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KK Chat - Oct. 7, 2001 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:40:32 pm »
KK Chat - Oct. 7, 2001, pt. 1

Session Start: Sun Oct 07 2001
[16:53] *** KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[16:53] <Ghostgames> It all depends on the assumptions you start out with. If those include a) Satan/Evil Personified exists and b) Magic Works and c) All Magic is Evil (because it doesn't come from the Divine) then there's *no* convincing you that books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or the Deryni are not harmful.
[16:53] <scribbler> Madeline L'Engle's books have been attacked in the past too...
[16:53] <Sedina> Bee, I don't really remember what all was there, but I do know that I had read quite a few of them
[16:53] <Jessie> hello KK
[16:53] <Wrengl> hi kk
[16:53] <hygilac> Hi katherine
[16:53] * scribbler sends greetings to KK
[16:53] <Seneschal> Hello Katherine!
[16:53] * JastaElf is after all from the Salem region...
[16:53] <Sedina> Hello, Katherine!
[16:53] <virtualbabe> I know that, and you know that... but do they know that?
[16:53] <RainbowMike> Hi Katherine!
[16:53] <Gamgee> hello KK
[16:53] <Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[16:53] <Golux> Hello KK
[16:53] <scribbler> So, KK; was it ER or WW tonight?
[16:53] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[16:53] <JastaElf> Hi KK!  See I wasn't off by much!
[16:53] <Jessie> lol Jasta
[16:53] <virtualbabe> Hi Katherine
[16:53] <KK> Hi, all.  Sorry I'm late.  Scott was on line trying to book plane tickets, and unsuccessful.
[16:53] <JastaElf> Oh dear!
[16:53] <scribbler> Ah....
[16:54] <Golux> Bad boy!
[16:54] <JastaElf> Where's he off to now?
[16:54] <Jessie> Plane tickets to?
[16:54] <Shiral> I knew the minute I left the room you'd come, KK <G>
[16:54] <Tika> greetings Katherine :)
[16:54] <Bynw> Hiyas Katherine
[16:54] <Rebecca> Hello Katherine
[16:54] <Golux> So why didn't you leave earlier?
[16:54] <scribbler> LOL Golux....
[16:54] <KK> Just home from London.  He's already booked from here to Edinburgh for only 5.
[16:54] <hygilac> LOL
[16:54] <Shiral> Sorry, GOlux <G>
[16:54] <hygilac> wow, not bad
[16:54] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Gotta jet...will leave it logging.
[16:54] <scribbler> take care, Kelos....
[16:54] <JastaElf> Wow, only 5??  Cool price!
[16:55] <hygilac> bye kelos
[16:55] <Sedina> Wow, that's not bad at all
[16:55] <Kiri`> five pounds?
[16:55] <JastaElf> bye Kelos!
[16:55] <Kiri`> wow
[16:55] <Sedina> Bye, Kelos!
[16:55] <KK> It's Ryanair, which has periodic sales.
[16:55] <JastaElf> I guess!! :-)
[16:55] <KK> Bye, Kelos.
[16:55] <Golux> Elsa suggested we all be Shirals today
[16:55] <Rebecca> Now that's what I call a sale!
[16:55] <virtualbabe> five pounds??? mus t be a very no frills flight
[16:55] <RainbowMike> I imagine a lot of airfare is cheap right now.
[16:55] <Kiri`> I have an airline?
[16:55] <Gamgee> what's a good web site to book some tickets?
[16:55] <JastaElf> LOL, Kiri!!
[16:56] <Rebecca> Yes. And you didn't even know it! :)
[16:56] <Seneschal> bye kelos
[16:56] <KK> Ryanair is always no frills; usually that fare is about 80 cheapest, though we've done far better.
[16:56] <Gamgee> I'm thinking about flying up to Boston in January.
[16:56] <the_Bee> seeya Kelos   
[16:56] <Kiri`> i really must have a chat.. i'm not seeing any profits.. then again at 5 pounds a flight.. ;)
[16:56] <Shiral> Bye,Kelos
[16:56] <hygilac> sounds like Southwest
[16:56] <the_Bee> for Arisia, Sam?
[16:56] <hygilac> How has your week been KK?
[16:56] <KK> Not too bad.
[16:56] <Gamgee> yea, for Arisia.
[16:57] <Ghostgames> Gamgee: I use either or myself.
[16:57] <scribbler> I'm surprised Mark's friend Ken hasn't booked more trips to the West Coast at the prices I've heard of from NYC to here....
[16:57] <Seneschal> how's the writing coming along?
[16:57] <KK> Not much actual writing done, but today the idea came to me for the story I have to write for Rob for the thingie at CSUSB.
[16:57] <Ghostgames> Katherine: will you be at Arisia in January?
[16:57] <KK> That's the hardest part.
[16:57] <Shiral> Excellent
[16:57] <scribbler> Cool!
[16:57] <KK> Yes, at Arisia.  I'm a GOH.
[16:57] <Wrengl> Delta airlines is giving away thousands of round trip tickets to nYC
[16:57] <Shiral> About the idea, I mean
[16:57] <Shiral> I'm still not quite ready to travel to NY
[16:58] <Ghostgames> I've been meaning to go to Arisia as a vendor, but never quite got around to it -- guess 2002 is the year to begin. :-)
[16:58] <KK> Yes, and it will also help me work out some background for Childe Morgan.
[16:58] * JastaElf will be at Arisia -- that's home turf for her! :-)
[16:58] <hygilac> nor am I
[16:58] * virtualbabe has never been to NYC
[16:58] <KK> Yay!
[16:58] <Rebecca> What about to Baltimore, Melissa?
[16:58] <Jessie> How did writing go this week Katherine?
[16:58] <hygilac> hooray!
[16:58] <Shiral> Alas, I won't be at Arisia,
[16:58] <Ghostgames> If you need/want a place to stay, my house is only 20 minutes from downtown Boston (up to an hour or more if traffic's heavy, though!)
[16:58] <Shiral> But I will be at Darkover
[16:58] <virtualbabe> Where is Aresia?
[16:58] <JastaElf> Yay!
[16:58] *** xmanii  has joined #Deryni_Destinations 
[16:58] <JastaElf> Boston
[16:58] <Ghostgames> We have guest cats to go with our guest room of course. :-)
[16:58] <Wrengl> oh good we will see you there jasta 
[16:58] <JastaElf> Definitely!
[16:58] <KK> Like I said, not much actual writing, but lots of thinking--and the idea for Rob's story.
[16:58] <scribbler> Me either, but it'd be nice if he could actually drag his wife along with him for a change....
[16:58] <Ghostgames> Arisia is a convention in Boston in January.
[16:58] <Seneschal> kewl, kk
[16:59] <Shiral> Jasta,  I have to come to Darkover since we're rooming together, right? <G>
[16:59] <the_Bee> Arisia's in my city--I don't dare miss it!:)
[16:59] <scribbler> Any hints as to the idea, KK?
[16:59] *** xmanii  has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:59] <KK> Ghostgames, are you Anne?
[16:59] * scribbler sends greetings to xmanii
[16:59] <JastaElf> Yup, Shiral!
[16:59] * virtualbabe pouts, another east coast thingie
[16:59] <Shiral> At least the ideas are beginning to bubble up again, KK <G>
[16:59] <scribbler> oops, left before I got to him...
[16:59] <Ghostgames> Yup, Hi!
[16:59] <KK> Aha!
[16:59] * JastaElf hands Virtualbabe the key to her transfer portal....
[16:59] <scribbler> VB -- if you're planning ahead, WorldCon will be in San Jose in 2002...
[16:59] <Jessie> Katherine: will people who cannot attend Robs' thing -- be able to order/purchase a copy of the short story?
[16:59] <Shiral> You've been holding out on us, your transfer portal? <G>
[16:59] <hygilac> wouldn't htat me nice?
[17:00] <Sedina> Good question, Jessie
[17:00] <Ghostgames> Somehow, I got on with my preferred handle this time. In the past, it's always logged me in with my secondary handle (adupuis or anndupuis)....
[17:00] <Kiri`> oh yes.. must be rob.. planning to go down.. shiral are you going?
[17:00] <JastaElf> :-) we've gotta get some of you westies out here more often!  :-)
[17:00] <KK> Yeah, the new story will be about Donal's second expedition into Meara--just the tail end of it, from the POV of Francis Delaney, who gets captured and executed.
[17:00] <Shiral> Alas, No, Kiri
[17:00] * virtualbabe is already planning to try to make darkover in '02
[17:00] <Bynw> Ann, Register the nick :-)  /nickserver register password email
[17:00] <Kiri`> oh.. =(
[17:00] <KK> I can then tell the story again, in full, from the POV of Donal et al in the novel.
[17:00] <Shiral> Since I'm going to Darkover, it was hard enough getting the time off to go there
[17:00] <Shiral> I can't ask for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving off, too
[17:00] <Kiri`> isn't it over the weekend?
[17:00] <Jessie> Katherine: will people who cannot attend Robs' thing -- be able to order/purchase a copy of the short story?
[17:01] <Ghostgames> Seneschal -- asking if you should be doing anything with the Deryni rpg playtest?
[17:01] <Shiral> It just doesn't work out for  me, time wise
[17:01] <Kiri`> wait.. when is this?
[17:01] <KK> He tells me yes.
[17:01] <Seneschal> yes
[17:01] <Shiral> OO, Kk sounds like a VERY interesting story!
[17:01] <KK> CSUSB thing is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
[17:01] <the_Bee> And your cats would never let you get away with TWO long journeys without them, Melissa
[17:01] <KK> Arisia is in January.  Darkover is the Thanksgiving weekend.
[17:01] <Shiral> I thought so
[17:01] <Kiri`> ah.. ok =)  thanks Katherine =)(
[17:01] <Seneschal> guess that should be yes, Anne!
[17:01] <scribbler> KK -- are you still trying to get to SF before CSUSB?
[17:02] <Shiral> If I took them with me, the airlines would think I was transporting fuzzy terrorists, Bee
[17:02] <Ghostgames> Seneschal -- yeah, got it, it's sitting in my in box along with 600+ other read-but-not-yet-dealt-with email messages. :-/
[17:02] <Wrengl> lol shiral
[17:02] <Shiral> They HOWL when they have to get in the car <G>
[17:02] <Seneschal> LOL!
[17:02] <Seneschal> and I thought my in-box got full!
[17:02] <Shiral> If I took them on an airplane, I'd have to pay for YEARS of kitty therapy afterwards
[17:02] <hygilac> mine too, Shiral
[17:02] <Tika> that's why we are taking the train to Baltimore :)
[17:02] <KK> I get my new computer this week, so I'm deciding how thoroughly I'll purge the old one.
[17:03] <Ghostgames> Seneschal: the answer is "keep playing the game with your friends" (or start playing, if you haven't).... Jennifer submitted another chapter last week but it's just an introductory chapter, not much to "playtest" with it.
[17:03] <Shiral> Neat, KK <G> How do you like the new machine
[17:03] <KK> Don't have it yet.
[17:03] <virtualbabe> What it got in it?
[17:03] <scribbler> congrats on the new 'puter, KK; my dad-in-law is still setting up his...
[17:03] <RainbowMike> KK - You gettin' a computer with all the bells, whistles and fripperies?
[17:03] <KK> I'm supposed to call Customer Care tomorrow to see how it's coming along.  It's in build right now, over in Limerick.
[17:03] <JastaElf> Eeek!  Fripperies!!
[17:03] <Shiral> LIttle hard to tell how you'll like it, then
[17:04] <Shiral> Then the Orsal will send it along with all the fripperies loaded <G>
[17:04] <Tika> there once was a computer named Bucket...
[17:04] * virtualbabe has a vision of a computer dressed in "fripperies"
[17:04] <RainbowMike> What operating system? Windows ME?
[17:04] * Tika giggles
[17:04] <Shiral> Scary, VB
[17:04] <KK> Yes, fripperies!  rewritable CD/DVD, 40 gig hard drive, 1.6 mHz whater-it-is, Pentium 4.
[17:04] <Tika> good grief
[17:04] <Shiral> Wow, yes
[17:04] <KK> Windows ME.
[17:04] <Bynw> holly COW
[17:04] <Tika> that's some serious fripperies there KK
[17:04] <Shiral> Sounds like a cool computer, Kk
[17:04] <KK> No, holy Dell.
[17:05] <Bynw> ROFLMAO
[17:05] <Tika> hehehe
[17:05] <Shiral> May it inspire you to new literary heights <G>
[17:05] * the_Bee shakes her head in bewilderment
[17:05] <KK> From your fingers to God's ears.
[17:05] * Tika is about to commit serious wedding fripperiment
[17:05] <virtualbabe> That should be a sweet system KK, but ME's almost as unstable as '98 was
[17:05] <Shiral> It's okay, Nigel will pardon you, Tika <G>
[17:05] <KK> With Jasta in collusion, I hear.
[17:05] <scribbler> sounds like the same system as my dad-in-law's.....
[17:05] <Tika> (is that a word?)
[17:05] * Bynw would have fun with that puter
[17:05] <scribbler> I was looking at the invoice yesterday....
[17:05] <Tika> Shiral, I certainly hope so! ;)
[17:05] <the_Bee> All those computer terms!  I'm just glad I can get online.
[17:05] * Tika grins wickedly
[17:05] <KK> What fripperiment, or collusion?
[17:05] <Gamgee> My experiance says ME is WORSE than 98.
[17:05] <JastaElf> heh heh heh.... of course!
[17:05] <Shiral> Tee hee!
[17:05] <Tika> fripperiment
[17:06] <Tika> LOL
[17:06] <JastaElf> GORGEOUS gown, KK....  :-)
[17:06] <KK> Probably, Sam, but that's what it comes with.
[17:06] <Bynw> for a gorgeous bride :-)
[17:06] <JastaElf> Indeed!
[17:06] <hygilac> If ME is an original install it does fine
[17:06] <Tika> awwwwww
[17:06] <Shiral> Awwwwwww <G>
[17:06] <Kiri`> wow  nice puter KK
[17:06] <scribbler> He has Windows 2000 Professional; he won't touch ME or XP....
[17:06] <Shiral> Aren't they cute?
[17:06] * Tika kisses the wonderful man she is marrying
[17:06] <hygilac> I have not had a single windows problem in a year
[17:06] <scribbler> cuuuute....
[17:06] <RainbowMike> Will Bynw and Tika's wedding pics be posted online somewhere?
[17:06] <JastaElf> Tika and Bynw are committing CUTE!!!
[17:06] <Bynw> damn skippy
[17:06] <virtualbabe> Yes .   Please.
[17:07] <JastaElf> Mike, their wedding might BE online! :-)
[17:07] <Shiral> Mine seem to be behind me for the moment, knock on simulated wood
[17:07] <Golux> Those pics better be...
[17:07] <Kiri`> i ned to go... have a wedding to attend in a bit =) *waves to everyone*
[17:07] <Gamgee> hygilac: mine is an origional install....  right onto a fdisked drive.....  it's still buggy as H...
[17:07] *** Kiri` has left #Deryni_Destinations
[17:07] <the_Bee> bye Kiri
[17:07] <Shiral> Woo, she was speedy
[17:07] <KK> Yes, you did serious computer mind-wiping in the past week, didn't you, Shiral?
[17:07] <RainbowMike> Cool, Jasta!
[17:07] <Shiral> Yes
[17:07] <Sedina> Bye Kiri
[17:07] <Shiral> But the good news is, it worked <G>
[17:07] <Sedina> Dang, I'm far too slow today
[17:07] <hygilac> that is weird, Gamgee
[17:08] <Shiral> And my computer seems to have shed it's annoying little habits.  And I have WORD back!!
[17:08] <scribbler> You're not slow, Sedina -- she was just fast....
[17:08] <Shiral> Now I can work on my stories again
[17:08] <the_Bee> Mine just came back with a new power source.
[17:08] * JastaElf glances over Shiral
[17:08] <scribbler> YAY!!!!
[17:08] * scribbler does a happy dance for Shiral's writing....
[17:08] <Shiral> Fine Jasta  overlook me <G>
[17:08] * JastaElf glances over Shiral's shoulder to see if she's writing now...  :-)
[17:08] <KK> I've buggered up Word on my present machine; lost one of the toolbars.
[17:08] <Seneschal> Hello KK, I am the gentleman who wrote you a letter in early September about starting a fan fiction club. I'd like to talk about it today if we could.
[17:08] <Shiral> No, I'm chatting, dear
[17:08] <hygilac> I have done something to WP on mine
[17:08] <Gamgee> oh well, I'm thinking about buying a new system and putting Linux on this one, and using it as a web/file server.
[17:09] <Shiral> I can't chat and write at the same time, yet -- My extra brain hasn't come
[17:09] <Wrengl> lol shiral
[17:09] <KK> We have a computer graveyard in Cameron's room; he won't let us get rid of any of them.  Says they might become slaves someday--and we all thought slavery was outlawed!
[17:10] <JastaElf> I ordered an extra brain years ago -- and got a cat.  ;-)
[17:10] * virtualbabe has been known to chat and cross-stitch
[17:10] <Tika> LOL!
[17:10] <Shiral> <G> KK
[17:10] <Shiral>  <G>
[17:10] <JastaElf> That sounds like Cameron....
[17:10] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:10] <Gamgee> KK you should be able to go to "view" on the top most toolbar, and click on whichever toolbar has disappeared
[17:10] <RainbowMike> Hee Hee!
[17:10] <Shiral> Where old computers go to die....
[17:10] <the_Bee> and be reborn
[17:10] <Shiral> Or salvaged
[17:10] <Rebecca> KK you should see Emily's basement!
[17:10] <scribbler> Sounds like my dad-in-law; he's finally going to get rid of his old 386 (he claims).....
[17:10] <KK> Yes, but I used to have them both.  Now, if I get them both, there's a black bar between the two--which takes up a couple of lines.
[17:10] <Gamgee> Not slaves......  workstations.
[17:10] <Rebecca> It's overrun with old computers
[17:11] <Shiral> Wow, not even my dad keeps his old computers =o)
[17:11] <Shiral> But he has a Dell too, and likes it a lot
[17:11] <Shiral> And he asks it to do some complicated things
[17:11] <virtualbabe> I'm donating the cvomputer-saurus to one of the places that refurbish them and donate them to schools
[17:11] <hygilac> Hey, i had an Apple IIc well into it's 10th year
[17:11] <scribbler> I'm surprised my mom-in-law let him bring in a new computer without getting rid of his other one first....
[17:12] <KK> Well, Scott is still fighting with Gateway, which now has not fixed his computer three times--once over the phone, once by being sent back to the UK, and once by a technician coming out and replacing the motherboard, the hard drive....
[17:12] <Rebecca> gack!
[17:12] <scribbler> sounds like you made a good choice with Dell, then.....
[17:12] <JastaElf> Poor Scott....  :-(
[17:12] <Shiral> Sounds nightmarish,
[17:12] <Bynw> go beat them with a stick ... get all kinds of money back and buy a Dell
[17:13] <Seneschal> nah... HP's are better.
[17:13] <JastaElf> :-) Not that Bynw has an opinion....
[17:13] <KK> Well, it's a "free" computer, and it's better than his old one--when it works.  And it has a printer.  But it also has sleeping sickness from which it cannot be roused.
[17:13] <virtualbabe> Even worse, use gateway as a character in some book
[17:13] <Ghostgames> The worst thing that ever happened with one of my computers (a Mac) was the day I spilled tea on it and it went straight to the vent and onto the motherboard.... sugary tea, mmmm, great for circuitry! :-/
[17:13] <Shiral> Ack, Ann
[17:13] <scribbler> My dad-in-law used to work for HP; my husband was shocked when he saw the Dell!
[17:13] <Shiral> I'm  very happy with my HP Pavilion
[17:13] <KK> Good shocked or bad shocked?
[17:13] <Sedina> Eeek, Ann
[17:14] <scribbler> Just surprised shocked.....
[17:14] <JastaElf> So KK, has Nigel been born yet in CM?  :-)
[17:14] <KK> Then, he liked it?
[17:14] <Golux> I still have the box and other parts for my XT in the basement
[17:14] <KK> No, not yet.
[17:14] <Shiral> LOL, Jasta <G>
[17:14] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:14] <Shiral> He's still a twinkle in Donal's eye, then =o)
[17:14] <JastaElf> just thought I'd ask....  :-)
[17:14] <KK> I told you I'd gotten stalled on the book this week.
[17:14] <Ghostgames> We have 3 dells here, have had few problems with them.
[17:15] <Gamgee> speaking of old computers just hanging around....  Would anyone like my Tandy CoCo?  it's in the origional grey box with the chicklet keyboard.
[17:15] <virtualbabe> Donal's eye did a lot of twinkling?
[17:15] <JastaElf> Ah yes, you did -- sorry, no brain today....
[17:15] <scribbler> It's still being set up, but my dad-in-law is happy so far; my husband probably won't touch it, as he tends to move files to weird places....
[17:15] <Gamgee> I'll throw in the 80 colum dot matrix printer....
[17:15] <Wrengl> Hey I LIKE Gateway!
[17:15] <KK> We've got Ataris in Cameron's graveyard.
[17:15] <Shiral> Donal did seem to enjoy life, Debbie
[17:15] * scribbler is still happy with her little iBook....
[17:16] <KK> BTW, I assume all of you are aware that joint US/UK forces launched air strikes on Afghanistan about 6 hours ago?
[17:16] *** Kelos_al-Hazar is now known as Kelos[Away]
[17:16] <Rebecca> oh yeah
[17:16] <Shiral> Yes
[17:16] <JastaElf> yup
[17:16] <Wrengl> Yes.
[17:16] <KK> Scott's got the news on in the background.
[17:16] <RainbowMike> They did!?!?
[17:16] <virtualbabe> Heard about that
[17:16] <Shiral> Listened to special report on NPR this morning
[17:16] <scribbler> They cut into the football pregame to talk about it!
[17:16] <Seneschal> So, KK can we discuss Gwynedd Rising?
[17:16] <JastaElf> France and Germany are involved too
[17:16] <Rebecca> Have had the news on all day, since it started at 12:45 EDT
[17:16] <KK> Obviously, RainbowMike hadn't heard....
[17:16] <scribbler> I'm avoiding TV news -- I learned my lesson after 9/11
[17:17] <KK> OK, Seneschal.  What would you like to know?
[17:17] <Rebecca> Britain was the other forces involved.  France and Germany are on the sidelines
[17:17] *** duck  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:17] <Gamgee> yea, and a pre-recorded message from Ben Laden says that the USA is a bunch of terorists for it, and is calling for a Jihad.
[17:17] <Shiral> I can handle radio and Newspaper-- TV is still a bit much
[17:17] <the_Bee> Seneschal, we already have Deryni fanfic
[17:17] <Shiral> Hello, DUck
[17:17] <Sedina> Good morning, Duck!
[17:17] * scribbler sends greetings to duck
[17:17] <Jessie> hello Duck
[17:17] <hygilac> hi donald
[17:17] <JastaElf> Hi Duck!!
[17:17] <virtualbabe> Yuppers, 9/11 kind of overdosed me for TV news too
[17:17] <Wrengl> mornin duck
[17:17] <KK> Hi, Duck.
[17:17] <Shiral> Having fun swimming in circles, Duck?
[17:17] <the_Bee> quackeroo!
[17:17] <Rebecca> Morning Donald
[17:17] <Seneschal> Well, do you think we'll be able to be approved?
[17:17] <RainbowMike> Nope, I hadn't...... Has bin Laden been released from this present incarnation?
[17:17] <scribbler> Donald -- there was a posting on the NG to you from Julianne; did you hear from her?
[17:17] <virtualbabe> Hi duck!
[17:17] <hygilac> not yet, Mike
[17:17] <Seneschal> hi duck
[17:18] <KK> Not yet, RainbowMike.
[17:18] <Wrengl> I don't think he was ever incarcerated by the Taliban. Just somwhere secret
[17:18] <Shiral> I didn't think so, either
[17:18] <scribbler> speaking of snakes, how is everything, Donald?
[17:18] <Ghostgames> It was actually pretty eerie for us. Three and a half weeks ago, we first heard the news of the World Trade Center as we were rushing our dog to the emergency clinic (he got better). Today, we heard the news as we were going to the emergency clinic to visit our dog, who's back *in* the hospital, suffering from severe pancreatitis (not related to the
cancer he was originally there for). We hope he'll get better this time, too. :-/
[17:18] <Jessie> how is your day today duck?
[17:18] <Shiral> Now scribs, that's an insult to the snakes!
[17:18] <virtualbabe> I still like the idea of capturing him, making him female and releasing him back to the taliban
[17:19] <JastaElf> Poor doggie, Anne!!
[17:19] <Bynw> LOL VB
[17:19] <Wrengl> poor dog Anne
[17:19] <KK> You're going to have to stop going to the vet; it brings on world crises.
[17:19] <Shiral> He's attuned to international news
[17:19] <JastaElf> LOL, KK!
[17:19] * Sedina sends Ann's doggie lots of lovings and well wishes
[17:19] <scribbler> LOL everyone!!!
[17:19] <Shiral> LOL
[17:19] <Wrengl> So do I VB
[17:19] * Shiral sends Dhugal to doctor Ann
[17:19] * JastaElf sends virtual hugs and healing to the doggie
[17:19] <Shiral> Ann's Dog, I mean
[17:19] * the_Bee huggles Anne's doggie
[17:19] <JastaElf> Well,he could doctor Ann, too...  :-)
[17:20] <Shiral> True. <G> But he's very good with animals.
[17:20] <Ghostgames> KK: we're actually beginning to get a bit paranoid, wondering if these tragic world events are somehow balancing out the very bad luck we've been having, since twice now Barney's recovered after being *very* sick and having something weird/tragic happen....
[17:20] <KK> Seneschal, I think the best idea for your group is to go ahead and give it a try and see who wants to play.  As long as no one does KK-related fan things with an eye toward profit, I have no problem with that.  Just as long as everyone plays nicely....  :-)
[17:20] <scribbler> Hmmm -- were there Healers who specialized on animals????
[17:20] * scribbler sniffs a story brewing on the back burner....
[17:21] <Seneschal> Kewl!!! KK Thanx!!!
[17:21] <Seneschal> There will be no profit!
[17:21] <KK> I doubt there were Healer-Vets as such, but any Healer could have healed animals at need.
[17:21] <Shiral> I think Healers could do either, Scribbler.  B
[17:21] <the_Bee> Rhys Thuryn's first patient was a cat. :)
[17:21] <Shiral> True <G>
[17:21] <JastaElf> :-)
[17:21] <scribbler> Just a thought....
[17:21] <Ghostgames> Oh, how I've been wishing we could find a Healer! :-/ (Modern medicine was starting to do its work -- he had his best day yet last Wednesday, I could hardly slow him down when we went for a walk in the woods -- then he pretty much crashed Thursday night. :-/)
[17:22] <JastaElf> Scribs, time for you to write a story I think...  :-)
[17:22] <Shiral> Oh Dear Ann. How sad for Barney and you
[17:22] <Shiral> Hit those keys, Scribbler
[17:22] <virtualbabe> That's one facet of Deryni powers that you've not really explored too much Katherine. The ability with animals that is.  Any plans to do so?
[17:22] <JastaElf> Poor baby pup...  :-(
[17:22] <KK> Poor baby.  One feels so helpless when they're sick...especially when it's a chronic thing, and you don't know whether they're ever going to have a good quality of life, or for how long.
[17:22] <Shiral> So KK, would Kelson have had a dog as a pet at any time in his childhood?
[17:22] <Seneschal> Thanks Katherine, we'll be announcing the group for membership in November.
[17:23] <scribbler> I know, Jasta; I've been busy playing with Web Design software....
[17:23] <KK> Well, there were certainly hounds at the castle, and he probably had a few.  But remember that most animals had to work for their keep, in some way.
[17:23] <the_Bee> cats to catch rats, of course
[17:23] <Seneschal> Isn't the Deryni powers with animals kind of hinted at with the border folk, who seem the have the "sixth sense" with animals?
[17:24] <Shiral> I can see Dhugal at his castle in the present time, surrounded by a hunting pack as he rests by the fire..
[17:24] <RainbowMike> The dogs would be exercise trainers for the cats!
[17:24] <Shiral> Ewan seems to like dogs a lot, too
[17:24] <KK> I'd guess that most incipient Healers start out on animals, that maybe that's a common way for future Healers to figure out or at least guess that they might be able to heal.
[17:24] <hygilac> and  cat on his lap
[17:24] <Shiral> Good idea, Linda
[17:24] <hygilac> he likes cats too
[17:24] <scribbler> at least big ones....
[17:25] <Shiral> And horses, but I don't think I'll put a horse in his lap.  =o)
[17:25] <JastaElf> Little ones are big ones at heart....
[17:25] <Ghostgames> The historical development of relationships between men and animals is quite fascinating. It's only relatively recently that "pet" status has vastly overtaken "working asset" status.
[17:25] * JastaElf has had a horse in her lap.  It's -- interesting....  ;-)
[17:25] <KK> We know that Alaric has excellent rapport with animals, and so does Dhugal.
[17:25] <Seneschal> I'll talk to everyone later... got to get back to work. Thanks again KK!!!
[17:25] <the_Bee> Brownyn could summon birds.
[17:25] <KK> However, I would guess that most Deryni could have rapport with animals if they put their minds to it.  Healing, of course, would be something extra.
[17:25] <Shiral> Bronwyn wasn't bad with animals either. ANd I'll bet Duncan can make a cat happy when he wants to. <G>
[17:25] <Golux> My dog would also work on mice and gophers
[17:25] <virtualbabe> Later senschal
[17:25] <JastaElf> And Duncan throws apple bits to overworked horsies....!  :-)
[17:26] <KK> Exactly, Ann.
[17:26] <Sedina> Bye Seneschal
[17:26] <Shiral> Jasta, a lap horse?
[17:26] <Shiral> Bye Seneschal
[17:26] <KK> You're welcome, Senescha.
[17:26] <the_Bee> bye Seneschal
[17:26] <JastaElf> :-) yup.  I was warned to never sit down next to him...
[17:26] <JastaElf> it was while I was CW re-enacting as a teen.  :-)
[17:26] * Seneschal steps onto the portal and disappears
[17:26] <Shiral> But did it anyway.... =o)
[17:26] *** Seneschal  Quit
[17:26] <scribbler> CW?

(to be continued...)


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