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01.Character Creation
« on: October 19, 2017, 03:29:31 pm »
Characters are defined by a few choices to be made by the players in this game.

Step 1 - Determine if your character is a Human or a Deryni.
Step 2 - Pick 3 Traits.
Step 3 - Pick a Weapon Group to be Proficient in. Pick a specific weapon in the group that you have Mastered.
Step 4 - Determine your character's appearance and gear. Armor doesn't matter in most cases. And all characters start with 10 Gold and a basic Adventure's Kit.
Step 5 - Pick a Family Trade, this is what the character was trained in before they became and Adventurer
Step 6 - Choose a Belief, this is a driving principle that the character lives by all the time. Just a simple statement.

Step 1 - Choose Race
Choose your race. In this game we only have 2 races to choose from (at least right now. If you want more we can add more.)

Humans are everywhere and out number the Deryni. Although it is hard to tell the difference by appearance alone.  Humans cannot choose any of the (Deryni) only Traits.

A Human has
  • 6 Hit Points
  • 1 Additional Trait

Deryni look just like Humans. However, they all have hereditary psionic/magical ability.

A Deryni has
  • 6 Hit Points
  • Power Trait is automatic

Step 2 - Trait List

Acrobat: Itís up there? No problem! You gain Advantage when Testing to do acrobatic tricks such as tumbling, long-distance jumps, climbing, and maintaining balance.

Additional Weapon Mastery: A true warrior. You can choose another weapon to have Mastery within any weapon group you are proficient in.

Additional Weapon Proficiency: Multi-talented in combat. You can choose a 2nd or more weapon group to be proficient with allowing you to use more weapons without penalties.

Alchemist: Dragonís blood has many uses. Itís also great on salads. Provided the right reagents and recipes, you can mix potions, elixirs, and poisons. You also gain Advantage when identifying unknown liquids.

Ambush Specialist: Keeps your eyes on your six... You gain Advantage on Tests to locate, disarm, and detect ambushes and traps. You also gain Advantage on Save Tests to avoid traps.

Anger Issues: You wouldnít like me when Iím angry. When you are down to your last hit point, your anger-fueled attacks do 2 Hit Points of damage. You cannot flee, stop fighting, or heal yourself until the encounter is over.

Armored Warrior: Suit up! You are trained in the use of Cogor Battle Armor. Gears, pulleys, and clock-springs allow you to use Heavy Melee weapons (proficiency not included) while riding inside this human sized clockwork armor. The plates of armor provide 4 Hit Points which are lost before you take damage. If the Battle Armor is reduced to 0 Hit Points, it stops functioning and needs to be repaired. Repairs take a full day. If you choose this Trait, your Adventurer gains Cogor Battle Armor at Adventure Creation.

Artificer (Deryni): This sword was forged with dragonís fire. You have learned to create magic items. To use this ability, describe what you want the item to do and perform a standard 2d6 Test. Failure means that it may not be set correctly with sometimes devastating results or no results at all. If successful, you know the proper recipe of ingredients needed to create the item. The Game Master will tell you what you need and how long it will take to craft the item. It is up to you to gather all the items. Once you have everything on the list, you must work uninterrupted until the item is complete.

Awaken (Deryni): I can give you power, but the priests say it will take your soul. You can give Deryni like power to a Human. Thus they have the ability to learn further Deryni only Traits, with the Game Masterís permission. The newly Awakened has the Power Trait automatically and can gain any others that the Deryni using this Trait has on a successful 1d6 Test.

Backstabber: Only fools fight fair. When using the Focus Action, your next attack on a surprised opponent inflicts 2 points of damage.

Beastspeaker (Deryni): He has a way with animals. You are able to communicate with animals. This form of communication is primitive and very simplistic.

Blind-Fighter: Most are too dependent on what they see. You are able to fight in total darkness or while blinded without Disadvantage.

Blocker (Deryni): Make mommy clear! You have the ability to make any Deryni into a human by blocking their Psionic abilities with just a Standard Test. You can also restore any blocked Deryni with a Standard Test. This Trait requires the Healer Trait. There is no save Test against this Trait.

Born Of Stone: I have stone coursing through my veins. You gain Advantage when building with stone and working in mines. When searching for secret doors and passages in caves, mines, dungeons, etc., you are successful on a Test of 4, 5, or 6. This Trait works with Perceptive.

Brawler: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. You gain Advantage when making unarmed attacks.

Butcher: My sword cuts like a hot knife through butter. If you drop an opponent with a melee attack, you get an immediate extra melee attack against an opponent within reach. You cannot move before using this extra attack. You can do this once per turn.

Charismatic: I can get what I want without even asking. You gain Advantage when attempting to convince someone of something or otherwise influence them.

Clockworker: Give me enough gears, springs, and time, and Iíll build you anything. You have been taught the ways of clockwork technology. You can build mechanical devices which are powered by mainsprings and gears. Ideas for clockwork devices must be approved by the Game Master, and may require time, special materials, and adventures. You gain Advantage when Testing to deactivate a clockwork device, and on Save Tests against clockwork devices. You can repair Cogor Battle Armor without needing to make a Test.

Connected: I know a guy. You have connections to a group or organization, from a local government official to a criminal syndicate. You gain Advantage when Testing to gain a favor from the person or group. If your Test is successful, the group will grant you access to equipment, share information, remove red tape, etc.

Defender: You shall not pass! When you defend an area by taking a stand and sacrificing all offensive attacks, you get a melee attack on all opponents who come within your reach.

Diehard: Iím not going down that easy. When an attack would reduce you to 0 Hit Points, it instead reduces you to 1 Hit Point. You can do this once per day.

Drunken Master: The more I drink, the more deadly I become. When fighting while intoxicated, your attacks are successful on a Test of 4, 5, or 6. This cannot be used with the Focus Action.

Dungeoneer: We go left. I can tell by some of the moss and from seeing a lot of dungeons in my time. You gain Advantage when attempting to find your way through a dungeon or cave system, and when attempting to identify creatures native to dungeons or caves.

Ecologist: We go left. I can tell by some of the moss and from these rodent tracks. You gain Advantage when attempting to find your way through natural environments, and when attempting to identify dangerous creatures.

Educated: I didnít go to academy for four years for nothing. You gain Advantage when checking to see if you know specific information.

Eidetic Memory: You remember that guy in that city? Who did that thing? What did he say? When Testing to recall information you have seen or heard previously Ė even in passing Ė you succeed on a roll of 4, 5, or 6.

Escape Artist: No chains can hold me! You gain Advantage when attempting to slip out of restraints.

Fleet of Foot: Running away is always a valid option. Your speed increases from 25 feet to 30 feet.

Fly Swatter: Your arrows are merely annoyances. When both hands are empty, you can Test 1d6 whenever you are hit by a ranged weapon. If your test is successful, you swat the projectile out of the air and do not take damage. Common sense and the GM should limit which types of ranged weapons can be deflected. Arrows, yes! Boulders, no!

Gadgeteer: Need to get that door open? No problem. You can Test with advantage to quickly make a one use item to solve a current problem using the materials immediately available. You can also Test to Repair Cogor Battle Armor. If you choose this Trait, your Adventurer gains a bag of random parts at Adventurer Creation, and should restock the bag periodically as determined by GM.

Hatred: Love, friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something. You have a profound hatred for one specific type of creature. When you successfully attack such a creature, you cause 2 points of damage.

Healer (Deryni): Iíve seen worse, son. Youíll pull through. As an Action, you can Test 2d6 to heal another creature or Test 1d6 to heal yourself. If the Test is successful, the target creature is healed for 1d6 Hit Points or 1d6/2 (round up) Hit Point if used on yourself. This Trait can also be used to cure poison, disease, and other physical ailments that are non-magical. You must be next to the creature to heal it.

Heavy Weapons Expert: There is never enough dakka. As one Action you may attack with a Heavy Ranged Weapon to hit one target, and also the two targets nearest to your initial target (ally or enemy). All of these attacks are made with Disadvantage.

Inspiring: Win just one for the Gipper. Your inspirational words can bring out the greatness in others. With a successful Test, nearby allies gain Advantage on all Tests for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice with a success on your Test.

Marksman: The odds of hitting your target increase dramatically when you aim at it. When using the Focus Action, your next attack with a ranged weapon is successful on a Test of 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Nimble Fingers: I could have sworn I left it right here! You gain Advantage when Testing to pick locks, steal, or do slight-of-hand.

Opportunist: One manís failure is another manís opening to stab the idiot who failed. If an enemy within range fails to hit with an attack against you, you may immediately make an attack with Disadvantage against that enemy.

Perceptive: What has been seen cannot be unseen. You gain Advantage when Testing to gain information about your surroundings or find things which may be hidden. You gain this even while asleep.

Precise Attacker: Itís not the size of your weapon, itís how you use it. When using the Focus Action, your next attack with a light melee weapon is successful on a Test of 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Predatorís Sense: I have the eyes of a hawk. One of your senses is particularly keen. When examining your surroundings to gain information with this sense, you are successful on a Test of 4, 5, or 6. One sharp sense is chosen at Adventurer Creation. This Trait works with Perceptive.

Prepared: Like Iíd come without extra bullets. You gain Advantage when making a Cinematic Ammo Test at the end of a fight. Twice per mission you can Test with Disadvantage to see if you brought a specific piece of Common equipment with you.

Protective: I wonít let them hurt you. You can Test with Advantage to block a successful attack on an adjacent ally. If your Test is successful, you and your ally take no damage. You can do this once per round of combat.

Power (Deryni): Also, I can kill you with my brain. You have power because of your species or you are a human that has been granted power by another Deryni. You can read minds of others, create hand-fire or light a campfire or candle, you can tell if someone is lying. And you can communicate telepathically with others. Doing this is an action, and you must make a Test at a Disadvantage 1d6. If you are trying to manipulate an object or creature, you must have eye contact with it. You can also perform a simple Ranged attack, such as throwing a ball of kinetic energy, which is treated just like any other Ranged attack in Combat. Or even stopping someone's heart from a short distance.

Quick Shot: Pew, pew, pew! You are able to reload a Ranged Weapon and fire it in one Action.

Resolute: I will not be a casualty of fear. You gain Advantage on all Save Tests.

Resourceful Fighter: I once killed an orc with a spoon. You are Proficient with improvised weapons. This is in addition to the weapon group chosen at Adventure Creation.

Ritual Magic (Deryni): Given the Sacred Space and nothing is impossible. You are more adept at channeling the arcane power flowing through your veins and can empower greater magical effects through rituals. There are specific rituals for nearly every purpose. With a successful Test, you can affect a wider area, more targets, or create a more powerful result. As always, the Game Master is the judge of what you can and cannot attempt to do. You can dispel the magical effects of Artificer objects. Ritual Magic is a Standard Test that succeeds on a 4,5, or 6 due to the focal nature of Rituals. This Trait requires the Spell-Trained Trait.

Shapechange (Deryni): The best way to hide in plain sight. As an Action, you can Test 2d6 to transform into someone else, compleating changing oneís appearance and even gender. You can revert to your normal form as an Action.

Sharpshooter: I once hit an ogreís eye from a hundred paces. When using the Focus Action, you may Test to make a called shot. You can pin a target to a wall, tree, etc., or knock an item out of their hand. This does not grant an instant kill unless your opponent loses their last Hit Point. You must have Mastery with a Ranged weapon.

Shield Bearer: Iíve got you covered. While wielding a shield, Test with 2d6 on Evade Actions instead of 1d6. If you choose this Trait, your Adventurer gains a shield at Adventurer creation.

Sneaky: Hey, did you hear something? You gain Advantage when Testing to hide or sneak around without others noticing you.

Spell Master (Deryni): Be prepared to be impressed. You have learned to push your inherent magical abilities to their upmost potential. All of your Deryni power Tests at an Advantage. The Game Master is the judge of what you can and cannot attempt to do. This Trait requires the Ritual Magic Trait.

Spell-Trained (Deryni): A fully trained Deryni is dangerous. You have been given a full set of training in the Deryni Arts. There is almost nothing you cannot do with your powers. You use a Standard Test 2d6 on all of your Deryni powers now. This Trait requires the Power Trait.

Strong: Stand back, Iíll kick it in! You gain Advantage when Testing to do something with brute force.

Survivalist: These berries are safe to eat... I think. You gain Advantage when Testing to forage for food, find water, seek shelter, or create shelter in the wild.

Tactical: I love it when a plan comes together. With a successful Test, your allies gain Advantage on the next Initiative Test.

Team Player: Together everyone achieves more. You know how to make the most of fighting alongside your allies. When fighting alongside someone else with the Team Player Trait, you gain an additional non-movement Action during your turn (for a total of three Actions).

Telekinesis (Deryni): Moving without moving You can move small options just by thinking about it. You must have eye contact with the object and make a standard 2d6 Test.

Tough: I have not journeyed all this way because I am made of sugar candy. You gain 1 additional Hit Point.

Tracker: These prints are fresh. He went that way. You gain Advantage when Testing to track someone or an animal in the wilderness. While outside, you can also locate true north without Testing.

Trader: Letís make a deal. You can Test with Advantage when negotiating a financial transaction. If your test is successful, you save or earn 10% extra for each die with a success on your Test.

Trapmaster: Itís a trap! You gain Advantage when Testing to create, locate, and disarm traps. You also gain Advantage on Save Tests against traps.

Undead Repellant: I got 99 problems but a zombie ainít one. You can Test to cause the undead to flee from your presence. If your Test is successful, you cause 1 undead to move away from you as quickly as possible.

Vigilant: Better to stay ready than to get ready. You gain Advantage on Initiative Tests.

Vocal Mimicry: Polly want a cracker? You gain Advantage when Testing to reproduce a voice you have heard before.

Well Trained: Just give me a longsword and get out of my way. You gain Advantage when fighting with one specific type of weapon, like daggers, for example. This weapon is chosen at Adventurer Creation, and you start with one of these weapons. This is in addition to the Mastered weapon chosen at Adventure Creation.

Step 3 - Weapon Groups and Weapons

Light Melee Weapons
  • Dagger
  • Short Sword
  • Hand Axe
  • Rapier
  • Mace
  • Staff
  • Club
Heavy Melee Weapons
  • Great Sword
  • War Axe
  • Spear
  • Polearm
  • Two-Handed Flail
  • War Hammer
Ranged Weapons
  • Sling
  • Crossbow
  • Bow

Step 4 - Gear and Appearance

Choose what your character looks like, how they are dressed. Any appropriate armor they may be wearing. Note most armor has no impact on the game. As noted previously every Adventure starts with 10 gold coins. 1 Weapon of choice and a standard Adventurer kit which contains the following items: a bedroll, flint & steel, a belt pouch, a rucksack, a lantern, an empty waterskin, 3 pints of oil, a rope (50 feet), rations (7 days), a torch, and a cloak.

Additional weapons, equipment, horse and the like will cost gold coins.

Step 5 - Family Trade

There is  no list available for this ... pick something.

Step 6 - Belief

Again here this is no list. It's just a short statement that drives the character.
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