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KK Chat - Oct. 14, 2001 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:46:39 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 14, 2001, pt. 2

[17:11] <Sedina> wb Mouse
[17:11] <the_Bee> wb
[17:11] * Kelos_al-Hazar waits for KK to return again
[17:11] *** Guest16  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:11] * Shiral sits down next to Kelos
[17:11] <the_Bee> bet it's kk
[17:11] <Kelos_al-Hazar> She's back...
[17:11] *** Guest16 is now known as KK
[17:11] *** Jessie sets mode: +o KK
[17:11] <hygilac> a guest in her own house
[17:11] <the_Bee> wm kk
[17:11] <Shiral>  Hello, Katherine
[17:11] <Kelos_al-Hazar> WB, KK.
[17:11] <KK> Yep.  Peer hates me tonight.
[17:11] <RainbowMike> WB - KK!
[17:11] *** scribbler  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:11] <Mouse> wb, KK
[17:11] <Shiral> Arg...
[17:11] <the_Bee> He's jealous
[17:11] * Wrengl passes a try of mini spinach pies and lamb pies
[17:12] <Jessie> poor scribbler
[17:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Lost Scribbler.
[17:12] <KK> Peer hates lots of people tonight.
[17:12] <lbarms> bad bad peer
[17:12] <Shiral> Evil, evil peer
[17:12] <Wrengl> peer is rampaging this evening
[17:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Peer hates everyone...including himself...
[17:12] <KK> Aha, Shiral!
[17:12] <RainbowMike> KK how do you like the new computer?
[17:12] <hygilac> ooh =yummy treats
[17:12] <Mouse> something missing in his life
[17:12] * the_Bee takes a pie and thanks Wrengl
[17:12] <Kelric> hmm.
[17:12] <Shiral> Hi Katherine!
[17:12] <hygilac> thanis pat
[17:12] <KK> It's great.
[17:12] <Shiral> I thought it was something I'd said..... <G>
[17:12] <hygilac> thnks
[17:12] *** scribbler  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:12] <Jessie> wb scribbler
[17:12] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Dells rock. :)
[17:12] <Wrengl> wb scribbler
[17:12] <KK> Maybe Peer needs a Peeress.
[17:12] <Mouse> hi again
[17:12] <Kelric> peer signoff (connection reset by peer)
[17:12] <Shiral> WB, Scribbler
[17:12] <Sedina> wb scribs
[17:12] <lbarms> my dell is packed away
[17:12] <Shiral> Poor Kelric
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK, is yours one of the dark charcoal grey, or the "normal" color?
[17:13] <hygilac> LOL kelric
[17:13] <Jessie> bummer Laura
[17:13] <scribbler> My own dear, sweet, lovable husband picked up the phone line, causing me to get Peered!
[17:13] <Shiral> Now we've lost him
[17:13] <Jessie> lol scribbler
[17:13] <Shiral> So what  have I missed, in brief recap?
[17:13] <KK> Hunky charcoal gray!
[17:13] <Kelric> thank you hygiliac,  you got the joke.
[17:13] <scribbler> dern dialup connection....
[17:13] <the_Bee> Scold him severely, Scribbler
[17:13] <Jessie> Shiral:  KK's computer came -- writing went
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Cool! My mom's new Dell is that color...looks very col.
[17:13] <Kelos_al-Hazar> col=cool
[17:13] <Shiral> Whoo hooo! KK has a new box!!
[17:14] <scribbler> Computer transition week, Shiral....
[17:14] <KK> Yes, very macho compared to the old putty-color.
[17:14] <Shiral> Writing went where?
[17:14] <Kelos_al-Hazar> She's very happy with the machine, even though it IS a Celeron...:\
[17:14] <KK> Out the window.
[17:14] <Shiral> Charcoal computers are the best, she said smugly!
[17:14] <Kelric> lol
[17:14] <Mouse> Question for KK before I have to go again.  Will Kelson and Rothanna ever get another chance?
[17:14] <KK> Mine is not Celeron; it's Pentium IV.
[17:14] <Shiral> OOo, wow, Kk!
[17:14] <Kelric> I've been in kinda the same boat there.  I've been having trouble finding time for my fanfic as well.
[17:14] <Kelos_al-Hazar> You paid a lot more than Mom was willing to, KK...
[17:14] <Shiral> Latest bells and whistles
[17:14] <scribbler> I wouldn't think so, Mouse....Araxie might not think too much of that....
[17:15] <KK> Another chance in what way?  He's married to Araxie.
[17:15] <the_Bee> unless she dies in chilbirth
[17:15] <KK> It was on a good sale, Kelos.
[17:15] <Shiral> She'd bop him on the head if he tries it!
[17:15] <scribbler> Kelson's a good boy -- unlike his grandfather Donal.....  ;)
[17:15] <Jessie> I don't think that Mouse has had the chance to read KKB
[17:15] <Mouse> I've read KKB seven times and I can't make that work. Araxie is just not there at all
[17:15] <hygilac> I should certainly hope so
[17:15] <Shiral> Bee, stop trying to kill Araxie. <G> We barely even KNOW her
[17:15] <Kelric> probably grab out a new frying pan and whack him on the head.
[17:15] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Mom paid just a touch over US $1000... and had free helped.
[17:15] <the_Bee> Hey, I want her around for many years
[17:16] <Mouse> we've had more time with her than with Sidana, and Sidana would have been a better wife for Kelson
[17:16] <Shiral> I think Araxie will keep Kelson too happy to stray
[17:16] <Mouse> Araxie has no emotional depth.  I don't think she has the ability
[17:16] <KK> It <could> happen, I suppose.  But it would be awfully mean to take another bride from poor Kelson.
[17:16] <Shiral> Amen, KK.
[17:16] <Mouse> why?  he'll be bored with this one in six months
[17:16] <the_Bee> Their fate is in your hands, KK
[17:16] <KK> Hmmm, Mouse doesn't like Araxie....
[17:16] <Shiral> He needs some happiness, I think
[17:16] <scribbler> What's wrong with Araxie? I think she's perfect for Kelson -- they've got a similar background and she knows what's expected of her.
[17:17] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I don't think so, Mouse.
[17:17] <Shiral> She may be the quietly passionate type. <G>
[17:17] <Mouse> I know a person like her.  she takes care of everybody, mothers everybody and can't get close to anyone
[17:17] <the_Bee> I think their love will grow
[17:17] <Mouse> she's a wonderful nun.
[17:17] <hygilac> No, Mouse doesn't like Araxie
[17:17] <scribbler> I think Araxie has no trouble getting close to Kelson....
[17:17] <KK> Remember that the idea of romantic love was a very new concept in those days, Mouse, especially amongst the noblity.
[17:17] <hygilac> we had a discussion on it the day we first met :)
[17:17] <Mouse> but Kelson's had it once.
[17:18] <Mouse> his losing Rothanna broke my heart.  I'd rather you'd killed him
[17:18] <scribbler> Kelson was in lust with Rothana -- he'll find true love with Araxie....
[17:18] <KK> He had strong hormonal reactions to Rothana; we don't know how much further depths there was, or would have been.
[17:18] <Shiral> There are a lot of happily married folks in the Deryni books, though
[17:18] <Mouse> never.  she doesn't challenge him at all
[17:18] <the_Bee> Kelson was 17 when he mets Araxie.  At that age, males think with their hormones.
[17:18] * Kelos_al-Hazar is glad his keyboard driver software's not installed...he just accidently hit the Sleep key twice!
[17:18] <the_Bee> Rothana, not Araxie
[17:19] <KK> Hee-hee!  I was going to suggest another part of his anatomy, Bee.
[17:19] <the_Bee> There's a key that puts you to sleep?
[17:19] <Shiral> I think they might have ended up like Henry II and Eleanor of Acquitaine -- leading civil wars against one another had they actually married
[17:19] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Mouse, I didn't... Trust me, I did not.
[17:19] <scribbler> "You can't always get what you want..." -- Mick Jagger
[17:19] <Shiral> Why KATHERINE!!! <EG>
[17:19] <Mouse> didn't what
[17:19] <Kelric> well,  time to flee back to work :(
[17:19] *** Kelric  Quit
[17:19] <Mouse> yuk, Kelric
[17:19] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Didn't think with my hormones when I was 17...
[17:20] <the_Bee> The other part of his anatomy is controlled by hormones, KK
[17:20] <Mouse> not even a bit
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Not a bit.
[17:20] <Mouse> that should have been a question
[17:20] <Shiral> Kelson's had all kinds of responsibility loaded on his shoulders since he was fourteen. It's not surprising that at least ONE part of his body would act out!
[17:20] <KK> Keep in mind, too, that true love isn't just physical.  I think Kelson summed it up well when it was pointed out that he and Rothana could still do most of what they'd talked about doing; it's just that Araxie will bear his children--and <also> fulfill many other important needs for Kelson.
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> It wasn't easy, but it was done.
[17:20] <Shiral> And even under the influence of hormones, Kelson was remarkably restrained and gentlemanly in his conduct toward Rothana
[17:20] <Kelos_al-Hazar> For that matter, it's STILL not easy.
[17:21] <hygilac> Kelson thinks before acting in most cases
[17:21] <Shiral>  Sometimes, he may even think too much
[17:21] <KK> He was pretty restrained in his actions toward Sidana, too.
[17:21] <Mouse> what I remember from school:  Three cornerstones of marriage, money, power and sex.
[17:21] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Uh oh....Start button's semi-inactive....Gotta reboot!
[17:21] <RainbowMike> I thought once Kelson's and Rothana's minds linked that it went farther than mere hormones. At least, thats how I interpreted it.
[17:21] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I'm a dot...
[17:21] *** Kelos_al-Hazar  Quit
[17:22] <scribbler> could you imagine how much messier things could have gotten if Kelson HAD married Rothana when his own cousin had the hots for her too? I wouldn't have put an actual murder attempt beyond Conall....
[17:22] <Mouse> and I didn't get the link ever broken
[17:22] <Mouse> between Kelson and Rothanna, I mean
[17:22] <the_Bee> Rothana was angry.  She wanted Kelson to feel how Janniver felt being raped
[17:22] <Mouse> so what?  the link happened
[17:23] <KK> Yes, but fortunately, the rules regarding marriage vows only really deal with physical aspects.  It doesn't require an exclusive commitment in all aspects of human interaction.
[17:23] <Shiral> Probably every other girl he'd met batted her eyelashes at him.  He was getting his first taste of real female power from a Deryni woman close to his own age.
[17:23] <the_Bee> still true today
[17:23] <Mouse> and she didn't treat him like a king first.  she's the only one who didn't, including Araxie
[17:23] <Shiral> We know that definitely resonated with him
[17:23] <Ghostgames> Ooh, Katherine, I just thought of something I've been meaning to mention.... I think you missed an opportunity when Morgan went "looking" (with his mind) for Kelson -- by focusing on his ring. The ring, of course, was at the bottom of the lake at the time.... I expected Morgan to get visions of a cold, dark, watery "grave" and assume he'd actually
found Kelson.... :-)
[17:24] <hygilac> and a brutal picture of what it was like to be raped
[17:24] <KK> Also, just because a link was established, that doesn't mean it was continuous from that time on.
[17:24] <the_Bee> Imagine if you couldn't do anything unless your spouse wanted to too
[17:24] <scribbler> Sometimes you have to give up on one plan to make a bigger plan happen; if I'd married the first guy who came along, I would never have found happiness with Mark....
[17:24] <Shiral> It would be too tiring physically
[17:24] <Mouse> Bee, my marriage wouldn't last six minutes on that scale
[17:25] <KK> Remember that Rothana was the best trained of the three; Araxie still has come catching-up to do.
[17:25] <KK> Also, the two women like one another.
[17:25] <Shiral> I got the picture in KKB that Rothana didn't really want to be married anyway: To ANYBODY, although she might have been willing to make the compromise for Kelson's sake earlier on
[17:25] <scribbler> Ann -- Morgan may have been out of range to focus on the ring; he assumed it was with Kelson, but it was back in Rhemuth....
[17:25] <Shiral> I still wish she'd spat in Conall's eye, though <G>
[17:25] <hygilac> I'm with you shiral
[17:26] <Mouse> I thought she still loved Kelson intensely, but feels him
out of reach.  Also, marriage to a selfish brute like Connal would have been awful
[17:26] <the_Bee> Or insisted they wait till Lent was over.
[17:26] <Wrengl> hiral
[17:26] <Shiral> yes
[17:26] <Wrengl> I agree the puter left out most of my response, Shiral
[17:26] <Shiral> I dont' think Conall was a brute toward women -- not those that he cared about, anyway
[17:26] <hygilac> a decent period of mourning was what I wanted
[17:26] <Shiral> But selfish he certainly was
[17:26] <KK> I think Rothana really didn't have a call to marriage; she was right the first time around, wanting to be a nun; that resolve got side-tracked with Kelson.  She could have been happy with him, but I don't think she would have been fulfilled.
[17:26] * the_Bee wishes Dhugal had been made the villain, not Conall
[17:27] <scribbler> I think Conall was one of those boys who think more with the head below the belt rather than the one above....
[17:27] <Wrengl> Certainly selfish and egocentric.
[17:27] <RainbowMike> Will Araxie ever have her powers enhanced by the
Haldane ritual?
[17:27] <hygilac> nooooo
[17:27] <hygilac> not Dhugal
[17:27] <Jessie> Bee -- you don't like Dhugal?
[17:27] <Shiral> NOT DHUGAL!!!ACK
[17:27] <Sedina> No, not Dhugal!
[17:27] <Wrengl> to insist on marriage before the end of lent and a decent mourning period was certainly selfish.
[17:27] <Shiral> Good question, Mike. I've wondered about that, too
[17:27] <scribbler> Dhugal is a sweetie pie!
[17:27] <the_Bee> He irritated me when I first met him
[17:27] <Shiral> He's a lamb
[17:27] <scribbler> Why, Bee?
[17:28] <Shiral> That's why I wrote my first story about him, 'cause I liked him so much =o)
[17:28] <KK> Why did Dhugal irritate you?
[17:28] <Wrengl> not Dhugal Bee!
[17:28] <the_Bee> Too cocky.  In real life I'd want to punch him in the nose
[17:28] <scribbler> I'm looking forward to that story, Shiral....
[17:28] <Ghostgames> I've always liked Dhugal -- 'prolly 'cause of his way with animals.
[17:28] <Mouse> Dhugal is a bit less constrained by honor than Kelson, but I love cocky men
[17:28] *** Kiri` has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:28] <Sedina> Hi Kiri
[17:28] <Wrengl> hi kiri
[17:28] <the_Bee> Hi Kiri
[17:28] <Kiri`> hi!  talking to Eileen.. she says 'ello
[17:28] <lbarms> hello kiri
[17:28] <KK> Conall was selfish, and wanted Rothana, and thought Kelson was dead. Perfectly logical, from his POV.
[17:28] <hygilac> hi Kiri
[17:28] <Jessie> It's okay Bee -- I don't like Arilan -- it's okay if you don't like Dhugal & I agree that I didn't want Conal to be the bad egg -- he was pictured very unflattering in all the books
[17:28] <scribbler> You've got to think of how he was brought up -- it seems to be a border trait....
[17:28] <Shiral> I liked that he saw the way Conall behaved and reacted appropriately with frankness
[17:29] * scribbler sends greetings to Kiri`
[17:29] <Shiral> Hi Kiri
[17:29] <Kiri`> just dropped in.. she's lost her internet.. puter mess.
[17:29] <Wrengl> Kiri I tried to send you the catalogue and was told service unavailable
[17:29] <Kiri`> wrengl.. i got 2 copies.
[17:29] <the_Bee> Conall was thinking of courting Rothana before he knew kelson was interested
[17:29] *** Kiri` Quit
[17:29] <scribbler> Oops -- she disappeared too fast....
[17:29] <KK> This is true, Bee.
[17:29] <hygilac> But Conall was always a jerk
[17:29] <Shiral> KK, after Alyce's death, was Sir Kenneth Morgan responsible in any way for the running of Corwyn?
[17:29] <RainbowMike> Will Araxie ever have her powers enhanced by the Haldane ritual?
[17:30] <Mouse> Conall and Kelson courting at the same time would have been fun
[17:30] <Bynw>  Katherine, I've emailed you two files that should cover the connecting with mIRC issues for you :-)
[17:30] <hygilac> folks, I have to go
[17:30] <hygilac> dinnertime
[17:30] <Mouse> bye,
[17:30] <scribbler> take care, Linda....
[17:30] <Shiral> Aw, Linda....=o(
[17:30] <Wrengl> Mouse, that would have been interesting
[17:30] <lbarms> bye linda
[17:30] <Shiral> Bye......
[17:30] <KK> Conall and Kelson courting at the same time would have been more of the same competition that Conall had fought all his life; would've been horrible for him.
[17:30] <Wrengl> cya hygilac
[17:30] <scribbler> bon appetit...
[17:30] <Rebecca> bye Linda 
[17:30] <hygilac> if you solve the ?Rothana/Araxie debate let me know
[17:30] <KK> Bye, Linda.
[17:31] <Shiral> And he would have resented Kelson all the more for it
[17:31] *** hygilac Quit
[17:31] <Jessie> bye hygilac
[17:31] <Mouse> but I still can't see araxie as a major interest.  She doesn't have anything of her own
[17:31] <Shiral> Because Rothana loved Kelson and not him.
[17:31] <scribbler> I think she'll be full of surprises....
[17:31] <KK> She's a Haldane, Mouse.
[17:31] <Wrengl> Not sure about that Mouse.  Think we need to see more of her.
[17:31] <Shiral> She's a lot more than just a womb with a crown
[17:32] <RainbowMike> Will Araxie ever have her powers enhanced by the Haldane ritual?
[17:32] <KK> LOL, Shiral!
[17:32] <Wrengl> agreed, Shiral
[17:32] <Mouse> so?  She wasn't a scholar until Azim made her one.  She didn't move on Kelson when she had the chance.
[17:32] <scribbler> True, Pat; we didn't really get to know her yet, as a lot of KKB was Kelson in Torenth coping with the treacherous Furstans (Matyas excepted of course)....
[17:32] <KK> Dunno, RainbowMike.  But like I said, she's a Haldane....
[17:32] <Shiral> Not of magical arts maybe, but she was a scholar in other respects
[17:32] <Mouse> again, so what?  the young Haldanes in the Gwynedd series didn't do anything much, either
[17:33] <RainbowMike> I see. That part of the future ain't been determined yet. I can live with that.
[17:33] <KK> Mouse, we don't know that she wasn't a scholar; she just hadn't had Deryni training.
[17:33] <Shiral> I assume that plenty of things interested her, and after growing up with Letald, she must know quite a bit about 11 Kingdoms Politics
[17:33] <Mouse> so what were her interests?
[17:33] <scribbler> she was savvy enough to help Cuan and Gwenlian....
[17:33] <Shiral> She learned statecraft from her uncle
[17:33] <Mouse> and never invest herself in that.  it was a game
[17:33] <KK> Yep, she's got a good head on her shoulders, and is sensitive to human interactions.
[17:33] <KK> That's an excellent trait in a queen.
[17:34] <scribbler> So, she knew how to keep a secret....
[17:34] <Shiral> And she acted her part well enough to confuse almost everyone
[17:34] <scribbler> when you're in the confidence of the King, that's a very important trait....
[17:34] <Wrengl> I think Mouse that we really need to get to know her, we really do not know WHAT she likes or knows, not really.
[17:34] <Mouse> i guess i'm trying too hard to make her work.  That's the only ending you've ever written that doesn't work for me, KK
[17:35] <KK> Well, with everything else that was going on in that book, there just wasn't room to expand on ALL the characters, after all.  Give her a chance.
[17:35] <Shiral> Mouse is not mousy with opinions <G>
[17:35] <Mouse> that's the only time I've cried after one of your books
[17:35] * Bynw doesnt look at KKB as an ending ... but a BEGINNING of a lot more to come
[17:35] <the_Bee> I confess I was hoping for a woman who'd make Kelson glad he hadn't married Rothana
[17:35] <Mouse> I'm the mouse rampant, after all
[17:35] <Shiral> I agree, Bynw
[17:35] <KK> Yes, Bynw!
[17:35] <Shiral> The mouse that roars? <G>
[17:36] <Sedina> Exactly, Bynw.  *s*
[17:36] <Mouse> a mouse fights hard defending her nest.
[17:36] <KK> Mouse, if that's the only time I've made you cry, there's something unside-down here.  <I> cry at most of them, at some point.  This would have been tears of happiness, in this case.
[17:36] <Shiral> I think Araxie can offer Kelson a happy domestic life, which he'll appreciate
[17:36] <Mouse> and i'm the only one on the field under 5'7
[17:36] <scribbler> I think as things develop with his relationship with Araxie (which is still in its infancy) and with the schola, Kelson will be glad how things worked....
[17:37] <Shiral> And hopefully a castle full of little Haldanes
[17:37] <Mouse> I'm still seeing a 21 year old who was pressured too much and will regret his decision
[17:37] <Ghostgames> What? Mouse, no crying after King Javan's Year?!?
[17:37] <Mouse> I only hope he finds a good mistress
[17:37] <scribbler> I cried BUCKETS at the end of KJY....
[17:37] <RainbowMike> I hope in future Kelsonian-era books you will show Kelson, Morgan and Duncan getting more knowledgeable and proficient with their powers.
[17:37] <Shiral> I cried buckets too!
[17:37] <Mouse> No.  Javan wasn't going into disaster
[17:37] <Shiral> Good point, Mike
[17:37] <scribbler> And when Michaela was by Rhysem's tomb after TBP....
[17:37] <KK> I don't think Kelson has had time to be glad he didn't marry Rothana.  We don't know how they're going to settle into this marriage.  But for a king, there are many aspects to what constitutes a good marriage--and they aren't all the same as for ordinary folk.
[17:37] <lbarms> nope, the bastard prince was worse for crying
[17:38] <Shiral> Um, he died young and an unjust death and it wasn't a disaster for the Kingdom?????
[17:38] * Jessie agrees with Laura
[17:38] <Mouse> again, there was hope for the living and the dead can't be hurt
[17:38] * scribbler agrees with Shiral...
[17:38] <Shiral> Ditto with Rhysem?
[17:38] <Shiral> I think Rhysem might have argued with you there, Mouse.
[17:38] <Bynw> the entire Heir's trilogy was a tear jerker
[17:38] <Shiral> His situation looked pretty bad at the end of that book
[17:39] <Mouse> I think those healers should have helped Rhysem and to the devil with wisdom of the situation.
[17:39] <the_Bee> at least Rhysem's death helped bring about the downfall of the evil Council
[17:39] <Shiral> He made the most of his opportunities in TBP, but he still DIED
[17:39] <Mouse> death is not the end.  it's only moving on
[17:39] <Mouse> and I'm getting morbid
[17:39] <scribbler> I cried more for Michaela than Rhysem -- widowed at 20, sheesh....
[17:39] <KK> Ultimately, yes, but for those who are left to pick up the pieces, it isn't that clear-cut.
[17:40] <Shiral> So, did Michaela ever fall in love again KK? Have a discreet, discreet affair years after Rhysem's death???
[17:40] <Sedina> It can take a long time for those who are left behind to realize the truth of that statement, Mouse
[17:40] <Jessie> why an affair Shiral -- why not marriage?
[17:40] <lbarms> I thought Rhysems death was more unfair than Javans
[17:40] <KK> Exactly, Jessie!
[17:40] <Mouse> I've heard it too much recently.  I think I'm comming out of shock
[17:40] <Shiral> There's no record in the Codex of her marrying again, though <G>
[17:40] <the_Bee> If Owen's regents were honest people, I wonder why anti-Deryni laws lasted so long.
[17:40] <KK> I agree, Laura.
[17:41] <Shiral> Although perhaps Bro Theo doesn't know everything...
[17:41] <Mouse> big word, IF
[17:41] <Jessie> so
[17:41] <scribbler> Bee -- they couldn't change too much overnight; the regents may have been honest, but there was still the Church hierarchy to cope with....
[17:41] <KK> No, Bro. Theo doesn't know everything.
[17:41] <Shiral> Michaela may have felt that her sons needed her too much
[17:41] <Shiral> Heh heh heh.... <G>
[17:42] <Wrengl> And she may have married eventually and Brother Theo missed it!
[17:42] <KK> Consider the possible events of 948.  Heh-heh-heh.
[17:42] <Bynw> lol
[17:42] <the_Bee> She lived a long time
[17:42] <scribbler> She loved Rhysem so much that no other man could measure up; that's why my mom never remarried when my dad died....
[17:42] <Shiral> Maybe it was SO discreet that nobody knew about it? <G>
[17:42] <Shiral> A morganatic marriage?
[17:42] <Shiral> But that's a LONG time to live alone
[17:42] <KK> I think she'd be <very> discreet.
[17:42] <lbarms> yes indeed
[17:42] <Mouse> those are the most fun
[17:43] <KK> Quite probably a morganatic marriage, if she did remarry.
[17:43] <lbarms> she was a wonderful bride for Rhysem
[17:43] <Mouse> please explain "morganatic"
[17:43] <KK> She certainly rose to the challenge.
[17:43] <Shiral> I can see that  she wouldn't be able to love right away, but after a few years, she might be so lonely that she'd try to find SOMEONE to fill the void
[17:44] <Shiral> I THINK it means a marriage between royalty and a commoner (Or person of lower rank) in which the marriage partner does not take on any royal rank.... I think....)
[17:44] *** Jessie is now known as Silence
[17:44] <the_Bee> Morganitic marriage = the children can't inherit from the father.
[17:44] <KK> Morganatic means that the two are of unequal rank, and the woman's children do not have the same rights of inheritance as a wife of suitable noble rank.
[17:44] *** Silence is now known as Jessie
[17:44] <lbarms> that is why I cried so much in TBP.  I wanted Rhysem to at least get home to see Michaela one more time
[17:44] <Mouse> thanks.
[17:44] <Shiral> So I was in the ball park <G>
[17:44] <scribbler> me too, Laura....
[17:45] <KK> Shiral and Bee, you both had the right idea.
[17:45] <Jessie> he did scribbler -- in his dreams
[17:45] <Jessie> and some dreams are verra verra vivid
[17:45] <Shiral> I can't really see Michaela  seeking a marriage with anyone else until Owain had attained his majority, though
[17:45] <Shiral> NOW I remember my question:
[17:45] <scribbler> But Mika didn't see him, except in the vision during the power ritual....
[17:45] <Mouse> why not?  Single parenting is the worst thing
[17:46] <Jessie> maybe she just didn't remember her dream scribbler
[17:46] <KK> No, she'd be very careful, lest any subsequent child of hers be seen as a possible rival to Owain.
[17:46] <scribbler> With all the nurses around (especially Rhysel), she had plenty of help....
[17:46] <the_Bee> And any kids by a second marriage would be out of the line of succession for the crown anyway
[17:46] <Shiral> Since Mika and OWain were both born on Leap Year by OUR calendar, does the Deryni world have the same concept?
[17:46] <Mouse> she'd need someone, especially when those kids got older
[17:46] <Shiral> Or would there be a February 29th every year in Deryni land?
[17:46] <Shiral> She had Cathan to help her, Mouse
[17:47] <Shiral> She'd be worried about upsetting her sons, I'd think
[17:47] <Mouse> so she's going to cry on his shoulder and never long for anything else?
[17:47] <KK> It was Bro Theo who put in those Leap Year dates; let <him> explain that one!
[17:47] <Shiral> <G>
[17:47] <lbarms> lol
[17:47] * Sedina giggles
[17:47] <Shiral> Okay, I will <G>
[17:47] <scribbler> So, why would Albin be seen as a threat to Kelson's crown, as he's not the son of the King, and Conall was never crowned King either?
[17:47] <the_Bee> When _was_ leap year invented?
[17:47] <KK> Yes, Cathan would be a strong Uncle Nigel figure, and utterly loyal like him
[17:47] <lbarms> I loved Cathan too
[17:48] <Mouse> got to go.  library's going to close.  Thanks, KK
[17:48] <Sedina> Bye, Mouse
[17:48] <Jessie> bye Mouse
[17:48] <lbarms> I think I cried for him as much as for Michaela
[17:48] <KK> He's still of equally royal blood, and he's older.
[17:48] *** Mouse Quit
[17:48] <RainbowMike> Bye Mouse
[17:48] <KK> Bye, Mouse.
[17:48] <lbarms> after all, he had to watch his king die
[17:48] <Shiral> I think Mika would simply be too busy cleaning up the Kingdom after the mess the Regents made. She'd also want to make her sons as strong and independent as she could
[17:48] <RainbowMike> Wow, mouse sure livened this place up tonight!
[17:48] <Shiral> That would keep her awfully busy
[17:49] <scribbler> So if Conall was born before Kelson, he would have been the heir?
[17:49] <Rebecca> Scribs--Leap year was developed with the Julian Calendar.
[17:49] <Jessie> indeed Mike -- nice to hear a variety of views -- makes one think
[17:49] <the_Bee> No. Kelson's father was born first
[17:49] <RainbowMike> It does indeed.
[17:49] <KK> No, because Brion was older than Nigel.
[17:49] <scribbler> Rebecca -- Shiral was the one with the Leap Year question, not me....
[17:49] <Shiral> I'll needle Rob about that one
[17:50] <Shiral> But I had this idea for a Michaela story..... <G>
[17:50] * Shiral adds yet another pot to her story stove
[17:50] <KK> The succession would be Brion and his sons and any sons of theirs, then Nigel and his sons and any sons of his....
[17:50] <lbarms> and the brew boils....
[17:50] <Shiral> Bubble, bubble toil and trouble......
[17:51] <scribbler> So then Albin would be in the succession if Kelson has no sons, or if Kelson has a son who has no sons....
[17:51] <KK> But birth order sometimes yields to opportunity and strength of arms and cunning, viz. Richard III.
[17:51] <the_Bee> But if Conall had been older than kelson, it might have evened out the childhood balance of power.
[17:51] <Shiral> That would be interesting, yes
[17:51] <Shiral> With Kelson looking up to his older cousin
[17:51] <KK> Kelson still would have been the heir, because his father was older than Conall's father.
[17:52] <KK> Conall being older just would have made him a better bully.
[17:52] <RainbowMike> I got a succession question.... what if they both had only daughters? Would the succession fall to the eldest daughter to become queen? Would any future husband be King or only Prince Consort?
[17:52] <the_Bee> that's what I mean--Kelson has the higher rank, but conall has the age advantage
[17:52] <KK> Yes, if Kelson has no sons, or his sons have no sons, Albin is next in line.
[17:52] <scribbler> I'd think it more likely that Albin would be safer at court, and brought up to be different than his daddy, than away from court where some opportunist could get hold of him and twist his mind (as Creoda and Loris did with Judhael)....
[17:52] *** Lady_Marian has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:53] <Jessie> wb Lady_Marian
[17:53] <Shiral> It WOULD be interesting to have a daughter of Kelson's inherit the crown, though....
[17:53] <Lady_Marian> Phew... short but windy storm
[17:53] <KK> Thunder must be past, Lady M.
[17:53] <the_Bee> Hi Lady Marian
[17:53] <Shiral> I'll bet she'd be an interesting person!
[17:53] <Sedina> wb Lady M
[17:53] <Shiral> WB, Lady_M
[17:53] <Lady_Marian> We just spent the duration of it looking for Erin's glasses...
[17:53] <scribbler> WB Lady_Marian
[17:53] <KK> All of Nigels progeny would have to be wiped out for that to happen.
[17:53] <Shiral> True
[17:53] <Shiral> Just speculating, a little <G>
[17:54] <Lady_Marian> I can't figure out how they ended up in the bottom half of the piano but that's where they were.
[17:54] <Shiral>  Kelson will have interesting children whether or not they inherit, though
[17:54] <Sedina> And Nigel certainly has a rather large brood for that to be too much of a possibility
[17:54] <Lady_Marian> Hmmmm. Katherine, would a Deryni possibly be able to compensate for nearsightedness or farsighteness with their talents?
[17:55] <Lady_Marian> Without my glasses, I can't even see well enough to find the glasses!
[17:55] <KK> I've been thinking about that a bit, as my own vision deteriorates.
[17:55] <Shiral> Or deafness?  I think there's a reference to Bronwyn enhancing her physical sight somewhere in Deryni Checkmate
[17:55] <Jessie> I have to find my husband's glasses for him when he loses them
[17:56] <RainbowMike> Your vision may deteriorate, KK. But you will always be a woman of VISION!
[17:56] <scribbler> we know there are ways to compensate for blindness -- Barrett can still read even though his sight is gone....
[17:56] <KK> We know that Barrett compensates for his blindness, but it isn't a free exchange of one type of vision for another; his compensated sight takes a lot of effort.
[17:56] <Shiral> yes indeed, Mike
[17:56] <scribbler> huzzah Mike!
[17:56] <KK> I may do a character who's seriously near-sighted.  (Folks wear glasses in the Adept series.)
[17:56] <the_Bee> I lost my best glasses.  Then my housecleaner found them and threw them in the trash
[17:57] <Lady_Marian> YIKES!
[17:57] <Shiral> Ack
[17:57] <KK> Oh, no!
[17:57] <scribbler> you mean your ex-housecleaner?
[17:57] <lbarms> why would she do that
[17:57] <Lady_Marian> We don't have a spare pair for any of us until January when the vision care part of our insurance kicks in.
[17:57] * Sedina says a little prayer of thanks for contacts
[17:57] <the_Bee> If the bag hadn't been clear plasic, they would have been gone for good.
[17:57] <Lady_Marian> We have four out of seven of us needing glasses or contacts.
[17:57] <lbarms> bummer
[17:57] * scribbler can't handle contacts -- aggravate her allergies....
[17:58] <Shiral> I've never tried contacts
[17:58] <KK> I wore then for 20 years, but can't any more.
[17:58] <Lady_Marian> I've used them but it's just easier to put on glasses first thing than fuss with the contacts.
[17:58] <the_Bee> She didn't speak English, and she'd been told to throw out everything.  including most of my KK books. and my underwear
[17:58] <scribbler> I'm nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other -- weird, huh?
[17:58] <RainbowMike> Could a Deryni healer cure near/farsightedness?
[17:58] <lbarms> I have tried them, but it takes too long to put them in in the morning
[17:58] <Wrengl> Can't understand anyone throwing out glasses!
[17:58] <Lady_Marian> I'd love to be able to afford the LASIK surgery.  A friend of mine had it and it was great for her
[17:59] <Shiral> Who told her to do all THAT, Bee??
[17:59] <scribbler> Throwing out KK's books? A mortal sin, there!
[17:59] <the_Bee> me neither, but it happened
[17:59] <the_Bee>  I should have stayed home to supervise.
[17:59] <lbarms> my son is like that scribs
[17:59] <the_Bee> They also threw out my new flute
[17:59] <Sedina> Laura, when I first got my contacts (eons ago) it took me forever to put them in, but now I can have them both in in under a minute
[17:59] <KK> I don't know if a Healer could do anything or not.
[17:59] <lbarms> and he refuses to wear glasses because the one eye compensates for the other 
[18:00] * Jessie got contacts -- but after taking 1 1/2 hrs to put in ONE -- I quit
[18:00] <scribbler> LOL -- I tried that, but my eyes just got too tired trying to balance out....
[18:00] <KK> I wore hard ones, which were easy to handle but hard to wear. I tried to switch to soft ones about the time I was getting to the point that I coulnd't get good correction anymore, so I never got proficient at handling the soft ones.
[18:00] <the_Bee> Jessie sent me some replacements, for which I'm eternally grateful
[18:00] * Wrengl has always been too squeamish for contacts
[18:00] <Lady_Marian> ACK!  Bee, I'd have reamed whom ever told her that up one side and down the other!
[18:01] <Shiral> Me too!
[18:01] <KK> Threw out your new flute!?
[18:01] * Bynw doesnt put anything into his eyes... just wears the glasses
[18:01] <Shiral> It's a miracle you still had an apartment after that, Bee!
[18:01] <the_Bee> It was my caseworker.  I was trying to avoid the health department
[18:02] <Lady_Marian> Books and flutes and glasses aren't things for the health department to be concerned about in a cleaning thing...
[18:02] <Lady_Marian> I hope you told off the caseworker...
[18:02] <Shiral> I wonder if a servant in the Deryni world has ever thrown out some small, but essential item. <G> We KNOW what happened to the Haldana Necklace once, after all =o)
[18:02] <the_Bee> I wore contacts in Highh School, but I was always relieved to remove them.  Now I lack incentive to try again.
[18:02] * Lady_Marian is having her own problems with caseworkers being more interested in criticizing housekeeping than helping a kid.
[18:03] <Jessie> anyone heard from Jasta?
[18:03] <KK> Probably, Shiral--though I expect people were more careful when everything had to be made by hand.
[18:03] <Shiral> Barrett's servants must know not to move the furniture or remove essential things
[18:03] <lbarms> once I get my contacts in, they are great and I have no problems.  I just have trouble getting the stupid things in
[18:03] <the_Bee> th worst was that the company charged me $600
[18:03] <Jessie> ouch bee
[18:03] <Lady_Marian> OUCH
[18:03] <Shiral> I heard from Jasta yesterday.  SHe sent me the hotel reservation info for Darkover
[18:03] <Shiral> I was hoping she'd be here, today
[18:04] *** Tika Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[18:04] <KK> I heard from her early in the week.
[18:04] <RainbowMike> Uh-oh
[18:04] * scribbler sends Peer off to peer counseling....
[18:04] <Lady_Marian> I'm going through a purge the house cleaning thing because of our caseworker but I told her flat out that books and music are NOT going anywhere.
[18:04] <the_Bee> Not even Teek is safe from Peer!
[18:04] <Jessie> was wondering how Brian's b-day dinner went
[18:04] * Shiral wallops peer with the monkfish
[18:04] <KK> Where's my monkfish?!
[18:04] <Shiral> Settle down, Peer!
[18:04] <Shiral> She didn't mention that.
[18:04] * Sedina grabs a monkfish and wallops Peer with it unmercifully
[18:04] <Shiral> Maybe it was a hullaballoo, and she's recovering, today
[18:05] <Lady_Marian> I have to get a birthday thing together for Rowan Monica... she'll be 4 on Nov 2
[18:05] <KK> She did say that Brian's enjoying college tremendourly, and has joined the Anime club.
[18:05] * the_Bee serves a platter of barbecued Peer
[18:05] <Shiral> wow, it seems that she was a baby just three years ago, Berni
[18:05] <Lady_Marian> :)
[18:05] <Lady_Marian> LOL!
[18:06] <RainbowMike> Ya serve beer with your Peer, dear?
[18:06] <Lady_Marian> I'll bring pics to the con with me.
[18:06] <Shiral> Do
[18:06] <lbarms> my baby will be 10 on the 26th of Oct
[18:06] <Shiral> AND of Rhys, too
[18:06] <KK> Oops, folks, it's past Pumpkin Time, and I need to get a good day's writing done tomorrow, now that the new beast is up and running.
[18:06] <the_Bee> Beer or ale
[18:06] <Shiral> Bye, KK. Write well!
[18:06] <Lady_Marian> OK... have a good night Katherine
[18:06] <Jessie> night Katherine -- have a great week
[18:06] <Wrengl> night katherine
[18:06] <RainbowMike> Goodnight KK!
[18:06] <Ghostgames> Have a good night, Katherine!
[18:06] <lbarms> CYa KK
[18:06] <Wrengl> have a good week
[18:06] <Shiral> May the new muscle-machine inspire you to new heights <G>
[18:06] <Rebecca> Bye Katherine
[18:06] <scribbler> have a good writing week, KK -- and congrats on getting the new toy up and running!
[18:06] <KK> Talk to you all next week.
[18:06] <Lady_Marian> I won't be here next week, I'll be traveling back from Ohio...
[18:06] <the_Bee> have a good week--and a happy birthday
[18:06] <Lady_Marian> Bye!
[18:06] <lbarms> I must be off and running myself
[18:06] <Shiral> Write well and have a good week in all other respects too
[18:07] <Ghostgames> I'll still be in Germany....
[18:07] <Jessie> night laura
[18:07] <Sedina> Good night, Katherine.  Good luck writing...and happy (early) birthday
[18:07] <Shiral> Oh, do you still have the same e-mail?
[18:07] <Lady_Marian> Laura, would you email me your email addy?
[18:07] <KK> (I still have to transfer my genealogy files--and install my cordless mouse.)
[18:07] <Wrengl> happy birthday katherine.
[18:07] <Lady_Marian> I lost my address book
[18:07] <Lady_Marian> Yes, Happy Birthday!
[18:07] <Bynw> Have a good night Katherine
[18:07] * Wrengl thumper hands Katherine a pigs ear to celebrate with
[18:07] <lbarms> sure, if I can get into my mailbox
[18:07] <Jessie> Happy Birthday Katherine
[18:07] <Lady_Marian> Thanks.
[18:07] <KK> G'night. all.
[18:07] * Shiral gives KK a glass slipper to go with the pumpkin coach
[18:07] <KK> Tee-hee.
[18:08] <lbarms> Goodnight to one and all
[18:08] <Jessie> hugs Laura
[18:08] <Rebecca> night Laura
[18:08] <RainbowMike> Bye Laura
[18:08] <Shiral> Night Laura and KK
[18:08] <scribbler> take care Laura....
[18:08] <KK> Byee......
[18:08] <Jessie> hope to see you tomorrow Laura
[18:08] *** KK  Quit


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