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KK Chat - Nov. 11, 2001 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:54:33 pm »
KK Chat - Nov. 11, 2001, pt. 1

[17:21] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[17:21] <Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[17:21] <Tika> it's ok Wrengl I'll be back in a week :)
[17:21] <Wrengl> Evening Katherine
[17:21] <Rebecca> Hi Katherine
[17:21] <Sedina> Welcome, Katherine!
[17:21] <Jessie> hello Katherine
[17:21] <scribbler> ooh, happy birthday to him....
[17:21] <KK> Hello, all.
[17:21] <ash> evenin KK
[17:21] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings, Lady Katherine!
[17:21] <Shiral> Wow, I got here just in time <G>
[17:21] * scribbler sends greetings to KK
[17:21] <Bynw> hiyas KK
[17:21] <Tika> hey there KK! :)
[17:21] <KK> Laura, you're here!
[17:21] <Wrengl> Yep, we'll all be in Maryland in a little over a week.
[17:21] <lbarms> I got on a puddle jumper last spring and it made me verra verra nervous because the stewardess started out her safety briefing with "bear with me folks, I haven't flown on one of these in over 4 years"
[17:21] <KK> And Ash!
[17:21] <scribbler> and so is.....
[17:21] <Sedina> LOL  Oh my, Laura.  That would be a little nerve wracking. *l*
[17:22] <KK> And Carolyn!
[17:22] <hygilac> Hello Katherine
[17:22] <lbarms> hello KK
[17:22] <Shiral> Wow, Laura,that wouldn't inspire MY confidence
[17:22] <Shiral> Hello, Carolyn!
[17:22] <Wrengl> nor mine, Laura
[17:22] <Shiral> I just noticed you were here, too!
[17:22] <scribbler> Carolyn may be a little distracted.....moderating a forum....
[17:22] <Tika> oh how comforting, laura!  LOL
[17:22] <lbarms> Not at all, I felt like getting up and offering to do the brief for her
[17:22] <KK> Hello to all the rest of you, too, but I had to single out the unusual appearances.  :-)
[17:22] <Wrengl> Thumper sends his greeting, Katherine
[17:23] <KK> Will Thumper be at Darkover?
[17:23] <Wrengl> Yes.
[17:23] <lbarms> you can bet I scoped out the plane for emergency exits, etc
[17:23] <Tika> in uniform! ;)
[17:23] <scribbler> My appearance is unusual today -- just got my hair curled..... ;)
[17:23] <Sedina> LOL scribs
[17:23] <lbarms> lol scribs
[17:23] <Shiral> Thumper is the best dressed dog I know
[17:23] * Bynw isnt an unusual appearance in the chat .. more like a permanent fixture like a table
[17:23] <Wrengl> In costume also.  Jasta is making this year's costume
[17:23] <Tika> hehehe scribbler, I'm doing that Wednesday ;)
[17:23] <KK> Not by sitting on electricity, I trust.  ;-)
[17:23] <Shiral> New perm, Scribbler? <G>
[17:23] <cjws> hi to all:-)
[17:23] <Wrengl> Tika don't tell.  Katherine needs to be surprised at the masquerade!
[17:23] <Shiral> You must be at the frantic-poodle stage
[17:23] <scribbler> Make sure you give plenty of time for it to settle down, Teeks....
[17:24] <Tika> LOL ok Pat ;)
[17:24] <scribbler> LOL Shiral!
[17:24] <Tika> that's why I'm doing it this week and not next, scribbler!!!   
[17:24] <Tika> LOL
[17:24] <Shiral> Smart woman, Tika
[17:24] <Shiral>  <G>
[17:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I'll probably go get my hair cut on as to look my best for the flight out on Monday week.
[17:24] <Tika> if I'd had the time I'd have done it last week even...
[17:24] <KK> Tika & Bynw, did you get the revised ceremony I sent back to you and Jasta?
[17:24] <scribbler> how old is your brother today, Shiral?
[17:24] <Shiral> It's his 46th
[17:24] <Tika> yes KK, it is beautiful, thank you.... we'll send back revisions asap
[17:24] <Bynw> Yep I did ...
[17:24] <scribbler> Ah --
[17:25] * Tika was crying while she read it :)
[17:25] * Wrengl Thumper passes around a basket of pigs' ears.
[17:25] * lbarms huggles tika
[17:25] <Bynw>  KK, when are you leaving for the States?
[17:25] <Shiral> He's the oldest of the four of us, and there are ALMOSt 8 years between him and me. (I'm number four.)
[17:25] *** Rambart20 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:25] <scribbler> uh-oh, if she's crying BEFORE the ceremony, someone better pack plenty of tissues!
[17:25] <KK> Good.  I tried to tone down some of the repetitions and the too overtly Christian elements, while still leaving it a good mix.
[17:25] <Sedina> Tika - well, this morning Bynw was informing us that the "you may kiss the bride" part was his favorite part.  *g*
[17:25] <Jessie> hello Bart
[17:25] <Sedina> Hey Bart!
[17:25] <Wrengl> hi Bart
[17:25] <Shiral> Hello Bart
[17:25] <Bynw> Hiyas Bart!
[17:25] <KK> I leave Wednesday.
[17:25] * scribbler sends greetings to Bart
[17:25] <Kiri`> Hello KK!
[17:25] <Rambart20> Howdy ladies and gentLE MEN
[17:25] <Kiri`> hi Bart!
[17:26] <cjws> hi bart:-)
[17:26] <Rambart20> Howdy KK
[17:26] <Sedina> scribs - already got that covered.  A box of tissues is on my "to pack" list...has been ever since she showed us what her dress looks like
[17:26] <KK> Hi, Bart.
[17:26] <Tika> Sedina.... he's been practicing his part in that for a while now :)
[17:26] <Bynw> KK make sure you take that laptop with ya
[17:26] <KK> Will do.
[17:26] <lbarms> hey there bart
[17:26] <Tika> oooo KK have you seen the dress?
[17:26] <Rambart20> hey Laura
[17:26] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I have to admit, the first time (and so far, only) I've ever seen a groom cry was at a friend of mine's wedding...
[17:26] <Tika> we took pics yesterday...
[17:26] <Shiral> Well, he has to be perfect at the big moment, doesn't he, Tika  <G>
[17:26] <KK> And who's Raymond's handle.  Not Hood.
[17:26] <Rambart20> how are you doing
[17:26] <Sedina> Tika - *lol*  I said that I couldn't understand why he might find that part the best part of the ceremony.  *l*
[17:26] * Tika grins
[17:26] <scribbler> KK -- so the San Bernadino event is still on? The news about Rob and Mary was on the NG this weekend....
[17:27] <KK> As of night before last, it's still on.  Rob said it would help to take their minds off the sadness.
[17:27] <Tika> hey Bart, LTNS!
[17:27] <scribbler> That's true....
[17:27] <Wrengl> What happened to Rob and Mary?  I do not have access from this computer!
[17:27] <KK> Their granddaughter was hit and killed by a car.
[17:27] <Rambart20> been here and there and everywhere
[17:27] <cjws> oh dear
[17:27] <Wrengl> OH NO!
[17:27] <KK> 15 years old.
[17:28] <lbarms> oh no
[17:28] <cjws> how sad
[17:28] <Wrengl> Will send my condolances when I get home
[17:28] <Bynw>  If anyone wants to see the dress and my Jedi Knight robes .. you can at:
[17:28] <KK> She was Whitney Burgess.
[17:28] <Wrengl> hit and run?
[17:28] <scribbler> oooh -- need to bookmark that site -- brb
[17:28] <Tika> that was so very very sad :(
[17:28] <Bynw>  also if you want to see me currently ... the webcam is running at
[17:29] <KK> He didn't say, Wrengl.  May just have been a pedestrian vs. car.
[17:29] <Shiral> I've just checked the NG.  Oh lord, How terrible for the whole family.
[17:29] <Wrengl> Verra sad no matter how it happened, of course
[17:30] <Shiral> On the NG, it said she was hit by a car, no further details
[17:30] <KK> I didn't even realize he had a child or children, much less a granddaughter.
[17:30] <cjws> what a shame
[17:30] <Wrengl> Kiri, we got some bronze things yesterday.  Give me an idea in email of what type jewelry you would like to see in bronze.
[17:30] <Shiral> Well, I think Whitney was Mary's Grandchild in terms of blood
[17:30] <Kiri`> pat- will do =)
[17:30] <Shiral> But Rob's granddaughter in terms of affection
[17:30] <KK> With the name of Burgess, it has to have been the daughter of a son.
[17:30] <Bynw> duck is on
[17:30] <Kiri`> yes..
[17:31] <Kiri`> wow.. everyone's here today =)
[17:31] *** duck  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:31] <Kiri`> hi donald
[17:31] <Sedina> Hey Duck!
[17:31] * Kelos_al-Hazar hands KK a tall, cold glass of Earl Grey tea, bowing slightly to the Lady as he does so.
[17:31] <Jessie> hello Duck
[17:31] <KK> Hi, Duck.
[17:31] <Shiral> I thought Whitney was his niece, but that doesn't make the loss more terrible
[17:31] <duck> morning people
[17:31] <Tika> this is the last chat before Darkover :)
[17:31] <Wrengl> quack quack
[17:31] <Shiral> Hello Duck!
[17:31] <Wrengl> hi Duck
[17:31] <Rambart20> howdy Duck!
[17:31] <KK> Thank you, Kelos.
[17:31] <Bynw> good monday morning duck!
[17:31] <hygilac> Hi Donald!
[17:31] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Huh?
[17:31] <lbarms> hey there duck
[17:31] * scribbler sends greetings to duck
[17:31] <Kelos_al-Hazar> No, it's not!
[17:31] <Tika> hey duck!
[17:31] <duck> oh yeah its a monday isn't it
[17:31] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Next Sunday's is!
[17:32] <Wrengl> good morning duck.  Hope it will be a good day for you
[17:32] <cjws> Whitney Louise Rogers was her name
[17:32] <Shiral> The last chat with KK, Kelos
[17:32] <Wrengl> missed you
[17:32] <KK> There's a chat next week, but I'll be in transit from SF to Burbank.
[17:32] <Tika> I dinnae think KK will be available next week tho...
[17:32] <Rambart20> thanksgivcing is that close?
[17:32] <Shiral> We've missed you Duck
[17:32] <duck> well katherine i am in a town named after you
[17:32] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Oh, yeeah...
[17:32] <lbarms> I am so glad I could make this one
[17:32] * Kelos_al-Hazar smacks himself in the head
[17:32] <scribbler> Tika -- love the dress!
[17:32] <Shiral> Me too, Laura
[17:32] <KK> Ah.  Rogers.  Somehow I thought it was Burgess.  That makes more sense.
[17:32] <Sedina> How are you doing, Duck?
[17:32] * Bynw likes it too
[17:32] <Tika> thanks scribbler
[17:32] <Shiral> Mary's daughter's daughter
[17:32] <Wrengl> yes bart it is closer than I like to think with all the Darkover/Duckover plans and work to do
[17:32] <Tika> LOL
[17:32] <Tika> Duckover?!?!  ;)
[17:33] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Bynw: Don't forget the webcam! I'll need it, you know.....Heheh.
[17:33] <duck> surveying along the katherine river looking for transfer portals
[17:33] <KK> I packed the Christmas presents for family today.  Can't wrap anything, though.
[17:33] <Shiral> Duckover, Tika <G>
[17:33] <hygilac> very nice clothes, Tika and Bynw
[17:33] <Rambart20> still in La La land Laura?
[17:33] <Bynw> i won't forget it .. .it's my digital camera
[17:33] <Shiral> Found any, Donald? <G>
[17:33] <scribbler> And Bynw -- Mark thinks you look great in your robes (he just came home and is peeking over my shoulder.....)
[17:33] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Yes, indeed they are nice...
[17:33] *** Bynw is now known as Jedi-Bynw
[17:34] <Sedina> LOL Bynw
[17:34] <Shiral> So have you had a good writing week, Katherine?
[17:34] <scribbler> Have we set the time for the Webcast yet?
[17:34] * Kelos_al-Hazar needs to FIND the lost CD...
[17:34] <lbarms> yep, still far and away
[17:34] <Wrengl> Tika when the Duck's over, can Duckover be far behind?!
[17:34] <lbarms> lol
[17:34] <Tika> LOL
[17:34] <KK> Not as good as I had hoped, but I got up a head of steam this afternoon.  MUST finish my story tomorrow.
[17:34] <Shiral> We'll suspend Donald from the Hotel Ceilings, hence Duckover
[17:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> To those who don't know...I have the recipe for white chili...and will bring it to Darkover... :)
[17:35] *** the_Bee  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:35] <Wrengl> lol shiral
[17:35] <hygilac> hi Bee
[17:35] <KK> Hi, Bee.
[17:35] <Shiral> Well, any and all progress is welcome <G>
[17:35] * scribbler sends greetings to the_Bee
[17:35] <Sedina> Hey Bee!
[17:35] <hygilac> Over the pool,shiral?
[17:35] <Wrengl> before or AFTER he goes flying behind Grommet, Shiral?
[17:35] <the_Bee> Hi all
[17:35] <Rambart20> howdy Bee
[17:35] <Wrengl> hi bee
[17:35] <Sedina> LOL Pat
[17:35] <duck> hey i've been in training
[17:35] <lbarms> hello bee
[17:35] <Shiral> Well, That might be a litte complicated Linda
[17:35] <Shiral>  Hello, Bee
[17:35] <duck> young grommet will be surprised
[17:36] <Sedina> Duck's got a few surprises up his wings, does he?
[17:36] *** Jedi-Bynw is now known as Bynw
[17:36] <Tika> flight training, duck? :)
[17:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> M'sister said I was crazy for taking six sets of batteries for my digital camera for only nine days....She has no clue how many pix I intend to make.
[17:36] <Shiral> After he flies behind Grommet, Pat
[17:36] <Wrengl> grommet has been in training.  Up and down from the roof of a dog house this weekend in Maryland
[17:36] <hygilac> she's playing Snoopy?
[17:37] <Shiral> Whatever happens with Donald and Grommet at Duckover, it will happen FAST
[17:37] <Shiral> <G>
[17:37] <duck> how's cap'n thumper btw pat?
[17:37] <Wrengl> Sort of.  She does not stay up there long and the roof is flat
[17:37] <Wrengl> doing okay.  anxious for Aussie tummy rubs and seeing his friends.
[17:38] <Wrengl> There is even a Luke Corgwalker that I wonder if someone will even be interested in.
[17:38] <cjws> make sure it doesn't blow up on ewe duck..snerk
[17:38] * Tika groans
[17:39] * Shiral wonders if any Deryni has ever had to conjure illusionary sheep
[17:39] <duck> i don't want to go lamb
[17:39] <scribbler> Mark just zipped his lips....does that make him a semi-Zipper Brother?
[17:39] <Shiral> Alaric doesn't seem like the shepherding type to me...
[17:39] <hygilac> Donald, you have this obsession with sheep. . .
[17:39] <Wrengl> nor to me.
[17:39] <Sedina> LOL Scribs
[17:39] <KK> Maybe sort of the way St. Patrick is supposed to have conjured deer?
[17:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Everyone...try this link out...
[17:39] <scribbler> I've heard of electric sheep, but illusionary?
[17:39] <Shiral> I thought St. Patrick was a Snake Man....
[17:40] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It's rather interesting to see what your medieval occupation should be.
[17:40] <KK> Is that the one that decides what one would have been in the middle ages?
[17:40] <Wrengl> i can't since I am on the java from this computer.
[17:40] <Shiral> Electric Sheep? Do they have Steel wool?
[17:40] <Sedina> Yep...that's the link, Katherine
[17:40] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Yes, KK, it is.
[17:40] <duck> well there was the 'transistorised carrot' segment from the goodies
[17:40] <Wrengl> got to figure out if there is a way to get the modem to work on the laptop
[17:40] <Wrengl> Sigh
[17:40] <Kiri`> no they have to steal wool =)
[17:40] <Rebecca> Done it before.  I'm an explorer.
[17:40] <Kelos_al-Hazar> And verra interesting it is.
[17:40] <Shiral> BAD Kiri
[17:40] * Kiri` GRIN
[17:40] <Jessie> bye all -- bye Katherine
[17:40] * Jessie waves goodbye saying "see ya when I see ya"
[17:40] <KK> Bye, Jessie.
[17:40] <Rebecca> bye Jessie
[17:41] *** Jessie  Quit
[17:41] <Shiral> BYe, Jessie
[17:41] <Kiri`> yeop   that's me.. bay area liri..
[17:41] <Shiral> Oops
[17:41] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Keep checking it periodically; the last one I did, I was a Prime Minister!
[17:41] <Wrengl> night Jessie
[17:41] <Kiri`> kiri
[17:41] <lbarms> bye bye Jessie
[17:41] <Sedina> ack...missed her
[17:41] <Shiral> Me too
[17:41] <Rambart20> that was quick
[17:41] <KK> I was an enlightened despot.
[17:41] <Tika> Gamgee's been training her...
[17:41] <Shiral> Wonder where she had to go and on a Sunday
[17:41] <Kelos_al-Hazar> ROFL!
[17:41] <Wrengl> LOL katherine
[17:41] <scribbler> brb....
[17:41] <Shiral> I think I ended up a fool
[17:41] <Shiral> Well you know, she doesn't let her characters argue with her <G>
[17:41] <KK> Tika, where is Jasta today?
[17:41] <duck> except for a few of them
[17:41] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Worse things around than fool, Shiral. Fools were quite respected.
[17:41] <Shiral> At least not when it comes to life and death..
[17:41] <hygilac> I will have to check that out
[17:42] <Tika> oh I'd imagine they do argue with her... and frequently! :)
[17:42] <Wrengl> Kelos, can you email me that URL so I can try it when I get home?
[17:42] <hygilac> there is one around someplace that will give you a hobbit name
[17:42] <KK> Yep, they argue.
[17:42] <Tika> KK, we had email from her that she would be here today
[17:42] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sure, Pat. Will do.
[17:42] <scribbler> back....
[17:42] <Shiral> But you always win, in the end?
[17:42] *** Alaska``  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:42] *** Kiri`  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:43] <Shiral> "But I don't WANT to die that way!!"
[17:43] <Wrengl> Someday I may get that modem to work so I can set up AOL and then download the 16 bit mIRC
[17:43] * Shiral smacks peer with the spiked mountaineering book
[17:43] * scribbler sends greetings to Alaska``.....or is that Kiri?
[17:43] * Tika just finished Camber the Heretic and imagines KK saying "He dies...she dies...everybody dies..."
[17:43] <scribbler> LOL Tika....
[17:43] <Shiral> But in the CATHEDRAL?? ANd on CHRISTMAS???
[17:43] <Sedina> LOL Tika
[17:44] <KK> Sometimes I don't know they're going to die until they do.
[17:44] <Shiral>  <G>
[17:44] <Wrengl> LOL Tika
[17:44] <Rambart20> what about 948
[17:44] <Rambart20> alot of people die then
[17:44] <Tika> no kidding Rambart
[17:44] <hygilac> there was a plague
[17:44] <hygilac> and a war
[17:44] <Shiral> And rather nastily
[17:44] <Wrengl> And dead of night! in 948
[17:44] <lbarms> was Rhys's death a surprise to you  KK
[17:44] <duck> actually katherine - why did you develop a soft spot in tkj and not kill duncan?
[17:45] <hygilac> and no doubt some zealous anti-Deryni fanatics around
[17:45] * scribbler applauds wildly -- Mark was FINALLY able to get the jar of pickles open....
[17:45] <KK> I was never going to kill Duncan.
[17:45] <Shiral> We thought he was a goner in tkj
[17:45] <KK> That was the point.
[17:45] <Rambart20> or some torenthis
[17:45] <Wrengl> But that added to the tension, Shiral
[17:45] <Shiral> She wnted to keep us in suspense, I can live with that <G>
[17:45] <duck> i thought you might have foreshadowed it the beginning when they are leaving rhemuth
[17:45] <hygilac> I never thought Duncan was a goner
[17:45] <Wrengl> And make us read the book faster!
[17:45] <scribbler> Jasta would have never forgiven her if KK had killed Duncan....
[17:45] <Shiral> I feared that he MIGHT have been
[17:45] <Tika> ROFL!!!!
[17:45] <Bynw> LOL
[17:45] <KK> Also, you know that I've killed off some major characters, so maybe no one is safe.
[17:46] <Shiral>  Oh lord, no, she wouldn't have <G>
[17:46] <Wrengl> LOL scribbler
[17:46] <Shiral> And I don't know how you can ever think of killing Nigel, Katherine.  Jasta would turn inside out <G>
[17:46] <KK> The object is to make you keep turning pages--and buying books.  ;-)
[17:46] <duck> actually i thought adam sinclair was close to being a goner - especially with the title
[17:46] <hygilac> this is so; I couldn't believe Rhys was gone
[17:46] <Wrengl> Well, Shiral, we know Duncan AND Alaric survive the next three Deryni books!
[17:46] <hygilac> not really
[17:46] <Tika> KK.... it worked :)
[17:46] <Rambart20> maybe he will die of old age
[17:47] <Shiral> exactly Pat <G>
[17:47] <KK> Yes, I did scare you with Adam's plight, didn't I?
[17:47] <Sedina> That is true, Pat.  *g*
[17:47] * scribbler passes around the jar of mini kosher dill pickles....
[17:47] <Shiral> Yeah, I have to admit it's very effective <G>
[17:47] <Wrengl> Agreed, Duck.  I was VERRA worried about Sir Adam in that one.
[17:47] <Bynw> yes we were a bit worried about Adam
[17:47] <scribbler> Me too....
[17:47] * Shiral passes a platter of fresh baked shortbread
[17:47] <Tika> he did come verra verra close...
[17:47] <KK> I did some serious medical research on that one.
[17:47] <Shiral> Shoot, I was worried about the whole Hunting Lodge
[17:47] <cjws> and it also makes us re-read them after the first inital
[17:47] <Wrengl> Thanks, Shiral.
[17:47] <Rambart20> passes around some chocolate covered rice Krispy balls
[17:48] <Bynw> yummy
[17:48] * Kelos_al-Hazar wonders if he's gonna need the DVDROM/floppy combo drive on the laptop.
[17:48] <Shiral> Oh yes,  it keeps us coming back for more <G>
[17:48] <KK> Yum, Bart!
[17:48] * Wrengl passes a tray of finger sandwiches since it IS tea time
[17:48] <lbarms> I am currently reading Templar treasure
[17:48] <Bynw> Bart are you going to Darkover?
[17:48] <scribbler> oh, my -- so much for my Weight Watchers this week.... ;)
[17:48] * Shiral takes the kettle off the burner and makes tea
[17:48] <Shiral> It's okay Scribbs, it's all virtual <G>
[17:48] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It's all fat, no worries. :)
[17:48] <Wrengl> lol scribbler
[17:48] <scribbler> I'm re-reading LOTR, in preparation for next month's movie....
[17:48] <duck> well people i have to shoot through - my time on the long distance call is up
[17:48] <Rambart20> :(
[17:48] <Rambart20> :(
[17:48] *** Rambart20  Quit
[17:49] <Rebecca> bye Donald
[17:49] <Shiral> Bye Duck
[17:49] <Sedina> Bye Duck...
[17:49] <scribbler> oh -- best wishes, duck....
[17:49] <lbarms> bye duck
[17:49] <KK> Bye, Duck.
[17:49] <the_Bee> bye duck
[17:49] <Bynw> cya duck
[17:49] <Wrengl> have a good day duck.
[17:49] <duck> will see some of you at darkover
[17:49] <hygilac> bye Duck
[17:49] <Wrengl> see ya soon
[17:49] <Shiral> Hey, where did Bart go?
[17:49] <Rebecca> See ya in a couple of weeks
[17:49] <duck> which is next week eh?
[17:49] <Shiral> Looking forward, Duck
[17:49] <Kelos_al-Hazar> We lost Bart, too...and Kiri's also MIA
[17:49] <hygilac> See you in MD donald
[17:49] <Wrengl> week and a half
[17:49] <KK> Did Bart get hit by lightning?
[17:49] *** Rambart20  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:49] <cjws> eek!
[17:49] <duck> btw if there are any little things/curios from oz that people want - try and let me know
[17:49] <Rambart20> oops
[17:49] <Sedina> wb Bart
[17:49] <hygilac> he's back!
[17:49] <scribbler> WB Bart
[17:49] <Shiral> Faulty transfer portal I'd say
[17:49] <cjws> here he is
[17:49] <Shiral> WB, Bart
[17:50] <Tika> LOL Shiral
[17:50] <lbarms> a tin man duck?
[17:50] <Shiral> Did your transfer portal misbehave?
[17:50] <Wrengl> Thumper says just duck?!
[17:50] <lbarms> from Oz
[17:50] <Rambart20> yes
[17:50] <hygilac> no snakes, donald
[17:50] <scribbler> we were worried about you -- two frowns and a vanishing....
[17:50] <duck> and i will see what i can do - i have some spare luggage space since i only have summer clothes
[17:50] <Alaska``> there bathroom done..
[17:50] *** Alaska`` is now known as Kiri`
[17:50] *** Mike_Mc  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:50] <Sedina> Hey Mike
[17:50] <duck> ciao ciao all
[17:50] *** duck  Quit
[17:50] * scribbler sends greetings to Mike_Mc
[17:50] <Wrengl> grommet says you are enough to bring from oz
[17:50] <Kiri`> aloha
[17:50] <Shiral> Hi Kiri -- you were cleaning bathrooms in alaska?
[17:50] <Shiral> HI Mike
[17:50] <Mike_Mc> Hello all
[17:50] <Wrengl> hi mike
[17:50] <Rambart20> my cousin therese makes excellent chocoalte covered rice Krispy balls
[17:50] <hygilac> Hi Mike
[17:51] * Mike_Mc bows regally to KK
[17:51] <lbarms> hey there mike
[17:51] <Rambart20> howdy mike
[17:51] <Kiri`> yes..  weekend job ;)
[17:51] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:51] <Bynw> ack!
[17:51] <Shiral> Oh dear!
[17:51] <Sedina> Ack...nasty peer!
[17:51] * scribbler grabs a monkfish and pounds Peer with it unmercifully....
[17:51] <lbarms> bad bad bad peer
[17:51] <Rambart20> arrrrrgh
[17:51] <hygilac> grrr
[17:51] * Tika kicks peer's ass
[17:51] <Shiral> me STOMPS on Peer with her spiked mountaineering boots
[17:51] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[17:51] <Mike_Mc> Bad peer!
[17:51] <the_Bee> Death to Peer!
[17:51] <Sedina> wb KK
[17:51] <Shiral> WB, KK
[17:51] <lbarms> whew
[17:51] * Kelos_al-Hazar whips out the frozen tigershark and hits peer a resounding whack!
[17:51] <KK> Curses, peered again!
[17:51] * Mike_Mc bows regally to KK
[17:51] <Rambart20> she's back
[17:51] <scribbler> WB KK
[17:51] <lbarms> kk survived the peer attack
[17:51] * Wrengl takes the bullwhip from her Indiana Jones belt and beats Peer from one end of the room to the next
[17:51] <Shiral> She's back and she can talk, we're okay <G>
[17:52] <Rambart20> *sends his attacks after peer
[17:52] <Wrengl> yes, indeed
[17:52] <Rambart20> cats
[17:52] <Tika> oooo nice form with the whip there Wrengl!
[17:52] <Wrengl> lol tika
[17:52] <KK> I now know how to keep my typing window from disappearing.  I just can't maximize the screen.
[17:52] <Mike_Mc> where's Jessie?
[17:52] <lbarms> yes, we need our cats for protection
[17:52] <Wrengl> Been getting lots of practice on Peer
[17:52] <Shiral> I think we've punished Peer adequately for the moment
[17:52] <Shiral> Oh goodness, yes
[17:52] <Wrengl> she left mike
[17:52] <hygilac> Jessie left
[17:52] <Rambart20> not enough to suit me
[17:52] <Rebecca> Jessie had to leave
[17:52] <Mike_Mc> oh, ok
[17:52] <scribbler> Jessie went bye-bye....
[17:52] <Sedina> Jessie had to run and do something, Mike
[17:53] <cjws> so kk goes where first on her trip?
[17:53] <KK> SF
[17:53] <cjws> how many miles is that?
[17:53] <Tika> bunches
[17:53] <Tika> :)
[17:53] <scribbler> a lot....
[17:53] <Bynw> So can anyone tie a g'dula?
[17:53] <KK> But I'm totally tied down with family.  My sister finally sold her house, and is moving that weekend.
[17:53] <cjws> inquiring minds need to know<G>
[17:53] <Shiral> Bilyuns and bilyuns
[17:53] <scribbler> the sister in Sacto?
[17:53] <KK> Yes.
[17:53] <Shiral> Wow, where's she moving to?
[17:53] <Rambart20> millions
[17:53] <hygilac> moving where?
[17:53] <Rebecca> I think I can
[17:54] <KK> Carmichael.  A duplex.
[17:54] <KK> Lets her have her kitty.
[17:54] <cjws> neat
[17:54] <KK> Black and white, named Phantom.
[17:54] <Shiral> Oh good <G>
[17:54] * Bynw will need someone who can and who will be at Darkover to do so
[17:54] <scribbler> it's about 6000 miles according to Mark....
[17:54] <lbarms> kitties are nice to have
[17:54] <Sedina> that's good,'s important to be able to have a kitty
[17:54] <Shiral> Can't imagine a  member of the clan withOUT a kitty
[17:54] <Rebecca> I will practice Bynw
[17:54] <Wrengl> that is an important consideration - kitty resident
[17:54] <Shiral> Cats are good for morale
[17:54] <Sedina> I used to be able to, Bynw...but it's been eons since I've done one
[17:54] <scribbler> so she's moving AND playing in orchestra the same weekend? Ack!
[17:55] <KK> Yep.  So is my nephew's girlfriend Sarah.
[17:55] <Shiral> Stress test!
[17:55] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Rebecca: It's a no-go on me switching temporarily to unlimited plan, then returning to the plan I've got. It won't work. :(
[17:55] <KK> And she's been in that house nearly 20 years.
[17:55] <hygilac> Moving or playing, KK?
[17:55] <Tika> yikes
[17:55] <Rebecca> bummer Kelos.
[17:55] <Sedina> My goodness...that is going to be a busy weekend, KK
[17:55] <KK> Both.
[17:55] <Rebecca> I'll bring my laptop
[17:55] <Shiral> Oh boy, so she has to make some decisions about what goes and what comes with her
[17:55] <KK> That's right.
[17:56] <Shiral> YIkes
[17:56] <Kiri`> has anyone asked KK what's she's been writing this week yet?   
[17:56] <hygilac> oy!
[17:56] <lbarms> rebecca, you need to set up a time for me to meet you in a chat again this year
[17:56] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Just bring the settings, please... :) I can set it up on my laptop. :)
[17:56] <Bynw> Rebecca, USB port?
[17:56] <Shiral> The floor's open, Kiri
[17:56] <KK> Working on my Templar story, and putting the anthology to bed. Two stories still to come besides mine.
[17:56] <scribbler> So, will the schedule for the Webcast be posted on the NG?
[17:56] <Rebecca> yes bynw
[17:56] * Bynw falls through the open floor
[17:56] * Kiri` waltzes across to KK... how's the writing been this week Katherine?
[17:56] * Sedina smacks Bynw with a small trout
[17:57] <Kiri`> ine??
[17:57] <KK> See above, Kiri.
[17:57] <Kiri`> i did.. slow typing
[17:57] <Shiral> Mine, perhaps?
[17:57] <Rebecca> Will do Laura
[17:57] <Shiral> Which anthology, templars or Tales to be put to bed?
[17:57] <Kiri`> will the ceremony vows be avaliable for those of us unable to attend?
[17:57] <KK> Templars.  I just went over the copy-edited ms. for the Tales.
[17:58] <Bynw> yes
[17:58] * Kelos_al-Hazar watchs as a ghostly hand in a blue-gray monk-type sleeve reaches over and thwaps Bynw around a bit with a wet trout...
[17:58] <Shiral> The Templars really ARE everywhere <G>
[17:58] <Tika> Kiri`, I think we can do that :)
[17:58] <KK> Of course!
[17:58] <scribbler> So, Templar anthology comes out when? And Deryni Tales comes out when?
[17:58] <Bynw> once they are finalized and after the ceremony of course ... no peeking for anyone else
[17:58] * scribbler needs to budget her book-buying funds....
[17:58] <Rambart20> you made need to do that , Kelos the day of the wedding
[17:58] <KK> Spring for the Deryni Tales.  Not sure on the Templar one.  Next year, though.
[17:58] <Rambart20> smack him around a bit
[17:58] * Kiri` was gonna get bynw and tika a gift from the carribean.. but that got all splattered on the windshield of life.. =)
[17:59] * Shiral is really very calm about the Tales....honest
[17:59] <Sedina> Sure you are, Shiral.  *lol*
[17:59] * Bynw says he is too
[17:59] <Kiri`> well they aren't vows until ya said em! =)
[17:59] *** Golux  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:59] <Shiral> Really, calm, why don't you believe me, Sedina?
[17:59] <Sedina> Hey Golux!
[17:59] <Shiral> Hi GOlux
[17:59] <scribbler> Shiral -- when it comes out, we can have an author party.....
[17:59] <KK> Hello, Golux.
[17:59] <hygilac> Gi golux
[17:59] <Kiri`> uh huh.. *can see shiral fidgeting from here =)
[17:59] <Rambart20> howdy Golux
[17:59] <Kiri`> hi Golux!
[17:59] <lbarms> KK, I had to break down and tell Bynw about the wedding gift since it will not be ready in time
[17:59] * scribbler sends greetings and Happy Birthday to Golux
[17:59] <KK> That's ok.
[17:59] <Shiral> Sounds good to me, Scribbs
[17:59] <Golux> Hello everyone

(to be continued...)


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