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Author Topic: Deryni Pre Camber.  (Read 548 times)

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Re: Pre Camber.
« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2017, 02:07:45 pm »
Welcome to the Forum, Marilyn. Always fun to see new people on-board!

If you are interested in the pre-Camber years, than having the Codex at your fingertips is a must. I admit I had this book  on my shelf for  ten years 2005 before I truly understood how to read the wealth of information that it holds. I had looked at all my favorite people but I had not realized the best way to read it is to start with the early characters and follow the time lines forward. I have now given the book a fairly in depth study and I have concluded that KK has a very substantial pedigree chart with all the families and timelines mapped out including some remarkable events that happened in those peoples times. Events that are not listed or are only hinted at in the Deryni books.

Some of the interesting people are Bearand II Haldane's two sons: Augarin II Haldane first King of Gwynedd and Aurelius Haldane, first Archbishop Primate of all Gwynedd. I love how in the 600's they set the path for the Kingdom that we later see in the books.

If you are interested in the blood thirsty Torenthi side, start with Festil Otto Furstan born in 699. He murdered his older brothers to become king. Eventually a cousin drowned him in a vat of ale. Most of the Furstan linage is not "happy family" times. Although there are a surprising number of "Good" Furstan's, it is just that the bad ones really stand out.

Here is a pre Kelson story of interest. Did you know that Hogan's full name is Hogan Zimri Marek Gwyenach Furstan-Fetil mac Tadhg also known as the Marluk. At the age of 16 he married a common lady named Kethavan out of love. But his mother forbid the marriage and had the marriage annulled. Kethavan and Hogan lived together out on a country estate for ten years having a happy family of many children. But then Hogan's mother put a stop to that and made him legitimately marry Larrissa Furstana de Marluk. Larrissa died giving birth to twin girls. Only one survived Princess Charissa, later known as the Shadowed one. Hogan then remarried his first love, properly, recognizing his many children but they had no dynastic rights. Now, Hogan wanted nothing to do with the crown. He wanted to stay on his small estate and be happy with his large family, but young Prince Wencit was pushing his own agenda to gain power, causing Hogan to assert his claim as the Pretender of Gwynedd. Shows you how bad Furstan's warp the whole family line giving them a bad name.

I am not going to say the Haldanes are all good either. Read about LLarik Haldane from the Mid 600's, who got himself a younger beautiful second wife, Lady Sidonie. Llarik's oldest two sons were older than Sidonie and it became rumored, unproven, that one of the princes had a relation with Sidonie. Look under Dolon Haldane and see where both boys were beheaded by their father in his wraith. Makes you wonder if Sidonie did it so that her own son, Ryons, would become king instead of the first two sons born by another women. However, it was never proven if Sidonie's son Ryons was fathered by King Llarik or one of the Princes.
Hah!  So figh on goodness figh!

There is much more than that in the Codex

Happy Reading,  and good to have you join us.
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Re: Pre Camber.
« Reply #16 on: October 01, 2017, 06:02:39 pm »
Thank you!  I have both the Codexes (Codeci?) but haven't really studied them.  That shall be remedied!  Thanks again for the pointers.


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