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KK Chat - 3 June 2018
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:38:13 pm »
[16:15:05]* KK ( has joined
[16:15:10]* Bee puts vanilla ice cream with honey in the East.
[16:15:11]<Jemler> hi kk
[16:15:12]<DesertRose> They're cookies (biscuits to you), kind of a buttery sugar cookie that you roll in cinnamon sugar before you bae.
[16:15:12]<Revanne> Hi KK
[16:15:14]<DesertRose> Hi KK!
[16:15:15]<drakensis> good evening KK
[16:15:15]<Bee> Hi KK
[16:15:15]<Evie> snickerdoodles are a type of cookie, Revanne. As in biscuit.
[16:15:17]<DesertRose> *bake
[16:15:19]<Shiral> Hello KK
[16:15:23]<Derynifank> Yummy snacks. Snicker doodles are cookies
[16:15:30]<Shiral> A sort of cinnamon sugar cookie
[16:15:34]<KK> Hello, all.  Sorry I'm a bit late.
[16:15:46]<Derynifank> Oalso known as biscuits
[16:15:55]<KK> (And I'll have one of those snickerdoodles.)
[16:15:58]<Derynifank> Hi KK
[16:15:59]<Bee> As long as you're here now....
[16:15:59]<Jemler> you're just fashionable.
[16:16:01]<Revanne> Sound lovely and they fetched KK
[16:16:03]<Shiral> We're glad you're here. =o)
[16:16:07]<Evie> hi KK
[16:16:08]<DesertRose> I should have realized I'd need to explain that term, because I had to explain it to a British friend from Harry Potter fandom, and she asked for the recipe and told me she'd just gotten a spice grinder to grind the cinnamon fresh, so she was keen to try them.
[16:16:18]<Shiral> There's also a virtual sundae bar
[16:16:25]<bynw> Hi KK
[16:16:42]<DesertRose> Help yourself to snickerdoodles.  The recipe makes several dozen.
[16:16:55]<KK> And I have an Augustus on my lap.  He's very needy since returning from boarding at the vet--a week ago!
[16:16:56]<bynw> hmmmm snickerdoodles ....
[16:16:56]<Derynifank> Yummy
[16:17:01]<DesertRose> Aw, sweet Gus.
[16:17:05]<Revanne> I'll add some Swiss chocolate
[16:17:06]* bynw goes after his favorite cookie
[16:17:23]<Revanne> Poor Gus
[16:17:31]<DesertRose> KK, it cracks me up that Gus' full name is Augustus, because that name featured in my father's family for something like five generations running.
[16:17:39]<Shiral> Gus, you were at the vet to make you feel better. As much as a contradiction in terms as that must seem to you. =o)
[16:17:44]<Bee> Melantha was very needy when I returned from surgery rehab.
[16:18:02]<KK> He's slowly forgiving, but he doesn't often spend a night at the vet, much less 10.
[16:18:07]<DesertRose> Aw, poor baby.
[16:18:34]<DesertRose> Carys is shedding like a fiend.  I swear the dust bunnies are about to become sentient enough for space travel soon.
[16:18:43]* Bee scritches gus.
[16:18:51]<Shiral> I remember when Nina had to spend time at the vet. She'd "Make biscuits" on her cage floor when I came to visit her, but the Vet techs said she wouldn't do it for them.
[16:19:01]<Revanne> It's so hard that you can't explain to them.
[16:19:02]<Derynifank> Severe separation anxiety, like they are never coming back
[16:19:04]* DesertRose pets Gus and offers him kitty treats (assuming KK says he can have some).
[16:19:08]<Shiral> Yup, everything I own is covered with a fine film of fur
[16:19:21]<DesertRose> It's called FUR-niture, right?
[16:19:29]<KK> Our cleaner comes on Wednesday, after a month away because of our absence a fortnight ago to Canada.  So don't even think about the dust-elephants!
[16:19:35]<Revanne> Lol
[16:19:39]<DesertRose> And I long since gave up on having any cat-hair-free clothes.  It's not going to happen.
[16:19:49]<Shiral> Yes, although I came home on Friday to a lovely clean house. We had to "skip
[16:19:57]<KK> No outfit comp0lete without pet hair.
[16:20:02]<Derynifank> How can cats she'd so much fur but never look any smaller ?
[16:20:04]<DesertRose> Absolutely correct!
[16:20:05]<Revanne> No
[16:20:12]<Shiral> May, because of my home improvements. so the house REALLY needed a cleaning.
[16:20:43]<Derynifank> She'd
[16:20:44]<Shiral> Woulndn't want it any other way. =o)
[16:20:55]<KK> Good question, DF.
[16:20:57]<DesertRose> Same way my hair can shed enough to give the dust bunnies some length without any noticeable thinning of my hair.
[16:20:57]<Shiral> Even when the cats think it's breakfast time long before I do
[16:21:09]<Bee> Remind me--why was Gus  at the vet?
[16:21:13]<bynw> cats are magical creatures
[16:21:33]<Derynifank> Auto correct at it again It is a fiend
[16:21:46]<DesertRose> A friend of mine calls it "auto-corrupt."
[16:22:17]<Revanne> About right
[16:22:19]* JudyWard ( has joined
[16:22:22]<DesertRose> I thought so.
[16:22:23]<DesertRose> Hi JudyWard
[16:22:28]<bynw> hi JudyWard
[16:22:29]<Shiral> I just know it drives me mad to have to tell my phone or iPad "Yes, I really DID mean to type that." only to have what they THOUGHT I meant to say show up on the screen
[16:22:29]<Bee> Hi Judy
[16:22:30]<Revanne> Hi Judyward
[16:22:32]<JudyWard> Hi, all
[16:22:34]<Shiral> Hi Judyward
[16:22:50]<Derynifank> I agree
[16:22:56]<Jemler> hi judyward
[16:23:04]<DesertRose> I have the worst problem with autocorrect on my phone, especially if I'm fooling around on the phone in bed and I've already taken off my glasses.
[16:23:10]<JudyWard> Everyone well today?
[16:23:12]<Derynifank> Hi Judyward
[16:23:21]<Shiral> Very well, and somewhat warm
[16:23:25]<Bee> okay here
[16:23:26]<DesertRose> I don't always catch the ways in which autocorrect thinks it knows what I mean to say better than I do when my glasses aren't on.
[16:23:26]<KK> He had an ear hemotoma that had to be lanced and drained, and then needed drops twice a day for two weeks--whhc task I was not going to entrust to our house-sitter.  And we pout Nicholas in so they'd have company, and because he was due for his senior cat blood panel--which he passed with flying colcors.  A slight elevation on one of the kidney numbers, indiating very early kidney disease, but excellent results for an 18-yeaR-OLD CAT.
[16:23:28]<JudyWard> Auto correct on my phone drives me crazy sometimes.
[16:23:39]<Shiral> First heat wave of summer in my part of the country
[16:23:51]<DesertRose> How is Gus' ear?  Good news re Nicholas' blood work, though.
[16:24:02]<DesertRose> Yeah, it was something like 95 F/35 C here yesterday.
[16:24:08]<Shiral> Nick is clearly in robust good health for a cat his age
[16:24:09]<DesertRose> I mean, it's June in Florida, but holy cow that's hot!
[16:24:12]<KK> Gus ear is totally healed.
[16:24:16]<DesertRose> Excellent!
[16:24:29]<DesertRose> I'm sure he's relieved, or he will be once he realizes he's home and y'all still love his fuzzy butt.
[16:24:33]<Derynifank> Yay
[16:24:33]<KK> 95 in Florida?  Yuck!
[16:24:38]<Bee> Hard to believe Niccholas is 118!  time flies.
[16:24:40]* Revanne has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:25:00]<Bee> More Glue!
[16:25:02]<DesertRose> Yeah, and my silly self decided to go grab a few groceries I forgot to get on Friday.  My shirt was stuck to my back by the time I got home, and that's WITH a/c in the car.
[16:25:05]<Shiral> It's REALLY hard to believe he's 118, since most humans don't even live that long. =o)
[16:25:05]<Derynifank> 118 is Really old
[16:25:07]<DesertRose> I know, right, Bee?
[16:25:19]* Eyikl ( has joined
[16:25:22]<DesertRose> Hi Eyikl
[16:25:25]<Jemler> hi eyikl
[16:25:25]<bynw> only 79 here today
[16:25:28]* Bee blushes.
[16:25:28]<JudyWard> Good to hear about Gus' ear. We had an older cat that got a hematoma in each ear. Kept him in a dog crate after surgery so it could heal safley.
[16:25:28]<Shiral> Hello Eyikl
[16:25:32]<bynw> have the windows open with a breeze
[16:25:32]<Evie> :-D @ 118 year old cat
[16:25:38]<Eyikl> Hi everyone
[16:25:39]<bynw> hi Eyikl
[16:25:44]<JudyWard> Hi, Eyikl
[16:25:47]<Bee> hi Eyiki
[16:25:51]<DesertRose> The Avatar of Bast, indeed (re 118-year-old cat).
[16:25:58]<Evie> Just got off the phone with Dad, who called just as KK showed up, so scrolling up to see what I've missed.
[16:26:09]<DesertRose> How are your folks doing, Evie?
[16:26:12]<Shiral> Cats around here are experiencing Flat Cat Syndrome
[16:26:26]<Evie> They're fine. They will be here in just over a month
[16:26:29]<DesertRose> Oh good.
[16:26:35]<JudyWard> It's 97 F  here with 79% humidity
[16:26:52]<DesertRose> Ugh, humidity.
[16:27:01]<Shiral> Okay, I'll stop complaining.
[16:27:03]<DesertRose> I could handle temps in the 90's if it just weren't so dratted humid.
[16:27:04]<Derynifank> Ouch😠
[16:27:09]<JudyWard> Just makes the heat feel worse.
[16:27:15]<DesertRose> Well, I could if my skin weren't already dry even in the humid air of Florida.  :)
[16:27:15]* Shiral offers Judyward a virtual ice cream sundae
[16:27:17]<JudyWard> Wish it would rain & cool off.
[16:27:20]<KK> JudyWard, that's awful!
[16:27:27]* Revanne (Revanne@842092.C19ECF.753F56.67A162) has joined
[16:27:32]<DesertRose> Rehi Revanne.
[16:27:36]<Eyikl> hi Revanne
[16:27:40]* DesertRose reapplies the super glue to Revanne
[16:27:43]<JudyWard> Delicious! Thanks, Shiral!
[16:27:45]<DesertRose> Drat.
[16:27:46]<Bee> rehi revannne
[16:27:52]<JudyWard> Hi, Revanne
[16:27:59]* DesertRose reapplies the super glue to the soles of Revanne's shoes and adds duct tape for good measure.
[16:28:00]<Shiral> Anything to help with that kind of humidity
[16:28:21]<Bee> ssunny and cool here today.
[16:28:45]<Derynifank> Ooh lucky you
[16:28:47]* Laurna ( has joined
[16:28:53]<Eyikl> hi Laurna
[16:28:53]<Evie> Hi Laurna
[16:28:55]<DesertRose> Hi Laurna
[16:28:55]<Jemler> hi laurna
[16:28:55]<Bee> hi Laurna
[16:28:58]<Derynifank> Hi Laurna
[16:29:01]<Shiral> Hi Laurna
[16:29:01]<Laurna> Hello
[16:29:03]<JudyWard> I hate going out with the dogs in the yard. (fence still halfway down & I don't want them going in the neighbor's yard.)
[16:29:06]<Bee> pouring tomorrow
[16:29:18]* Revanne has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:29:23]<JudyWard> Hi, Laurna
[16:29:30]<Shiral> Oh dear, Poor Revanne
[16:29:57]<Laurna> Revanne is supposed to be on vacation.
[16:30:03]<Evie> She is
[16:30:05]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:30:15]<Shiral> She just can't seem to stay in chat
[16:30:17]<DesertRose> Revanne did say that the WiFi signal isn't great, so that's probably why she keeps dropping out of chat.
[16:30:26]<Laurna> Is Kiwi acting up?
[16:30:34]<DesertRose> I'm not sure.
[16:30:41]<Evie> The wifi connection in hotels tends to be weak
[16:30:48]<Evie> At least in my experience.
[16:30:56]* Bee sends a compaaint to the makers of super-glue: It doesn't work for Revanne.
[16:30:58]<DesertRose> Like I said, Revanne said she doesn't have great signal, and DerynifanK always seems to have trouble staying in chat.
[16:31:04]<Laurna> In the swiss Alps  I would think so.
[16:31:08]<JudyWard> Caesar has been lying on the tile in the hall to be cooler, although we have the A/C cranked.
[16:31:14]<Shiral> Dmitri has awakened from his nap and is sending his greetings
[16:31:21]<bynw> by the quit message it looks like her connection is either dropping or the browser window is closing
[16:31:30]<Bee> Hi dmitri
[16:31:44]<DesertRose> I read a story about a dog who opened the freezer drawer (on the fridge/freezer that had the freezer on bottom instead of on top) and lay down on top of all the frozen food to stay cool during a heat wave.
[16:31:47]<JudyWard> Hi, D
[16:31:49]<DesertRose> Hi Dmitri
[16:31:58]<Eyikl> HI Dmitri
[16:32:01]<Laurna> Hello to everyone's fourleged family
[16:32:19]<JudyWard> DR, I saw a picture of a Husky that got onto a shelf in the frig.
[16:32:20]<Bee> smart dog!
[16:32:22]<Evie> Meow
[16:32:22]<DesertRose> LOL
[16:32:36]<DesertRose> Yeah, the story was part of a sequence of stories about how scary-smart that dog is.
[16:32:37]<bynw> hi Laurna
[16:32:46]<drakensis> that sounds like a wonderful idea right now but I'm a bit tooo fat for my freezer
[16:32:58]<Jemler> what they won't do for a klondike bar! :)
[16:33:07]<Laurna> My dogs are on the tile snorring
[16:33:09]<JudyWard> LOL,, Jemler
[16:33:11]<Eyikl> :)
[16:33:23]* Revanne (Revanne@842092.C19ECF.753F56.67A162) has joined
[16:33:27]<Evie> wb
[16:33:31]<Laurna> Hello Revanne
[16:33:33]<JudyWard> Re-hi Revanne
[16:33:35]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:33:41]<Bee> wb revanne
[16:33:47]<JudyWard> Re-hi, DF
[16:33:49]<Evie> Do you need a nail gun to nail your shoes to the floor?
[16:33:54]<Shiral> Hello again, Revanne and DF
[16:33:54]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:33:58]<Bee> ReHi DFK
[16:34:28]<KK> Sasha has just jumped up on the desk and curled up on some papers, and Gus has jumped down and disappeared, thouvh I suspect h'e'll be back shortly.
[16:34:48]<Laurna> Is Sasha a new kitty
[16:34:48]<JudyWard> He's just checking on cat business
[16:34:58]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:35:03]<Revanne> Again everyone
[16:35:06]<Evie> rehi
[16:35:07]<Shiral> He has to make sure you're not working without  him, KK
[16:35:15]<Bee> rehi DFK
[16:35:23]<Laurna> Revanne I love the view from your hotel window. 
[16:35:23]<Derynifank> Rehi
[16:35:43]<Revanne> Its lovely isnt it.
[16:35:52]<Eyikl> Rehi DFK. Stick around for a while, would you?
[16:35:55]<Revanne> It's a chalet
[16:35:56]<Evie> Where in Switzerland are you?
[16:36:01]<Laurna> Looks refreshingly  Chill
[16:36:38]<Revanne> A place calked Wengen jyst beyond Interkaken in tge Verbese Oberland.
[16:36:41]<Laurna> What is your elivation
[16:36:48]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:36:58]<Evie> Cool!  :-)
[16:37:02]<Revanne> About 4,000 feet
[16:37:05]<KK> Sounds wonderful.
[16:37:09]<Bee> Laurna, Sasha  has been around for a while.
[16:37:15]<JudyWard> Yes, wonderful!
[16:37:18]<Shiral> For a minute, I thought you said Verbose Oberland, and wondered if the local people were very talkative.
[16:37:38]<Laurna> Ah  In know Gus, but I had not heard about Sasha before.  at least that I can remember
[16:37:40]<Evie> My cruise last year took me as far as Basel, but I didn't even get to explore that little bit of Switzerland, since we arrived around 8:00 am and had a plane to catch by 10:00 am.
[16:37:41]<Shiral> Poor DF is having a very hard time
[16:37:42]<JudyWard> LOL, Shiral
[16:37:58]<Revanne> Its lovely - Bernese Oberland
[16:38:33]<JudyWard> Do Bernese Mountain Dogs come from there?
[16:38:35]<Shiral> I remember Switzerland being very pleasant
[16:38:47]<Laurna> OH I would love to have a Bernese Mountain dog.
[16:38:51]<Shiral> Even though the last time I was there was 1979
[16:38:55]<Revanne> Probably yes re dogs.
[16:39:18]<Revanne> I don't think it has changed much.
[16:39:23]<Evie> I visited Switzerland for a few days when I was about 12. I had a distant cousin who lived there (near Geneva, I think), and we spent a night or two at her family's place.
[16:39:28]<drakensis> good night
[16:39:31]* drakensis has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -
[16:39:32]<JudyWard> They are great dogs, but can be slobbery, depending on the breeding line.
[16:39:43]<DesertRose> Sometimes big dogs are.
[16:40:16]<Revanne> Not seen any dogs, lots of goats
[16:40:17]<DesertRose> Sometimes little dogs are slobbery too, but I think it gets less messy with a smaller dog than a big one.
[16:40:27]<KK> Booker is half Entlebucher Mountain Dog, which is a shorter-haired and smaller cousin of the Bernese.  I think there are 4 varieties.\
[16:40:31]<Evie> My cousin was Filipina, but married a Swiss guy
[16:40:50]<DesertRose> Some friends of mine have a French mastiff (dogue de Bordeaux) who is the sweetest dog ever (as long as her people have invited you onto the property) but she is a drool monster.  :)
[16:40:51]<Shiral> I have had two cats who drool when they're feeling especially blissful
[16:40:53]<JudyWard> I hadn't heard of those, KK
[16:41:16]<KK> If you look up Swiss Mountain Dogs, it will tell you all about all 4 varieties.
[16:41:27]<JudyWard> Will have to do that
[16:41:28]<Laurna> I read where they are the best big dog. They would go well with my Cavaliers   but not so well with the summer heat.
[16:41:39]<Revanne> We came all the way by train which still seems very exciting nit to have to get a boat or plane
[16:42:13]<JudyWard> Ridgebacks are originally from South Africa, which has a similar climate to Central & West Texas.
[16:42:20]<DesertRose> Laurna: yeah.  I love Siberian huskies; they're so pretty!  But I would not have that breed in Florida.  It's just too hot for them.
[16:42:23]<Shiral> Through the Chunnel, Revanne?
[16:42:28]<Laurna> Did you do the tunnel to  the main land. 
[16:42:33]<Revanne> Yes
[16:42:41]<KK> Even too hot for them here in Virginia.
[16:42:45]<Shiral> It's almost too hot in Florida for any dog with fur
[16:42:48]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:42:50]<Laurna> How was it like to be under all that earth and water?
[16:42:53]<DesertRose> Rehi Derynifank
[16:42:56]<Bee> rehi DFK
[16:43:03]<DesertRose> Shoot, it's too hot in Florida for humans!
[16:43:04]<JudyWard> Hi, again, DF
[16:43:14]<Derynifank> Rehi
[16:43:19]<Revanne> OK if you don't think about it.
[16:43:29]<JudyWard> And water, Revanne?
[16:43:31]<DesertRose> The population of Florida was pretty small until the widespread use of air conditioning!
[16:44:01]<JudyWard> BAck then, people only came from the North in the winter.
[16:44:09]<DesertRose> Pretty much, yeah.
[16:44:17]<Revanne> We were queuing for coffee mist of the time in the tunnel.
[16:44:34]<DesertRose> Or they were horse breeders and trainers who put up with the heat because the area around Ocala/central FL is good for grazing.
[16:44:35]<Laurna> lol  that must have been a long que
[16:45:04]<JudyWard> Yes, lots of horse farms in that area.
[16:45:09]<DesertRose> Yup.
[16:45:11]<Revanne> Only about 20 minutes from Engkabd to France
[16:45:16]<DesertRose> One of my mom's cousins used to work for one.
[16:45:27]<Revanne> Or even England
[16:45:37]<Laurna> wow that is fast.  I remember the ferry was about 2-3 hours.
[16:45:39]<DesertRose> I mean, technically he's also my cousin, but he's Mom's first cousin, so my first cousin once removed.
[16:45:46]<Shiral> The Kingdom of Engkabd doesn't get a lot of press. =o)
[16:45:52]<Evie> Engkabd sounds very exotic
[16:45:53]<Laurna> LOL
[16:45:56]<Revanne> Lol
[16:46:32]<Revanne> The ferry is great when the sea is calm
[16:46:38]<JudyWard> First thing I thought was Ichabod.
[16:47:05]<Shiral> Here's Tati, come to say hello too
[16:47:15]<Evie> Meow
[16:47:15]<Revanne> Hi Tati
[16:47:18]<Bee> Hi Tati!
[16:47:23]<Laurna> The ferry from Amsterdam was longer  but I do not recall the timing.
[16:47:25]<DesertRose> Maybe KK can use Engkabd as a name for one of the countries north of Torenth, near Eistenfalla and so forth.  :)
[16:48:05]<Revanne> That would work DR
[16:48:15]<JudyWard> Did Tati want a scritch behind the ears?
[16:48:34]<Revanne> I think Amsterdam's 6 or 7 hours
[16:48:35]<Shiral> I think what she really wants is KS (KItty Supper)
[16:48:48]<DesertRose> The name of a god in David Eddings' Belgariad/Malloreon series started as a typo that he just liked so he ran with it.
[16:48:57]<Revanne> Poor hungry Tati
[16:49:09]<DesertRose> I'm sure the Grand Duchess is starving to death.  ;)
[16:49:09]<Shiral> I'm from Engkabd, capital of Eistenfalla
[16:49:29]<Bee> I've fantasy-named Iceland "Njordholm." for KK's world.
[16:49:40]<KK> I think some of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime terms started out as typos, too.
[16:50:03]<JudyWard> Whatever works, right?
[16:50:11]<Shiral> Poor pampered little Tati will survive a wait.
[16:50:39]<Eyikl> So speaking of vacations, I think I might be going to Ireland in a while. Anyone have any recommendations of places/sites I should visit?
[16:50:50]<DesertRose> I'm telling y'all, Titivillius (the patron demon of the scriptoria in medieval monasteries) lives on, but since not a lot of people make manuscripts with parchment, liquid ink, dip pens, and paint, he inflicts himself on us in the form of typos.  :D
[16:50:58]<JudyWard> Would love to go to Ireland!
[16:51:07]<DesertRose> Dublin, Eyikl!  Go see whatever page of the Book of Kells they have on display!
[16:51:22]<Revanne> Yes definitely
[16:51:24]<Bee> I'd like to see Connamara.
[16:51:28]<Evie> I've never been to Ireland, but a friend of mine enjoyed Dublin
[16:51:43]<DesertRose> You can also go say "Hi" to Paddy.  :)
[16:51:45]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[16:52:11]<Revanne> If you are goiing ti rhe north tge Giant's Causeway
[16:52:24]<Shiral> Newgrange and the  Hill of Tara are both nice
[16:52:54]<DesertRose> Just, if any locals tell you to leave a certain tree or other natural feature alone, LISTEN.  The Good Neighbors get irked if humans interfere.  :D
[16:52:55]<Evie> You can go kiss the Blarney Stone
[16:52:57]<Jemler> was it holtbroke, kk?
[16:52:58]<Shiral> And Dublin is a very nice city to walk around in. Kind of like London, but scaled down, a bit
[16:53:06]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:53:11]<Eyikl> Saddly, I don't think I'll get to The Gaint's Causeway, but I am going to Dublin, Tara, and Newgrange.
[16:53:28]<Bee> hi again DFK
[16:53:36]<Jemler> wher did KK live in ireland?
[16:53:42]<Revanne> Going to say goodnight as my eyes are getting too tired to see what I am typing. Night all.
[16:53:49]<Shiral> Night, Revanne
[16:53:51]<Jemler> nite revanne
[16:53:51]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[16:53:53]<Evie> Goodnight, revanne
[16:53:59]<DesertRose> Okay, g'night, Revanne.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
[16:54:02]<Evie> Happy birthday to you and Demercia
[16:54:06]<JudyWard> Oh, sorry you have to go, Revanne. Good night.
[16:54:10]<DesertRose> Yes, happy birthday a day late!
[16:54:10]<Laurna> Good night revanne, enjoy your vacation
[16:54:20]<KK> Holybrooke.  And see Newgrange, the Giant's Causeway, The Rock of Cashel, Glendalogue, Christchurch and St. Patrick's in Dublin....
[16:54:23]<Eyikl> DR, does Paddy live anywhere in particular? From what I've read it sounds like he's rather nomadic. :)\
[16:54:31]<DesertRose> St. Patrick's Cathedral.
[16:54:35]<Bee> Read Peter Tremaine's Sister Fidelma novels for ideas. Eyiki.
[16:54:39]<KK> Nighters, Revanne.
[16:54:45]<Revanne> Thank you
[16:54:46]<Eyikl> Oh
[16:54:59]<Bee> nighters, Revanne
[16:55:00]<KK> Paddy lives at St. Patrick's and under Dublin.
[16:55:01]<DesertRose> I was being a bit of a smart mouth, referring to St. Patrick's Gargoyle.  :)
[16:55:01]* Revanne has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:55:32]<Shiral> And sometimes hitches rides in old cars. =o)
[16:55:34]<DesertRose> Yup
[16:56:05]<Eyikl> ANd invites his friends along...
[16:56:29]<JudyWard> Gotta love Paddy
[16:56:31]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:56:52]<Derynifank> Having no luck today
[16:57:00]<Evie> Need some duct tape?
[16:57:08]<Bee> Warner Brothers, Derynifaank
[16:57:12]<Derynifank> Absolutely
[16:57:15]<Shiral> I think Teymuraz must be behind it, DFK
[16:57:24]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:57:34]* Derynifank ( has joined
[16:57:35]<JudyWard> He's a sneaky one, that Teymuraz.
[16:58:08]<Derynifank> Sneaky and mean
[16:58:10]* Bee locks the door so DFK caan't escape
[16:58:45]* Shiral casts wards so that DFK can't be flung out of chat
[16:58:57]<Shiral> Any news on the writing front, KK?
[16:59:01]<Derynifank> Thanks guys
[16:59:09]<Eyikl> I might be able mail you some luck, DerynifanK, if I can find the right envelope.
[16:59:09]* Evie brushes peanut butter and honey on the soles of DFK's shoes
[16:59:36]<Derynifank> Sticky should help
[16:59:48]* bynw wishes all those tricks worked to keep folks in the chat but everyone still ends up leaving
[16:59:51]<JudyWard> DFK will be followed by all the mice with that on her shoes.
[17:00:16]<Shiral> And ants, yes
[17:00:18]<Jemler> does dfk have a cat?
[17:00:27]<Derynifank> Cats will have to help with mice
[17:01:00]<Derynifank> I have half a cat, Share him with my daughter
[17:01:25]<JudyWard> As long as both halves hunt together, should be good.
[17:01:29]<Evie> Which half is yours? ;-)
[17:01:38]<Derynifank> Think I will have to look for a whole cat
[17:01:48]<Jemler> I DID NOT ASK THAT!!!
[17:01:52]<Derynifank> The half you feed
[17:01:58]<KK> I've been doing some deep and serius thinking about starting the next book.  Soon.  Real soon.
[17:02:10]<JudyWard> BRB, Tsin'tia says she's STARVING.
[17:02:17]<Jemler> yes! go forth!
[17:02:18]<Evie> Yay!
[17:02:23]<Shiral> Oh dear, the alarm clock in Dmitri's tummy has just activated. I might have to give in and go feed the pygmy lions
[17:02:32]<Shiral> But furst.... A HAPPY DANCE!!
[17:03:04]<Shiral> First, that is
[17:03:07]<Derynifank> I would love a sequel to KKB
[17:03:29]<Shiral> Please dismiss the idea of a member of the Kaiser's family doing a happy dance. =o)
[17:04:06]<JudyWard> Dogs fed
[17:04:28]<Shiral> Looking forward to The March to Killingford
[17:04:32]<Derynifank> Yay
[17:04:38]<JudyWard> Oh! We have 4 little Siamese marked kittens! Their mama just brought them out this last week
[17:04:39]<Shiral> Even if they get there by gradual degrees. =o)
[17:05:06]<KK> Oooo, kittens!  Pictures yet?
[17:05:13]<bynw> we have a non canon sequel in the form of a game that is getting very entertaining
[17:05:15]<Bee> blue point of seal point. \judy?
[17:05:22]<bynw> kittens!! everyone loves kittens
[17:05:28]<JudyWard> Yes, will send them
[17:05:30]<Shiral> But now, BRB, Going to go feed the Pygmy Lions
[17:05:50]<JudyWard> They look kind of lilac pointed. They aren't purebred
[17:06:00]<Eyikl> I hope you mean real soon more like in Buckaroo Bonsai (right now), and less West Coast Sci-Fi terms (never), KK.
[17:07:16]<Derynifank> The game is exciting but would love a Canon sequel
[17:08:46]<Bee> There was news last week about kittens abandoned by the road in a carrier in hot weather. doing well with TLC.
[17:09:03]<JudyWard> People are so bad!
[17:09:23]<Derynifank> How can anyone abandon kittens like that?
[17:09:25]<JudyWard> There are lots of cat rescues.
[17:10:13]<Bee> The guy who left them may face charges.  Kittens will be up for adoption
[17:10:46]<Derynifank> I hope he does face charges
[17:10:51]<JudyWard> I will need to catch ours soon. Not this week as they are probably still nursing some.
[17:10:54]<Jemler> the heroic adventures of cats. start with the Cat of nine tales.
[17:12:14]<Laurna>   Just laid dad down for a nap. I want one too.
[17:12:31]<Eyikl> ...and maybe by th end it becomes a Cat of Mine tale! :)
[17:14:01]<Laurna> I have an appt for  a home health evaluation for him tomarrow.  I am hoping to get a little help during the week for him.
[17:14:19]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:14:28]<Jemler> brb. dinner.
[17:14:35]<JudyWard> I don't dare have HHC for Lou as they might say the dogs are a hazard.
[17:14:48]<JudyWard> Enjoy, Jemler
[17:15:43]<JudyWard> Plus he's not that bad off yet, just old & crochety.
[17:16:19]<Shiral> Back
[17:16:32]<JudyWard> Hi, Shiral
[17:16:36]* Derynifank ( has joined
[17:16:39]<Laurna> Dad had a fall last week. Nothing broken but the old back arthritis is acting up and that has made him difficult.
[17:16:55]<DesertRose> Okay, either bynw or Evie will have to catch the log today, because I just suddenly started not feeling well, so I'm going to go lie down.  See y'all later/next week.
[17:17:03]<JudyWard> Hi again DF
[17:17:07]* DesertRose has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[17:17:09]<Laurna> Good night DR
[17:17:21]<JudyWard> Feel better, DR!
[17:17:27]<Shiral> Night, DR!
[17:17:27]<Derynifank> Sorry to hear that Laurna
[17:17:31]<bynw> i got its
[17:17:40]<KK> How ols is he, Laurna?
[17:17:43]<Laurna> 86
[17:17:45]<KK> old
[17:17:51]<JudyWard> Falls are bad at that age. Lou is 82.
[17:18:00]<Derynifank> Feel better DR
[17:18:36]<Eyikl> I hope he gets better, Laurna
[17:18:38]<Bee> feel-better woodgies for DR
[17:18:49]<Laurna> we tried the perscription pills the dr gave us and that was a disaster. Dad got really loopy on them. So the dr told us we had to go back to just over the counter stuff.
[17:19:04]<Shiral> Even without broken bones, falls and their aftermath hurt
[17:19:24]<JudyWard> Bad enough everything hurts, without adding in a fall
[17:19:30]<Laurna> He is good for a few hours, just doesn't last long enough.
[17:21:04]<KK> Stark reminders that none of us are getting any younger, either.  Getting old is the pits, but it beats the alternative, at least most of the time.
[17:21:20]<JudyWard> LOL, MOST of the time.
[17:21:46]<Laurna> Just keep moving and keep using your mind.  Like writing. LOL Hint. hint.
[17:22:24]<JudyWard> I play a lot of 4 deck Free Cell to keep my mind going.
[17:22:40]<Laurna> Does that count?
[17:23:10]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:23:13]<JudyWard> Anything to keep the brain cells interested
[17:23:24]* Derynifank ( has joined
[17:23:43]<JudyWard> All that stuff on your shoes isn't helping, is it?
[17:23:56]<Shiral> I  keep wondering how I got this age, but realize it happened gradually. =o)
[17:24:11]<Derynifank> Unfortunately  no, just attracts  the ants
[17:24:12]<JudyWard> Yes, instide I still feel 30.
[17:24:15]<Laurna> lol Right Shiral!
[17:24:33]<Shiral> The transporters are really malfunctioning right now, Scotty.
[17:24:42]<Bee> I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I'm 75.
[17:24:57]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:25:18]<JudyWard> LOL! Me, neither & I'm 67. Just  took up Acrylic Pouring.
[17:25:24]<Shiral> Giving DFK big points for sheer determination, today
[17:25:27]<Laurna> Dad keeps asking me, "What are we going to do when I get old?"
[17:25:59]* Derynifank ( has joined
[17:26:01]<Derynifank> I think I give up for this week see everyone  next week
[17:26:17]<JudyWard> Good night & have a good week, DFK.
[17:26:19]* Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:26:25]<Laurna> Good Night DFK.  Hope to see you on the forum later this week
[17:26:29]<Laurna> Opps missed
[17:26:46]<Eyikl> Same.
[17:27:20]<JudyWard> Temp is down to 95 now. Woo-hoo! 2 degrees
[17:27:34]<bynw> still holding at lovely 79
[17:27:44]<Laurna> 92 here and beuatiful
[17:27:55]<Shiral> Warm enough, here.
[17:28:08]<JudyWard> I'll take anything under 100, but the 70s would be lovely
[17:28:19]<bynw> 92 is too hot here because the humidity will kick it up to nearly 100
[17:28:26]<Laurna> Might go outside and plant those flowers I bought to put around my fountain.
[17:28:26]<Evie> Same here
[17:28:41]<JudyWard> bynw  Really 79? would nver have guessed
[17:28:54]<bynw> yeah its a cool day really for June
[17:28:55]<Evie> Re 92 being too hot here, not that I'm going outside to plant flowers around Laurna's fountain.
[17:29:04]<Shiral> I have a pot of pansies I still haven't transplanted and I've had them almost a month
[17:29:21]<Laurna> lol  Use the portal and come join me,  It is a lovely day.
[17:29:22]<KK> You've been busy at other things, Shiral.
[17:29:24]<JudyWard> I just got some butterfly bushes I forgot I ordered. Wonder who's going to dig that hole for me?
[17:29:48]* Evie hands Judy a shovel
[17:29:53]<Shiral> Well yes, KK, but I wasn't the actual person resurfacing and repainting my walls and ceilings. =o)
[17:30:00]<KK> Dig it in the middle of the night?
[17:30:10]<Jemler> butterfly bushes? i thought they emerged from cocoons.
[17:30:18]<Laurna> lol
[17:30:24]<KK> But you were supervising, and writing the checks.  That's hard work!
[17:30:27]<JudyWard> Judy hands the shovel back to Evie
[17:30:36]<Shiral> However, the results I must say are VERY pleasant. Even the cats have forgiven me because the workers with the noisy tools and smelly paint are gone, and the furniture is all back
[17:30:39]<JudyWard> LOL< Jemler
[17:31:15]<Laurna> Nice Shiral.  ALl that effort paid off
[17:31:17]<Shiral> I'll grant you, that was a little nuts. Three big bills ganged up on me all in one week. Squeak!
[17:31:29]<KK> Well, I need to get some precarious trees out this week, in addition to all the usual silliness.  It never ends.  And write a few checks.  :-(
[17:31:42]<Shiral> It definitely did. And I really like the new paint job. A much nicer color
[17:31:53]<Laurna> great
[17:32:27]<KK> Well, on tht note, I think I'll also head out.  And Gus has just jumped back up pn my lap.  Sweet kitty!
[17:32:28]<Shiral> And I finally have good lighting in my living room. =o) No dark corners
[17:32:32]<Laurna> We all need to find some dedicated time for writting.
[17:32:37]* Shiral waves farewell to KK
[17:32:39]<bynw> thanks for stopping in KK
[17:32:41]<Evie> I'm still trying to decide on paint colors, but I'm thinking pale yellow for the kitchen and a light gray for DD's room
[17:32:43]<Jemler> ok. nite kk. grdeeat news on the writing.
[17:32:44]<Laurna> Good Night KK
[17:32:50]<Evie> Goodnight, KK!
[17:32:53]<JudyWard> Good night, KK. Have a lovely week!
[17:32:55]<Jemler> great news.
[17:33:00]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:33:00]<Shiral> Have a good week, good luck with the trees and with ruminating on writing.
[17:33:03]<Bee> bye KK and Gus.  glad yoou came.  Seeya next week?
[17:33:04]<Eyikl> Goodnight KK. Thanks for the recommendations.
[17:33:15]<Shiral> Hope LBM's health holds steady so you have some time......
[17:33:19]<KK> Nighters, all.
[17:33:27]* KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)


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