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KK Chat -- 25 February 2018
« on: February 25, 2018, 07:13:00 pm »
[06:05.50] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:05.54] <Evie> Hi KK
[06:05.55] <jemler> hi kk
[06:06.03] <revanne> Hi KK
[06:06.03] <KK> Hello, all.
[06:06.05] <Derynifank> I think it was afternoon tea
[06:06.16] <Derynifank> Hi KK
[06:06.26] <revanne> Afternoon tea is becoming very popular again over here.
[06:06.29] * Bee ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:06.33] <jemler> hi bee
[06:06.34] <revanne> Hi Bee
[06:06.34] <Evie> hi Bee
[06:06.47] <jemler> no DesertRose?
[06:06.48] <Bee> Hi everyone!
[06:07.10] <Derynifank> Lovely. Always thought they should keep afternoon tea.
[06:07.23] <Derynifank> Hi Bee
[06:07.36] <jemler> what exactly is High Tea?
[06:07.40] <revanne> It's the sort of thing you do for a birthday treat - go to a nice hotel for afternoon tea.
[06:08.16] <Evie> No, DR mentioned to me earlier that she might not make it tonight
[06:08.32] <revanne> High Tea is the proper meal. What is known as dinner in the south of the country but tea in the north and called High tea to make sure that you know you are getting a proper meal.
[06:08.35] <jemler> well, i'm logging.
[06:08.50] <Derynifank> So high tea is afternoon tea somewhere other  than home
[06:08.55] <Evie> Or at least she might be here late
[06:09.23] <revanne> No High tea is Dinner.
[06:09.29] <Evie> No, high tea is the evening meal, even at home
[06:09.39] <revanne> Afternoon tea is sandwiches and cake.
[06:09.48] <Derynifank> I'M confused now.
[06:09.55] <KK> Or maybe supper?
[06:10.00] <revanne> So are a lot of Brits
[06:11.58] <revanne> Historically I think it was a class thing - and still is to an extent. Middle and Upper classes would tend to eat a formal dinner about 7 - 8pm whereas working people ate a cooked meal at the end of the working day anytime between 5.30-6.
[06:12.10] <Evie> The meal was what my English friends would mean when they asked me over for tea, but as a child I had only heard of "tea" as a beverage, so I wasn't expecting a full evening meal, and especially not one at which no tea was served!
[06:12.16] <revanne> which was referred to as tea.
[06:12.41] <revanne> Although quite a few people do have tea with tea.
[06:12.47] <Bee> Years ago, Wrengle, KK, others and I attended a con at a Boston hotel that offered high teas.  Wrengls wantded o atend one, but nobody told her we had to make a reservation.  She was very disapointed.  IIRC, that wa where I first met you, KK.
[06:14.09] <Evie> I think the only time I made it to an afternoon tea when I was in England was in York. There was a tea house serving it, and it happened to be served just as my friend and I were passing, so we stopped in.
[06:14.25] <revanne> Having got you all confused I'm going to head off for bed as it is now Monday. Good to say hi, KK and everyone.
[06:14.37] <Evie> LOL, good night/morning!
[06:14.40] <Derynifank> And what did you get to eat?
[06:14.40] <Bee> nighters, Revanne
[06:14.41] <jemler> it just proves what Oscar Wilse said in 'The Canterville Ghost': "we have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language."
[06:14.57] <jemler> nite revanne
[06:15.15] <Derynifank> Nite Revanne. Hope that warm wind gets there soon
[06:15.23] <jemler> sorry, Oscar Wilde.
[06:15.25] <JudyWard> I'm back for a min. Hi, KK
[06:15.34] <Evie> Who, me?  I don't recall for sure; that was over 30 years ago.  I have a vague impression of finger sandwiches and maybe petit fours with my cup of tea, but I could be misremembering.
[06:16.05] <revanne> ++,,
[06:16.06] <JudyWard> Hi, Bee
[06:16.23] * revanne ( has left #deryni_destinations
[06:17.39] <JudyWard> Oh, missed wishing Revanne a good night. Reading too slowly.
[06:17.41] <Derynifank> There used to be restaurants here that served tea which included finger sandwiches and sweets as well as the tea,  Don'T know where they went. They seem to have disappeared  .
[06:17.49] <JudyWard> Dinner is in mid cook.
[06:18.08] <Bee> hi judy
[06:18.23] <jemler> we had bacon cheeseburgers and fries.
[06:18.28] <Evie> yum
[06:18.41] <JudyWard> BCBs are yummy!
[06:18.45] <Bee> Dinner is in mid-mouth.
[06:19.05] <jemler> don't type with your mouth full!
[06:19.08] <JudyWard> Closer than mine! Doing one of the Home Chef dinners tonight.
[06:19.26] <Derynifank> What is that?
[06:19.35] <Bee> now partly mid-stomach
[06:19.58] <Derynifank> Does a chef come to your home and cook dinner?
[06:20.12] <jemler> i'd like a home chef dinner, if the chef was Giada de Laurentiis! :)
[06:20.21] <JudyWard> DF, it's meals you order & they send you all the ingredients & instructions & you cook it.
[06:20.29] <Evie> Luke is here to lean on my shoulder and pretend he's a firelizard
[06:20.40] <Evie> A purring firelizard
[06:20.42] <JudyWard> Ha! Ha! I wish they would come & cook it.!
[06:20.50] <Bee> Meow, Luke
[06:20.53] <JudyWard> Hi, Luke!
[06:21.13] <Derynifank> Thanks. I think we have them here but have never tried it. How are they?
[06:21.21] <jemler> Cool Cat Luke.
[06:21.38] <JudyWard> They are very yummy!!
[06:21.54] <Derynifank> Not cool, hot. He's a fire lizard
[06:21.57] <jemler> how much?
[06:22.03] <KK> I tried a Blue Apron entree a while back.  It was pretty good.
[06:22.04] <JudyWard>  A friend who has tried several different companies says Home Chef is best.
[06:22.15] <JudyWard> About $20 for 2 people.
[06:22.30] <JudyWard> A meal that is. Same as going out, cheaper than Chili's.
[06:22.46] <Derynifank> Do they do the prep or do you have to peel and chop?
[06:23.27] <KK> You usually have to do the peeling and chopping.  But they send you all the ingredients.
[06:24.22] <Bee> If I have to pay for a meal, I want it prepared.
[06:25.13] <jemler> bee, there are companies that do that: Papa John's, Dominos... :)
[06:25.50] <jemler> JudyWard, what kind of meals?
[06:26.04] <Evie> I've heard it can be good to buy those prepackaged meals if you are single or maybe a couple who would spend as much or more if you bought the ingredients at the store yourself, but it can save money if the extra ingredients tend to go bad in the fridge, since in the packaged portions, you don't get a lot of excess.
[06:26.12] <Bee> there are more upscale places that do it too.
[06:26.24] * Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:26.31] <jemler> hi jerusha
[06:26.33] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[06:26.33] <Bee> hi jerusha
[06:26.36] <Derynifank> Hi Jerusha
[06:26.38] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:26.50] * Dennis ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:26.56] <Bee> hi Dennis
[06:26.57] <Jerusha> Hi Dennis
[06:26.57] <Evie> Hi Dennis
[06:27.01] <Derynifank> Hi Dennis
[06:27.10] <Dennis> Hi, everyone!
[06:27.25] <jemler> hi dennis
[06:28.06] <jemler> juidyward, the home chef page say they send you an email with this weeks choices.
[06:30.51] <Dennis> So how is everyone?
[06:31.04] <Jerusha> OK so far
[06:31.19] <jemler> i'm ok (despite public opinion!) :)
[06:31.33] <Bee> pretty good
[06:31.34] <Derynifank> Not bad
[06:31.40] <Jerusha> What about non-public opinion?
[06:31.58] <jemler> that's mine. i'm ok.
[06:32.05] <Jerusha> Good, then
[06:32.11] <jemler> :)
[06:32.38] <Jerusha> Evie, have you rescued your kitchen?
[06:33.06] <Evie> More or less. 
[06:33.52] <Bee> Who was threatening it?
[06:33.55] <Evie> For some reason I had a box of books on the floor in there near where the leak was, so I have them airing out now. Fortunately it was mostly the box that got wet, not the books, and I'm sorting through trying to decide which to keep and which to donate.
[06:34.10] <Derynifank> Anybody heard from bynw? Did he get his car back?
[06:34.17] <Jerusha> Oh dear.  Damp books are not good
[06:34.42] <jemler> send me a list of the ones you might donate.
[06:34.42] <Evie> I think it must have been a box that didn't get shelved when we filled our bookcases last year, and that I probably had pushed under the kitchen table to get it out of the way of traffic, and then forgot it was there.
[06:35.21] <Jerusha> So probably not favourites
[06:35.36] <Evie> They're barely damp, not even enough for me to bother with cornstarching them to dry them out
[06:35.42] <JudyWard> Hi, Jerusha
[06:35.50] <Jerusha> Hi JudyWard
[06:35.57] <Evie> No, mostly old required reading school books, decades old romance novels and such
[06:36.05] <Jerusha> Whew
[06:36.17] <JudyWard> Water leaks are terrible!
[06:36.24] <Evie> A couple of classics like Frankenstein and The Good Earth
[06:36.35] <JudyWard> BRB, eating.
[06:36.37] <Derynifank> Books can be like coat hangers, They multiply when you are now looking It sometimes seems that the more I donate the more aim have
[06:36.38] <Jerusha> We've been trying to get rid of excess books before we downsize.  We're in our third round
[06:36.44] <jemler> read frankenstein.
[06:36.55] <Dennis> Excess books? There is such a thing?
[06:37.04] <Evie> Yes.  We are saving up for a new roof, and in the meantime my DH patched up the leaky bit in the kitchen early last year, but unfortunately last night's wind and rain must have undone his patch job.
[06:37.09] <Jerusha> Unfortunately, yes
[06:37.13] <jemler> i donate to the local library.
[06:37.18] <Evie> There is if you have run out of space for shelves, yes.
[06:37.42] <Jerusha> We have a cool secondhand bookstore we give to
[06:37.45] <Bee> I borrow from the local library.  except KK's books
[06:37.50] <Derynifank> E readers can save a lot of space
[06:38.11] <Jerusha> I got rid of all of my old school books.  They are sorely out of date now anyway
[06:38.53] <Evie> I've got to the place where I only keep my absolute favorite books in paper copies, as well as a few not available in ebook form, and some expensive resource books on medieval art, castles, and such, and the rest I'm slowly acquiring in Kindle format since I don't have to worry about making space for it.
[06:39.38] <Jerusha> I have many books on kindle, but paper is still my favourite.  I can leaf back through to look something up
[06:39.41] <Evie> My shelves have a few books that I haven't read yet, and those might get purged eventually once I read them, unless they end up being favorites, in order to make room for more.
[06:39.54] <Evie> Yes, I prefer paper, but I bow to space needs.
[06:39.56] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[06:40.19] <Evie> I'd have to have a mansion to house all the books I'd like to have in paper form.
[06:40.34] <Jerusha> I have the complete Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series in paperback that I got from my uncle.  Not quite sure what to do with those
[06:40.36] <Evie> Or just move into a library!
[06:40.38] <KK> Yes, I haven't saved any of my school books other the English lit. anthologies.  All the science stuff is woefully outdated.  And I can't persuade my mother to let go of her school textbooks at all, even though she never has and won't be reading in them again.  I guess it's proof that she went and took those courses.os
[06:40.49] <Bee> Is kiwi persecuting DerynifanK again?
[06:41.05] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:41.14] <Bee> wb dfk
[06:41.48] <Derynifank> I keep rejoining and I didn'T even know I left
[06:41.52] <Evie> Watching a Netflix show about castles/great houses owned by aristocrats who are renting out rooms and/or hosting events to earn money for the homes' upkeep.
[06:41.59] <Jerusha> Kind of a double life?
[06:41.59] <jemler> evie: ++,,
[06:42.45] <Evie> I have that, jemler, or at least a similar book about the Book of Kells
[06:43.05] <jemler> ++,,
[06:45.01] <Evie> Years ago, we used to have an independent bookstore here that would let you buy their books on store credit. If you have $5 or $10 to put down as a first payment, you could just pay as much or as little as you could afford per month until the entire cost of the book was paid off, with no interest charged.  We bought several of our books that way, including a couple of lovely reproduction Books of Hours
[06:45.15] <Evie> I really missed that bookstore
[06:45.26] <Jerusha> Sounds like a real find
[06:46.16] <Evie> It was.
[06:47.10] <Evie> They moved from their downtown location to one that was larger but less centrally located, and I know they continued on for a few years after that, but the owner would have retired by now, and I don't know if he sold the business to someone else or not, but I think it's closed now.
[06:47.37] <Derynifank> What a shame
[06:47.44] <Jerusha> Yes
[06:48.02] <JudyWard> Hard to lose a good book store
[06:48.08] <jemler> we used to have a peperback exchange in the area.
[06:48.35] <Jerusha> My problem is I hate to give anything up!
[06:48.51] <Jerusha> I might read it again in 20 years
[06:49.15] <JudyWard> I hate to let go of stuff, too. I'm a medium pack rat.
[06:49.31] <Derynifank> We have a store where you can trade books, both hard and paperbacks, as well as records dvd's and cd's
[06:50.10] <Derynifank> Love that store
[06:50.14] <Evie> Yeah, I used to have a harder time getting rid of books, for fear I wouldn't be able to find it again if I want to reread it, but now that ebooks have come out, and ebooks normally cost less than print books, I feel fine about getting rid of some. But especially the ones I know I wouldn't want to reread.
[06:50.32] <Evie> It's still a bit hard to get rid of books I liked well enough, but didn't love. And of course I keep the ones I love.
[06:50.53] <Evie> We have a store here like that also, Derynifank
[06:50.58] <Jerusha> Some I will never let go of (KK)
[06:51.25] <jemler> kk, tolkien, clancy.
[06:51.47] <Evie> I'm a pack rat by nature also, but you reach a point when you've got so much stuff you are sick of having it all around you, so then it becomes a case of prioritizing what you really want to keep and finding a home for the rest.
[06:51.50] <Derynifank> I had to replace 2 KK books that I had read so much they were falling apart
[06:52.21] <Jerusha> My original Deryni paperbacks are a little precarious
[06:52.37] <Bee> I need a new copy of Deryni Magic.
[06:52.37] <JudyWard> My family got me the decorated edition of The Lord of the Rings probably around 50 yrs ago, 45 for sure.
[06:52.51] <Derynifank> I managed to get all the Cadfael books, will never get rid of them.
[06:53.01] <Evie> We've reached saturation point of the amount of stuff we can possibly bring into this house, so now I'm trying to work on downsizing it. Especially knowing that DH's mom has TWO HOUSES and TWO BARNS worth of stuff we'll be stuck having to get rid of someday, so I do NOT want to end up being like that!
[06:53.13] <jemler> I lost a book called 'A Introduction to Elvish' by Jim Allen. I found a copy tonight, but they want $1,300 for it!
[06:53.15] <Jerusha> Me either!  I had to go on quite the search for them!
[06:53.33] <Derynifank> Woe!
[06:53.42] <Evie> Geez, jemler!  Is it gold plated?  :-D
[06:53.48] <Jerusha> Wow, that's a lot, Jemler
[06:53.49] <Derynifank> Wow, not woe
[06:53.54] <JudyWard> Should be for that price!
[06:53.59] <jemler> they must think iyt is.
[06:54.09] <Jerusha> And fully illuminated
[06:54.09] <Bee> DFK. did you watch the Cadfael stories on masterpiece Mystery?
[06:54.27] <Jerusha> I did, and they were very well done
[06:55.16] <Derynifank> Try Thriftbooks online I have found several books there that I couldn't  find anywhere else and their prices are pretty reasonable
[06:55.30] <Jerusha> Though I was never satisfied by the second Hugh Berrington
[06:55.43] <Derynifank> I never saw Cadfael on PBS, wish I had
[06:56.05] <Jerusha> You can download them.  DH found them for me
[06:56.23] <JudyWard> Or maybe view them on YouTube?
[06:56.28] <Derynifank> Do you know where
[06:56.53] <Jerusha> I'll check and get back to you.  Probably by PM
[06:56.53] <Derynifank> May try you tube, everything is there
[06:57.04] <Dennis> The Not-Sean Pertwee one?
[06:58.05] <Bee> Derek Jacoby was good as Cadfael, but I agree about Hugh Berringar.  He was too much of a plodder.  Hugh would have been as sharp as Cadfael once he had more experience.
[06:58.07] <Jerusha> I don't remember who it was, but the second one did not quite fit the original description
[06:58.34] <Jerusha> Hugh in the books was very sharp
[06:59.18] <Bee> Yes
[06:59.44] <Jerusha> Made him a good counterpoint to Cadfael
[06:59.45] <Derynifank> I found a Cadfael Book of Days, and another one with the first two books along with pictures  of Shopshire and the locations used in the books, Also included some history
[07:00.13] <KK> I liked Jacoby as Cadfael.
[07:00.21] <Jerusha> Yes, he was excellent
[07:00.22] <Bee> me too
[07:01.09] <Derynifank> Wish PBS would bring them back
[07:01.25] <JudyWard> Write them and ask.
[07:01.37] <KK> Speaking of PBS, gotta run.  Victoria is about to start, and tonight's the season finale.
[07:01.48] <Evie> Goodnight, KK!
[07:01.50] <JudyWard> Bye, KK, enjoy!
[07:01.53] <Jerusha> Cadfael should be on a bit torrent site
[07:01.58] <Evie> ++,,  Mini daggers and sheaths
[07:01.59] <Derynifank> NitecKK. Enjoy
[07:02.01] <Bee> bye KK. Early chat next week?
[07:02.07] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:02.08] <Evie> Can't remember if I shared those
[07:02.16] <KK> Next week early, yes.
[07:02.16] <Jerusha> Nighters KK
[07:02.21] <jemler> nite kk
[07:02.28] <KK> Nighters.
[07:02.33] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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