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KK Chat--3 December 2017
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:49:28 pm »
[04:21.21] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:21.26] <@Jemler> you kids settle down, now.
[04:21.26] <drakensis> hi KK
[04:21.27] <@Jemler> hi kk
[04:21.29] <The_Bee> Hi kk!
[04:21.34] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:21.35] <Eyikl> no, I don't write much. Did you drakensis?
[04:21.37] <Revanne> Hi KK
[04:21.41] <drakensis> yep
[04:21.41] <Evie> Hi, KK!
[04:21.42] <JudyWard> 'evening KK
[04:21.48] <Demercia> Told you we couldn't play nicely together 😀
[04:21.53] <Demercia> Hi KK
[04:22.01] <Evie> LOL, Demercia!
[04:22.01] <Revanne> Lol
[04:22.01] <Eyikl> cool. What type of novel did you write?
[04:22.17] <Eyikl> hi kk
[04:22.18] <drakensis> did first book of a trilogy and about half of book two for a science fiction drama
[04:22.30] <Revanne> Wow
[04:22.37] <Demercia> oh cool
[04:22.45] <Evie> Oh, cool!
[04:22.47] <@Jemler> what book, drakensis?
[04:22.50] <The_Bee> drama on stage or on tv hopefully?
[04:23.02] <drakensis> with a ghost visiting his ancestor and giving him advice so they can try to hold a federation together in spite of civil war
[04:23.29] <Evie> Sounds intriguing
[04:23.53] <@Jemler> did you evre read the Foundation  series?
[04:24.09] <The_Bee> Usually the ancestor is the ghost who visits his descendant.
[04:24.13] <drakensis> I read it a few years ago
[04:24.16] <Revanne> Have I got that the right way round - a ghost returns from the future?
[04:24.30] <drakensis> yes, so there's foreknowledge, but limited by memory
[04:24.42] <Eyikl> Nice. Does the ghost make it sci-fi and fantasy?
[04:24.53] <drakensis> I suppose it would, Eyikl
[04:24.53] <Revanne> Sounds really interesting
[04:25.16] <Revanne> Title?
[04:25.17] <@Jemler> KK, I have a question.
[04:25.29] <drakensis> Davion & Davion (Deceased)
[04:25.29] <KK> Yeeeees?
[04:25.42] <Revanne> Thanks
[04:25.45] <@Jemler> I saw a book called 'Highlander: The Eye of Dawn'
[04:25.45] <drakensis> book 1 is titled Idealist, book 2 (which I'm working on) is Loyalist
[04:26.18] <Evie> My furry little Hufflepuff has come to join us.  (I took the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz for Cats on behalf of Luke and Gigi this week, and they turned out to be Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively. No surprises there!)
[04:26.30] <@Jemler> it says it was written by you. what is it about?
[04:27.16] <Demercia> Hi Luke.
[04:27.16] <@Jemler> i saw it on Amazon.
[04:27.42] <JudyWard> Possibly an old book brought back out?
[04:28.00] <Demercia> my hufflepuff is, unusually, giving me the cold shoulder
[04:28.18] <@Jemler> it said 'unavailable'. no description at all.
[04:28.36] <Revanne> How did you upset him?
[04:28.44] <KK> Not me, Jemler.  I wonder who's masquerading as moi?
[04:28.59] <Demercia> by moving from the chair
[04:29.01] <The_Bee> good question.
[04:29.20] <@Jemler> demercia, you didn't call him 'ffy' by any chance?
[04:29.43] <Evie> Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz for Cats:  ++,,
[04:29.52] <Evie> In case anyone wants to check the link out later.
[04:29.52] <Demercia> no.   Why ffy?
[04:30.45] <The_Bee> thanks, Evie
[04:31.13] <Eyikl> Amazon says it's by you and Deborah Turner Harris. ++,,
[04:31.27] <KK> I've just looked it up.  It's also listed with Deborah Turner Harris, so that would point it toward the Adept boooks.  Also says 2001.
[04:31.29] * Demercia2 (Demercia@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:31.40] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:31.57] <Evie> You're welcome, Bee
[04:32.13] <Eyikl> Huh. Maybe a name in a different county then.
[04:32.25] <Revanne> How odd.
[04:32.26] <Demercia2> Our internet connection seems really flakey tonight.
[04:32.29] <The_Bee> or the Caledonia book under a different title?
[04:32.40] <@Jemler> looking up the ISBN#, it says KK, Deborah Turner Harris May 2001, paperback
[04:33.41] <Revanne> It's not one of the Adept titles in the UK,  as far as I remember.
[04:33.45] <KK> I wonder if someone retitled one of the Adepts, or one of the Templars, and listed it thus.  Interesting.
[04:34.32] <JudyWard> Is Deborah Turner Harris still around to be asked?
[04:34.33] <@Jemler> there's no description, so you vcan't tell.
[04:34.45] <The_Bee> Was it Deborah alone who wrote a novel in which Scotland was called Celedonia? Anyone recall the title?
[04:34.49] <Evie> Or (since it says it's unavailable) if it was a listing error that was later caught
[04:35.07] <KK> Those were all pre-Adept, as I recall.
[04:35.15] <@Jemler> it just surprised me.
[04:35.25] <KK> Surprises me, too.
[04:36.02] <Evie> Maybe that's something for your agent to look into.
[04:36.08] <JudyWard> Hope it's all innocent, but maybe your lawyer should check on it?
[04:36.27] * Shiral ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:36.35] <@Jemler> hi shiral
[04:36.36] <Evie> Hi Shiral
[04:36.38] <Shiral> Hi everyone
[04:36.40] <JudyWard> I forgot to go to the drug store for Lou so have to go before they close. Will try to get back.
[04:36.45] <Revanne> Hi Shirley
[04:36.47] <Evie> OK
[04:36.53] <Shiral> Forgot about early chat
[04:36.57] <Eyikl> hi shiral
[04:36.58] <Revanne> Shiral
[04:37.06] <Shiral> Shirley? =o)
[04:37.15] <Revanne> Autocorrect at it again
[04:37.30] <Evie> I almost did too until Judy asked about it this morning, and I had agreed to mod it! :-D
[04:37.32] <Eyikl> *sigh*
[04:37.46] <@Jemler> spel czecher works wunderz, dusn it?
[04:37.48] * Demercia2 (Demercia@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:37.58] <Eyikl> :)
[04:38.04] * Shiral snaps fingers and provides hot chocolate and cookies
[04:38.25] <Evie> And then my network connection went AWOL, so I very nearly didn't make it in here
[04:38.36] * Jemler provides peppermint marshmallows for the chocolate
[04:39.02] <Evie> Yum!
[04:39.11] * The_Bee offers mint, whipped cream or marshmallow to those that like.
[04:39.34] <Revanne> We had our church Christmas Fair yesterday and someone had printed a label for their homemade chutney. It meant to say organically made - what it adtually said was orgasmically made. We all had a good laugh.
[04:39.44] <Evie> I have a friend who sent me hot cocoa for Christmas one year, along with homemade peppermint marshmallows. I have no idea how one makes homemade marshmallows, but these were amazing.
[04:40.04] * Jemler accepts a hot chocolate, with a generous helping of marshmallows
[04:40.06] <Revanne> Sounds yummy
[04:40.15] <KK> Maybe it <was> orgasmically made.  Ya never know....;-)
[04:40.21] <Evie> That would be some fun to make chutney!
[04:40.37] * Shiral adds whipping cream for cocoa
[04:40.44] <The_Bee> I'm hoping for seasonal peppermint stick ide cream--except I'm way overweitht.
[04:40.46] <@Jemler> kk, did you mean organic?
[04:40.48] <Shiral> Orgasmically made?
[04:41.05] <Revanne> Chutney making at a whole new level.
[04:41.05] <Shiral> Wow.....must be tasty! =o)4
[04:41.38] <@Jemler> did you smoke after making it?
[04:42.37] <Revanne> I didn't make it.
[04:43.03] <Evie> We had a newlywed missionary couple visit my church once to tell about their adventure settling into the village they'd been sent to, and the bride said something about "We had to share a twin sized bed, so it taught us how to be very flexible." She didn't think about the double entendre until her husband grinned and, with an eye waggle, chimed in, "VERY flexible!", which broke us all up laughing.
[04:43.06] * Demercia2 (Demercia2@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:43.17] <KK> Jemler, taht's probably what the original makers meant....
[04:43.34] <@Jemler> i saw Alton Brown on Good Eats make homemade marshmallows.
[04:43.55] <Revanne> Rehi Demercia
[04:43.56] <Evie> Hm, that could be where my friend got her recipe,then. She loves Alton Brown
[04:44.29] <KK> Yeah, I know that one <can> make home-made marshmallows.  I think it's probably hardly worth the effort.
[04:44.36] <@Jemler> ok, she can have him. i'll take giada de laurentiis.
[04:45.00] <Evie> I don't know, depends on how much effort it takes, because those were the best marshmallows I've ever had. Softer than store-bought.
[04:45.06] <Shiral> Yeah.....Leave marshmallow manufacture to the Martha Stewarts of the World
[04:46.02] * Eyikl ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:46.13] <Revanne> I only like marshmallows when they are toasted. Burnt on the outside and soft in the middle.
[04:46.40] <Demercia2> Round a camp fire
[04:46.42] <Evie> I suspect it's like shortbread. There's storebought, which to my taste is merely meh, but then there's my friend's homemade recipe, which is amazing.  These marshmallows were the same.
[04:46.52] <The_Bee> Do you like s'mores, Revanne?
[04:47.39] <Revanne> Too sweet for me. Although I might do if they were made with dark chocolate.
[04:47.45] <Evie> About the only time I buy marshmallows, actually, is if someone is having a bonfire party and we might roast them over the fire.
[04:47.51] <Demercia2> was wondering about trying to make shortbread, I agree with Evie about shop bought
[04:48.03] <@Jemler> just like the scene from Oliver!. "Please sir, I'd like a s'more."
[04:48.10] * Eyikl ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:48.19] <Evie> rehi Eyikl
[04:48.22] <The_Bee> rehi eyiki
[04:48.37] <Eyikl> hi all
[04:48.41] <KK> I'd only make s'mores with dark chocolate.  Milk chocolate isn't worth the calories to bother eating.  For me, dark chocolate every time!
[04:48.58] <Evie> I much prefer dark also
[04:49.01] <Revanne> I've got a shortbread mould I've never used.
[04:49.05] <The_Bee> ditto
[04:49.05] <@Jemler> ooh, yeah!
[04:49.26] <Revanne> So true KK
[04:49.48] <@Jemler> why do the call it shortbread? is it only half as high?
[04:50.12] <Demercia2> sadly im dropping off to sleep here so will say goodnight.  See you all in 2018😀
[04:50.16] <Shiral> HAH! I am a member of the Milk Chocolate Squad! (But I also like bittersweet.)
[04:50.21] <Evie> Goodnight, Demercia!
[04:50.22] <@Jemler> nite demercia.
[04:50.23] <Shiral> Night, Demercia
[04:50.25] <drakensis> night Demercia
[04:50.31] <Eyikl> Well it's shorter than a normal loaf of bread...
[04:50.51] <The_Bee> Nighters, Demercia.  Happy Christmas and a good New Year.
[04:50.53] <Eyikl> goodnight Demercia
[04:50.54] <@Jemler> lower heels?
[04:51.11] <Revanne> Because it's got a high fat content - another word for the fat used in baking is "shortening". Today's useless information.
[04:51.21] <Revanne> Night Demercia
[04:51.39] * Demercia2 (Demercia2@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:52.05] <Eyikl> Shortening makes people short? Maybe I ate too much as a kid...
[04:52.20] <Revanne> Lol
[04:52.28] <Evie> :-D
[04:52.30] <@Jemler> "mama's little baby loves shortening, shortening, mama's little baby loves shortening bread"
[04:52.47] <Revanne> I'm only short for my weight.
[04:52.59] <The_Bee> I was just thinking of that, Jemler!
[04:53.39] <@Jemler> mind mweld?
[04:53.50] <The_Bee> GMTA
[04:54.03] <Evie> Is that where the original mind meld didn't take, so you have to weld them together?
[04:54.40] <The_Bee> LOL Evie!
[04:54.47] <@Jemler> two heads are better than one!
[04:54.58] <Eyikl> sounds more permanent than originally intended.
[04:55.33] <Evie> Melding minds with jemler would be scary enough without a welding torch being involved!  :-D
[04:55.49] <@Jemler> :)
[04:55.50] <Revanne> I'm going to crash out too - hopefully thesee pestilential shingles will let me sleep some tonight.
[04:55.59] <drakensis> night Revanne
[04:56.00] <@Jemler> nite revanne
[04:56.03] <Revanne> Happy Christmas everyone
[04:56.06] <Evie> Hope they go away soon
[04:56.13] <KK> Ow, still got 'em, Revanne?
[04:56.21] <Eyikl> goodnight revanne. hope you sleep well
[04:56.44] <KK> I heard there's a new shot for shingles, supposed to be better.
[04:56.45] <The_Bee> nighters, Revanne. Merry Christmas and Happy shingle-free New Year
[04:56.46] <Revanne> Yes - they aren't getting the message they're not wanted KK
[04:57.02] <KK> Good luck, then.
[04:57.08] <Revanne> Happy 2018 - see you then.
[04:57.13] <KK> And a happy Christmas to all!
[04:57.18] <Evie> Hopefully they'll run their course soon
[04:57.20] * Revanne (Revanne@842092.C19ECF.762609.AA75E0) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:58.00] <Evie> Between last week's chat and this one, I managed to get walking pneumonia (diagnosed on Monday), but after a week on antibiotics, it's nearly gone now. Just the occasional cough.
[04:58.32] <@Jemler> you should have told it to keep walking.
[04:58.36] * Demercia2 (Demercia2@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:58.41] * Demercia2 (Demercia2@42F7BC.A59036.380151.015FCB) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:59.14] <Evie> I suspected my "allergies" were taking a turn for the worse Monday afternoon, so I went to the urgent care clinic after work, and sure enough, the blood test showed I had a mycoplasma infection, so we jumped right on treating it before it got any worse.
[04:59.18] <KK> Oh, noes, Evie!  But at least you haven't gotten it smack in the middle of Christmas festivities.  Take care of yourself!
[04:59.48] <@Jemler> speaking of care, how's DD?
[05:00.02] <Shiral> Darn, missed Revanne
[05:00.28] <Evie> I had the bacterium that causes it, but I think I caught it before it got to the actual pneumonia stage, since I never felt anywhere near as awful as I have the other times I've had it. Then again, knowing what to look for, I deliberately asked for them to do the blood test even though I didn't feel that bad yet.
[05:01.05] <KK> My alergy-triggered asthma seems to have gotten better since my new doc but me on a regular dose of one of the allergy meds.  (It's generic, but the same as one of the ame-brand ones.)  Makes a big differenct.  I even got my singing voice back.
[05:01.34] <Evie> So I really only had one day of feeling powered down, and I spent it in bed since the doc wanted me to have two doses of the antibiotic in my system anyway before returning to work.
[05:01.35] <Eyikl> good. :)
[05:01.45] <JudyWard> That's good. I would miss my singing voice, but some of it is gone.
[05:02.01] <JudyWard> Pneumonia is nothing to play around with.
[05:02.14] <Evie> Nice!  I can't sing right now; it makes me cough.
[05:02.53] <JudyWard> Frustrating to have a cough messing it up at Christmas Carol time.
[05:03.05] <The_Bee> yes
[05:04.17] <Evie> I haven't done much singing in years. I used to do church choir and my former barony's madrigals group.
[05:04.53] <Evie> I'm not soloist material, but can generally carry a tune without needing a bucket.
[05:04.55] <JudyWard> Need to keep your voice in shape & do some scales when you feel better.
[05:05.27] <JudyWard> I've lost my lower notes, but still have the high stuff.
[05:05.32] <Evie> Oh, I sing scales anyway just for fun. Usually in the car while driving to work. LOL!
[05:05.40] <drakensis> night
[05:05.46] <Evie> Goodnight drakensis
[05:05.49] * drakensis (~drakensis@5A6A32.4A1A6C.73FD20.E73BDF) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -,,)
[05:05.54] <JudyWard> LOL! I do that, too!
[05:06.02] <JudyWard> Good night Drakensis
[05:06.09] <Eyikl> Poof!
[05:06.31] <Evie> I can carry a tune; my problem is that I have a very limited singing range.
[05:06.49] <JudyWard> Still it's fun to sing in a group, too.
[05:07.02] <Evie> I've never been able to sing the really high notes. I'm more of an alto to low mezzo
[05:07.06] <Shiral> Oh dear, missing everyone tonight.
[05:07.09] <JudyWard> Did you know George Harrison had a very limited vocal range?
[05:07.12] <The_Bee> same here.  one octave if  try hard
[05:07.31] <JudyWard> Used to have 3, maybe have 2 left.
[05:07.55] <JudyWard> Getting old sucks for the voice, too.
[05:08.27] <JudyWard> Ducking in & out, starting spaghetti for dinner.
[05:08.35] <Evie> Sounds good
[05:08.40] <Evie> Save me some. ;-)
[05:08.48] <The_Bee> I want o write music for the alto range.  Why should sopranos get all the good tunes?
[05:08.53] <JudyWard> I love spaghetti & meat sauce.
[05:09.07] <JudyWard> True, altos should have some fun, too.
[05:09.40] <Eyikl> I don't know Bee. Folk songs and sea chanties are good for that though.
[05:10.09] <Evie> I love baritones. Not a lot of music written for deeper men's voices playing on the radio these days, though. Lots of falsetto, but I miss deep male voices.
[05:10.10] <The_Bee> I envy Marian Anderson.  I've read she was a contralto with a three-octave range.
[05:10.47] <JudyWard> Don't you just love the Oakridge Boys? Oh, can he go low!! Love Elvira.
[05:11.06] <Evie> Now there's a song I haven't heard in years!  :-)
[05:11.20] <JudyWard> Gonna look it up on Youtube.
[05:11.25] <JudyWard> Or Utube
[05:11.49] <@Jemler> i may not have to worry abolut a haircut tommorrow.
[05:11.54] <Evie> YouTube is right
[05:12.12] <The_Bee> I like a rich baritone too.
[05:12.18] <Eyikl> More likely than to find it there than on mytube
[05:12.27] <Evie> :-D
[05:12.47] <Evie> Miss Gigi has come calling on everyone
[05:12.57] <Eyikl> hi Gigi
[05:13.03] <Shiral> Dmitri sends his greetings, also
[05:13.03] <The_Bee> Hello Miss Ravenclaw
[05:13.49] <JudyWard> Found it!
[05:13.58] <Evie> She would like you to know her food dish is sadly neglected, so she was a bad kitty who broke the mechanism trying to get it to dispense more kibble on demand, and Daddy had to put in a shield to block her paw from reaching up inside the feeder. Because she's Ravenclaw. :-D
[05:14.11] <Evie> With hints of Slytherin.  ;-)
[05:14.31] <Eyikl> Slytherclaw then.
[05:14.57] <Evie> Much more Claw than Slyther, but pretty much yes.  :-D
[05:16.20] <Evie> The opposite of my big-hearted cat of very little brain, Luke.
[05:18.16] <Evie> I found some itty bitty Christmas lights for my mini-tree, so I think that's going up once chat is over.
[05:18.55] <Evie> I need to get the craft room sorted anyway, since it's going to be my staging area for present wrapping.
[05:19.29] <Evie> Even though it's hard for me to get into the Christmas mindset while it's so warm outside, I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt!
[05:19.36] <Eyikl> And making tiny presents?
[05:19.46] <Evie> A few
[05:19.49] <KK> I'm still digging out my desk area.  But I've finished most of my shopping.  Wrap it in the office, though, so space needs to be made.
[05:19.56] * bynw ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:19.56] * derynibot sets mode +qao bynw bynw bynw for #deryni_destinations
[05:20.02] <Evie> Hi Bynw
[05:20.03] <~bynw> hi all
[05:20.05] <Eyikl> hi bynw
[05:20.09] <The_Bee> hi bynw
[05:20.10] <@Jemler> hi bynw
[05:21.01] <Evie> This is what I saw in my yard when I arrived home from shopping this afternoon:  ++,,
[05:21.12] <Evie> Santa wasn't with them, sadly.
[05:21.31] <KK> Wow, a mini-herd!
[05:21.50] <JudyWard> Hi bynw
[05:22.01] <~bynw> those are just normal deer (the tasty kind) not Santa's
[05:22.04] <KK> Are they white-tails, or something else?  Tails don't look all that long.
[05:22.08] <@Jemler> i take it you didn't have a gun?
[05:22.09] <Evie> Yes.  They retreated towards the woods when I drove up, but made no move to run any further away as long as I didn't make any moves directly towards them.
[05:22.20] <JudyWard> Sweet!
[05:22.21] <Evie> White tails, I think.
[05:22.58] <@Jemler> there a man in pa. who shot a 20-point buck.
[05:23.00] <Evie> And no, I didn't have a gun, though I would leave the hunting up to my late granddad (or maybe my son) even if I did have....and THEY can clean Bambi afterwards, not me!
[05:23.25] <Eyikl> It's nice to see deer now and again. Reminds you that life
[05:23.33] <@Jemler> bambi? no. rudolph!
[05:23.48] <JudyWard> Rudolph is a reindeer.
[05:23.56] <Evie> I'm content enough to shoot with a camera and let them live another day. Although I'm not opposed to hunting, since keeping the population under control that way is more humane than letting them starve due to overpopulation.
[05:24.02] <JudyWard> Although, they might eat them in Lapland.
[05:24.02] * bynw is kinda sad today but getting through it
[05:24.15] <@Jemler> bad day?
[05:24.20] <Evie> ((hug)) for bynw
[05:24.22] * The_Bee huggles bynw
[05:24.40] <JudyWard> All going to be OK bynw?
[05:24.42] <Evie> Luke is here to give me CPR.  Oof!
[05:25.10] <@Jemler> CatPulmonary Resuscitation?
[05:25.22] <~bynw> 2 reasons - just got home from attending a memorial service in my dad's hometown for those that have passed away during the year. and my dad was one of those that passed away (back in March on my birthday no less)
[05:25.42] <Eyikl> oh no! :(
[05:25.46] <JudyWard> Oh, that's hard! On your birthday.
[05:25.48] <Evie> :-(
[05:25.57] <~bynw> and today would have been Susie's 51st birthday too. my life that could have been.
[05:26.04] <The_Bee> bummer.  I hope you have happy memories.
[05:26.24] <JudyWard> Sorry for your losses. Sending some hugs.
[05:26.44] <~bynw> thanks some days out of the year just suck
[05:26.59] <@Jemler> mine is next month.
[05:26.59] <Evie> Yeah
[05:27.00] <The_Bee> My grandpa's funeral was on my 14th birthday.
[05:27.37] <JudyWard> Caesar wants out. BRB
[05:27.45] <Eyikl> That sounds like bad planning.
[05:28.06] * bynw notes that a few people have posted on Susie's memorial thread at it always makes me smile when they do
[05:28.23] <@Jemler> Jan 8 will be 20 years since the anerysm that crippled me.
[05:28.33] <Evie> :-(
[05:28.49] <The_Bee> not a happy anniversary.
[05:29.03] <KK> Bummer.  All kinds of sad memorials for folks.  Maybe we should try to think of good memorial dates, along with the sad ones.
[05:29.26] <@Jemler> well, my birthday's in march.
[05:29.39] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:29.40] * derynibot sets mode +qao DesertRose DesertRose DesertRose for #deryni_destinations
[05:29.46] <Eyikl> Hi DR
[05:29.47] <@Jemler> dr!
[05:29.49] <~DesertRose> Hi
[05:29.49] <Evie> I need to look up my forum joining date sometime. I think it was around July of whatever year it was.
[05:29.50] <The_Bee> mine too
[05:29.53] <~DesertRose> I woke up.  :)
[05:29.59] <The_Bee> Hi DR.
[05:30.00] <Evie> Hi DR!
[05:30.03] <Eyikl> yay!
[05:30.30] <Evie> My birthday is coming up this week
[05:30.31] <~DesertRose> It should be in your user profile, Evie (and everyone, really).
[05:30.36] <The_Bee> any progress on getting a new apartment?
[05:30.36] <~DesertRose> Happy birthday to Evie.
[05:30.46] <Evie> Thank you!  :-)
[05:30.57] * DesertRose goes to the chatroom oven and pulls out magical chat cake with magical chat ice cream from the freezer.
[05:30.58] <The_Bee> Happy Birthday, Evie
[05:30.59] <Shiral> Happy Birthday Evie!
[05:31.00] <~DesertRose> Sort of.
[05:31.16] <Shiral> All things are possible in chat
[05:31.18] <Evie> That reminds me, I didn't get around to trying to change the chatroom header yet, given I barely even managed to make it online in time for chat at all.
[05:31.26] <~DesertRose> I'm having to move my stuff out of the old unit in such a way as to avoid bringing any hitchhikers with me, but I don't actually have a new unit yet.
[05:31.32] <@Jemler> how does someone who's only 35 get a 20 yo daughter?
[05:31.46] * Shiral pulls a bottle of chilled prosecco and champagne glasses out of thin air for a birthday toast to Evie
[05:31.48] <~DesertRose> However, I don't owe November's rent and I won't owe rent again until they find me a unit of the right type.
[05:32.09] <The_Bee> Girls younger than that have had babies, Jemler.
[05:32.21] <KK> That's good, then.  But sort of puts a damper on your Christmas activities.
[05:32.52] <Evie> That would be the norm in Gwynedd, jemler.  ;-)  Though fortunately I had another 20 years of growing up behind me before DD came along.  :-D
[05:33.00] <~DesertRose> Sort of.
[05:33.25] <Eyikl> What are you refering to jemler?
[05:33.49] <~DesertRose> My family is kind of stressing me out, and because Carys apparently can't play nicely with ANY other animal (I knew she hated dogs), she's confined to the front bedroom because she starts fights with PJ and Merlin, and I'm not happy about confining her like that but I have no choice.
[05:33.53] <@Jemler> with what?, eyikl?
[05:33.56] <Evie> It's his way of joking that I can't be over 35, which is sweet if rather wishful thinking. ;-)
[05:34.32] <~DesertRose> She also gets to go to the Evil Place (aka the vet) on Wednesday.
[05:34.33] <Eyikl> oh. I see
[05:34.36] <@Jemler> women stop aging ar 35.
[05:34.42] <~DesertRose> She's fine; it's just time for her checkup and vaccinations.
[05:34.45] <The_Bee> Every birthday is my 21st: March 21st.
[05:35.00] <Eyikl> :)
[05:35.07] <@Jemler> me, when i turned 40, i started over. which makes me 14.
[05:35.08] <KK> I like that, Bee. :-)
[05:35.21] <Shiral> Then I stopped aging at 5
[05:35.29] <Shiral> Oh dear.....
[05:35.32] <~DesertRose> Works for people with birthdays late in the month, but I think I'll pass on being twelve for the rest of my life.
[05:35.32] <Evie> Good, I'll borrow that system, Bee.  My birthday will be my 5th.  Sounds about right.
[05:35.33] <JudyWard> Happy Birthday, Evie!
[05:35.44] <The_Bee> If only my body wouldcooperate....
[05:35.50] <Eyikl> I don't think I want to have stopped aging at one.
[05:35.54] <@Jemler> :)
[05:35.57] <~DesertRose> That was an incredibly bad year for me, the general suckage of being twelve aside.
[05:36.09] <Evie> I usually just drop a decimal between the digits anyway, so I can keep acting my age
[05:36.20] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:36.21] <Shiral> Then we're both 5, Evie =o)
[05:36.32] <Evie> Works for me!
[05:36.53] <~DesertRose> I'm having fun with mine right now.  My next birthday will render me the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.  I can roll with that. :D
[05:36.59] <@Jemler> i don'y know how to act my age. i've never been this old before.
[05:37.05] <Evie> Yeah, I enjoyed that year.  :-D
[05:37.09] <~DesertRose> Wrong fandom, but I imagine most folks get the reference.
[05:37.21] <Evie> Just don't forget your towel
[05:37.24] <~DesertRose> Yup
[05:37.57] <~bynw> no no no, no one is over 9 years old ... take whatever age those wrong calendars say you are and add the individual numbers together. it says i'm 50 so i add 5+0 and get 5. so i'm only 5 right now :) ... if you get a number higher than 9, add those two numbers together for example 49 becomes 13 (which is too high) so that becomes 4
[05:37.58] <@Jemler> i'll have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster!
[05:38.02] <The_Bee> Will you still be Mostly Harmless, Evie?
[05:38.15] <Evie> I've never actually read the books, but I've heard enough references from them that I knew what to expect even before seeing the movie.
[05:38.19] <~DesertRose> Then I'll be six on my next birthday.
[05:38.27] <~DesertRose> I never have either, nor I have seen the movies in full.
[05:38.42] <~DesertRose> It's just that I hang with enough nerds of various fandoms that I've picked it up.
[05:38.45] <Evie> Mostly.  Depends on who you ask.  :-D
[05:38.56] <The_Bee> I saw the PBS version years ago.
[05:39.03] <Evie> DH has read them all, though
[05:39.11] <@Jemler> i wouldn't mind learning to fly. just throw yourself at the ground and miss.
[05:39.22] <Eyikl> :) Evie. Me too DR.
[05:39.23] <Shiral> Gonna have to go, folks. I'm seeing a movie with my Mom
[05:39.25] <JudyWard> Peter Pan?
[05:39.30] <Evie> And the guy who introduced me to the SCA used to drop references to the books in his letters to me, assuming I knew what he was on about, which I didn't. :-D
[05:39.33] <@Jemler> nite shiral
[05:39.41] <~DesertRose> G'night Shiral
[05:39.43] <JudyWard> Bye Shiral. Enjoy!
[05:39.45] <~bynw> night sis
[05:39.50] <Evie> Goodnight, Shiral
[05:39.51] <The_Bee> bye Shiral.  enjoy your movie and your mom.
[05:39.52] <Eyikl> The POV gun isn't in the books though, I think.
[05:39.55] * Shiral waves farewell, steps onto the portal and disappears in a burst of holly leaves and berries
[05:40.01] <Evie> Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Judy
[05:40.11] <@Jemler> judy, no peter pan you think good thoiughts (which means i'm screwed!) :)
[05:40.20] <Eyikl> Goodnight Shiral
[05:40.22] <Shiral> Seasonally appropriate, but very expensive to set up my portal to do that. =o)
[05:40.26] <Shiral> BYE
[05:40.32] * Shiral ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[05:40.37] <JudyWard> Oh, oh, yes! Read that but it's been YEARS.
[05:40.50] <~DesertRose> Depends on your definition of "good," Jemler.  If one means "virtuous," then you're probably up the creek.  If one means "happy," I'm sure you can find something.  :D
[05:41.11] <Evie> Speaking of portals of another sort, a friend was telling me today of a Portal (as in the game) Christmas tree.  Half of it was set up at one end of the Portal and the other half of the tree emerged from the Portal on the other side of the room. LOL!
[05:41.28] <~DesertRose> A splinched tree? :P
[05:41.31] <~DesertRose> Again, wrong fandom.
[05:41.34] <Evie> Yeah!  :-D
[05:41.48] <Evie> Christmas decorating for gamer geeks. :-D
[05:41.51] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:41.52] <Eyikl> Yeah, but is there cake?
[05:41.58] <~bynw> there is always cake
[05:42.02] <@Jemler> you mean, like in Spaceballs?
[05:42.02] <Evie> LOL!
[05:42.12] <JudyWard> I'm going to drop out. Have to make dinner. Y'all have a great week ahead & will catch you next Sunday!
[05:42.17] <Evie> Goodnight, Judy
[05:42.20] <@Jemler> nite judy
[05:42.28] <Eyikl> so you can have your cake and eat it too then
[05:42.29] <JudyWard> The_Bee:
[05:42.29] <The_Bee> glad you came, Judy
[05:42.30] <~DesertRose> Night, Judy!
[05:42.36] <JudyWard> Bye!
[05:42.36] <~bynw> night JudyWard
[05:42.46] * JudyWard ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[05:42.46] <Evie> The cake is not a lie at my house today. MIL made me birthday cupcakes before she left.
[05:43.00] <~DesertRose> And we have magical chat cake that is whatever flavor people want it to be.
[05:43.03] <KK> I'm gonna head out, too.  Lots to do.  See you next week as the usual time.
[05:43.08] <~DesertRose> So Evie the birthday girl gets whatever kind of cake she likes.
[05:43.09] <Evie> Goodnight, KK!
[05:43.14] * bynw can make a cake in 5 minutes
[05:43.15] <@Jemler> nite kk
[05:43.17] <~DesertRose> Okay, g'night KK.  Thanks for coming and see you next week!
[05:43.19] <~bynw> night KK
[05:43.26] <Evie> Fortunately what I like is carrot cake, since I suspect that's what MIL made for me. :-D
[05:43.27] <The_Bee> thaks for coming, KK Have a good week.
[05:43.32] <~DesertRose> Mug cake in the microwave, bynw?
[05:43.32] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[05:43.39] <Eyikl> goodnight KK
[05:43.47] <~bynw> DesertRose, of course
[05:43.48] <KK> Nighters.
[05:43.49] <~DesertRose> :D
[05:43.53] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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