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KK Chat -- 8 January 2017
« on: January 08, 2017, 05:45:27 pm »
Jan 08 17:27:04 *   KK has joined
Jan 08 17:27:04 <revanne>   Shhh
Jan 08 17:27:06 <Jemler>   hi kk
Jan 08 17:27:07 <DesertRose>   Hi KK1
Jan 08 17:27:07 <Evie>   Hi KK
Jan 08 17:27:09 <The_Bee>   Hi KK!
Jan 08 17:27:11 <drakensis>   hi KK
Jan 08 17:27:12 <Shiral>   Early in their marriage, my dad and stepmother would go to Sees on a Friday, load a box with all their favorites, and then by Sunday,the box was empty. My stepmother would say "George, we've eaten the whole BOX!" He would smile and calmly say, "let's go get some more."
Jan 08 17:27:15 <Shiral>   Hello KK
Jan 08 17:27:21 <DesertRose>   That 1 was supposed to be an exclamation point.
Jan 08 17:27:27 <KK>   Wow, we've got a mob tonight.
Jan 08 17:27:28 <drakensis>   no helmet, revanne. when was the last time you saw one of those?
Jan 08 17:27:35 <Eyikl>   hi KK
Jan 08 17:27:35 <Derynifank>   Hi KK. Hope you had a great holiday
Jan 08 17:27:37 <Demercia>   Hi KK
Jan 08 17:27:38 <revanne>   Hello KK
Jan 08 17:27:46 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral.  A man of simple solutions, I see.  :)
Jan 08 17:27:49 <KK>   Hello, all.
Jan 08 17:27:58 <revanne>   In an old tv series?
Jan 08 17:28:06 <Shiral>   A man of a great sweet tooth. I alas, inherited that from him
Jan 08 17:28:36 <DesertRose>   Yeah, I know how that goes.
Jan 08 17:28:41 <The_Bee>   It's been a while, KK.
Jan 08 17:28:56 <KK>   Yes.  Busy times.
Jan 08 17:29:15 <DesertRose>   My father's ideal supper was a steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, garden salad, and apple pie a la mode for dessert.  He did a lot of things I didn't like, but I can't find much fault with that menu.
Jan 08 17:29:18 <Demercia>   My dad had a great sweet tooth.  Which was grossly unfair as he was always as thin as a rake.  Which alas, I did not inherit from him
Jan 08 17:29:21 <Evie>   BRB.  I need to turn the overhead light on before I start typing and crocheting by Braille.  I can touch type, but blind crocheting is beyond my skills yet.
Jan 08 17:29:51 <Eyikl>   Eyikl takes a brownie and some hot chocolate.
Jan 08 17:30:04 <revanne>   I haven't got a sweet  tooth, although  weirdly I love mead. Cheese is my downfall.
Jan 08 17:30:08 <KK>   So, was Santa reasonably good to everyone?
Jan 08 17:30:13 <Demercia>   Yep, I could go with you dad'S supper DR
Jan 08 17:30:13 <DesertRose>   Cheese is yummy!
Jan 08 17:30:21 <DesertRose>   Yup, KK!
Jan 08 17:30:27 <The_Bee>   I bought a beginner's crochet set on line a while ago.  Maybe someday I'll actually try to use it.
Jan 08 17:30:27 <DesertRose>   Although in a middle-aged way.
Jan 08 17:30:32 <Demercia>   Very kind thank you KK
Jan 08 17:30:36 <Jemler>   i got some earl grey tea.
Jan 08 17:30:41 <Shiral>   Yes, ditto on the middle-aged way
Jan 08 17:30:43 <Derynifank>   Yes, hope he was goid to you
Jan 08 17:30:50 <DesertRose>   I got two new sets of bed linens (which I'd asked for).
Jan 08 17:30:51 <Shiral>   Although I did get myself a little teddy bear
Jan 08 17:30:53 <Evie>   I love cheese
Jan 08 17:30:56 <KK>   Just finished a cup of Earl Grey.
Jan 08 17:31:00 <Eyikl>   cheese! I got chocolate goat cheese for Christmas
Jan 08 17:31:11 <DesertRose>   Chocolate goat cheese?  I'm intrigued.
Jan 08 17:31:11 <Demercia>   Me too jemler, and some very yummy Marrakesh Mint tea
Jan 08 17:31:22 *   Jemler pictures DR sitting on Santas' lap.
Jan 08 17:31:29 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 17:31:30 <Shiral>   Did Santa leave nice things at your house, KK?
Jan 08 17:31:55 <DesertRose>   I also got a new set of measuring spoons that are stainless steel with the increments engraved in the handles, unlike my current set, which are plastic with the increments painted on, so that I've had to rewrite them with Sharpie marker.
Jan 08 17:31:57 <Evie>   And I prefer semi-sweet desserts over very sweet ones
Jan 08 17:32:00 <KK>   Chocolate goat cheese?  Er, not to my taste, I don't think.  (Haven't tried it, just don't think I'd like it.  But then, my dad nearly had to beat me to try chocolate chip ice cream when I was little--and then I didn't want anything else.)
Jan 08 17:32:05 <DesertRose>   Was Santa good to you, KK?
Jan 08 17:32:06 <Derynifank>   Did mibbit strike again?
Jan 08 17:32:18 <Demercia>   Oh no, Mibbit caught Revanne talking to her twin
Jan 08 17:32:18 <DesertRose>   Mibbit doesn't like the twins both present simultaneously.
Jan 08 17:32:24 <The_Bee>   We had a quiet Christmas. One death and one serious illness in December.
Jan 08 17:32:37 <Demercia>   Sorry to hear that Bee
Jan 08 17:32:43 *   revanne ( has joined
Jan 08 17:32:49 <Jemler>   wb revanne
Jan 08 17:32:51 <The_Bee>   rehi revanne
Jan 08 17:32:51 <DesertRose>   I think a lot of people had kind of subdued Christmases this year.
Jan 08 17:32:51 <KK>   Oh dear, Bee.  Close family?
Jan 08 17:32:52 <DesertRose>   Rehi revanne
Jan 08 17:32:54 <Derynifank>   Tough holiday Bee,
Jan 08 17:32:54 <Shiral>   Like Superman and Clark Kent, Demercia and Revanne cannot be in the same place at once.
Jan 08 17:32:56 <Eyikl>   Yeah, it's a weird idea, but tasty
Jan 08 17:33:04 <DesertRose>   I'd give it a try.
Jan 08 17:33:09 <Demercia>   Wb Revanne
Jan 08 17:33:15 <revanne>   Thank you. I was mibbited 
Jan 08 17:33:18 <Evie>   So sorry, Bee
Jan 08 17:33:24 <Shiral>   Sorry to hear that Bee
Jan 08 17:33:28 <DesertRose>   I got hot spiced pecans one time, and I was like, "What?" but I figured I'd try them, just because.
Jan 08 17:33:40 <revanne>   So it appears Shiral.
Jan 08 17:33:42 <Evie>   DH has returned with more firewood for our fireplace. We've been enjoying our three-day snow weekend
Jan 08 17:33:42 <DesertRose>   They transpired to be absolutely delicious and I ran through the jar in less than a week.
Jan 08 17:33:43 <Jemler>   how were they?
Jan 08 17:33:44 <Demercia>   Trying and failing to imagine either Revanne and I as Superman
Jan 08 17:33:49 <The_Bee>   My niece's husband died. Mu sister's husband was finally diagnosed with a possible lymphoma.
Jan 08 17:33:55 <DesertRose>   :( Bee
Jan 08 17:33:56 <Derynifank>   Did you like them DR?
Jan 08 17:34:05 <Shiral>   The costume can be tough, Demercia
Jan 08 17:34:13 <revanne>   Don't even go there.
Jan 08 17:34:14 <Eyikl>   Your dad sounds like he had quite a temper KK, if he wanted you to try chocolate chip ice cream that baddly.
Jan 08 17:34:26 <Evie>   Oh dear, Bee
Jan 08 17:34:29 <DesertRose>   It wasn't a huge jar, maybe 4-5 oz, but it did NOT last.
Jan 08 17:34:30 <Shiral>   Not a happy year,  Bee. Sorry
Jan 08 17:34:35 <Jemler>   butter pecan all the way!
Jan 08 17:35:08 <revanne>   Sorry to hear that Bee.
Jan 08 17:35:18 <KK>   Not a temper.  Just was frustrated that I didn't want to even try it before saying I didn't like it.  The incident cured me, though.  And I do love chocolate chip ice cream.  He teased me about it until the day he died.
Jan 08 17:35:22 <Derynifank>   Hope the new year is better.
Jan 08 17:35:25 <DesertRose>   LOL, KK
Jan 08 17:35:38 <Demercia>   I also got some wonderful shortbread cookies in the shape of cats
Jan 08 17:35:44 <KK>   I think pretty much all of us are glad to see the back of 2016.
Jan 08 17:35:51 <The_Bee>   The lymphoma is supposed to be a treatable kind, fortunately.
Jan 08 17:36:03 <DesertRose>   One of my stepdad's Christmas gifts was a ticket to see Stevie Nicks when she's in concert (she'll be here in March).
Jan 08 17:36:10 <Demercia>   Very true KK
Jan 08 17:36:16 <Derynifank>   Yum! Shortbread cats!
Jan 08 17:36:25 <Eyikl>   YOur dad would have got on baddly with my sister then; she dislikes lots of food.
Jan 08 17:36:27 <Jemler>   DR, i'm comin to visit!
Jan 08 17:36:30 <Evie>   Yes, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in the space of 24 hours was quite the finale for the Year from Hades.
Jan 08 17:36:42 <DesertRose>   This is a source of endless amusement, because he had tickets to see Fleetwood Mac some years ago (at least a decade), and I had also bought tickets as a birthday gift to a friend.
Jan 08 17:36:47 <revanne>   My DDs bought me a subscription to audible books so I can listen to Stephen Fry  reading Harry Potter.
Jan 08 17:36:51 <Jemler>   as well as William Christopher.
Jan 08 17:36:53 <Shiral>   Love shortbread!
Jan 08 17:37:06 <KK>   Now, that sounds like a treat, Demercia.
Jan 08 17:37:10 <drakensis>   sounds nice, revanne
Jan 08 17:37:15 <Shiral>   Good thing I don't have the ingredients handy, or I'd feel like baking some
Jan 08 17:37:17 <Derynifank>   Me too,Shiral
Jan 08 17:37:18 <Demercia>   This was homemade so especially yummy.
Jan 08 17:37:29 <DesertRose>   So I didn't see my stepdad at the concert, but I gave up because trying to find a specific man of average height and build with short silver hair at a Fleetwood Mac concert is like one of those Where's Waldo puzzles.
Jan 08 17:37:36 <DesertRose>   It transpired that he forgot to go entirely.
Jan 08 17:37:41 <DesertRose>   He has yet to live this down.
Jan 08 17:37:51 <revanne>   Lol
Jan 08 17:37:52 <Evie>   Stephen Fry reads Harry Potter?  I may need to pick up my Audible subscription again when I can afford it
Jan 08 17:37:52 <Demercia>   😄
Jan 08 17:38:20 <Demercia>   Oh yes, brilliantly as you might imagine
Jan 08 17:38:22 <DesertRose>   He reads the UK audio-books, Evie.
Jan 08 17:38:30 <Shiral>   Oh, the temptation!
Jan 08 17:38:31 <revanne>   He's good though a bit too posh in places
Jan 08 17:39:09 <Evie>   Do they have a different reader for the US audiobooks?
Jan 08 17:39:17 <DesertRose>   WRT Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, I feel awful for Todd Fisher and Billie Lourd.
Jan 08 17:39:22 <The_Bee>   My brother used to read Jane Austen to our Mom.
Jan 08 17:39:27 <DesertRose>   Yes, but I can't think of his name off the top of my head, Jim Somebody.
Jan 08 17:40:11 <Eyikl>   Does your shortbread recipe include more than butter, sugar, and flour, Shiral, and DerynifanK?
Jan 08 17:40:16 <Shiral>   I'm not that crazy about 2017 so far, though
Jan 08 17:40:20 <Evie>   I saw on the news Carrie got in a last laugh by picking a giant Prozac capsule for her cremated remains
Jan 08 17:40:20 <KK>   Back to crocheting--my new daughter-in-law crocheted me a wonderful purple scarf that I've already worn half a dozen times.  (It's about 20 degrees here today, 2 inches or so of snow on the ground and a wind chill factor that makes it feel nearly sub-zero.  Yesterday I slipped on the driveway and went down flat on my back.  Never did get the mail.
Jan 08 17:40:24 <DesertRose>   No, I reckon not, Shiral.
Jan 08 17:40:33 <DesertRose>   Ouch, KK!
Jan 08 17:40:40 <Shiral>   Owie!
Jan 08 17:40:48 <revanne>   No I'm sure not, Shiral.
Jan 08 17:40:50 <DesertRose>   I bet the scarf is pretty, though, and purple is my favorite color.
Jan 08 17:40:55 <Evie>   Ow, KK!
Jan 08 17:40:58 <Shiral>   Hope it was not worse than aches and stiffness
Jan 08 17:41:14 <DesertRose>   Yes, Evie, re the Prozac capsule urn.
Jan 08 17:41:21 <The_Bee>   Shiral and Derynifank sounds like an unusual ingredients for shortbread.
Jan 08 17:41:32 <KK>   Lovely yarn, and very long fringes.  Not too big or too small, so it fits under just about anything.
Jan 08 17:41:43 <Evie>   I found more of that yarn with the burgundy/teal/brown colors that I made the crocheted winter dress out of in doll size, so I'm making myself a scarf from it.
Jan 08 17:41:59 <Evie>   which is what I'm working on right now between typing
Jan 08 17:42:19 <DesertRose>   Shiral's shortbread recipe involves butter, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, and rice flour, IIRC.
Jan 08 17:42:33 <Derynifank>   Ouch KK. Are you ok?
Jan 08 17:42:38 <DesertRose>   And I have yet to master rolling it out evenly.
Jan 08 17:42:39 <Evie>   Is this Anna's first Christmas there?  I forget how long they've been married.
Jan 08 17:42:41 <Shiral>   Yep. Although the recipe I'm using now uses granulated sugar instead.
Jan 08 17:42:45 <The_Bee>   Is Gigi leaving the yarn alone, Evie?
Jan 08 17:42:48 <Shiral>    Either way, it's delish
Jan 08 17:42:56 <Demercia>   Was is it with cats and lean laundry, B is just making himself comfortable on top of a freshly ironed blouse I hadn't got round to putting away.
Jan 08 17:42:57 <Eyikl>   wow, sounds it
Jan 08 17:42:58 <DesertRose>   :)
Jan 08 17:43:06 <Demercia>   Clean not lean
Jan 08 17:43:09 <Shiral>   It's also good with bits of chopped crystalized ginger in it
Jan 08 17:43:19 <DesertRose>   I don't know Demercia, but it's like magnets and bits of iron.
Jan 08 17:43:19 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 17:43:20 <Demercia>   Oh wow Shiral
Jan 08 17:43:21 <Evie>   Gigi and Luke have taken turns sitting on the chair arm to watch, but they both know swift consequences ensue if they bother my yarn
Jan 08 17:43:28 <KK>   No serious damage done.  But that driveway was absolutely lethal with ice.
Jan 08 17:43:33 <DesertRose>   I bet.  Ouch.
Jan 08 17:43:50 <Shiral>   Really good with a cup of hot tea.  But really, how can you not like half a pound of butter baked with flour and sugar?  =o)
Jan 08 17:44:01 <DesertRose>   Yes, or a cup of coffee.
Jan 08 17:44:09 <Evie>   I wondered if you separate out your lean laundry from your fat laundry, Demercia
Jan 08 17:44:10 <Shiral>   I also got some cookie stamps for Christmas, So I can make my shortbread prettier
Jan 08 17:44:15 <DesertRose>   Oh cool!
Jan 08 17:44:17 <Eyikl>   SOunds like time to thrown down salt. Or cheese brine, I hear they do that in WI
Jan 08 17:44:21 <KK>   This was her second Christmas with us.  They came 3 years ago, shortly before they got engaged.
Jan 08 17:44:23 <Shiral>   If I were to bake any
Jan 08 17:44:41 <Shiral>   I wish I'd baked it more often for my Dad, he loved it
Jan 08 17:44:47 *   revanne ( has joined
Jan 08 17:44:53 <The_Bee>   We once had to return a kitten because he peed on clean laundry.
Jan 08 17:44:57 <DesertRose>   My cookie cutters are round with scalloped edges, so mine look fairly pretty, but I can't get the dough as even as I'd like.
Jan 08 17:44:59 <The_Bee>   wb revanne
Jan 08 17:45:00 <Jemler>   wb again, revanne
Jan 08 17:45:03 <DesertRose>   rehi revanne
Jan 08 17:45:05 <KK>   We use cheese brine here, too.
Jan 08 17:45:08 *   Shiral glues Revanne to the Chatroom floor
Jan 08 17:45:23 <Derynifank>   Mine is just flour, butter and sugar
Jan 08 17:45:26 <Shiral>   I like the handmade look myself, DR
Jan 08 17:45:39 <revanne>   Je n'aime pas Mibbit du tout.
Jan 08 17:45:41 <Demercia>   I had a go yesterday at making a French Epiphany pastry, filled with frangipane. 
Jan 08 17:45:43 <Evie>   We were all supposed to have Christmas with my folks in TX, but at the last minute DS had to miss his flight because his cat got deathly sick the night before, so he spent most of the 22nd and 23rd between his regular vet and the ER vet
Jan 08 17:45:46 <DesertRose>   The little bit of rice flour in Shiral's recipe makes a big difference in texture, Derynifank.
Jan 08 17:45:53 <Shiral>   Sounds good, Demercia
Jan 08 17:46:02 <DesertRose>   They come out delicate but not too crumbly.
Jan 08 17:46:14 <Demercia>   Far too good.  I've eaten rather a lot of it.
Jan 08 17:46:17 <DesertRose>   How is Butters, Evie?
Jan 08 17:46:18 <Evie>   But his cat is doing much better now, and we had insured tickets, so he'll get to use his for a later round trip flight to see my parents, maybe during Spring Break.
Jan 08 17:46:18 <Eyikl>   Is SC a big cheese place, KK?
Jan 08 17:46:21 <Shiral>   Yes, it makes for a more delicate, crisp cookie
Jan 08 17:46:25 <revanne>   I intended to make one but ran out of time and energy.
Jan 08 17:46:49 *   Shiral passes her plate to Demercia
Jan 08 17:47:05 <Derynifank>   Mibbit id being mean to Revanne
Jan 08 17:47:12 <KK>   Demercia, that sounds wonderful.  We had Twelfth Night dinner for 10 here, and had a proper English steamed pudding with holly and ivy around it, and well-fired with brandy.
Jan 08 17:47:12 <Shiral>   I think I watched Mary Berry of British Baking make that same pastry
Jan 08 17:47:19 <Demercia>   Mine was work avoidance, which I have paid for tonight, having to do all the risk assessments for our new children's church
Jan 08 17:47:23 <Shiral>   She didn't offer me one bite!
Jan 08 17:47:41 <DesertRose>   My mom wants to try Mary Berry's Christmas pavlova.
Jan 08 17:47:46 <KK>   We also had a haunch of venison.  The deer did not die in vain!
Jan 08 17:47:48 <Demercia>   Demercia places a piece of galette des Ross on Shiral's pkTe.
Jan 08 17:47:48 <DesertRose>   Try making it, that is, and then of course eating it.
Jan 08 17:47:53 <Jemler>   hot chocolate with 2 small candy canes in it.
Jan 08 17:47:56 <Demercia>   Plate
Jan 08 17:47:59 <revanne>   That sounds lovely  KK
Jan 08 17:48:02 <Evie>   yum!
Jan 08 17:48:14 <Shiral>   Merci bien!, But I was wondering what a pkTe was =o)
Jan 08 17:48:31 <Shiral>   Well, you did up Epiphany in grand style, KK
Jan 08 17:48:47 <Shiral>   Ours was a hammy Christmas
Jan 08 17:48:48 <DesertRose>   Indeed.
Jan 08 17:48:57 <Derynifank>   A favorite here are cheesecake cookies
Jan 08 17:49:05 <Demercia>   I love venison
Jan 08 17:49:18 <DesertRose>   I haven't eaten venison in quite a while.  I don't know anyone who hunts anymore.
Jan 08 17:49:33 <Eyikl>   I've never heard of that, DerynifanK
Jan 08 17:49:34 <Shiral>   I must have missed watching her make Christmas Pavlova, DR. But I'm sure I'd enjoy it
Jan 08 17:49:37 <Evie>   I warmed up the house on our snow day by cooking a large ham, since it took 3.5 hours, so I didn't want to do it on a warm day.
Jan 08 17:49:55 <DesertRose>   But I used to have a friend (whom I met because our daughters were friends) whose husband hunted, and the last time I had venison was at her place: venison kebabs on the grill outside.
Jan 08 17:50:16 <Shiral>   We started eating ham at my house on Christmas Eve, then we had ham sandwiches for the next three days.  That was a BIG ham
Jan 08 17:50:23 <Derynifank>   Was hoping Jerusha would join. Loved her12th night stories
Jan 08 17:50:27 <KK>   We did.  We've had the venison in our freezer for several months, and a good friend of ours loves to cook.  So he offered to cook, and we supplied the venue and the fancy table setting, courtesy of Scott.  A marvelous meal, and very good company.  Oh, and we dressed for dinner, black tie.  The gentlemen looked so handsome in their dinner clothes.
Jan 08 17:50:32 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 17:50:36 <DesertRose>   Oh nice!
Jan 08 17:50:37 <Demercia>   😀
Jan 08 17:50:54 <Shiral>   A fitting end for the Feast of Three Kings
Jan 08 17:51:12 <Evie>   Gentlemen in dinner clothes?  Take pictures next Twelfth Night.  ;-)
Jan 08 17:51:17 <Shiral>   Poor Revanne's not having any luck tonight
Jan 08 17:51:21 *   revanne ( has joined
Jan 08 17:51:24 <Derynifank>   Maybe revanne needs a disguisecti fool mibbit
Jan 08 17:51:30 <The_Bee>   rehi revanne
Jan 08 17:51:52 <DesertRose>   Reminds me of a local friend of mine who posted a meme to Facebook about how the Christmas tree stays up until Epiphany and you will get used to doing things properly.  It featured Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.
Jan 08 17:52:00 <KK>   Why would hunters not hunt anymore, except for being no longer up for the actual hunting?  I have no problem with hunting for food.
Jan 08 17:52:00 <Derynifank>   Disguise to fool mibbit
Jan 08 17:52:07 <DesertRose>   re-re-rehi revanne
Jan 08 17:52:13 <revanne>   I did wonder about choosing another name
Jan 08 17:52:20 <DesertRose>   No, I meant, I no longer know anyone who hunts.
Jan 08 17:52:31 <Eyikl>   Sounds like a good meme, DR.
Jan 08 17:52:31 <Shiral>   I  undecorated my house on Friday. So in a very small way, I observed Epiphany properly. No venison, though
Jan 08 17:53:06 <DesertRose>   The couple at whose home I had the venison kebabs I lost touch with years ago.
Jan 08 17:53:22 <KK>   I still must take down the decorations.  But the kitchen comes first.  I think Scott finally finished the last of the crystal this afternoon.
Jan 08 17:53:25 <Evie>   I guess I should undecorate the dollhouse now, since decorating it was the extent of my Christmas decorating this year, due to spending most of the holidays out of state
Jan 08 17:53:27 <The_Bee>   My kights are still up..  I don't have man y decorations because I'm never home for Christmas.
Jan 08 17:53:36 <DesertRose>   The Navy shifted them up the coast and this was in the infancy of the internet and we just fell out of touch.
Jan 08 17:53:47 <Derynifank>   Would rather sttend Kelson's 12th night court
Jan 08 17:53:53 <Demercia>   Our new bishop introduced us to the custom of chalking your door with the year and the initials of the three kings, which is also the abbreviation of a Latin blessing
Jan 08 17:54:06 <DesertRose>   My door greenery-and-bells are back in the front utility closet.
Jan 08 17:54:23 <Shiral>   I also removed my decorations so as not to get a polite nasty note from my HOA
Jan 08 17:54:33 <The_Bee>   lights, not kites  CMB?  What Latic blessing is that?
Jan 08 17:54:47 <DesertRose>   That was all the decorating I did this year.  I tried to put out the Santa candle-holder table centerpiece thing, but Carys got too curious so I put Santa away for his own safety.
Jan 08 17:55:31 <Evie>   Christus Mansionem Benedicite?  Did I remember the Latin correctly?
Jan 08 17:55:39 <revanne>   Yes
Jan 08 17:55:41 <Shiral>   I actually had a cedar garland on the front of my fireplace. My mantelpiece is my decorative focal point since I have two lively cats and no Christmas tree
Jan 08 17:55:57 <Evie>   The things I learn from Facebook.  :-D
Jan 08 17:56:04 <Demercia>   Christus mansionem benedicat, may Christ bless this house.  So you put 20+C+M+B +17
Jan 08 17:56:06 <The_Bee>   "Christ bless the house"?
Jan 08 17:56:13 <DesertRose>   "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, your ornaments are history!" ~ cat caroling.
Jan 08 17:56:25 <Demercia>   Nearly Evie
Jan 08 17:56:26 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 17:56:33 <Evie>   Benedicat.  OK.  I knew it was somewhere in the ball park
Jan 08 17:56:36 <DesertRose>   Mibbit really does NOT like revanne tonight.
Jan 08 17:56:40 <The_Bee>   AGAIN??
Jan 08 17:56:55 <Derynifank>   Mibbit is pissessed tonight
Jan 08 17:57:05 <Jemler>   benedicat? bless the cat?
Jan 08 17:57:10 <Derynifank>   Possessed
Jan 08 17:57:11 <Demercia>   Maybe I should hide for a bit!
Jan 08 17:57:16 <Evie>   Does that meant it's possessed by an angry spirit or a drunk one, DR?
Jan 08 17:57:29 <DesertRose>   Depends on the side of the Pond.
Jan 08 17:57:37 <Demercia>   As opposed to Magnificat 😉
Jan 08 17:57:42 <DesertRose>   Since it's going after revanne, I'd guess drunk.  :)
Jan 08 17:57:48 *   defeatedbymibbit ( has joined
Jan 08 17:57:48 <Evie>   Gigi thinks she's a Magnifique-Cat
Jan 08 17:57:57 <DesertRose>   Hi defeatedbymibbit
Jan 08 17:58:02 <Demercia>   Don't they all
Jan 08 17:58:04 <The_Bee>   rehi DBM!
Jan 08 17:58:05 <Evie>   Hi...revanne?  :-D
Jan 08 17:58:06 <defeatedbymibbit>   Aka revanne
Jan 08 17:58:08 <Demercia>   Hi
Jan 08 17:58:11 <DesertRose>   I figured.
Jan 08 17:58:20 <Jemler>   maybe you could try blessedbymibbet?
Jan 08 17:58:22 <Derynifank>   Rehi dbm
Jan 08 17:59:00 <defeatedbymibbit>   If I'm mibbited again I'll take the hint so will say goodnight now in case.
Jan 08 17:59:03 <Evie>   Given that this is our Fierce Wild Priest, it might be "Imma bless you with a two-by-four if you don't stop, Mibbit!"  ;-)
Jan 08 17:59:07 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jan 08 17:59:24 <Eyikl>   a virtual 2x4?
Jan 08 17:59:26 <defeatedbymibbit>   Or cursedbymibbit.
Jan 08 17:59:26 <DesertRose>   I actually did that once, although blessing was not on my mind.
Jan 08 17:59:37 <Evie>   :-D
Jan 08 17:59:38 <defeatedbymibbit>   Lol
Jan 08 17:59:45 <Demercia>   Don't worry DBM,
Jan 08 18:00:01 <DesertRose>   It did achieve a desirable end, though.  :)
Jan 08 18:00:09 <Demercia>   It will be safe soon as I will need to go and get some zzzzz
Jan 08 18:00:45 <Jemler>   don't you mean ZedZedZedZedZed?
Jan 08 18:01:02 <Derynifank>   Hoe is your mom doing KK?
Jan 08 18:01:13 <Demercia>   That's what I said😉
Jan 08 18:01:21 <defeatedbymibbit>   No we snore in American
Jan 08 18:01:26 <Derynifank>   How
Jan 08 18:01:42 <defeatedbymibbit>   N
Jan 08 18:02:10 <defeatedbymibbit>   Zee Zee Zee
Jan 08 18:02:10 <Jemler>   good to know. now we just have to teach you which side of the road to use! :)
Jan 08 18:02:11 <Demercia>   I swear my cat hears me thinking, as soon as I typed go, he jumped onto my lap and settled down for the duration
Jan 08 18:02:35 <KK>   She's doing better, Derynifank.  Came up to the house for two days at Christmas, and we're hoping to discontinue her overnight person in the next week or so, just have someone for 3 hrs AM & PM, so she doesn't have to futz in the kitchen.
Jan 08 18:02:56 <defeatedbymibbit>   We know which side of the road to use -it's the other one!
Jan 08 18:03:00 <Shiral>   Glad to hear she's making progress
Jan 08 18:03:04 <Demercia>   That's good to hear KK
Jan 08 18:03:10 <Derynifank>   Glad to hear she is better
Jan 08 18:03:17 <defeatedbymibbit>   That's good KK
Jan 08 18:03:43 <Jemler>   kk, you ever read Sue Grafton?
Jan 08 18:03:53 <The_Bee>   Who was the Brit who said, "We'renot stubborn. We'll change when eveyone else does."
Jan 08 18:04:14 <Jemler>   benny hill?
Jan 08 18:04:15 <Evie>   That's one thing my mom loves about her place. She can cook if she feels up to it, but if not, they serve 3 meals a day just next door, and I think it can also be brought to her if she feels really poorly
Jan 08 18:04:24 <KK>   I think so, Jemler.  What did she write?
Jan 08 18:04:26 <defeatedbymibbit>   You need to drive on the left so that your seord arm is free to defend yourself from oncoming traffic.
Jan 08 18:04:27 <Demercia>   It makes far more sense to drive on the left, so you have your sword arm nearest the oncoming enemy
Jan 08 18:04:41 <Demercia>   Stubborn.  Us?
Jan 08 18:04:42 <Evie>   LOL!
Jan 08 18:04:46 <Jemler>   the alphabet mysteries. a is for alibi, etc.
Jan 08 18:04:58 <The_Bee>   Grafton--is she one one who does the alphabet mysteries?
Jan 08 18:05:03 <Jemler>   yes.
Jan 08 18:05:07 <Shiral>   "We're not stubborn--we're waiting for everyone else to come to their senses!"
Jan 08 18:05:15 *   defeatedbymibbit has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 18:05:22 <Eyikl>   drat
Jan 08 18:05:33 <Shiral>   Oh dear. Mibbit penetrated the disguise
Jan 08 18:05:36 <Demercia>   Mibbit refuses to be fooled
Jan 08 18:05:36 <Jemler>   we just ecelted trump. good luck with that!
Jan 08 18:05:42 <Derynifank>   Have you read Dusan Wittig Albert
Jan 08 18:06:02 <KK>   Driving right vs. left comes from whether you're driving horses or oxen.
Jan 08 18:06:05 <The_Bee>   You mnean susan?  I have.
Jan 08 18:06:31 <Eyikl>   Well maybe in four years after the political blacklash...
Jan 08 18:06:39 <Jemler>   anyway kk, T is for Trespass is her scariest one.
Jan 08 18:06:46 <Derynifank>   Susan, she has 4 different series all good
Jan 08 18:07:19 <The_Bee>   China Bayles is my favorite.
Jan 08 18:07:34 <KK>   I might try that.  Right now, I've just finished the first 2 books re The President's Vampire.  A fascinating premise.
Jan 08 18:07:56 <Derynifank>   One about Beatrix Potter and a Victorian series
Jan 08 18:08:08 <The_Bee>   Who wrote that ,KK?
Jan 08 18:08:31 <Derynifank>   I like China Bayles too
Jan 08 18:08:34 <Evie>   DH got me The Temple and the Crown in paperback because he saw I didn't have that one.
Jan 08 18:08:45 <The_Bee>     Albert wrote one series set in Depression-a
Jan 08 18:09:06 <The_Bee>   era Alabama.  I don't know her Victorian series.
Jan 08 18:09:10 <KK>   Can't remember the author, Bee.  But if you google the title on Amazon, it'll take you right to it.
Jan 08 18:09:21 <DesertRose>   What does driving horses or oxen have to do with left or right side?
Jan 08 18:09:23 <DesertRose>   I'm curious.
Jan 08 18:09:41 <Derynifank>   The Darling Dahlias. Another good one
Jan 08 18:09:45 <Demercia>   Going to say goodnight all and go up the left side of my staircase.  Good to chat, see y'all in February
Jan 08 18:09:56 <DesertRose>   G'night, Demercia
Jan 08 18:10:03 <Jemler>    nite demercia
Jan 08 18:10:04 <The_Bee>   I know someone made a movie about "Abe Lincoln, Vampire-Hunter."
Jan 08 18:10:08 <Evie>   Goodnight, Demercia
Jan 08 18:10:13 <Shiral>   Night Demercia
Jan 08 18:10:14 <The_Bee>   nighters, Demercia
Jan 08 18:10:23 <Derynifank>   Night Denerica
Jan 08 18:10:24 <KK>   Nighters, Demercia.  (Why the left staircase?)
Jan 08 18:10:26 *   Demercia has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 18:10:42 <KK>   Different universe, Bee.
Jan 08 18:10:53 <Shiral>   Pygmy lions insisting on food.
Jan 08 18:10:55 <Shiral>   BRB
Jan 08 18:10:59 <Jemler>   Christopher Farnsworth.
Jan 08 18:11:00 <Derynifank>   Keep her sword arm free
Jan 08 18:11:30 <DesertRose>   Poor corrie-fisted swordsmen trying to defend a left-sided staircase!
Jan 08 18:11:57 <Evie>   Naw, they'll just put Dhugal up top with a bow and arrow
Jan 08 18:12:10 <Evie>   Have you seen that lad shoot?  ;-)
Jan 08 18:12:13 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jan 08 18:12:18 <The_Bee>   What's the Scottish clan where most of them are left-handed?
Jan 08 18:12:35 <The_Bee>   or man y
Jan 08 18:12:48 <Jemler>   President's Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth
Jan 08 18:13:09 <The_Bee>   thanks, jemler
Jan 08 18:13:36 <KK>   That sounds right, Jemler.  I actually read Blood Oath first, then The President's Vampire.  And there's a third that I need to get.
Jan 08 18:13:49 <DesertRose>   Oh, speaking of shooting, have you seen those games from Kyrgyzstani nomads where the archers can stand on their hands on their horses' saddles and shoot the bow with their toes?  It's...impressive is not EVEN the word.
Jan 08 18:14:15 <The_Bee>   for real, DR?
Jan 08 18:14:21 <KK>   They shoot with their toes?!  Now, that I have not seen.
Jan 08 18:14:30 <Evie>   Impressive, but how often does that skill come into play in battle?  ;-)
Jan 08 18:14:34 <DesertRose>   I've seen photos; might be a shop, but if it is, it's a really good 'shop job.
Jan 08 18:14:42 <Derynifank>   Albert's victorian series is set in different parts of England and includes famous people from the era.
Jan 08 18:14:43 <DesertRose>   Probably not often, but it looks cool.
Jan 08 18:14:50 <KK>   Good point, Evie.
Jan 08 18:15:10 <Eyikl>   cool
Jan 08 18:15:13 <Evie>   That sounds like it evolved from "Hey guys, watch this!"  "Oh, you think that's good?  I can go one better!"
Jan 08 18:15:31 <KK>   Yeah, had to be a guy thing.
Jan 08 18:16:07 <DesertRose>   Okay, sorry, not on the horses' saddle, but they're still doing a handstand and shooting archery with their toes.
Jan 08 18:16:14 <Jemler>   kk, Nathaniel Cade?
Jan 08 18:16:17 <DesertRose>   Scroll down the page; there's a photo of an adolescent girl doing it.
Jan 08 18:16:34 <Evie>   I can imagine some squires pranking the older pages.  "OK, once you figure out basic archery on horseback, Duke Nigel is going to have you using your toes to shoot. Think you're up for that?"
Jan 08 18:17:00 <KK>   Yes, Jemler.
Jan 08 18:17:23 <DesertRose>   Might well have evolved from bragging rights.
Jan 08 18:17:37 <Evie>   Nigel walks out a few hours later and sees his pages trying to do handstands on horseback and wondering how to wear their quivers if they'll be upside down
Jan 08 18:18:11 <Derynifank>   Can't see that bring useful in battle
Jan 08 18:18:13 <Shiral>   Back
Jan 08 18:18:16 <Eyikl>   lol
Jan 08 18:18:42 <Jemler>   Blood Oath, The President's Vampire, The Burning Men, Red, White and Blood.
Jan 08 18:18:48 <The_Bee>   The picture showed a girl actually doing the shooting-with-toes.
Jan 08 18:19:05 <KK>   Obviously they hold the arrows in the bow hand; makes for a faster draw, too--as long as they don't crush the arrows.
Jan 08 18:19:10 <Eyikl>   that looks like a specially made bow
Jan 08 18:19:11 <DesertRose>   Yeah, and she can't be more than fifteen.
Jan 08 18:19:12 <Evie>   Nice photos!
Jan 08 18:19:55 <Shiral>   Maybe all wars should be fought by people who have to use their toes.
Jan 08 18:20:16 <Eyikl>   SO they would need to support themselves on one hand when reloading? Tricky.
Jan 08 18:20:17 <DesertRose>   And my stepdad thinks my mom, DD, and I are weird because we can pick up pens and pencils with our toes!
Jan 08 18:21:05 <DesertRose>   Would take some serious upper-body conditioning to be sure! (Supporting one's full weight on one hand while reloading the bow)
Jan 08 18:21:14 <Jemler>   KK  ---  Blood Oath. The President's Vampire. The Burning Men. Red, White and Blood.
Jan 08 18:21:53 <KK>   Yeah, probably not a war tactic that would catch on very well.  But the arrows-in-bow-hand thing is useful--for the first handful of arrows.  Whatever time you'd pick up doing that would probably be lost in reloading the hand.
Jan 08 18:22:19 <KK>   Yes, Jemler.  It's the RWB one I want to read next.
Jan 08 18:22:24 <Eyikl>   That would probably lead to wrist problems, but I can't imagine that knights wouldn't be setting themselves up for wrist problems anyway.
Jan 08 18:22:36 <Jemler>   burning men is book 2.5
Jan 08 18:22:48 <DesertRose>   Musculoskeletal problems galore, I would think, Eyikl.
Jan 08 18:23:00 <KK>   2.5?  Does it fall between 2 and 3?
Jan 08 18:23:11 <Shiral>   No, but if you look really silly when trying to wage war, maybe everyone would come down with a collective fit of the giggles...then wonder what the heck they were all doing out there. If you can see the ridiculousness in a situation, it pokes a lot of holes in pomp
Jan 08 18:23:11 <Jemler>   the armor should make that harder. no pun intended.
Jan 08 18:23:23 <DesertRose>   Baloney.  You always intend the pun.  :P
Jan 08 18:23:48 <Jemler>   i found a FB page for punsters.
Jan 08 18:23:55 <DesertRose>   Oh heaven save us all!
Jan 08 18:24:04 <Eyikl>   Oh, like how THe Horse and His Boy is fully within The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Jan 08 18:24:52 <drakensis>   well, the latter does skip over basically the entire reign of the four of them
Jan 08 18:25:22 <Jemler>   or like "i got a pair of shoes from a grug dealer. i don't know what he laced them with, but i've been tripping all day."
Jan 08 18:25:28 <Eyikl>   Of course that exists. The Xanth books are a place for puns as well, if you can overlook the sexism
Jan 08 18:25:49 <Jemler>   hey! i liked the spelling bee!
Jan 08 18:25:57 *   DesertRose loads a ballista with trout and launches it at Jemler.
Jan 08 18:26:13 <Shiral>   Grug addiction, a new and worse problem?? =o)
Jan 08 18:26:13 <Jemler>   what'd i say?
Jan 08 18:26:21 <DesertRose>   The tripping pun.  :P
Jan 08 18:26:40 <Eyikl>   I like the puns too jemler, but found the characters harder to deal with.
Jan 08 18:26:43 <DesertRose>   Drugged grog, maybe, Shiral?
Jan 08 18:26:58 <Shiral>   Quite possibly
Jan 08 18:27:07 <KK>   The ballista reference reminds me that one of my Christmas presents from my son was a Lego ballista and tower with 3 little knights.  Evie, I may have to invest in some tiny Alaric and Kelson figures.
Jan 08 18:27:19 <Jemler>   i saw a picture of james bond in a bra and panties. he was a Victoris'a Secret agent.
Jan 08 18:27:20 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jan 08 18:27:30 <Evie>   :-D
Jan 08 18:27:42 <Shiral>   It takes a real man to get away with that look
Jan 08 18:27:46 <Evie>   Micro-Alaric and Micro-Kelson?
Jan 08 18:27:56 <KK>   Yes.
Jan 08 18:28:10 <DesertRose>   There was a not-exactly-board game years ago called Crossbows and Catapults that my aunt had in her rec room.  I played it with my dad while we were visiting my aunt.
Jan 08 18:28:17 <The_Bee>   Remember Joe Namath in pantyhose?
Jan 08 18:28:51 <Evie>   If you are trying to personalize Lego figures, the Sharpie Paint markers (not regular Sharpies) work pretty well, and any mistakes can be removed with rubbing alcohol and repainted if needed.
Jan 08 18:28:52 <DesertRose>   It involved building a little plastic castle and then attempting to knock your opponent's castle down before they could knock yours down, using little discs that you fired out of little crossbows and catapults.
Jan 08 18:29:00 <Evie>   That's how Micro-Duncan changes his stole colors
Jan 08 18:29:10 <DesertRose>   I managed to fire one of the little discs into the pocket on my dad's t-shirt where he kept his cigarette pack.
Jan 08 18:30:25 <Jemler>   you should have said chewing tobacco. then he could have spits and chips.
Jan 08 18:30:39 <DesertRose>   He didn't chew tobacco, though.  He smoked.
Jan 08 18:30:47 <DesertRose>   :P
Jan 08 18:31:21 <DesertRose>   But I couldn't have shot that disc into that pocket on purpose on a bet.
Jan 08 18:31:32 <KK>   I'll keep that in mind, Evie.
Jan 08 18:32:11 <drakensis>   a lot of the current lego star wars comes with spring-loaded weapons these days. sensibly they come with spare ammo because I could lose a lot of the projectiles
Jan 08 18:32:24 <DesertRose>   I bet, drakensis
Jan 08 18:32:24 <Evie>   Acrylic paint works too, I think, though it might help to spray paint with a plastic primer first.  And then use a clear acrylic sealer once the paint is dry.
Jan 08 18:32:25 <drakensis>   they're surprisingly powerful
Jan 08 18:35:10 <Jemler>   zzzz
Jan 08 18:35:17 <The_Bee>   I hope players wear eye-protection when playing with projectiles.
Jan 08 18:36:05 <Jemler>   i got to see my great-niece on christmas.
Jan 08 18:36:35 <Derynifank>   I need to go and put some dinner on the table. Have a good month. See you in Feb
Jan 08 18:36:54 <Evie>   See you later, Derynifank
Jan 08 18:36:54 <Jemler>   why feb?
Jan 08 18:36:58 *   Derynifank has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 08 18:37:07 <Shiral>   Oops, missed DerynifanK
Jan 08 18:37:11 <Jemler>   why feb?
Jan 08 18:37:17 <Evie>   Next early chat, probably
Jan 08 18:37:35 <The_Bee>   Does Derynifank live across the pond?
Jan 08 18:38:03 <Jemler>   that would be feb 5.
Jan 08 18:38:14 <Evie>   Not sure, but it could just be the later time won't work for her. 
Jan 08 18:38:42 <Jemler>   well, i'm gonna go too. until next week.
Jan 08 18:38:42 <Evie>   Or him.  Just realized I don't recall which applies.  :-)
Jan 08 18:39:01 <Evie>   Goodnight
Jan 08 18:39:11 <The_Bee>   bye Jemler. Have agood week
Jan 08 18:39:21 <Eyikl>   goodnight Jemler
Jan 08 18:39:33 <Shiral>   Bye, Jemler
Jan 08 18:39:39 <Jemler>   nite all.
Jan 08 18:39:47 *   Jemler has quit (Quit: )
Jan 08 18:40:24 <KK>   Yeah, this is probably a good time to go for me, too.  I've promised to heat up venison and nuke some baby potatoes for dinner.
Jan 08 18:40:25 <Evie>   Enjoying one last night of staying in the snug, warm house beside the fireplace before I have to venture out tomorrow
Jan 08 18:40:43 <Evie>   I had homemade potato soup for lunch, and I'm still not hungry
Jan 08 18:40:47 <Evie>   Since it was a late lunch
Jan 08 18:40:48 <Shiral>   Night, KK. Enjoy the leftovers!
Jan 08 18:40:57 <KK>   Yeah, I also have to go out tomorrow.  Brrrr!
Jan 08 18:40:59 <Evie>   Potato, smoked cheddar, and ham
Jan 08 18:41:08 <The_Bee>   Nighters, KK. Have a good week and thanks for coming.
Jan 08 18:41:13 <Shiral>   Yup. Grocery shopping unavoidable tomorrow
Jan 08 18:41:30 <DesertRose>   G'night, KK
Jan 08 18:41:34 <DesertRose>   Thanks for coming to see us.
Jan 08 18:41:37 <Evie>   I have a full work week.  First full week of work since the holidays ended
Jan 08 18:41:39 <KK>   Also back to trying to tidy my office.  I did discover carpet last week....
Jan 08 18:41:44 <DesertRose>   Will we see you next week?
Jan 08 18:41:46 <Evie>   :-D
Jan 08 18:41:58 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Jan 08 18:42:02 <Evie>   Glad to know there's a floor supporting the furniture
Jan 08 18:42:06 <Shiral>   Bye, KK
Jan 08 18:42:10 <KK>   Yes, I'll be here.
Jan 08 18:42:14 <Eyikl>   goodnight KK
Jan 08 18:42:19 <Evie>   Goodnight
Jan 08 18:42:20 <DesertRose>   Okay, have a good week!  G'night!
Jan 08 18:42:22 <KK>   Nighters, all.
Jan 08 18:42:27 <drakensis>   night
Jan 08 18:42:29 *   KK has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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