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KK Chat - Oct. 7, 2001 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:42:28 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 7, 2001, pt. 2

[17:27] <hygilac> bye Seneschal
[17:27] <JastaElf> Civil War, 1860's
[17:27] <KK> I thought maybe it had been Jasper, Jasta.
[17:27] <the_Bee> were you Blue or Gray?
[17:27] <Ghostgames> It's actually really interesting to "map" the general changes in attitudes towards animals -- a change toward a more compassionate relationship with animals generally follows a change toward a more compassionate relationship with "outsiders" (other humans).
[17:27] <JastaElf> :-) Nope, he just puts his nose over my shoulder and snores.  :-)
[17:27] <scribbler> husband's really into Civil War, but he's not a re-enactor; he just likes to read about it....
[17:27] <JastaElf> Bee -- born blue, but grew up Grey.  :-)
[17:27] <scribbler> he has William T. Sherman somewhere in his family tree....
[17:28] * JastaElf faints dead away....  :_)
[17:28] <the_Bee> Actually, the SPCA came *before* the SPCC.
[17:28] <the_Bee> I meant in the reactment, Jasta
[17:28] <Gamgee> spcc???  who are they?
[17:28] <Ghostgames> (society for the prevention of cruelty to children, I bet. ;-)
[17:29] <JastaElf> :-) I'm a carpetbagger, Bee -- born up north, moved to VA and have done re-enacting in both places -- grey.
[17:29] <Ghostgames> The end of slavery in most parts of the world came before the SPCA....
[17:29] <the_Bee> Yes'm Ann
[17:29] <Ghostgames> .... although not by *much.*
[17:29] <Gamgee> I never could remember if I was a reb or a yank....  I grew up less than a mile from a Mason-Dixon line 5 mile marker.
[17:29] <Tika> LOL Gamgee
[17:29] <Ghostgames> And that mostly stemmed out of the power of the written world -- Anna Sewell's "Black Beauty."
[17:30] <Ghostgames> Sometimes all it takes is *one* person putting what they feel into very powerful words....
[17:30] <JastaElf> :-) in that area, not remembering could be a bad thing...  :-)
[17:30] <Rebecca> Well I was born and raised in Maryland.... so I'm neutral  :)
[17:30] <the_Bee> The first child-abuse case was filed under the anti-animal-cruelty law.
[17:30] <Shiral> Always been a westerner, myself
[17:30] <KK> Somehow, Florida never really felt Southern.
[17:30] <Ghostgames> Born in Vermont, raised in Boston, yank through-and-through. :-)
[17:30] <scribbler> Me too, Shiral...
[17:30] <Shiral>  But I think I had family on both sides of the CW
[17:30] <hygilac> Floriday is not Southern
[17:30] <the_Bee> My Dad was a Vermonter, I grew up in Mass.
[17:30] <Shiral> It's FLoridian <G>
[17:30] <virtualbabe> My family was still in Ireland during the civil war
[17:31] <hygilac> Florida is sorta just there
[17:31] <Gamgee> KK: maybe because to many northerners moved down there.
[17:31] <KK> But it was part of the Confederacy, I believe.
[17:31] * JastaElf and Wrengl have -- uhh -- strong ties to the Confederacy....  :-)
[17:31] <scribbler> mom's family was still in Germany at the time; Dad's in Missouri, so they may have been on the Gray side....
[17:31] <Ghostgames> My father was a civil war buff. One of the volumes I inherited with his library is Volume 1 of "A Complete History of the Great Rebellion" -- written *before* the Civil War was over. I'm not sure if Volume II was ever published.
[17:31] <hygilac> that was before all those yankees retired down there
[17:31] <Shiral> My cousin is the family genealogist -- that particular bug hasn't bit me, yet
[17:31] <scribbler> Mark is in the process of reading Sherman's Memoirs....when I'm not distracting him with KK's books, that is....
[17:32] <JastaElf> FL was indeed a confederate state.  :-)
[17:32] <Shiral> But she's been going through this chest that belonged to our grandmother and there's all KINDS of stuff in there. Old letters, documents and pictures...
[17:32] <virtualbabe>  Katherine's books are NOT distraction
[17:32] <scribbler> I think it would have been hard for it not to have been, surrounded by the South and water as it is....
[17:32] <Shiral> I agree, Debbie. They feed the need <G>
[17:32] <Wrengl> Whew just finished performing goldfish rescue
[17:32] <Rebecca> I could have some ancestors who fought for the Grey--haven't gotten into that line yet.  Though they were Southern MD tobacco growers and slave owners
[17:32] <Ghostgames> To drag two threads together -- the book "Traveller" tells the story of the Civil War from the point of view of Lee's horse. Obviously, the South must have won, because after the war Traveller got to spend all his time out at pasture.... :-)
[17:32] <JastaElf> goldfish rescue?
[17:33] <JastaElf> Traveller is a great book, Sam! :-)
[17:33] <Gamgee> Like I have time for recreational reading......
[17:33] <JastaElf> Wrengl, we've been talking about the CSA a bit.  :-)
[17:33] <KK> That's what I've heard.  I think we have a copy around somewhere, but I've not read it; Scott has.
[17:34] * virtualbabe wonders what traveller was doing in the pasture all day?
[17:34] <KK> Eating grass.  Rolling.
[17:34] <the_Bee> grazing peacefully
[17:34] <Shiral> Pasteurizing? <EG>
[17:34] <JastaElf> eating sleeping and pooping, VB...  :-) and occasionally just plain running for the heck of it.
[17:34] <Gamgee> I thought Traveler was killed during one of the battles....
[17:34] <hygilac> anyone here know anything about vectors?
[17:34] <KK> Yep.  Sounds like every horse <I've> known.
[17:34] <Shiral> Standing in the  shade, whisking flies with his tail....
[17:34] <virtualbabe> I know a little Linda
[17:34] <Ghostgames> What sort of vectors?
[17:35] <RainbowMike> I know a guy named Victor. Does that count?
[17:35] <Shiral> Math Dunce here.
[17:35] <KK> Diseases or lines?
[17:35] <Ghostgames> disease vectors? acceleration vectors?
[17:35] *** scribbler  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:35] <hygilac> David is fighting with some problem
[17:35] <Shiral> BAD peer!
[17:35] <virtualbabe> OK
[17:35] * Shiral whacks peer with a Monkfish
[17:35] <hygilac> pure math
[17:35] <Sedina> Linda - I can do vectors.
[17:35] <hygilac> bingo
[17:36] <Shiral> The boy who does math problems on vacation is on his own, as far as I'm concerned =o)
[17:36] <Wrengl> So I see.  I was born Northern this life but have always been grey otherwise this life or last
[17:36] * KK used to be able to do things with vectors....long long ago, in a universe far, far away....
[17:36] <Sedina> Or at least I should be able to do them, haven't had to do them for a while now though
[17:36] *** scribbler has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:36] <Shiral> My brain is not wired for mathematics
[17:36] <Sedina> KK - you should have been able to.  Tis one of those things that must be "learned" for chemistry stuff.  *g*
[17:36] <JastaElf> KK, I just sent you a Jasper pic from last weekend. Ignore the temporarily chubby chick holding the rope.  :-)
[17:37] <KK> Cool, Jasta!
[17:37] <scribbler> oops -- my cable slipped again; found out it was caught on something, so I should be okay now...
[17:37] <hygilac> sedina, what is your email addy?
[17:37] <Wrengl> Goldfish rescue - we have a water tube in the yard for watering the plants and goldfish to eat mosquito larvae.  It is going to freeze tonight possibly so we had to catch them to put them in an indoor tank.
[17:37] <Shiral> Jasta, could you resend it?  I lost the pic in my Great Computer Reconstruction
[17:37] <JastaElf> Oh, gotcha...
[17:37] <scribbler> LOL Jasta -- I just started back on Weight Watchers this week!
[17:37] <JastaElf> Sure hon!  What's that new e-mail?
[17:37] <KK> It might <freeze> tonight?  Gad!
[17:37] <Shiral>
[17:37] <JastaElf> Weight Watchers worked best for me before the operation. It's a good system, scribs!
[17:38] <JastaElf> thanks Shiral!
[17:38] <Shiral> Thank you thank you , bless you thank you....
[17:38] <hygilac> we had frost this morning, KK
[17:38] <scribbler> I know -- now that I'm on the thyroid meds, I might have better luck....
[17:38] <hygilac> In tennessee
[17:38] <Wrengl> Yup freeze.  I think it is too soon for NY but that is what they are saying.
[17:38] <KK> Yike.
[17:38] <virtualbabe> good luck scribbler.
[17:38] <scribbler> KK -- I heard it's pretty cold in MD too...
[17:38] <Shiral> I've been on thyroid meds since I was two months old..
[17:38] * Sedina covers her eyes and pretends she isn't seeing you all talk about cold weather stuff.
[17:38] <KK> We just had rain--lots and lots of it.
[17:38] <Wrengl> Don't want the fish to die this year, we were not fast enough last year.
[17:39] <Shiral> Send us some, please.  We could use it out here on the left coast
[17:39] <scribbler> I lost 25 pounds since going on them at the beginning of the year
[17:39] <virtualbabe> I've finally started dropping some of the excess I put on when I quit smoking
[17:39] <Rebecca> Scribs--beautiful day today in MD.  But it was 37 degrees this morning
[17:39] <Bynw> it's 67 right now here in Atlanta
[17:39] <Rebecca> Supposed to get near freezing again tonight
[17:39] <scribbler> I'd consider that cold, Rebecca....
[17:39] <JastaElf> scribs that's wonderful!!!
[17:39] * scribbler is a spoiled Left Coaster.....
[17:39] <Shiral> That's too dang Cold
[17:39] <KK> It's been shirtsleeve weather still, here, but as I said--it
rained.  Lots.
[17:40] <Shiral> It was very nostalgic when I was in Portland -- It rained <G>
[17:40] <scribbler> KK -- did you watch ER or WW tonight?
[17:40] <Rebecca> We've entered into typical Maryland fall weather. Beautiful days, cold nights
[17:40] <Jessie> brb
[17:40] <virtualbabe> well, How do you think ireland became "the emrald isle"?  <weg>
[17:40] <KK> If it's getting cold already, in early October, this bodes for snow by Thanksgiving.  Which has happened more than once, at Darkover.
[17:40] <Shiral> The fall of my Freshman year of college was the wettest in years, and I was NOT prepared
[17:40] <scribbler> I was wondering if the special WW episode made it over there yet....
[17:40] *** Jessie is now known as Jessie_AFK
[17:40] <Golux> It is 63 outside and 65 in the kitchen in San Francisco
[17:40] <Shiral> I missed the special episode, alas
[17:41] <Shiral> Working on wednesday night can be a pain
[17:41] <Rebecca> KK, it's not that cold yet.  I don't see it snowing around Thanksgiving.
[17:41] <scribbler> I thought it was pretty good....
[17:41] <RainbowMike> KK - Is your redecorating totally finished now?
[17:41] <KK> WW has not resumed yet.  They're still showing reruns.  We'd seen the one tonight, but since we started in the middle of the season, most of the shows are new to us.
[17:41] * virtualbabe thinks I really need a spellchecker for mIRC
[17:41] <JastaElf> It has snowed at Darkovercon before...  :-) usually only a dusting
[17:41] <scribbler> Oh, okay....
[17:41] <KK> It was the one about the big block of cheese tonight.
[17:41] <KK> Nope, Rainbow, it's an ongoing project.
[17:42] <Golux> Mike, redecorating is never finished!!
[17:42] <scribbler> I'm new to WW, so I don't think I saw that one; I'll probably watch it faithfully this season....
[17:42] <RainbowMike> Oh......
[17:42] <KK> Restoration is even more never finished.
[17:42] <Tika> hmmm, maybe we'll go down to the pub after chat and actually watch some television :)
[17:42] <JastaElf> I liked the Christmas one when the Prez went book shopping.  Wish I was on HIS list!  excellent choices... :-)
[17:42] <virtualbabe> I had a good laugh at the "doctor" incident on WW
[17:42] <KK> I missed that one.
[17:42] <Shiral> But do you have working and tiled bathrooms, again, KK?
[17:42] <Tika> KK, I haven't forgotten about your BF Carter.. I'm just running into a bunch of dead ends
[17:43] <RainbowMike> Just think of it as a lesson in patience and perseverance. *G*
[17:43] *** ash  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:43] <KK> They're working, they're tiled, thre's one more shower and radiator to be done--and then, the painter.
[17:43] * scribbler sends greetings to ash
[17:43] <hygilac> Hi Ash
[17:43] <Sedina> Hello, ash
[17:43] <ash> hello folks of world
[17:43] <Shiral> Definitely work that's never done
[17:43] <JastaElf> hi ash!
[17:43] <Shiral> Hello, Ash
[17:43] * ash is back in his rural home-town
[17:43] <virtualbabe> hi ash
[17:43] <KK> Ah.  Tika, I was going to ask whether you'd gotten back to either of those cemeteries.
[17:43] <Wrengl> hi ash
[17:43] <the_Bee> 'ello Ash
[17:43] <Tika> welcome back, ash
[17:43] <hygilac> How is Tewesbury?
[17:43] <ash> gee, this is just like being norm in cheers
[17:44] <ash> hygilac: one step above comatose. As per usual
[17:44] <Tika> KK, I did get back to the large one... they have it nicely catalogued and NO Carters in that year or the years prior or after :(
[17:44] <JastaElf> "Hey, ASHY!!!"  :-)
[17:44] <scribbler> or the Waltons: "Good night, John-boy...."
[17:44] * ash arches an eyebrow at JastaElf
[17:44] <Tika> The Georgia History Center is my next stop :)
[17:44] * JastaElf shows Ash to the usual stool at the bar... :-)
[17:44] <KK> Sounds good, Tika.  Thank you!
[17:45] * ash tries to get his former fiance out of his head
[17:45] <ash> bah. women. can't live with them...
[17:45] <Tika> no problem... the trip to the larger cemetery alone was worth it... it's so beautiful!
[17:45] <KK> And who is Ash?  Obviously, a good chap, by your reception, gang.
[17:45] * ash settles into his bar stool.
[17:45] <ash> pass the beer nuts ;P
[17:45] <JastaElf> Oh, we love ash.  Very Nice Person!
[17:45] <Wrengl> How is your morning duck, you have been VERRA quiet
[17:45] <Tika> hehehe ash fell alseep at the keyboard last night ;)
[17:45] <hygilac> Ash is a friend of Kiri
[17:45] * Tika has done that before herself
[17:45] <duck> meetings pat
[17:45] <the_Bee> an englishman.  speaks Cockney
[17:45] <Rebecca> We're trying to get him to start reading your books
[17:45] * JastaElf slides a fresh unopened can of beer nuts down the bar...
[17:45] <Wrengl> Yuck, Duck
[17:45] <KK> Over here, or over there?
[17:46] <Wrengl> over there
[17:46] <JastaElf> Over your side of the Pond
[17:46] <Wrengl> speaks rhyming
[17:46] <scribbler> Mark wants to start reading the Deryni books after he re-reads Lammas Night...
[17:46] <virtualbabe> well all, I'm afraid I'm going to have to get along. I've got places to go and things to buy
[17:46] <ash> rebecca: gimme some money, i'll buy them. i'm stoney broke, and owe my former fiancee 2500 quid
[17:46] <Shiral> Bye,Debbie
[17:46] <Wrengl> cya vb
[17:46] * JastaElf loves Lammas Night and still cries through most of the last fourth of the book....
[17:46] <KK> Ah, things to buy!  Want to hear about my exotic purchase of the week?
[17:46] <RainbowMike> Bye Debbie
[17:46] <ash> I am in Tewkesbury, Glouces-ser-chest-er-tershire
[17:46] <scribbler> oooh, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! Have fun, VB!
[17:46] <Shiral> Yes please, KK <G>
[17:46] <Rebecca> Ash, I thought all your money was going to the phone company. :)
[17:46] <Tika> definitely KK!
[17:46] <JastaElf> Oh yes, please, KK!
[17:47] <Ghostgames> Oooh, KK, a tiger?!?
[17:47] <virtualbabe> catch you all, hopefully next sun again.
[17:47] <Shiral> A llama? <G>
[17:47] <ash> Rebecca: Don't.... i really want to phone kiri, and i really can't put that call on my 
[17:47] <ash> 'rents phone bill
[17:47] <Golux> What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
[17:47] <scribbler> Maybe a cheetah!
[17:47] <KK> It's a wonderful rubbish bin for the kitchen--a Brabantia, if that means anything to anyone.
[17:47] <Tika> LOL
[17:47] <Jessie_AFK> Ash:  Kiri is off to a wedding
[17:47] <Shiral> Ummm, no, she admits in  a tiny voice
[17:47] *** Jessie_AFK is now known as Jessie
[17:47] <scribbler> Sorry you missed Kiri, Ash...she was in earlier but had to take off...
[17:47] <JastaElf> beer nuts are easier to acquire in bulk, Golux....
[17:47] <Rebecca> what is a Brabantia
[17:47] * virtualbabe steps on the portal and vanishes in a cloud of pink sparklies
[17:47] <ash> Golux: your more likely to get an antler up the ass if you try
and get deer nuts
[17:47] <RainbowMike> Whut's a brabantia?
[17:47] <Tika> is it quite aesthetically pleasing, as rubbish bins go, KK?  :)
[17:47] <JastaElf> top of the line Rubbish bin... :-)
[17:47] <Shiral> LOL, Ash
[17:47] <hygilac> what's it do?
[17:48] *** virtualbabe  Quit
[17:48] <Shiral> It collects stuff, I presume, Linda
[17:48] <Bynw> garbage cans have designer lables??
[17:48] <Shiral>  <G>
[17:48] <Golux> Beer nuts are 99 cents and deer nuts are under a buck
[17:48] * ash sits and cuts his finger nails, and considers going to the doctors for anti-depressants
[17:48] <Ghostgames> Does it compact them?
[17:48] <KK> It's a brand of rubbish bin.  This one holds 30 litres, is cylindrical, a pearlized grey with chrome dome top; springloaded lid that opens at a touch.
[17:48] <scribbler> Just perfect for holding unwanted fripperies....
[17:48] * hygilac groans
[17:48] <JastaElf> Oh Golux!!!  That hurts so good!!  :-)
[17:48] <KK> Verra classy.
[17:48] <RainbowMike> I thought a brabantia was where you store..........  lingerie.
[17:48] <JastaElf> sounds lovely!
[17:48] <Shiral> That was so bad it was good, Golux
[17:49] * JastaElf grins at Mike....
[17:49] <Shiral> The very limousine of dustbins <G>
[17:49] <scribbler> OUCH!!!!!!
[17:49] <KK> It's got an internal pail that holes the bin bag.
[17:49] <ash> I thought exotic lingerie was normally kept on a chest. (ouch. okay, cheese-type-joke)
[17:49] <hygilac> Folks, this has been great, but dinner beckons
[17:49] <JastaElf> which means it doesn't slip down....
[17:49] <Tika> LOL ash!!!!
[17:49] <Shiral> Bye, LInda
[17:50] <Wrengl> night hygilac
[17:50] <KK> Not to be confused with Bin Laden--er, Liner.
[17:50] <scribbler> bon appetit, Linda....
[17:50] <Tika> niters hygilac
[17:50] <Bynw> cya Linda
[17:50] <JastaElf> Dinner beckons?  You mean it ain't dead yet?? :-)
[17:50] <Shiral> Snert!
[17:50] <KK> Night. Linda.
[17:50] * JastaElf pictures hygilac's dinner waving at her...  :-)
[17:50] <hygilac> bye all!
[17:50] <Sedina> Night, Linda
[17:50] <Shiral> Pop it in the oven a while longer and make sure it's dead, first
[17:50] <Rebecca> Night Linda
[17:50] * ash serves himself up on a platter of greenery.
[17:50] <JastaElf> bye linda!!
[17:50] <Gamgee> and I thought I liked my steaks done rare....
[17:50] <hygilac> you are insane
[17:50] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:50] <the_Bee> ;nighters Linda
[17:50] *** hygilac  Quit
[17:50] <Shiral> But we're fun.
[17:50] <ash> may i suggest the kidney, i've been force feeding myself for the past 6 months, should be rather plump
[17:50] <scribbler> and cute....
[17:50] <Tika> and she's just now figuring that out???? :)
[17:50] <JastaElf> and we're cute!
[17:50] <scribbler> GMTA, Jasta....
[17:51] <Shiral> Of course we are =o)
[17:51] <JastaElf> Now now, Ash, we wanna keep you around.... :-)
[17:51] <JastaElf> :-) LOL, scribs!
[17:51] * ash is not cute. 'm tall, dark, long haired, and generally dress like a goth.
[17:51] <Rebecca> Ash, sounds like you're at Millyways
[17:51] <Wrengl> Katherine, Buttons said hello to you, so does Thumper
[17:51] <ash> altho i;m too.... rotund to be a goth
[17:51] <Golux> Our dinner need to go in the oven for about an hour and a half - just to make sure it doesn't talk
[17:51] <scribbler> everyone's cute in their own way, ash....
[17:51] <JastaElf> Sounds cute to me, but then, I'm forty-five since Monday...  :-)
[17:51] <ash> thanks rebecca, glad someone got the reference.
[17:51] <Gamgee> ash: but I think that Goth Dress is so cute....
[17:51] <Shiral> Pan would say hello too, if he weren't asleep on top of the monitor
[17:52] <KK> Oooh, Buttons is so cute! And Thumper is a different kind of cute.
[17:52] <Shiral> You cute little Goth, you..
[17:52] <RainbowMike> KK, you gonna post pics of the castle remodeling-in-neverending-progress on DD?
[17:52] * ash doesn't wear dresses. not in public...
[17:52] <ash> ;P
[17:52] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:52] <ash> being a bloke, waxing legs can be difficult.
[17:52] <Shiral> Jasta, did you get your birthday e-card from me/
[17:52] <Gamgee> dressing up just like everyone else so they can show their independance....
[17:52] <Shiral> from me?
[17:52] <scribbler> Happy belated b-day Jasta.....
[17:52] <JastaElf> Yes, I did hon!  thank you!
[17:52] <Shiral> You're welcome <G>
[17:52] <JastaElf> thanks scribs!
[17:52] <ash> i wear what the hell i want. it just happens to be mostly black
[17:52] * JastaElf wears a lot of black too.  :-)
[17:53] <Shiral> BLack is very stylish and slimming <G>
[17:53] <JastaElf> :-) yup!
[17:53] <scribbler> allegedly.....
[17:53] <Tika> better not go to Arkansas in all that black...
[17:53] <KK> I'm also partial to black, especially for evening.
[17:53] * Wrengl usually wears blue
[17:53] <Tika> you'll be labeled a Satanist
[17:53] <Golux> Happy happy, Jasta - I will be forty-five in 29 days - you old bat!!
[17:53] <Shiral> I don't have many black clothes myself
[17:53] <scribbler> Mark was 45 back in June....
[17:53] <JastaElf> :-) Ahh, Golux, you young'un you....
[17:53] <Wrengl> Jasta and Golux you are mere children
[17:53] <JastaElf> it's a fun age! :-)
[17:53] * Shiral smiles feeling very young
[17:53] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:53] <KK> I will be--um--older than that in 11 days.
[17:53] <RainbowMike> I tend to wear a lot of blue.
[17:54] <Tika> LOL Kk
[17:54] <Tika> and KK too
[17:54] <scribbler> You're only as old as you feel, KK....
[17:54] <Tika> ;)
[17:54] <Golux> But you are not an old bat, KK
[17:54] <Wrengl> Problem is Jasta and Golux you still have time to grow up
[17:54] * ash is 20 going on 60
[17:54] <Golux> putttttt
[17:54] <ash> people keep telling me they think i'm 29
[17:54] <Wrengl> I didn't and now I'm old enough never to have to grow up!
[17:54] <the_Bee> I wear whatever doesn't have stains.
[17:54] <JastaElf> :-) But it's never too late to have a happy childhood! Dr. Who said so!
[17:54] <KK> Hopefully not a bat.  But it's all a state of mind.
[17:54] <Tika> ROFL
[17:54] <Sedina> Happy birthday to all of you October babies.  *s*
[17:54] <scribbler> I like that....
[17:54] <Wrengl> I second that Sedina
[17:54] <JastaElf> Libras... very dangerous.... you go first!  :-)
[17:55] <Bynw> I agree with the good Dr
[17:55] <KK> October is a good months.  We Libras have--interesting lives.
[17:55] <Shiral> If age is a state of mind, I'm about 19
[17:55] <JastaElf> In the Chinese sense, yes!  LOL!
[17:55] *** ash  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:55] <Shiral> And sometimes younger
[17:55] <RainbowMike> PEER!
[17:55] * scribbler slaps Peer silly....
[17:55] <Shiral> BAD Peer
[17:55] <JastaElf> Oh no, Ash got peered!!
[17:55] <Rebecca> I'm with you Melissa
[17:55] <KK> Yike, peer booted Ash.
[17:55] <Tika> oh drat
[17:55] * Shiral smacks peer with a trout
[17:55] *** ash  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:55] <scribbler> WB ash
[17:55] * Tika notes that we are seeing MUCH less of peer lately
[17:55] <Sedina> wb, ash
[17:56] <Rebecca> oh drat?  Does that mean it wasn't an IP related peering?
[17:56] <KK> Never a monkfish around when you need one!
[17:56] <Tika> since, oh... about Thursday :)
[17:56] <JastaElf> WB Ash!
[17:56] <Shiral> Everybody has  been having a more interesting life in the past month or so.
[17:56] <Gamgee> If I was born just a few hours later than what I was, I wouldn't have been a Capricorn......
[17:56] <Tika> no Rebecca... I don't know what it was
[17:56] *** Ghostgames  Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[17:56] <Tika> yet ;)
[17:56] * Sedina grabs a monkfish and wallops Peer with it unmercifully
[17:56] <scribbler> I'd take a little more boredom, thank you.....
[17:56] <JastaElf> oops, no sooner spoken....
[17:56] <Tika> Gamgee, when is your birthday???
[17:56] * scribbler sends Peer off to peer counseling....
[17:56] <Bynw> spoke too soon there Teek
[17:56] <Tika> :P
[17:56] <scribbler> Was that monkfish flaming,
[17:56] <Shiral> You keep jinxing us, Tika
[17:56] <Shiral>  <G>
[17:56] <scribbler> Sedina?
[17:56] <duck> poor peer is suffering from peer group pressure
[17:56] <RainbowMike> Uh-oh...... now Ghostgames.
[17:57] <Jessie> duck:  what is on your agenda today?
[17:57] <Sedina> No, but I could make it a flaming one
[17:57] <duck> more of the same
[17:57] <KK> How many snakes, Duck?
[17:57] <Shiral> Will you ever be able to escape from Port Hedland?
[17:57] <duck> weld pickups, pup allocation blah blash blabble
[17:57] <Jessie> Duck -- it is totally unfair for one person to have so much fun
[17:57] <Golux> Hanging out with snakes?
[17:57] <duck> very few this week actually
[17:57] <Rebecca> How many more weeks Donald?
[17:57] <Shiral> Thank goodness for small mercies
[17:57] <duck> more bad tempered than normal they were though
[17:58] <duck> i nearly had to get in the trench to get them out
[17:58] <Wrengl> The fewer snakes you meet Duck the better we all feel.
[17:58] <scribbler> pup allocation? "You get the wolfhound, you get the Chihuahua...."
[17:58] <KK> BTW, there was a wonderful special section in the Sunday Magazine of the Times today on the Harry Potter movie.  It looks like it's going to be great fun.  The casting looks awesome!
[17:58] <Shiral> LOL Scribs
[17:58] <JastaElf> excellent!!
[17:58] <duck> snakes are alright
[17:58] <Shiral> I wanna see that movie <G>
[17:58] <ash> yeah, i saw the trailer when i went to see AI
[17:58] <ash> it looked like it would be incredible...
[17:58] <Shiral> But I will wait until after Nov 16 I think
[17:58] <Gamgee> Duck: have you ever thought about getting a pet mongoose?
[17:58] <Shiral> It will be mobbed when it opens
[17:58] <Wrengl> As long as they are NOT King Brown Snakes, Duck
[17:58] <Rebecca> If it's playing at a certain theater in Baltimore, we are going on Sunday after Darkover
[17:58] <KK> Maybe we'll catch it while we're in the States for Darkover.
[17:58] * Jessie passes Duck a pet mongoose
[17:59] <Wrengl> We want to see the Harry Potter movie also
[17:59] <Shiral> Sounds like a good plan
[17:59] <JastaElf> excellent idea!!!
[17:59] <duck> king browns are ok, they only need to bite you once
[17:59] <scribbler> Cool!!! I downloaded the trailer for Lord of the Rings earlier today; took almost an hour (dern dialup connection), but was worth it! I'm saving it to show Mark later....
[17:59] <RainbowMike> Yeah, could call him Riki Tiki Tavi
[17:59] <JastaElf> LOtR looks excellent too....
[17:59] <KK> Rebecca, that sounds like a plan!
[17:59] <Shiral> But they  pack a punch when they do
[17:59] <Shiral> I want to see that one, too <G>
[17:59] <scribbler> I want to see Harry Potter and LOTR....
[17:59] <JastaElf> me too....
[17:59] <Shiral> Wouldn't it be wild to see them as a double header? <G>
[18:00] <Rebecca> There's this great old art deco theater that has a 70mm screen.  I"m hoping it's going to play there
[18:00] <Wrengl> We do NOT want them to BITE you, especially not once!
[18:00] <JastaElf> Sounds like a plan to me!!
[18:00] <RainbowMike> I wanna see Iron Monkey too.
[18:00] <KK> Speaking of movies, we just saw The Green Mile a couple of nights ago.  Great movie which most of you probably have already seen, but we'd missed it until it came on satellite.
[18:00] <great_hooded_one> i
[18:00] <Shiral> Or ever
[18:00] <scribbler> Oooh -- I might NEVER leave the theater....
[18:00] <Gamgee> 70 millimeter screen???????
[18:00] <Shiral> COOOL!
[18:00] <scribbler> I haven't seen Green Mile....
[18:00] <ash> flea pit cinema? i mean, 70mm
[18:00] <Shiral> I've missed so many movies, it ain't even funny
[18:00] <KK> Run, do not walk.  It's excellent!
[18:00] <RainbowMike> I haven't seen or read Green Mile yet.
[18:00] <JastaElf> I haven't even seen Shrek yet.  :-(
[18:00] <great_hooded_one> i'm the only one of my friends who doesn't like harry potter and they're planning to drag me to the movie
[18:01] <Shiral> I've almost stopped watching the TV
[18:01] <Wrengl> We didn't see the Green Mile
[18:01] * scribbler adds Green Mile to list of movies to rent to keep her happy when Mark's working late....
[18:01] <Rebecca> That means 70mm frame film is projected onto it as opposed to the normal 35mm film
[18:01] <KK> Oddly, it's from a Stephen King book, but it doesn't play like a Stephen King.
[18:01] <Shiral> What on earth is wrong with you, GHO? =o)
[18:01] <JastaElf> I'm at work too often to watch TV, and our cable's been out for over a year.  :-(
[18:01] <Gamgee> I only watch TV so I have something to nap by.
[18:01] <Rebecca> THe screen is hugh and it's awesome watching movies on it.
[18:01] <Shiral> If I watched TV, I'd never get any writing or painting done
[18:01] <RainbowMike> I was glued to the TV this past week. There was a Star Trek: Next Gen marathon going on!
[18:01] <KK> Sam, you in particular should see it.
[18:01] <scribbler> TV is my chance to catch up on my crocheting....
[18:01] * JastaElf looks around and thinks, Oh God, I'm still at work right now!! :-)
[18:01] <KK> I do cross-stitch.
[18:02] * Bynw doesnt watch TV at all
[18:02] <Tika> Jasta go home dear
[18:02] <scribbler> I saw part of that, Mike; I wanted to tape the "America Loves Star Trek" show, but forgot...
[18:02] <Shiral> Not yet, though <G>
[18:02] <Gamgee> KK: I had a hard enough time with Shawshank Redemption.....
[18:02] <KK> How is the new Star Trek series?
[18:02] <JastaElf> :-) I'm not leaving just yet.  :-)
[18:02] <Shiral> haven't seen any of it yet
[18:02] <JastaElf> Most reviews are good, KK
[18:02] <Gamgee> and I CAN'T watch "Against the Wall"
[18:02] <duck> all that work around you jasta
[18:02] <Golux> I watch Green mile last weekend.  Elsa was very interested in the mouse.
[18:03] <JastaElf> I liked the premier, but the "obligatory screaming female ensign" has GOT to quiet down...
[18:03] <scribbler> it's pretty good -- I saw parts of Episode 2 -- I've got it on tape and will watch it before sending it to Golux and GHO....
[18:03] <KK> Sam, it's a heart-warmer, despite some of the awfulness.
[18:03] <Sedina> Mr. Jingles
[18:03] <Rebecca> I've read the book, but haven't seen the movie yet.  The book was very good.
[18:03] <RainbowMike> I haven't seen the new series, Enterprise, yet KK. I hear its good with bad music.
[18:03] <KK> Tom Hanks has a knack for picking good roles.
[18:03] <JastaElf> Duck -- you know it, a veritable North Cliffs wall of flippin' workpapers...  :-(
[18:04] <Shiral> Keeping her away from her stories.  Just terrible <G>
[18:04] <JastaElf> The opening music for Enterprise is yucky.  :-(
[18:04] <Golux> He was in Bosom Buddies!
[18:04] <JastaElf> I know, Shiral...  LOL!
[18:04] <scribbler> Does anyone know who sings the theme to Enterprise? It sounds like Bryan Adams, but I'm not sure....
[18:04] <KK> There's a <sung> theme to Enterprize?  Yuck!
[18:04] <Shiral> Exactly
[18:04] <JastaElf> And a BAD sung theme at that...
[18:04] <Shiral> Ouch....
[18:04] <scribbler> I guess they wanted something different....
[18:04] <Bynw> yuck ... glad i'm not hearing it
[18:04] <JastaElf> they got it all right...  ;-)
[18:04] <ash> its Rod Stewart
[18:05] <Shiral> Sounds like they ick got it
[18:05] <JastaElf> is it really, Ash??
[18:05] <scribbler> they're trying to set it apart from the rest of the shows...
[18:05] <Golux> Somewhere online there is a petion to change the theme
[18:05] <ash> no. but i had you fooled
[18:05] <JastaElf> :-) Brat...  :-)
[18:05] <ash> i liked enterprise. theme an all...
[18:05] <Wrengl> didn't think it sounded like Rod Stewart
[18:05] <KK> Ash, how'd you see it in the UK?!
[18:05] <Shiral> What night of the week is Enterprise on?
[18:05] * JastaElf affectionately squishes a bowl of bangers and mash down on Ash's head.  :-)
[18:06] <duck> he must have been sober when he sang it then
[18:06] <Golux> Of course he is a brat, he IS a friend of Kiri's
[18:06] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:06] <scribbler> Wednesday nights on channel 44, Shiral....
[18:06] <Tika> ROFL
[18:06] <Shiral> Well THAT explains it
[18:06] <great_hooded_one> what is it with these science fiction things now: first "attack of the clones" now hokey Star Trek songs
[18:06] <Shiral> EVERYTHING is on Wednesday!!
[18:06] <Shiral> Is there a repeat broadcast time?
[18:06] * JastaElf starts singing; "Send in the clones, there ought to be clones!"
[18:06] <Golux> Sunday at 8
[18:06] <Gamgee> My biggest problem with Enterprise is that it's only 4 days from earth to cronos (the klingon homeworld) at warp 4.5
[18:06] <ash> KK: i have friends in low places
[18:06] <scribbler> I think Sunday nights, but don't quote me....
[18:06] <Shiral> Oh good, i can watch it then.
[18:06] <ash> I could send you a copy if you wish
[18:07] <Gamgee> NCC 1701 couldn't have made that trip so fast.
[18:07] <KK> Oooo, that would be cool, Ash!
[18:07] <Shiral> I can't watch WW because it's also on on Wednesday nights
[18:07] <scribbler> Hood -- at least "Attack of the Clones" makes sense, if it's featuring the Clone Wars....
[18:07] <Gamgee> and it could do warp 7 or 8
[18:07] <ash> I also have Angel season 3 ep 1, and will have the buffy opener soon
[18:07] <Shiral> I don't get home until 9:30
[18:07] <JastaElf> I liked the Buffy opener -- some folks did not.
[18:07] <Rebecca> Ash, Buffy opener was excellent
[18:07] <KK> Not as into Buffy or Angel.  West Wing, now, or ER....
[18:08] <Rebecca> Best opener in three years.
[18:08] <KK> I did see the Buffy opener.
[18:08] <JastaElf> I'm getting into WW slowly but surely....
[18:08] <KK> I'm hooked.
[18:08] <JastaElf> Buffy is my son's darling girl.  :-)
[18:08] <Shiral> The Buffy Opener -- sounds like a golf tournament <G>
[18:08] <scribbler> I saw the opening of the Buffy opener -- was laughing at the robo-Buffy....
[18:08] <KK> <Excellently> written!
[18:08] <JastaElf> yup!
[18:09] <Rebecca> Buffybot was great.
[18:09] <Shiral> I've liked what I've seen of WW, I was able to watch the Christmas episode while on vacation -- i just get crappy reception on that channel
[18:09] <Rebecca> though everytime they said it, I though of our departed Derynibot
[18:09] <JastaElf> The sequence up on the crane tower went on a tad too long tho.  :-(  I just kept wanting them to get out of there...
[18:09] <ash> shhh! Havn't seen it yet!
[18:09] <ash> no spoilers!
[18:09] <JastaElf> Ooops!  Sorry!
[18:09] <KK> Argh, just looked at the clock.  Now I know why my eyes are so tired.  (What <did> happen to the derynibot?)
[18:10] <Shiral> Me  neither
[18:10] <duck> well people i have to make a move out of here
[18:10] <JastaElf> you will like it if you like Buffy.
[18:10] <Tika> he departed with the old software, KK :(
[18:10] <RainbowMike> Where IS DeryniBot?
[18:10] <Gamgee> Faire thee well goode peoples....
[18:10] <JastaElf> Hope you have a good day, Duck!
[18:10] * Jessie quickly says goodbye to Gamgee before he exits
[18:10] <Rebecca> bye Donald
[18:10] <JastaElf> And Gamgee, rest well!
[18:10] <Rebecca> bye San
[18:10] <Shiral> Bye, Duck!
[18:10] <KK> I'm going to split, too.
[18:10] <Rebecca> sam
[18:10] <duck> have a good rest of a sunday to all and sundry
[18:10] <Jessie> hugs duck
[18:10] <Gamgee> Tis time for me to be going...
[18:10] <Shiral>  and Sam
[18:10] <Tika> niters Gamgee
[18:10] <Rebecca> Bye KK
[18:10] <Bynw> Night Katherine
[18:10] <JastaElf> Bye KK!
[18:10] *** Jessie is now known as Mum
[18:10] <KK> Night, Sam.
[18:10] *** Gamgee  Quit
[18:10] *** duck  Quit
[18:10] <KK> Night, Duck.
[18:10] <JastaElf> wow, two in a row!
[18:10] <Tika> wow he hung around long enough for goodbyes.... ;)
[18:10] <scribbler> I need to mosey too...have to pick up prescriptions at the drugstore....take care all....
[18:10] *** Mum is now known as Jessie
[18:10] <Shiral> Bye KK, have a GOOD writing week.
[18:10] <Tika> hehehe
[18:10] <RainbowMike> Bye Donald and Sam
[18:10] <JastaElf> bye scribs!
[18:11] <Sedina> Wow, that was quick for Duck
[18:11] <Jessie> bye scribbler
[18:11] <Shiral>  I hope those ideas keep percolating along!
[18:11] <Tika> niters all, I'm a takin' Bynw out on the town :)
[18:11] <Jessie> bye Kath
[18:11] <Sedina> Night, Katherine
[18:11] <Shiral> Bye Scribbler
[18:11] <KK> I hope to be able to report serious progress on the new story. I'm hot for it!
[18:11] * scribbler steps into her Portal and disappears in a shower of lost pounds....
[18:11] <JastaElf> I should probably leave work too... only 12 hours before I have to be back here....
[18:11] <JastaElf> you go girl!!
[18:11] <Sedina> Bye, Scribs
[18:11] *** scribbler  Quit
[18:11] <Jessie> night Tika & Bynw -- who are abandoning this ship
[18:11] <Shiral> Excellent, hit those keys, Katherine!
[18:11] <Rebecca> bye all!
[18:11] <RainbowMike> G'nite KK
[18:11] <the_Bee> night departing guests
[18:11] * KK steps onto her Portal and waves goodbye, disappearing in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:11] <Shiral> Farewell, you quitters <G>
[18:11] * Bynw will bbl
[18:11] <JastaElf> ooo, sparklies!
[18:11] <Bynw> maybe
[18:11] <Sedina> The mass exodus has begun
[18:12] <Shiral> Bye, Katherine
[18:12] <Jessie> Bynw will be RITHL
[18:12] *** KK  Quit


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