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Ghosts of the Past - Non-Player Characters or NPC’s
« on: March 04, 2018, 01:04:59 pm »
Ghosts of the Past - Non-Player Characters or NPC’s
The year is 1164, summer
Italicized= canonical characters from the Codex

Player Characters are:

Sir Washburn Alaric Cynfyn Morgan  age 24  Deryni

Lady Aliset de Mariot age 19  Deryni
Master Darcy Solveig Cameron  age 22 Deryni

Father Columcil  age 41  Deryni Healer

Non-Player Characters:  King’s men and Courtiers:

Kelson Cinhil Rhys Anthony Haldane, King of Gwynedd Overlord of Torenth, Prince of Meara Duke of Haldane, Lord of the Purple March, Guardian of Gwernach, Sir   Born November 14 1106 Codex.
  age 57  first mention post #1

Araxie Lean Haldane, Queen of Gwynedd, Baroness Dunluce  Born December 18, 1109 Codex. Age 54

Crown Prince Javan Uthyr Richard Urien Haldane  Born 1130 Codex. age 34   
(Laurna’s list of  spouse and children:)
Married to Grania Marie Araxelle born April 12, 1129 Codex. 
(Laurna's list) Married May 5,1149
    Prince Rhys Alaric Kelson Haldane
    Prince Kenneth Brion Haldane  age 5
    Princess      age 2
    expecting with a boy

Princess Araxandra Louise Svorn Cecile Haldane  oldest twin born July 1129 Codex. age 35

Princess Rhuys Jehane Silve Richelle Haldane twin born July 1129  Codex. age 35

Alaric Anthony Morgan, VIIth Duke of Corwyn, Earl of Lendour, King’s Champion, Lord Protector of the South, Hereditary Knight and Laird of Morganhall(1100- +), Deryni Healer, Sir, Half- Deryni
      Born: September 29, 1091  married May 1, 1122  Codex.
Died in the summer of 1145

Richenda Rayma Anisa FitzEwan, Lady Rheljan, Dowager Countess and regent of Marley, Duchess of Corwyn, Deryni
      Born: April 7, 1099

Kelric Alain Morgan Duke of Corwyn born May 3 1125 Codex.  age 39   
 horse= liver chestnut R'kassi stallion named Rexxar.
(Laurna’s list of spouse and children)
Married to Princess Araxandra Haldane   married May 1, 1147
           Kelsonie Richelle     Eldest daughter,  born Spring 1148    she is 16 and at the schola
           Kenric Richard         Eldest son,   born 1150       he is a royal squire in Rhemuth, age 14
           Araxelle Jehane        2nd daughter born 1153          11 years old
           Bronwen Alyce          3rd daughter born  1155          8 years old
           Duncan Sean            older twin      born 1158            6 years old
           Alain Anthony           youngest twin                    6 years old

Earl Brendon Coris  Earl of Marley Codex.
Countess Briony Bronwyn Morgan Codex.

Archbishop Duncan Howard McLain,  Codex. Archbishop of Rhemuth born February 2, 1092 age 72

Dhugal Ardry MacArdry McLain Duke of Cassan  Born January 3, 1108 Codex.  age 56

Mirjana McLain  (Evie)

Duncan Michael McLain  Earl of Kierney (Evie)

Baron Jass MacArdry  Codex. Brion of Trurill (Evie)
Baroness Ailidh MacArdry  (Evie)

Sir Iain Reyvik Cameron, Baron O' Isles, age 32, Deryni.  Master spy for King Kelson in Meara. (Jerusha)

Sir Alister de Mariot  younger twin brother to Lady Aliset  Healer. Died prior to story beginning. (Evie)

Baron Adam Trillick  Son of Lord Lester Trillick Codex page 155. Baron of Trillshire (Laurna)
Lord Jaxom Trillick, heir of Trillshire (Jerusha Post #181)

Brecon Ramsey,  Duke of Laas
Richelle (Haldane) de Ramsey, Duchess of Laas

Prince Rory Haldane, Duke of Ratharkin and Viceroy of Meara
Noelie (Ramsey) Haldane, Duchess of Ratharkin and Vicereine of Meara

Baron Sieur II de Vali  age 40 (son of Baron Sieur de Vali  'Knighting of Derry' Codex)
Sieur III de Vali, son of the Sieur II  age 17

NPC's of places:  good or Neutral people:

Rhemuth church and schola:
Father John     Codex. Duncan’s secretary
Father Nivard   Codex.
Sister Helena (Evie)

Town of Culdi:
Tavern cook Hurshell (Laurna post #11)
Tavern serving wench, Hurshell's wife (Jerusha post #2)
Father Andrew  Parish priest of Culdi  (Revanne post #28)
Abbot of Culdi Monastery (Revanne post #41)

Town of Droghera
Kieran- senior guard at the gates of Droghera (Revanne post #143)
Captain of the guard at Droghera
Reverend Mother   the abbess of St Brigid's (Jerusha post #147)
Sister Margaret  Infirmarian at St Brigid's (Jersha post #144)
Sister Ann Marie at St Brigid's
Various nuns of St. Bridid's
aged nunnery steward (Jerusha post #147)
Simon handyman and gatekeeper of St Brigid's (Jerusha)
Labourer of St. Brigid's
Troubadour at the tavern.
Drogh the Troll

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Re: Ghosts of the Past - Non-Player Characters or NPC’s
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2018, 01:12:38 pm »
Non-Player Characters: Duke Teymuraz's men and Loyalists of Meara:

Grand Duke Valerian Tiberios Hogan Marek ho Phourstanos [Furstan] of Byzantyun, third son of Teymuraz. (Introduced by name in Evie's post #96)  (Bynw) Valerian aspires to become the future King of Meara by right of his (future) wife Sidana, while his elder two brothers aspire to rule over Torenth and Gwynedd respectively, hence his dabbling in Mearan separatists' affairs.

Grand Duke Iskander ho Phourstanos--Teymuraz' eldest son and pretender to Torenth (name mentioned in Evie post 96 and in Codex)

Count Teymuraz- in the summer of 1145... "Blasted away by arcane power summoned by Morgan himself in defense of his King, his family, his people and lands" (Bynw post #1)

Brioc de Paor,  dispossessed former heir of Brice of Trurill (whose lands were attainted by King Kelson for treason and later given to Jass MacArdry) and father of the Pretender Queen of Meara

Sidana Caitrin Annalind Ithelianne (Quinnell) de Paor, Prince Ithel's granddaughter and Pretender Queen of Meara (Evie post 259)

Feyd  Mercenary Assassin from Torenth (Bynw)

Lord Oswald Mariot, Baron de Mariot  (Bynw Post #49 & Evie character introduction)

Oswald's men:
Austin MacInnis  did odd jobs for Oswald, his higher loyalties were to the Grand Duke. (Deceased)
Rayne Lanackie

NPC's of Droghera:
Tomas  guard - imprisoned
Phyre   Deryni  guard - imprisoned
3rd guard - died

NPC's at Trurill:
Simon Deryni Guard at Trurill (Evie)
Ruick Loyalist at Trurill

Other Mearan separatists:
The anti-Deryni, Mearan loyalist priest at the church in Trillshire ( Revanne post 102. Referred to as Father Llewel in Revanne's post 109)
Landlord at the Rose and Crown Inn, Culdi (Revanne post 102)
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Re: Ghosts of the Past - Non-Player Characters or NPC’s
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2018, 01:56:11 pm »
Actually Feyd is not a loyalist to the Mearan cause or even truly a supporter of Duke Teymuraz. Feyd is a hired mercenary with a particular set of skills. That being tracking down Deryni and capturing them. Generally for other Deryni but sometimes for Humans as well. Kinda like a bounty hunter/assassin. He is Torenthi. He has accepted the contract to capture the Duke of Crowyn's younger brother and bring him before the Duke.

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Re: Ghosts of the Past - Non-Player Characters or NPC’s
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2018, 03:19:49 pm »
Another NPC to add is:

Sir Iain Reyvik Cameron, Baron O' Isles, age 32, Deryni.  Master spy for King Kelson in Meara.
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