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KK Chat -- 19 November 2017
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:12:51 pm »
[ 18:24 ]* KK ( has joined
[ 18:24 ]<Jemler> hi kk
[ 18:24 ]<The_Bee> Hi KK
[ 18:24 ]<Laurna> Hello KK
[ 18:24 ]<bynw> hi KK
[ 18:24 ]<Evie> At which point I definitely knew he was a scammer. So I told him that I would be delighted to make a donation to his charity, but only via their official website, because "I have no way of verifying if you are the real Henry Cavill. you could be an impostor. In fact, Evie isn't my real name either."
[ 18:24 ]<KK> Sorry I'm late.  Got stuck into bill-paying mode and lost track of the time.
[ 18:24 ]<Evie> But THEN he offered to verify it's really him via video chat.  :-D
[ 18:24 ]<Shiral> Hello KK
[ 18:25 ]<Evie> Glad bills are paid, at least! I was just regaling people with the tale of me meeting my pet scammer that I'm leading down the garden path.  :-D
[ 18:25 ]<Jemler> your real name isn't Cruelle d'Evie is it?
[ 18:25 ]<KK> What was his scam?
[ 18:25 ]<Laurna> lol
[ 18:26 ]<Shiral> Well banks like you better if you pay your bills. =o)
[ 18:26 ]<Evie> So now I'm very curious to know how a scammer plans to prove he's the real Henry Cavill via a video chat.  I am trying to arrange for him to call for the video chat when I am at home and dressed up as The Flamingo. After all, wouldn't Superman want to meet another superhero? ;-)
[ 18:26 ]<KK> This is ytrue. I did manage to pay off a time-payment early, lst month, so that's one less bill to pay, ever.
[ 18:26 ]<Laurna> These scamers can be so convensing these days.  My dad lost big time to  what we found out later to be the Jamacine lottery winning scam
[ 18:27 ]<Evie> He was trying to get me to (allegedly) donate to the real Cavill's pet charities, but via a money order to his personal assistant rather than via the official website for the charity.  Mama don't play that game.
[ 18:27 ]<KK> No, indeed.
[ 18:27 ]<The_Bee> I've fallen for a few scams, mostly from people claiming to work for Microsoft.
[ 18:27 ]<Evie> He has been extremely sweet and polite to chat with.  (Of course he is,he's trying to win me over! LOL!)
[ 18:28 ]<Evie> I mentioned DD's medical emergency to him (but not her real name of course), and he says he's praying for her.  Yeah, doubt it, but if he really is, I'll take it.  :-D
[ 18:28 ]<Laurna> They perposly are nice and try to chat for a long time because old people are lonely and they fall for the nice guy after a while.
[ 18:29 ]<Evie> You calling me old? ;-)
[ 18:29 ]<Laurna> LOL   Your younger than me !  Nope
[ 18:29 ]<Jemler> i'm not!
[ 18:30 ]<Evie> Yeah, I figure now that his first attempt failed, he's trying the "Get the lady to fall for me" trick, after which I expect there will be another appeal for money sometime down the road. At which point I will remind him he's a rising star in the celebrity world, with bucketloads more money than I've got!  :-D
[ 18:30 ]<KK> If one has the time to sare, it's always fun to wind them up and see how long you can keep them talking--and leave them with nothing to show for their time investment.
[ 18:30 ]<KK> to spare
[ 18:30 ]<Evie> Besides, he can't get the lady to fall for him; the lady is already smitten by the real Henry Cavill.  ;-)
[ 18:30 ]<Jemler> you know, i saw an interesting program abour origami the other day. it was on paper-view. :)
[ 18:31 ]<Evie> That's the other thing; I figure the more time he's wasting on me, the less he has to prey on anyone more gullible.
[ 18:31 ]<Evie> Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
[ 18:31 ]<Laurna> No best thing is to hang up on them and never give them even the sound of your voice.  They can record your words. and make it sound like you when they call your bank.
[ 18:31 ]<Shiral> Always feels good to retire a debt
[ 18:31 ]* Jerusha ( has joined
[ 18:31 ]<Evie> This is text chat, so that's not a worry
[ 18:31 ]<Jemler> hi jerusha
[ 18:32 ]<The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[ 18:32 ]<Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[ 18:32 ]<Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[ 18:32 ]<Laurna> Hello Jerusha
[ 18:32 ]<Evie> Hi Jerusha
[ 18:32 ]<Jerusha> Sorry to be late - puppy playtime
[ 18:33 ]<Evie> Faux Cavill also doesn't have my real name.
[ 18:33 ]<Laurna> I had a long talk with the postal service agent that was tracking down scamers.  He says they Hire hundreds of young people from third world countries. they teach them how to sweet talk amaricans.
[ 18:33 ]<Jemler> let's hear it for Scrappy Doo! puppy power!
[ 18:34 ]<Laurna> the puppy power at my house is on OVERLOAD!
[ 18:34 ]<bynw> hi Jerusha
[ 18:34 ]<Jerusha> The little girl puppies are too cute for their own good
[ 18:35 ]<Jerusha> Even if one is 5 years old
[ 18:35 ]<Laurna> How many puppies Jerusha?
[ 18:35 ]<Jerusha> Just two.  But enough energy for four
[ 18:35 ]<Laurna> lol  love it
[ 18:35 ]<Jemler> i was like that when i was young. wow. what went wrong?
[ 18:36 ]<Jerusha> We all grew up (well sort of)
[ 18:36 ]<The_Bee> Speaking of puppies, there was story on the news about 17 dogs kept under conditions so horrendous the the house itself has been condemned.  One died, the others are being treated for fleas, tics, and I don't know what else.
[ 18:36 ]<Jerusha> Oh dear
[ 18:36 ]<Evie> Oh dear!  :-(
[ 18:36 ]<Laurna> yikes
[ 18:36 ]<Jemler> they took my neighbors dos.
[ 18:36 ]<Jemler> they took my neighbors dogs.
[ 18:36 ]<The_Bee> The owner is being charged with animal cruelty.
[ 18:36 ]<Laurna> dear me
[ 18:36 ]<Jerusha> All was not well?
[ 18:37 ]<Evie> Poor puppers
[ 18:38 ]<Shiral> Poor dogs, I hope they'll be able to get them adopted to better homes!
[ 18:38 ]<The_Bee> yes. I hope no more have died since yesterday.
[ 18:39 ]<Laurna> I am  dog sitting my sisters dogs tonight.  I am not certain if it was a mistake to bring them over to my house.  the two brothers Lance and Archer are fighting every time they get near each other  so they are now on opposite sides of a house dog gate
[ 18:39 ]<Shiral> Animals are so much at the mercy of humans. And sadly, some humans shouldn't be allowed near animals
[ 18:39 ]<Jerusha> True, Shiral
[ 18:39 ]<Jerusha> Are they Cavaliers, Laurna?
[ 18:40 ]<Laurna> Yes  both tri colors
[ 18:40 ]<Laurna> Everyone else if fine just those two
[ 18:40 ]<The_Bee> Is it common for littermates to be hostile?
[ 18:41 ]<The_Bee> or are they competing for Top Dog?
[ 18:41 ]<Laurna> They have been jeolose of each other's toys before.  but this is the first time I've had a full on fight.
[ 18:41 ]<KK> Any injuries?
[ 18:42 ]<Jerusha> Different territory and trying to be the top dog, I suspect
[ 18:42 ]<Laurna> Just my knuckes scratched
[ 18:42 ]<Laurna> I agree
[ 18:42 ]<Laurna> Brb  No the cat needs saving
[ 18:43 ]<Jerusha> Yes, save the cat!
[ 18:43 ]<KK> How old are these pyuppies?
[ 18:43 ]<Laurna> 2year olds
[ 18:44 ]<Laurna> put her in my bed room
[ 18:44 ]<Evie> The puppies might need saving if the cat decides to put them in their place!
[ 18:44 ]<Jerusha> In their fighting prime (unfortunately)
[ 18:44 ]<Laurna> My cat has never once used her claws, she just tollorates being licked
[ 18:44 ]<KK> And intact males, I take it?
[ 18:44 ]<Laurna> One is
[ 18:45 ]<KK> Then, is the other one the instigator?
[ 18:46 ]<Laurna> Actully no my boy Archer is the fixed one. but he is protecting his home from Lance who is one of our show dogs
[ 18:46 ]<Jerusha> The right of progeniture
[ 18:47 ]<Laurna> I am hoping for a quiter eveving
[ 18:47 ]<Laurna> sigh
[ 18:47 ]<Jerusha> Good luck
[ 18:48 ]<Evie> brb, checking on DD
[ 18:48 ]<Laurna> So how is doing the turkey dinner at their house this holliday?
[ 18:48 ]<Jerusha> DD is OK?
[ 18:49 ]<Jerusha> Chicken cordon blue instead
[ 18:49 ]<Laurna> Evie said she had a allergic reaction  swelling and rashes, so she is on meds yesterday and today
[ 18:49 ]<Jemler> she had some kind of reacyion that sent her to the ER.
[ 18:49 ]<Jerusha> Hope she is better very soon
[ 18:49 ]<The_Bee> We have thanksgiving dinner at my church.  many homeless people come.
[ 18:49 ]<Laurna> Very good thing to do Bee
[ 18:50 ]<KK> Our usual haunt for Thanksgiving dinner was booked out, so we are investigating other arrangements.  I may cook a turkey.  On the other hand, I may find someplaced that does takeaway,  ;-)
[ 18:51 ]<Evie> She had an ER visit on Friday when her lips started swelling something like twice (or more) normal size and her throat was threatening to close up and leaving her lightheaded, but after multiple doses of Benadryl and other meds they pumped into her, she was OK to come home.
[ 18:51 ]<Jerusha> Some places will do the whole dinner for you and all you have to do is pick it up
[ 18:51 ]<Jerusha> Any idea what caused it, Evie?
[ 18:52 ]<KK> Do you know what caused the reaction?
[ 18:52 ]<Evie> She started steroids yesterday, and had a few bouts of nausea and still has a lingering achy throat, but seemed to be mostly mending until she woke up with a severe rash this morning despite having another dose of Benadryl at bedtime.
[ 18:52 ]<The_Bee> My landlord sends dinners to tenants.
[ 18:52 ]<Laurna> nice landlord
[ 18:52 ]<Shiral> I'm the family  Thanksgiving hostess these days. Today is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow, I  pick up the turkey
[ 18:52 ]<Evie> But she took more Benadryl and the rash was nearly gone by the time she went to work today.  We have no idea what set it off. She remembers a stinging sensation when wiping her lips with a napkin, and it started shortly after that.
[ 18:53 ]<Laurna> Good for you Shiral.  make it a great meal
[ 18:53 ]<Jerusha> Does she have food allergies?
[ 18:53 ]<Evie> She never has had one before
[ 18:53 ]<Laurna> I'll bet their was a bee on that napkin.
[ 18:53 ]<The_Bee> I hope you find out what triggered the reaction.
[ 18:53 ]<Jerusha> Paper napkin or cloth?
[ 18:54 ]<Shiral> When I moved into my new place in 2013, my mother and sister said  "Guess what, now you get to host Thanksgiving!" So I did, and found I liked it.
[ 18:54 ]<Evie> I think she might have noticed if a bee was on her napkin. :-D  It was paper.  I thought about detergent and a contact allergy until I found out it was a paper napkin.
[ 18:54 ]<Jerusha> Enjoy, Shiral!  (And keep the leftovers)
[ 18:55 ]<Laurna> The best part about cooking is the leftovers
[ 18:55 ]<Shiral> Yup, that's a big benefit of being the hostess. Although I do send everyone else home with leftovers, too
[ 18:55 ]<Evie> But she has had the white of her eyes blister and swell in an allergic reaction several times before, and it seems to be dust or mold that sets that reaction off (if she handles something dusty and then rubs her eyes), so maybe the napkins were stored somewhere that had whatever she's allergic to in that storage room?
[ 18:55 ]<Jerusha> I freeze the leftovers then portion them out over the next few months
[ 18:56 ]<The_Bee> Did you save the napkin for testing?
[ 18:56 ]<Laurna> our family is ravinous, there is very little left over when were done
[ 18:56 ]<Evie> No
[ 18:56 ]<Shiral> Not me. I eat Turkey, and then by next Sunday, I'll be seriously jonesing for some pizza. =o)
[ 18:56 ]<Laurna> lol
[ 18:56 ]<Evie> She was at a restaurant. She didn't start having the symptoms coming up until after she left.
[ 18:57 ]<Evie> I love Thanksgiving leftovers
[ 18:57 ]<Shiral> ANYTHING that has no relationship to turkey.
[ 18:57 ]<Jerusha> Difficult to find the cause.  But I might avoid the restaurant
[ 18:57 ]<Shiral> I do too. But after a few days, I'll have had enough turkey
[ 18:57 ]<Evie> I'm hoping we can get her tested to pinpoint what she's allergic to
[ 18:58 ]<Jerusha> That would be good
[ 18:58 ]<Shiral> I do buy a smallish turkey which provides a good feast and a manageable quantity of leftovers
[ 18:58 ]<Evie> She's needle phobic, so that might present a problem with allergy testing, but in the interest of continuing breathing, I think she'll manage to cope.
[ 18:58 ]<The_Bee> How many in your family, shiral?
[ 18:59 ]<Shiral> Yeah, and itchy rashes are no fun, either.
[ 18:59 ]<Evie> She was able to handle the IV stick despite her terror of needles because the fear of not breathing was even stronger
[ 18:59 ]<Jerusha> Testing tends to be pricks versus stabs (though that might not be comforting)
[ 18:59 ]<Laurna> poor DD
[ 18:59 ]<Shiral> This year, I'll have my mother, step mother sister and one brother. The other brother and his wife live in Florida so they won't make it.
[ 18:59 ]<KK> Oops, gotta run.  Time for Outlander1
[ 18:59 ]<KK> See you guys next week--and happy Turkey Day!
[ 18:59 ]<Laurna> Good Night KK  Happy turkey day
[ 19:00 ]<Shiral> And a long-time friend of our whole family is also coming. My nephew won't make it up from LA, either.
[ 19:00 ]<Jerusha> Bye KK, thanks for coming
[ 19:00 ]<Shiral> Night, KK
[ 19:00 ]<The_Bee> bye KK.  Glad you came.  Happy Thanksgiving
[ 19:00 ]* KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))


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