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KK Chat - Oct. 21, 2001
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:48:35 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 21, 2001

[17:06] *** Guest30  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:06] <Shiral> Hello Guest 30
[17:06] <Jessie> hello Katherine
[17:06] <scribbler> Hi KK!
[17:06] *** Guest30 is now known as KK
[17:06] <Shiral> Hello Katherine
[17:06] *** hygilac has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:06] <Helenmary> Hi Katherine!
[17:06] <Shiral> Hi Linda
[17:06] <Sedina> Hello Katherine!
[17:06] * scribbler sends greetings to hygilac
[17:06] <Sedina> Hi Linda!
[17:06] <Shiral> Wow, what timing we all have <G>
[17:06] <Mike_Mc> Hi Katherine
[17:06] <hygilac> Hi Katherine! Hi everyone
[17:06] *** Bynw sets mode: +o KK
[17:06] <Helenmary> Hello, Linda
[17:07] <scribbler> Yeah -- I came in 15 minutes ago and it was just me, Sedina and Bynw!
[17:07] <Shiral> Hmmmm, intimate group, today
[17:07] <Jessie> how is your day going Katherine and how did writing go this week?
[17:07] <scribbler> KK -- how was writing this week? How are you enjoying your new toy?
[17:07] <Mike_Mc> I imagine we'll see a few more stragglers
[17:07] <Sedina> And how was your birthday, KK?   
[17:08] <Shiral> I think you're right, Mike
[17:08] <scribbler> Oh, yes -- happy belated birthday!
[17:08] <Mike_Mc> Did you enjoy the birthday page, KK?
[17:08] <Shiral> And I think we've struck our GOH speechless. =o)
[17:08] <Helenmary> Either that or her new keyboard is misbehaving...
[17:08] <scribbler> She's overwhelmed....
[17:09] <Shiral> Technical troubles can rear their ugly heads at inconvenient moments
[17:09] <scribbler> Maybe she's using mind-speech....
[17:09] <Sedina> Tell me about it, Shiral...
[17:09] <Shiral> She'd have to use mind-shouting from Ireland
[17:09] *** Richenda  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:09] <Jessie> hello Richenda
[17:09] <scribbler> LOL Shiral! <*coughs*>
[17:09] <Sedina> Hi Richenda
[17:10] * scribbler sends greetings to Richenda
[17:10] <Mike_Mc> Hi Richenda
[17:10] <Helenmary> Boy, mIRC is more advanced than I thought - I haven't found the mind speech button yet <G>
[17:10] <Shiral> Or she and Bynw are having a wedding Confab
[17:10] * ash has had 4 bottles of bud, and 5 double jack daniels and coke
[17:10] <Shiral> Hi Richenda
[17:10] <ash> i am happy :)
[17:10] <Richenda> hi ya'll
[17:10] <hygilac> You guys will have to excuse me if I am only partly here today
[17:10] <Shiral> I'm looking for it too, Helenmary but I can't find it!
[17:10] <Bynw> nope no private conversations going on at all
[17:10] <scribbler> what's up, Linda?
[17:10] <Bynw> KK can you chat at all??
[17:10] <hygilac> I am deeply involved in a political discussion with Einat
[17:10] *** KK  Quit
[17:11] <Richenda> KK here
[17:11] <scribbler> Uh-oh....
[17:11] <Richenda> I didn't see that
[17:11] <ash> i am feeling giddy
[17:11] <Shiral> Oops, I guess she was having connection problems
[17:11] <ash> so how is everyone this fine fine sunday?
[17:11] <Shiral> I'm not surprised, Ash!
[17:11] <Richenda> i'm great
[17:11] <scribbler> I'm getting over a cold right now....
[17:11] *** KKGuest  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:11] <Richenda> i thought today wouldn't be the way it turned out
[17:11] <Richenda> wb kk
[17:11] <Sedina> wb KK
[17:11] <Helenmary> wb KK
[17:11] <scribbler> WB KK....
[17:11] <Shiral> Are you all the way here, KK? If so, welcome back <G>
[17:12] <hygilac> no, it's a good discussion
[17:12] <hygilac> just rather intense
[17:12] <KKGuest> This was weird.  I was in mIRC, and no one could see me!
[17:12] <scribbler> We saw you, but we couldn't hear you....
[17:12] <Mike_Mc> We could see you
[17:12] <Helenmary> A random invisibility spell?
[17:12] <KKGuest> So I'm only halfway here, having come back in via the web page.
[17:12] *** Bynw sets mode: +o KKGuest
[17:12] *** Kelos_al-Hazar  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:12] <Shiral> So do we all call you K today?
[17:12] <KKGuest> Bynw, we need to tweak that link.
[17:12] <Shiral>  Hi Kelos
[17:12] <Sedina> Hi Kelos
[17:12] <Jessie> hello Kelos
[17:12] <Helenmary> Hi Kelos
[17:13] * scribbler sends greetings to Kelos_al-Hazar
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Greets, everyone...
[17:13] <Richenda> hi kelos
[17:13] *** Bynw sets mode: +z
[17:13] <scribbler> Isn't technology wonderful? ;)
[17:13] <Shiral> Now and then, yes.
[17:13] <Shiral> Except when it doesn't work
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> When it works, and behaves itself, aye.
[17:13] <KKGuest> How do I fix my nickname, for now?
[17:14] <Bynw> type /nick KK
[17:14] <scribbler> I suppose the natives felt the same way when no one heard their drum messages....
[17:14] *** KKGuest is now known as KK
[17:14] <KK> Am I myself now?
[17:14] <Shiral> Official greetings, KK
[17:14] <KK> Yes!
[17:14] <Shiral> =o)
[17:14] <KK> This a weird science!
[17:14] <Mike_Mc> Did you enjoy your birthday web page, KK?
[17:14] * scribbler looks in the mirror -- yes, she's herself too....
[17:14] <Helenmary> Speaking of drums, I was thinking of all of you last week on vacation when I was doing the Native American sweat lodge ceremony...
[17:14] <KK> I loved my birthday page!
[17:15] * Shiral pats herself down. I'm pretty much here, too
[17:15] <Mike_Mc> Great!
[17:15] <KK> Melissa very kindly has agreed to print it out for me in color!
[17:15] <Shiral> I'll bring it to Darkover, unless we meet at some point before then
[17:15] <ash> thats it, i need a new powerbook. even in my alcohol clouded state, i can still type faster than this swine can keep up with... :)
[17:15] <KK> Ugh!  Sweat, Helenmary!  Why would you want ot go and do a thing like that?!
[17:15] <Helenmary> there is one part at the begining where they basically call the quarters - no archangels, though...
[17:15] <scribbler> Oooh -- I should go to my dad-in-law's and do that too, especially Shiral's Morgan painting....
[17:16] <Shiral> I have that scanned into my computer.  I might conceivably get more copies made....
[17:16] <KK> Seriously, I think Native American spirituality is cool.
[17:16] <Helenmary> It seemed like a good idea at the time?  And it was interesting...
[17:16] * Kelos_al-Hazar hands a tray of tall glasses of iced tea around...
[17:16] <ash> I have a native american friend... he's fun. crazy at times.
[17:17] <Jessie> Helenmary -- have you discovered your totem animal yet?
[17:17] * Shiral sends around the scottish shortbread to go with the tea
[17:17] <Mike_Mc> mmmmmm
[17:17] <KK> Anyway, Jessie asked about the writing.  I finished the first draft of the story for Rob: title is "Venture in Vain."
[17:17] <Sedina> Helenmary - sweat lodge ceremonies are fascinating, aren't they?  I was able to take part in one several years ago on a reservation near where I grew up
[17:17] <ash> he has a tendancy to sit and eat huge chunks of wasabi at sushi restuarants...
[17:17] <Shiral> Great, Katherine. =o) ANd Great Katherine, too
[17:17] * scribbler passes around a large bowl of red and green grapes....
[17:17] <Helenmary> Well, there seemed to be some debate between the Eagle and the Dragonfly - I figure I'll let them sort it out and let me know...
[17:18] <KK> Dragonfly--now <there's> a cool totem!
[17:18] <Jessie> you should be the one to discover it Helenmary
[17:18] <Jessie> not "them"
[17:18] <scribbler> How's the new toy (besides having IRC problems)?
[17:18] <ash> new toy?
[17:18] <Helenmary> Them being the eagle and dragonfly <G>
[17:18] <scribbler> her new computer.....
[17:18] <ash> oooh!
[17:18] <Jessie> or at least the way I learned it -- maybe california indians are different
[17:18] <ash> coolies :)
[17:18] <scribbler> although for her, it's work more than a toy....
[17:18] <Mike_Mc> Her Black Beauty
[17:18] <KK> The new toy is marvelous!  Today I switched over to my nifty cordless mouse, without anybody helping me.  :-)
[17:19] <Jessie> excellent KK
[17:19] <Shiral> Congratulations.
[17:19] <Jessie> so it was just work on the short story & nothing on Childe Morgan this week?
[17:19] <Shiral> DId you and Scot have a good birthday celebration when he got home?
[17:19] <Sedina> congrats, KK.
[17:19] <ash> i've worked out i can sell this powerbook in the UK, and buy a newer model one second hand from the US Without having spend virtually any extra money..
[17:19] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Now if they'd make a cordless trackball....(not that one really NEEDS such a beastie!)
[17:19] <scribbler> Cool -- my dad-in-law got the same model you did (I think) and he's amazed at how much faster it boots up!
[17:19] <Helenmary> Good job, Katherine!  We'll turn you into a card carrying computer geek yet!
[17:19] <ash> which, i am really chuffed about. for i like my apple macs. especially in laptop form.
[17:19] <KK> I still have to figure out how to find the big St. Andrew's flag that formerly adorned my desktop.  (Actually, it still does--but on the other computer.)
[17:19] <Shiral> Now there's an ambition. =o)
[17:20] <scribbler> Ash -- I'm chatting with an iBook right now....
[17:20] <ash> I'm hoping to get a second hand Pismo...
[17:20] <KK> I also have to figure out how to transfer all my genealogical files.
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: If the machines are networked, log onto the older box...and download the desktop background from it.
[17:20] <ash> I have the top model of 3400, the last one before the G3... and it still fetches up to 500 over here. which is nice...
[17:21] <ash> scribbler: do you use ircle or snak as an irc client?
[17:21] <KK> Of course, I buggered up my Kurtz files; somehow rewrote someone else's gedcom file over mine--and theirs isn't as complete as mine.  I hate to think of having to rekey it all myself.
[17:21] <scribbler> That's what my dad-in-law is working on right now -- figuring out how to transfer stuff from his other two computers....
[17:21] <scribbler> Ash -- IRCle for me....
[17:21] * Kelos_al-Hazar has a veritable museum of computers...but they're not worth much.
[17:21] <Shiral> Ack, KK
[17:21] <ash> Scribbler: totally with you on that one.
[17:21] <KK> They aren't networked, Kelos.
[17:21] <ash> ircles great. i use ircle on the mac, bersirc on the PC, and bitchx under linux.
[17:21] <KK> Everything that's been moved so far has been via floppy.
[17:22] <Jessie> did you ever make a backup of the Kurtz file Katherine?
[17:22] <Sedina> Oh dear, KK...I do hope that you're able to fix that problem without having to go through the extra work of having to rekey it all
[17:22] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Bitchx is poorly named IMHO.
[17:22] <scribbler> KK -- sounds like it's sneakernet time....
[17:22] <KK> At least I know how to do that.  But first, I have to find the file I want to move.
[17:22] <Jessie> are you using Family tree maker ?
[17:22] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Possibility: Use a Direct Cable Connection between the two boxes...requires special cable, tho.
[17:23] <KK> Jessie, I wish I knew.  I thought I did.  And I'd named my file something I thought was unique--so how could another Kurtz gedcom replace mine?
[17:23] <Jessie> it shouldn't be able to
[17:23] <KK> For all I know, mine is still in there--but I don't know how to look for it.
[17:23] <Jessie> so yours should be out there somewhere
[17:23] <Helenmary> Could you have a back-up copy, Katherine?
[17:23] <KK> Yes, Jessie--Family Tree Maker.
[17:23] <scribbler> KK -- when are you flying over next month?
[17:23] <Jessie> if you are using Family Tree Maker -- it should have created a "saves" folder within its larger folder on your drive
[17:23] * Kelos_al-Hazar wishes he could board a jet to Ireland to help his favorite author...
[17:24] <Jessie> look in the "saves" folder under the program
[17:24] <KK> If I have a backup copy, it has a different name, and I don't know how they name those.
[17:24] <Jessie> or at least that is what it does on my computer
[17:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Look for files named *.bkp, *.bak, etc...
[17:24] <scribbler> that was going to be my suggestion, Kelos....
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> GMTA.
[17:25] <Jessie> Family treemaker names it's files. fbk
[17:25] <Jessie> the backup files that is
[17:25] <KK> I suppose I could write it all to a CD (now that I have a CD writer) and bring it with me next month.  I'll bet Bynw could sort it out!  :-)
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Great Minds Thinking Alike...
[17:25] <Jessie> the normal files are ftw
[17:25] <scribbler> took me a while to dredge that out of my DOS memories....
[17:25] <Jessie> so search for all files with *ftw
[17:25] <Bynw> sure could :-)
[17:26] <Shiral> I use CD's like floppies, they're great 'cause you can fit so much MORE onto them. =o)
[17:26] <KK> I think I"ll just copy everything associated with FTM--and be sure of getting the right ones.
[17:27] <KK> Of course, I might figure it out, in the meantime.  Of course, I can't copy to CD from the old machine, I just realized, 'cause the CD writer is on the <new> machine.  :-(
[17:27] <Helenmary> I highly recomend starting to do a nightly backup, too, KK.  It saves a lot of angst later..
[17:27] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Anyone know where I can get a copy of FTM to evaluate?
[17:27] <scribbler> CD-RW is #2 on my purchase list -- #1 is memory upgrade, which I hope to do this week....
[17:27] <Mike_Mc> I heard that they will eventually quit making floppies and floppy drives because of the greater popularity of CD's.
[17:28] * Kelos_al-Hazar has 320Mb on this box...and it's no more stable than it was. :(
[17:28] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Doubt it, Mike.
[17:28] * scribbler needs to dig out her floppies and transfer contents to Zip disk....
[17:29] <Shiral> So is your mind getting back into it's "Writing" mode with the short story, KK?
[17:29] <Kelos_al-Hazar> They'd set up to go to LS-120 and LS-240 drives before they banished floppies altogether.
[17:29] <Shiral> (Howzat for subtle? =o)
[17:29] <Sedina> LOL Shiral
[17:29] <Bynw> LOL Shiral
[17:29] <hygilac> Not very, shiral, but thanks for asking
[17:29] <Sedina> About as subtle as twisting her arm, I'd say, Shiral. *giggles*
[17:29] <Shiral> I'm no use when it comes to technological glitch questions.  ;-)
[17:29] <Bynw> how about what is everyone gonna be doing in 34 days?? :-)
[17:30] <hygilac> dressing for a wedding?
[17:30] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Darkover, here.
[17:30] <Shiral> Are we supposed to be somewhere special then, Bynw? <G>
[17:30] <scribbler> "Welcome to Camber's Tech Talk with Katherine Kurtz"......
[17:30] <Mike_Mc> Watching a virtual wedding?
[17:30] <KK> Ash, since you're in the UK, would you happen to know how to toggle between English and US keyboard?  I used to have this button on the lower right corner.  I prefer the US keyboard for writing, since it puts the " above the '--better for dialogue.  But I need to be able to get at the pound sign and, as of January, the Euro sign.
[17:30] <Sedina> Gee, Bynw...don't really know about that.  There's nothing special going on, is there?  *g*
[17:30] <ash> KK: Which OS?
[17:30] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: Use the US-Int'l layout.
[17:31] <Jessie> Katherine:  if you move everything that ends in *.ftw or *.fbc you should be okay
[17:31] <Bynw> hehehe
[17:31] <Helenmary> That reminds me, I'd better send in my Darkover that I've convinced my husband that we have to be back from his parents in time
[17:31] <scribbler> KK -- you might be able to set a keyboard shortcut for the Euro and pound signs; that way you can stay in US mode....
[17:31] <KK> Kelos, I thought that's what I'd set--but I'll check again.  I used to be able to do it, with the old machine.
[17:31] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Start>settings>control panel>keyboard
[17:31] <hygilac> I sent my registration in on Friday, then bought fabric for a dress. ..
[17:32] * scribbler sulks -- she wants to go to Darkover, but suffering from lack of fundage.....
[17:32] <Sedina> Good, Helenmary!  *g*
[17:32] <Shiral> Sent in my dress order, now must buy plane tickets
[17:32] <ash> yeah, second tab in keyboard under control panels.
[17:32] <Shiral> Hooray, Helenmary!
[17:32] <ash> down the bottom. little tick box.
[17:32] <ash> sorry, had to lean over and kick my windows box in to life to check.
[17:32] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:32] <Bynw> ack!
[17:32] <hygilac> oh, no
[17:32] <Shiral> Dang Peer!
[17:33] <Mike_Mc> Bad Peer!
[17:33] <Sedina> Ack....nasty peer!
[17:33] * scribbler slaps Peer silly....
[17:33] * Shiral wallops peer with flaming Monkfish
[17:33] * ash kicks peer up the behind
[17:33] * Sedina grabs a monkfish out of the tank and sets it aflame before beating Peer up with it
[17:33] <ash> Naughty peer, stole a biscuit!
[17:33] <hygilac> Peer is already silly, scribbler
[17:33] <Shiral> I think between us, we got peer.
[17:33] <hygilac> yeah, but not before Peer got KK
[17:34] <scribbler> And I always thought KK was without Peer....
[17:34] <Helenmary> Plus, Rebecca convinced me at the Maryland RennFair that I could actually make my own dress which I am almost done doing - pretty good since I don't sew :o
[17:34] <Sedina> Shiral, two flaming monkfish would do the trick, you'd think
[17:34] <Mike_Mc> Maybe she'll be able to get in via mIRC this time.
[17:34] <Shiral> I hope so
[17:34] <ash> i prefer a steel chair wrapped in barb wire then set alight...
[17:34] <ash> never met a services error it couldn't handle
[17:34] <Shiral> Not "the Comfy Chair!" Ash!
[17:34] <hygilac> LOL, ash
[17:34] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[17:34] <Bynw> lol
[17:35] <Bynw> WB KK
[17:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> WB, KK...
[17:35] <Shiral> Herself has returned
[17:35] <Mike_Mc> WB KK
[17:35] <KK> Curses, peered again!
[17:35] <scribbler> WB KK
[17:35] <Shiral> WB
[17:35] <Sedina> wb KK...  Shiral and I both went after peer with flaming monkfish on your behalf
[17:35] <KK> Kelos, did you whack him with the frozen tigershark?
[17:35] <Helenmary> wb KK - the monkfish were definitely flying in your absence!
[17:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> No, milady.
[17:35] <ash> KK: did you see the messages about keyboards?
[17:35] <KK> Ah, well.  At least I'm back.
[17:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> They punished him quite enough. :)
[17:36] <scribbler> KK -- when are you flying over next month?
[17:36] <Shiral> Beware of women bearing flaming Monkfishes
[17:36] <KK> I lost you guys in the middle of that, after the keyboard directions from start.
[17:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Start>settings>control panel>keyboard
[17:36] <hygilac> beware of anyone bearing flaming monkfish
[17:36] <KK> We leave here on Nov. 14--Cambermas, as it were, I just realized.
[17:36] <Sedina> Especially women - whose names being with S - bearing flaming monkfish.  They're especially wicked
[17:37] <KK> I got tha, Kelos.
[17:37] <scribbler> A good omen, I hope....
[17:37] <hygilac> be sure to wear your St. Camber medal, then
[17:37] <ash> yeah, second tab in keyboard under control panels.
[17:37] <Shiral> Yes, we're the wicked sisters
[17:37] <KK> Me, too.  We go to SF first, via Chicago.
[17:37] <ash> right down the bottom of the panel.
[17:37] <KK> I'll be there and in Sacratomato until Sunday night.
[17:37] <scribbler> So you will arrive in SF on....?
[17:37] <KK> SF on the 14th, late.
[17:38] <KK> That's a Wednesday.
[17:38] <hygilac> yes
[17:38] <Shiral> Poor KK, You WILL be tired!
[17:38] <Mike_Mc> Sacratomato?  *L*
[17:38] *** Rambart20  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:38] <Shiral> Hi Bart!
[17:38] <Sedina> Hi Bart!
[17:38] <hygilac> Hi Bart
[17:38] <Kelos_al-Hazar> language>US>Properties>Set to US-International>Hit OK.
[17:38] <Rambart20> howdy all!
[17:38] * scribbler sends greetings to Rambart20
[17:38] <hygilac> How are the cornfields?
[17:38] <Helenmary> Hi Bart!
[17:38] <KK> Probably Friday morning, Mother and I will head over to Sacto; Jeannie has a concert Saturday night.  Down to Burbank Sunday night.
[17:38] <Rambart20> howdy KK
[17:38] <Bynw> Hiyas Bart!
[17:38] <KK> Yo, Bart!  Welcome!
[17:38] <Rambart20> actually look pretty good
[17:39] <Rambart20> its gorgeous outside
[17:39] <hygilac> here too
[17:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> To switch languages: Ctrol-Shift or ALT-Shift, IIRC.
[17:39] <Richenda> here too
[17:39] <Sedina> It's beautiful here as well, Bart.
[17:39] <KK> CSUSB on Tuesday, early Thanksgiving with family on Wednesday, fly to DC on Thursday, Darkovercon Friday through Sunday.
[17:39] <scribbler> Sounds like you'll be a little busy for a get-together with the BAD folk, then....
[17:40] <Shiral> It sounds like quite a west coast marathon, yes
[17:40] <KK> Tuesday-ish, we go to Nashville, whence we'll go visit Andre Norton, who has expressed a desire to meet me.  Home on Saturday.
[17:40] <hygilac> Unless all the BAD folk go along to the concert
[17:40] <Rambart20> it doesn't look to promising for the rest of the week though;-(
[17:40] <Shiral> Tuesday after Darkover, I take it, KK?
[17:40] <hygilac> Nashville?
[17:40] <hygilac> Tennessee?
[17:40] *** pwilkinson  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:40] <KK> The BAD folk, eh?  That's an unfortunate acronym.
[17:41] <Shiral> Hi Pwilkinson
[17:41] * scribbler sends greetings to pwilkinson
[17:41] <KK> Yes, Tennessee.
[17:41] <Shiral> We're BAD but we're also good, KK <G>
[17:41] <Sedina> Hi, pwilkinson
[17:41] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Bay Area Deryni, KK... :)
[17:41] <hygilac> YOu are going to be in Nashville where, when and for how long?
[17:41] <scribbler> When we're BAD, we're better....
[17:41] <KK> Hee-hee.  I know that!
[17:41] <pwilkinson> hi
[17:41] <Rambart20> howdy pwilkinson
[17:41] <KK> Not sure exactly, Linda.
[17:41] <Jessie> What might Norton have in mind KK?
[17:41] <hygilac> I live 50 miles down the road
[17:41] <Jessie> joint project maybe?
[17:42] <Shiral> Or simply a meeting of minds? =o)
[17:42] <scribbler> It could be worse -- I dated a guy who was a ham radio enthusiast, and he belonged to a group called the Bay Area Radio Fellowship (think of THAT acronym....)
[17:42] <Richenda> I forgot to tell ya'll, my horse is pregnant!!
[17:42] *** Torenthi_spy  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:42] <Shiral> Nauseating, yes
[17:42] <Richenda> hi torenthi
[17:42] <Jessie> hello Torenthi_spy
[17:42] <Shiral> Hello, Torenthi_Spy
[17:42] <Bynw> LOL a SPY
[17:42] <KK> Andre is in Murfreesboro.
[17:42] <Torenthi_spy> Mwahahaha
[17:42] * scribbler sends greetings to Torenthi_spy
[17:42] <hygilac> Yes, i knew that
[17:43] <Jessie> hello Bart -- missed you coming in
[17:43] <Shiral> We'd better not say anything too sensitive <G>
[17:43] <Rambart20> I snuck in
[17:43] * ash dances about to aretha franklin
[17:43] <Sedina> A Torenthi_spy in our midst?  Oh dear...
[17:43] <Helenmary> Congratulations, Richenda - I'm waiting to find out whether my dog is in the same condition!
[17:43] <scribbler> Felicitations on your news, Richenda....
[17:43] <Rambart20> *waves howdy to jessie
[17:43] *** Wrengl  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:43] <Richenda> I can't wait
[17:43] <Jessie> hello Wrengl
[17:43] <Mike_Mc> Great Richenda
[17:43] <hygilac> Hi Pat
[17:43] <Sedina> Hey Pat!
[17:43] <Shiral> Hello, Pat
[17:43] <Richenda> hi wrengl
[17:43] * scribbler sends greetings to Wrengl
[17:43] <Mike_Mc> Hi Pat
[17:43] <Rambart20> howdy Pat!
[17:43] <Helenmary> Hi, Pat!
[17:43] <KK> Richenda, I gather this was--er--planned?
[17:43] <Wrengl> hi all
[17:43] <Richenda> yes it was
[17:43] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Regular convention going on in here now. :)
[17:43] <KK> Hello, Wrengl!--and Thumper.
[17:44] <scribbler> things are really hopping now -- hard to believe there were just 3 of us an hour ago!
[17:44] <Bynw> Hiyas Pat
[17:44] *** Torenthi_spy is now known as Serenity
[17:44] <Shiral> Hello, Serenity!
[17:44] <hygilac> Hi Serenity
[17:44] <Sedina> Hey Serenity.  *g*
[17:44] <scribbler> LOL Serenity!
[17:44] <KK> Richenda, what kind of horse do you have?
[17:44] <Serenity> Hi there
[17:44] <Helenmary> How is Thumper doing, Pat?
[17:44] <Jessie> Serenity -- I liked Torenthi_spy
[17:44] <scribbler> You had us going there....
[17:44] <Shiral> Getting into the Halloween spirit early?
[17:44] <Richenda> they took her away for a ride on friday tho
[17:44] <Serenity> just a bit, shiral
[17:44] * Richenda misses her
[17:44] * Kelos_al-Hazar saw two guys dressed up as Spy vs. Spy one was weird.
[17:45] <Bynw> I bet it was Kelos
[17:45] <Shiral> Have a good vacation Serenity
[17:45] <Shiral> ?
[17:45] <KK> Tee-hee, Kelos.  That must have been neat!
[17:45] <Serenity> yes, very nice, thanks
[17:45] <scribbler> Where were you, Serenity?
[17:45] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It was was the Borg that showed up the next year...flanked by a Starfleet Admiral!
[17:46] <Jessie> What might Norton have in mind KK? A joint project maybe?
[17:46] <ash> I've decided, if i'm still in the area for my friends halloween party, i'm going as my namesake from the evil dead films
[17:46] <Serenity> I was in NYC.  Then when I came home I was busy getting caught up with work
[17:46] <ash> 'groovy'
[17:46] <scribbler> ah -- how was NYC?
[17:46] <KK> I think she just wants to meet me.  It seems she's a KK fan--as I've been a Norton fan since about 5th grade.
[17:46] <Serenity> Very exciting
[17:46] <Shiral> Cool, Kk <G>
[17:46] <KK> She's 87, you know.
[17:46] <Jessie> good for Norton
[17:46] <hygilac> yes, she's a neat lady
[17:46] <Shiral> You should have a lot to talk about between all of your books. <G>
[17:47] <scribbler> Well, since you wrote "Catalyst" for the festschrift....
[17:47] <Helenmary> And you've never gotten to meet before, that's neat!
[17:47] <Sedina> That sounds very exciting, KK
[17:47] <Jessie> I didn't know -- but I have been reading her books for ages
[17:47] <Kelos_al-Hazar> MAS.... (Mutual Admiration Society)?
[17:47] <Wrengl> That's cool Katherine.  Andre is wonderful
[17:47] <KK> Some of her fans who live in the area and are friends passed her request on to me, and offered to make it happen.  So we're gonna do it.  At 87, we need to do it sooner rather than later.
[17:47] <Jessie> yes indeed
[17:47] <Shiral> Yes
[17:47] <Sedina> yes, indeed
[17:47] <Wrengl> yes indeed
[17:47] <KK> Well, she wrote me a story for the second Templar anthology, you know.
[17:48] <scribbler> that's cool -- I'd love to meet Madeline L'Engle, but that's problematical at this stage too....
[17:48] <Richenda> well ya'll the guy who took my horse for a few days just drove up and i'm gonna go see when shes comin back
[17:48] <hygilac> see ya Richenda
[17:48] <KK> My mother met Madeline.  Her son is a dean, I think, at one of the Episcopal cathedrals in the SF area--or was.
[17:48] <Helenmary> Is there a seance button on mIRC?  We could try that, scribbler <G>
[17:48] <KK> Bye, Richenda.
[17:48] <Serenity> Bye, Richenda
[17:48] <Richenda> i may be back soon
[17:48] <Shiral> Not only  a mutual admiration society, but a story co-op <G>
[17:49] <Wrengl> bye richenda
[17:49] <scribbler> He still is -- up at Grace Cathedral; I've heard him preach a couple of times....
[17:49] <Jessie> bye Richenda
[17:49] <KK> I don't think he's dead; I just don't know if he's still stationed there.
[17:49] <Shiral> bye Richenda
[17:49] <Richenda> bye ya'll
[17:49] *** Richenda  Quit
[17:49] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, my hall costume is one stage closer to complete...just need to get the parts dry-cleaned, then the stuff put on it, and everything packed for Darkover.
[17:49] <KK> Aha!  I might have guessed one of of you SF folk would know.
[17:49] <scribbler> actually, it's her son-in-law....her son did die a few years ago....
[17:50] <Helenmary> By the way, Katherine, somewhere on the web site it mentions that you had recently finished House Corrino - boy were you right: it was great!
[17:50] <KK> BTW, there's to be a Deryni ball at Arisia; I got a partial schedule a couple of days ago.  Also, an ice cream social!
[17:50] <Shiral> All on the same night? <G>
[17:50] * Shiral wishes she could managed Darkover AND Arisia.....=o(
[17:50] <hygilac> Mak will be delighted
[17:50] <Helenmary> ICE CREAM?!?!  Almost worth the trip <G>
[17:50] <Wrengl> I hope not!
[17:50] <Wrengl> ice cream socials are fun
[17:50] * scribbler would settle for just one....<*sigh*>
[17:50] <KK> I hear that Boston has great ice cream--and I seem to recall that it was so.
[17:50] * Sedina seconds Shiral's wish of being able to attend both
[17:50] <hygilac> she sent in her registation yesterday
[17:51] <KK> I think/hope they're on different nights.
[17:51] * hygilac thinks "Make that three"
[17:51] <Rambart20> * wishes he could attend any  of them
[17:51] <Bynw> I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream :-)
[17:51] <Shiral> A Deryni ball -- everyone comes as their favorite Deryni Character?
[17:52] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Me? I'm lucky to be able to make one con every 5 years...Last one was Dragon*Con 1998.
[17:52] <KK> Or just comes in Deryni costume; I'm not sure.  I'll bring a basic medieval, I guess--or else come as a Michaeline.  :-)
[17:52] <hygilac> I hope you don't have and Imre's show up in crimson!
[17:52] <Mike_Mc> I gotta go early. Glad you made it back in KK.
[17:52] <scribbler> How about both? Deryni ice could have King Kelson Krunch, Morgan Marble Fudge.....
[17:52] <Shiral> Bye, Mike
[17:52] <KK> Bye, Mike.
[17:52] <scribbler> bye Mike....
[17:52] <Helenmary> See ya, Mike
[17:52] <Shiral> Or a Murdoch Flip? <G>
[17:52] <Sedina> Bye Mike
[17:52] *** Wrengl  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:52] *** Wrengl  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:52] <Rambart20> bye mike
[17:52] <Shiral> Or a Gabrilite delight?
[17:52] <Mike_Mc> bye all!
[17:52] *** Mike_Mc  Quit
[17:53] <hygilac> yes, the Rampant Lion does some great Deryni concoctions
[17:53] <KK> A gabrilite Delight obviously would have merangue.
[17:53] <Shiral> Good idea, KK <G>
[17:53] <Rambart20> what was the one drink a couple of you were trying to get ME to try?
[17:53] <Rambart20> don't know who it was
[17:53] *** Wrengl is now known as Guest28
[17:53] <Shiral> Can't remember, Bart
[17:53] <Kelos_al-Hazar> If I can assist in the wedding, I'll be happy to, but I'd need vestments or whatever... I don't have the money or time to do it now.
[17:54] <Shiral> Poor Pat....Tech problems it looks like
[17:54] *** Guest28 is now known as wrengl
[17:54] <Shiral> WB, Pat
[17:54] <scribbler> WB....
[17:54] * Sedina gives Pat's machine a stern lecture and tells it to behave
[17:54] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Use /pass <password> to avoid Guesting...
[17:54] <wrengl> sounds like an interesting confection, shiral
[17:54] <Shiral> Well, we've never decided what a Gabrilite Delight actually had IN it
[17:55] <Serenity> Whatever is in it, I'm sure it makes you feel much better after you've eaten it
[17:55] <Shiral> Now we know at least one ingredient
[17:55] <hygilac> I still think creme de menthe
[17:55] <wrengl> Helenmary to answer your question Thumper is doing better, still walking like a drunken sailor but standing steadier.  Still can't lift his leg however.
[17:55] <Helenmary> Other than chocolate
[17:55] <KK> I obviously still have bugs to work out of this machine.  It just threatened to disconnect.  There must be some timer setting that needs tweaking.
[17:55] <Shiral> If it makes you feel better after eating, perhaps Echinacea?  =o)
[17:56] *** duck has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:56] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: I'm in negotiations with my webhosting service that will work the assist me in coding the site properly.
[17:56] <Shiral> Or however that stuff is spelled...?
[17:56] <KK> Almost any ice cream makes you feel better after eating it.
[17:56] <Shiral> Hi Duck
[17:56] * scribbler threatens KK's machine with a mind-rip....
[17:56] <Bynw> morning Duck
[17:56] <Sedina> Hey Duck!
[17:56] <Helenmary> Good to hear, Pat.  I know I hate it when my guys don't feel good
[17:56] <hygilac> Donald!
[17:56] * scribbler sends greetings to duck
[17:56] <Rambart20> hey Donald!
[17:56] <Shiral> This is true, Kk <G>
[17:56] <wrengl> hi Duck!
[17:56] <duck> morning people
[17:56] <Serenity> hi donald
[17:56] <Sedina> What a surprise!  How is Darwin going?
[17:56] <KK> Hiyas, Duck!
[17:56] <pwilkinson> Hi Donald
[17:56] <scribbler> Donald, you made it in earlier this week!
[17:56] <Shiral> But you'd need two buddies to finish of the Big Hubert Sundae
[17:56] <duck> very briefly
[17:56] <KK> LOL, Shiral!
[17:56] <Shiral> Darwin is brief?
[17:56] <Serenity> But ice cream made by healers would be especially helpful. Perhaps they even have a spell for removing the calories.
[17:57] <KK> Now, there's a thought!
[17:57] <Shiral> I like that theory, Serenity
[17:57] <Rambart20> I can just imagine what A Big Hubert looks like;-)
[17:57] <wrengl> that would be nice serenity!
[17:57] <Helenmary> Now THAT is a wonderful idea, Serenity!
[17:57] <Sedina> Hey, I like that idea, Serenity!  *lol*
[17:57] <hygilac> bound to, serenity
[17:57] <Jessie> hello duck -- that was a short 2 weeks
[17:57] <scribbler> I like the idea of that, struggling through my third diet week....
[17:57] <Shiral> It takes two people to lift it, Bart
[17:57] <duck> i am still away jessie
[17:57] <KK> Sounds like the Kitchen Sink that one of the ice cream chains used to have--maybe still does.
[17:57] <Rambart20> why would you want to lift it
[17:58] * Kelos_al-Hazar remembers with fondness the ice-cream confection he got once...that came out in a totally filled brandy snifter...
[17:58] <Shiral> Blackberry icecream, blueberry sauce....(it's very purple, this sunday to look properly episcopal.)
[17:58] <wrengl> Jahns used to have a Kitchen Sink but they no longer exist, I believe.
[17:58] <scribbler> LOL Shiral!
[17:58] * Sedina giggles at Shiral
[17:58] <Serenity> The best ice cream I've ever tasted was in Italy-- kahlua gelato.  It was out of this world!
[17:58] <hygilac> how is Darwin, donald?
[17:58] * scribbler misses the old Farrell's Ice Cream.....
[17:58] <KK> My current favorite is Ben n Jerry's.
[17:58] <Shiral> BRB, Gotta feed the ravenous beasts
[17:59] <KK> Farrell's!  That was it!
[17:59] <scribbler> Which flaver, KK?
[17:59] <duck> very muggy and humid but not too warm at the moment linda
[17:59] <Helenmary> One of my neighbors is a Ben and Jerry's distributor...
[17:59] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: B&J's is way too expensive for me to even think about. :(
[17:59] <KK> Anything Chocolate Chip.  Mocha chocolate chip is great!
[17:59] <wrengl> glad it is not TOO warm for you duck.
[17:59] <wrengl> Do not need broasted duck1
[17:59] <hygilac> How is Donald, then?
[17:59] <Sedina> B&J's is a wonderful treat every now and again...but the waist can't take too much of it at a time.
[17:59] *** Kelric  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:59] <Sedina> Hi Kelric
[17:59] <wrengl> hi kelric
[17:59] <duck> here its the humidity that is troublesome
[17:59] <scribbler> I'm partial to Phish Food, but it's off limits until March 4th....
[18:00] <Kelric> howdy all
[18:00] <Rambart20> howdy Kelric
[18:00] <KK> No, it's a good thing they don't have B&J's here.
[18:00] *** NeoSideShowBob  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:00] <Serenity> Hi Kelric
[18:00] <Kelric> huh?
[18:00] <KK> Except on the Holyhead Ferry.
[18:00] <wrengl> there used to be a restaurant in Canada that had a WONDERFUL local hazelnut ice cream
[18:00] * scribbler sends greetings to everyone who just got in.....
[18:00] <Serenity> Hi Bob
[18:00] <Sedina> Hi Bob
[18:00] <Jessie> hello Kelric & NeoSideShowBob
[18:00] <NeoSideShowBob> 'ello Everyone
[18:00] <Shiral> Hello Kelric
[18:00] <Rambart20> howdy Bob
[18:01] <Shiral> and Sideshowbob
[18:01] <wrengl> hi bob
[18:01] <KK> And who is Sideshowbob?   
[18:01] <hygilac> Hi everyone
[18:01] <hygilac> who just arrived
[18:01] * Kelos_al-Hazar saw a copy of WinME Upgrade at Wal-Mart yesterday....for US $89!
[18:01] <scribbler> There's an ice cream place in town where they make their own ice cream -- they make a WONDERFUL mocha chip....
[18:01] *** Kelric is now known as Bart_Simpson
[18:02] * Bart_Simpson shouts
[18:02] <NeoSideShowBob> I am an aquantince of Bynw, kk
[18:02] <Rambart20> hey watch it
[18:02] <Bart_Simpson> It's Side Show Bob!
[18:02] <Bynw> never use the upgrade .... install it from the get-go
[18:02] <Bynw> LOL Kelric
[18:02] <KK> Ah, ok.
[18:02] *** Bart_Simpson is now known as Kelric
[18:02] * Sedina is partial to the chokecherry ice cream that the local dairy in her hometown makes
[18:02] <KK> I agree, Bynw--from everything I've heard.
[18:02] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I know how to fool the upgrades into installing from scratch, Bynw.
[18:02] <Bynw> ah good for you Kelos
[18:02] <Helenmary> I made Kiwi galato a month or so ago - it was pretty good.
[18:03] <hygilac> The creamery at Clemson University used to make a peach ice cream to die for
[18:03] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Delete EVERYTHING in the /windows directory EXCEPT Now, run the installer for the upgrade.
[18:03] <KK> I used to make amoretto chocolate chip in my old ice cream machine--which my mother now has.
[18:03] <Serenity> Time for dinner.  I've gotta run.  Bye folks!
[18:03] <wrengl> Katherine, we are going to do a Saint Camber glass painting (like stained glass) but Kathi cannot remember what she used in the original Camber icon Joyce Muscat purchased.  Should we have any other elements beside the saint in it?
[18:03] <Shiral> When I was in college in Oregon, I became addicted to blackberry ice cream
[18:03] <scribbler> Oh, great, we go from tech talk to ice cream.....
[18:03] <Sedina> Bye, Serenity
[18:03] <Shiral> Bye, Serenity
[18:04] <scribbler> bon appetit, Serenity....
[18:04] <Helenmary> Bye, Serenity
[18:04] <hygilac> bye sSerenity
[18:04] <Rambart20> bye serenity
[18:04] <ash> my friend once made bacon bits ice-cream.
[18:04] <Bynw>  Katherine, did Jasta ever send you the next draft for the ceremony?  We've got 34 days to iron out any wrinkles in it :-)
[18:04] <ash> it was shockingly nice.
[18:04] *** Serenity  Quit
[18:04] <Helenmary> bacon bits?!?
[18:04] * hygilac tries to imagine bacon bits ice cream
[18:04] <Shiral> That WOULD be a shock!
[18:04] <Rambart20> bacon bits?
[18:04] <Bynw> can BAD help out NeoSideShowBob ... he can't find a copy of
Deryni Rising anywhere :(
[18:04] * hygilac tries to imagine why anyone would make it
[18:04] <ash> it worked. but i was drunk at the time.
[18:04] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Talk about rather odd...
[18:05] <wrengl> they make garlic ice cream in gilroy.
[18:05] <scribbler> of course, there's the annual garlic ice cream at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy....
[18:05] <Jessie> yuck
[18:05] <KK> Bacon bits?  Yuck!
[18:05] <ash> i'd been hitting the servalans.
[18:05] <scribbler> GMTA, Pat!
[18:05] <Bynw> in ice cream?  blah!
[18:05] <KK> Garlic ice cream?  Double-yuck!
[18:05] <Rambart20> garlic ice cream yuck
[18:05] <ash> (servalan = Red Aftershock and Absinth)
[18:05] <hygilac> good god
[18:05] <scribbler> Bob -- where in Bay Area are you?
[18:06] <Bynw> he isn't he's on the East Coast
[18:06] <Kelric> Well,  I don't think I have THREE copies of many of the books,  I know I have 2 of most, and I'm already starting to work on getting a set up to Jimi in Washington.
[18:06] <ash> Its called a servalan after the character in blakes 7
[18:06] <ash> it looks pretty, but its a b*tch and it might kill you.
[18:06] <Helenmary> I'm still getting used to the idea of savory cheesecakes - don't think I'm ready for garlic ice cream!
[18:06] <Kelos_al-Hazar> What?'s not selling Deryni Rising anymore?!
[18:06] <Jessie> anyone heard from Jasta today?
[18:06] <NeoSideShowBob> I'm near Boston Scribbler
[18:06] <scribbler> brb....
[18:06] <Kelric> wow.
[18:06] <Sedina> I haven't heard from Jasta in a while actually...
[18:06] <Bynw> not today I havent heard from her
[18:07] <KK> Del Rey is letting the books go OP.  My agent is working on letting me do a "director's cut" of the first three, to get them back in print.
[18:07] <hygilac> She was here Friday
[18:07] <Rambart20> a directors cut?
[18:07] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Del Rey is making a major mistake IMNSHO!
[18:07] <Helenmary> There is a great used bookstore in Boston, Bob, if I can just remember where it is...
[18:07] <KK> A rewrite.  :-)  It doesn't often happen.
[18:07] * hygilac sends positive vibes toward KK's agent: "Yes! Yes!"
[18:08] <Kelric> hehe.  can we guess at least ONE of the things to disappear in a rewrite :)
[18:08] <Bynw> that would rock
[18:08] <Sedina> Whoo-hoo.  *g*
[18:08] <KK> Del Rey was bought by a German company, to get the Star Wars books.  They don't really understand SF, much less fantasy.
[18:08] <wrengl> that would be neat.
[18:08] <Rambart20> :D
[18:08] <Rambart20> :D
[18:08] <Rambart20> no majors changes I hope
[18:08] <KK> WOuld that be something that crawls, Kelric? ;-)
[18:08] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sounds like the Star Wars books are history, then.
[18:08] <Kelric> exactly :)
[18:08] <Shiral> Something orange and blue with lots of brittle legs??
[18:08] <Shiral>  <G>
[18:09] <KK> No, they're keeping the Star Wars books.
[18:09] <KK> Why, Shiral, you're psychic!
[18:09] <hygilac> oh, no, they love the star wars books
[18:09] <NeoSideShowBob> KK, I've searched high and low to find a copy of deryni rising. Can you point me in a good direction to start?
[18:09] <Shiral> I knew you were going to say that, KK <G>
[18:09] <Sedina> LOL  Jessie...  *g*
[18:09] <hygilac> ithe gertmans love strange SF
[18:09] * scribbler better go buy out all the KK books at Bookbuyers, then....
[18:09] <KK> Keep trying Amazon, in their used book section.
[18:09] <Shiral> NSB, try
[18:10] <NeoSideShowBob> Will do Thank you KK
[18:10] <hygilac> I have regretted for ten years not buying "Es Kommt aus Schenectady"
[18:10] * ash lights a candle for luck
[18:10] <Shiral> IF you know of a used bookstore near you, try them, too
[18:10] <ash> job interview tomorrow...
[18:10] <KK> What kind of job, Ash?
[18:10] <scribbler> good luck, ash! What kind of job?
[18:10] <ash> Macintosh Support Analyst.
[18:10] <wrengl> good luck ask with the interview
[18:10] <Shiral> Good luck, Ash
[18:10] <NeoSideShowBob> Nice meeting you all, but I must go get something to eat before work. Never too sure when I'll pop up again
[18:10] <ash> It theoretically could help me get out to San Fran in the end...
[18:10] <hygilac> good luck with the train and the interview, ash!
[18:10] <NeoSideShowBob> Until then good night all.
[18:10] <scribbler> wow -- awesome!
[18:10] *** Jessie  Quit
[18:11] <wrengl> bye bob
[18:11] <KK> Bye, Bob, see you next time!
[18:11] <Rambart20> bye bob
[18:11] <Shiral> Bye Bob!
[18:11] <Sedina> Bye Bob
[18:11] <scribbler> Jessie disappeared....
[18:11] <hygilac> bye bod
[18:11] <Sedina> Ack...where did Jessie go!?!
[18:11] <hygilac> bob
[18:11] <ash> Right. i think Kiri's gonna get a semi-drunken phone call off me.
[18:11] <duck> well people i have to head off - breakfast is calling - then work beckons rudely
[18:11] *** NeoSideShowBob  has left #Deryni_Destinations
[18:11] <Shiral> I hope she'll be back
[18:11] <ash> Later all... 
[18:11] <KK> She left.  Was it something we said?
[18:11] <Shiral> Bye, Duck!
[18:11] <scribbler> LOL Ash.... 
[18:11] <Sedina> Bye, Duck.  Have a good day!
[18:11] <Rambart20> bye Donald!
[18:11] <hygilac> don't eat anything that is calling to you duck
[18:11] <Shiral> She may have disconnected herself by accident, KK
[18:11] <scribbler> bye, Donald -- watch out for snakeys!
[18:11] <duck> i'll be out of internet access for the next week or so
[18:11] <wrengl> bye duck
[18:11] <wrengl> have a good week
[18:11] <pwilkinson> Bye Duck
[18:12] <KK> Bye, Duck.
[18:12] <Helenmary> see ya, donald
[18:12] <Shiral> Bye Duck
[18:12] <scribbler> awww -- we'll miss you!
[18:12] <duck> moving to a place called adelaide river
[18:12] <Bynw> gotta watch out for the little x in the corner sometimes
[18:12] <hygilac> bye Donald
[18:12] <Shiral> Yes we'll miss you
[18:12] <duck> cheers all
[18:12] *** duck  Quit
[18:12] *** ash  Quit
[18:12] <wrengl> katherine I have a question for you
[18:12] <KK> Ask.
[18:13] * Kelos_al-Hazar needs to find a decent electronic Bible compilation that doesn't cost upwards of US $200 to fully activate...
[18:13] <wrengl> years ago Kathi did an icon of Saint Camber Joyce Muscat, if you remember her, bought.
[18:13] * Bynw locks the OUT door so no one can leave
[18:13] <Sedina> LOL Bynw
[18:13] <KK> Kelos, I <know> you can find them for less than that.  I know mine was cheap.
[18:13] <Shiral> KK since you completed the story draft, can we assume the writing is getting back up to speed after international events so rudely interrupted you?
[18:13] <scribbler> brb --
[18:13] <wrengl> Now we are going to do a glass painting of saint Camber (like a stained glass) but do not know what elements beside the saint should be included.
[18:14] <Kelric> rotfl
[18:14] <KK> Yes, Shiral.  Wrengl, I don't remember the specific piece, but it would have Camber holding the crown elevated above his head.  Might also have the MacRorie arms in the background--which would give good color.
[18:14] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK: This one had everything...15 translations, including the original languages, plus concordances, reference books, map sets, the whole shebang...but their price to unlock the extra stuff was way too high.
[18:15] <wrengl> thank you Katherine.
[18:15] <Shiral> And glad to hear the new computer is being a good wordscribing servant. =o)
[18:16] <Helenmary> That sounds like it will be pretty, Pat.
[18:16] <Shiral> Very
[18:16] <wrengl> glad to hear the writing is getting back on track, Katherine.
[18:16] *** KK  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:16] <wrengl> This time, however, we will take a picture of it!
[18:16] <hygilac> ack!
[18:16] <Sedina> Oh no...not again!
[18:16] <Bynw> ack Peered again
[18:16] <Shiral> ARRRG>>>>
[18:16] <Helenmary> blast that peer!
[18:17] <Rambart20> arrrrgh!
[18:17] * Bynw mind-rips peer
[18:17] * Kelric jumps through a window to escape and get back to work.
[18:17] * Sedina grabs her monkfish and beats Peer with it mercilessly
[18:17] *** Kelric  Quit
[18:17] * Shiral smacks peer to component atoms with a flaming monkfish
[18:17] <wrengl> actually we will have Kathi's pattern that I work from. Besides I also hope to do it as a mosaic
[18:17] * scribbler sends Peer off to peer counseling....
[18:17] <Sedina> Ack...Kelric ran off
[18:17] * Kelos_al-Hazar pulls out a phaser and sets it to overload and throws it at peer. Peer catches it, and it vaporizes peer.
[18:17] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:17] <scribbler> I'm back, and KK got Peered AGAIN?????
[18:17] <Sedina> wb, KK
[18:17] * Shiral sends peer to visit bin Laden
[18:17] <Rambart20> WB KK
[18:17] * wrengl needs to take a break to unbuckle her belt. TOO much food before getting on line
[18:17] <scribbler> WB KK
[18:17] <Shiral> WB, KK
[18:17] <wrengl> wb katherine
[18:18] <hygilac> WB KK
[18:18] <scribbler> LOL Pat....
[18:18] <pwilkinson> wb, KK
[18:18] <Helenmary> wb KK
[18:18] <KK> I think I'm being timed out.  Got to figure out how to tweak that setting.
[18:18] <hygilac> uh oh
[18:18] * scribbler sends Peer to time-out.....
[18:18] <hygilac> was it all that discussiong fo desserts from last night pat?
[18:19] <wrengl> no.  we went to our local street festival and stopped for Thai food on the corner before coming home.
[18:19] * Shiral sends a pan of Tiramisu floating through the chatroom
[18:19] <Sedina> Ooo...Thai food.  Yummy!
[18:19] <hygilac> oh, yum!
[18:19] <wrengl> Best coconut ice cream I have EVER had!  Not to mention all the food that went before that!
[18:19] <KK> Well, anyway, I probably ought to sign off now.  I need to get lots of writing done this week, now that I'm back in the mood again.
[18:19] <wrengl> Two sisters own the restaurant.  One cooks the other runs the restaurant
[18:20] <scribbler> great news, KK! Have a good writing week!
[18:20] <Helenmary> We certainly can't argue with THAT, KK!
[18:20] <Sedina> Glad to hear that you're back in the writing mood, KK.  Hope that you get tons done this week
[18:20] <KK> I'll see you guys next week.
[18:20] <hygilac> no we can't
[18:20] <wrengl> Yes, write Katherine.  I think I may actually get some writing done before Darkover.
[18:20] <Sedina> Have a wonderful night...and happy belated birthday.
[18:20] <Rambart20> thanks for stopping by KK
[18:20] <Shiral> Have a good writing week, but I'm afraid Bynw has locked the doors.. <G> Only way out of here is to get peered!
[18:20] <scribbler> And good luck with tweaking your settings.....
[18:20] <Bynw> have a good week KK
[18:20] <hygilac> Write, Katherine Write!
[18:20] <wrengl> Have a good writing week Katherine.
[18:20] <hygilac> have a good week
[18:20] <pwilkinson> Bye - and best of luck with the writing
[18:20] <Rambart20> have a great writing week
[18:20] <Shiral> Write lots, Alaric needs to be born! So does Nigel, for Jasta's sake <G>
[18:21] <wrengl> lol shiral
[18:21] <Sedina> LOL Shiral
[18:21] <KK> This portal doesn't understand the mIRC commands.  Hopefully, Bynw will send me a better connection shortcut this week.  :-)
[18:21] <Shiral> All those who aren't born yet need to be born!
[18:21] <scribbler> better get him before he gets too wedding-frazzled....
[18:22] <wrengl> well Kelric can probably wait a bit shiral!
[18:22] <KK> At least the story I'm just finishing covers action of the current book, only from POV of Francis Delaney.
[18:22] <Shiral> And that goes for Duncan, too
[18:22] <hygilac> yes, these long gestations are stressful
[18:22] <wrengl> very much so!
[18:22] <Shiral> Oh yeah..
[18:22] <KK> Well, last time I heard, it still took 9 months....
[18:22] <wrengl> LOL
[18:22] <Shiral> Tee hee <G>
[18:22] <KK> Anyway, goodbye for now.  Kiss-kiss.
[18:22] <Shiral> But 9 months can take a long time
[18:22] <Sedina> They're just verra LONG 9 months, that's all
[18:22] <Rambart20> snicker
[18:22] <wrengl> But the gestation time for books is MUCH longer!
[18:22] <hygilac> *hug*
[18:22] <Sedina> Bye, Katherine!
[18:22] <Helenmary> Good night, Katherine!
[18:22] <scribbler> (((((HUG)))))
[18:22] <Shiral> Bye, Katherine, thanks for another great chat
[18:22] <Rambart20> bye KK
[18:23] <Shiral> Happy writing!
[18:23] *** KK  Quit


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