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KK Chat - Apr. 14, 2002 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:35:31 pm »
KK Chat - Apr. 14, 2002, pt. 1

[17:24] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:24] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
[17:24] <@Shiral> YESssss!
[17:24] <@Jessie> hello Katherine
[17:24] <virtualbabe> Hi katherine
[17:24] <Kelric> wheeeeee!
[17:24] <Kelric> :)
[17:24] <@Bynw> Hiyas Katherine!!
[17:24] <Martine> Hi, Katherine! Huggles!
[17:24] <@KK> Hi, all.  Sorry I'm late.
[17:24] <Rob_u> Hi Katherine
[17:24] <@Shiral> Hello hello, Katherine!
[17:24] <Rebecca> Hi Katherine
[17:24] * @Shiral gives KK a dove bar in greeting <G>
[17:24] <Martine> Shiral and I have been chanting "Veni veni" for the past hour <g>
[17:24] <the_Bee> Welcome KK to our Deryni Ice cream social
[17:24] <@KK> We had unexpected company for dinner, and got to talking.
[17:24] <RainbowDragon> Hi Katherine!
[17:24] <Martine> That sounds like good company, then.
[17:25] <@KK> Wow, where's my NY fudge chocolate chip?
[17:25] <@Shiral> I talk to company too, when I have it. <G> It's okay <G>
[17:25] *** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:25] <@Shiral> Martine, where's KK's NY chip?
[17:25] * Martine and Shiral hand KK her NY fudge chocolate chip
[17:25] <@Jessie> wb Bart
[17:25] <@KK> And theeeere's Barticus!
[17:25] <@Shiral> Hello Bart
[17:25] * Barticus begins to beat the phone with the baseball bat
[17:25] <@Bynw> wb again Bart
[17:25] <Martine> And we have a selection of Dove bars from the ice cream truck
parked outside my house, too!
[17:25] <Barticus> I'm back
[17:25] * @Shiral hands KK a bowl of NY fudge Chocolate chip icecream
[17:25] <Barticus> Howdy KK
[17:25] <@Bynw> Bart, turn off that call waiting if you are using dialup :)
[17:26] <Martine> Katherine - I have a quick question for you, before I use my shoehorn <G>
[17:26] <@KK> So, what's happening?
[17:26] <Martine> How wide are the crypt stairs in St. George's?
[17:26] <Martine> I'm drawing :-)
[17:26] * @Bynw was wondering when Hollybrook Hall was originally built
[17:26] <Martine> And recovering from my 30th birthday yesterday <g>
[17:26] <@KK> Probably about 4 ft.--and wider at the half landing, since you have to be able to get a coffin down the stairs.
[17:26] <Barticus> I figure it out later
[17:27] <Martine> Perfect, Katherine! Thanks!
[17:27] <@KK> Holybrooke was built 1832-1837.
[17:27] <@Shiral> The Crypt has a coffin stair <G>
[17:27] <Martine> LOL!
[17:27] <@KK> Yep.
[17:27] <Martine> Well, I would *hope* so!
[17:27] <@KK> Actually, they might bring coffins down the east stair, since that's a straighter shot.
[17:27] <@Shiral> Otherwise there would have been quite a problem with getting each dead royal decently entombed
[17:27] <@KK> All the crypts are interconnected, once you get down there.
[17:27] <Martine> Okay. Is that one also about four feet wide?
[17:28] <@KK> I think that's about the minimum, even counting the lozenge-shaped coffins they used--and use here.
[17:28] <Martine> Okay. Great :-)
[17:28] <Martine> And as huge as the crypt is, I assume there are quite a few archbishops down there as well, separate from the royal family.
[17:28] <@KK> Burial customs are very different here from what they are in the US.  No rectangular coffins, and never an open casket.
[17:29] <Barticus> speaking of crypts KK do most of the kings have statues of themselves near there tombs
[17:29] <@KK> Archbishops would be mostly at the cathedral.
[17:29] <@Shiral> KK, Might Jehana ever have taken Kelson to Bremagne to visit his grandfather/uncle as a small child?
[17:29] *** virtualbabe has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:29] <Martine> Ack!
[17:29] <@KK> Most royal tombs wound have an effigy on the lid.
[17:29] <@KK> would
[17:29] *** virtualbabe has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:29] * Martine thwaps vb's connection with her riding crop
[17:29] <@Jessie> wb vb
[17:29] <@Bynw> cant really have open caskets without modern embalming
[17:29] <@KK> Quite possibly, Shiral.
[17:29] <@Shiral> Thank you <G>
[17:29] <virtualbabe> mumble mumble grumble grumble
[17:30] * @Shiral adds another pot to the story stove
[17:30] * Martine awaits that one eagerly.
[17:30] <Martine> Now we know where Kelson got his perfect Bremagni, as displayed in "Sedina Gets a Kilt!" <g>
[17:30] <Kelric> hit the wrong x virtualbabe?
[17:30] <@Shiral> LOL, Martine 
[17:30] <Barticus> how many younger sin=blings does Jehana have KK?
[17:30] <@KK> You can, Bynw, but it has to be a quick funeral, and in the winter.
[17:30] <@Shiral> I would expect that Jehana would have taught him her cradle tongue from infancy
[17:31] <@KK> Not sure, Bart.  I'd have to look it up.
[17:31] <@Shiral> So that he could be properly bilingual
[17:31] <@Bynw> one probably doesnt get that "lucky" with deaths
[17:31] <virtualbabe> no, my zone-alarm interlock kicked in because I was not active enough.   
[17:31] <@Bynw> pencil in the King's death for mid december
[17:31] <Martine> LOL!
[17:31] <@KK> I think Kelson would be multi-lingual, to an extent.  We know he speaks a little of the Border dialect.
[17:32] <@Shiral> It would have been part of his education, I'd think
[17:32] <Martine> And a smithering of Greek, from KKB.
[17:32] <virtualbabe> as well as latin
[17:32] <@KK> Aye, some Greek, some Latin, some Torenthi, probably....
[17:32] <@Bynw> and definately Latin since it's used by the church
[17:32] <@Shiral> Since he'd have to be able to communicate with people who didn't speak his tongue
[17:32] <Barticus> is it called greek though?
[17:32] <@KK> Latin would be the common tongue for a lot of folk--as in our own world.
[17:32] <@Shiral> Although most of the Torenthi courtiers he meets in KKB seem to speak verra good English
[17:32] <@Shiral> <G>
[17:33] <Martine> LOL!
[17:33] <@KK> Yes, there would have been a Greece.  There was a Rome/Rum, after all.
[17:33] <virtualbabe> or would that be Gwenneddian?
[17:33] <@Shiral> Grecia is on the map in the Codex, after all
[17:33] <Martine> Katherine - does Gywnedd's common language have any relation to a language in our world?
[17:33] <@Bynw> probably Anglish
[17:33] <Barticus> oh it is
[17:33] <Barticus> must hve overlooked it
[17:33] <Barticus> Rom I saw
[17:33] <@Shiral> Angled ENglish, Bynw??
[17:33] <@KK> Diplomats are usually multi-lingual.  You'll notice that they have accents, though--or at least phrasing that suggests they usually speak another language.
[17:33] <Barticus> Rum
[17:34] <Martine> In our time period, they were speaking Norman French in England.
[17:34] <@Shiral> Because of the Norman Conquest
[17:34] <Martine> Yup!
[17:34] <@Bynw> always a good name for English in parallel<sp?> worlds
[17:34] <the_Bee> I recall a scene in which someone translated a ritual from Latin for the benefit of a Haldane king--Javan?   
[17:34] <the_Bee> So it's not an everyday language
[17:34] <Barticus> who is Norman anyway?
[17:34] <Rob_u> Javan, for Alroy, at his death.
[17:34] <@Shiral> So, since Royalty had to at least TRY to get along with their neighbors, they would have to learn several languages, potentially
[17:35] <Martine> Actually, Norman is my grandfather, Bart! ;-)
[17:35] <@KK> I wouldn't expect a king necessarily to be as fluent in Latin as a cleric, but they could puzzle through.
[17:35] <Barticus> lol
[17:35] <@Shiral> After spending several years at Arx Fidei, though, wouldn't Javan's latin be pretty darn good? 
[17:35] <@Bynw> norman as in normandy coast of france :)
[17:35] <@KK> Rob-u--who are you?  :-)
[17:35] <the_Bee> better than your average king's
[17:35] <@Bynw> I would think so Shiral
[17:36] <@Shiral> I would too
[17:36] <Kelric> well.  now MY break is over so I have to leave now.  catch ye all later.
[17:36] <Rob_u> Me?  I'm just some random person trying to fit in... :)
[17:36] <@KK> Liturgical Latin--yes.  Not necessarily spoken or colloquial Latin.
[17:36] <Barticus> doh !
[17:36] <Martine> Bye, Kelric!
[17:36] <virtualbabe> it was, she was at mass in TKJ listening to a reading in latin, automatically translating it into english
[17:36] <@Jessie> bye Kelric
[17:36] <Kelric> let life treat ye all well and have a good evening.
[17:36] <Barticus> bye kelric
[17:36] <@Bynw> cya Kelric
[17:36] <@KK> Just didn't remember seeing you here before, Rob.  You're welcome, of course!
[17:36] * Kelric bows in prayer at the center of the transfer portal and winks out.
[17:36] <virtualbabe> bye-eee Kel
[17:36] <@Shiral> Jehana, I assume you mean VB
[17:36] *** Kelric has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving)
[17:36] <Rob_u> I've only been here while you were once before, KK
[17:37] <Wrengl> Hi Katherine!
[17:37] <@KK> Ah.  You must've been quiet.   
[17:37] <@KK> Hi, Pat.
[17:37] <Wrengl> I've been eating and finishing the sparkling Shiraz Duck gave me at darkover
[17:37] <Rob_u> Yes.  Usually I am... and it can be sort of overwhelming in here - you all seem to know each other pretty well.
[17:37] <virtualbabe> Yes, her priest was supposed to be reading something else but was reading the conversion of paul, as suggested by Azim
[17:38] <@Shiral> Yes, I remember that, and she freaks out <G>
[17:38] <the_Bee> oh yes, Azim's little prank
[17:38] <@Shiral> Although quietly, af first
[17:38] <@KK> So, show up more.  :-)  None of us bite, I promise--though some of us--ahem--occasionally throw food or wallop things with fish...
[17:38] <@Jessie> Katherine:  how did writing go this week?
[17:38] <Martine> Rob - it was overwhelming for me, too, at first!
[17:38] <virtualbabe> I've just been re-reading the second kelson trilogy
[17:38] * Martine looks around innocently, hiding her riding crop
[17:38] <@Bynw> very large fish at that
[17:38] * @Shiral wallops the chat room with a very little fish
[17:38] <Wrengl> lol martine
[17:38] <@Shiral> That wasn't so bad, was it?
[17:39] <Martine> Rob, if you come mid-week, it's much quieter, and easier to figure out what's what :-)
[17:39] * Barticus speaking of which we have not had a virtual food fight in awhile
[17:39] <@Shiral> Or WHO'S what <G>
[17:39] <Wrengl> but we usually use trout or sharks
[17:39] <Martine> ROTFL!
[17:39] *** JastaElf has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:39] <@Bynw> JASTA!!!!
[17:39] <Martine> JASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:39] <@Jessie> hugs Jasta
[17:39] <Rob_u> Yes, I'm here then sometimes, too.  Usually a bit busy though.
[17:39] <JastaElf> Hi folx, sorry I'm late....
[17:39] * Martine pounces on Jasta with huggles
[17:39] <@KK> Pretty good, Jessie.  I'm to the point where I'm integrating the action of Venture in Vain--from Donal's POV.
[17:39] <Wrengl> hi jastaelf!
[17:39] <@Shiral> HI Jasta, you made it!
[17:39] <Barticus> howdy Jasta!
[17:39] * virtualbabe has not seen any frozen monkfish lately
[17:39] <Barticus> long time no see
[17:39] <the_Bee> Jasta!  WB with huggles
[17:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Jasta!!!! :) Coolness!
[17:39] <JastaElf> Wow, everyone's here today!  :-)
[17:39] <@Shiral> Huggles, Jasta
[17:39] <JastaElf> huggles all around y'all....
[17:39] <@Jessie> that is excellent Katherine
[17:39] <Rebecca> Hey Jasta!
[17:40] <@KK> Hello, Jasta!  You're alive!
[17:40] <Martine> Sorry I missed you last night, Jasta. My family had this odd idea of taking me out for my birthday ;-)
[17:40] <virtualbabe> Hi Jasta
[17:40] <@Shiral> Has Adam Sinclair been behaving himself, or did you have to discipline him, KK
[17:40] <JastaElf> yup, mostly alive!
[17:40] <@Shiral> NIGEL HALDANE!!
[17:40] <JastaElf> <snrt> silly family, Martine!  Happy birthday!
[17:40] * JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention Nigel Haldane?"
[17:40] <Martine> Thanks :-)
[17:40] <@KK> I dumped his story for now.  It was starting to fight, and I just don't have the time.  Wanted to get back to Childe.  So I bowed out of this anthology.
[17:40] <@Jessie> :-(
[17:41] <@Bynw> darn just have to have an adept 6 book :-)
[17:41] <Martine> There's always later. (I hope!<G>)
[17:41] * virtualbabe pelts adam with a plate of petrified peeps
[17:41] <@Shiral> Adam must have been feeling cranky, but I'm glad you're continuing with ITKS <G>
[17:41] <Wrengl> too bad
[17:41] <@KK> Hey, it's just on hold.  I have a good idea, but I just don't have the time to develop it properly right now.
[17:41] * JastaElf likes petrified peers.... :-)
[17:41] <Wrengl> need a Sir Adam fix but been waiting for child morgan for decades so will be patient
[17:41] <@Shiral> Stick some lords in permafrost, and you get petrified peers
[17:41] <JastaElf> or even peeps.  :-)
[17:41] <Barticus> no not peeps!
[17:41] <Martine> ROTFL, Shiral!
[17:42] * @Shiral bows, modesly
[17:42] <@Shiral> modestly
[17:42] * Barticus wonders what would happen if you stuck them in the microwave
[17:42] <Martine> Maybe stick Loris in liquid nitrogen?
[17:42] <@Shiral> And I just had to check Jasta's reflexes <G>
[17:42] <the_Bee> or you can just scare them stiff ;o)
[17:42] <@KK> They'd explode.
[17:42] <JastaElf> They expand until they burst into flame, barticus.  Now ask me how I know.  :-)
[17:42] <virtualbabe> that would thaw him out Martine
[17:42] <Martine> How do you know, Jasta!
[17:42] <@KK> Microwaved peeps would be--er--gooey.
[17:42] <Barticus> cool!:-)
[17:42] <@Shiral> Ew, I wouldn't want to have to clean THAT oven!
[17:42] <Wrengl> people do make peep s'mores, however
[17:42] <JastaElf> <snicker> been there done that, Martine...
[17:42] <Martine> Actually, there is a web site devoted to peep research (tongue in cheek, of course)
[17:42] <@KK> How <do> you know, Jasta?
[17:43] <Barticus> hmm interesting
[17:43] <JastaElf> :-) I fried an entire pack of Peeps on Easter, KK!  :-)
[17:43] <Martine> They stuck peeps in an autoclave for a heat test. The result was... um... gooey
[17:43] <@Bynw> i think they surgically separated peeps
[17:43] <@KK> What!?
[17:43] <Martine> yes!
[17:43] <Martine> That's the site, Bynw!
[17:43] <JastaElf> That's on the Peep Research page, Bynw.
[17:43] <Barticus> I saw that website but lost it when I switched computers
[17:43] <@Bynw> i saw that last year sometime i think
[17:43] <JastaElf> The pictures are frigging hilarious....
[17:43] <@KK> Where is this peep research page?
[17:43] <Martine> Me too, when I rebuilt my computer!
[17:43] <virtualbabe> I do know that peeps will not survive in hot chocolate
[17:43] <JastaElf> standby one, I have the URL here someplace
[17:44] <Barticus> I am melting !
[17:44] * Barticus imitation of a melting peep
[17:44] <@KK> Standing by.
[17:44] <Rebecca> I just hit my bookmark of the Peep research page and the site's not there anymore! :(
[17:44] <@Bynw>
[17:44] <Martine> Yes! That's it!
[17:44] <Martine> It moved, Rebecca.
[17:44] <JastaElf> Not there???  Oh dear!!
[17:44] <Rebecca> whew
[17:44] * @Shiral is trying to think of Deryni Questions, but has once again turned into the village idiot
[17:44] *** scribbler has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:45] <JastaElf> Hi scribs!
[17:45] * Martine used all hers up for the moment
[17:45] <Rebecca> am updating bookmark now
[17:45] <@KK> I shall check this out later.
[17:45] <the_Bee> hi scribs
[17:45] <Martine> Hi Scribbler!
[17:45] <@Jessie> hello scribbler
[17:45] <@Shiral> Hi Scribbler!
[17:45] <@KK> Hi, Scribs!
[17:45] * scribbler sends greetings to all....
[17:45] <Barticus> howdy scribbs
[17:45] <virtualbabe> oh well there's always next easter
[17:45] <JastaElf> If you use Deryni powers on Peeps, do they still blow up? :-)
[17:45] <scribbler> long time no type, all....
[17:45] <scribbler> LOL Jasta!
[17:45] <virtualbabe> HI SCRIB
[17:45] <@Bynw> hiyas scribs
[17:45] <@Shiral> They can't endure being truth read, Jasta <G>
[17:45] <Martine> They did a solubility test on Peeps, Katherine, and found out that nothing dissolves them or their sugar coating <g>
[17:45] <Wrengl> hi scribs
[17:45] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:45] <Barticus> do peeps spontaneously combust?
[17:45] <@KK> Apparently hot chocolate does.
[17:45] <virtualbabe>  mumble mumble grumble grumble caps lock
[17:46] <the_Bee> KK, you asked us to email questions and comments for the DR Director's cut, but I keep forgetting.
[17:46] <@KK> It isn't too late, by any means.
[17:46] <@Shiral> I finished scanning Chapter 15 this morning
[17:46] <@Shiral> Just one left to go and it's a shortie
[17:46] <Martine> Go, Shiral!
[17:46] <@KK> Excellent, Shiral!  I was going to ask.
[17:46] <@Jessie> have you gotten a contract in hand for the "director's cut"
[17:46] <Barticus> I have one come to think of it
[17:46] <Rob_u> Ah, speaking of Director's Cuts, that reminds me of a question I had - the one that brought me here in the first place in fact.
[17:46] <JastaElf> DR Director's Cut??  What have I missed??
[17:46] <@Shiral> I will give the whole thing another go through to make sure I didn't miss any bloopers
[17:46] <@KK> Not only is it in hand, but it's signed and on its way back to my agent.
[17:47] <@Jessie> when?
[17:47] <@Shiral>  And I'll be sending you some notes of my own, KK
[17:47] <virtualbabe> YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:47] <@Bynw> cools KK
[17:47] <Martine> Katherine's got the chance to rewrite the first three books, Jasta! :-D
[17:47] <@KK> Excellent!
[17:47] <@Jessie> when is the publication date for DR?
[17:47] <@Shiral> WOOOHOOO!!!!!
[17:47] <Barticus> why is there eight members on the camberian council in high deryni and nowhere else
[17:47] * JastaElf boggles with delight
[17:47] <@Shiral>  I know DR pretty well, by now <G>'
[17:47] <@Shiral>  Strangely.....
[17:47] <JastaElf> wonder why??  :-)
[17:47] <the_Bee> and she's altering them to make them agree with later books
[17:47] <@KK> Probably 2003/4
[17:47] <Martine> And the stenrect crawler is being reduced to a figment of indigestion <g>
[17:47] <@Shiral> Beats me, Jasta ,G>
[17:47] <scribbler> Bart -- there were 8 in the very beginning (CtH) till one died in a fall....
[17:48] * @Bynw likes the stenrect crawler
[17:48] <@KK> Obviously someone forgot why there were only supposed to be 7--or there was a good reason to have 8 at that point in time.
[17:48] * JastaElf wanted one for a pet....
[17:48] <virtualbabe> there's more of gravy then of grave about it?
[17:48] <RainbowDragon> Whats your question, Rob?
[17:48] * Barticus like the crawler too
[17:48] <scribbler> and there were 8 again in HoG when both Tavis and Niallan joined...
[17:48] <@Shiral>  Eight whats???
[17:48] <Martine> Yup, vb
[17:48] <@Shiral> Oh never mind
[17:48] <@KK> Members of the CC
[17:48] <@Shiral> DUH
[17:48] <scribbler> members of the CC
[17:48] <@Jessie> Rob:  ask your question
[17:48] * @Shiral thinks she might stick to simple books like fun with Dick and Jane
[17:48] <@Shiral> <G>
[17:48] <@Jessie> please
[17:49] <Martine> Actually, it would be funny if Kelson and Morgan were jointly hallucinating about the Stenrect Crawler - and the guards see Morgan draw his sword and hack at nothing! <g>
[17:49] <@Shiral> You have the floor, Rob
[17:49] <Barticus> come on rob ask the question
[17:49] <scribbler> Run, Shiral, run!
[17:49] * Martine thinks Shiral has been on duty in the kid's room too much
[17:49] <Rob_u> Oh, yes.  Quite. In the Star Trek, the motion picture DVD, it mentions that there's a Katherine Kurtz in the crew briefing scene.  Is it you?
[17:49] <Rob_u> Sorry, was waiting for the CC discussion to die down. ;)
[17:49] <Barticus> excuse me
[17:49] * @Shiral swats Scribbler with Spot. See Shiral Swat!
[17:49] * Barticus must have missed that scene
[17:50] <@KK> There's a note about me re the Star Trek DVD?!
[17:50] <Rob_u> Yep.  In the text commentary subtitle track...
[17:50] <@KK> I <am> in that scene--somewhere--but I've never been able to find myself.
[17:50] <Kelos_al-Hazar> THere were a LOT of Trek fans in that scene...several still carrying autograph pads!
[17:50] <the_Bee> or someone with the same name <g>
[17:50] <Martine> Really? Wow!
[17:50] <Barticus> which scene
[17:50] * @Bynw must rewatch that
[17:50] <Rob_u> Ah, neat.  That was going to be my next question, actually. :)
[17:50] <Barticus> I have the dvd
[17:50] * Martine must too
[17:51] * scribbler must acquire a DVD player VERRA soon.....
[17:51] <Barticus> they are so awesome
[17:51] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Where they found the uniforms for over 400 people is beyond me, though.
[17:51] <Wrengl> Jessie and I like the stenrect crawler, Jasta
[17:51] <JastaElf> Will have to watch verra closely.  KK, do you remember what you were wearing?  :-)
[17:51] <@Shiral> Clothes?
[17:51] <@Shiral> <G>
[17:51] * JastaElf thinks stenrects ROCK! :-)
[17:51] * virtualbabe plans to get the treck DVD and check that one out
[17:51] <@Bynw> it's the crew briefing scene where the crew of the enterprise finds out about Vger
[17:51] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Right, Chris! :)
[17:51] <Barticus> really?
[17:51] <JastaElf> Ah, so she's wearing PJs.  ;-)
[17:52] * virtualbabe hopes it was not a red shirt
[17:52] <Rob_u> Hehe
[17:52] <scribbler> I remember Bjo Trimble had a story about that in her book years ago...
[17:52] <Martine> LOL, vb!
[17:52] * @Shiral agrees with VB
[17:52] <Barticus> where is KK at
[17:52] * JastaElf positively ABOMINATES those old uniforms... glad they died before the second flick....
[17:52] <@Bynw> i never liked the ST motion picture uniforms ... bah!
[17:52] <Barticus> right left or center
[17:52] <@KK> I'm in the uniform of a hydroponic farmer--sort of sand-colored smock and britches, as I recall--hair slicked back in a French trist.
[17:52] <JastaElf> The red uniform tunics with the turtlenecks were SO bitchin'!
[17:52] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Same here...althogh the later ones (the red jacketed ones) were much better.
[17:52] <Rob_u> I much prefer the maroon ones too... :)
[17:52] <@Bynw> JastaElf they need cool uniforms like our friends have *grin*
[17:52] <scribbler> hey, they were "screaming 60s"!
[17:52] <Wrengl> We have a dvd player, new, but no tv to attach it to
[17:52] <@KK> About in the center.  There's an alien behind me with a big head.
[17:52] * JastaElf agrees with Bynw, and grins knowingly
[17:52] <Barticus> okay
[17:53] <@Shiral> I have a DVD player on my Computer
[17:53] <@KK> French twist.
[17:53] <Kelos_al-Hazar> This is COOL!!
[17:53] * Barticus will look next time
[17:53] * Martine has to rent the DVD now;
[17:53] <Rob_u> Alien with a big head...
[17:53] * Rob_u is single-stepping through the scene now
[17:53] <virtualbabe> so you are not only a famous author but a movie star too?
[17:53] <@Bynw> do you see her rob??
[17:53] * Barticus has one on his new computer
[17:53] <Rob_u> Not yet.
[17:53] * @Bynw must go and rent it
[17:53] * Kelos_al-Hazar has one on his HP box...
[17:53] <Barticus> it is must see Chris
[17:54] * @Shiral had a question and now can't remember it....
[17:54] <@KK> The alien is Carl Cipra/Conrad von Regensburg, whom some of you will know.  He's 1 or 2 rows behind me and 1 0r 2 places to one side or the other.  It's been a long time.
[17:54] * Martine bops Shiral, hoping to jog the question loose
[17:54] <@Shiral> Of Darkover fame, KK?
[17:54] <@KK> Yes, Shiral.
[17:54] <@KK> We go waaaaay back.
[17:54] <@Shiral> Wow, anybody else from darkover in that movie?
[17:54] <JastaElf> omigawd, Carl???  <giggles>  I love it!!
[17:55] <Barticus> how did you end up in star trek the motion piture KK
[17:55] <@Bynw> good question Bart :-)
[17:55] <JastaElf> Tell us a story, Auntie KK!!  :-)
[17:55] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Prolly because they needed a LOT of extras for that scene? :)
[17:55] <@Jessie> hush children -- so Auntie can tell her story
[17:55] * @Bynw sits down by the fireplace with a big smile waiting for the story
[17:55] * @Shiral thinks she may have to do more with that Deryni/Star Trek crossover fanfic story, now....
[17:55] * JastaElf sits down cross-legged on the floor and waits patiently for the story....
[17:55] <@KK> Lots of SF fans.  There weren't enough professional extras available in Hollywood to do that scene, so the union gave permission for them to use non-pros on a one-time basis.  There were 20-30 of us, courtesy of Bjo Trimble's efforts.
[17:55] <JastaElf> Bjo is cool people....
[17:56] <@Shiral> Neat!
[17:56] <Wrengl> Is that the Conrad who often has trouble reading Thumper's write up for the Darkover Masquerade, Katherine?
[17:56] * Martine thinks the fireplace is too warm, and settles on the window seat to catch the breezes
[17:56] <Kelos_al-Hazar> They did the same thing in the Kirk/McCoy trial scene...
[17:56] <@Bynw> there is a Deryni in Star Trek now ... hehehehehe
[17:56] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I know someone who was dragooned into it...
[17:56] <@KK> We were actually lined up for 2 days, because they didn't think non-pros would do it quickly.  But we finished in less than the day.  It was great.
[17:56] <JastaElf> Well, we KNEW the Federation would have to interface with Rhemuth eventually....  ;-)
[17:56] <Barticus> this is so cool
[17:56] <@KK> Yes, Wrengl.
[17:56] <scribbler> Anything like having a saint at his own canonization? ;)
[17:56] <@Shiral> They're dealing with Prince Nigel now, Jasta <G>
[17:57] <JastaElf> Heh.  :-)
[17:57] <Barticus> beam me up alaric
[17:57] <@Shiral> As the Crown's representative <G>
[17:57] <JastaElf> I'm a PRINCE, not a horse-wrangler!
[17:57] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:57] <Wrengl> lol jasta
[17:57] <@KK> That was the week that Pope John Paul I died--that day, in fact.
[17:57] <Martine> LOL!
[17:57] <JastaElf> Good Lord...
[17:57] <Martine> Yikes.
[17:57] <Martine> I remember that day.
[17:57] * JastaElf still misses JP1
[17:57] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Gah!
[17:57] <@Shiral> Ah but there's that pesky prime directive, non-interference in a pre-warp speed society <G>
[17:58] <@KK> Well, that was the day.
[17:58] * Barticus vaguely rembers
[17:58] <@Shiral> Or civilization, I should say
[17:58] <JastaElf> Deryni magic can outdo warp drive any day.  :-)
[17:58] <Rob_u> Hm.  Are transfer portals faster-than-light? :)
[17:58] <Martine> By then, Shiral, I'd think they'd be doing archaeological digs on Rhemuth.
[17:58] <scribbler> Society's a better word -- not sure if we're civilized....
[17:58] <@Shiral> On the ground, at least <G>
[17:58] <@Shiral> Details, Scribbler <G>
[17:58] <@KK> We had to go for a cattle-call, to see who they could use.  They looked at us in groups of 6, then picked the ones they wanted.
[17:58] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: Is there any chance that someone might accidently (or deliberately) time-travel via Portal?
[17:58] <JastaElf> wow, glad you made the cut!
[17:58] <@KK> Then we had to come back the following week for costume fittings.
[17:59] <@KK> Then we came for the day and did the scene.
[17:59] <Barticus> they wouldn't need transporters
[17:59] <Barticus> they could just thave trasfer portals
[17:59] <@Bynw> Kelos, I was thinking along those lines once, more in a gaming scenario though
[17:59] <@Bynw> i would think it would "burn out" the portals if used for that
[17:59] <@KK> No thoughts of time travel re Portals.
[17:59] <scribbler> I wonder if McCoy would be as leery of Transfer Portals as he was of transporters....
[17:59] <@Shiral> Probably, Scribbler
[18:00] <@Bynw> McCoy is just an old country doctor .. if he cant walk to it ... he wont go
[18:00] <Barticus> trap portals
[18:00] <@Shiral> Spock would think the Deryni very interesting, as a telepathic race..
[18:00] <@KK> Probably.  I'm sure that transporters must have been part of my inspiration for Transfer Portals.
[18:00] <Rob_u> What does a "french trist" look like?  Because I may have found you if it is what I think it is...
[18:00] <JastaElf> Someone could write a story about time travel via portal and see if it flies.... <whistling innocently and peeking at her computer files>
[18:00] <the_Bee> McCoy goes, he just complains about it
[18:00] <@Shiral> Jasta, go for it <G>
[18:00] <scribbler> Thinking of Portals, what would happen if someone was coming in one at the same time someone else was going out?
[18:00] * @Shiral clears some old pots off Jasta's stove to make room <G>
[18:01] <JastaElf> Already started, Shiral.  <grin>
[18:01] <@Shiral> BUT NOT until you finish Dreaming!
[18:01] <@KK> French twist.  It's all pulled back to the back of the head.  I can't remember if I had bangs then or not.  I think not.
[18:01] <Martine> Rob - hair is pulled back, like in a bun, but lookes like it's been twisted lengthwise around a rod.
[18:01] <@Shiral> Speedy woman <G>
[18:01] <JastaElf> <grin>
[18:01] * Barticus remember to look for that
[18:01] <Rob_u> Eh.  Hard to tell then.  Found one in a sandy smock with hair pulled back near a big-headed alien, but I've no idea about hairstyles.
[18:01] <@Bynw> ditto
[18:01] <@KK> That sounds like me! 
[18:02] <the_Bee> Deryni Magic hints that Caeriesans could time-travel. Self-styled descendants of the survivors were living in Gwynedd before Caeriesse sank
[18:02] <JastaElf> ooo, cool....
[18:02] <@Shiral> I think you've located her, Rob
[18:02] * virtualbabe would love to hear more about Caerisse
[18:02] <@Bynw> things that make you go ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[18:02] <@Shiral> So Jasta, who would you send forward or back in time?
[18:02] <@KK> Huh, Bee?
[18:03] <JastaElf> That would be telling....
[18:03] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Nobody thought that Pernese dragons could time-travel, either... until Lessa proved it.
[18:03] <@KK> If I said that, it was a slip!
[18:03] <the_Bee> I've sent another Caeriesse ballad to Julianne for DA zine
[18:03] <@Shiral> True.
[18:03] <scribbler> She'd go back in time and make sure Nigel never meets Meraude.... ;)
[18:03] <JastaElf> <snicker>
[18:03] <@Shiral> Nobody named Duncan, I'd assume....
[18:03] <@Shiral> <EG>
[18:03] <@Bynw> LOL

(to be continued...)


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