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KK Chat - Apr. 7, 2002 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:30:22 pm »
KK Chat - Apr. 7, 2002, pt. 1

[17:05] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:05] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
[17:05] <hygilac> goody!
[17:05] <Bynw> hiyas katherine!
[17:05] <Martine> Hi Katherine!
[17:05] <the_Bee> I once had neighbor who built a rock garden on natural rock foundations
[17:05] <hygilac> Hi Katherine
[17:05] <virtualbabe> Hi Katherine
[17:05] <@KK> Hello, all.
[17:05] <RainbowDragon> Hi Katherine
[17:05] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[17:05] <@Sedina> Hi Katherine
[17:05] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings, Lady Katherine.
[17:05] <Martine> How is/was Scotland?
[17:06] <@KK> It was lovely, as usual.
[17:06] <Wrengl> hi kelric, rd
[17:06] <Wrengl> hi Katherine
[17:06] <the_Bee> How are the fur people?
[17:06] <Bynw> Tika says she would like an email with chaper 2 of IKS attached to it :)
[17:06] <Martine> LOL, Bynw!
[17:06] <@Sedina> LOL Bynw
[17:06] <@KK> The fur people are fine.
[17:06] <RainbowDragon> Hi Pat
[17:06] <virtualbabe> so would all of us Bynw
[17:06] <hygilac> so would we all
[17:06] <hygilac> GMTA, vb
[17:07] <Martine> I've been delinquent about getting the next iteration of St. George's to you, Katherine. I'm sorry. Life interfered the past few days :-(
[17:07] <@KK> I know about life intervening.
[17:07] <Gamgee> Hello KK!
[17:07] <@KK> Hi, Sam!
[17:07] <the_Bee> "Life is what happens while you're making other plans."
[17:07] <Martine> Exactly, Bee!
[17:07] <Bynw> KK, Tika is wondering when you will be in the States next
[17:08] <@KK> July.
[17:08] *** Kelric has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving)
[17:08] <Bynw> where at?
[17:08] * Wrengl pat has been celebrating her raise all weekend!
[17:08] <RainbowDragon> Where will you be, KK?
[17:08] <@KK> Washington, DC
[17:08] * Wrengl hands around a tray with glasses of sparkling shiraz, as well as some sparkling grape juice for those who do not like alcohol
[17:08] <the_Bee> where and why?
[17:08] * Wrengl hands around a tray of small roast beef sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches
[17:08] * Wrengl hands around a tray with cavier on blinis and smoked salmon and cream cheese on thinly sliced bagels
[17:08] * Wrengl hands around a tray of sugar free Belgian chocolates
[17:08] <@KK> That sounds good, Wrengl!
[17:08] * Martine samples the caviar on blini, and reminisces about her summer in Moscow.
[17:08] <hygilac> Wrengl is the best hostess!
[17:08] <@Jessie> hello Katherine
[17:09] <Bynw> Wrengl throws the best parties
[17:09] * the_Bee takes a belgian chocolate
[17:09] <@KK> Sacred Space and then the Michaeline Retreat.
[17:09] * Kelos_al-Hazar nabs one and hands around glasses of Earl Grey to go with it
[17:09] <Wrengl> The bribe to stay was a 13% increase, katherine, plus an extra $1000 in differentials
[17:09] <the_Bee> thanks Pat.  MMMM
[17:09] * virtualbabe offers katherine a hot chocolate with a peep floating on top
[17:09] <@KK> Pretty good bribe, Pat.  Ya see, they can't do without you!
[17:09] <Wrengl> in deed
[17:09] <@KK> How long will you be back?
[17:10] <Wrengl> Actually if my boss learned to do my job they could do without me.
[17:10] <Wrengl> One year guaranteed, that was my promise.  Probably two however.
[17:10] * Martine samples Kelos' tea
[17:10] <virtualbabe> hey pat, that's what employees are for
[17:10] <Bynw> when in July, Katherine??
[17:10] <Wrengl> Will retire 30 june 2004 unless I get pissed off before that!
[17:10] <Martine> LOL, Pat!
[17:10] <Bynw> LOL Pat
[17:10] <@KK> Not bad.   
[17:11] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Hmmm...
[17:11] <hygilac> they have her now and they had better keep her happy!
[17:11] <@KK> But that's the good thing.  If you get pissed off, you can dump them!
[17:11] <Wrengl> It's nice because everyone knows I can pick up and leave anytime
[17:11] <Martine> And just think of all the extra goodies stashed in your retirement fund, Pat! 
[17:11] * the_Bee thanks Pat, takes a sparkling shiraz and a roast beef sandwich
[17:11] <@KK> Nice position of power.
[17:11] * Kelos_al-Hazar wonders if the second retirement bash will be as cool as the first one was?
[17:11] <Wrengl> indeed so martine
[17:11] <Wrengl> well.  Hopefully I will not land in the hospital next time.
[17:11] <the_Bee> ??
[17:12] <@KK> It's amazing what one can put up with, for more money and knowing one is in a position of power!
[17:12] <Wrengl> I have been teased, however, that I only returned to get another party!
[17:12] <@KK> She had a bad food reaction.
[17:12] <the_Bee> bummer
[17:12] <Bynw> KK when in July are those events?
[17:12] <Wrengl> I got food poisoning, Bee.  From an office luncheon my last day at work in May
[17:12] <Gamgee> Wrengl: Make a sign for your office door "My anger meter: Retirement date: <whatever>"  every time you get mad, cross out the old date and write in a date a couple months closer
[17:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Pat, I meant the one at Darkover...
[17:13] <@KK> July 5-7 and 12-14.
[17:13] <Martine> LOL, Sam!
[17:13] <Wrengl> Oh.  Well the Rampant Lion Pub will be open Friday through Sunday this year at Darkover.
[17:13] <Martine> Whoo hoo!
[17:13] <@KK> Good one, Sam!
[17:13] <Wrengl> Unless Shiral comes and decides to throw a party one night.
[17:13] <Martine> I'll help supply the wine for the pub, pat!
[17:13] * the_Bee will make Darkover some year
[17:13] <Wrengl> lol sam
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I'm workin' on getting there...but my money was nearly black-holed recently... :(
[17:14] * Bynw has to make darkover for the 1 year anniv party
[17:14] <@KK> This would be good.
[17:14] <@Sedina> lol Bynw
[17:14] <Bynw> with Tika of course
[17:14] <the_Bee> lost my old job.  new has 10 hours week
[17:14] <Wrengl> I will take you up on that Martine.  Except I will supply the Italian Kosher Muscat wine Sedina likes
[17:14] <Martine> With Tika? Are you sure, Bynw? <g>
[17:14] * Kelos_al-Hazar wants to see what sort of bash the con will throw for its 25th anniversary...
[17:14] <@Sedina> Gee, why would you need to bring Tika, Bynw?  :)
[17:14] <Bynw> LOL Martine
[17:14] <virtualbabe> Will there be any Komnene wines?
[17:15] <hygilac> get Rebecca to bring some of that stuff she had last year
[17:15] <the_Bee> what makes a wine kosher or treyfe?
[17:15] <Gamgee> Hopefully the Chocolate Mead will be drinkable by Darkover.
[17:15] <hygilac> now that was a potent potable
[17:15] <Martine> Considering I already promised to bring a case of wine to educate Shiral, I may as well give it over to the Lion Pub, Pat!
[17:15] <RainbowDragon> They should rename it DeryniCon
[17:15] <@Sedina> Rebecca's fire water, Linda?  :)
[17:15] * virtualbabe thinks: wish this program would do accents
[17:15] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Whoa...Chocolate mead!
[17:15] <Bynw> Gamgee, Tika says HMMMMMMMM and you should bring one of each of whatever is available
[17:15] <Wrengl> Nothing concerned with the wine is done on the Sabbath and a Rabbi oversees the production.
[17:16] <Wrengl> chocolate mead?!
[17:16] * Wrengl ears perk up at that!
[17:16] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Do they interrupt the fermentation every week, too?
[17:16] <Gamgee> bynw: I don't know what will be available by that time.
[17:16] * Martine will try chocolate *anything*
[17:16] <@KK> I would assume that one is allowed to tend the vines on the Sabbath, just as Jesus said it is ok to pull an animal out of a ditch, etc.  Or would the rabbis disagree?
[17:16] <@Jessie> how did the writing go this week Katherine
[17:16] <hygilac> I must go to dinner everyone
[17:17] <@KK> Bye, Linda.
[17:17] <hygilac> good to see you all
[17:17] <Martine> Bye, Linda! Happy eating!
[17:17] <@Jessie> bye hygilac
[17:17] <Wrengl> The fermentation goes on as it goes.  Just no human work involved on the sabbath
[17:17] <@Sedina> bye Linda
[17:17] <hygilac> night !
[17:17] *** hygilac has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[17:17] * Kelos_al-Hazar is still trying to get his parents to come to Darkover
this year...
[17:17] <virtualbabe> nighters Linda
[17:17] <the_Bee> nighter Linda
[17:17] <Bynw> Sedina ... have you read the teaser yet??
[17:18] <virtualbabe> it looks like darkover's not gonna happen for me again this year.  maybe next year
[17:18] <Martine> Or have you been too busy reading kilt stories, Sedina? <g>
[17:18] <Wrengl> we'll keep hoping deb
[17:18] <@Sedina> Yes, Bynw, I did...but not until I finished SPG though.  I was good
[17:18] <Bynw> good we can chat about it now with you sometime :-)
[17:18] <the_Bee> teaser = tormenter
[17:18] <@Jessie> How did the writing go this week, Katherine?
[17:18] <@Sedina> I spent the last three days of the work week home ill...what else was I supposed to do?  :)
[17:19] <Wrengl> Martine I told Sedina all about the Tartan Day parade yesterday in NYC.  With Sean Connery in a kilt.  Don't think that Mayor Bloomberg wore one however
[17:19] <Bynw> yes but it was a good one
[17:19] <Martine> Torturing Sedina, are you Pat?
[17:19] <@KK> Did some polishing on my Templar story.  It had fought hard when I was writing it.
[17:19] <Wrengl> who me?
[17:19] <Kelos_al-Hazar> If I can manage it, I'll get to Darkover 2002...if not, I won't. I must be realist.
[17:19] * Wrengl Looks up at the ceiling innocently and bats her eyelids
[17:19] <@Sedina> and Martine - I would be more busy reading about kilts if you'd write more
[17:19] <@Sedina> pbbbbt, Pat
[17:19] <@Jessie> Katherine:  any hope for more information about Rhetice? -- Possibly a shortstory -- or a novel?
[17:19] * virtualbabe looks up did someone mention kilts?
[17:20] <Martine> I'm trying, Sedina! But that's project #30,000, and well, it gets short shrift at times.
[17:20] <@KK> Not in the immediate future, Jessie.
[17:20] <@Jessie> :-(
[17:20] <@Jessie> good about the Templar story tho
[17:20] <Martine> Why don't you write something about her yourself, Jessie?
[17:20] <@Jessie> right
[17:20] <virtualbabe> and Rhetice is...?   
[17:20] <@KK> I'm making a stab at an Adam Sinclair short story--but if it fights back too much, I'll have to tell the editors I just can't do it.
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> My hobbies have begun to become gobblies...if you get my time is really weird now.
[17:21] <@Jessie> bummer Katherine --
[17:21] <@KK> I need to get back on the Childe book.
[17:21] <@Jessie> there has been a long dry spell of Adam Sinclair
[17:21] <Wrengl> We'll have to gang up on Sir Adam and tell him to be a good boy and not fight you, Katherine
[17:21] <@KK> Yep, but Ace calls the shots now.
[17:21] <Martine> Don't you wish there was such things as a "story sword"?
[17:21] <Martine> To fight back when the stories fight you?
[17:21] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: When (if you can recall!) was platinum first used in jewelry?
[17:21] <Bynw> bummer is right ... must have some more Adam Sinclair stuff
[17:21] <the_Bee> Well, he and Ximena have been busy honeymooning
[17:21] <@KK> This would be useful.  A bull whip might be better, though.
[17:21] <Martine> LOL!
[17:21] <Martine> I love it!
[17:21] <@Sedina> lol
[17:22] <@KK> This story takes place before the first Adept.
[17:22] <@KK> Just Adam and Noel.
[17:22] <Wrengl> oh neat
[17:22] <Gamgee> KK: I know I might be catching you a little off guard with these questions but; If you make a portal and then put bricks on top of it, what would happen when someone "ported" in?
[17:22] * Wrengl shakes her bullwhip at Sir Adam and tells him to be a good boy for Lady Katherine!
[17:22] * Kelos_al-Hazar must find Adept series and reread the entire thing...has only read Adepts 1 and 2 thus far.
[17:23] *** Bynw is now known as AceofSwrds
[17:23] <@KK> They'd be standing on top of them?
[17:23] <the_Bee> or IN them
[17:23] <AceofSwrds> Hi. Chris has been....replaced. <g>
[17:23] <Wrengl> lol
[17:23] <Martine> LOL!
[17:23] <AceofSwrds> So, what's this I hear about an Adept short story?
[17:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> No, no...I think this is addressed in canon already...
[17:24] <the_Bee> If the garderobe portal were unbricked, would it still function?
[17:24] <@KK> I think they'd tend to occupy the space--so in theory, if you piled up enough of them, you'd end up squashed between bricks and ceiling.
[17:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Didn't Camber create a portal, then put a flagstone on top of it?
[17:24] <Martine> Ouch! That would hurt.
[17:24] <@KK> It's all relative.  Bricks on the floor would only be a thicker version of a carpet.
[17:25] <AceofSwrds> And Bactine wouldn't cure THAT kind of pain...
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Quite..
[17:25] <@KK> Nope.
[17:25] <Wrengl> lol
[17:25] <Martine> I think even Excedrin Migraine would be challenged.
[17:25] <Gamgee> but, would the person porting in end up inside the bricks?
[17:25] <the_Bee> aren't most portal marked by a tile, flagstone, distinctive pattern?
[17:25] <@Jessie> Katherine:  wouldn't bricks give the same busy signal as had been indicated would be given by someone else using the portal?
[17:25] <@KK> If there weren't enough volume of empty air--I suppose so.
[17:25] <virtualbabe> usually, but the best wat to note a portal is to feel the energy sig
[17:26] <AceofSwrds> Imagine teleporting into the middle of a stone wall.
[17:26] <Martine> You might feel a little... stiff.
[17:26] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Instant death... one would hope!
[17:26] <@KK> A person would give off a different vibration from an inorganic substance.
[17:26] <AceofSwrds> No. You would BE A stiff...
[17:26] * Kelos_al-Hazar shudders at the idea of teleporting into a wall...
[17:26] * Martine grins
[17:27] <@KK> I don't think you could teleport into a solid wall--not if there were a Portal established there.  It probably just wouldn't work.
[17:28] <@KK> Anybody heard from Jasta this week?
[17:28] <Wrengl> not I
[17:28] <@Jessie> Katherine:  Nancy is trying to get here
[17:28] <@Sedina> nope
[17:28] <Martine> I received an e-mail from Jasta.
[17:28] <the_Bee> The garderobe portal was unusable after the regents had it bricked up.
[17:28] <Martine> She said something to the effect that "Things are not as bad as they have been, so don't worry about me." Yeah, right.
[17:29] <@KK> Yes, Bee, but probably because no one could have gotten out, not because it was bricked up.  Presumably, that meant the entrance was closed over.
[17:29] <AceofSwrds> Just to change the subject slightly, Katherine, have you thought about taking the Adept worldwide?
[17:29] <Gamgee> Bee, but wasn't that behind a wall? not INSIDE the wall?
[17:29] <RainbowDragon> Nancy = Jasta?
[17:29] <@KK> Nancy Berman?
[17:29] <@Jessie> yes
[17:29] <@KK> Taking the Adept worldwise?
[17:29] <@KK> wide?
[17:30] <AceofSwrds> Law of average would suggest there are more Hunting Lodges.
[17:30] <the_Bee> not sure.  just wondering, did it mean you couldn't portal in, or you could but you'd be killed if you did?
[17:30] <@KK> Well, of course there are.  We know of one in Ireland.
[17:30] <AceofSwrds> Right. My thoughts are perhaps a US Hunting Lodge could get involved. Perhaps Canada.
[17:30] <@KK> Nah.
[17:31] <virtualbabe> There are others.  There's oned in Ireland. From what I understand it's run by patricia keneally-Morrison
[17:31] <@KK> No, she's in NY.
[17:31] <AceofSwrds> Still upset over them bombing the Baldwins, eh?
[17:31] <the_Bee> I thought Jasta = Sharon Henderson
[17:31] <Martine> That's right, Bee.
[17:31] <@KK> Yes, Bee.
[17:31] <Wrengl> That is correct bee
[17:31] <@Sedina> Yes, that's correct, Bee
[17:32] <the_Bee> So who's Nancy Berman?
[17:32] <@KK> Nancy Berman is editing the Deryni gaming material.
[17:32] <virtualbabe> someone else.
[17:32] <AceofSwrds> Seriously, I've wondered about whether the Hunting Lodge was primarilly limited to the British Isles or if there may be a network of sorts.
[17:32] *** NancyB has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:32] <RainbowDragon> Ah, I see
[17:32] <@Jessie> huggles Nancy
[17:32] <Wrengl> hi nancyb
[17:32] <Martine> Ni Nancy!
[17:32] <virtualbabe> Hi nancy
[17:32] <NancyB> Jessie, you are a saviour!!!!!
[17:32] <@Sedina> Hi Nancy
[17:32] <@KK> Wow, you were trying to get in <now>!
[17:32] <@Jessie> Nancy:  thank Gamgee
[17:32] <the_Bee> Hi Nancy.  we were just talking about you
[17:33] *** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:33] <@Jessie> hello Bart
[17:33] <NancyB> Heh! uh oh....
[17:33] <@Sedina> HI Bart
[17:33] <Wrengl> hi bart
[17:33] <Martine> Hi Bart
[17:33] <Barticus> howdy all!
[17:33] <@KK> And here's Barticus!  (I like that new nick!)
[17:33] <virtualbabe> Hi Bart
[17:33] <Barticus> yes its me
[17:33] <the_Bee> hi Bart.  how are Precious and Alpo?
[17:33] <Barticus> Barticus I think fits my personality better
[17:34] <Wrengl> I would agree bart
[17:34] <Barticus> chowing down on a can of catfood
[17:34] <@KK> It's got a certain pizazz.
[17:34] <NancyB> Hm, I know someone who uses "Barticus" as his nickname but I think it's a different Barticus :)
[17:34] <Barticus> somebody started calling me that at guards
[17:34] <Gamgee> another question about portals: If you built a portal in an upstairs room, then turned the stonework upside down so that the pattern was on
the ceiling of the lower room; which room would you end up in?
[17:34] <Barticus> and it has stuck
[17:34] *** Sedina has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:34] <NancyB> My apologies for having been absent from this gathering for several weeks but I've been writing... :)
[17:34] <Martine> Ack! Sedina!
[17:34] * Martine takes her riding crop and thwacks Peer silly.
[17:35] * @Jessie does a happy dance for NancyB
[17:35] <@KK> Sam, why would you want to turn the pattern upside-down?
[17:35] <@Jessie> good work Nancy
[17:35] <Martine> Good fo you, Nancy!
[17:35] <NancyB> Thank you, Jessie!!!
[17:35] <virtualbabe> I doubt if anyone's got a totally singular nickname
[17:35] <the_Bee> How would you stand on a ceiling portal?
[17:35] *** Sedina has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:35] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sedina
[17:35] * Barticus lobs a plate of hot mashed potatoes at peer
[17:35] <@Jessie> wb Sedina
[17:35] <@Sedina> grrr
[17:35] <Barticus> she's back
[17:35] <@Sedina> thanks
[17:35] * Kelos_al-Hazar thinks he's pretty close...
[17:35] <Gamgee> KK maybe workmen repairing/remodling the floor replaced it wrong????   
[17:35] * virtualbabe pelts peer witha a plate of petrified liliput eggs
[17:35] * the_Bee pours gravy on barticus's mashed potatoes
[17:35] <@Sedina> You know me and my buddy peer...he's always got to remind me that he's around.  :)
[17:36] <NancyB> Gravy??? eeeuuuwwwww yuck!
[17:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> With both of my main nicks; I've never seen another rdanner3 or Kelos_al-Hazar...
[17:36] <NancyB> Mashed potatoes need butter and pepper!
[17:36] * AceofSwrds prepares the stuffing catapult
[17:36] *** Jessie has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:36] <Barticus> what kind of gravy brown or white
[17:36] <Martine> Oh no!
[17:36] <@KK> I don't know about you guys, but I used to lie on a couch with my head hanging upside-down, and imagine what it would be like to walk around on the ceiling of my house in Florida. Don't most kids do that?
[17:36] <Martine> Peer is vicious tonight!
[17:36] <Gamgee> These are just questions we tried to answer here among ourselves one Very late night
[17:36] <@Sedina> it's poor Jessie's turn
[17:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> And roasted garlic! :)
[17:36] <the_Bee> brown
[17:36] <Martine> I did that, Katherine! <g>
[17:36] <virtualbabe> I know I'm not the only virtualbabe out there
[17:36] *** Jessie has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:36] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jessie
[17:36] <@Sedina> wb Jessie
[17:36] <Barticus> I vaguely remeber doing that
[17:36] <Martine> wb Jessie
[17:36] <NancyB> Colcannon is good too - mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage and LOTS of butter
[17:37] <@Jessie> thanks Sedina
[17:37] <@Jessie> thanks Martine
[17:37] <AceofSwrds> If you did a portal on a ceiling, gravity would take over, wouldn't it?
[17:37] <Martine> When I was a kid, I wanted to walk on the ceiling because I thought it would let me get away from the ghosts in my house.
[17:37] <NancyB> ::offering Jessie a soft velvet cushion::
[17:37] <@Jessie> lol thanks Nancy
[17:37] <AceofSwrds> Now you know why I never 'port without a safety helmet.
[17:37] <Barticus> doesn't a portal have to be made on the actual ground?
[17:38] <the_Bee> on natural earth or stone.
[17:38] <Barticus> earth, dirt I mean
[17:38] <NancyB> I STILL contend that if Some People would write less and turn their brilliant scientific mind towards make the portal reality, life would be much better! <grin>
[17:38] <@KK> Yeah, I think you have to have a solid base--though I may do some tweaking to that one on cut turf in High Deryni.  It may go the way of the Stenrect crawler.
[17:38] <@Sedina> lol Nancy
[17:38] <AceofSwrds> You have to admit, though, it would be one HECK of a practical joke...
[17:39] <Martine> LOL!
[17:39] <the_Bee> the library portal has earth in the space under the floor
[17:39] <@KK> She's been nagging at me about that for close to 30 years!
[17:39] * @Jessie grabs the stenrect crawler & puts it in her pocket
[17:39] <NancyB> heh! ::nag nag:: you COULD put the dirt in your shoes oops! wait - only the vampires need to do that... ::ducking::
[17:39] <AceofSwrds> Well, I must be assimilated back into the collective. Nice chatting with you all again.
[17:39] <@Sedina> Nancy - if you're suggesting that KK is one of those "some people", you might want to be careful.  We've already told her that we need to figure out some way to keep her writing for years upon years to come  :)
[17:39] <Martine> Jessie - I thought we had concluded that the stenrect crawler was a bit of bad digestion from spoiled venison that Kelson and Morgan had eaten <g>
[17:40] *** AceofSwrds is now known as Tika
[17:40] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Tika
[17:40] <@Sedina> Hi Tika  *huggles*
[17:40] <the_Bee> hiya Teek
[17:40] <Wrengl> hi tika
[17:40] <virtualbabe> Hi Tika
[17:40] <Martine> Huggles, Tika!
[17:40] <@KK> I like that, Martine!
[17:40] <@Jessie> hello Tika
[17:40] <@Tika> howdy - I don't know these people ;)
[17:40] <Barticus> the floating portal at Grecotha is that on stone or ground?
[17:40] <@Sedina> Martine - they do seem to suffer from bad indigestion awfully frequently, don't they?  :)
[17:40] <Barticus> howdy Tika
[17:40] <Martine> It was a theory Jessie and I concocted one day, katherine <g>
[17:40] <@Tika> wayyyy too many cooks in the soup here today LOL
[17:40] <Martine> Katherine, too <oops>
[17:40] <@KK> Floating Portal?  YOu mean the one that moves?
[17:40] <NancyB> Now I have this image of Tika holding up the Ace of Swords from the Tarot looking very beautiful and very fierce!
[17:40] <the_Bee> yes
[17:41] <Barticus> yes that
[17:41] <virtualbabe> I believe its on a stone floor
[17:41] <@Jessie> well -- you did say there could be a portal on a ship
[17:41] <@Tika> LOL Nancy!
[17:41] <Barticus> one that camber found
[17:41] <virtualbabe> he made it
[17:41] * Wrengl gives jessie a bit of raw meat for the stenreck crawler
[17:41] <@KK> In theory, there might be one on a ship.
[17:41] <NancyB> That poor misunderstood crawler!!!
[17:41] * @Jessie likes the crawler
[17:41] <the_Bee> did camber find the floating portal, or the instructions to build it?
[17:41] <Barticus> oh that is interesting thought
[17:42] <@KK> Well, I don't know that I can completely bump him off; may have to just tweak him a bit. 
[17:42] <@Sedina> Of course, Martine, you just like the bad indigestion theory because you think it would work to explain away another "little" bit that you don't like so much 
[17:42] <@KK> Which bit would that be?
[17:42] <Martine> And which "little" bit would that be, Sedina? <bg>
[17:42] <@Sedina> LOL  Don't even try to play innocent, Martine  :)
[17:42] * Martine turns on her halo aura.
[17:42] <RainbowDragon> Just for the record: I liked the rhyming incantations in Kelson's Duel Arcane
[17:42] <Wrengl> lol martine
[17:42] <NancyB> ::hmmm... Martine.... innocent... uh huh....
[17:42] <Martine> You couldn't be speaking about Araxie-who, could you?
[17:43] * Martine grins
[17:43] <@Sedina> Nah, not at all
[17:43] <Barticus> I like the rhyming too
[17:43] <Kelos_al-Hazar> As did wouldn't surprise me if major workings required some forethought like that.
[17:43] <@KK> I think I'll have to keep the rhyming, but maybe refine it a bit.
[17:43] <@Jessie> :-)
[17:43] <Barticus> awesome:-)
[17:43] <NancyB> On the theory that rhyming is a good mnemonic device, of course
[17:44] <RainbowDragon> YAY!
[17:44] <Martine> Well, Sedina, it's difficult to keep a king properly trained with this Araxie-who person keeps insisting she's married to him... <g>
[17:44] <the_Bee> But a spell wouldn't fail if you couldn't think of a rhyme--or would it?
[17:44] <@KK> Indeed, Nancy.
[17:44] <NancyB> If you say the wrong words, it would - produce something um unplanned...?
[17:44] <@KK> No, but rhyming does make it easier to remember and concentrate properly.
[17:44] <@Jessie> true
[17:44] <Martine> Sort of like ritual prayer.
[17:44] <Wrengl> verra true
[17:44] <virtualbabe> The rhymes are not necessary.  Kel's duel with Conal, neither rhymed
[17:45] <@KK> Yes to both Martine and VB.
[17:45] <NancyB> Maybe some spells are rhyming and some are not? I think you can have both.
[17:45] <Kelos_al-Hazar> That wasn't much of a Duel, either...Conall wasn't nearly as experienced as Charissa...
[17:45] <the_Bee> but starting a rhyme and not being able to complete could be a fatal distraction
[17:45] <NancyB> Just as some spells require certain ingredients and others  - you get the idea
[17:45] <@KK> But it would be easier when starting out, helpful to keep the concentration focused.
[17:45] <@KK> Correct, Bee.
[17:45] <NancyB> Or maybe lower level spells have rhymes... as a training method
[17:46] <Martine> On those grounds, it would be interesting if Kelson rhymes, but Charissa (more experienced) doesn't.
[17:46] <the_Bee> Tiercel trained Conall without rhyming spells
[17:46] <Barticus> question KK is it possible to translate the Wards Major cubes names to modern english :example Prime to lets say one?
[17:46] <@KK> All good points.
[17:46] <Martine> iirc, Conall mentions that Tiercel didn't like rhymes.
[17:47] <@Sedina> Yes, Martine, I remember that too
[17:47] <@KK> Barticus, we do know that there are many different ways to set Wards.
[17:47] <NancyB> Bart, not meaning to be contentious, but I don't like that idea so much. One of the important things about rituals is that they use "magic" or sacred language
[17:47] <@KK> And different names.
[17:47] <the_Bee> all you need is *somethin* to focus your attention
[17:47] <@Jessie> perhaps Tiercel SHOULD have liked rhymes -- maybe he would have lived longer
[17:47] <@Sedina> lol Jessie
[17:47] <NancyB> For me, hearing Mass in English is NEVER as powerful as hearing it in a "sacred" language.
[17:48] <@KK> His magic didn't help his balance, when pushed down the stairs.
[17:48] <Martine> I've been wanting to hear Mass in Latin for years.
[17:48] <the_Bee> think up a rhyme while he was falling downstairs?
[17:48] <Barticus> or is there a modern english names for Prime,Quinte etc?
[17:48] <@Jessie> Martine:  you haven't heard mass in Latin in years?
[17:48] <@Jessie> Come to Christmas midnight mass in Missouri --
[17:48] <@KK> Those particular terms are French, taken from defensive moves in fencing.
[17:48] <Martine> I've never heard Mass in Latin.
[17:48] <@Sedina> I've never heard a mass in Latin...
[17:48] <NancyB> or here in Los Angeles :)
[17:48] <the_Bee> People may associate the sounds of a certain language with the spells
[17:48] <Martine> Oooo - I'd love to, Jessie!
[17:48] <Wrengl> or here in NYC
[17:49] <NancyB> Ooooo, Sedina!!! You have missed a truly amazing experience (and I'm not Christian!)
[17:49] <virtualbabe> or get a copy of leonard Bernstein's theatre work "Mass"
[17:49] <Barticus> oh really I wasn't aware of that
[17:49] <@Sedina> Martine - apparently you and I should go together
[17:49] <NancyB> Katherine, remember St. Genevieve's?
[17:49] <@Jessie> there is always a Latin High Mass at Midnight Christmas Eve/Christmas day
[17:49] <Martine> It's a date :-)
[17:49] <Martine> Ooooooo...
[17:49] * Martine turns green with envy
[17:49] <Wrengl> And if Jessie has her way, snow also
[17:49] <@Jessie> :-)
[17:49] <@Sedina> lol
[17:49] <Martine> LOL!
[17:49] <@KK> Yep.  It's a shame that they didn't keep the hybrid Latin/English Mass that they started with right after Vatican II.
[17:50] <@Sedina> Everytime that Jessie wanted snow though, it seemed like I was the one to get it this year...
[17:50] <NancyB> And Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is just plain powerful. You really think that church roof is gonna open and the hand of God is gonna put a baby on the altar. It's awesome!!!
[17:50] <@KK> It was a transitional version, and kept the Latin for the key points, like the Consecration.
[17:50] <@Jessie> yes
[17:50] <@KK> I used to have great fun taking Nancy to Midnight Mass back in LA.
[17:50] <Wrengl> I have never liked Benediction since they did away with Latin. That seems to suffer the worst in my opinion.
[17:50] * virtualbabe sang a latin gloria last week at the easter vigil mass
[17:50] <Martine> There's something very powerful about a darkened church at night.
[17:51] <@Jessie> funerals -- are much more thereaputic (sp) when there is a Latin High Mass sung
[17:51] <@KK> And at the Easter Vigil Mass, when they relight the candles....
[17:51] <Martine> oooo, yes....

(to be continued...)


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