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KK Chat - Dec. 2, 2001
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:57:34 pm »
KK Chat - Dec. 2, 2001

[18:11] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:11] <Shiral> Hello Ethan Hello KK
[18:11] <Sedina> Hi Katherine!
[18:11] <Kelric> we have hit 21
[18:11] <Archmage> KK!
[18:11] <Sedina> Hi Ethan
[18:11] <hygilac> Hi katherine
[18:11] <Tika> howdy KK!
[18:11] <Rambart20> Howdy ethan
[18:11] <Shiral> Didn't know if you would make it today <G>
[18:11] <Jessie> hello Katherine
[18:11] <DianeK> Hi KK
[18:12] <Archmage> Hello, KK!
[18:12] <RainbowDragon> Hi Katherine
[18:12] <Wrengl> hi kelric
[18:12] <Rambart20> howdy KK
[18:12] <Gamgee> 21 USERS!!!  a new record!
[18:12] <Tika> and greetings Ethan :)
[18:12] <Kiri`> hi Katherine
[18:12] <barbmc> yipee!
[18:12] <Ethan> hello
[18:12] *** Bynw changes topic to 'Saint Camber's Fireside chats with Katherine Kurtz
  [room record 21 chatters set on 12/02/01]'
[18:12] <KK> Wow, we've got a crowd here tonight.
[18:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> One quick way to stop that...use cayenne pepper (lightly) on the object(s) one does not wish chewed.
[18:12] <Rambart20> we broke the record
[18:12] <the_Bee> KK!  glad you made it :) :) :)
[18:12] <Bynw> Hiyas KK {{hugs}}
[18:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It'll stop them doing it.
[18:12] <hygilac> We were all hoping you made it home safe
[18:12] <Shiral> {{{KK}}}
[18:12] <KK> Hi, there, you newlywed you!
[18:12] <Tika> hehehe
[18:12] <Wrengl> hi ethan
[18:12] * Archmage extends a hand to KK. "It's an honor to finally meet you, Madam."
[18:12] <Rambart20> cayenne pepper would certainly do it
[18:12] <Tika> Mommers has been calling him "old married man" :)
[18:12] <Wrengl> hi katherine!
[18:12] <Sedina> LOL Tika
[18:13] <Rambart20> I am barred from using it in chili
[18:13] <Kelric> ROTFL
[18:13] <KK> Hello, Archmage.  I've not seen you here before.
[18:13] <Archmage> I've missed all of your chats...
[18:13] <hygilac> cayenne pepper would work fro me
[18:13] <Archmage> But I'm a regular in here now.
[18:13] <KK> Several new names.
[18:13] *** Bynw is now known as OldMarriedMan
[18:13] <Shiral> And the usual suspects,too
[18:13] <Rambart20> alot of old ones to
[18:13] <Tika> LOL
[18:13] <hygilac> we are anything but usual
[18:14] <Rambart20> hey I resemble that remark
[18:14] * Kelos_al-Hazar rolls on the floor laughing at the OldMarriedMan
[18:14] <KK> Alas, I'm not gonna be here long, though.  We got in this morning, and it's now after 11 PM here.
[18:14] <KK> Scott folded <very> early.
[18:14] <Kelric> rest well then.
[18:14] <Sedina> Oh goodness
[18:14] <Shiral> Heavens, KK, it's noble of you to come at all!
[18:14] <hygilac> how was the meeting with
[18:14] <Kelric> lol
[18:14] <Tika> ouch, long day!
[18:14] <hygilac> Andre
[18:14] <Shiral> Did you enjoy Andre Norton?
[18:14] <KK> Andre is magic, and her library is amazing!
[18:14] <Shiral> Big? <G>
[18:14] <the_Bee> I'm looking forward to meeting you at Arisia, Katherine
[18:14] <Wrengl> glad you made it home safe and sound Katherine
[18:15] <Shiral> Amen, Pat
[18:15] <KK> And she has a delightful couple, Rose and Larry, who share her house with her and help her with things.
[18:15] * Wrengl Thumper sends his greetings to Lady Katherine
[18:15] <barbmc> Wanna here a good one?  My daughter is now 21.  When she switched from crib to bed she was afraid, so I put a kiss on each corner of her bed to keep her safe all night.
[18:15] <hygilac> were all your fur people happy to see you?
[18:15] <Sedina> Yes, definitely glad to hear you made it home safely, Katherine
[18:15] <Ethan> Hi KK, it's very nice to meet you
[18:15] <Archmage> KK, I have something to show you.  It reflects the feelings of a couple of us... :-D
[18:15] <Sedina> That's sweet, barbmc
[18:16] <KK> My fur people were delighted, both canines and felines.  And Andre sent them two catnip toys.  Jessie was standing on her head to slime the mouse-one.
[18:16] <Wrengl> indeed it is barbmc
[18:16] <Archmage> *********************************
[18:16] <Archmage> *
[18:16] <Archmage> * Jehana for Camberian Council!
[18:16] <Archmage> *
[18:16] <Archmage> *********************************
[18:16] <Archmage> *************************
[18:16] <Archmage> *
[18:16] <Archmage> * Give Duncan a Diocese!
[18:16] <Archmage> *
[18:16] <Archmage> *************************
[18:16] <Archmage> :-D
[18:16] <Sedina> LOL Katherine...  The fur children missed their humans
[18:16] * OldMarriedMan is glad to have his cat back home and out of the car
[18:16] * Shiral realizes she forgot to send the MacMillan Fur Children any Christmas toys this year
[18:16] <Wrengl> But the DRUGS were what the felines REALLY wanted!
[18:17] <KK> I don't think Jehana would enjoy the CC; besides, she's got Barrett now.  And if I gave Duncan a diocese, he wouldn't be available in the capital to help Kelson and Morgan.
[18:17] <Wrengl> lol chris
[18:17] <Sedina> Mine gave me the cold kitty shoulder when I got home, but thankfully it didn't last too long.  Now I'm back to fighting to have my share of the bed
[18:17] <Archmage> :-D
[18:17] <hygilac> yeah, me too, Sedina
[18:17] <Shiral> Would the CC enjoy Jehana is another question entirely <G>
[18:17] <barbmc> Jehanna isn't ready for CC
[18:17] <Sedina> LOL Bynw...  Now you know that Fruit Kitty isn't meant to travel
[18:17] <KK> Andre has 9 cats, of which I think we saw 5 or 6.
[18:17] <Tika> definitely NOT
[18:17] <Kelric> as I remember,  Kelson won't let Duncan have a Diocese unless it's Rhemuth or possibly Valoret.
[18:17] <Tika> but at least she didn't get sick in the car :)
[18:17] <Wrengl> Helping hands Inc was only interested in CANNED FOOD to replace their dried survival rations!
[18:17] <barbmc> She can't deal with herself
[18:18] <Sedina> That is a plus, Tika
[18:18] <KK> Fruit Kitty seemed to be enjoying her visit with Jasta, and teamed up with Kidlet.
[18:18] <OldMarriedMan> but the Fruit Kitty knows how to open closed doors
[18:18] <Kelric> gtr.
[18:18] *** Kelric Quit
[18:18] <Tika> LOL, KK I hear they were your wake-up call :)
[18:18] <hygilac> we heard about that
[18:18] <Sedina> My kitties are currently giving my mother and I a very serious look because their supply of hairball food is dangerously low.
[18:18] <Shiral> Talk about effective <G>
[18:18] <Wrengl> Jasta told us the story of their working together to open the door
[18:19] <Shiral> Who says cats can't cooperate in a good cause? =o)
[18:19] <Sedina> That is too cute of a story, too.
[18:19] <KK> Yep, they pushed the door open and came in about 7 AM when the first alarm went off.
[18:19] <hygilac> mine cooperate all the time when guarding mice
[18:19] <Rambart20> that brought back memories of Ming the 1st
[18:19] <OldMarriedMan> Oh, Katherine... just as you were leaving Jasta's when Teek called... I found a really cool book (actually two) at a used book store.
[18:19] <barbmc> I have to go, too.  Time to wash dishes and make supper.  Yes, in that order - I have children
[18:19] <Sedina> They were just doing their duties as furry alarm clocks, Katherine
[18:19] <Rambart20> she used to open doors on her own
[18:19] *** OldMarriedMan is now known as Bynw-OMM
[18:19] <Shiral> Bye Barbmc
[18:19] *** barbmc  Quit
[18:20] <Sedina> Bye barbmc.  Hope to see you here again
[18:20] <Rambart20> nice to meet you barbmc
[18:20] <Archmage> we beat our record!!! yay!!
[18:20] <KK> What book, OMM?
[18:20] <Sedina> whoops...too slow
[18:20] <the_Bee> good to meet you, barbmc
[18:20] <Shiral> They had to make sure the houseguest was sufficiently awake <G>
[18:20] <Bynw-OMM> 1.  my own copy of Legacy of Lehr
[18:20] <KK> Aha!  Well done!
[18:20] <Bynw-OMM> 2. An uncorrected proof in mint condition of the Bastard Prince
[18:20] * Shiral curls up and dies with envy
[18:20] <KK> Even better!
[18:20] <Tika> hehehe
[18:21] <Bynw-OMM> I thought so too
[18:21] * Sedina drools over Bynw's find
[18:21] <Gamgee> WOW!
[18:21] * Archmage jumps Bynw and steals his books.
[18:21] <Shiral> And you found them where???
[18:21] <hygilac> fabulous Bynw
[18:21] <Bynw-OMM> at a used book store in Fairfax VA
[18:21] <Sedina> You got to find those books...and what did I get?  Stuck in a snow storm on my way back...and my luggage got lost.  *l*  Something's wrong with this, I tell you.  *lol*
[18:21] <Shiral> Bit beyond my range, alas
[18:21] <Tika> right around the corner from Jasta's place
[18:21] <Bynw-OMM> the uncorrected proof was only $7.50 .. a steal at that price
[18:21] <Shiral> It's wedding luck, Sedina
[18:21] <Sedina> apparently, Shiral
[18:22] <hygilac> must be
[18:22] * Shiral contemplates plots for getting ahold of it....
[18:22] <Tika> it's a BIG continent, Shiral ;)
[18:22] <Gamgee> that must be nice when G-d gives you a wedding present!
[18:22] <Jessie> so -- the rest of you need to get married
[18:22] <Archmage> I don't have wedding luck...
[18:22] <Shiral> I know, curses!
[18:22] <KK> Did you guys get the deluge that hit us in Nashville on Wednesday/Thursday?
[18:22] <Tika> and we're on the other side of it ;)
[18:22] <Sedina> LOL Jessie
[18:22] <Sedina> I don't know if I'd go that far, Jessie
[18:22] <hygilac> katherine, were the Chronicles ever printed in hardcover aside from the book club omnibus version?
[18:22] <Shiral> We're getting a deluge today out here on the Left coast
[18:22] <Tika> you know, KK, I think that storm went straight north
[18:22] <DianeK> Hey everyone--I'm now the proud owner of Codex #306!
[18:22] <Tika> it just rained a little bit here in Atlanta
[18:22] <KK> No, Linda.
[18:23] <Shiral> Storms coming in from Alaska one after another
[18:23] <hygilac> I live 50 miles from Nashville Katherine
[18:23] <Shiral> Congratulations, Diane
[18:23] <the_Bee> blame it on the Jet Stream
[18:23] <hygilac> on the west, where the rain was heavier
[18:23] <Sedina> Congrats, Diane!  You do realize that this makes you a target of those of us who are still "codexless" though
[18:23] <Tika> woo hoo Diane!
[18:23] <KK> I know they had flash flood alerts.
[18:23] <DianeK> Thanks!  Yes, I know
[18:23] <Rambart20> I guess I am a target too huh?
[18:23] * Archmage is codexless.
[18:23] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Ooops...Gotta go on alert. Church van'll be here soon.
[18:23] <hygilac> lots of schools were closed around here Friday
[18:23] <Bynw-OMM> i have #210
[18:23] <Shiral> In the North Bay they still are having them -- flash flood warnings rather than Codices, that is
[18:24] <Sedina> It snowed a bit around here this week, but we managed to miss out on the major storms...though I was fortunate enough to get to fly through one of them on my way home on Monday
[18:24] <KK> Let's hear it for the jetstream.  We got in 1 1/2 hours early this morning.
[18:24] <Shiral> Cool, KK!
[18:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Could have retained a Codex, but not legally...
[18:24] * Archmage applauds the Jet Stream.
[18:24] <Rambart20> I have codex #484
[18:24] <Shiral> Codex #147 is VERY well protected
[18:24] <Tika> heh
[18:24] * Archmage jumps Bynw and steals *all* of his books.
[18:24] <Jessie> Katherine: please tell us your summary of Darkover
[18:24] <KK> Wow, several Codeci have surfaced.
[18:25] * the_Bee is waiting for Codex II
[18:25] * Archmage is in line right behind the_Bee.
[18:25] <Rambart20> mine are guarded by 2 attack cats
[18:25] <Archmage> lol
[18:25] <Sedina> LOL Bart
[18:25] <DianeK> Thanks also to Mark Elliot of Cardiff, Wales
[18:25] <RainbowDragon> KK - Is Ace gonna wait until after the release of Codex 2 before re-releasing all your prior books?  A lot of the deryni stuff is out of print now
[18:25] <KK> Well, I did a handfasting, a wedding, judged the masquerade--which was tiny this year, but Thumper was super--sat on about five panels, sang the Hallelujah Chorus....
[18:26] <Sedina> I got to hold Bynw's Codex at least.  I did promise him that I wouldn't drool on the pages
[18:26] <Harvey> Keep Sadie away from it.
[18:26] <KK> My agent says that Ace is talking about it seriously, and we should know soon.
[18:26] <Shiral> And it was only a  tiny bit damp when you handed it back, Sedina?
[18:26] <RainbowDragon> Great!
[18:26] <hygilac> Hey, she didn't drool on mine either
[18:26] <Shiral> Woo hoo!
[18:27] <KK> This week, I have to finish my Templar story--on which I actually wrote a couple of pages in the airport yesterday.
[18:27] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I wish I could find the words to those two warmup songs, tho...
[18:27] <KK> Scott has to finish his, too.
[18:27] <Shiral> Excellent
[18:27] <Jessie> good for Scott
[18:27] * Archmage has no idea what Darkover is...
[18:27] <Jessie> get him writing again -- we hope
[18:27] <Shiral> The Templars really ARE everywhere -- even at the Airport!
[18:28] <hygilac> lol Shiral
[18:28] * Archmage doesn't read about Templars.
[18:28] * Archmage kicks himself in the rear.
[18:28] <KK> Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, When will I see thee wed?  I shall marry as I (or thou) wilt, Sire, as I (or thou) wilt.
[18:28] <hygilac> take a medieval history class next semester, Archmage
[18:28] <Sedina> Harvey - I got to look at in on Thanksgiving...the only kitties near it were Jasta's.  *l*
[18:29] <Sedina> Shiral - it was perfectly fine when I gave it back...  And I did give it back - without a fight even.  *l*
[18:29] <KK> The other one is not as familiar, but it's something about... By the waters of Bebylon....
[18:29] <Shiral> Very good of you Sedina
[18:29] <Harvey> Darkover is a convention Archmage.  (For very meager information, consult the web site
[18:29] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Heheheh...
[18:29] <the_Bee> "We lay down and wept"
[18:29] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Criminy...Gotta run...
[18:29] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Hasta!
[18:30] <Shiral> By the Waters of Babylon we lay down and wept as we remembered Sion is how it begins
[18:30] <Shiral> Can't remember the rest
[18:30] *** Kelos_al-Hazar  Quit
[18:30] <Shiral> I was humming it, mostly
[18:30] <hygilac> the one about the waters of Babylon I have sung at a retreat at some time
[18:30] <Archmage> Gracias, Seņor Harvey.
[18:30] <KK> It was originally dedicated to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover universe, but quickly expanded to include Deryni and other fantasy--a great con.  Next year will be Year 25.
[18:30] <Archmage> wow.
[18:30] <Shiral> It's lots of fun
[18:30] <Harvey> Dude...did he just say criminy?  That makes me want to see the Scooby Doo movie.  We saw a trailer for it before Harry Potter.
[18:30] <Bynw-OMM> and next year it will have gaming too... I emailed Judy to help out with that
[18:31] <hygilac> lol
[18:31] <Archmage> Oooh! Joanne Bertin.  Cool.
[18:31] <Sedina> I wish I could have gone with to see HP...especially since I didn't end up getting to leave on Sunday
[18:31] <Harvey> That was this year's guest.  They get a new Guest of Honor every year.
[18:31] <hygilac> It's a cure movie
[18:31] <KK> BTW, Scott and I missed the Harry Potter in Maryland, as some of you know, but we caught a private screening in Nashville on Wednesday night--no one else in the theatre.  :-)
[18:31] <hygilac> cute, not cuer
[18:31] <Archmage> I gathered that ;)
[18:31] <Shiral> Cool, KK!
[18:32] <hygilac> cool!
[18:32] <Shiral> It didn't cure the Concrud, anyway <G>
[18:32] <hygilac> Where did you stay in Nashville, KK?
[18:32] <DianeK> Concrud?
[18:32] * Tika still has the Concrud, sniffle
[18:32] * Archmage refuses to read or watch Harry Potter. He doesn't doubt that it is good material, he just hates the way it is marketed.
[18:32] <KK> At a Ramada near the airport on Wednesday and Friday; at Andre's on Thursday.
[18:32] <Shiral> Everybody came home with colds, DIane
[18:32] <DianeK> Aahh....
[18:32] <Shiral> At least in our immediate group <G>
[18:33] <KK> Read the first one, Archmage, and you'll be hooked.
[18:33] * hygilac did not get the concrud
[18:33] * Sedina has concrud too
[18:33] * Archmage either, but he didn't attend the Con...
[18:33] * Bynw-OMM hasnt gotten it yet but probably will get it from Teek
[18:33] <DianeK> Glad I was there for the day
[18:33] <KK> I think Scott also has concrud.
[18:33] <Shiral> Linda has good resistance
[18:33] <hygilac> ignore the marketing, Archmage--the books are flat out good
[18:33] <Harvey> Harvey did not get concrud, but was only there one day.
[18:33] <Shiral> I'm at the end of mine, but still below par
[18:34] <hygilac> maybe the rain washed it out of me
[18:34] <the_Bee> conquered by the concrud?
[18:34] <Sedina> I'm doing much better...on Wednesday though, I sounded worse than Duck - when I could actually talk, that is
[18:34] <hygilac> I was REALLY WET Sunday
[18:34] <Shiral> Harry Potter is good stuff, Archmage. Just read the books, and ignore the very annoying marketing
[18:34] <KK> It's 11:30 PM now, though, and I was short on sleep last night, so I think I'm going to sign off now.
[18:34] <RainbowDragon> Archmage: they failed to mention the most important point.... Katherine Kurtz attends Darkover
[18:34] <Shiral> NIght, Katherine
[18:34] <Ethan> I read the four Harry Potter books, in just over a week
[18:34] <KK> Well, yes, she does.
[18:34] <hygilac> Night KK
[18:34] <Sedina> Night, Katherine.  Sleep well
[18:34] <Jessie> bye Katherine
[18:34] <Shiral> Have a GOOD writing week and thanks for joining us!
[18:34] <Rambart20> bye KK
[18:34] <DianeK> cya KK
[18:34] <Archmage> I knew that, RainbowDragon
[18:34] <Bynw-OMM> have a good night Katherine .... see ya next week
[18:35] <RainbowDragon> Bye, KK!
[18:35] <Jessie> write well this week
[18:35] <Harvey> Goodbye Katherine
[18:35] <Archmage> Bye, KK!
[18:35] <Shiral> It was above and beyond the call of duty as you just got home today
[18:35] <Rambart20> have good night thanks for stopping by
[18:35] <hygilac> Hope Scott feels better soon!
[18:35] <the_Bee> nighter KK
[18:35] <KK> See you guys next week.  Ta-ta.
[18:35] <Ethan> good night KK
[18:35] <Shiral> Sleep well
[18:35] <Tika> niters KK :)
[18:35] <Rambart20> I need to vamoose as well all
[18:35] <Jessie> bye Bart
[18:35] <Shiral> Bye Bart
[18:35] <hygilac> As do I
[18:35] * KK steps onto her portal and waves goodbye as she disappears in a flash of green light.
[18:35] <Sedina> bye Bart
[18:35] <Bynw-OMM> cya bart
[18:36] *** KK  Quit

-Bynw (Zipper Brother and Master of Chat)

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