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KK Chat - Oct. 28, 2001
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:50:30 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 28, 2001

[18:07] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[18:07] <JastaElf> She doesn't seem to want to take *anything* from the Haldanes at that point
[18:07] <scribbler> That might have been a family thing....
[18:07] <JastaElf> Hi KK!!
[18:07] * scribbler sends greetings to KK
[18:07] <Jessie> hello Katherine
[18:07] <Wrengl> hi Katherine
[18:07] <virtualbabe> Hi Katherine!!!!
[18:07] <ash> hi KK.
[18:07] <Kelric> hey.  I managed to grab for $2.00 at a used book store that choose your own adventure style Deryni book Deryni Challenge.
[18:07] <JastaElf> I have that, Kelric.  :-)
[18:07] <Mike_Mc> JESSIE - as a test, I left my Net connection active while Charlie and I were doing yard work and it stayed connected!
[18:07] *** xmanii  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:07] <JastaElf> Hi xman!
[18:07] <Wrengl> i've not seen that book Kelric.  Heard about it
[18:07] <xmanii> hello
[18:07] <Wrengl> hi xmanii
[18:07] <ash> heheh
[18:08] <Mike_Mc> Hi Katherine!
[18:08] <ash> heheh
[18:08] <ash> oh buggrit.
[18:08] <KK> Aha!  Hello, all!
[18:08] <scribbler> KK -- Shiral and Duck say hello; Shiral had to go work on desk and Duck couldn't stay because of high phone bills....
[18:08] <Kelric> the bookstore also had 2 copies of first printing CoC.
[18:08] <ash> silly irc client
[18:08] <JastaElf> Hi there!
[18:08] <Rebecca> Hello KK!
[18:08] * scribbler sends greetings to xmanii
[18:08] <xmanii> hello @ll
[18:08] <xmanii> :P
[18:08] <Wrengl> And we'd rather duck saved his money for Duckover!
[18:08] <JastaElf> KK, did your change clocks back today?
[18:09] <Jessie> Katherine:  does the royal family of Bremagne know they are deryni? -- or did only Jehana not know -- or did Jehana know and bury it?
[18:09] <scribbler> uh-oh....either KK's speechless or she's having mIRC problems again.....
[18:09] <JastaElf> (we've been discussing Bremagne royals this eve.... <g>)
[18:09] <Kendall> jump in with both feet, eh Jessie?
[18:09] *** Shiral  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:09] <JastaElf> Hi Shiral!  Just in time!
[18:09] <Rebecca> just in time Melissa
[18:09] <virtualbabe> Hi shiral
[18:09] <scribbler> Shiral! You're back!
[18:09] <Shiral> I'm back, but don't be surprised if I'm quiet
[18:09] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:10] <Shiral> Hi Katherine
[18:10] <Shiral> Oops
[18:10] <virtualbabe> How were the kiddies?
[18:10] <Kelric> d'oh
[18:10] <Tika> ACK
[18:10] * JastaElf slaps Peer with a frozen tuna!
[18:10] <scribbler> uh-oh...
[18:10] * scribbler sends greetings to all....
[18:10] <Tika> step away for a moment and she shows and peers at the same time
[18:10] <Shiral> Lively, Scribbler
[18:10] <Jessie> Kendall -- you have to jump in with both feet -- or very little deryni stuff get's answered
[18:10] * scribbler grabs a veal bacon wrapped monkfish and pounds Peer with it unmercifully....
[18:10] * Kelos_al-Hazar takes the frozen tigershark outta the freezer and thwaps peer upside the head with it. Peer goes flying with a scream...
[18:10] <Wrengl> wb shiral
[18:10] <scribbler> wrong shortcut....
[18:10] <Shiral> I think I have indigestion from that Peer whack, Scribbler!
[18:10] *** xmanii  has left #Deryni_Destinations
[18:10] <Shiral> Thanks
[18:11] <Kelric> who was xmanii?
[18:11] *** Golux  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:11] <Tika> he's one of our administrators
[18:11] <scribbler> Shiral -- I saw that recipe on the Food Network web site and couldn't resist throwing that in....
[18:11] <JastaElf> Hi Golux!
[18:11] * scribbler sends greetings to Golux
[18:11] * Wrengl takes her bullwhip from her Indian Jones belt and beats Peer from one end of the room to the other.
[18:11] <Shiral> Hi Golux
[18:11] <Tika> the software gives them the big @ automatically
[18:11] <Wrengl> hi golux
[18:11] <Kelric> heh
[18:11] <virtualbabe>  which is why he removed it right afterwards?
[18:12] <scribbler> Golux -- the Imaginary Husband sends greetings....
[18:12] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:12] <JastaElf> WB KK!
[18:12] <Kelric> wb.
[18:12] <scribbler> WB KK
[18:12] <Wrengl> wb katherine
[18:12] <Golux> High everyone!  I just finished installing a new video card!
[18:12] <Mike_Mc> Everybody grab KK and hang on!!!
[18:12] <Jessie> wb Katherine
[18:12] <virtualbabe> WB Katherine.  Peer's been thouroughly chastised and monkfished
[18:12] <Wrengl> and bull whipped
[18:12] <Tika> hey there KK :)
[18:13] <Shiral> Hi Kk
[18:13] <scribbler> KK -- can you see us?
[18:13] <Mike_Mc> Try again Jessie!
[18:13] * virtualbabe thinks, is monkfished a word?
[18:13] <Shiral> It is now
[18:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Not to mention cracked upside the head with a frozen tigershark....
[18:13] <Kelric> now for my question.  I was rereading King's Justice and at the end Cardiel was musing about looking into Istelyn's family history because of the experience with the ring.  Did he ever do that and if so what was the result?
[18:13] <Tika> virtualbabe, it's a verb, past tense of "to monkfish" :)
[18:13] <scribbler> VB -- it is here....
[18:13] <JastaElf> I'm not sure she can see us yet.  :-(
[18:13] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:14] <Mike_Mc> Aw rats!
[18:14] <JastaElf> Now I'm sure... and she can't....
[18:14] <scribbler> KK is having problems....
[18:14] <Kelric> D'oh ^ 2
[18:14] * Kelos_al-Hazar takes the frozen tigershark outta the freezer and thwaps peer upside the head with it. Peer goes flying with a scream...again
[18:14] <Rebecca> ugh!  Why's she having such a hard time?
[18:14] <virtualbabe> OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh  Katherine's having problems tonight
[18:14] * Wrengl reaches into the ammo chest, takes out the moray eel, beats Peer and returns eel to chest
[18:14] * scribbler tells Peer, "Sic Caesar viveret, ad remum dareris!"
[18:14] <JastaElf> LOL scribs!!
[18:14] <scribbler> I HAD to add that one after Friday chat!!!!
[18:14] *** Gamgee-is-reading-a-book is now known as Gamgee
[18:15] <JastaElf> :-)  Excellent idea!   
[18:15] <Gamgee> Hello KK
[18:15] <Kendall> translate for the Latin impaired please
[18:15] * virtualbabe would love a translation. she doesn't speak latin too good
[18:15] <Shiral> Good work Scribs
[18:15] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[18:15] * Kelric grabs a huge mallet out of a sub-space pocket and rockets peer into orbit.
[18:15] <Gamgee> Hello KK
[18:15] <JastaElf> It's "Si Caesar viveret...
[18:15] <Gamgee> hello all
[18:15] <scribbler> "If Caesar were alive, you'd be chained to an oar"
[18:15] <JastaElf> VB, it means if Caesar were alive, you'd be chained to an oar.  It's an insult in silly Latin.  :-)
[18:15] <KK> Hi, everbody.  Bynw, our shortcut still isn't quite right.
[18:15] <Mike_Mc> Hello KK?
[18:15] *** Bynw sets mode: +o Shiral
[18:15] <scribbler> got that from Jasta last Friday....
[18:15] <JastaElf> KK, can you see us?
[18:15] <Shiral> Katherine are you with us?
[18:16] <Rebecca> hel.lo at last KK!
[18:16] <scribbler> Finally!
[18:16] <Kelric> excellent
[18:16] <Bynw> Ok ... I'll work on it
[18:16] <KK> I could see you both other times I got in.  But I didn't have anywhere to type words.
[18:16] <JastaElf> Oh dear... well, welcome anyway!   
[18:16] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Hmmm.
[18:16] <JastaElf> We have two hot questions for you!  :-)
[18:16] <Rebecca> That is a problem
[18:16] <scribbler> well, third times a charm....
[18:16] <Shiral> We're glad you're here and typing
[18:16] <Tika> definitely!
[18:16] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Not a good thing, KK.
[18:16] <Mike_Mc> *HUG*  We're glad you're persistent, KK!
[18:16] <virtualbabe> sounds like your new toy's got a couple bugs in it.   
[18:16] <Wrengl> indeed it is good to see you.
[18:16] <Shiral> And a number of cooler questions
[18:16] <KK> If I maximize the window, it maximizes so far that the bottom of the window goes off the bottom of the screen, and there's nothing to grab and drag.
[18:17] <Kelric> heh.
[18:17] <scribbler> Interesting....
[18:17] <Mike_Mc> Jessie, try your Q again...
[18:17] <JastaElf> We've been discussing Istelyn's ring and the Bremagne royal family...  :-)
[18:17] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: Maybe your monitor's misadjusted. Can you see all of the taskbar under normal circumstances?
[18:17] <KK> Ask away.
[18:17] <Kendall> on to things Deryni...
[18:17] <Jessie> Katherine:  does the royal family of Bremagne know they are deryni? -- or did only Jehana not know -- or did Jehana know and bury it?
[18:17] <virtualbabe> I almost couldn't make it today.  I tried XP.  big mistake
[18:17] <Kelric> because I have to go back to work soon,  did you catch my question about Cardiel looking into Istelyn's history?
[18:18] <KK> Jessie, that's too complicated a question to answer here.
[18:18] <Kendall> that figures
[18:18] <JastaElf> Ah, a CM wait question.  :-)
[18:18] <scribbler> VB -- my dad-in-law won't touch XP with a 20-foot pole; he just got a new computer so that he could have Win2000 on it....
[18:18] <Rebecca> translation:  we'll have to wait and read?
[18:18] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Childe Morgan, I presume, will answer the question? :)
[18:19] <KK> Kelos, it isn't the monitor; it's the little maximize/minimize squares.
[18:19] <JastaElf> OK then, how about the history of Istelyn's ring, now Duncan's?  Any hints? :-)
[18:19] <Kelric> heh.  when a new window'
[18:19] *** hygilac  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:19] <Shiral> Hi Linda
[18:19] <KK> I had the same problem last week; was bitching to Ash about it. He'll remember.  Hi, Ash.
[18:19] <hygilac> hi KK
[18:19] <JastaElf> wb hygilac!
[18:19] <Tika> wb hygilac
[18:19] <scribbler> WB hygilac
[18:19] <Kelric> s product comes out,  wait for 2 service packs or 6 months of bugfixes to come out,  whichever is first.
[18:19] <Rebecca> just in time for the show Linda
[18:19] <Bynw>  Katherine, make sure you have your laptop with you at Darkover and I can show you a few tricks on that ... and you can use them at home on your desktop PC too
[18:19] <Wrengl> hi linda
[18:19] <hygilac> good show!
[18:19] <KK> Will do, Bynw.
[18:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Gah! Gotta run!
[18:20] * Kelos_al-Hazar walks over to the Portal in the corner by the sideboard, waves, then vanishes in a flash of brilliant light
[18:20] *** Kelos_al-Hazar  Quit
[18:20] <KK> Bye, Kelos.
[18:20] <Wrengl> night kelos
[18:20] <scribbler> too quick....
[18:20] <JastaElf> he's aliasing out...  :-) fast lad!
[18:20] <Tika> he's been taking lessons from Gamgee...
[18:20] <Shiral> Have you had a good writing week, Katherine?
[18:20] <hygilac> apparently so!
[18:20] <KK> Yep, finished the story for Rob.  Anybody heard from this week?
[18:21] <KK> heard from him?
[18:21] <Kendall> Mike ask your question again
[18:21] <Shiral> Haven't heard from Rob in a while
[18:21] <Shiral> I assume he's very busy
[18:21] <Rebecca> nope.  Sent an email to him the other day.  He hasn't responded yet
[18:21] <Shiral> If he's not busy, he's in trouble. =o)
[18:21] <scribbler> keeping on Bro. Theo's case....
[18:21] <hygilac> he generally is busy
[18:21] <virtualbabe> As long as he's husy on codex II
[18:21] <KK> I sent him a whole raft of questions about the Atlas ms.  Maybe he's grumping.....
[18:22] <KK> I hope he's ok.  He's not been well the past few weeks.
[18:22] *** great_hooded_one  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:22] <Rebecca> that's not good to hear.
[18:22] <scribbler> oh, dear -- sorry to hear that....
[18:22] <KK> Hello, Hood!
[18:22] <virtualbabe> Hi GHO
[18:22] <Kelric> time to get back to work.   
[18:22] <hygilac> hi GHO
[18:22] <Wrengl> hi great_hooded_one
[18:22] <scribbler> Greetings, Hood....
[18:22] *** Kelric  Quit
[18:22] <great_hooded_one> hello ppls
[18:22] *** Jessie sets mode: -o Jessie
[18:22] <Kiri``> re everyone.. hi ray!
[18:22] <Golux> Hello son
[18:23] <KK> How is Shrinking Jasta tonight?
[18:23] <scribbler> Golux & Hood -- how did you like Enterprise I?
[18:23] <JastaElf> LOL!  Down below 250 for the first time in 10 years...
[18:23] <Shiral> The incredible Shrinking woman
[18:23] <Kiri``> HI Eillen!!!
[18:23] <Golux> Haven't played the tape yet
[18:23] <Kiri``> what?  !
[18:23] <KK> Wahoo, Jasta!  Well done!
[18:23] <Kiri``> course then I'm one to talk.. =)
[18:23] <Kiri``> congrats Jasta!
[18:23] <JastaElf> I'm pretty happy, yes...  LOL!
[18:23] <scribbler> That's like the IH -- he still has to watch 2&3 before I can send them to you!
[18:23] <hygilac> Katherine, I was teling my frined Mark Delaney about your character Francis--turns out that is his middle name!
[18:24] <virtualbabe> Good for you Jasta, can you lose some of mine too?
[18:24] <KK> Aha!
[18:24] <Wrengl> congrat Jasta
[18:24] <Golux> Francis or Frances is a great middle name
[18:24] <hygilac> that is great Jasta
[18:24] <JastaElf> :-) I don't think it works that way, VB, but I can try.  :-)
[18:24] <JastaElf> Thanks all!
[18:24] <Shiral> IF you're talking about Francis Raeburn that's not so great, though, <G>
[18:24] <scribbler> Jasta -- I think I found your lost weight; my theme song right now is Moody Blues' "Ride My See-Saw"  :(
[18:24] <Shiral> As long as you're at it, loose some of mine too <G>
[18:24] <KK> Well, this Francis is an ok guy.  He still winds up dead.
[18:25] <JastaElf> Oh dear....
[18:25] <Shiral> Still not much fun!
[18:25] <Shiral> =o)
[18:25] <hygilac> and Mark was telling me about the new Umberto Eco book, something Pendulum
[18:25] <Mike_Mc> Katherine, is Adept only a publish on demand book? In my system at work it says its still in print, but I've had it on back-order for over a month!
[18:25] <virtualbabe> I kind of blimped out when I quit smoking and got on 'mones
[18:25] <hygilac> apparently has a lot about the Templars in it
[18:25] <KK> Morian turns out not to be a bad fellow, though--even though he's the cause of Francis'death.
[18:25] <Shiral> Morian?
[18:25] <Golux> As long as the weight you are losing doesn't end up in Calif. a bunch of us will be happy
[18:25] <scribbler> I'm trying to regain my girlish figure -- but I never had one in the first place....
[18:25] <KK> All the Adepts should still be in print.
[18:26] <JastaElf> KK, who's Morian?
[18:26] <JastaElf> (neat name...)
[18:26] <Mike_Mc> Hmmmm
[18:26] <Shiral> Or Morgan?
[18:26] <Kiri``> i had one.. it abandoned me ..
[18:26] <KK> Morian is the son of Lewys ap Norfal.
[18:26] <Rebecca> I've seen Adept around in the book stores
[18:26] <JastaElf> oooo, neat!
[18:26] <scribbler> Morgan wasn't even a glimmer in his father's eye....
[18:26] <Shiral> Cool,
[18:26] <Shiral> No, but Kenneth Morgan was alive and well
[18:26] <scribbler> True....
[18:26] <Kendall> but who is the father? :)
[18:27] <scribbler> We know it's not Darth Vader.... ;)
[18:27] * Shiral begins to hum....
[18:27] <KK> Yeah, I haven't had a chance to work on Childe, but the short story covers some of the same gorund, so that's ok.
[18:27] <Golux> But his egg was around, right?
[18:27] <KK> Who is what father?
[18:27] <Kendall> round and with a tail
[18:27] <Shiral> Egg???
[18:28] <virtualbabe> Ovum would be more right
[18:28] * Shiral is lost
[18:28] <Mike_Mc> Whats coming out the very next? CM, C2 or D Tales?
[18:28] <hygilac> KK, have you read the Eco book?
[18:28] <Golux> The egg that Morgan came from was in his mother when she was born.
[18:28] <KK> Deryni Tales.
[18:28] <Shiral> <G>
[18:28] <KK> I'm going over the copy-edits now.
[18:28] * Shiral claps paws with glee
[18:28] <scribbler> Ah -- I think I get it now....
[18:28] <scribbler> Me too!
[18:28] <Kendall> thank you Golux, that explains everytihng
[18:29] <Jessie> Codex 2 isn't going to be released until AFTER June, 2002?
[18:29] <Mike_Mc> Thanks, KK
[18:29] <Rebecca> Well Rob is still working on the Atlas
[18:29] <scribbler> I think Atlas is first, Feb 2002....
[18:29] *** majorsprop  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:29] <virtualbabe> but it will be released?
[18:29] <KK> Atlas is first.
[18:29] <KK> Hi, Maj.
[18:29] <scribbler> WB majorsprop
[18:29] <Shiral> Hi Maj
[18:29] <Golux> My sister used to tell my niece that she has all the eggs she will ever have.  When Shannon was a baby!
[18:29] <Kendall> anyone know when the RPG is coming out?
[18:30] *** majorsprop Quit
[18:30] <Rebecca> March/April
[18:30] <KK> Dunno exactly.
[18:30] <scribbler> That was quick....
[18:30] <Kendall> really looking forward to that
[18:30] <KK> I don't see Ann here tonight.  She could tell you.
[18:30] <Kendall> I'm a big MTG player
[18:30] <Rebecca> March/april is what she said a few weeks ago
[18:30] * virtualbabe really wants a codex, but cannot afford the $1200 it would cost
[18:30] <scribbler> Haven't seen Ann in a while -- isn't she in Germany at a game convention this weekend?
[18:31] <KK> I'm getting to the point where I can't keep track of the players without a program.
[18:31] <hygilac> $1200!!!
[18:31] <KK> Should be back by now.
[18:31] <Rebecca> is that the ebay price?!
[18:31] <scribbler> Maybe still in transit....
[18:31] <KK> $What?$
[18:31] <hygilac> Eek
[18:31] <virtualbabe> canadian.  (considering they go for around $800 on e-bay
[18:31] <KK> That's still astonishing.
[18:31] <Shiral> You had us worried, VB
[18:31] <hygilac> It was only at $102 when I checked the other day
[18:31] <JastaElf> Wow, 800 for a book... wow.... :-)
[18:31] *** majorsprop  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:31] <scribbler> ah yes, the joys of exchange rates....
[18:32] <Gamgee> KK: didn't you know you were that collectable????
[18:32] <scribbler> WB majorsprop
[18:32] * Shiral hugs her Codex possesively
[18:32] <KK> Good grief, no!
[18:32] <scribbler> She's in demand....
[18:32] <Shiral> Even though it's at home
[18:32] <Kendall> why Katherine? your work is really that good! :)(
[18:32] <hygilac> hence the need to clone her. . .
[18:32] <majorsprop> Hi I'm back talk about me much?
[18:32] <Rebecca> It's up to 300 now.  Just checked
[18:32] <Kendall> whoops  :)
[18:32] <KK> Well, my mother and I always think so, but she <has> to say that....
[18:32] <hygilac> has that met the reserve?
[18:32] <Rebecca> yes
[18:33] <Golux> Shiral, do you mean that it is by itself?
[18:33] <majorsprop> did I miss anything?
[18:33] <scribbler> Shiral -- I've got a picture to send you; it's from when KK was here in May with everyone posing with their Codexes, if you want to put it on the website....
[18:33] <Gamgee> there is only ONE book that I would pay that much for...... (sorry KK) and that is a FIRST edition of Fox-Davies Art of Heraldry.
[18:33] <Shiral> Cool, but send it to Carolyn, Scribbler.  She's the one who does the tech magic <G>
[18:33] <KK> Hmmm, I know ours is a reprint.
[18:33] <scribbler> Okay -- thanks....
[18:34] <Wrengl> that would be worth it Gamgee
[18:34] <Shiral> Golux, my Codex is still VERY well guarded, don't get your hopes up!
[18:34] <Jessie> current price for the codex on ebay is $300
[18:34] <Shiral> Wards, AND spider Nano-Explosives
[18:34] <KK> Tika, with Halloween coming up, I have to ask if you've been to any good cemeteries lately.
[18:34] <Kendall> Mike ask your question again!
[18:34] <scribbler> guarded by attack kitties....
[18:34] * JastaElf would pay that much for a whole copy of "Unser Luftstreitkraefte", a WW1 book about German aviation... :-)
[18:34] <hygilac> the guard cats watching it, Shiral?
[18:34] <Shiral> Them too
[18:34] <virtualbabe> which is still more then I can afford <pout>\
[18:34] <Shiral> Mike, ask your question <G>
[18:34] <Kendall> lol
[18:35] <Mike_Mc> What question Kendall? My alzheimers must be acting up....
[18:35] <Tika> LOL KK
[18:35] <Shiral> If I didn't already have it, It would be too much for me, too VB
[18:35] <Tika> sorry was afk getting a plate of chinese food that Bynw made ;)
[18:35] <Golux> Scrib, you do remember where to go in Mountain View?
[18:35] <Kendall> sorry that was Kelric
[18:35] <scribbler> When?
[18:35] * JastaElf aims her chopsticks over Tika's shoulder in a sneak attack...
[18:36] <scribbler> I think so....
[18:36] <Tika> and no I haven't been able to get back to a cemetery but I *did* commit MAJOR  fripperies this weekend
[18:36] * Wrengl aims her chopsticks over Tika's other shoulder
[18:36] <hygilac> ummm. . .chinese does sound good
[18:36] <JastaElf> Wasn't the question about Istelyn's bishop ring (now Duncan's) and whether there's any news about where it came from? :-)
[18:36] <KK> Oooo, fripperies!
[18:36] <Rebecca> I had leftover chinese for lunch
[18:36] * Tika users her Deryni powers to thwart the onslaught of theives ;)
[18:36] <Tika> I'm talking the BIG fripperies LOL
[18:36] <Tika> and they are gorgeous ;)
[18:36] <scribbler> Bynw <*GASP!!!*> saw Tika's wedding dress!
[18:36] <KK> I can't tell you yet about Istelyn's ring.
[18:36] <Jessie> Yes Jasta - it was from Kelric
[18:36] * JastaElf pouts and conjures a plate of Lo Mein...
[18:36] <Golux> Bring some fish to distract the attack kitties and sneak off with a Codex!
[18:37] <JastaElf> Ah, ancient Gwyneddan secret about the ring!  :-)
[18:37] <Tika> LOL scribbler is correct... and we paid the price, the car broke down when we left the store *grumbles*
[18:37] <scribbler> LOL Golux!!!!
[18:37] <virtualbabe> It's only if you see her IN the dress before the wedding that is bad luck
[18:37] <Kendall> I'll ask it for him
[18:37] <Kendall> now for my question.  I was rereading King's Justice and at the end Cardiel was musing about looking into Istelyn's family history because of the experience with the ring.  Did he ever do that and if so what was the result?
[18:37] * Wrengl conjurs a plate of sahimi
[18:37] <majorsprop> tell about the dress
[18:37] <Tika> virtualbabe, he did
[18:37] <Shiral> It's keyed to my DNA Golux
[18:37] <KK> Well, we haven't gotten to that point in time yet, have we?
[18:38] <Wrengl> lol katherine
[18:38] <virtualbabe> I'm sorry I won't see it, unless some nice person posts some piccies
[18:38] <Tika> don't worry they will much to my dismay I am sure :)
[18:38] <KK> I'm <sure> that pictures will be posted!
[18:39] <hygilac> I think you can count on that, VB
[18:39] <JastaElf> Oh pictures will definitely be posted...  <VBG>
[18:39] <Rebecca> aren't we webcamming the ceremony?
[18:39] <Wrengl> you certainly can, vb
[18:39] <Mike_Mc> I hope someone will post a transcript of the whole ceremony.
[18:39] <Shiral> Good answer KK  re the Ring and the timing <G>
[18:39] <Kendall> Tika and Bynw: you did get a room at another hotel didn't you? :)
[18:39] <Tika> KK, I may just spend tomorrow at the archives though, it would be a good diversion
[18:40] <majorsprop> is "piccies" some Canadian term?
[18:40] <scribbler> VB -- we can both buy a small bottle of champagne and toast them in abstentia....
[18:40] <KK> Oooo, that would be nice, Tika.  Thanks!
[18:40] <JastaElf> Check the Darkover hotel from time to time... they had at least 5 rooms left when I spoke to them last on behalf of a friend.
[18:40] <Tika> Kendall, good heavens yes!
[18:40] <Tika> LOL
[18:40] <virtualbabe> That I can do.   
[18:40] <Shiral> You'll have to have a long reach to clink glasses, Scribbler <G>
[18:40] <Tika> we didn't want a room full of haystacks ;)
[18:40] <Kendall> lol
[18:40] <Shiral> WHy nog???
[18:40] <scribbler> Virtual clinks, Shiral....
[18:40] <Jessie> haystacks & cows Tika
[18:41] <Kendall> with the webcamming going, who knows?
[18:41] <scribbler> Why nog or egg nog?
[18:41] <Tika> I see Shiral has the Troll Keyboard v 1.0 ;)
[18:41] <hygilac> nog is a traditional holiday drink, Shiral
[18:41] <Gamgee> that reminds me....  I've got to go cut......  I mean pick.....  er get their wedding present....
[18:41] <scribbler> LOL Sam!
[18:41] <Tika> well it *is* at the beginning of the holidays ;)
[18:41] <Tika> Sam just remember I'll get you back at our birthday party for whatever you do to... er, *for* us ;)
[18:42] <great_hooded_one> why *not* nog?
[18:42] <Wrengl> lol tika
[18:42] <Tika> hey there GHO didn't see ya come in ;)
[18:42] <KK> He snuck in while you were getting Chinese.
[18:43] <great_hooded_one> i guess i'm stealth today
[18:43] <Tika> aha
[18:43] <Golux> That's because he's hooded
[18:43] <Bynw> just remember to bring your cameras ... video, still, instant, digital whatever.....
[18:43] <KK> Well, of course.
[18:43] <KK> He slunk.
[18:43] <Tika> Bynw would qualify as a hooded one in his wedding outfit ;)
[18:43] <scribbler> Except Shiral -- she'll bring her sketchbox, like Peregrine....
[18:43] <hygilac> slink, slank, slunk?
[18:43] <Rebecca> tripod and the good camera
[18:43] * JastaElf thinks Bynw looks yummy in his wedding outfit...
[18:43] <Tika> LOL scribbler
[18:43] <KK> Jasta, have you seen it?
[18:44] <JastaElf> Yup!
[18:44] <KK> Cool!
[18:44] * Tika thinks Bynw *is* yummy.... ;)
[18:44] <Mike_Mc> Me too!
[18:44] <Gamgee> it was on Bynwcam the other day....
[18:44] * Tika chucks the chinese and heads for the other side of the room
[18:44] * JastaElf won't touch that with a ten-foot-pole....
[18:44] <scribbler> oh my -- they're at it again....
[18:44] <Mike_Mc> Seen Bynw's wedding outfit, that is! *blushes at the misunderstanding!*
[18:44] <Tika> hehehe
[18:44] <virtualbabe> Speaking of pictures, what ever happened to that ABD patrons web-site?
[18:44] <JastaElf> LOL Mike...
[18:44] <hygilac> good question, VB
[18:44] <Shiral> BRB
[18:45] <Gamgee> VB: what site was that?
[18:45] <Kendall> what abd patron web site?
[18:45] <KK> Jasta, did you answer my e-mail of earlier today?
[18:45] <virtualbabe> I sent a pick of me with a short heavily edited bio 
[18:45] <JastaElf> Haven't seen it yet, hon -- I can't check mail and chat at the same time.  :-(
[18:45] <KK> I was wondering about a boi.
[18:45] <JastaElf> I only have a 28K modem, and it tanks if I do more than one op.
[18:46] <virtualbabe> just washed my fingers and can't do a thing with them
[18:46] <Tika> good grief!
[18:46] <KK> LOL VB
[18:46] <Tika> Jasta honey I'll bring you a better modem in 2 weeks ;)
[18:46] <JastaElf> Oh, Tika, I would flop and squirm if you did...
[18:46] <hygilac> ooh, Tika, can you put a hex on my phone lines?
[18:46] <JastaElf> I am SO modem challenged!  this thing is so slow!
[18:46] <ash> oh, btw kk, the enterprise tape is on its way
[18:46] <Bynw> 28k modem?  i thought they were extinct
[18:46] <hygilac> I have a good modem
[18:46] <KK> I think she's lucky to have a computer, at this point.  Didn't the laptop die, Jasta?
[18:46] <Shiral> Back
[18:47] <Tika> Nobody should be relegated to a 28k modem, ugh
[18:47] <Gamgee> Jasta: internal or external modem?
[18:47] <virtualbabe> Jasta, you need cable internet
[18:47] <KK> OOOO, thank you, Ash!
[18:47] <JastaElf> The laptop died and then came back like Buffy, but like Buffy, it ain't right in the head...  ;-)
[18:47] <Kendall> lots of people have 28.8
[18:47] <Tika> ROFL
[18:47] <JastaElf> Mine's internal, Sam
[18:47] <Gamgee> I have a 33.6 internal that I just took out of my computer. send me your snailmail addy and you can have it.
[18:47] <KK> Ash, did she call, and was it icky or nice?
[18:48] <ash> KK: hey, no problem. dunno quite when it'll get there...
[18:48] <ash> it was... um. it just was.
[18:48] <KK> Well, not tomorrow, cause it's a bank holiday.
[18:48] <KK> OK
[18:48] <hygilac> ash--what news on the job?
[18:48] <ash> I didn't get it.
[18:48] <JastaElf> :-(
[18:49] <hygilac> bummer
[18:49] <KK> :-(
[18:49] <virtualbabe> Jasta, i could send you a 56 K internal modem I'm not using but you need drivers for it
[18:49] <ash> came between me and one other guy... the other guy didn't need to relocate, and could start monday
[18:49] *** Bynw changes topic to 'Official Chat of Katherine Kurtz  -- (channel record 19 fans!)'
[18:49] <Shiral> BRB
[18:49] <KK> Well, poo! 
[18:49] <Kendall> 18 fans and one BRB
[18:49] <Kiri``> haven't we had 21-23 here at some point?
[18:49] <Shiral> Here I am
[18:49] <Kiri``> lol 
[18:50] <JastaElf> VB, it's the thought that counts -- thank you!
[18:50] <scribbler> I think that was counting Bender and DeryniBot in the old days....
[18:50] <Bynw> well no one has been keeping good track and there is always questions on we will keep track now
[18:50] <KK> I know w've had the list nearly off the screen.
[18:50] <Kendall> count Kelric too, he was here earlier
[18:50] <Kiri``> I c  bynw =)
[18:50] <scribbler> And Duck....
[18:51] <Rebecca> and Mak
[18:51] <Jessie> it is the number in the room at the same time
[18:51] <Kendall> soem of thenm where her earlier
[18:51] <hygilac> ah, well
[18:51] <KK> I'm a little late tonight.  Daylight savings time, and there was a special about the flight 93 crash.
[18:51] <virtualbabe> but I wasn't then
[18:51] <scribbler> nice try.....
[18:51] <Shiral> Why does this remind me of the old fashioned college contests to see how many people could squeeze into a phone booth?
[18:51] <Kendall> hey I tried
[18:51] <hygilac> I have been giving Kendall typing lessons, you see
[18:51] <scribbler> How was the show?
[18:52] <KK> Nothing new.
[18:52] <virtualbabe> Was watching boys don't cry earlier
[18:52] <KK> But Monarch of the Glen is back on.  Good series, set in Scotland.
[18:52] <scribbler> I'd like to see that....
[18:52] <hygilac> yes, it is good
[18:52] <KK> Have you guys got that yet?
[18:52] <hygilac> they run it on BBC America
[18:52] <majorsprop> never heard of it
[18:53] <KK> Good.  Well, second season just started tonight over here.
[18:53] <Rebecca> hasn't hit PBS yet
[18:53] <Kendall> where would that be locally?
[18:53] <Shiral> Was watching Pride and Prejudice last night -- think Colin Firth would be a good Brion.... Or any Haldane... <G>
[18:53] <scribbler> We don't have BBC America on my cable; one channel is going off air, so I'll have to see what we get to replace it....
[18:53] <hygilac> Dunno--I have DISH
[18:53] <JastaElf> Only if he smiles more, and we straighten his hair, Shiral. :-)
[18:53] * virtualbabe wonders if BBC Canada will run it
[18:53] <Shiral> Don't have cable
[18:53] <Kendall> that's not right :)
[18:53] <Shiral> Fussy fussy, Jasta!
[18:53] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:53] <Bynw> Current global users: 41  Max: 41
[18:53] <Shiral> Hair is easy, He's got DA VOICE
[18:54] <great_hooded_one> we do fine w/o cable here
[18:54] <great_hooded_one> but elsa complains
[18:54] <hygilac> he does have the voice
[18:54] <scribbler> We've been using our cable a lot -- cocooning since this summer....
[18:54] <Kendall> gotta see the sports
[18:54] <Shiral> Can't afford  something I'd never use anyway, Kendall
[18:54] <Kendall> I hear ya
[18:54] <majorsprop> and the sci fi channel
[18:54] <Shiral> I barely have time for all my pursuits as it is
[18:54] <Kendall> me too
[18:54] <scribbler> Sports, and movies, and recipes for veal bacon wrapped monkfish.....
[18:54] <Kendall> prioritize
[18:54] <Shiral> I
[18:54] <KK> Yum, Scribs!
[18:54] * Kiri`` splutters laughing at scribbler
[18:55] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:55] * Tika chuckles
[18:55] <Shiral> would never have time to write or paint 
[18:55] <scribbler> I actually came across that recipe on the Food Network website!
[18:55] <hygilac> Iron chef, Scribs?
[18:55] <Kendall> lol
[18:55] <Shiral> And this room kind of eats my time too?
[18:55] <virtualbabe> is that wrapped in veal and bacon or in bacon made from veal?
[18:55] <majorsprop> what exactly is a monkfish?
[18:55] <scribbler> Not that one, but I've gotten hooked on that show -- they've got Pumpkin Battle tonight!
[18:55] <JastaElf> very pious herring? 
[18:55] <Kiri``> Monkfish.. menber of the amphibian order of..
[18:55] <Bynw> LOL Jasta
[18:55] <scribbler> Bacon made from veal....
[18:56] <Rebecca> a whitefleshed fish.  Very ugly
[18:56] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:56] <hygilac> great when flaming
[18:56] <Bynw> ack!
[18:56] <scribbler> NOOOOO!!!!!
[18:56] <Kendall> most monks are with those haircuts
[18:56] <Mike_Mc> NO!!!
[18:56] * scribbler grabs a veal bacon wrapped monkfish and pounds Peer with it unmercifully....
[18:56] <Wrengl> Scribbler we went to the Japan in 2007 bid party at worldcon. told one of the hosts that they should have had Iron Chef on.  He laughed because he is on the production crew!
[18:56] <majorsprop> Ah. in landlocked Denver all we see is fish days old or trout
[18:56] <Wrengl> Iron Chef is GREAT!
[18:56] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[18:56] <Jessie> so Shiral:  Debbie was asking about the "fan page -- can you tell us it's status and what it is
[18:56] <Bynw> hmmm
[18:57] <KK> Argh, either peered or timed out!
[18:57] <Shiral> WB KK
[18:57] <Shiral> Fan Page?????
[18:57] <virtualbabe> Peered.  and he got thouroughly monkfished for it
[18:57] <Mike_Mc> Yeah, you got peered KK
[18:57] <Jessie> Katherine:  how does one pronouce Dhougal?
[18:57] <KK> Doo-gal
[18:57] <Shiral> No idea on either question, Jessie and VB
[18:57] <scribbler> Veal bacon wrapped monkfished, to boot....
[18:57] <virtualbabe> I think Unicorn was handling that one
[18:57] <scribbler> how is Susan, BTW?
[18:57] <Tika> that's how we've always pronounced it...
[18:57] <hygilac> Carolyn was gonna work on the fan page
[18:58] <Shiral> I've hardly heard from Susan all fall
[18:58] <hygilac> Very busy
[18:58] <Jessie> Thank you Catherine
[18:58] <Jessie> and Katherine even
[18:58] <hygilac> her dad had surgery recently
[18:58] <KK> Well, she'd probably catching up on school starting.
[18:58] <Shiral> BRB
[18:58] <scribbler> was thinking of her because she's in my pictures from May, spoiling Marissa rotten....
[18:58] <virtualbabe> Yeah she shows up once in a blue moon posts about a million posts and disappears again
[18:58] <Shiral> And back
[18:59] <Shiral> She hasn't posted to the NG in MONTHS
[18:59] <Shiral> BRb
[18:59] <Wrengl> and more frequently gets on line and FLOODS mailboxs all over the US of A
[18:59] <KK> Yeah, her dad's surgery on top of her mom's medical problems earlier in the year...I think she's still catching up with her <life>
[18:59] <hygilac> I got 16 forwards last week
[18:59] <scribbler> sorry to hear about her dad -- I just chalk all that up to "planned obsolescence"....
[19:00] <virtualbabe> come to think of It, I'm not all that prolific a poster either.
[19:00] <Shiral> Back
[19:00] <hygilac> I have not posted in ages and ages
[19:00] <KK> Some mornings, there's no doubt in my mind about the obsolescence of human bodies!
[19:00] <Shiral> I think she is
[19:00] <scribbler> I need to check in with my mom and see how she's doing; and to tell her that the in-laws get to put up with me this year....
[19:00] <hygilac> spend my time here for some reason. . .:)
[19:00] <Kiri``> KK - i have to agree.. *grins*
[19:00] <Shiral> BRB
[19:00] <Mike_Mc> I seldom post either!  *crosses fingers behind back*
[19:01] <virtualbabe> I know mine feels like it's falling apart KK
[19:01] <scribbler> Shiral needs to learn the fine art of being two places at once..... ;)
[19:01] <KK> Between the back and the feet and the eyes....
[19:01] <hygilac> and the stomach and the legs.. .
[19:01] <scribbler> neck.....
[19:02] <KK> Fortunately, the brain seems to be mostly ok....who are you people, again?
[19:02] <scribbler> LOL!!!
[19:02] <JastaElf> LOL!!
[19:02] <Mike_Mc>    *L*
[19:02] <virtualbabe> we are a few of your many fans
[19:02] <Mike_Mc> WE ARE FAM-I-LY!
[19:02] <scribbler> Well, KK, they say the second thing to go is the memory -- I don't remember the first....
[19:02] <JastaElf> We are the Camberian Council....  :-)
[19:02] <Bynw> ROFL
[19:02] <KK> Tee-hee!
[19:02] <Bynw> Current global users: 42  Max: 42
[19:02] * virtualbabe giggles
[19:02] <Kendall> I got all my zipper sisters and me
[19:03] <Mike_Mc>  *L*
[19:03] <Shiral> ARG
[19:03] <JastaElf> Arg?
[19:03] <Kendall> couldn't resist
[19:03] <Shiral> Repetitious patron
[19:03] <Shiral> <G>
[19:03] <hygilac> qrg?
[19:03] <majorsprop> we are the people trying to patient for you t write the 10 or so books we have planned for you
[19:03] <KK> Jessie, I hooked up with another cousin today.  She's my 2nd cousin on my father's side, daughter of my father's aunt on his mother's side. A Welliver and Heddings.
[19:03] <Shiral> Gotta go, Bye
[19:03] <Kiri``> only 10?  i thought we'd settled on 41
[19:03] <virtualbabe> at least 10
[19:03] *** Shiral  Quit
[19:04] <Mike_Mc> Majorsprop, make that 100
[19:04] <majorsprop> at least 10
[19:04] * Kendall wonders if 10 is enough
[19:04] <Jessie> excellent news about your cousin Katherine
[19:04] <Kendall> I need my fix soooon....
[19:04] <scribbler> Let's see, after CM, there's 948, Orin/Jodotha.....
[19:04] <KK> Now we'll see if she can tell me anything.
[19:04] * hygilac definitely needs a scorecard for the Wellivers and Heddings
[19:04] <Jessie> were you able to retrieve your family file?
[19:04] <great_hooded_one> how about just 10 a year...
[19:05] <majorsprop> KK you will have to live to be at least 122 to get to most of the ideads we have
[19:05] <KK> Haven't had time to try yet, Jessie.
[19:05] <scribbler> oooh, I like that name -- "Welliver"!
[19:05] <Jessie> will keep my fingers crossed for you Katherine
[19:05] *** Shiral  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:05] <scribbler> wb Shiral
[19:05] <Kiri``> re!
[19:05] <Shiral> I'm back
[19:05] <hygilac> where did you go?
[19:05] <KK> My maternal grandmother was a Welliver, Helen Catherine--for whom I'm named.
[19:05] *** Bynw sets mode: +o Shiral
[19:05] <Shiral> I had to change machines, I'm off desk now
[19:05] <Mike_Mc> Re-hi!  Have a Nehi!
[19:06] <scribbler> Except with a K instead of a C....
[19:06] <Wrengl> Ten is the number we have planned for katherine to write in the next year or two.
[19:06] <KK> That's because I'm a Kurtz.  Middle name is Irene for my other grandmother.  I got both their middle names.
[19:06] <Shiral> Face it Katherine, You'll have to live forever <G>
[19:06] * virtualbabe thins that some here are slave drivers
[19:06] <KK> From your lips, Shiral!
[19:06] * scribbler imagines KK's fingers a half inch shorter from all the typing....
[19:06] * hygilac cracks her whip
[19:06] <Shiral> She can take her time, she just has to keep writing steadily
[19:07] <Kendall> ouch, watch it with the whip!
[19:07] <majorsprop> she 's not a slve she is a willing participant
[19:07] <scribbler> that's like my brother -- he's named for both grandfathers.....I got my name from my dad
[19:07] * Jessie volunteers to proof for Katherine ;-)
[19:07] * JastaElf offers to help her write -- ANY time! :-)
[19:07] <majorsprop> me too
[19:07] <Shiral> ME TOO!!!
[19:07] <Shiral> <G>
[19:07] <Mike_Mc> KK oughtta hire speed typists and just dictate her stories to them.
[19:07] <Kendall> as do we all
[19:07] * Kiri`` chimes in can make tea
[19:07] <Wrengl> I got both my grandmother's middle names for my middle names. Got Patricia 'cause I was supposed to be Patrick
[19:07] <hygilac> you see, KK, willing volunteers
[19:08] <Jessie> Jasta -- just work on your stories
[19:08] <KK> Well, it's after midnight here, gang, and an hour later by body clock, since we turned ém back last night.  (This new keyboard does weird things with apostrophes--or maybe it's ME.)
[19:08] <Kiri``> i can type as fast as someone talks..
[19:08] <scribbler> My dad was Robert Franklin, so I'm Roberta Lynn....
[19:08] * Jessie get's out her JastaElf whip
[19:08] <Shiral> Jasta will cover Nigel's life story anytime you like KK <G>
[19:08] <Wrengl> night Katherine
[19:08] <JastaElf> :-) Jasta will have writing time this week...  :-)]
[19:08] <Shiral> Night, Katherine
[19:08] <virtualbabe> Goodnight then katherine.  Sweet dreams
[19:08] <Bynw> Have a good night Katherine :-)
[19:08] <Jessie> Night Katherine -- have a great week
[19:08] <scribbler> sleep well and good writing, KK....
[19:08] <JastaElf> Night KK!!
[19:08] <Wrengl> see you next week
[19:08] <Shiral> Next week I can be here undistracted
[19:08] <majorsprop> ok KK got ot get your rest to write th eother 56 books
[19:08] <Kendall> good night Lady Katherine
[19:08] <hygilac> night Katherine
[19:08] <Shiral> Bye and good writing!
[19:08] <Rebecca> night Katherine
[19:08] <Kiri``> night KK!
[19:08] <KK> See you next week, hopefully able to report good progress.
[19:08] <Jessie> ;-)
[19:08] <Mike_Mc> Good Night, Katherine
[19:09] * Wrengl fingers crossed 
[19:09] <Kiri``> sleep well
[19:09] <Kendall> we'll drink to your writing and good health
[19:09] * KK steps onto her Portal and waves bye-bye, blowing kisses to all
[19:09] <Kiri``> KK - did you get the tape ash sent?
[19:09] <Wrengl> pleasant dreams of Morgan & co
[19:09] <Shiral> Have a good week in the meantime and thanks for joining us yet again
[19:09] *** KK Quit

-Bynw (Zipper Brother and Master of Chat)

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