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Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Reply #330 on: March 19, 2018, 08:31:52 pm »
Darcy Cameron paused just inside the door to Lord Buckley’s great hall and took a steadying breath.  Father Columcil was right; charging head first toward the high table would not go over well.  Nor would running in armed.  In spite of his own reservations for doing so, he unbuckled his sword and laid it against the others by the door. 

As he approached the high table, he saw that Washburn was in conversation with the duke.  Lord Jaxom was immersed in lively conversation with Lord Alister.  Lord Alister looked politely amused and slightly bored.  Darcy forgave himself for his inner smirk.

It would be best if he approached Washburn quietly but with some degree of concern.  He did not want to embarrass the good Father, but he needed to secure assistance.

As Darcy approached the high table, Duke Kelric looked up.

“Beg pardon, your Grace,” Darcy said as he rose from his bow.  “If I might have a word with Sir Washburn?” Washburn gave him a curious look.  Darcy cleared his throat delicately.  “Father Columcil is feeling a bit indisposed.  Nothing more that mead on top of too empty a stomach after the day we’ve had I’m sure, but if Lord Alister and/or Sir Washburn could spare a moment?”

Aliset, who overheard the request, rose immediately.  “Of course.”  She knew immediately that her man-at-arms words did not quite ring true. 

Washburn stood as well.  “I’m sure it’s nothing, but I could use a bit of fresh air myself.”  At his brother’s nod of agreement, Washburn joined Darcy and Aliset and withdrew from the hall.

Once at the door, Washburn turned to Darcy.  “What is this about?  What are you up to?”

“Let us join Father Columcil, and I’ll explain.  I suggest you bring your sword.”  Darcy lifted his own sword from the stack by the door and led the way outside.  “There is one who has joined us here that bodes ill.”
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Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Reply #331 on: Today at 04:47:53 am »
Washburn was only too happy to follow Master Darcy and to retrieve his sword. As he clipped the sword and scabbard on his belt hanger, he suppressed his anger for having lost part of the Heirloom set. This sword was not meant to be carried alone. Its big brother was his favored great-sword, which had gone missing the day before. Even in an alternate state of merasha induced delirium, Wash had not mistaken the sight of his great-sword on the back of that man who orchestrated his attempted captured. That man had not succeeded, yet he had commandeered the Lendour heirloom. Grateful for his escape, Wash had not complained, yet the reminder of the lose gave him a moment to swear he would find a way to get it back.

At this moment, however, he had to put that anger aside and refocus on his friends. Something was up and he had yet to get a clue just what that was.  “So our hosts meal wasn’t very good. Are we out to hunt killer Coneys to sate our appetites?  Or at least clear the throat of that poor ale. If Columcil is truly ill, I will gladly stand before Lord Buckley and forcefully request that he open his wine cellar. Certainly, he must have better than what he served the duke of the realm at table-side.” Wash was not really joking as his eyes scanned the moonlit courtyard looking for the good Father.

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Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Reply #332 on: Today at 05:49:14 am »
Duke Kelric realised how much his opinion of his brother had changed in so short a time. Just a few days ago he would likely either have refused his brother permission outright or at the least demand that he explain himself. Worse still he might have chided Washburn for the lack of manners shown by him and his companions.

The realisation that had been creeping up on him since their conversation in the Church, and having spoken with his companions, now hit him with full force though nothing about his demeanour showed anything. He trusted his brother, utterly and completely. Washburn had been sent to do a simple task which had turned into a nightmare in the fulfillment of which he had handled himself well and won the loyalty of his companions. Whatever was going on, and Kelric was certain that it had nothing to do with the supposed overindulgence of the priest, he would not help matters by interfering unless he was specifically asked to do so. One of the burdens of his rank was that he could do nothing discreetly - even going to the garderobe would have had the whole hall on its feet until he had rapidly waved them down. Until he was asked, or unless he knew that Washburn was in serious danger when his love for his brother, always there but masked perhaps too much by his sense of responsibility and irritation, would be shown in all its intensity. Then let others beware.

For now though his task was to continue as though nothing of note had happened. He cast his senses discreetly outwards to feel if there was any other Deryni present ((123 yes, 456 no 4gt1833bmn)) and being reassured that there were none he risked Sending to Washburn

"No need to explain but I sense something's wrong. I'll cover for you here but keep me informed. Be safe."

Washburn gave no outward sign that he had heard but replied "Yes. Something's afoot and I'll wager that it's not Father Columcil. And thank you, My L... brother."

Kelric was hard put not to smile as his brother signalled his recognition of the change in their relationship by his change of address but turned towards Lord Buckley and said by way of explanation. "My brother met up with Father Columcil on his journey, it seems that the country priest is not used to such good fare as you have provided."
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