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KK Chat--1 October 2017
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:24:24 pm »
[04:13.16] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:13.22] <The_Bee> hi KK
[04:13.22] <Jemler> hi kk
[04:13.23] <Demercia> good to hear
[04:13.26] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:13.35] <Demercia> hi KK
[04:13.46] <Evie> Hi KK
[04:14.27] <KK> What's everyone up to?
[04:14.50] * Laurna ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:14.56] * Derynifank (Derynifank@E911B7.F24954.5DB9E0.617F24) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:14.56] <Jemler> not too much.
[04:15.03] <Demercia> Being stressed
[04:15.04] <The_Bee> hi Laurna and DFK
[04:15.07] <Laurna> Hello everyone
[04:15.07] <Jemler> hi laurna, derynifank
[04:15.21] <KK> Why stressed, Demercia?
[04:15.41] <Derynifank> Hi ll
[04:15.43] <Evie> Making little modern day Healer scrubs.  ++,,
[04:16.13] <The_Bee> Cool!
[04:16.18] <KK> Cool!  That works well.
[04:16.19] <Laurna> Wow! now that is so cool Evie
[04:16.20] <Demercia> both my colleagues were off work unexpectedly  last week for unrelated and very good reasons but it has left me a little frazzled
[04:16.40] <Evie> So three times as much work for you in their absence?
[04:17.04] <Demercia> plus my beloved B is showing signs that his kidney degeneration is getting worse
[04:17.08] * Derynifank (Derynifank@E911B7.F24954.5DB9E0.617F24) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:17.16] <Laurna> I hope they appropriate the coverage and return the favor.
[04:17.35] <Laurna> Not good
[04:17.41] * drakensis (~drakensis@5A6A32.DFA9C1.822DB1.39FFAE) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:17.47] <Demercia> they would Laurna, it was just unfortunate that it all happened at once
[04:17.47] * Derynifank (Derynifank@E911B7.F24954.5DB9E0.617F24) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:17.48] <Jemler> do you mean appreciate?
[04:17.51] <The_Bee> hi drakensis
[04:17.54] <Jemler> wb df
[04:17.57] <Evie> Poor B! I hope he's not too uncomfortable.  :-(
[04:17.59] <drakensis> hi
[04:18.10] <Laurna> yes  good oldspell check.
[04:18.11] <Demercia> hi Drakensis
[04:18.20] <Evie> Hi drakensis
[04:18.23] <Jemler> hi drakensis
[04:18.53] <Evie> I am rereading the early Deryni series (Camber era and Heirs of Camber)
[04:19.08] <Laurna> Good stuff that
[04:19.12] <Demercia> no he doesn't seem in distress but he is getting unreliable in inappropriate places ☹️️.
[04:19.23] <Evie> King Javan's Year was even better than I remembered it being, but the ending is harrowing. I just started TBP
[04:19.38] <Evie> It's been so long since I read those trilogies, it's like reading brand new books
[04:20.03] <KK> KJY was tough.
[04:20.14] <Evie> Especially on poor Javan!
[04:20.23] <Laurna> Agree with both Evie and KK's statements
[04:20.32] <Demercia> TBP is one of my favourites.  Perhaps because it ends with some hope in sight
[04:20.37] <Evie> I might have cried a bit.  :-D
[04:20.49] <Demercia> just a bit?
[04:20.53] <KK> Me too.
[04:21.23] <Laurna> Still not in a forgiving mood about Rhys  sorry  But I just can't get past that.
[04:21.25] <Evie> Well, I'm not an easy person to make cry with a book, so if I cried a bit, that means I was fully caught up in it
[04:21.31] <Demercia> It must be hard when you have to kill off a favourite character
[04:22.16] <Evie> It is for me, and i haven't written wholesale slaughter yet. ;-)
[04:22.18] <The_Bee> any progress on Killington, KK?
[04:22.25] <KK> Well, sometimes, like with Camber, you can pull the resurrection rabbit out of the hat.  But only once.  That's why I couldn't bring back Rhys.
[04:22.26] <Demercia> you and Revanne too Laurna.  But I think he was more sinned against than sinning.
[04:22.29] <Laurna> Yes  and then to Loss Javan  after all  on top of that   AACK
[04:22.57] <KK> Nope, Bee, I was in Oklahoma the last 8-10 days.
[04:23.10] <Demercia> sorry Laurna, wrong Rhys.  Ignore the above
[04:23.51] <Evie> But if we hadn't lost Javan when we did, the events in Kelson's time might never have happened, since the persecutions might have ended up much less severe over the centuries if Javan had had a chance to repeal the Statutes of Ramos earlier
[04:24.08] <Derynifank> Using phone, not good
[04:25.22] <KK> Besides, the chronologies that I put in the earliest book dictated when certain people died.
[04:25.53] <Evie> How was Oklahoma?
[04:25.57] <Laurna> Speaking of deaths. As I mentioned on the forum,  what about in the Codex where LLarik Haldane beheaded his first two sons for possible affair with his second wife.  There is some insane family history. KK
[04:26.12] <The_Bee> Did you have an idea how they'd de when you told the death years?
[04:27.10] <KK> Only notions, like whether it was in a war or relatively naturally, from complications of old age.
[04:27.35] * Demercia (Demercia@42F7BC.8E2BAA.A7F6EA.EF2BA3) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:27.52] <KK> And yes, there's dynamics going on, insome cases.
[04:28.14] <Evie> In Javan's case, life was too complicated for him to get to old age!
[04:28.29] <Laurna> KK the more I research the Codex, the more I realize just how much you have put into this world and how extensive a history you have created.
[04:29.03] <The_Bee> not to mention a bit of treachery against him
[04:29.17] <KK> Oklahoma was...flat.  But we had a nice visit with the kids.  Came back via Kentucky instead of Tennessee, so that was interesting.  But hadn't realized ahead of time that the main road through WV is a toll road--fortunately, not expensive, just enough to be annoying.
[04:30.13] <Evie> I think the last time I was on a toll road was years ago when going through some part of FL. We don't have them here.
[04:30.25] <The_Bee> West Virginia probably needs the money.
[04:31.39] <KK> It was not an easy road to build, with lots of bridges spanning gorges, so I can understand why they did it--the toll.  And that road does provide the only direct route across the state in that direction..
[04:31.56] * Demercia (Demercia@42F7BC.8E2BAA.A7F6EA.EF2BA3) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:32.06] <The_Bee> rehi Demercia
[04:32.16] <Evie> wb
[04:32.23] <Demercia> Register everyone
[04:32.32] <Demercia> rehi!
[04:32.36] <Evie> LOL!
[04:32.41] <drakensis> hi Dermercia
[04:32.50] <drakensis> *Demercia
[04:32.53] <drakensis> (sorry)
[04:33.09] <Evie> I wondered what we were all being signed up for!
[04:33.28] <Demercia> a devious Kiwi plot, obviously
[04:34.25] <Derynifank> Phone running down. See you next week. Have a good one
[04:34.35] <Evie> Goodnight, DerynifanK!
[04:34.45] <The_Bee> bye DFK. Have agood week
[04:34.59] <Evie> Oof! Being squashed by a large ginger fleabag
[04:35.18] <The_Bee> Hi Luke!
[04:35.30] <Evie> He purrs in your general direction
[04:35.35] * revanne ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:35.38] <Demercia> Hi Like.
[04:35.46] <The_Bee> hi revanne
[04:35.48] <revanne> Hi
[04:35.48] <Laurna> Bye Derynifank.  Hello Revanne
[04:35.59] <Demercia> hi Revanne
[04:36.08] <revanne> Sorry I'm late - we have had visitors this weekend.
[04:36.08] * Derynifank (Derynifank@E911B7.F24954.5DB9E0.617F24) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:36.14] <Evie> hi revanne
[04:36.23] <Jemler> hi revanne
[04:36.45] <revanne> How is everyone
[04:36.58] <Evie> Incapussitated
[04:37.08] <revanne> Hi Luke.
[04:37.25] <The_Bee> pretty well here.  overweight and eating too much ice cream
[04:37.49] <Demercia> Sounds very familiar Bee
[04:37.54] <Evie> I tried to make some little white nonslip shoes to go with Heather's Healer scrubs last night, but I mostly succeeded in creating what looks like two lumps of plastic clay on her feet.
[04:38.06] <revanne> I can empathise with that except for the ice-cream which I don't much like.
[04:38.40] <Evie> Given all the possible ice cream flavors out there, you don't much like any of them?
[04:38.55] <revanne> I don't really like the texture.
[04:39.03] <Evie> Ah
[04:39.20] <revanne> Unless it's very hot which doesn't happen much over here.
[04:39.34] <The_Bee> hot ice cream?
[04:39.41] <Evie> I'm that way with homemade French vanilla, which is a bit too eggy for me, but otherwise i love most ice creams
[04:39.52] <Demercia> Maybe you should try brown bread ice cream
[04:39.52] <drakensis> I presume it's reference to the weather, Bee
[04:39.58] <Evie> LOL! I think she means a really hot day, Bee
[04:40.09] <Jemler> we call that warm milk.
[04:40.10] <The_Bee> yeah, right
[04:40.19] <~bynw> hi all
[04:40.19] <KK> I had some nice peppermint ice cream in Norman, with crushed candy cane in it.  Yummy!
[04:40.33] <Evie> Hi Bynw!
[04:40.34] <KK> Hey, Bynw!
[04:40.46] <Jemler> hi bynw
[04:40.49] <revanne> Lol Bee, sorry that was a bit ambiguous.
[04:40.50] <The_Bee> Hi Bynw
[04:41.04] <Laurna> That made a good laught
[04:41.08] <Laurna> laugh
[04:41.09] * bynw was busy with some prepacking stuff
[04:41.27] <Evie> I was going to change the chat topic, Bynw, but I couldn't remember the instructions DR gave me, except that I was supposed to copy it before modifying it, and I realized that I can't copy text in Icechat. Can you take care of that?
[04:41.32] <KK> My norman favorite is chocolate chip.  Used to make some really good cc in the ice cream maker I used to have.
[04:41.34] <revanne> I had some maremlade ice-cream on a very hot day earlier this summer. That was nice.
[04:41.38] <Demercia> Hi Bywn
[04:41.46] <Evie> October birthdays are KK, JastaElf, JulianneTK, and Eyikl
[04:41.53] <The_Bee> prepacking,  Bynw?  going somewhere?
[04:41.55] <revanne> Hi Bywn.
[04:42.08] <revanne> or even Bynw
[04:42.15] <Jemler> dyslexic?
[04:42.22] <~bynw> moving at the end of october lots of stuff to do
[04:42.36] <The_Bee> I bet!
[04:42.38] <Laurna> New home?
[04:42.58] <KK> Moving where?  Just a different apartment?
[04:43.08] <KK> Or maybe a house?
[04:43.13] <Demercia> going to say goodnight.  Fajiing
[04:43.20] <revanne> Actually Jemler, yes a bit. More with numbers than letters.
[04:43.21] <Demercia> falling asleep
[04:43.23] <Jemler> nite demercia
[04:43.23] <~bynw> new apt in another complex ... we couldnt find a house yet that we like
[04:43.27] <Laurna> Good Demercia
[04:43.28] <The_Bee> nighters, Demercia
[04:43.29] <Demercia> as you can tell !
[04:43.41] <revanne> Night demercia,
[04:43.41] <Evie> Goodnight, Demercia
[04:43.41] <KK> Nighters, Demercia.
[04:44.32] * bynw changes topic to: The Worlds of Katherine Kurtz | +++,,, | ++,, | RE: DesertRose, see here: +++,,,/index.php?topic=2088.0  Happy birthday to KK, JastaElf, Eyikl, and the other October birthday people!
[04:45.00] <Evie> Thank you, Bynw!
[04:45.13] * JudyWard ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:45.24] <Jemler> hi judyward
[04:45.26] * Demercia (Demercia@42F7BC.8E2BAA.A7F6EA.EF2BA3) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[04:45.36] <Laurna> Happy days to the October people
[04:45.37] <Evie> I'd forgotten about IceChat only letting me copy/paste from the saved log and not directly from the chat window
[04:45.40] <KK> Gus has joined me, so I too am incapussitated.
[04:45.41] <Evie> Hi Judyward
[04:45.47] <JudyWard> Hi! Hi, all
[04:46.00] <revanne> Hi Gus, Hi Judyward.
[04:46.02] <The_Bee> Hi Gus and Judyward
[04:46.16] <Laurna> Hi Gus   and hello Judyward
[04:46.19] <KK> Jasta's birthday is today, and she has a flat tire up in Massachusetts, looking for an open tire store.
[04:46.26] <revanne> Oh no
[04:46.30] <Evie> Oh dear!
[04:46.30] <The_Bee> Bummer!
[04:46.33] <~bynw> :( poor redheaded elf
[04:46.38] <Laurna> Yikes  what a birthday
[04:46.38] <Evie> Not the way one wishes to celebrate!
[04:46.41] <Jemler> on sunday?
[04:46.43] <JudyWard> Missed last week, bad news.
[04:46.54] <~bynw> well it was better than my birthday this year
[04:47.06] <Jemler> true.
[04:47.06] <KK> I told her I hoped this would be the worst thing that happens to her in the new birthday year.
[04:47.07] <Evie> Too true, bynw.  :-(
[04:47.10] <revanne> Sorry to hear that, Judyward.
[04:47.13] <The_Bee> ? bynw
[04:47.16] <JudyWard> Open tire stores are hard to find on Sundays
[04:47.26] <JudyWard> Thanks, Revanne
[04:47.41] <KK> Someone on Facebook recommended Sears, and that's a good bet.  Or Costco would work.
[04:47.53] <Jemler> i missed last wek too.
[04:47.57] <~bynw> yeah Sears would be open
[04:47.57] <JudyWard> Sears not usually open on Sunday
[04:48.01] <Evie> Or Sam's Club
[04:48.09] <~bynw> at least for a little while
[04:48.11] <JudyWard> Maybe Wal-Mart
[04:48.20] <Evie> We don't even have a local Sears anymore, I don't think. Ours went out of business years ago
[04:48.28] <revanne> I spent part of my last birthday in A &E (ER to y'all) having fallen off a stile and sprained my ankle.
[04:48.29] <KK> Maybe a BIG Walmart.
[04:48.30] <The_Bee> It would have been worse when the Blue Laws were still in force
[04:48.39] <Evie> Though yes, Walmart has an auto section
[04:48.52] <JudyWard> Hadn't thought about the Blue Laws in years!
[04:49.13] <revanne> Blue laws refer to Sunday opening?
[04:49.26] <The_Bee> yes
[04:49.36] <KK> Well, sge was communicating with AAA, so they'll know how to get her on the road again.
[04:49.45] <revanne> Thanks, Bee.
[04:49.47] <JudyWard> When I started at Safeway, it was closed on Sundays. When we started being open, there were rules about what you could sell, mostly food.
[04:50.05] <JudyWard> Triple A will send someone
[04:50.37] <KK> When we first moved to Ireland, almost nothing was open on Sundays.  But it got better.
[04:50.43] <revanne> I have to work every Sunday ;)
[04:50.58] <Laurna> I have never heard of Blue laws or of stores not being open on sundays.
[04:50.59] <Evie> :-D
[04:51.10] <JudyWard> Whipper snapper
[04:51.24] <Laurna> Good work too on sundays Revanne
[04:51.34] <~bynw> Chik-fil-a isnt open on Sundays
[04:51.37] <JudyWard> Usually pays more on Sunday
[04:51.38] <Jemler> laurna, is it past your bed-time?
[04:51.41] <KK> And I distinctly remember being stranded once on Skye, because no ferries ran on Sundays.  That was before the bridge, of course.
[04:51.52] <JudyWard> <G> Jemler
[04:52.14] <Evie> Oops!
[04:52.18] <JudyWard> Worse places, though, to be stranded
[04:52.23] <~bynw> and our local grocery chain isnt open on Sundays either but the bigger chain is
[04:52.29] <Laurna> Jemler  it is afternoon here   we just had lunch
[04:52.39] <revanne> The ferries to the Islands still don't run on Sundays as those that live there don't want their way of life to be changed.
[04:53.01] <KK> Yes, but nothing else was open either.  Fortunately, my B&B fed me a sandwich supper.
[04:53.17] <JudyWard> Ah, better than nothing.
[04:53.30] <revanne> Being stranded without food is no fun.
[04:53.48] <KK> The sandwichs were good.
[04:53.49] <JudyWard> I'm going to have to go feed the dogs in a few. Caesar has been asking to be fed for over an hour now.
[04:54.07] <JudyWard> That's nice, they were good.
[04:54.13] <The_Bee> For me, being without something to read would be worse.
[04:54.20] <Evie> LOL! I remember my traveling companion (during my university years) and I being stranded in Thirsk, having got off the last train of the day only to discover that the B&B we had hoped to stay in was closed because the owner just didn't feel like taking in guests that evening.
[04:54.27] * bynw needs internets
[04:54.48] <JudyWard> Take snacks!
[04:55.15] <revanne> Yikes Evie, I hope you found somewhere else.
[04:55.31] <JudyWard> He was being a No B&B
[04:55.45] <Evie> Fortunately one of the locals allowed us to use their phone (the one at the train station being out of order) to try another number in our guide book, and when that B&B turned out to be closed also, they called a friend who owned one and arranged for us to stay there.
[04:56.00] <JudyWard> Nice!!
[04:56.09] <Jemler> where is Thirsk?
[04:56.18] <revanne> We tend to forget how isolated one could be pre mobile phones.
[04:56.39] <KK> Yes, one of the lovely things about England, at least in the old days.  Someone would always take you in.
[04:56.40] <revanne> In deepest darkest Yorkshire in the North of England.
[04:56.44] <The_Bee> I think it was Thoreau eho said one should be able to spend n hour alone with nothing to do without being bored
[04:56.51] <Evie> As it happened, the actual owners of that B&B were away from home that night also, but their (young and very handsome 20-something) son took us in, fed us bacon butties, and was a very congenial host to two lost and clueless American students.  :-D
[04:57.21] <JudyWard> Rescued by the knight in shining armor!
[04:57.34] <Evie> Thirsk is in Yorkshire. James Herriot country, if you remember the "All Creatures Great and Small" books
[04:57.46] <Laurna> Bacon Butties?
[04:58.02] <Jemler> never read them.
[04:58.17] <Evie> Sandwiches made of thick slices of bacon between slices of buttered bread. Toasted, I think, though I don't recall for sure anymore.
[04:58.30] <~bynw> only watched All Creatures Great on Small on PBS
[04:58.32] <revanne> Laurna, how have you lived without Bacon butties.
[04:58.53] <Laurna> Sounds like a BLT without the LT
[04:58.55] <Evie> Very yummy, though, especially if you've been traveling all day and were thinking you might have to spend the night hungry on a damp train staton bench in November!
[04:59.06] <revanne> Usually toasted and best with brown sauce as well.
[04:59.27] <Laurna> Now you lost me  Brown Sauce?
[04:59.31] <Laurna> like a gravey
[04:59.34] <revanne> Yes, Laurna but usually higher on the colesterol rating!
[05:00.09] <Laurna> Are be talking Ham as in Canadian bacon or real bacon
[05:00.17] <Evie> The books are wonderful!  Stories from a country veterinarian in Yorkshire, based on (slightly fictionalized but based on true) events from his career
[05:00.26] <revanne> A slightly spicy sauce the consistency of ketchup but brown.
[05:00.47] <drakensis> I think it's a bit like steak sauce, in the US?
[05:01.02] <JudyWard> Sounds like A-1 sauce
[05:01.24] <Evie> What I had was real bacon (what we'd call bacon in the US, I mean), but a thicker cut of it
[05:01.27] <KK> I remember being overtaken by a serious rainstorm somewhere in darkest Yorkshire, and how welcome was the sight of lights off in the distance--which turned out to be a country house B&B.  They took me in and fed me hot tea and sandwiches and biscuits (cookies--digestive, if I recall correctly), and provided a warm bed for the night.  That was a good adventure.
[05:01.33] <Laurna> I will have to visit Yorkshire then.  and yes I did read all the books about Creatures Great and small.   I want ed to be Vetrinarian when I was young
[05:02.21] <revanne> The infamous wikipedia says that brown sauce is similar to steak sauce in the US, so you were right, Drakensis.
[05:02.56] <KK> Yes, very similar to A-1.
[05:02.58] <JudyWard> I like bread, yellow mustard and bacon sandwiches. Had one for breakfast today.
[05:03.15] <drakensis> I used to like brown sauce in sandwiches when I was at school. gone off it now
[05:03.22] <Laurna> I could eat a Bacon Buttie, then sounds yummy
[05:03.25] <Evie> I met James Herriot, whose actual surname was Wright, IIRC.  That was slightly embarrasing. I happened to be holding an autographed copy of his book (from the shop next door) when I met him, and he thought I wanted an autograph, but it was signed already. And I mentioned I worked for a vet at home, and he got confused and thought I was asking him for a job, and politely declined my offer. :-D
[05:04.12] <Laurna> Interesting Encounter  Evie
[05:04.35] <JudyWard> Good memory to have
[05:04.43] <Evie> It was funny in retrospect, but mortifying to a self-conscious 20-year-old. LOL!
[05:04.50] <Jemler> did you tell that story to your boss?
[05:05.19] <Evie> I wasn't working for him anymore by then, or I would have, since he liked the books also
[05:05.49] <Evie> They had moved to another town the year before, I think. I only worked for him for two summers
[05:06.06] <Jemler> well, it's only been 10 years, track him down and tell him.
[05:06.13] <Evie> :-D
[05:06.58] <revanne> According to the inhabitants of Yorkshire it's God's own country.
[05:07.02] <Evie> I would, but I'm afraid I'd discover his sweet little 4 year old who used to tag around behind me is in her 40s now.  :-D
[05:07.31] <revanne> LOL
[05:07.55] <Evie> I loved Yorkshire, so I won't argue
[05:08.06] <Laurna> And has kids of his own  or a grandchild that is 4 years old
[05:08.15] <Evie> Especially York. I really enjoyed York
[05:08.34] <revanne> York is wonderful especially the medieval streets.
[05:08.35] <drakensis> If it's God's Own Country (and I'm _in Yorkshire_) then why did he send the northmen there? (repeatedly)
[05:09.19] <revanne> Wanted to share it out a bit ;)
[05:09.33] <drakensis> York's nice, and one of the few cities that still has the old walls
[05:09.36] <Laurna> Drakensis do you live in or near a medivel street or building?
[05:09.37] <Evie> Because ginger tabbies needed to get there somehow?
[05:10.03] <drakensis> (not that I have any grounds to complain about the norse, given how obvious my nordic ancestry is)
[05:10.29] <Evie> (DNA analysis shows Ginger tabbies tended to have spread to the areas where Vikings or their descendents went, leading scientists to speculate that Vikings were especially fond of ginger tabbies.)
[05:10.47] <drakensis> huh. interesting. I didn't know that
[05:10.48] <revanne> We lived in Chester for many years which also has a fairly complete set of town walls.
[05:10.49] <Laurna> Obvioulsy it was then to get YOU into God's Country
[05:11.02] <JudyWard> That is interesting about the Tabbies
[05:11.16] <JudyWard> OK, y'all. TEXAS is God's country.
[05:11.24] <drakensis> Chester is the other example I thought off. and it's got those medieval multi-level shopping
[05:11.37] <Evie> So see? The occasional Viking invasion was necessary for the worldwide distribution of ginger incapussitation.
[05:11.39] <drakensis> can't recall what they're called. love old architecture like that
[05:11.46] <revanne> The Rows
[05:11.51] <Evie> Says she with a ginger tabby stretched out across both arms.
[05:11.58] <drakensis> yes, that's it!
[05:12.24] <Evie> The Shambles?
[05:12.32] <KK> I've always heard that ginger tabbies were the quintessential Viking cat.  Our Nicholas came from the west of Ireland, and has coarser fur, which is said to be from his Viking descendants, who had thicker, coarser fur to shed the sea spray better.  He looks a bit oike a miniature cougar.
[05:12.32] <Evie> Where the upper levels hang out over the street below?
[05:12.34] <revanne> Several of the buildings still have the Roman cellars which you can go into.
[05:12.47] <JudyWard> Where is that, Evie? I've heard of it, I think
[05:12.57] <Evie> In York
[05:12.59] <revanne> The Shambles are the medieval streets in York.
[05:13.06] <drakensis> ++,,
[05:13.24] <drakensis> ++,,
[05:13.28] <JudyWard> OK, would love to see them.
[05:13.31] <Evie> Ooh, that's lovely, drakensis!
[05:14.07] <Laurna> Wow Drakensis
[05:14.09] <JudyWard> Yes, it is!
[05:14.36] <Evie> Sadly, any such buildings in Rhemuth would have burned down during the Great Fire mentioned in the Codex, but I wonder if Coroth might still have a street like that?
[05:14.47] <revanne> I worked in a post office just near to there.
[05:15.23] <Evie> Or perhaps some old part of Grecotha or Valoret?
[05:15.26] <JudyWard> I hear the sound of Caesar saying he's starving. BRB
[05:15.30] <Laurna> Can you feel the history when you work near a place like that everyday?
[05:15.41] <Evie> "Et tu, Mom?"
[05:15.45] <The_Bee> Is that meant o look like Tudor style architecture> or gingerbread?
[05:16.18] <Evie> Not meant to look like, but is.  Tudor, I think, if not earlier.
[05:16.22] <revanne> You tended to take it for granted but American tourists would come in and exclaim over it and on the way home I would look around and realise the history.
[05:16.30] <drakensis> bit of both. they've pretty much all been built and rebuilt since the middle ages. there was an archeological study back in 1999
[05:17.20] <revanne> I can imagine that university towns like Grecotha and cathedral towns like Valoret would have an old, well-preserved sector, Evie.
[05:18.12] <Evie> One of the things I loved in my French/German bit of my tour in May/June was seeing some of the older houses with the dates on them, because they'd been built in the 1300s and 1400s and carefully preserved through the centuries, albeit with additions, alterations, and replacements of some parts that hadn't survived over the centuries
[05:18.50] <Evie> But the greater part of the buildings had been around in some form for that long
[05:19.27] <revanne> Apart from castles and churches many of the oldest buildings tend to be pubs or inns and I love visiting them.
[05:20.05] <Jemler> lush? :)
[05:20.40] <revanne> Well the food more than the drink, but in the winter they often have log fires and it's very cosy.
[05:21.00] <Laurna> Dreaming of visiting
[05:21.20] <revanne> Give me warning and I'll put the kettle on.
[05:21.42] <The_Bee> Revanne, have you read Martha Grimes's Richard Jury mysteries?  Every title is the name of a pub that plays a significant part in the story.
[05:21.48] <Laurna> It will be a future date
[05:22.10] <revanne> No, Bee I'll have to look out for those.
[05:22.29] <revanne> :), Laurna.
[05:22.30] <Evie> One of my favorite non-textbook sort of history books is the Time Travelers' Guide to Medieval England, which reads like a tourist guide.  I think we need a tourist guide for the Time Travelers' Guide to Medieval Gwynedd.  :-D
[05:22.43] <The_Bee> most probably Grime's inventions.
[05:23.21] <revanne> There are some fascinating pub names.
[05:23.30] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[05:23.51] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:23.59] <Jemler> wb
[05:24.03] <Evie> I saw a map on Instagram earlier this week that shows various funny place names throughout the UK
[05:24.06] <The_Bee> KK wouldn't leave without saying goodbye, would she?
[05:24.07] <KK> Ahoops, hit a wrong key.
[05:24.10] <JudyWard> Glad you got right back in
[05:24.17] <Evie> rehi
[05:24.21] <The_Bee> WB KK
[05:24.35] <Evie> Glad your Portal let you back in
[05:24.48] <~bynw> wb kk
[05:24.53] <KK> With so many pubs in the UK, there's be little need to invent one.  So much history wound up with so many of the really old ones.
[05:25.04] <revanne> Glad it wasn't a trapped portal, KK
[05:25.21] <KK> Me too.
[05:26.24] <JudyWard> BRB, Caesar has thought of something else he wants. Spoiled dog.
[05:26.45] <Evie> I was reading a description in one of the earlier-period Deryni books (maybe KJY?) of the study in the Basilica that would eventually become Duncan's study, and comparing & contrasting how it was furnished and decorated in both periods
[05:26.56] <Evie> Since of course I still want to do a Duncan's study diorama
[05:27.30] <revanne> I go to Oxford fairly regularly and I always try to get a photo of the Eagle and Child pub, known to the Inklings as the Bird and Baby but there always seem to be tourists  in the way :D
[05:27.36] <Evie> Although, given my lack of fine furniture craftmanship skills in any scale, let alone 1:6, I think he will need to do without his claw-footed table and matching chairs.
[05:27.52] <Evie> Although I might be able to come up with reasonable substitutes
[05:28.24] <Evie> Well, there would be ample reason for tourists at the Bird and Baby.  :-D
[05:28.52] <revanne> Indeed.
[05:28.53] <Evie> Lewis, Tolkien, Williams....
[05:29.19] <Laurna> I have a clawfooted and lion headed love seat.  I will tell you those lions come to life all the time and trip me up.
[05:29.27] <Evie> LOL!
[05:29.49] <Evie> Well, if Duncan's furniture does the same for him, maybe he'll replace it before 1136. ;-)
[05:30.00] <Laurna> lol
[05:30.05] <JudyWard> Back
[05:30.29] <revanne> Maybe he'll bring some across from Culdi after he becomes Duke.
[05:31.01] <Evie> Either that or I need to save up a small fortune and have furnishings custom made, but at the prices fine 1:6 furniture makers demand for their work, I could refurnish my own living room at those prices!
[05:31.09] <Laurna> his should be sleeping lions, so they won't be as active as mine are
[05:31.30] <revanne> True, Laurna.
[05:32.23] <Laurna> The paws on the feet stick out about 4 inches beyound the seat cushion and everybody says those feet reached out to grab them.
[05:32.28] <Jemler> a weem away, a weem away, a weem away, a weem away...
[05:32.53] <Evie> Hm. I actually have a small round table that could work, though I"ve painted it black. It could get repainted to look like carved wood, though. It's not claw-footed, but it has a pedestal base that could look like turned wood.
[05:32.57] <JudyWard> Love that song
[05:33.20] <Evie> The lamp and rocking chair that goes with it might be a bit too modern, though.  ;-)
[05:34.50] <Evie> Actually, looking at the table again, it might be a little too small, given that Duncan has at least 2 chairs pushed up to it:  ++,,
[05:34.57] <revanne> Brain is giving up on me so going to say goodnight.
[05:35.09] <JudyWard> Sleep well!
[05:35.11] <Evie> Goodnight, revanne!
[05:35.16] <Jemler> nite revanne
[05:35.39] * revanne ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:35.43] <The_Bee> nighters, Revanne
[05:36.31] <KK> You could always make a larger diameter top for it--and that would also be a way to make it taller.
[05:36.34] <JudyWard> Going on midnight in England?
[05:36.58] <The_Bee> getting close
[05:36.59] <Evie> That's true. It would be easy enough to get one of the unfinished wood round plaques from Michaels and paint or stain it to match
[05:37.02] <Jemler> 11:36 p[m
[05:37.19] <JudyWard> Thought it was about that.
[05:37.45] <Jemler> it's 3:30 in la and 9:30am in sydney
[05:38.06] <JudyWard> Tomorrow already in Sydney
[05:38.49] <JudyWard> 5:30 here
[05:38.55] <JudyWard> PM
[05:39.09] <Evie> I actually have a wood plaque "Table top" and pedestal for it, but they'd be dining table sized, so a bit overwhelming for a room that's meant to be only 4 by 5 paces, which I tend to read as being approx. 24' x 30' , if that.
[05:39.11] <Jemler> monday morning madness
[05:39.19] <KK> Might also need to beef up the base, or it would be too tippy with a larger top.
[05:39.55] <Jemler> well, i'm gonna take off too.nite all.
[05:39.58] <Evie> Maybe I can find a base and top that are larger than this one, but smaller than the other one I have
[05:40.04] <JudyWard> Night, Jemler
[05:40.10] <The_Bee> bye jemler
[05:40.26] <Evie> Goodnight, Jemler
[05:40.31] <KK> It actually doesn't need to be that much bigger across--but taller, so that chairs can scoot up to it.  Think in the 3 ft. range in real measurements.
[05:40.51] <Jemler> until next week. maybe i'll feel better.
[05:40.57] <JudyWard> Hope so
[05:41.08] * Jemler ( Quit (Quit: )
[05:41.18] <Evie> OK, that makes sense.  Gloria furniture (which this is) tends to be a tiny bit undersized for 1:6 scale anyway
[05:41.49] <KK> Is Jemler feeling poorly tonight?
[05:42.10] <Evie> He hasn't mentioned
[05:42.28] <JudyWard> He didn't say
[05:42.30] <Evie> Unless I missed it, which is possible
[05:43.07] <KK> Ah, then maybe he's just feeling tired. 
[05:43.25] <Evie> 3' in our scale would be a 6" wide plaque for the top, so that's smaller than what I've got, but larger than this is. (This one is about 4" across, so in doll scale that's 2'.)
[05:43.48] <Evie> That seems likely, KK.
[05:45.02] <Laurna> Sorry was outside moving water around. missed people leaving.
[05:45.12] <Evie> Moving water around?
[05:45.24] <JudyWard> Sprinklers?
[05:45.26] <Evie> Using those Deryni gifts again? ;-)
[05:45.40] <Laurna> Sprinklers  we don't get rain so I have to water the lawn
[05:45.41] * Evie imagines Laurna levitating water around
[05:45.42] <KK> Given his health issues, I"m always that bit extra concerned about him.  We'll just wish him a good night's sleep, then.
[05:45.59] <Laurna> lol
[05:46.07] <JudyWard> Sorry to hear he has health issues.
[05:46.29] <JudyWard> Where are you, Laurna?
[05:46.48] <Laurna> Riverside Southern California
[05:46.53] <Evie> The land of sunshine
[05:46.59] <JudyWard> Ah, you do need rain!
[05:47.12] <The_Bee> Jemler's been in a wheelchair for years, since an aortic aneurism, IIRC.
[05:47.17] <Laurna> It is a perfiect sunny 85 degrees today
[05:47.24] <JudyWard> Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
[05:47.32] <JudyWard> Lucky to survive that.
[05:47.48] <JudyWard> It's 88 here.
[05:47.52] <KK> He's also on dialysis.
[05:47.52] <Evie> If you'd just make that 10 degrees cooler, it would be perfect for me, Laurna.
[05:48.06] <KK> It was in the mid 60's here.
[05:48.22] <The_Bee> upper sixties here
[05:48.22] <JudyWard> Oh, that's very hard! Had a friend who did dialysis for 3 yrs waiting for a kidney. Finally got it.
[05:48.32] <Laurna> burr  mid 60's would be cold
[05:48.46] <JudyWard> We love the 60s in TX
[05:48.50] <The_Bee> He needs a new kidney, but other problems keep him off the list
[05:49.02] <Evie> If we ever manage to find that Portal into Gwynedd, Laurna's going to need to borrow all my cloaks!
[05:49.04] <JudyWard> Oh, that's sad.
[05:49.25] <JudyWard> I wouldn't make it anywhere that wool is worn extensively
[05:50.16] <Evie> I'm not a winter fan myself, and Alabama winters are as cold as I ever want to experience, but we do get below freezing on occasion.
[05:50.23] <Laurna> At least wool is a breathable fabric.
[05:50.51] <JudyWard> We do too, but it goes right back up usually. We did have a whole week below freezing in 1986.
[05:51.03] <Evie> But I'm happy enough for short winters. I just wish we'd also have short summers and longer spring and autumn
[05:51.07] <The_Bee> I remember wool swimsuits, very itchy
[05:51.16] <JudyWard> Oh, me, too Bee
[05:51.28] <The_Bee> I'm with you, Evie
[05:51.41] <JudyWard> Oh, no!! Wool swimsuits?? How awful!!
[05:51.44] <Evie> The words "wool" and "Swimsuit" in the same sentence blows my mind.  :-D
[05:51.46] <KK> Wool swimsuits?  Yuck!  I think I've always worn spandex.  Not that I do that often any more.
[05:52.03] <Laurna> would not get those wet
[05:52.29] <The_Bee> You grew up in Florida, KK, not New England
[05:52.32] <JudyWard> What's the point of a swimsuit if you can't get it wet?
[05:52.41] <Evie> I remember knit fabric swimsuits before spandex became more popular, but not wool
[05:52.56] <JudyWard> Yes, knit and even cotton.
[05:53.16] <The_Bee> Maybe the were knit. It was a long time ago.  Like 1940s
[05:53.16] <KK> Spandex and cotton.  That's a good combo.
[05:53.26] <Evie> Although Victorian swimsuits were wool, IIRC
[05:53.30] <JudyWard> Comfy!
[05:54.00] <KK> Yes, Victorian almost-everything was wool.  (Well, not under-shifts, usually.)
[05:54.18] <Laurna> Linen
[05:54.26] <Evie> Might have been a thin wool knit, I'm not sure. But still wool
[05:54.45] <JudyWard> Castles are notoriously drafty
[05:54.47] <Evie> For swimsuits, I mean.
[05:55.03] <The_Bee> Lambs wool can be very soft.
[05:55.18] <Evie> Undergarments would have been linen, yes. Or cotton or sometimes silk
[05:55.45] <Evie> My phone says it's chat time in 5 minutes. I forgot to reset it for early chat.  :-D
[05:55.58] <Laurna> Cat on keyboard. dog in lap wanting cat,  I can not type
[05:56.09] <Evie> But y'all, be on your best behavior. KK will be here in mind.
[05:56.20] <JudyWard> LOL!
[05:56.27] <The_Bee> LOL!
[05:56.55] <Evie> Too late anyway. Not sure if KK has ever seen me on my best behavior.  ;-)
[05:57.06] <Laurna> lol
[05:57.21] <KK> Er, no.  We're rowdy when we get together.  :-)
[05:57.38] <Evie> LOL!  Yes, I do miss having an annual KK-Con
[05:57.43] <JudyWard> Rowdy is good.
[05:58.30] <Evie> We need to find somewhere centrally located...let's see, what would that be? Bynw's back yard?  ;-)
[05:58.52] <Evie> And suddenly Bynw's neighbors wonder about the row of period tents pitched across the back lawn.
[05:59.05] <Laurna>    Im there
[05:59.19] <JudyWard> Fun!
[05:59.28] <Evie> Oh wait, we'll need air conditioning for KK. And a DQ nearby for chocolate mint Blizzards
[05:59.48] <JudyWard> Yes, must have a DQ
[05:59.53] <Evie> So make that an air-conditioned royal pavilion next to a DQ
[06:00.03] <JudyWard> (I love their hamburgers)
[06:00.08] <Laurna> Medieval tents with AC why not
[06:00.37] <The_Bee> Speaking of tents, there's a huge blue-and-pink-striped circus tent pitched under a bridge near my home.  I'm wondering what it's for.
[06:00.41] <Evie> With a four-poster canopy bed with Haldane curtains.  And a memory foam mattress, because if they'd had 'em in the Middle Ages, Kelson would have had one.
[06:00.57] <Evie> Interesting, Bee! 
[06:00.58] <JudyWard> Absolutely!
[06:01.04] <Laurna> lol
[06:01.30] <The_Bee> I tried to get a closer look and wound up almost getting lost.
[06:01.36] <Evie> Oops!
[06:01.52] <Evie> No, don't do that
[06:01.59] <Laurna> straw bedding vs memmory foam  whats the difference\
[06:02.06] <KK> Could you ride your trike over and check it out?
[06:02.26] <Evie> Memory foam usually doesn't stick you in the rump at night?
[06:02.34] <The_Bee> I tried.  Then I couldn't get back on the bridge.
[06:02.56] <The_Bee> I got close, but saw no info signs
[06:02.57] <Laurna> oopps
[06:04.17] <Evie> I could make Kelson a very soft camp bed mattress, come to think. I have lots of leftover acrylic fluff from making a doll wig recently. The only problem is that it's bright royal blue, so would probably show through light fabric.
[06:04.31] <JudyWard> Lou is making hungry noises now & talking about hamburgers so will have to go soon.
[06:04.55] <JudyWard> Use red fabric for Kelson
[06:05.02] <Evie> I could do that
[06:05.09] <The_Bee> blue for Nigel
[06:05.21] <KK> Yeah, I also need to get going.  We didn't cook last night--fended--so I have a couple of snakes--er, steaks--tht need broiling.
[06:05.29] <Evie> It's actually a pretty good color choice for Nigel
[06:05.50] <Evie> LOL! Hopefully steaks and not snakes!
[06:05.54] <JudyWard> Friends had us over for fajitas Fri night & gave us leftovers we had last night. YUM!
[06:06.01] <KK> Evie, I like the scrubs.  Lost the link when I punched myself out.
[06:06.02] <Laurna> Dear me  I hope those are beef steaks and not snake steaks.   lol
[06:06.28] <The_Bee> Thanks for coming KK.  Have a good week--and write, woman, write!
[06:06.41] <KK> We call then snakes here; a legacy from when Cameron was little, and that became the family slang for pieces of cow.
[06:06.41] <Laurna> Have a good Week KK
[06:06.42] <JudyWard> Everyone have a good week! TTYL.
[06:06.50] <Evie> It's this color blue: ++,,
[06:06.58] * JudyWard ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:07.01] <Evie> LOL,  KK
[06:07.12] <Laurna> Her hair came out really nice
[06:07.38] <Evie> Thanks! I wasn't sure if Healer green would be that color or lighter, but then I remembered making Rhys' cloak a darker forest green, so I went with that color
[06:08.03] * drakensis notices it's now monday.
[06:08.04] <Evie> The other color I had was a bright Kelly green
[06:08.05] <KK> Can you repost that pic?  I've now got a lady with blue hair.
[06:08.14] <drakensis> I'd better get some sleep. have a good night
[06:08.16] <Evie> The scrubs? Yes, one moment
[06:08.18] <Laurna> Hello to Monday in England
[06:08.21] <Evie> Goodnight, d
[06:08.28] * drakensis (~drakensis@5A6A32.DFA9C1.822DB1.39FFAE) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -,,)
[06:09.02] <Evie> Here's the full scrubs, but let me find the one with pockets and badges added
[06:09.04] <Evie> ++,,
[06:09.10] <Laurna> KK have you had anytime to look at the charts?
[06:09.48] <Laurna> tame those curls.  but I love the scrubs
[06:10.10] <Evie> ++,,
[06:10.12] <KK> Alas, no.  Was on the road.  And I need to get my software reinstalled so I can compare.
[06:10.28] <Laurna> No problem  I am still playing with it.
[06:10.45] <KK> OK, gotta go.  See you guys next week, usual time.
[06:10.57] <Laurna> Good Night KK
[06:11.00] <Evie> Oh! That reminds me, HealingWaters (Healer in chat) also wanted to run her revised Healer logo by you before printing it on her business cards. You had told her in chat a while back she could do a modified version, but not the canonical one.
[06:11.04] <Evie> Did you get that email?
[06:11.13] <Evie> I forwarded the design she had in mind
[06:11.29] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:11.41] <KK> I'll get to that, too, Evie.
[06:11.44] <Evie> OK
[06:11.47] <KK> Nighters, all.
[06:11.51] <Evie> Goodnight!
[06:11.57] <Laurna> have a great week
[06:11.58] <The_Bee> bye KK
[06:11.59] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

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