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KK Chat - Apr. 14, 2002 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:36:55 pm »
KK Chat - Apr. 14, 2002, pt. 2

[18:03] <Martine> Oooh! I can't wait to read that, Bee :-)
[18:03] <Martine> LOL, Scribbler!
[18:03] <JastaElf> uhh... I'm not tellin'....  :-)
[18:03] <Barticus> well I need to get going all, thnaks for stopping by KK
[18:03] <scribbler> or that Duncan doesn't go into seminary... ;)
[18:03] <@Bynw> Jasta would assume Meraude's identity
[18:04] <Martine> I'm also working on polishing my own submission to the zine as i chat - about Kelson's oldest daughter.
[18:04] <scribbler> night Bart....
[18:04] <Barticus> bye all
[18:04] <@KK> Night, Barticus!
[18:04] <Rob_u> Bye Bart
[18:04] <virtualbabe> but then she's be conall's mum
[18:04] <@Bynw> cya Bart
[18:04] <Martine> Bye, Bart!
[18:04] <@Jessie> night Bart
[18:04] <JastaElf> <even bigger snicker> I think Meraude's folks might notice. ;-)
[18:04] <@Shiral> Bye Bart
[18:04] <JastaElf> Night Bart!  Good to see you!
[18:04] * Barticus steps onto his portal and is gone in a shower of green sparks
[18:04] <Martine> Minor details, Jasta! <g>
[18:04] <@Shiral> Just a little, Jasta
[18:04] *** Barticus has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[18:04] <virtualbabe> nighters bart
[18:04] * JastaElf stammers, "But I really LIKE Meraude! Honest!!"
[18:04] <Martine> Uh huh....
[18:04] <scribbler> Deb -- maybe Conall wouldn't have been such a snit....not to put any blame on parentage....
[18:04] <JastaElf> I just wish my hubby was like hers.  ;-)
[18:04] <@Shiral> You like Nigel better..... <G>
[18:04] <@Bynw> not if you could go back in time using a portal ... you would be Deryni and you could just blur that minor detail in their minds
[18:05] <@Bynw> :-)
[18:05] <JastaElf> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
[18:05] * JastaElf wiggles eyebrows and grins evilly.
[18:05] *** Shiral is now known as Meraude
[18:05] <@KK> Well, at least Nigel is born now, Jasta.
[18:05] <@Bynw> more things that make you go   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[18:05] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Conall seems to have been (sadly) well-named...
[18:05] <Martine> Uh oh. Shiral's role playing again. Look out, Jasta!
[18:05] <@Meraude> lady Jasta, You keep your little mits off my man!
[18:05] <JastaElf> Is he?  And did he grab AND lift his father's sword??  :-)
[18:05] *** Meraude is now known as Shiral
[18:05] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:05] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Because he /did/ con all. :(
[18:05] <scribbler> hmmm -- maybe time travel was what Lewis ap Norfal was attempting when he disappeared -- be careful, Jasta....
[18:06] <@KK> Indeed, Kelos.
[18:06] <JastaElf> I'll find Lewys and we'll have a pedestrian accident in the aether.  :-)
[18:06] <@Shiral> How old is Nigel now, KK? 
[18:06] <@Shiral> <G> I mean, in ITKS
[18:06] <JastaElf> Cute at any age....  :-)
[18:06] <@KK> A month or two.  His brothers and little sister have just met him.
[18:06] <@Shiral> Ah
[18:06] <JastaElf> And??  AND???  :-)
[18:06] <Martine> Otherwise he'd be a bit over 900 years by now, Shiral <g>
[18:06] <@Bynw> ah how cute
[18:06] <the_Bee> p. 6 :".. several mostly Deryni colonies well ensconced ... by the beginning of the sixth century.  Some of them claimed descent from refugees who fled the destruction of Caeriesse, said to have disappeared beneath the sea in the first quarter of the sixth century."
[18:06] <@Shiral> DETAILS, Martine
[18:06] * JastaElf bounces in her chair....
[18:07] <@Shiral> He needs his nappies Changed, Jasta
[18:07] * Martine hands Jasta a clean diaper
[18:07] <JastaElf> His brothers and sisters just met him?  Where did Richeldis pup him??
[18:07] <Martine> Go to it. It's your chance to see the most royal prince undressed <g>
[18:07] <@Shiral>  Pup him?
[18:07] <@KK> It's close enough to be recent memory, Bee.  I think I can wiggle out of that one!
[18:07] <JastaElf> :-) Oooooo....
[18:07] *** Sedina has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:07] <@Jessie> hello Sedina
[18:07] <@Shiral> Hello Sedina
[18:07] <@Sedina> Hello  :)
[18:07] <JastaElf> In other words, if his sibs meet him at 2 months, where was he actually born?
[18:08] * scribbler sends greetings to Sedina
[18:08] <Martine> SEDINA!!!!!!
[18:08] <JastaElf> Hi Sedina!
[18:08] <@KK> Hi-ho, Sedana!
[18:08] <@Sedina> Jasta!  *huggles*
[18:08] * Martine pounces on Sedina with mega huggles
[18:08] <@Bynw> hiyas Sedina
[18:08] <@Sedina> Hi KK...didn't expect that you would still be here
[18:08] <@KK> I was late.  We had company for dinner.
[18:08] <RainbowDragon> Hi Sedina
[18:09] <JastaElf> So KK, I'm begging... is there a lapse in when they meet their new bro because Nigel wasn't born in Rhemuth?  :-)
[18:09] <@KK> OK, a week or so, Jasta.
[18:09] <JastaElf> Ah.  :-)
[18:09] * JastaElf relaxes now.
[18:09] <Wrengl> Good evening Sedina of the Kilts
[18:09] <Jessie> Jasta:  Nigel was born beside the river Eirian at the request of Elf
[18:09] <@KK> Does Sedina now have kilts?
[18:10] <@Shiral> Or were the other kids farmed out somewhere else so mom could have a little peace?
[18:10] <the_Bee> "My grandparents survived a disaster that hasn't happened yet."  Make it sixth century BCE and it works fine
[18:10] <@Shiral> A bikini Kilt, KK
[18:10] <Martine> I'm trying to write Sedina a kilt :-)
[18:10] <JastaElf> After all, if the kids are all little and anyone has the sniffles.... baby gets the sniffles and so does Mommy.  :-)
[18:10] <JastaElf> YES, Jessie!  :-)  huggles....
[18:10] <@Sedina> I did attempt to steal my grandmother's kilt when I was home this weekend, but dad put a kibosh on that idea.  :(
[18:10] <@Shiral> Bad Dad
[18:10] <Wrengl> No But Sedina will take anyone in a kilt!
[18:10] <@Bynw> thats too bad Sedina
[18:10] <virtualbabe> Childbirth was a fairly dangerous situation at that time
[18:11] <JastaElf> That could be amusing....  :-)  Sedina taking ANYONE in a kilt???
[18:11] <@Sedina> I almost managed to get away with the scarf, but he saw that too.  :)
[18:11] * Martine better put the turbo on "Sedina Gets a Kilt" story so she gets her kilt right pronto!
[18:11] <@Shiral> Yes, But Richeldis had more children after Nigel
[18:11] <scribbler> especially with no Healers....
[18:11] <@Sedina> Well, not <anyone> Jasta
[18:11] <JastaElf> what tartan, Sedina?
[18:11] <the_Bee> most royals were born in beds, not riverbanks
[18:11] <Wrengl> Sedina: How would you like Dom deLuise in a kilt!
[18:11] <@Shiral> Preferably cute scotsmen
[18:11] <@KK> Is your grandmother still alive and using them, Sedina?
[18:11] <@Shiral> whew, that's a BIG Kilt, Pat
[18:11] <@Shiral> <G>
[18:12] <JastaElf> no more kids after Richeldis??  what about Silke and Joachim?
[18:12] <JastaElf> I mean, after Nigel....
[18:12] <Wrengl> Kathi asked you, Sedina, to picture Willie Nelson in a kilt
[18:12] <@Shiral> No, I mean She DID have kids after Nigel
[18:12] * JastaElf shudders at that image....
[18:12] <@KK> Yes.
[18:12] <@Sedina> Grandma is still alive, yes, but not using them.  She has late stage alzehemeier's.  Dad said though that I can't have the kilt anyway because he wants it.  I figure that I'll just swipe it when he's not looking.
He'll never notice.
[18:12] <Martine> Sneaky, sneaky! <g>
[18:12] <Wrengl> lol sedina
[18:12] <JastaElf> what tartan, Sedina?
[18:12] <@Shiral> Not if you give him a little Merasha cocktail, Sedina
[18:12] <@Sedina> Pat - I did saw not <anyone>
[18:12] <@Sedina> Fraser, Jasta.
[18:12] <Wrengl> Is it a Fraser Kilt
[18:13] <JastaElf> Ah!  Hunting, dress. ancient?
[18:13] <@KK> If it's your grandmother's, it won't fit him anyway.  Someome should have it who would use it.
[18:13] <@KK> And love it.
[18:13] <the_Bee> dress or hunting?
[18:13] <Martine> I agree :-)
[18:13] <JastaElf> GMTA, Bee.,...
[18:13] <@Bynw> yeah ... you should get the Kilt Sedina
[18:13] <Wrengl> I agree you should have the kilt sedina
[18:13] <@Sedina> KK - you don't know how big my grandma is.  I haven't been that size in eons.  :)  But that's totally beside the point
[18:14] <@DeryniBot> I agree too ... K I L T S should get the kilt
[18:14] <scribbler> Try telling him it's a ladies kilt...he needs a gentlemen's kilt....
[18:14] <@Sedina> LOL
[18:14] <@Shiral> LOL
[18:14] <virtualbabe> is there a difference?
[18:14] <JastaElf> a ladies kilt would hang wierd on a laddie....
[18:14] <Martine> Size.
[18:14] <@KK> Is she tiny, Sedina?
[18:14] <scribbler> I don't know if there is a difference, but HE might not either!
[18:14] <@KK> Wraps the opposite way, for one thing, I do believe.
[18:14] <JastaElf> yup
[18:15] <JastaElf> and I think the setts may be pleated differently to accomodate waistline diffs.
[18:15] <Wrengl> did she wear it sedina?
[18:15] <@Sedina> Well, it's the kilt that she was married in.  She's always been pretty petite
[18:15] <virtualbabe> Right over left for the ladies compared to left over right?
[18:15] <JastaElf> Oh WOW....
[18:15] <@KK> Anyway, if there's a scarf, you could have <that>, if he isn't ready yet to give up the kilt.
[18:15] <JastaElf> married in.  Definitely Sedina should get it!
[18:15] <@KK> Is it a long kilt, then?
[18:15] <@Shiral> Sedina  NEEDS a Kilt
[18:15] <Martine> I second Jasta.
[18:15] <Wrengl> indeed she does
[18:16] <Martine> Sedina needs the kilt.
[18:16] <Wrengl> even if it does not come with Jamie in it!
[18:16] <scribbler> It's a girl thing....Dad wouldn't understand....
[18:16] <Martine> That can be fixed at a later date, Pat <g>
[18:16] <@Bynw> it's settled then ... this Camberian Council has determinded that Sedina does get the family kilt
[18:16] <@Sedina> That's exactly why I tried to sneak off with the scarf.  :) Don't worry, I'll get my hands on that eventually.  This is my father afterall. The man seriously lacks a sense of keen observation.  I had some movies of his
for nearly 2 years before he noticed they were missing
[18:16] * Martine calls "Oh Dhugal!!! Dhugal dhugal dhugal dhugal!!!! Got a kilt for you to fill...."
[18:16] <@Shiral> LOL
[18:16] <JastaElf> :-) But can we enforce, Bynw??
[18:16] <@Shiral> This heist will be a cinch, then
[18:17] <@Bynw> JastaElf we may yet have to work on that detail ...
[18:17] * Martine loans her spare riding crop to the enforcement committee :-)
[18:17] <JastaElf> You don't need a cinch with a kilt.  Just with snotty baby horses.  ;-)
[18:17] <@KK> I should hope that your dad would be thrilled that you're so keen on your Fraser heritage.
[18:17] <@Shiral> LOL, Jasta
[18:17] <virtualbabe> she's just keen on kilts <giggle>
[18:17] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:17] <Wrengl> lol
[18:17] <@Sedina> lol
[18:18] <@Sedina> No, this is my obsession with my family heritage more than anything, vb
[18:18] <Martine> And men in kilts <g>
[18:18] <@Bynw> obession on what's UNDER kilts
[18:18] <scribbler> although the kilt is a pleasant benefit, I'm sure....
[18:18] <@Shiral> Men with Scottish accents in kilts
[18:18] <Wrengl> lol
[18:18] * virtualbabe blushes
[18:18] <@KK> Ah, <now> we begin to close in on the truth!
[18:18] <@Sedina> KK - had I been thinking, I would have brought home the pin you gave me, but it's on my wool coat and it's definitely too nice for wool now.  I told my family about it though.  :)
[18:18] <JastaElf> And certain other accents UNDER the kilt....  :-)
[18:19] <@Bynw> hehehehe
[18:19] <@Shiral> That is why she's the Kilt inspector
[18:19] <Martine> The one and only!
[18:19] <Wrengl> lol
[18:19] <@Sedina> LOL  I'm just really keen on keeping things authentic, that's it.  *innocent grin*
[18:19] <Martine> Uh huh. Your halo's looking a might tarnished <g>
[18:19] <@Shiral> Of COURSE you are, dear
[18:19] <@Shiral> <G>
[18:19] <@Bynw> aye very authentic
[18:20] * JastaElf looks about innocently, fairly glowing with sweetness and light.
[18:20] <@KK> Just remember that even the Scottish regiments--er--don't go regimental in some circumstances.
[18:20] <Wrengl> lol
[18:20] * JastaElf hides her halo and collar, blushing and yet grinning...
[18:20] <@Shiral> But how authentic can a Fraser be in this country? <G>
[18:20] <Martine> LOL!
[18:20] <@Shiral> DUNCAN MCLAIN!
[18:20] <@Sedina> Martine - since the conversation started out with kilts, I didn't figure that it was even worth trying to dig out the halo
[18:20] <scribbler> like a stiff breeze, KK? ;)
[18:20] * JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Duncan McLain?"
[18:20] <Martine> Now that's not fair, distracting Jasta like that, Shiral!
[18:20] <@Shiral> Och Aye
[18:20] <JastaElf> <giggle>
[18:20] <@Bynw> a stiff breeze?
[18:21] <@Shiral> Not fair, but lots of fun
[18:21] * JastaElf swoons....
[18:21] <@KK> Like, dancers.  Like, parading near royals in a stiff wind....
[18:21] <scribbler> pun not intended there, Bynw....
[18:21] <@Shiral> Well that would give HM a  verra unique view of the Highlands, i must say..
[18:22] <@Sedina> apparently my family is starting to discuss the next Scotland trip too.  :D  *does a happy dance*
[18:22] * virtualbabe visualises the result of a scotsman in a stiff wind
[18:22] <@KK> Indeed.  :-)
[18:22] <Martine> Uh oh.
[18:22] <scribbler> now I realize why my friend Ray won't wear his Irish kilt for me -- his wife probably won't let him do it "properly"....
[18:22] <@Shiral> Might prove diverting, though !
[18:22] * Martine starts counting Sedina's Scottish bail money
[18:22] <JastaElf> :-) LOL!!!!
[18:22] <@Sedina> Martine - I don't know how necessary that would be if I went with my family.  :)   
[18:23] <@KK> A friend of ours had a wide angle photo from some US highland games recently, of a whole line of Scots, their backs to the camera, bending over and mooning, a la Braveheart.
[18:23] <@Shiral> Dhugal I'm sure ALWAYS wears his kilt properly....
[18:23] * JastaElf would need to be bailed out in Germany. :-)
[18:23] <Martine> LOL, Katherine!
[18:23] <@Sedina> LOL
[18:23] <@KK> He's going to frame it and hang in in the loo.
[18:23] <@Shiral> <G>
[18:23] <Martine> I would love to see that!
[18:23] <JastaElf> LOL!
[18:23] <@Shiral> A good bottom line,
[18:23] <JastaElf> Argh!!!!  :-)
[18:23] <@Sedina> I bet that's a great picture.
[18:23] <Martine> Lady Sedina would have it no other way, than to be worn properly, Shiral! <g>
[18:23] <@Shiral> Sorry, Jasta. Just slipped out
[18:23] <scribbler> That was the scene cut from "Temple & the Crown" -- the Scotsmen making their escape after distracting the English by lifting their kilts.... ;)
[18:23] <@KK> Just remember that trews are far more practical for active men, especially if horses are involved.
[18:24] * JastaElf shudders at the mention of horses. :-)
[18:24] <@Shiral> ouch, yes
[18:24] <@Shiral> Why, Jasta?
[18:24] <Wrengl> There were Scottish Games in Fort Lauderdale the first weekend in march but we went to the Seminole Indian Reservation instead and then headed home
[18:24] <JastaElf> Jasper played at being a snotty baby horse today.  ;-)
[18:24] <@KK> In fact, that's one reason the officers usually wore trews, while the foot soldiers wore kilts.
[18:24] <JastaElf> He's gonna be two on Thursday... must've been a tantrum. :-)
[18:24] <@Shiral> Well, even the nicest horse will misbehave <G>
[18:24] <Martine> Aha. The terrible twos
[18:25] <JastaElf> Yup.  Today we learned "But MAAAA, two-lane blacktop EATS baby horses!!!"  :-)
[18:25] * Martine grins at the thought of a Scotsman being forced to ride horseback in a kilt
[18:25] <@Shiral> And when the two year old weighs several hundred pounds, it's rather a bother
[18:25] <@Sedina> lol Martine
[18:25] <JastaElf> Just a bit of a one, yup.
[18:25] <@KK> Bareback might just be doable.  I shouldn't think a saddle would be terribly comfortable.
[18:25] <Martine> Rather abrasive, I'd say <g>
[18:25] * the_Bee pictures Jasper in a kilt
[18:26] <JastaElf> Martine, worse would be a Scot in a kilt regimentally, on a McClellan saddle....  (ouch)
[18:26] <@Shiral> Bumpy
[18:26] <@KK> Ouch, indeed!
[18:26] <Wrengl> That was one of the things with the outlander books - - Jamie rode wearing a kilt on many occassions
[18:26] <JastaElf> Jasper in a kilt.  Hmm, maybe a turnout sheet edged in McLain hunting....  :-)
[18:26] <@Bynw> he must have had protection
[18:26] <@KK> I'll bet he wore underwear of some sort, too, when he did that.
[18:26] <@Shiral> So what would McLain Hunting Tartan look like?
[18:26] <Wrengl> I would think so, Katherine
[18:26] <RainbowDragon> Maybe Jasper rode side-saddle!
[18:26] <@Shiral> Since the regular Tartan is dark green?
[18:26] <@Bynw> lol
[18:27] <@KK> It's dark green with a black and a white stripe, in the real world.
[18:27] <JastaElf> Dark green is the hunting one, Shiral.  Ancient is the lighter green
[18:27] <@Shiral> Ah
[18:27] <@KK> It's about the oldest recorded tartan associated with one of the clans.
[18:27] <Martine> Jasta's sure up on her McLains <g>
[18:27] <JastaElf> Which one is the Deryni univ., KK?  the lighter or the darker?
[18:27] <@Shiral> Wonder Why....
[18:27] <JastaElf> <snicker>
[18:27] <Wrengl> lol jasta
[18:27] <@KK> Darker, very like real world McLain.
[18:28] <@Shiral> Good, verra good
[18:28] * JastaElf grins and fondles her proper McLain tartan shawl... :-)
[18:28] <scribbler> of course Duncan doesn't have much opportunity to wear his kilts -- too busy dressed in purple....
[18:28] <@Shiral> McLains look good in dark green.... <G>
[18:28] <@KK> These days, yes.
[18:28] <@Bynw> purple is a nice color though
[18:28] * JastaElf thinks a tartan sash would look smashing with a roman cassock and a purple cincture....
[18:28] <@Shiral> I like it too
[18:28] <@KK> But not particularly in tartan.
[18:28] <@Sedina> nah, nothing beats a good tartan  :)
[18:29] <virtualbabe> speaking of tartans katherine, does Dhugal wear a McLean tartan or the MacArdry tartan?
[18:29] <@Shiral> No, very few purple tartans <G>
[18:29] <@KK> Probably depends on where he is and what's handy.
[18:29] <@Bynw> hmmmm purple tartan.... might have to look into that
[18:29] <@Shiral> Or does he switch depending on where he is
[18:29] <JastaElf> no no, purple CINCture, not purple TARtan!  :-)
[18:29] <@Shiral> Older MacArdry's might not be too happy to see him in McLain Tartan in Transha
[18:30] <@KK> There are some with a light, heatherish purple.  Kind of pretty, actually.
[18:30] <Martine> Katherine, is it possible Dhugal might where a kilt of one tartan and a sash of the other, where appropriate?
[18:30] <scribbler> Or depending on the occasion -- if he's representing Transha it would be the MacArdry, if in capacity as Duke of Cassan, it would be McLain...
[18:30] <@KK> I expect he'd wear MacArdry in Transha.   
[18:30] <@KK> And when he eventually marries and has sons, I think his second son will probably get Transha.
[18:30] <JastaElf> Mixing ain't done, I don't think.... there's always some protocol or precedence, I think.
[18:30] <@Shiral> And it would look kinda silly
[18:31] <the_Bee> I read about Scotsmen sometimes wearing a kilt the father's clan and a scarf in the mother's
[18:31] <@Shiral> Also, weren't great kilts all of one piece?
[18:31] <JastaElf> With SOME tartans it would look positively nauseating.  :-)
[18:31] <scribbler> If he ever gets married at least....
[18:31] <@KK> They mixed tartans all the time in the old days.  Look at some of those old prints.
[18:31] <JastaElf> <shudder>
[18:31] <@KK> One wore what one had.
[18:31] <Martine> Hallelujah! Now I don't have to rewrite part one of "Sedina Gets a Kilt" <g>
[18:31] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:31] <virtualbabe> Yopu've gotta find a bride for him KK, and one for Derry too
[18:31] <@Shiral> Woo hoo
[18:31] <Wrengl> lol martine
[18:31] <@Shiral> Yes, Dhugal needs a spunky lass
[18:31] <@Sedina> lol Martine
[18:32] <JastaElf> Jasta is a good name for girls to marry nice men....  ;-)
[18:32] <Wrengl> he's got a spunky lass
[18:32] <@Shiral> She just wants to be Duncan's Daughter-in-law
[18:32] <@Shiral> <G>
[18:32] <Martine> LOL, Jasta <g>
[18:32] * @Sedina smiles innocently
[18:32] <JastaElf> <giggle> well, either that, or a priest under his charge....  ;-)
[18:33] * Martine isn't gonna touch that with a twenty-foot pole!
[18:33] * Wrengl thinks Sedina is not so innocent.
[18:33] * JastaElf looks about innocently, fairly glowing with sweetness and light.
[18:33] <@Shiral> The electrifying Bishop Duncan....
[18:33] <@KK> Martine, you're a wise woman!
[18:33] <Martine> ;-)
[18:33] * scribbler puts on her sunglasses -- Jasta's glow is blinding her....
[18:33] <virtualbabe> well people, I'm afraid I'm going to have to get going soon
[18:33] <@Sedina> I'll just live with my happy illusion until you get around to popping that bubble...but since you said that you're not doing a post-KKB book for a while.  *grins very widely*
[18:33] * JastaElf tones it down out of politeness....
[18:33] * Martine examines Jasta, finds the switch, and turns off the sweetness and light glow
[18:33] <@KK> (Ya see what wisdom comes of turning 30?!)
[18:33] <Wrengl> cya vb
[18:33] <Martine> LOL!
[18:33] <JastaElf> Bye VB!
[18:33] <Martine> It's a whole, different world, KK!
[18:33] <Jessie> bye vb
[18:33] <@Shiral> LOL
[18:33] <Martine> Bye VB!
[18:33] <scribbler> night VB...
[18:34] <the_Bee> nighters vb
[18:34] <@Shiral> Bye VB
[18:34] <@Sedina> bye vb
[18:34] <RainbowDragon> Bye VB
[18:34] <Martine> For one thing - maybe people will BELIEVE me when I tell them my age <g>
[18:34] <Wrengl> night vb
[18:34] <Martine> No one believes a woman who says she's 29.
[18:34] <@KK> Even when she looks about 18?
[18:34] <@Shiral> Or 39...
[18:34] <Martine> Well, since the gray hair and fine wrinkles rule out the 18 side <g>
[18:34] <Wrengl> no one ever believes my age, no matter what i say I am
[18:35] <JastaElf> I used to not look my age.  Now I do.  ;-)
[18:35] <scribbler> I've had people tell me I look about 35....
[18:35] <@KK> Ah, but grey on blondes just looks like frosting for years....!
[18:35] <Martine> Whoo hoo!
[18:35] <JastaElf> That's it, I'm dyeing my hair blond....  :-)
[18:35] <@Sedina> I figure that I should be good for a <long> time with my hair coloring  :)
[18:35] <Martine> Now just gotta do something about the fine lines appearing around my eyes <G>
[18:35] <@KK> But red is good, Jasta, especially on you!
[18:35] *** virtualbabe has quit IRC (QUIT: Debbie steps on to the portal and
dissapears in a shower of pink sparklies)
[18:35] <@Shiral> Oh Sedina, Hush,you infant <G>
[18:35] <Martine> LOL, Jasta!
[18:36] <JastaElf> :-) Well, thank you!  <curtseys>
[18:36] <@Sedina> LOL  Hey, mom and I went to the movies on Friday and I felt very old at the preview for ET.  I remember having seen that when it first came out
[18:36] <@KK> On that complimentary note, I think I'd better boogie.  It's getting on toward 1 AM here in Eire.
[18:36] <Martine> There's nothing quite like having your 22-year-old sister tell you you're old and pointing to your new wrinkles as evidence <G>
[18:36] <Martine> Good night, KK!
[18:36] * JastaElf discovers something very like a hoof print through her boot on her right foot... Oww, that smarts.
[18:36] <@Shiral> Have a GOOD writing week, KK!
[18:36] <Jessie> night Katherine -- thanks for coming
[18:36] <Wrengl> good writing Lady Katherine
[18:36] <Martine> I'll have a new drawing to you tonight <I hope!>
[18:36] <Rob_u> Bye KK
[18:36] <scribbler> I still have to see the re-release; hopefully this weekend....
[18:36] <JastaElf> Good night KK!  Good to see you!
[18:36] <RainbowDragon> Bye Katherine!
[18:37] <@Shiral> have a good week and see you next time
[18:37] <@Bynw> have a good night Katherine!  and thanks for letting us know that the Deryni are in the Star Trek universe! :-)
[18:37] <Rebecca> night Katherine
[18:37] <scribbler> Night KK -- happy writing!
[18:37] <@Shiral> Good to see
[18:37] <Wrengl> Thumper says good night to you Katherine
[18:37] <Martine> Pleasant dreams :-)
[18:37] <@Shiral>  you
[18:37] <@Sedina> Good night, Katherine.  Glad you were still here  :)
[18:37] <@Shiral> Fruitful writing, KK
[18:37] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sleep well, Lady Katherine... with many pleasant dreams!
[18:37] <@KK> Good to see you all.  And Rob--any chance of being to pull a graphic off that scene in Star Trek?  I've never seen me in it!
[18:37] <the_Bee> have a productive week, Katherine--but have some fun too!
[18:37] <Rob_u> I'll try; I'll need to use the other player software for that.
[18:37] <@Shiral> And some ice cream <G>
[18:37] <@Bynw> that would be neat Rob
[18:38] <Rob_u> It'll be a from-behind shot. :)
[18:38] <scribbler> cools...
[18:38] * Martine drools at the thought of ice cream
[18:38] <JastaElf> share it if you do.... the pic I mean.
[18:38] <@KK> You sound like a man of talent.  I'll bet you can figure out a way to do it!  ;-)
[18:38] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK, I might be able to do that... my DVD player is I should be able to do screencaps of it.
[18:38] <JastaElf> Well, and the ice cream for that matter.
[18:38] <@Shiral> LOL, Jasta
[18:38] <@KK> Well, maybe you can find the scene, too--or Rob can tell you where it is.   
[18:38] <@KK> Anyway, good night to all.  Have a good week.
[18:38] <@Bynw> both of ya work on it :-)
[18:39] * @Shiral hands martine a dove bar
[18:39] <@Bynw> night KK
[18:39] <JastaElf> night KK!
[18:39] <Martine> Thanks, Shiral!
[18:39] <@Bynw> :-)
[18:39] <@Shiral> Night KK
[18:39] * Martine devours the Dove bar
[18:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, I'll have to get a copy of the movie on DVD first, KK. :)
[18:39] <Martine> Bye, Katherine!
[18:39] <@Shiral> Bye, KK
[18:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It's a possible, though.
[18:39] * scribbler sends a dish of ice cream via Portal to Jasta....
[18:39] * @KK steps onto her Portal and waves bye-ye, blows kisses to all as she disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Will check at Blockbuster and Movie Gallery next week.
[18:39] <Wrengl> night katherine
[18:39] * JastaElf gratefully accepts the ice cream
[18:39] *** KK has quit IRC (QUIT: )


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