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KK Chat - Oct. 14, 2001 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:44:33 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 14, 2001, pt. 1

[16:32] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[16:32] <Mouse> I thought about it, but i'm addicted to heavy and light
[16:32] <hygilac> Hi KK
[16:32] <lbarms> hi KK
[16:32] <Madeleine> Hello KK
[16:32] * scribbler sends greetings to KK
[16:32] <Mak> Hi KK
[16:33] <Mouse> Greetings, KK
[16:33] <Sedina> Hi, Katherine!
[16:33] <majorsprop> hi Katherine
[16:33] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Welcome, Lady Katherine.
[16:33] <Rebecca> Hello Katherine
[16:33] <Wrengl> hi katherine
[16:33] <scribbler> how did the writing go this week!
[16:33] <Bynw> Hiyas Katherine
[16:33] <hygilac> Welcome to the armory, Katherine
[16:33] <KK> Bynw, will I have to go through this every time I come to chat?
[16:33] <Mouse> by now, we're dangerous
[16:33] <Bynw> no we can fix the minor stuff now that its set up again :-)
[16:33] <hygilac> We've been outfitting Laura in case she has to go to war
[16:33] <KK> OK.  Hi, everybody.
[16:33] <Javan> Hi KK
[16:34] <lbarms> not a pretty picture KK
[16:34] <Ghostgames> Has Bynw been troubleshooting for you, too, Katherine? I think we just managed to fix whatever problem I'd been having, I hope Bynw worked his magic on your machine, too! :-)
[16:34] <Mouse> I beg your pardon.  I look great in woad!
[16:34] <scribbler> We've got her in spike heels, with a belly button ring, bright red lipstick, and bearing pork products for bin Laden....
[16:34] <KK> I had to reinstall mIRC to my new machine, my Black Beauty.
[16:34] <lbarms> sorry mouse I was speaking of my image :-)
[16:35] <Lady_Marian> Hi KK... I was busy with Rhys Michael...
[16:35] <Mouse> I think you'll look great too.  The sunburn worries me
[16:35] <scribbler> how's your new toy, KK?
[16:35] <hygilac> the new Dell!
[16:35] <Madeleine> Your new Dell, KK
[16:35] <lbarms> that is why I need you along.  To balance the image
[16:35] <majorsprop> most men look good in woad
[16:35] <Mouse> but I'm a 5 foot redhead female 
[16:35] <hygilac> LOL
[16:35] <KK> It's great, so far.  I think I've transferred most of my "stuff" from the old beast, which was being really cranky today.
[16:35] <lbarms> and to carry my bags <EG>
[16:35] <hygilac> so is Laura
[16:35] <Mouse> that's why I'm the mouse
[16:35] <KK> Had to do it all via floppy.
[16:35] <Lady_Marian> Ouch
[16:36] <Sedina> eww
[16:36] <scribbler> must be contagious -- I've been cranky too.... ;)
[16:36] <majorsprop> so am I sorry about that don't recognize your nick I guess. Sorry mouse.
[16:36] <hygilac> cumbersome
[16:36] <KK> Had to hand-enter all the e-mail addresses.
[16:36] <Lady_Marian> Not fun...
[16:36] <Mouse> no problem
[16:36] <Lady_Marian> I did that a few weeks ago with my PC.
[16:36] <Wrengl> not fun
[16:36] <KK> I'm sure there was an easier way, but I didn't have the technology or knowledge.
[16:36] <scribbler> Ugh....
[16:36] <Lady_Marian> This is Bernadette, BTW, Katherine.
[16:36] <KK> Aha!
[16:36] <Ghostgames> KK: I feel your pain. I switched to  a new Mac a couple of months ago, but at least I had a local network I could transfer files through!
[16:36] <majorsprop> 5 ft redheaded female I mean
[16:36] <Mouse> listening to this, I don't want a PC.  Ever
[16:37] <Mouse> ain't your fault.  Blame my parents
[16:37] <scribbler> Bernadette -- I've been thinking of you too since your last NG post....
[16:37] <Wrengl> Mouse it is only tough when you are changing machines.
[16:37] <majorsprop> and mine
[16:37] <Mak> Gotta  go - time to close and go home!
[16:37] <Mouse> wrengi, I'm hopeless if I can't sew it, bake it, or hit it with something
[16:37] <Mouse> bye, Mak
[16:37] <Lady_Marian> Well, my Reserve unit isn't
[16:37] <Wrengl> Katherine, Buttons got a new brother or sister (unsexed at the moment) last evening.
[16:37] <Sedina> Bye, Mak...  *huggles*
[16:37] <scribbler> take care, Mak...
[16:37] <Lady_Marian> is not being activated yet
[16:38] <Mak> Bye all!
[16:38] *** Mak Quit
[16:38] <scribbler> Good to hear....
[16:38] <Sedina> Pat - well, I got the catalogue, now just to download it to my computer.  Could take a while.  *l*
[16:38] <KK> Oh, cool, Wrengl.  What does he/she look like, and how old?
[16:38] <Lady_Marian> Katherine, do you remember that Deryni outfit I made for the Masquerade at Brighton?
[16:38] <scribbler> So, KK, did the computer switch take time away from writing this week?
[16:38] <hygilac> So have you had time to write Katherine, or were you just playing this week?
[16:39] <Lady_Marian> The purple and gold one?
[16:39] <Wrengl> About the same age as buttons (6 weeks) grey with white feet, named Socks
[16:39] <KK> Scribbler, that's an unkind thing to ask. ;-)
[16:39] <KK> Ah, yes, Lady M.
[16:39] <Mouse> all work and no play gives wrinkles
[16:39] <Wrengl> Its mother brought it to us last evening, ate dinner and left it for us.
[16:39] <Lady_Marian> I was rummaging through my fabric stuff and I found the back panel of the cape...
[16:39] <Lady_Marian> It's all that's left of it thanks to the mice and the kids. Sigh...
[16:39] <KK> What does mom live, Wrengl?
[16:39] <majorsprop> we got a new kitten too her name is Troi that makes 4 cats again for us
[16:39] <scribbler> Well, I've been teaching myself a new software package, and just last night started writing a story....
[16:40] <Lady_Marian> I wanted to know if you would like the embroidered panel?
[16:40] <KK> Sure!
[16:40] <KK> What color is Troi?
[16:40] <Lady_Marian> OK... I'll put it in my bag for Darkover (assuming all goes well and I can attend!)
[16:40] <Wrengl> She is a street cat we have been feeding for the last ten years.  She sometimes hangs out in the cat house we have in front of the house and sometimes other places on the block
[16:40] <KK> I've got to get on reservations tomorrow!
[16:41] <KK> Awwwwww
[16:41] <majorsprop> Cinnamon colred she doesn't match all the black and whites we have
[16:41] <Wrengl> She does not want to come in, we have invited her.  She did come in and check over the house a week ago, however.
[16:41] * scribbler has reservations about many things -- just not for Darkover <*sigh*>
[16:41] <Mouse> dumb question-- what's Darkover?
[16:41] <KK> Obviously she was checking you out as a proper foster home for her kitten.
[16:42] <Lady_Marian> Ugh... we have a storm coming in... I'm going to have to go.  Just heard thunder... wouldn't you know it would happen the first chat I get to be part of.
[16:42] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Yeah, I've got friends who have reservations about my attending Darkover convention...
[16:42] <Wrengl> Convention in Maryland over thanksgiving weekend
[16:42] <Mouse> and you're approved
[16:42] <Lady_Marian> Best to you K!  And everyone else!
[16:42] <Ghostgames> Darkover is the science fiction convention near Baltimore MD in November that I've so far forgotten to register for. :-/ Gotta do that tomorrow, before I hop on  a plane for Germany....
[16:42] <KK> Come back when you can, Lady M.
[16:42] <majorsprop> she was checking you out Pat to see if you were suitable I guess you passed
[16:42] <Mouse> sounds great.  Wish I weren't in Colorado
[16:42] <Wrengl> that's what we figured Katherine and we had shown her buttons when we brought him home.
[16:42] <lbarms> good to see you Bernie
[16:42] *** Lady_Marian Quit
[16:42] <scribbler> Duck, Bernadette -- and take care.....
[16:42] <KK> Ann, why are you going to Germany?
[16:43] <lbarms> and where
[16:43] <majorsprop> I'm in Colorado too Mouse where are you?
[16:43] <Mouse> Loveland.  Ever hear of it?
[16:43] <Ghostgames> "Spiel" (game/play) in Essen -- the world's largest game convention. It'll be my first year as a vendor (I'm sharing a booth with "Flying Buffalo," one of the oldest companies in the role-playing game business) -- I finally have enough product to make it worthwhile.
[16:43] *** the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:43] <Jessie> hello Bee
[16:43] * scribbler sends greetings to the_Bee
[16:43] <Mouse> hi, Bee
[16:43] <Wrengl> hi bee
[16:44] <lbarms> sounds fun ann
[16:44] <hygilac> hi Bee
[16:44] <the_Bee> Buzz-buzz, y'all
[16:44] <Sedina> Hi, Bee...
[16:44] <hygilac> Essen has a huge convention center
[16:44] *** KK Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[16:44] <majorsprop> yep just north of Denver where I'm at Now Katherine has to come to Colrado too as with Wes there are now at least 3 of us here
[16:44] <Ghostgames> Up until three days ago, I wasn't sure I'd be able to go -- our dog Barney was in the hospital. Tuesday, additional tests came back with such bad news that we brought him home Wednesday, snuggled with him all day, and had our vet come to ease him on his way.... I figure a trip to Germany, terrorists and all, is just what I need to occupy my mind right
now. :-/
[16:44] <Sedina> Ack...nasty Peer
[16:44] <scribbler> AAAGH! KK just got Peered!
[16:44] <Bynw> ack KK got peered
[16:45] <Javan> peer?
[16:45] <Mouse> how dare the Peer?
[16:45] * scribbler slaps Peer silly with a flaming monkfish AND a frozen trout (one in each hand....)
[16:45] <lbarms> sorry Ghost
[16:45] <Mouse> so much for clear typing
[16:45] <Wrengl> Condolences Ann
[16:45] <hygilac> oh, Ann--I am so sorry to hear of Barney's passing
[16:45] <Jessie> sorry Ann
[16:45] <Sedina> Sorry to hear about Barne, Ann.  *huggles*
[16:45] <Rebecca> Sorry to hear about Barney, Ann.
[16:45] <Wrengl> I am sure Barney is romping at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you to join him.
[16:45] <majorsprop> sorry Ann
[16:45] <scribbler> awww -- sorry about Barney, Ann....
[16:45] <Mouse> condolences, Ann
[16:45] * the_Bee sends condolences to Ann
[16:45] <Ghostgames> Thanks, all... It was hard, but it was obviously the right decision. He hung on as long as he could.... it wasn't fair to try to keep him here any longer.
[16:46] <Wrengl> That is the hardest part -- knowing when it is time to let them go.
[16:46] *** Javan  Quit
[16:46] <Ghostgames> How's Thumper? I hope he's continuing to recover! I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
[16:46] <Wrengl> Yes.
[16:46] <Wrengl> Last night he took himself over the side of the crate and out into the yard.
[16:47] <Ghostgames> Way to go, Thumper! :-)
[16:47] <Wrengl> Time to put the top back on the crate, I guess!
[16:47] <lbarms> go thumper
[16:47] <scribbler> hmmm -- KK seems to be having trouble getting back on....
[16:47] <the_Bee> Go, Thumper!
[16:47] <Sedina> whoo-hoo, Thumper.  *g*
[16:47] <hygilac> he knows it's nearly time for Darkover!
[16:47] <Wrengl> Indeed.  He is certainly feeling his ps and bs at the moment!
[16:47] <Wrengl> Yes.
[16:48] <Bynw> i dont see a connection attempt yet
[16:48] *** Guest5 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:48] <Mouse> greetings, Guest5
[16:48] <Bynw> type /nick KK
[16:48] <scribbler> A guest in the house?
[16:48] <Wrengl> And having already missed a convention and a wedding at another convention, he is determined not to miss Darkover.
[16:48] *** Guest5 is now known as KK
[16:48] <Bynw> Its Katherine
[16:48] *** Bynw sets mode: +o KK
[16:48] <scribbler> WB KK...
[16:48] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[16:48] <KK> Grrrr, Peer must've got me!
[16:48] <Sedina> wb, KK
[16:48] <hygilac> welcome back
[16:48] <Bynw> yup Peer got ya
[16:48] <Wrengl> wb kk
[16:48] <hygilac> back
[16:48] <the_Bee> Yup.  Bad Peer
[16:49] <Mouse> so why do peers get you?  they seem to strike without warning.
[16:49] <Kelos_al-Hazar> WB, KK
[16:49] <lbarms> yep, but dont worry, he was sufficiently monkfished and trouted
[16:49] <scribbler> KK is no longer without Peer....
[16:49] <KK> I had to come back in via the applet; couldn't get the mIRC link to work.
[16:49] <KK> Alas, 'tis true.
[16:49] <Mouse> computers are here to make our lives easier.  HAH
[16:49] <the_Bee> as long as you're here...:)
[16:49] <hygilac> yes
[16:49] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Katherine, got an interesting question for you to ponder....What would happen if a Ward were constructed counterclockwise? Would it reverse the polarity?
[16:49] <scribbler> Mouse -- I got Peered twice last week, but it was my fault; my connection failed when my modem line got disconnected....
[16:50] <KK> So, laura, how're things in Germany?
[16:50] <the_Bee> I've just started reading St. Patrick's Gargoyle.
[16:50] <scribbler> Ain't technology wonderful!
[16:50] <Jessie> so -- did any writing happen this week Katherine
[16:50] <lbarms> going OK at the moment
[16:50] <KK> Setting Wards clockwise is a convention of white magic; but setting them counter-clockwise wouldn't necessarily make it black.
[16:51] <the_Bee> conjure up arch-demons instead of archangels?
[16:51] <majorsprop> KK did you hear? there are 3 of us here in very close proximity. You need to come here to see us as we can't come to Darkover to see you
[16:51] <lbarms> I just sent the sketches of the coins to the coin man
[16:51] <majorsprop> in Colorado that is
[16:51] <the_Bee> Where are you, majorsprop?
[16:51] <Mouse> please come to Denver.  there's a group of us up here who'd love you
[16:51] <Sedina> Cool, Laura
[16:51] <scribbler> ooooh -- wonderful, Laura!
[16:51] <KK> I'm of the impression that for some workings, it <would> make a difference, and that making all workings clockwise or light-oriented is a safeguard, so that one doesn't forget in a tight spot.
[16:51] <majorsprop> Yes please
[16:51] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, I was thinking more the Ward Cube type Wards...
[16:52] <majorsprop> Denver Bee
[16:52] <KK> Brava, Laura!
[16:52] <KK> Get Denver fans to invite me to a local con as GOH, and I'll come.
[16:52] * lbarms holds an informal poll. would you prefer goldplated, silverplated or antique finished coins
[16:53] <Jessie> antique here Laura
[16:53] <hygilac> antique
[16:53] <Mouse> antique, definately
[16:53] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Any of the above I could afford. :)
[16:53] <Bynw> antique
[16:53] <KK> Kelos, I don't think it would make that much difference setting Wards.
[16:53] <Rebecca> Antique
[16:53] <Sedina> antique, Laura
[16:53] <scribbler> Choice 1: Silver plate; choice 2: antique -- gold is not one of my colors, I just learned...
[16:53] <KK> I vote antique-finished; they'd look older.
[16:53] <the_Bee> The cubes just help you focus
[16:53] <Wrengl> antique, Laura
[16:53] <Mouse> might Wards set in reverse react badly when broken?
[16:53] <majorsprop> trying to get through the mob at a con here is as bad as wading the Mississippi  but we try to let them know
[16:54] * Jessie figures the coins should match her -- therefore must be antique
[16:54] <scribbler> LOL Jessie....
[16:54] <KK> LOL, Jessie!
[16:54] * lbarms laughs at Jessie
[16:54] *** Madeleine  Quit
[16:54] <Wrengl> lol jessie
[16:54] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I've been looking into the possible permutations of the eight cubes...there are quite a lot...
[16:54] <scribbler> Jessie -- I LOVE your latest story.....
[16:54] <the_Bee> I bet I'm even more antiquated
[16:54] <Jessie> thanks scribbler
[16:54] <the_Bee> ditt Jesssie
[16:54] <lbarms> me too scrib
[16:54] <KK> BTW, I was on a delightful panel with Annie yesterday, at Octocon, which is our local Dublin con.
[16:54] <the_Bee> ditto
[16:55] <scribbler> What was the topic, KK?
[16:55] <the_Bee> Annie?
[16:55] * Jessie blushes -- thanks bee
[16:55] <KK> True, Kelos.  Just be careful.  :-)  Some of the permutations are said to be dangerous.
[16:55] <Bynw> KK i just sent you an email with an attached file to help out with mIRC
[16:55] <majorsprop> Hate to chat and run but we got 2 kids birthdays to celebrate Don't forget what Mouse and I said Katherine
[16:55] <scribbler> take care, major....
[16:55] <KK> Dragons, of course!  Morgan Llewellyn was on it, too, and Maggie Furey and someone whose name I forget.
[16:55] <hygilac> have fun major
[16:55] <Sedina> Bye, majorsprop
[16:56] <Mouse> bye, major
[16:56] <KK> Thank you, Nynw!
[16:56] * the_Bee is looking forward to Arisia
[16:56] <scribbler> Ah....
[16:56] <the_Bee> Nynw.  Is that Bynw's evil twin?
[16:56] <KK> I think Nynw is an alien, related to Mork.
[16:56] <Jessie> KK -- any plans for Deryni dragons ?
[16:56] *** majorsprop  Quit
[16:56] <KK> NO!
[16:56] <Jessie> ;-)
[16:56] * Bynw giggles at the Typ0
[16:56] * Jessie was kidding
[16:57] <Mouse> I think we saw those in Camber of Culdi
[16:57] <Mouse> Deryni Dragons, I mean
[16:57] * Kelos_al-Hazar needs a legit way to make more he can afford to go to Darkover and Dragon*Con without losing his shirt...
[16:57] <scribbler> The only dragons I can think of would be Loris and Hubert....
[16:57] <the_Bee> Isn't being a dragon magic enough??
[16:57] <KK> Kelos, what do you do?
[16:57] <Jessie> dragons are nicer than that scribbler
[16:57] <Mouse> what about Areiella?
[16:57] <hygilac> there are other names for what she is
[16:57] <scribbler> I was thinking of bad dragons, like Smaug in "The Hobbit"....
[16:58] <Mouse> and Charissa, so there's two.
[16:58] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Computer Consulting...but it's not paying off. People want my advice but not want to pay for it at all. :(
[16:58] <the_Bee> Aren't dragons supposed to be wise in some cultures?
[16:58] <Mouse> yes, there are other names, but my kids are looking on
[16:58] <Jessie> I would equate Loris, Hubert & Ariella with a totally different animal -- not with dragons
[16:58] <KK> Closest I came to a Deryni dragon was those stupid stenrect crawlers.
[16:58] <Jessie> Dragons are verra positive in the Chinese culture
[16:58] <Mouse> good target for slingshot, those
[16:58] <hygilac> LOL, KK
[16:58] <scribbler> Charissa really isn't that bad when you think about it; just misguided. She was trying to uphold what she saw as her family's honor.
[16:58] * Jessie liked the stenrect crawler
[16:58] <lbarms> and such a cute little creature it was too KK <EG>
[16:59] <KK> Ah.  Do you work for a company, Kelos, or do you freelance?  My son is a platform engineer, and had to freelance for about 7 mo. between jobs.
[16:59] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Freelancing...
[16:59] <the_Bee> Has Kelson or any Haldane ever seen a real live lion?
[16:59] <KK> Hmmm, precarious, indeed.  There's much to be said for a regular paycheck.
[16:59] <hygilac> Now that swould be a nice wedding present
[17:00] <hygilac> someone remind me to tell Melissa so
[17:00] <KK> Must've seen lions.  They've seen cheetahs.
[17:00] <KK> What a lion?
[17:00] <hygilac> a lion cub
[17:00] <KK> What, a lion?
[17:00] * Kelos_al-Hazar looks thoughtful
[17:00] <KK> Well, maybe a stuffed one.
[17:00] * Bynw would take a lion cub for a wedding present ..... nice kitty kitty kitty *grins*
[17:01] <the_Bee> Well, the idea of a lion as a heraldic device must have come from somewhere...
[17:01] <Mouse> like wolfhounds, they ain't small long
[17:01] <scribbler> Keep it on hand to sic on Peer....
[17:01] <Jessie> Katherine: does England have squirrels?
[17:01] <KK> Problem is, they get big, just as kittens become cats.
[17:01] <Mouse> no, send it with us to meet bin
[17:01] <Sedina> Bynw, I don't think that Fruit Kitty would like having a new buddy though.  *l*
[17:01] <scribbler> Is Shiral working today?
[17:01] <hygilac> probably not,
[17:01] <hygilac> bynw
[17:01] <Sedina> scribs, yes she is
[17:02] <hygilac> yes, she is with the kiddies
[17:02] <KK> (Well, this applet doesn't understand actions.)
[17:02] <scribbler> must be in the kids room then....
[17:02] <Bynw> it should Katherine
[17:02] <hygilac> she should be back soon, scribs
[17:02] <scribbler> tell it that actions speak louder than words....
[17:02] <hygilac> she shaid around 3
[17:02] <scribbler> aha --
[17:02] <lbarms> shaid??
[17:03] <hygilac> sorry
[17:03] <hygilac> eating celery
[17:03] <lbarms> teehee
[17:03] <KK> Does England have squirrels, Jessie asked.  That's why I was trying to muffle a murfle.  Yet, we have red ones and grey ones.  Our cat Hero used to catch and eat them.  We had a whole shoebox of tails.
[17:03] <Mouse> either someone's typing or someone's drinking
[17:03] <scribbler> Linda's slurring again -- must be enjoying too much Fianna Red....
[17:03] <the_Bee> I've learned not to fool around with something that's working well enough
[17:03] <Mouse> forget that stuff.  stick to whiskey
[17:03] <lbarms> rotfl
[17:03] * the_Bee passes around glasses of Fianna Blue
[17:04] *** Kelric has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:04] <Sedina> Hi, Kelric
[17:04] <KK> Yom Jekruc!
[17:04] * scribbler sends greetings to Kelric
[17:04] <Mouse> thanks no.  I'll take a tip from another fantasy and drink from my own flask
[17:04] <Kelric> howdy all.
[17:04] <Jessie> hello Kelric
[17:04] <hygilac> England has squirrels too, not just Ireland, Jessie
[17:04] <Mouse> hi, Kelric
[17:04] <Kelric> it actually works today :)
[17:04] <the_Bee> ?? KK
[17:04] * Kelos_al-Hazar hands a bowl of high-quality cheese cubes around to go with the wine
[17:04] *** RainbowMike has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:04] <Wrengl> hi kelric
[17:04] <KK> Yo, Kelric!  (Still getting used to the touch of this new keyboard.)
[17:04] <Kelric> mmm
[17:04] <hygilac> Hi Kelric
[17:04] <Jessie> hello Mike
[17:04] <Sedina> misplaced fingers, KK?  *g*
[17:04] <the_Bee> Hi Mike
[17:04] <Kelric> :)
[17:04] <hygilac> Who are you going to turn into, Mouse?
[17:04] <RainbowMike> Hi Jessie
[17:04] <scribbler> Oh, BTW, I FINALLY got my pictures developed from when you were in SF back in May, KK -- I hope to get them posted on the Web soon....
[17:04] <Sedina> Hi Mike!
[17:05] * lbarms thinks KK and Hygilac are drinking together somewhere
[17:05] <RainbowMike> Hi Sedina
[17:05] <Mouse> got to sign off.  bye for now
[17:05] <KK> My fingers are.
[17:05] * Sedina giggles at Laura
[17:05] <Jessie> bye Mouse
[17:05] *** Mouse  Quit
[17:05] <Wrengl> cya mouse3
[17:05] <Sedina> Bye, mouse
[17:05] <scribbler> Yom Jekruc sounds like a new Jewish holiday....
[17:05] <KK> Bye, Mouse.  Come again.
[17:05] <the_Bee> cya mouse
[17:05] <Bynw> lol
[17:05] <Sedina> scribs, I was thinking much the same thing
[17:05] <KK> Yeah, it does.
[17:05] <hygilac> not a bid idea, laura
[17:05] <lbarms> bid or bin
[17:06] <scribbler> take care, Mouse....
[17:06] <the_Bee> I bid $1.00
[17:06] <lbarms> bye mouse
[17:06] <RainbowMike> Hi Katherine. I trust all is well in your corner of the world.
[17:06] <the_Bee> How go the bathrooms?
[17:06] <Jessie> there was a mouse in the house -- and with all these cat owners around
[17:06] <KK> Jessie, to answer your question, I worked on the CSUSB story on Monday, but the new computer was waiting for me on Tuesday when I came home from physio--so it's taken me until this afternoon to get most everything
trasnferred over.
[17:07] <Wrengl> But the owners don't chase mice the cats do and none where in the room today!
[17:07] <Sedina> Jessie, my cats haven't a clue what to do with a mouse. *lol*
[17:07] <Jessie> good about CSUSB -- and fantastic abut getting your new computer Katherine
[17:07] <lbarms> my cat could teach yours
[17:07] <KK> Tiling is now done.  Plumber is hopefully coming back to finish the second radiator tomorrow.
[17:07] <the_Bee> kittens have to be taught to hunt
[17:07] <scribbler> A plumber's work is never done....
[17:07] <hygilac> or paid for. ..
[17:07] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Neither is a computer consultant's...(sigh)
[17:08] <Sedina> Laura, I think that my kitties would feel that offer would mean that they'd actually have to work.  *l*
[17:08] <KK> Hopefully the painter will come tomorrow, too--at least to tell me when he can actually do the work.
[17:08] <scribbler> LOL Linda....
[17:08] <KK> I got a venetian blind in front of my office window, to stop the glare.
[17:08] <lbarms> mine doesnt see it as work.  She plays with them then eats them
[17:08] <Jessie> mine catches moles
[17:08] <Wrengl> The street cat who is socks (and Bitsey's mother and was Preacher's mother) teaches her kittens to hunt birds, mice and even rats if she has them long enough for the last.
[17:08] <scribbler> Sounds like by the time everything gets done, you'll want to start all over again.... ;)
[17:08] <hygilac> mine play with them and then bring them to me
[17:08] *** AnnDupuis has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:08] <hygilac> I think they expect me to cook them
[17:08] <Jessie> wb Ann
[17:09] *** Shiral  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:09] <the_Bee> live or dead, Jygilac?
[17:09] <lbarms> eeewwwww linda
[17:09] * scribbler sends greetings to Shiral
[17:09] *** Jessie sets mode: +o Shiral
[17:09] *** Ghostgames  Quit
[17:09] <Shiral> Hi all
[17:09] <Shiral> Hi Kk
[17:09] <hygilac> dead, usually
[17:09] <the_Bee> Hi Shiral!
[17:09] <Wrengl> wb ann
[17:09] <Sedina> Laura - both of my kitties were orphaned at young ages, so I don't think that either of them ever learned how to hunt.  The closest they get is hunting us and getting us to fill their dishes.
[17:09] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Want me to do a Ghost kill on GhostGames?
[17:09] <Sedina> Hi Shiral!
[17:09] <Shiral> Hi Sedina
[17:09] *** KK  Quit (EOF from client)
[17:09] <hygilac> wb Shiral
[17:09] <lbarms> yes, I have had cats like that too
[17:09] <Shiral> Ack....!
[17:09] <Bynw> ack ... not again
[17:09] <the_Bee> what's EOF?
[17:09] <RainbowMike> EOF? Thats a new one...
[17:09] <Kelos_al-Hazar> KK got peered again.
[17:09] <Shiral> Dang Peer
[17:10] <scribbler> EOF from client? New to me....
[17:10] <Kelos_al-Hazar> EOF: End of File.
[17:10] <Kelric> do'h
[17:10] <Shiral> At least I know it wasn't something I said.... <G>
[17:10] *** AnnDupuis is now known as Ghostgames
[17:10] <the_Bee> I thought she was peerless
[17:10] <lbarms> I had a cat that brought bats into the house to teach her kittens to hunt
[17:10] <Wrengl> lol shiral
[17:10] <Jessie> Mr. Pierre must be triplets then
[17:10] <scribbler> Anything like "End of Line" from Tron?
[17:10] <Shiral> She is, but try saying that to peer!
[17:10] *** Mouse  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:10] <Kelos_al-Hazar> She MIGHT have hit ctrl-Z but I'm not certain.
[17:10] <Ghostgames> (just changing computers, folks -- settling down to dinner & some TV while I chat.on the laptop. Oh, the life of luxury! ;-)
[17:10] <Jessie> wb Mouse
[17:10] <hygilac> lovely, laura
[17:10] <Wrengl> wb mouse
[17:10] <Shiral> Hello, Mouse
[17:10] <scribbler> WB Mouse
[17:10] <lbarms> no, the cat we had before lovely
[17:10] <Mouse> hi again.  had to switch machines

(to be continued...)


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