homemade coconut ice cream today.
[17:14] <@KK> Wish I had some in <my> freezer--but if I did, I'd eat it!
[17:14] <Martine> LOL!
[17:15] <Mouse> So how do you nearly make ice cream?
[17:15] <Martine> You get out the cookbook, account for all the ingredients, then say...
[17:15] <Martine> Nah, too much time for today.
[17:15] <hygilac> LOL
[17:15] * virtualbabe giggles
[17:15] <wrengl> lol
[17:15] <Helenmary> Costco had a yummy new treat call "Philly Swirls" - they taste kind of like frozen cotton candy.
[17:15] <Martine> It involved toasting coconut and making custards. It was either ice cream or the laundry.
[17:15] <Kelos_al-Hazar> "The Reluctant Cook, Book One". :p
[17:15] <@KK> Yeah, I nearly made enchiladas tonight.
[17:15] <Mouse> Oh.  I thought you got half finished freezing it, the apple pie came out of the oven so you pour the half frozen ice cream over the warm pie and chow down
[17:16] <hygilac> I survived the Prom last night guys
[17:16] <Martine> LOL!
[17:16] <Mouse> Congratulations, hygilac
[17:16] <Martine> Congrats, Linda!
[17:16] <Mouse> So how was it
[17:16] <@Sedina> All right, Linda!  :)
[17:16] <Barticus> congrats Linda
[17:16] <virtualbabe> conga-rats Linda
[17:16] <hygilac> loud, Mouse
[17:16] <Helenmary> Good job, Linda
[17:16] <Martine> Enchiladas. Yum.
[17:16] <The_Bee> Carrie didn't make it?
[17:16] <Mouse> Be a bloody mess if she did
[17:16] <hygilac> No, Carrie's limo got lost :)
[17:16] * Barticus snickers got that
[17:17] <@KK> What are proms like, these days?
[17:17] <Martine> Rather wild.
[17:17] <hygilac> expensive, KK
[17:17] <Martine> That too!
[17:17] <wrengl> indeed
[17:17] <hygilac> ours was pretty tame, but crowded
[17:17] <Mouse> Much like they always were, I suspect
[17:18] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Weren't cheap 21 years(!!) ago when I went to my Jr/Sr prom...
[17:18] <hygilac> we had a ballroom with seating for 400
[17:18] <@KK> Glamorous, or pop?
[17:18] * virtualbabe doesn't want to remember her prom
[17:18] <Martine> At the Catholic High School prom-like dance that follows our theatrical production, lots of kids have parents RESERVE ROOMS AT THE HOTEL FOR THEM???
[17:18] <wrengl> around here they have to have a limo besides everything else because it is the thing to do
[17:18] <hygilac> sold/distributed 387 tickets
[17:18] <Barticus> geez thats a lot
[17:19] <wrengl> that is a good sized crowd, linda
[17:19] <Helenmary> My parents run a limo company in Chicago.  They won't even carry prom kids anymore.  All they want to do is drink illegally and throw up in the back of the limo
[17:19] <The_Bee> 1 ticket per person or per couple?
[17:19] <Martine> Sounds about like here, helenmary
[17:19] <hygilac> we have our prom in nashville, 50 miles from home
[17:19] <virtualbabe> I was wondering that too,  Martine.
[17:19] <wrengl> very true.
[17:19] <Mouse> I must be getting old.  Drinking and throwing up doesn't sound like fun
[17:19] <Martine> No, you're not old. Just smart.
[17:19] <hygilac> a lot of the kids rent limos together
[17:20] <@Sedina> Mouse, I'm not that terribly old and it isn't appealing to me now
[17:20] <@KK> Never did, so far as I'm concerned.
[17:20] <wrengl> never did to me.  Guess I was never young enough for that
[17:20] * Kelos_al-Hazar is glad he missed THAT scene altogether...
[17:20] <Martine> Me either, pat.
[17:20] <Rebecca> never found that very appealing.
[17:20] * Barticus misssed that scene too
[17:20] <@KK> Only threw up once, from too much drink--and I suspect it was what I drank, not how much.
[17:20] <Mouse> What was it?
[17:20] <@KK> Black Russian.
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I've never had more than three or so drinks at any one time, spaced far enough where I wasn't made drunk by it.
[17:20] <hygilac> our kids arrived pretty sober; don't know if they got home sober or not
[17:21] <Mouse> Black Russians are deadly
[17:21] <wrengl> Got sick once but I think it was the combination of Irish Pizza and Black Russians that did it.  It was in an Irish Pub on Long Island
[17:21] <Martine> I threw up twice. First I was about three, and thought the leftover wine from mom and dad's dinner party was funky tasting grape juice.
[17:21] <@KK> Yep, especially combined with pizza and peanuts.
[17:21] <Helenmary> Rusty Nails are pretty lethal, too.
[17:21] <hygilac> last year someone arrived drunk and threw up on the principal
[17:21] <Barticus> I've done my far share of throwing up and usually I end up decorating the bathroom
[17:21] <Martine> That doesn't sound like a smart move, Linda!
[17:21] <Barticus> in a not so nice way
[17:21] <The_Bee> Rusty Nails are my favorite.  I had 2 for my birthday
[17:22] <hygilac> she ws NOT allowed to come this year
[17:22] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Can we please switch to another topic?
[17:22] <The_Bee> with dinner
[17:22] * virtualbabe is a good girl, she seldom drinks
[17:22] <Martine> I can't handle Black Russians, but I love Kahlua and Cream.
[17:22] <Martine> Vodka always makes me sick.
[17:22] <Helenmary> Let's just say I haven't had one in about 20 years!
[17:22] <wrengl> now mostly stick to MacAllan or Hard Cider.  Sometimes Saki or Plum wine or beer.
[17:22] <The_Bee> Why drink something you can't taste?
[17:22] <@KK> I have <never> repeated a Black Russian.
[17:22] <wrengl> Kahlua and cream
[17:22] <Barticus> Is everyone going to star wars episode 2
[17:23] <Martine> I don't blame you, KK! Those things are nasty.
[17:23] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I'm almost envious of my parents...
[17:23] * @Bynw is going
[17:23] <wrengl> yes, barticus
[17:23] <Martine> Yes, Bart!
[17:23] <virtualbabe> Maybe, after the crowds die down a bit
[17:23] <RainbowDragon> I am, Barticus!!!
[17:23] <Barticus> just finished reading the novel yesterday
[17:23] <hygilac> I will go after school is out
[17:23] <The_Bee> I I haven't even gone to Episode 1
[17:23] <wrengl> Linda, I hear murfeesboro had a tornado today
[17:23] <Rebecca> you read the novel before seeing the movie!! tsk, tsk!!!!
[17:23] <hygilac> kids' last day here is may 20
[17:23] <Kelos_al-Hazar> They leave on 1st May to Hawaii for a four-month stint.
[17:23] <Barticus> I have always done that
[17:23] <@KK> Ack, that's where Andrew lives!
[17:23] <@KK> Andre
[17:24] <Barticus> clear back to star tek 2 the wrath of Khan
[17:24] <Martine> Andre lives in Murfeesboro? Ack!
[17:24] <@KK> Yes!  We visited her after Darkover last year.
[17:24] <@KK> What a nat lady!
[17:24] <hygilac> yes; I am away from the tv back here--did not know it actually hit M'boro
[17:24] <@KK> neat
[17:24] <Barticus> attack of the clones is gong to be an awesome movie
[17:25] <wrengl> I forgot she moved to Tennessee from Florida
[17:25] <@KK> Nice house, wonderful library, very nice couple who help her out.
[17:25] <@KK> Lots of cats--about 9, as I recall.
[17:25] <Martine> I'd love to get a weekend in her library!
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Ouch. I've got to head out...Gotta be at the performance location at 1800 hours...
[17:25] <Martine> Night, Kelos!
[17:25] <Barticus> later Kelos
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Be well, all...
[17:25] <@KK> You can see it anytime you want.  It's set up for research for writers.
[17:25] <hygilac> sing well, Kelos
[17:25] <@Sedina> Bye Kelos
[17:26] <Martine> IT is? Great!
[17:26] <The_Bee> good performing, kelos.  break a leg
[17:26] <Mouse> bye all
[17:26] <Martine> Break a leg, Kelos!
[17:26] <virtualbabe> Break a leg kelos
[17:26] *** Mouse has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving)
[17:26] <Helenmary> BOL, Kelos
[17:26] <Martine> Now i just have to become a *real* writer instead of a
wannabe... <laugh>
[17:26] <RainbowDragon> Break a nail, Kelos!
[17:26] <@Jessie> ack -- missed mouse
[17:26] <Helenmary> Wow.  That is one fast mouse!
[17:26] <@Jessie> bye Kelso
[17:26] <wrengl> cya kelos
[17:26] <Martine> LOL, RD!
[17:26] *** Deirdre has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:26] <RainbowDragon> *G*
[17:26] <@KK> Wannabes can use it too.
[17:26] <Martine> I missed mouse, too
[17:26] <@Jessie> hello Deirdre
[17:26] *** Barticus has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:26] <Martine> Hi Deirdre
[17:27] <The_Bee> Hi Deirdre
[17:27] <@Sedina> Hi Deirdre - took over the keyboard, did you?  :)
[17:27] <Martine> Wow, peer's busy tonight!
[17:27] <virtualbabe> uh-oh peer got Bart
[17:27] <hygilac> ack, peer got Bart
[17:27] * Kelos_al-Hazar waves and vanishes from sight...
[17:27] *** Kelos_al-Hazar has quit IRC (QUIT: May Blessings Be Unto Thee and All Those Who Call Thee Friend In Truth.)
[17:27] <Deirdre>  Hi all
[17:27] <wrengl> hi deirdra
[17:27] <Martine> Maybe I'll have to plan a little side trip after Darkover, if I can get the time off work :-)
[17:27] <hygilac> hi deirdre
[17:27] <Helenmary> Hello Deirdra
[17:27] <@KK> Hello, Deirdre.
[17:27] <@Bynw> hiyas Deirdre
[17:28] <hygilac> uh-oh--must go
[17:28] <hygilac> take care all
[17:28] <Martine> Bye, Linda!
[17:28] <Rebecca> bye Linda
[17:28] <@KK> Bye, Linda.
[17:28] <The_Bee> tornados?
[17:28] *** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:28] <virtualbabe>  bye-eee linda
[17:28] <@Bynw> wb bart
[17:28] <@Jessie> wb
[17:28] *** hygilac has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[17:28] <Barticus> me begins to beat peer about the head with a baseball bat
[17:28] <The_Bee> ave atque vale
[17:28] <Martine> wb Bart
[17:29] <Barticus> had to get off line for second
[17:29] <wrengl> wb barticus
[17:29] <Barticus> had an incoming call for my uncle
[17:29] <Martine> Pesky phone calls, presuming to use the phone line... <g>
[17:29] <@Sedina> wb Bart
[17:29] <RainbowDragon> ya need a second phone line
[17:30] <Barticus> well its the major house line
[17:30] <The_Bee> but then my chat's would be interrupted
[17:30] <virtualbabe> or cable internet, if that is available where you are
[17:30] <Barticus> too expensive
[17:30] <Barticus> cable is too expensive right now
[17:30] <The_Bee> very $$$
[17:31] <Martine> It is pricey, but I think I'd take to selling knick knacks on the street before I'd give it up.
[17:31] <wrengl> I am waiting to upgrade to XP (which is coming) so I can get the new dsl to work
[17:31] <Barticus> saving my money up for my brother batcherlor party
[17:31] <Martine> I'm not internet addicted. Really. O:-)
[17:31] <wrengl> naw not much martine
[17:31] <Martine> Just because I build web sites for a living... <hee hee>
[17:31] * @Bynw isnt internet addicted ... just the internet pusher
[17:31] <virtualbabe> Neither am I Martine, Just because i check my e-mail every hour on the hour :-)
[17:31] <Martine> LOL, Bynw!
[17:31] <@Sedina> Yeah, right, Bynw
[17:32] <Martine> Oh, just because I leave my e-mail app open and set to automatically check every 10 minutes when I'm home!
[17:32] <Martine> And just because I nearly panicked when a storm took out cable access last weekend... <g>
[17:32] <Helenmary> Very sensible, Martine :)
[17:32] <Barticus> no Martine you are not addicted
[17:32] <Helenmary> And I must confess, exactly how mine is set up!
[17:33] <Barticus> but I'll sell you some swamp land in Louisiana
[17:33] <Martine> My friends have gone and scattered across the country - no one's left here. It's either pay the cable company or pay the phone company - and the cable company is much cheaper!
[17:33] <@KK> That is probably true, in your case.
[17:33] <wrengl> what nearly martine.  You were hysterical
[17:33] <Martine> LOL! Okay, I *was* panicking! <g>
[17:34] <virtualbabe> that's the same for me, Cable internet was cheaper then DSL where I am, and my phone line would not handle data
[17:34] <@Sedina> Yes...especially when you're dial-up backup didn't work either
[17:34] <Martine> Just because I was expecting a notice at any minute that my friend was giving birth when the cable modem went out...
[17:34] <@Jessie> Katherine:  do you have any ideas about how many children Kelson & Araxie will have?
[17:34] <@KK> 3 or 4, at least, I expect.
[17:34] <Helenmary> I just took a look out the window and think, perhaps, I should go do a quick storm proofing of the back yard.  See you all soon!
[17:34] <virtualbabe> Later HM
[17:34] <Barticus> not just one KK?
[17:34] <@Jessie> bye Helenmary
[17:35] * Martine quietly suggests perhaps a daughter named Evaine? <g>
[17:35] <wrengl> cya helenmary
[17:35] <The_Bee> cya HM
[17:35] <Martine> Bye, HM!
[17:35] <Barticus> later helenmary
[17:35] <@KK> Bye, HM
[17:35] <Deirdre> bye
[17:35] <@Bynw> cya HM
[17:35] *** Helenmary has quit IRC (QUIT: scampers off to grab the patio
[17:35] <RainbowDragon> How 'bout Kelsonya?
[17:35] <The_Bee> or a son named Richard--for Araxie's father
[17:35] <@KK> We were having hail today--which is typical for this time of year.
[17:35] <Barticus> or Camber
[17:35] * @Bynw thinks Chris or Bynw is a good name
[17:35] <Martine> Hail, yuck!
[17:35] <Martine> LOL, Bynw!
[17:36] <@KK> Could be a Richard.  Camber would probably be pushings things a bit.
[17:36] <@KK> Maybe for a second or third name....
[17:36] <virtualbabe> I have a feeling that the name Conall will NOT be considered
[17:36] <Martine> LOL!
[17:36] <wrengl> i would think not debbie
[17:36] <Martine> I like Richard! And maybe a Brion?
[17:36] <@KK> No, probably not.  But maybe as a second or third name.  His situation was very unfortunate.
[17:36] <RainbowDragon> KK: when did people stop having two or three middle names? Recently?
[17:37] <@Bynw> Some people still do RD
[17:37] <virtualbabe> I've got two middle names
[17:37] <wrengl> Some people still do
[17:37] <@KK> It's usually been an upper class thing.  Prince Charles is Charles Philip Arthur George, for example.
[17:37] <RainbowDragon> Oh?
[17:37] <Barticus> I do too after confimation of course
[17:37] <wrengl> I do
[17:37] <The_Bee> until 19th century most common folk had no middle name
[17:37] <wrengl> I was christened with three names then took a fourth for confirmation
[17:38] <@Jessie> my gg grandfather was named Johannes Casper Henry <surname>
[17:38] <RainbowDragon> I am sadly MisNaken then (typo intended)
[17:38] <@Jessie> and used each of them at different times
[17:38] <Martine> I was christened with two, then took two more for confirmation. They happened to be the same as my first two, but details.
[17:38] <wrengl> I am Patricia Caroline Elisa Mary
[17:38] <Martine> I'm Martine Annette Martine Annette. I wasn't feeling very creative.
[17:38] <The_Bee> My 4-great grandfather was named Trueworthy
[17:38] <@KK> I've always like Caroline.
[17:38] <@KK> Trueworthy--that's cool!
[17:39] <@Jessie> and Martine's initials are: MAMA
[17:39] <wrengl> So do I
[17:39] <The_Bee> Mom is Caroline
[17:39] <wrengl> LOL
[17:39] <virtualbabe> That's a nice combo Pat, I'm Deborah Christine Theresa
[17:39] <@Sedina> lol Jessie
[17:39] <Martine> LOL, Jessie! Maybe after I bring home a Scottish/Irish souvenir next year? <g>
[17:39] <@Sedina> I feel so undernamed over here....I'm just Kim Christine
[17:39] <Martine> I like Christine
[17:39] * @Jessie can see on martine's correspondence MAMA at the bottom
[17:39] <virtualbabe> SEESTER!!!!!!!
[17:39] <@Sedina> There you go, Martine
[17:39] <RainbowDragon> Not Kimberly, Sedina?
[17:40] <wrengl> lol jessie
[17:40] <Martine> Next year, Jessie! <laugh>
[17:40] <@Jessie> MAMAL
[17:40] <@Sedina> Martine - Christine was my paternal grandmother's name.  I'm
the only grandchild that's named after her.
[17:40] <Martine> I've always like that name :-)
[17:40] <@Sedina> Nope, RD...  That would be <far> too long of a name when you
add on my last name to it all
[17:40] <RainbowDragon> Jessie: my initials are MOM. *lol*
[17:40] <@Jessie> lol RD
[17:40] <Martine> LOL RD
[17:40] <wrengl> lol rd
[17:41] <Deirdre> lol Rd
[17:41] <Barticus> lolrd
[17:41] <RainbowDragon> Therefore, I never have my initials embroidered on
[17:41] <Martine> Whyever not?
[17:41] * Martine grins
[17:41] <@Sedina> Oh gee, why not, RD?  :)
[17:42] <RainbowDragon> *G*
[17:42] <@KK> What's the O, RD?
[17:42] <virtualbabe> Just use the first and last.   
[17:42] <@Jessie> Oliver?
[17:42] <@Sedina> Otto?
[17:42] <RainbowDragon> It stands for Orrin, KK
[17:42] <@Jessie> Orin?
[17:42] <Martine> Hey!
[17:42] * @Jessie looks for Jodotha
[17:42] <Martine> That's neat!
[17:42] <@KK> Cool!
[17:42] <@Sedina> hehe...that's cool, RD  :)
[17:42] <The_Bee> My niece had initialed candy at her wedding reception.  she and her hubby are maggie and Mark
[17:42] <Deirdre> Wow
[17:42] <RainbowDragon> I never thought of that!
[17:43] * virtualbabe giggles
[17:43] <@KK> MM makes a very nice monogram, intertwined.
[17:43] * RainbowDragon suggests KK changes the spelling of Orin *G*
[17:43] <Martine> LOL
[17:43] <@KK> I have another friend named Oren.
[17:44] <virtualbabe> too late RD
[17:44] <RainbowDragon> ahhh
[17:44] <The_Bee> Well, in the old days there was no standardized spelling
[17:44] <@KK> Definitely true.
[17:44] <@KK> Just try doing genealogy....
[17:44] * @Bynw likes the old days
[17:44] <virtualbabe> There still isn't really standard spellings for many names
[17:45] <Martine> There are pluses AND minuses to the old days
[17:45] <The_Bee> didn't Shakespeare spell his name more than one way?
[17:45] <@KK> About 5, as I recall.
[17:45] <Deirdre> At 5:00 I have to go
[17:45] <@Jessie> k Deirdre
[17:45] <@KK> Over here, I always have to say Katherine with a K, because they usually spell it with a C.
[17:45] <The_Bee> Personal names are pretty much exempt from spelling rules
[17:45] <wrengl> martine, what do you think of the fight over the winning lottery ticket in NJ?
[17:45] <virtualbabe> still got 1  to go
[17:46] <Martine> I think it's disgusting, Pat.
[17:46] <wrengl> like kathi with a K and an i
[17:46] <The_Bee> fight??
[17:46] <@KK> Who's fighting, and over how much?
[17:46] *** RainbowDragon has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:46] <Martine> What is it Pat - 89 million?
[17:46] <wrengl> so do I.  I mean 58 million can easily be split twenty ways!
why be greedy
[17:46] * @Jessie encourages Mr. Pierre to 'Play nicely with others.'
[17:46] <@Sedina> bad peer
[17:46] <Martine> One guy is claiming the prize by himself, and has the ticket.
[17:46] <The_Bee> BAD PEER! NAUGHTY PEER!
[17:47] <virtualbabe> well, in gaelic isn't the c almost totally pronounced the k
[17:47] <Martine> His co-workers are arguing that it was bought in a pool, so they are owed a share.
[17:47] <Martine> Yes, vb
[17:47] <@KK> How many co-workers?
[17:47] <Deirdre> It is 4:50 loveland time.
[17:47] <Martine> Do you remember, Pat? I think it was five or more.
[17:48] <wrengl> one million after taxes would be more than enough for me
[17:48] <Martine> Basically, his entire corworker team. So it really looks like this guy took their money to buy a bunch of tickets, and is claiming the prize all by himself.
[17:48] <wrengl> 19 co-workers
[17:48] <@Bynw> 58 million will do that
[17:48] <wrengl> yes it will
[17:48] <@KK> Well, even if it was 10, that's 8.9 million apiece--more than enough, I should think.
[17:48] <wrengl> he never gave anyone copies of the tickets he bought for the pool
[17:49] <Martine> Greed is a disgusting beast.
[17:49] <Martine> Now he's claiming a "misunderstanding", but I haven't see anything to elaborate on that.
[17:49] <wrengl> ah, now they are saying he did not buy the winning ticket
[17:49] <The_Bee> ???
[17:49] <wrengl> it was someone else
[17:50] <Martine> I haven't seen that yet!
[17:50] * virtualbabe wonders at the gall of some people
[17:50] <wrengl> just on the news.
[17:50] <@KK> But he has physical possession.  If he didn't buy it, how did he get it?
[17:50] <Barticus> well all I am going to bid all of you goodnight
[17:50] <The_Bee> but if he has possession...
[17:50] <Martine> Night, Bart!
[17:50] <@Sedina> Bye Bart
[17:50] <@Bynw> cya bart
[17:50] <Barticus> y'all have nice week
[17:50] <@KK> Night, Bart.
[17:50] <virtualbabe> nighters Bart.   
[17:50] <wrengl> don't know looks like the courts will be busy
[17:50] <The_Bee> cya Bart
[17:51] <Barticus> thanks for stopping by KK
[17:51] <@Bynw> and possession is 9/10ths of the law
[17:51] <wrengl> well all I need to get offline and eat
[17:51] <Deirdre> bye
[17:51] *** RainbowDragon has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:51] <@Sedina> Night, Pat
[17:51] <@KK> Night, Pat.
[17:51] <@Bynw> wb M. Orin :-)
[17:51] * wrengl Walks to the transfer portal, waves her fingers ala Vir of Centauri and disappears in a shower of purple, blue, gold and silver sparkles.
[17:51] <The_Bee> bye pat.  wb rd
[17:51] <Deirdre> bye
[17:51] <@Sedina> wb, RD
[17:51] * Barticus waves as he steps onto his portal and disappears in shower of potatoes and gravy
[17:51] <virtualbabe> Later Pat, and n ear-scritch for thumper
[17:51] *** Barticus has left #Deryni_Destinations
[17:51] * Martine would be ecstatic with a lowly pick 3 prize that would remodel her kitchen
[17:51] <wrengl> thumper says thanks for all the scritches
[17:51] <RainbowDragon> Did I miss much?
[17:51] *** wrengl has quit IRC (QUIT: As she flies off in her Spitfire)
[17:51] <@Jessie> bye wrengl
[17:51] <Martine> wb, RD!
[17:52] <Martine> Ack! Missed Pat. Must have been sleeping.
[17:52] <@Bynw> i dont remember RD .. but it will be posted to the Newsgroup later anyway :-)
[17:52] <@KK> That Barticus!  Always has to make a spectacle of himself!  ;-)
[17:52] <virtualbabe> we solved the question , the answer to Life the universe and everything
[17:52] <Martine> What, vb? Potatoes and gravy?
[17:52] <@Bynw> that was 42 VB
[17:53] <virtualbabe> I know
[17:53] <The_Bee> 56.  42 was the wrong answer
[17:53] <@KK> Well, I think it's time for me to check out too, guys.
[17:53] <RainbowDragon> Charlie tried to get online with the other computer without thinking about the fact that I was already online
[17:53] <Martine> Good night, KK!
[17:53] <Martine> There should be a remodeled St. George's in your inbox tomorrow morning :-)
[17:53] <Rebecca> Night Katherine!
[17:53] <@Sedina> Have a good night, Katherine.  Thanks for stopping in
[17:53] <virtualbabe> Goodnight katherine, sweet dreams, and have a terrific week
[17:53] <@KK> See you all next week.
[17:53] <RainbowDragon> Goodnight Katherine
[17:53] <Martine> Write Woman Write! <g>
[17:53] <The_Bee> nighters KK.  good writing and only the guests you really really want
[17:53] <@Bynw> night KK
[17:54] <Deirdre> Bye KK
[17:54] * @KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodbye as she disappears in a shower of green sparkles. 
[17:54] *** KK has quit IRC (QUIT: )


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