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KK Chat--2 July 2017
« on: July 02, 2017, 06:40:46 pm »
[04:53.07] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:53.11] <Evie> Hi KK
[04:53.15] <The_Bee> hi KK
[04:53.16] <Derynifank> Hi KK
[04:53.17] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[04:53.19] <revanne> Hi KK
[04:53.19] <Shiral> Hi KK
[04:53.22] <Eyikl> Someday soon people might start clarifying they mean 'classic Republicians'.
[04:53.24] <Dennis> William Hartnell was the first doctor.
[04:53.27] <Dennis> Hi, KK!
[04:53.43] <Eyikl> Hi KK
[04:53.49] <revanne> I'd forgotten that, I start with Jon Pertwee too.
[04:54.03] <Jemler> William Hartnell was the First. followed by Patrick Troughton, John Pretwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.
[04:54.03] <TerryLoyOBrien> Good evening Katherine
[04:54.07] <Jemler> hi KK
[04:54.30] <Derynifank> Wow
[04:54.32] <KK> Whoopsie, sorry I'm late.  Got hijacked by my DH for a chocolate milkshake and a drive in the Jag, followed by picking up his RX at Walmart.  (Very exciting Sunday, as you can see.)
[04:54.33] <Dennis> I read somewhere that Jon Pertwee was the second choice for Henry Jones, Sr. if Sean Connery didn't want to be in Indiana Jones and the last crusade.
[04:54.35] <The_Bee> PBS carried the show when Pertwee was the Doctor.
[04:54.56] <Shiral> Time with the DH is legit. =o)
[04:55.07] <Evie> On a hot day, a chocolate milkshake and a drive in a Jag is a necessity.  ;-)
[04:55.13] <Jerusha> So is chocolate
[04:55.16] <revanne> As is a drive in a jag.
[04:55.21] <Dennis> And his son was the first Hugh Berengar in the BBC Cadfael series.
[04:55.47] <Jerusha> He was the best Hugh
[04:55.54] <Derynifank> Wish they would rerun Cafe
[04:56.09] <Derynifank> Cad fake
[04:56.26] <KK> It was actually vert pleasant out: 84 when we were heading home--and no humidity.
[04:56.36] <Jerusha> Cadfael?
[04:56.52] <Evie> KK, Duncan has discovered ice cream.  ++,,
[04:56.59] <Derynifank> Hate auto correct, keeps screwing up my words. "Cadfael"
[04:57.39] <Shiral> I thought Derek Jacobi was great at Cadfael, but the series was...a little disappointing
[04:57.42] <KK> Where on earth did you find such small cones?
[04:57.45] <Jerusha> Cadfael started me on my medieval history journey
[04:57.51] <Evie> They were earrings from Claires
[04:58.00] <Shiral> great AS Cadfael, that is
[04:58.05] <KK> Cool.
[04:58.16] <Evie> Claires had a Buy 3 items and get 3 free sale.  I also got little chairs (cell phone chairs) for the Littles.
[04:58.33] <Derynifank> Cool
[04:58.47] <Evie> ++,,
[04:58.59] <Jemler> gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'butt dial'! :)
[04:59.12] <The_Bee> I didn't care for the actor who played Hugh.
[04:59.12] <Evie> (Not for use in that apartment, since there's no room. I use them on my office desk when they visit my workplace.)
[04:59.18] <Derynifank> Love the chairs
[04:59.24] <Jerusha> Tee hee
[04:59.26] <Dennis> Derek Jacobi is great as everyone, Shiral.
[04:59.26] * judyward ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:59.38] <The_Bee> Hi Judy
[04:59.41] <Eyikl> HubJudyward
[04:59.44] <Derynifank> Hi Judy
[04:59.54] <judyward> Hi, finally found it!
[05:00.01] <KK> They can actually sit in them? They look pretty small.
[05:00.03] <judyward> Hi!
[05:00.03] <Jerusha> Hi Judyward
[05:00.06] <Evie> Mini-DD at work:  ++,,
[05:00.08] <Shiral> Hi Judyward
[05:00.15] <Shiral> Dennis, agreed!
[05:00.22] <Jemler> hi judy
[05:00.52] <Evie> They are a little on the small side, but they work. They fit Barbies better than action figures  ++,,
[05:00.58] <Jemler> something tells me that's not rothana!
[05:01.04] <revanne> Hi Judy
[05:01.15] <Jerusha> Did you ever see him in  Vicious?
[05:01.30] <judyward> Hi, Revanne
[05:02.06] <revanne> I love the beige (or is it pink?) dress, Evie
[05:02.33] <Derynifank> Can'the see Rothana in jeans
[05:02.53] <Evie> ++,,
[05:03.28] <Evie> I have a Rothana doll, but she originally came wearing a sari
[05:03.50] <KK> Who's the chick with the purple hair?
[05:03.56] <Evie> That's mini-DD
[05:04.21] <revanne> When my DS went to India he brought me some sari material back but I never worked out how to wear it properly.
[05:04.26] <Evie> DD's hair was that same color when she bought me that doll for my birthday. She picked it because it had the same color hair as herself.
[05:04.36] <judyward> Evie, a shower set up?
[05:05.13] <Evie> I have a claw-foot tub in my dollhouse. No room for a separate shower, though I might figure out a way to make one for the tub.
[05:05.47] <judyward> You could pretend it's at the beach & have an ourside shower.
[05:05.56] <judyward> Outside, that is.
[05:06.04] <Evie> True
[05:06.14] <Evie> I made mini toilet paper this week. THat was fun
[05:06.29] <Derynifank> Just need a good shower spell
[05:06.35] <Jerusha> Alas, I must go.  People seem to want a strange notion called dinner....
[05:06.51] <revanne> How unreasonable of them.
[05:06.56] <Evie> ++,,  How the chair works with action figures
[05:07.03] <judyward> Who was it that couldn't get the tiny thunderstorm/shower spell right?
[05:07.03] <Jerusha> Nighters everyone
[05:07.03] <The_Bee> bye ,jerusha. glad you came
[05:07.04] <Shiral> Bye, Jerusha
[05:07.06] <Evie> Eating. So overrated.  :-D
[05:07.16] <revanne> Night Jerusha.
[05:07.18] * Jerusha (Jerusha@4CA975.E72DF0.7A9F2D.EC94AE) Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:07.24] <judyward> I just put a meatloaf in the oven. Have a nice dinner!
[05:07.45] <Jemler> judy that was Thorne Hagen.
[05:08.06] <Evie> ++,, Mini TP. No, not Transfer Portal!  I still need to make the holder for it.
[05:08.08] <judyward> Oh, right! Could NOT think of his name. Haven't got to him yet in the re-read.
[05:08.17] <revanne> I am envisaging a glowing bat flying round your oven Judy
[05:08.40] <judyward> Nice job, Evie!
[05:08.46] <Eyikl> like the book. Where did you get it?
[05:08.55] <Evie> It has the little cardboard roll in the center too
[05:09.04] <Derynifank> Love the tiny to
[05:09.12] <KK> This assumes, of course, that the Deryni <need> toilet paper.
[05:09.15] <Derynifank> To
[05:09.38] <judyward> What did they use in the castle middens?
[05:09.39] <Evie> The book is a printable from the My Froggy Stuff doll collectors' website.  I want to make some little Deryni series books for the bookshelf too, if I may?
[05:09.39] <Derynifank> Can'the use the power
[05:10.08] <Jemler> aw c'mon! a little magical bidet?
[05:10.25] <Eyikl> Would they be reading them as history, or to break the fourth wall?
[05:10.28] <Evie> I imagine Deryni have GI tracts like everyone else. Otherwise it would be easy to tell them from regular humans. Just notice who never seems to need to use the garderobe!
[05:10.47] <judyward> I guess Deryni could magic themselves clean, but what did the others do?
[05:11.10] <Shiral> Umm.....are we really talking about this?
[05:11.12] <Evie> Just because one can do something doesn't mean it's the most energy efficient thing to do
[05:11.30] <KK> LOPL, Shiral.
[05:11.34] <judyward> I would definitely use the energy.
[05:11.34] <KK> LOL
[05:11.34] <Evie> why waste magical energy that way if you have old rags or a sponge handy?
[05:11.43] <Derynifank> Brb. Have to start some supper
[05:12.20] <revanne> I'm going to say goodnight too. Not because of the subject matter but it's pat my bedtime and I have a busy day tomorrow.
[05:12.20] <revanne> Night all
[05:12.25] <revanne> past even.
[05:12.27] <Jemler> nite revanne
[05:12.27] <Evie> Or, if you're a Renaissance king, a Gentleman of the Stool, although I suspect Kelson managed without the aid of a squire, thank you!
[05:12.41] <judyward> Bye, Revanne. Sleep well!
[05:12.42] <Eyikl> Goodnight revanne
[05:12.44] <The_Bee> nighters, Revanne
[05:12.50] <Evie> (That is literally where that job title came from, though!)
[05:13.01] <Evie> Goodnight, Revanne!
[05:13.03] <Jemler> in Game of Thrones, they have the King's Hand.
[05:13.21] * revanne ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:13.23] <judyward> Ewwww! Bad job to have!
[05:14.02] <Jemler> at least wear gloves.
[05:14.08] <Eyikl> Though perhaps you could comisirate with the gong farmer
[05:14.15] <Shiral> Oops, missed Revanne
[05:14.20] <Evie> It was actually a coveted position, believe it or not, because it meant you had very close personal access to the King and could therefore use that private time to try to influence him and bring up petitions to help your friends' causes
[05:14.27] <Jemler> how do you farm a gong?
[05:14.34] <Evie> It was like having the king as a captive audience for a few minutes in private.  :-D
[05:14.53] <TerryLoyOBrien> Especially when he's really defenseless
[05:15.20] <judyward> Nope, not worth it. No one would ever shake hands with you.
[05:15.26] <Eyikl> it was the person who cleared out the tunnel under the garderobe.
[05:15.34] <Evie> I suspect hands would be easier to wash afterwards than fabric gloves. They didn't exactly have latex gloves back then.  :-D
[05:15.41] <Jemler> just wave.
[05:16.14] <Jemler> brb. dinner.
[05:16.25] <Evie> This is lovely pre-dinner conversation.  :-D
[05:16.27] <judyward> LOL!
[05:16.33] <judyward> Wave that is
[05:17.03] <The_Bee> Evie, where on earth did you get that information?
[05:17.05] <judyward> I've cleaned dirty puppy boxes before dinner. I can take it.
[05:17.14] <Evie> "While I'm wiping your bum, Sire, have you considered lowering that tax?  Oh good, we're done! Time for the feast!"
[05:17.48] <Evie> Various sources on the origin of that role in the royal household.
[05:17.58] <Shiral> I've scooped cat boxes before breakfast. I can take it, but.....
[05:18.01] <judyward> Whereas our moms stop wiping at some point, I guess the king's wiping just kept on.
[05:18.11] <KK> Yep, judyward.  Cat boxes here.
[05:18.31] <judyward> Now we only have 1 cat, it's easier.
[05:18.36] <Dennis> Actually, that'd be a pretty interesting explanation for why Deryni are less susceptible to certain plagues. Don't have to go to the bathroom, so no contamination of the water supply. :)
[05:18.41] <The_Bee> and here.  I clean it just before bed.
[05:18.50] <Derynifank> Bye revanne
[05:19.00] <Shiral> Dmitri has arrived. I think he's trying to tell me it's time for Kitty Supper
[05:19.23] <judyward> How are you, KK?
[05:19.36] <Dennis> At my mother-in-law's, so I cannot divine the Miss's contribution tonight.
[05:19.39] <Shiral> Other than rides in the Jag, how is life treating you?
[05:20.12] <Evie> Wouldn't it be pretty evident who is Deryni and who isn't, though, in a world with very little privacy? Eventually someone would have noticed that Denis Arilan never needed to make pitstops.  LOL!
[05:20.30] <judyward> They'd have to make pretend ones.
[05:20.41] <Evie> Unless he faked it. "Um, so Duncan, what brings you to the garderobe?"  "Same thing as you, Denis. Faking it again."
[05:21.03] <Dennis> Yeah, I can't imagine anyone's going to stalk the privies after a Bishop goes in to make sure they actually passed water.
[05:21.26] <KK> It's all ok.  Nothing earth-shaking to report.
[05:21.29] <Evie> And what happens if you're half Deryni?  Do you only go halfway?  Or have half a GI tract?  I'd think there'd be a higher mortality rate!  :-D
[05:21.57] <The_Bee> any opportunities for writing, KK?
[05:22.03] <judyward> I thought it was decided you're either Deryni or you're not?
[05:22.20] <Evie> Bee, not that Wikipidia is a great resource, but check the section re: Henry VIII and his Groom of the Stool:  ++,,
[05:22.20] <KK> Alas, no, Bee.
[05:22.31] <Evie> But more reputable resources also back this up
[05:22.47] <Dennis> I'd say it has to do with actualizing magical potential. Once you can do Deryni magic, you don't need to use the bathroom. If you're weak, like Lionel of Arjenol, you go like twice a week.
[05:22.48] <Evie> Yeah, true, judyward
[05:23.07] <The_Bee> Thanks, Evie.  I'll check it out later.
[05:23.34] <Eyikl> I think Evie's talking about the different amounts of power different characters have.
[05:23.37] <Dennis> I'd also say I have spent way too many brain cells on this and will now sit in the corner and pretend to feel shame.
[05:23.39] <Evie> That would be a good argument for *not* putting parental controls on Deryni children's powers!
[05:23.53] <Evie> LOL, Dennis!
[05:24.33] <The_Bee> People were probably more open about body waste because everyone does it.
[05:25.09] <Evie> And even among the nobility, privacy was less accessible to the average person than it is now.
[05:25.14] <judyward> Gas, too. I think we are the most uptight people about gas.
[05:25.46] <Evie> You might share your bedchamber with your body servants, for instance, although they would sleep on pallets and you would get the bed, and could curtain it off for greater privacy and warmth at night.
[05:26.20] <KK> Er, everyone still does it, Bee.  But in a court where there was almost no privacy, it wouldn't have been as big a deal as it has become in modern times.
[05:26.37] <Evie> Or at best, they might be in an adjoining nook or chamber, always within easy access
[05:27.35] <judyward> I wonder when chamber pots were introduced?
[05:27.57] <Evie> Fairly early on
[05:28.15] <Evie> Close stools are basically a chair with a chamber pot under the seat
[05:28.24] <KK> The first time someone had to pee during the night and didn't want to smell up the cave, I suspect.
[05:29.00] <Dennis> AFK
[05:29.09] <judyward> When I was really little, my grandmother's house had an outhouse & she still had chamber pots under the beds.
[05:29.10] <Evie> Even as recently as my grandparents' time, some folks still had chamber pots for late night toilet needs
[05:29.10] <The_Bee> they would have gone outside, i think
[05:29.37] <KK> Not if it was blizzarding, Bee.
[05:30.26] <judyward> Oh, talk about freezing your butt off!
[05:30.33] <Derynifank> Hospitals still use them for those who can'take make it to the br even with help
[05:30.34] * Dennis ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:30.38] <The_Bee> We used to use an outhouse at our summer cottage.
[05:30.53] <judyward> I hope we didn't run Dennis off.
[05:31.04] <KK> I stayed with someone in the UK in 1983, and they still had an outside toilet.  No chamber pot, that I recall--but that was April so the need would not have been as urgent.
[05:31.36] <Derynifank> How did we get stuck on this topic ?
[05:31.48] <Evie> Mini toilet paper. LOL!
[05:31.54] <KK> It's all the fault of Evie's tiny TP.
[05:32.05] <Shiral> You really never DO know where a conversation will go!
[05:32.14] <Evie> Well, let's hope the modern mini-Deryni keep some on hand, if only for guests' convenience!
[05:32.19] <Derynifank> So true
[05:32.50] <judyward> Hope so!
[05:33.11] <judyward> It's 101 here at 5:30 CDT.
[05:33.25] <KK> I do know that Teddy Bears only poop tiny styrofoam pellets, no matter how much pretend tea and crumpets they eat.
[05:33.37] <KK> 101!
[05:33.42] <KK> Gak!
[05:33.43] <judyward> Specialized poop packets.
[05:33.53] <Shiral> I have to admit, I never really thought about this aspect of being Deryni. Since Deryni are identical to humans in almost every respect, I assumed they also had to eliminate. But even if it's realistic, you don't really want to write a novel with everyone trotting off to the garderobe
[05:33.54] <Derynifank> 😠
[05:33.56] <judyward> Well, it is Texas.
[05:34.15] <Evie> It's to go in here: ++,,
[05:34.25] <Eyikl> Yic! It only got up to 90s here, EST.
[05:34.27] <KK> I did write about it a coule of times, just for verisimilitude.
[05:34.33] <KK> couple.
[05:34.36] <judyward> Alaric made his friend do it as a kid in training.
[05:34.44] <TerryLoyOBrien> VIta-Bear teddy bear supplements
[05:34.52] <The_Bee> I read somewhere that koalas poop baby food.
[05:34.56] <Shiral> And usually, it also involved needing to find a transfer portal. =o)
[05:35.01] <KK> Ooooh, a tiny vessel sink!
[05:35.09] <Evie> Yes, isn't there a mention of Javan hoping the garderobe isn't in use when he's needing to use the Portal there?
[05:35.33] <judyward> I remember that, I think.
[05:35.44] <Shiral> It involves a need to "go" in either case
[05:36.05] <KK> And Meraude ducks into the garderobe beside the library portal.  And Rhys Michael has to pee blindfolded when he's been kidnapped by the bad guys.
[05:36.14] <The_Bee> Meraude was using the garderobe when she told Jehanna she was pregnant agai.
[05:36.15] <judyward> If you were being held prisoner in your own castle, you could go one by one to the garderobe & poof out.
[05:36.15] <Shiral> YES
[05:36.23] <Evie> And also Meraude uses the garderobe in the passage to the secret annex for its intended use, which is a very realistic scene since she was pregnant at the time, and you ALWAYS need a toilet when you're preggers.  :-D
[05:36.37] <Shiral> oops, the cat hit the caps lock key
[05:37.33] <Evie> KK, the link is a paper clip holder. The faucet is magnetic and can hold the clips in a little 'stream"
[05:37.33] <Evie> KK, the link is a paper clip holder. The faucet is magnetic and can hold the clips in a little 'stream"
[05:37.33] <Shiral> And sorry all I have to bail. I'm going to the movies with Mom this afternoon.
[05:37.47] <judyward> Have a good time, Shiral.
[05:37.50] <KK> Apparently one of the maxims for the BRF is to never pass up an opportunity to use the facilities, because you never know when the next opportunity might present itself.  On the other hand, it's said that Prince Charles travels with his own, provate poilet seat.
[05:37.54] <Evie> Bye, Shiral
[05:37.57] <Eyikl> Enjoy Shiral
[05:38.03] * Shiral waves farewell, steps onto her portal and disappears in a flash of blue steam
[05:38.04] <KK> private toilet seat
[05:38.09] <The_Bee> bye shiral
[05:38.11] <Shiral> BYE!
[05:38.15] * Shiral ( Quit (Quit: )
[05:38.23] <Evie> BRF?
[05:38.32] <KK> British Royal Family, sorry.
[05:38.53] <judyward> The royal bum can't chance touching common peoples' facilities.
[05:39.02] <Evie> (KK, that cute sink is actually a paper clip holder, and the faucet is magnetic, so the clips can dangle from it.)
[05:40.02] <Evie> He's probably a germophobe who gets squicked out at the thought of sitting where someone with a contagious GI virus might have been minutes earlier.
[05:40.29] <Evie> Can't say I blame him, though there are other ways to deal with the issue than having your own portable potty seat!
[05:40.30] <judyward> Wonder if William & Harry are as picky?
[05:41.03] <KK> I doubt it.  They were both in the army.  Of course, Charles was in the Navy, but that was quite a while ago.
[05:41.34] <judyward> Yes, he's forgotten how it was, probably. Or maybe he had his own PTS then, too.
[05:41.39] <Evie> I can't see Harry lugging a porta-potty through Afghanistan. LOL!
[05:42.45] <judyward> Can't you just see a parade with a Portapotty following the royal car?
[05:42.59] <KK> Or dragging it around Africa.
[05:42.59] <Evie> LOL
[05:44.10] <judyward> MIss Tsin'tia II says I'm 45 min late with her dinner. BRB.
[05:44.11] <Jemler> you guys notice that it's YOU making bad jokes tonight?
[05:44.29] <Evie> You can fling mackerel at us for a change!
[05:44.57] <Jemler> can i borrow your catapult?
[05:44.58] <KK> BTW, did anyone see the news article about darting the extra elephants and transporting them--as in, picking them up by the legs to hoist them into trailers--so that they can be released in areas that are short of elephants?  This is part of the strategy against poachers.  Prince Harry is over there right now, or was, helping with helicopters and even working with the elephants.d
[05:45.30] <Jemler> just shoot the poachers.
[05:46.02] <Eyikl> The poachers could be anyone.
[05:46.12] <KK> They do some of that, too.  And sometimes the poachers shoot at the conservationists.
[05:46.26] <Eyikl> But people still try to shoot them.
[05:46.44] <KK> Poachers are scum.
[05:48.11] <The_Bee> Animals are running out of habitat. nNo place to escape poachers
[05:49.01] <judyward> They still shouldn't be poaching.
[05:49.37] <judyward> Her Royal Hineyness, Princess Tsin'tia II has her dinner, all is well with the world.
[05:49.38] <The_Bee> "Support the right to arm bears."
[05:49.39] <Eyikl> And poarches sometimes live right next door, so don't quite think of the animals how we do.
[05:49.40] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[05:51.00] <KK> They're in it for the money.  It isn't as if they even eat what they shoot.  They're finding tiger cubs with their paws cut off--horrible things.  And albino humans with body parts cut off.
[05:51.23] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[05:51.26] <Evie> Ack! :-(
[05:51.32] <Eyikl> Are tiger paws liik
[05:51.35] <judyward> Ick. People can be so horrible.
[05:51.36] <The_Bee> wb, dfk
[05:51.36] <Evie> wb, Derynifank
[05:52.07] <Eyikl> e rabbit feet, or is it for the claws? That is terrible, either way
[05:52.23] <Derynifank> Actually didn'the know I left  had to run to the kitchen for a minute
[05:52.42] <KK> Some of it is trophy-hunting, a lot is for native "medicine," like tiger parts and albino parts and rhino horns and the like.
[05:52.55] <judyward> My meatloaf is almost done. I'm going to have to go soon.
[05:53.26] <The_Bee> In the American west, people would shoot buffalo, take the tongues, and leave the rest of thecorpe to rot.
[05:53.49] <Derynifank> Shame we can'talk poach the poachers. The people that buy the products are just as guilty if not more
[05:53.50] <Eyikl> ick. Medicine shouldn't need human parts.
[05:54.16] <judyward> If only we could convince people of that.
[05:54.24] <The_Bee> Rhino horns are supposed to be aphrodisiacs.
[05:54.26] <KK> That's why I put "medicine" in quotes. 
[05:54.50] <Eyikl> People would also shoot buffalos from trains to see how many they could hit
[05:55.01] <Derynifank> Most of these so called medicines  are not to  cure disease at all
[05:55.18] <KK> Yes, Bee, whereas the native Americans would use every part of the buffalo.
[05:55.44] <KK> Eye of newt and etc.
[05:56.17] <judyward> Native Americans were very efficient; they had to be.
[05:56.24] <TerryLoyOBrien> Speaking of dinner, I'm off to get my own. Good night all.
[05:56.26] <KK> As a species, we can be pretty rotten.
[05:56.36] <The_Bee> bye, Terry
[05:56.38] <KK> Nighters, Terry.
[05:56.43] <Evie> Goodnight
[05:56.51] <TerryLoyOBrien> We're not a tame species
[05:56.52] <judyward> Goodnight, Terry
[05:56.52] <Eyikl> Goodnight Terry
[05:57.07] <The_Bee> and there are too many of us.
[05:57.15] <judyward> Nor civilized, in some aspects.
[05:57.21] * TerryLoyOBrien (~dragonmage@4CA975.D94A1D.8B7712.52AB28) Quit (Quit: )
[05:58.06] <judyward> I have the Decorah, IA eagle nest on my other screen & the juvie eagles are screeing for parents to bring food.
[05:59.03] <Eyikl> No one is starving or dying, I hope.
[05:59.32] <judyward> Parents are trying to make them learn to hunt, but they aren't taking to it yet.
[05:59.37] <The_Bee> some people are, Eyiki.
[06:00.20] <judyward> Lots of people are starving, but the baby eagles are just being lazy.
[06:00.32] <Evie> Speaking of large birds reminds me, on the Rhine river cruise, we visited Strasbourg and Colmar and saw stork nests along our bus route and also special nest platforms for them up on the cathedrals and church roofs
[06:00.46] <Eyikl> Well I meant the eagles Bee, but yes, we do not have a planet full of immortals or complete food distribution.
[06:01.35] <Evie> IIRC, the storks are supposed to be a good luck omen there, and so there are lots of conservation efforts in place to keep the local stork population thriving.
[06:01.45] <Eyikl> cool! Nest platforms sounds a lot better than bird spikes.
[06:02.30] <Evie> In the old days they used to use old wagon wheels to provide nesting places, since storks are not tiny birds.
[06:02.46] <Evie> Platforms to build the nest on, that is.
[06:03.30] <The_Bee> Well, storks would have to be big to deliver babies.
[06:03.55] <judyward> They would! A 10 pounder would still have to be delivered! <G>
[06:05.14] <Evie> Here's an example of a stork's nest on Colmar's cathedral:  ++,,
[06:05.41] <judyward> They are large!
[06:06.06] <Derynifank> Cool!
[06:06.17] <Evie> There was a crow or some other large, black bird harassing the storks, so there was a territory battle going on when I took that and the others in that set.
[06:07.27] <Evie> In this one, you can see them more clearly if you zoom in.  ++,,
[06:07.32] <KK> I wondered what the smaller, black bird was.
[06:08.17] * BalanceTheEnergies ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:08.19] <Evie> Not sure if it was a crow, raven, or some other similar species, but it was wheeling around and trying to attack the nest, and the adult storks were trying to chase it off
[06:08.26] <The_Bee> crow, raven, corby...
[06:08.27] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello
[06:08.35] <Eyikl> H BTE
[06:08.39] <The_Bee> hi BTE
[06:08.45] <judyward> ++,,  to the Eagle nest in Decorah
[06:08.52] <Evie> My guess is that the crow thought baby stork looked like tasty noms
[06:09.14] <judyward> I bet you're right about that, Evie.
[06:09.16] <Derynifank> Going to have to go now Hope everyone has a good week
[06:09.24] <judyward> You, too!
[06:09.31] <Evie> Goodnight!
[06:09.41] <The_Bee> bye DFK
[06:09.46] <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night df
[06:10.00] <Derynifank> Goodnight all
[06:10.06] <Eyikl> Goodnight DerynifanK
[06:10.07] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[06:10.48] <BalanceTheEnergies> Sorry I'm late. Wimsey had his first kibble all
[06:11.30] <BalanceTheEnergies> week and I waned to be sure it stayed down
[06:11.35] <Evie> How did he like kibble?
[06:11.48] <The_Bee> Has he been sick?
[06:11.50] <Eyikl> Nice! Did he like it?
[06:11.56] <Evie> Ah. OK. I thought at first you meant he was used to wet food but was just trying kibble
[06:11.57] <judyward> What kind do you give him?
[06:12.41] <BalanceTheEnergies> He does like his kibble, but he's recovering from tooth extraction and minor surgery.
[06:12.49] <Evie> Ah. Poor baby!
[06:13.16] <BalanceTheEnergies> it's k/d prescription kibble for his kidneys
[06:13.20] <judyward> Oh, hope he is better soon.
[06:13.22] * The_Bee sends healing woodgies for Wimsey.
[06:13.37] <judyward> Oh, bad kidneys, too! Poor baby!
[06:13.41] <Evie> Ah.  Luke was on a prescription kibble for a while
[06:14.14] * Eyikl sends positive energy as well
[06:14.16] <BalanceTheEnergies> Me too. He's now sleeping on me and I'm typing one-handed
[06:14.16] <Evie> He still is on one that is specially formulated for urinary tract health, but at least it's not the super-expensive prescription sort anymore.  But he was on that kind for at least a year, I think.
[06:14.44] <judyward> Ouch! You gotta do what you gotta do!
[06:15.34] <BalanceTheEnergies> I had to take him back for an extra visit and more pain meds. My tab at the vet's is now about $600
[06:15.48] <Eyikl> Cat servants, aren't we?
[06:15.49] <judyward> It can run up there pretty fast.
[06:16.06] <Evie> Ow
[06:16.13] <KK> My guys, canine or feline, have never liked any of the prescription kibbles.  Baby food in jars was good for Penelope when she was recovering from all her oral surgery and teeth cleaning a few months back.  She's like a new cat now, and eats like a little stoat!
[06:16.28] <The_Bee> Melantha's surgery cost $1000.
[06:16.38] <Evie> Yeah, my son's cat had a vet bill about that high or just slightly higher last Christmas, thanks to a UTI he got just before Christmas Eve
[06:16.47] <judyward> When I has Caesar in last year for neuter & teeth cleaning, they found 3 mast cell tumors they had to remove. Added up fast!!
[06:16.51] <Evie> and kidney stones, I think
[06:17.54] <KK> Do they have are Drecit where you live?  YOu can put vet bills over $300 on the card, and have a year to pay it back without interest.  Our vet put us onto it.
[06:17.56] <judyward> Our vet let me divide it in half to pay, called it "unexpected costly procedures."
[06:18.18] <KK> Care Credit.  Don't know what happened to that C.
[06:18.20] <judyward> Drecit?
[06:18.22] <BalanceTheEnergies> I tried the baby food and he refused it. Fancy Feast in gravy worked, but today he wanted his kibble. Am also awaiting biopsy of the growth they on off his ear.
[06:18.31] <Evie> We have Care Credit here
[06:18.56] <judyward> We don't use credit, but might not be a bad idea for emergencies.
[06:18.59] <KK> I found out you can also use it for human dental and the like.  Useful.
[06:19.18] <judyward> That would be handy!
[06:19.28] <Evie> That's how DS was able to afford his vet bill, given he's living off student financial aid and what few hours he is able to work at his job around his school schedule
[06:19.42] <BalanceTheEnergies> I don't qualify for Care Credit (I don't make enough), but the vet is willing to take installments.
[06:20.13] <Evie> We don't use credit either, for the most part, but in case of a pet emergency, it helps to have something to fall back on that lets you pay the bill off in installments
[06:21.32] <judyward> Yes, my vet will too, for emergencies because we've gone there so long, since the early 90s.
[06:22.29] <KK> It helps to have a regular vet.
[06:22.46] <BalanceTheEnergies> I also told my bosses I'd take all the OT i can get. Am working tomorrow 7a to 10p.
[06:22.49] <judyward> Yes, quite helpful.
[06:23.18] <Evie> That helps
[06:23.24] <judyward> That IS a long day. I work 7:30 to 6:30 M, F & Sa.
[06:23.59] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, I have to get this paid down before my rent goes up Jan 1
[06:24.05] <KK> That's a very long day.
[06:24.11] <Evie> Ow
[06:24.43] <judyward> Friends at work who rent pay more per mo than our house payment.
[06:24.52] <KK> (The eagles have left the building.)
[06:24.55] <BalanceTheEnergies> Regular shift plus pre-selling parking for the local I-Day concert
[06:25.15] <judyward> Yes, they did! Tired of waiting, I guess.
[06:25.21] <Evie> Yeah, here you can pay less per month for a house than for an apartment also
[06:25.30] <Evie> Depends on the house, obviously
[06:25.51] <Evie> But a decent house, not a shack
[06:25.54] <Eyikl> And the apartment
[06:25.59] <judyward> Yes, ours is not terribly large, 1920 cf, I think.
[06:26.16] <judyward> or is that sf?
[06:26.20] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, but I cannot do the maintenance for a house even if i made enough (which I don't)
[06:26.46] <judyward> We are having to hire things done since Lou is 81 & I'm 66.
[06:27.32] <The_Bee> I'm lucky to qualify for subsidized housing.  My rent is 1/3 my monthly income.
[06:27.41] <judyward> Lou used to be able to do almost everything around the house. Now he vacuums & mows (riding mower, he cheats!)
[06:27.45] <BalanceTheEnergies> I have trouble cleaning a flat, never mind mowing and raking and shoveling snow
[06:28.01] <judyward> That's really good, Bee!
[06:28.35] <judyward> No snow shoveling here, thank goodness.
[06:28.37] <The_Bee> It went up from $335 to $421
[06:29.17] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes Bee. I get a small discount but still pay more than half my net pay in rent and power.
[06:29.36] <BalanceTheEnergies> Currently $870
[06:29.47] <judyward> Hard to do some months.  Our house payment is now about half our monthly income since Lou isn't working anymore & we get Soc Sec. I work part time.
[06:30.13] <KK> Re maintenance--funny how, at some point, one's body just doesn't want to do what it always used to do fairly easily.  Age.  It isn't for wimps!
[06:30.38] <judyward> No, I take that back; it's about a third of our monthly as long as I keep working.
[06:31.19] <judyward> No, it's not. But I remember my grandparents working a garden well into their 70s.
[06:31.22] <BalanceTheEnergies> I got mine from working. Chronic tendinitis since spring '99
[06:31.33] <KK> My supplemental insurance now covers membrship at Curves so I've been going twice a week and doing the machines.  I hate it, but I know it's good for me.  And i'm beginning to feel a slight improvement in flexibiity.
[06:31.57] <Evie> Oh, that's cool that it covers that!
[06:32.36] <judyward> I go with my BF once a week to Pilates class at the Senior Center.
[06:33.27] <Evie> My granddad had a garden until just a few months before his death at 94. He could also still bend and touch his toes.
[06:33.44] <judyward> Guess I better go & feed the hubby.  Meatloaf is done. Everyone have great week!
[06:33.45] <Evie> we had to talk him out of climbing pecan trees when he turned 80
[06:34.10] <The_Bee> Good for Grandpa!
[06:34.13] <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night judyward
[06:34.18] <Eyikl> Goodnight judyward
[06:34.22] <judyward> Oh, lordy! That could go so terribly wrong! Lou fell on his small ladder changing the air filter & broke his knee cap.
[06:34.24] <The_Bee> bye judyward
[06:34.28] <judyward> Good night all!
[06:34.28] <KK> Having an exercise buddy is good.  I dont have one per se, but now that I've been going for a while, I'm getting to know some of the other ladies who come in around the same time I do, and we chat a bit.
[06:34.55] * judyward ( Quit (Quit: ++,, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[06:35.30] <Eyikl> Wow, that's pretty flexible.
[06:36.20] <KK> I think it's about time for me to also check out.  I won't be here next week--at Michaeline retreat--and may not be here the following week.  Scott's brother & sister-in-law are conming to Atlanta that week after the retreat, and we're to meet them for a few days.  Not sure how that timing is going to work out.  But have a grand 4th, all of you!
[06:36.35] <Evie> Happy 4th to you, too!
[06:36.52] <The_Bee> And Happy Fourth to you, KK
[06:36.52] <BalanceTheEnergies> I go for walks and carry my groceries home (in multiple trips). I have to find a happy medium to prevent the inflammation from getting too bad.
[06:37.05] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:37.10] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes,
[06:37.11] <Evie> Goodnight, KK!
[06:37.18] <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night
[06:37.27] <KK> Nighters, all!
[06:37.32] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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