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KK Chat -- 11 June 2017 Part 1
« on: June 11, 2017, 07:34:05 pm »
Jun 11 19:06:38 *   KK has joined
Jun 11 19:06:43 <Jemler>   hi kk
Jun 11 19:06:45 <The_Bee>   hi KK
Jun 11 19:06:45 <judyward>   Hi, KK
Jun 11 19:06:46 <Alkari>   I had bronchitis and couldn't do the climbing for Marksburg - it is apparently a lot of stpes.
Jun 11 19:06:47 <Derynifank>   Hi KK
Jun 11 19:06:49 <Alkari>   Hi KK
Jun 11 19:06:53 <Annie>   Hi KK
Jun 11 19:06:55 <Laurna>   Hello KK
Jun 11 19:06:58 <Evie>   I would put a Portal in all of the places, but especially Cologne and Strasbourg
Jun 11 19:07:07 <DesertRose>   Hi KK
Jun 11 19:07:10 <KK>   Hello, all.  And Evie the World Traveler is back from her adventure.  How was it?
Jun 11 19:07:40 <Jemler>   it's a good thing she left a trail of breadcrumbs.
Jun 11 19:07:42 <DesertRose>   Evie did as she was told and took lots of picture.
Jun 11 19:07:45 <DesertRose>   *pictures
Jun 11 19:07:48 <judyward>   Which reminds me, how do you "step on a portal and vanish is a_____?
Jun 11 19:08:05 <Evie>   Going up to Marksburg is the most challenging bit, but you can take either the steps or the winding road, which is only about 400 meters. Inside the castle there are a few stairs, but the biggest hazard is the uneven terrain. I didn't find it difficult, but people with balance or mobility issues would.
Jun 11 19:08:22 <Evie>   I only took about 2 or 3 ...thousand.  :-D
Jun 11 19:08:23 <Jemler>   then i'm screwed.
Jun 11 19:08:31 <DesertRose>   judyward, I don't understand your question.
Jun 11 19:08:32 <Alkari>   Yes, I had an uncertain hip and was getting over breathing issues, so decided not ti risk it
Jun 11 19:08:37 <Alkari>   Sorry I didn
Jun 11 19:09:28 <The_Bee>   Judy, did you mean to say "vanish IN'?
Jun 11 19:09:32 <Evie>   Yes, unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access to Marksburg. But the program director had an alternate tour lined up at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress for people who couldn't manage Marksburg, and it was appropriately marked as a Difficult walking tour
Jun 11 19:09:36 <Alkari>   And Budapest is fascinating.  They are starting to find lots of old Roman runins under the city, but alas as yet don't have the money to really excavate them properly
Jun 11 19:09:42 <judyward>   As they exit, some people are said to be "stepped on a portal & vanished in a (whatever description."
Jun 11 19:09:43 *   Shiral ( has joined
Jun 11 19:09:48 <DesertRose>   Hi Shiral
Jun 11 19:09:55 <The_Bee>   hi shiral
Jun 11 19:09:55 <DesertRose>   Oh, I see.
Jun 11 19:09:56 <Jemler>   hi shiral
Jun 11 19:09:56 <Laurna>   Yeh for digital,  When I was in europe it was film and that was a lot of trouble
Jun 11 19:09:58 *   Shiral enters chat with a champagne cork pop
Jun 11 19:10:02 <Shiral>   Hello everyone
Jun 11 19:10:03 <Alkari>   Hi SHiral
Jun 11 19:10:07 <Laurna>   Hello Shiral
Jun 11 19:10:12 <Annie>   Hi Shiral
Jun 11 19:10:12 <Jemler>   drinking already?
Jun 11 19:10:21 <Shiral>   Welcome back to this side of the pond, Evie
Jun 11 19:10:26 <judyward>   Hi
Jun 11 19:10:29 *   Jemler puts out spiced mead.
Jun 11 19:10:37 <Derynifank>   Hi Shiral
Jun 11 19:10:44 <Alkari>   And you made it out of the airport!!
Jun 11 19:10:56 <Evie>   In Cologne there is a Romano-Germanic Museum right next door to the Cathedral, because when they were building a shelter there during WWII, they discovered a mosaic floor original to the Roman colonia, so later they just built the museum over it
Jun 11 19:10:59 <DesertRose>   Probably that's a description from the perspective of someone who doesn't know how Portals work and thus doesn't realize that it requires some psychic effort to operate a Portal, because to an untrained eye, that probably IS what someone using a Portal looks like, as if they vanished into thin air.
Jun 11 19:11:02 <Shiral>   Oh please, Jemler, I started at lunch. ;o) (Just kidding. The strongest thing I've had today is a cup of coffee.
Jun 11 19:11:10 <Annie>   We were just out in Japan and China for a bit, so lots of travelling been happening.
Jun 11 19:11:15 *   The_Bee adds warm manchet bread with butter, honey and strawberry preserves.
Jun 11 19:11:31 <Evie>   I nearly died in that maze of Charles DeGaulle Airport! Next time I'll bring string or at least leave a trail of bread crumbs!
Jun 11 19:11:32 <Shiral>   Hello again then, Annie
Jun 11 19:11:46 <Alkari>   I wish I had had a whole day in COlogne to look at those Roman runins, Evie
Jun 11 19:12:01 <Alkari>   LOL EVie - try Dubai.  MUCH worse.
Jun 11 19:12:03 <Laurna>   Cool Annie
Jun 11 19:12:11 <Annie>   And I'm back out to Athens on Tuesday. :)
Jun 11 19:12:18 <Alkari>   NIce.   
Jun 11 19:12:19 <Annie>   CdG airport is a terrible place.
Jun 11 19:12:22 <Shiral>   Charles deGualle is awful. We found the rental car return area only because I happened to be looking in the right direction at just the right moment. They don't like to put anything so crass as clear directions in plain sight.
Jun 11 19:12:27 <DesertRose>   What is it with airports?  Why don't the architects who design airports make the [expletive deleted] things a little easier to navigate?
Jun 11 19:12:32 <Evie>   Yes, that was our longest stay in one location, I think. We arrived around 10:00 am and didn't leave until midnight, so lots of time to explore as we weren't required to be back on board until 11:30
Jun 11 19:12:36 <The_Bee>   I've read about a technique for navigating a maze, but I've never had a chance to test it.
Jun 11 19:13:00 <Alkari>   Dubai you have thre huge terminals, and woe betide you if you can't find the right train etc
Jun 11 19:13:06 *   Eyikl ( has joined
Jun 11 19:13:10 <DesertRose>   Hi Eyikl
Jun 11 19:13:15 <Shiral>   Hello Eyikl
Jun 11 19:13:15 <The_Bee>   hi eyiki
Jun 11 19:13:19 <Jemler>   hi eyikl
Jun 11 19:13:24 <Eyikl>   hi everybody
Jun 11 19:13:28 <Annie>   When we were there the restrooms had flooded, and the queue for McDonald's took something like an hour and a half to get through.
Jun 11 19:13:30 <Jemler>   full house tonight.
Jun 11 19:13:30 <DesertRose>   Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta can be a blooming nightmare too.
Jun 11 19:13:34 <Alkari>   People tell me that Dubai is a nice stopover - I have no desire whatsoever to see it
Jun 11 19:13:37 <Annie>   (McD's was the only think open.)
Jun 11 19:13:41 <Shiral>   Smart of the Germans to protect that mosaic with a museum, Evie
Jun 11 19:13:45 <KK>   We found Houston Airport challenging when on our way back from Mexico.  Never would have made our connection if we hadn't flagged down one of those carts, and even then, he had to drive like a demon.
Jun 11 19:14:08 <Alkari>   I had to change in Dallas-Fort Worth, and glad I made it
Jun 11 19:14:09 <Jemler>   whick one, kk? iah or hobbs?
Jun 11 19:14:11 <Evie>   Yes, that happened to us, Alkari. We were told to go to Terminal 3 for our connecting flight, and after asking directions from someone who provided a map, we managed to get there, only it turned out we'd been sent to the wrong place, so we had to backtrack to Terminal 2. 
Jun 11 19:14:27 <judyward>   Dallas & Atlanta are both bad for getting to connecting flights.
Jun 11 19:14:34 <DesertRose>   And I've heard that O'Hare in Chicago is a mess too, likewise Heathrow in London.
Jun 11 19:14:36 <Shiral>   We had something like a two hour layover in Houston coming back from Oaxaca. We had to go through customs and that took the whole two  hours. We had to trot to make our plane back to SF.
Jun 11 19:14:36 *   Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.1816C2.FBF84A) has joined
Jun 11 19:14:37 <Annie>   Beijing was hoooge, but at least it was well signposted. And we weren't changing carriers, so we didn't have to worry about terminal changes.
Jun 11 19:14:40 <Alkari>   You need to leave yourself plenty of time
Jun 11 19:14:42 <Jemler>   hi jerusha
Jun 11 19:14:43 <KK>   IAH, I think.
Jun 11 19:14:43 <Shiral>   Hi Jerusha
Jun 11 19:14:44 <Eyikl>   hi Jerusha
Jun 11 19:14:46 <The_Bee>   hi jerusha
Jun 11 19:14:51 <Jemler>   been there.
Jun 11 19:15:00 <Laurna>   Hello Jerusha
Jun 11 19:15:02 <judyward>   Hi, Jerusha
Jun 11 19:15:07 <Shiral>   Flights to Oaxaca happen about once a week. If you miss it, you're screwed!
Jun 11 19:15:11 <Jerusha>   Hi everyone
Jun 11 19:15:12 <DesertRose>   Which airport in Dallas, DFW or Love Field?
Jun 11 19:15:24 <Evie>   Then from Terminal 2, we had to make it to the right area of the terminal, but unfortunately the shuttle service was down, so we ended up walking in an underground tunnel for about a mile (no exaggeration).  Then we still had to go through Customs (after fighting through a large crowd of others also looking for the right zone for their gate)....argh!
Jun 11 19:15:27 <judyward>   DFW, Love Field is a breeze.
Jun 11 19:15:33 <Alkari>   DFW I think I remember.  I was on my way from LA to Atlanta
Jun 11 19:15:34 <KK>   Charlotte is also huge.
Jun 11 19:15:39 <Evie>   It took us 3.5 hours of a 4 hour layover just to find our gate!
Jun 11 19:15:46 <The_Bee>   One time my parents nearly missed the last ride out of Africa befoe the rainy season.
Jun 11 19:15:53 <Annie>   The killer in Beijing was security/immigration. Not for the layover, but for the time we were actually in China, it took the 37 in our group 3 hours to get through immigration.
Jun 11 19:15:58 <DesertRose>   Yeah, ever since a bunch of carriers moved their hub from Atlanta to Charlotte, Charlotte's airport got huge.
Jun 11 19:16:01 <judyward>   Now that would be STRANDED
Jun 11 19:16:06 <KK>   Wow, I'm surprised there weren't Viking people on the gorund to assist with connections.
Jun 11 19:16:16 <Jemler>   i was stopped at IAH in houston. i had a bag coins in my bag. they asked about it.
Jun 11 19:16:25 <Shiral>   But who would dare ask questions of a Viking, KK? =o)
Jun 11 19:16:25 <DesertRose>   Used to be, if you were going to the afterlife from the South, you'd have a layover in Atlanta.  ;)
Jun 11 19:16:28 <Alkari>   They usually assist at the end, I think KK
Jun 11 19:16:44 <judyward>   DR LOL!
Jun 11 19:16:47 <Evie>   Yeah, it took us 2 hours from the time we landed to the time we were able to leave Atlanta airport, partly due to Customs and partly due to one of my bags being temporarily misplaced in Baggage Claim
Jun 11 19:16:54 <Alkari>   Luckily, I went to and from Virginia by car.
Jun 11 19:17:01 <Jemler>   DR, did you ever see The Heavenly Kid?
Jun 11 19:17:12 <DesertRose>   When I was a kid, Atlanta's airport was the hub for just about every airline that served southern cities.
Jun 11 19:17:16 <Evie>   There were in the places where we took off and landed, but not on the connecting flight back through Paris
Jun 11 19:17:17 <KK>   Of course, they don't really care wiether you make your homeward connection, since it won't hold up their ship.
Jun 11 19:17:20 <DesertRose>   So it wasn't far off true.
Jun 11 19:17:33 <DesertRose>   Never even heard of it, Jemler
Jun 11 19:17:48 <Evie>   But yes, there was a Viking rep to meet us when we got to Amsterdam and another who helped us for our departure from Basel
Jun 11 19:18:07 <Alkari>   The cruise companies do a good job at the start and finish of cruises
Jun 11 19:18:19 <Jerusha>   Was it a good trip anyway Evie?
Jun 11 19:18:22 <Shiral>   I've flown through Atlanta on my way to Darkover one time. It was the worst Thanksgiving ever. I had to change terminals in Atlanta, and I had no time to get anything to eat in the airport, after a no-meal flight from the West Coast.
Jun 11 19:18:32 <DesertRose>   Ugh, Shiral
Jun 11 19:18:41 <Jemler>   a greaser in the '60s dies. he's not good enough to go Uptown, and not bad enough to go Downtown. so he's stuck in Midtown.
Jun 11 19:18:45 <Evie>   But I guess there's really no way to get 186 guests through connecting flights in airports in completely different countries from where they took off from.
Jun 11 19:18:45 <Alkari>   "no meal"flights - yuk
Jun 11 19:18:47 <DesertRose>   Airport food isn't the greatest, but it would have been FOOD at least after all that time with no food.
Jun 11 19:18:59 <Evie>   Yes, it was amazing, Jerusha
Jun 11 19:19:00 <Jemler>   i got that tomorrow!
Jun 11 19:19:07 <Shiral>   I know. Flying is a lot less fun than it used to be for a great variety of reasons.
Jun 11 19:19:15 <DesertRose>   Yes it is, Shiral
Jun 11 19:19:27 <Alkari>   And the hassle about 100ml of liquid
Jun 11 19:19:28 <Evie>   It's a good thing we had so many walking tours, or I'd be big as a barge now. The food was wonderful!
Jun 11 19:19:40 <Jemler>   i wanted to learn to fly a plane.
Jun 11 19:19:44 <Shiral>   The next morning, I was STARVING. There was no available food by the time I got to the Darkover Hotel, either.
Jun 11 19:19:47 <judyward>   That's why I'm trying Amtrak; it's cheaper & I have never done that. Don't want to drive, car is old.
Jun 11 19:19:50 <DesertRose>   I used to want to learn to pilot a small plane too.
Jun 11 19:20:07 <Alkari>   Trains = good.  You can see the countryside
Jun 11 19:20:11 <DesertRose>   And I used to want to learn to sail a smallish but ocean-going sailboat, and then I found out I get seasick, which shot that notion.
Jun 11 19:20:13 <Jemler>   it might be hard from a wheelchair.
Jun 11 19:20:15 <judyward>   Hope so.
Jun 11 19:20:24 <Shiral>   I enjoy trains, whenever I have the occasion to ride them.
Jun 11 19:20:28 <The_Bee>   My brother had a pilot's license.  I don't know if he still does.
Jun 11 19:20:37 <Evie>   We got fed even for the short hop from Basel to Paris, but a flight of a similar distance on a US airline wouldn't feed you anything but pretzels
Jun 11 19:20:48 <DesertRose>   Yeah, that would be difficult, Jemler.  My problem is my mental health history. No flying instructor is going to take me as a student now.
Jun 11 19:20:50 <Jerusha>   I remember complimentary mai ''tis going to Hawaii.  Alas, no more.
Jun 11 19:20:52 <Alkari>   The only thing I know is that I am NOT flying Economy fromAustralia!!
Jun 11 19:20:53 <Shiral>   DR, I know. I wasn't in any mood to be fussy about airport eats. But I really had to MOVE to avoid missing my connection
Jun 11 19:20:55 <KK>   Judyward, are you going to Darkover/Chessiecon this year?
Jun 11 19:21:11 <Alkari>   I'd rather not travel at all than cram myself into cattle class for 14-18 hours
Jun 11 19:21:13 <DesertRose>   Yeah, that was my point.  You were hungry enough not to be super picky.
Jun 11 19:21:18 <Jemler>   mental health? i'm doubly screwed! :)
Jun 11 19:21:21 <judyward>   No, can't make it. Where is it, anyway?
Jun 11 19:21:22 <DesertRose>   :P
Jun 11 19:21:50 <judyward>   One of these years I'll go.
Jun 11 19:21:55 <Jemler>   i go on NPO tonight. OP surgery tomorrow.
Jun 11 19:22:02 <The_Bee>   Maryland?
Jun 11 19:22:02 <DesertRose>   Baltimore, I think (for Chessiecon).
Jun 11 19:22:03 <KK>   Timonium, MD.  Sorry, I thought that's why ou were mentioning Amtrak.
Jun 11 19:22:05 <judyward>   Good luck!
Jun 11 19:22:07 <Jerusha>   Darn auto correct
Jun 11 19:22:10 <Evie>   I have no idea what I ate at the Paris airport. I just remember that either it was really good, or I was ravenous, or possibly both
Jun 11 19:22:18 <Alkari>   Surgery?
Jun 11 19:22:19 <Shiral>   I want to see the Ocean, not really sure I want to FEEL the ocean
Jun 11 19:22:39 <judyward>   Oh, you can go by Amtrak? Maybe next year.
Jun 11 19:22:41 <Shiral>   So sailing with the Vikings is right out
Jun 11 19:22:50 <Jemler>   i get it every 3 months. a stent to keep my kidney working.
Jun 11 19:23:00 <Alkari>   I want to fly to the West Coast USA, do trip up through Canada and to Alask, then cruise home
Jun 11 19:23:11 <KK>   You must have felt the ocean when you and your brothers built that splendid castle.  Excellent video, poor cstle.
Jun 11 19:23:16 <judyward>   Oh, a friend of ours has a kidney transplant.
Jun 11 19:23:18 <Shiral>   Sounds like a  nice trip, Alkari
Jun 11 19:23:23 <Evie>   You can't really feel any waves on a river cruise. It's not like an ocean cruise. So try a Viking River Cruise
Jun 11 19:23:25 <Alkari>   POssibly fly to Hawaii for a week or so, but definitely cruise from there
Jun 11 19:23:27 <The_Bee>   still no transplant in sight, Jemler?
Jun 11 19:23:31 <Jemler>   i can't get one.
Jun 11 19:23:37 <Shiral>   Thanks, KK. =o) We had a great time down at the beach!
Jun 11 19:23:52 <Evie>   You can feel a little motion, but it's even less noticeable than the motion of a car
Jun 11 19:23:58 <KK>   It looked like it was a great day for it.
Jun 11 19:24:03 <Shiral>   My brothers and I always HAVE loved building a castle then trying to hold off the rising tide as long as we could. =o)
Jun 11 19:24:16 <Alkari>   Yes.  Dig a nice deep moat and big wall!
Jun 11 19:24:35 <The_Bee>   Is that why you build stuff now, Shiral?
Jun 11 19:24:36 <Shiral>   We had some foggy mornings, but every afternoon and evening were sunny and clear and gorgeous. My sister had a really good birthday
Jun 11 19:25:04 <Shiral>   Partially, although I don't build them at the beach anymore, Bee. =o)
Jun 11 19:25:07 <Evie>   My MIL did the Alaska cruise once and loved it, Alkari. Not sure which company she went with, but they took a ship up the coast and then there was train travel for part of it
Jun 11 19:25:08 <KK>   And it looked like ou'd incorporated some big tubes as part of the structure, one of which washed away in an early onslaught by the waves.
Jun 11 19:25:14 <Shiral>    I spent today working on my Domus
Jun 11 19:25:15 <DesertRose>   Happy birthday to your sister, Shiral
Jun 11 19:25:25 <Alkari>   Yes evie - thats the sort of thing I am looking at
Jun 11 19:25:37 <Shiral>   We had buckets, which was how we did our digging of the moats, and what we used as tower molds.
Jun 11 19:25:47 <Annie>   Honestly, you don't even feel the waves on regular cruises in the big liners.
Jun 11 19:25:53 <Alkari>   And you have to pack the sand down properly!!
Jun 11 19:25:58 <Shiral>   Thanks, DR. She was starting a new decade and wanted to make an occasion of it.
Jun 11 19:26:01 <DesertRose>   :)
Jun 11 19:26:30 <Shiral>   I can tell you that my back and my calves are no longer 14 years old. =o) Sandcastle building is rather vigorous.
Jun 11 19:26:37 <Alkari>   I don't want to go on a ship that is a mini-city
Jun 11 19:26:47 *   Eyikl has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 11 19:26:47 <Annie>   For our first one, I packed the travel sickness pills and the wristbands and everything. Didn't need them, and haven't bothered with them since.
Jun 11 19:26:51 <The_Bee>   Every year there's a big sand-sculpture competition on a local beach.
Jun 11 19:26:57 <DesertRose>   I didn't make an occasion of my 40th, and as a matter of fact, my uncle had to remind my mom of it, because my stepdad was in the hospital because he'd let his gallbladder get so bad he was dancing close to blood poisoning.  :(
Jun 11 19:27:04 <Alkari>   LOL at sandcastle calves
Jun 11 19:27:13 *   Eyikl ( has joined
Jun 11 19:27:14 *   Eyikl has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 11 19:27:26 <Jemler>   MIBBIT!
Jun 11 19:27:26 <The_Bee>   wb eyiki
Jun 11 19:27:34 <Shiral>   I had to take some aspirin that night before I could sleep.
Jun 11 19:27:36 *   Eyikl ( has joined
Jun 11 19:27:37 <Jerusha>   Too crowded and too impersonal
Jun 11 19:27:38 <Alkari>   The big cruise liners also alter course to avoid storms etc when they can
Jun 11 19:27:40 <DesertRose>   Rehi Eyikl
Jun 11 19:27:44 <The_Bee>   rehi eyiki
Jun 11 19:27:49 <Shiral>   Hello again Eyikl
Jun 11 19:28:05 <Eyikl>   Hi
Jun 11 19:28:08 <Shiral>   We used a log we found on the beach as the major bridge between structures
Jun 11 19:28:08 <Alkari>   I want to do what they call a 'repositioning' cruise, when theyt move cruise ships between hemispheres because of season changes
Jun 11 19:28:13 <Evie>   I have 7 or 8 Flickr albums of the different locations we saw on our trip, but I am only about halfway through editing blurry photos out and captioning the ones I want to caption and/or comment on
Jun 11 19:28:35 <Alkari>   That is a job Evie.  You end up tossing lots.
Jun 11 19:28:46 <Shiral>   We're pawing up the turf in the meantime, Evie. But it will be worth the wait.
Jun 11 19:28:58 <DesertRose>   At least they're digital pics and not film photos.
Jun 11 19:29:02 <Jerusha>   Looking forward to the end result
Jun 11 19:29:11 <The_Bee>   Do they  still have a ceremony for people crossing the Equator for the first time?
Jun 11 19:29:15 <Laurna>   a couple I know to the QEII from LA to England on a two week repositioning cruise  they loved it.
Jun 11 19:29:26 <DesertRose>   Much less expensive to toss the screwed-up ones with digital photography than with film photography.
Jun 11 19:29:33 <Evie>   But I took 694 photos just for the day that included Marksburg Castle, of which I'd say at least half or more are of the castle, so I'll be especially sure to share that album, since Flat Duncan and Flat Alaric make an appearance in a few of those shots. :-D
Jun 11 19:29:38 <Alkari>   Yes, they don't have all the frantic activity - you just relax and cruise
Jun 11 19:29:41 <Shiral>   Building things at home at my art table is a lot easier on my lower back, and the results last longer.
Jun 11 19:29:56 <Shiral>   I would HOPE so, Evie!
Jun 11 19:29:59 <Alkari>   Yes, we need to see Duncan and Alaric on their travels
Jun 11 19:30:19 <Jerusha>   Yes!
Jun 11 19:30:26 <Laurna>   So want to see
Jun 11 19:30:38 <KK>   Yeah, I've done the QE2 and Queen Victoria, as well as smaller ships, and much prefer the smaller ones.
Jun 11 19:30:44 <Evie>   I didn't take nearly as many photos of them as I hoped to, since much of the time I either needed to catch up with the guide, or if we were free exploring, there was so much I wanted to cover before we had to return to the ship
Jun 11 19:30:52 <Jemler>   evie, i can just hear the people you met asking why you are traveling with dolls?
Jun 11 19:31:08 <Alkari>   QE2 would be an ëxperience" but I think I want smaller
Jun 11 19:31:20 <KK>   The Flat Dolls are easier on discretion, easier to carry.
Jun 11 19:31:23 <The_Bee>   My dad stood watch over the Queen Mary during WWII, He was in the Coast Guard.
Jun 11 19:31:24 <Evie>   LOL!  I had a couple of people ask, and when I told them what I was doing and why, they thought it was a cool idea.
Jun 11 19:31:45 <Jemler>   alkari, how did you get an unlaut over the e?
Jun 11 19:31:55 <Alkari>   I don't know - it just happened!
Jun 11 19:32:00 <Jemler>   :)
Jun 11 19:32:08 <Alkari>   Deryni magic
Jun 11 19:32:20 <Shiral>   You wouldn't want to  have to ask anyone "Have you seen a tiny head? it fell off...."
Jun 11 19:32:21 <DesertRose>   I took a gambling cruise some years ago (smallish ocean-going ship that sails just far enough out to sea to be in international waters) with some coworkers at the time, and since I don't really gamble, I dealt with my seasickness by taking some Dramamine that I had fortunately thought to bring and sitting still on the upper deck until it kicked in, and then I had a caricature drawn of myself, and then I danced the
Jun 11 19:32:21 <DesertRose>   rest of the night because there was a DJ up on the upper deck.
Jun 11 19:32:21 <Eyikl>   Gremlins
Jun 11 19:32:29 <KK>   I know how to do it in Word, but it doesn't seem to work here.
Jun 11 19:32:29 <The_Bee>   Jemler, lok for a character map on you computer.
Jun 11 19:32:45 <DesertRose>   That was when I found out I get seasick.
Jun 11 19:33:07 <Annie>   I get seasick on ferries, but not on liners.
Jun 11 19:33:17 <Alkari>   KK< I am a member of a fanboard for Game of Thrones, and a couple of people there have said they wished some of the Deryni verse coud be made into a TV series, as they were 'realistic' fantasy
Jun 11 19:33:23 <KK>   I'm sore you can get to the character map while chatting, though could be wrong.
Jun 11 19:33:31 <DesertRose>   I might have been okay on a larger boat that didn't roll as much, but the sea wasn't rough or anything.
Jun 11 19:33:31 *   Kelric has quit (Quit: Pull the pin and count to what?)
Jun 11 19:33:39 <Shiral>   Deryni TV would be fun. =o)
Jun 11 19:33:52 <KK>   From your lips to God's ears, Alkari.
Jun 11 19:34:10 <Laurna>   Agreed to that KK
Jun 11 19:34:11 <Jemler>   The Aventures of young Alaric.
Jun 11 19:34:13 <DesertRose>   I think a well-made TV series would do well.
Jun 11 19:34:15 <KK>   Not sure re character map.
Jun 11 19:34:16 <Alkari>   I wish!!   It was just that they said your Deryni verse had real characters and personal conflicts, not just magic etc
Jun 11 19:34:18 <Jemler>   Evie!
Jun 11 19:34:18 <Shiral>   So has anyone gone close to the Road to Killingford?
Jun 11 19:34:37 <The_Bee>   I hope a Deryni series would be on a channel I don't have to pay extra for.
Jun 11 19:34:50 <Shiral>   I'd be happy to see a Deryni movie...
Jun 11 19:34:59 <Jerusha>   Duncan would be checking out the chapels, and Alaric the fortification
Jun 11 19:35:01 <KK>   LOL, let's get it made first, Bee.
Jun 11 19:35:05 <Laurna>   Dont care where it was I would pay to see it.
Jun 11 19:35:12 <Jemler>   Evie, which story introduces Catriona?
Jun 11 19:35:20 <The_Bee>   It's been a while since our last casting call.
Jun 11 19:35:21 <Shiral>   That is kind of an important first stage, yes, KK
Jun 11 19:35:25 <Evie>   Anamchara, Jemler
Jun 11 19:35:37 <Alkari>   I think there is more acceptance of fantasy now, KK
Jun 11 19:35:43 <Evie>   And speaking of Alaric and fortifications....
Jun 11 19:36:04 <judyward>   Cool!
Jun 11 19:36:04 <Jerusha>   Sorry for delays in my responses, on iphone
Jun 11 19:36:17 <Shiral>   How cool, Alaric has a castle on the Rhine!
Jun 11 19:36:26 <Laurna>   Yeh!  Look at the view.
Jun 11 19:36:33 <Jemler>   i have to edit the files. the characters you use for quotes and other special characters don't tranfer through Calibre.
Jun 11 19:36:38 <The_Bee>   Flat Alaric looks very young.
Jun 11 19:36:57 <KK>   Larger boats aren't necessarily safe from sea-sickness.  I believe we were on the QE2 passing over the top of Scotland, and it so rough that half the passengers never made it down to dinner--and that was supposed to be a formal nnight.  (They added in another formal night later, to make up for it.)  Poor Scott was sicker than a dog.
Jun 11 19:37:11 <Evie>   Yeah, drawing wrinkles on Ken dolls doesn't make them look older, it just makes them look like they have clown makeup
Jun 11 19:37:13 <Jerusha>   He's 400 something now?
Jun 11 19:37:29 <Laurna>   Poor Scott
Jun 11 19:37:29 <Jemler>   who? scott?
Jun 11 19:37:31 <Shiral>   Well really closer to 900!
Jun 11 19:37:35 <DesertRose>   Yeah, that's why I gave up on learning to sail an ocean-going sailboat after the gambling-cruise seasickness thing.
Jun 11 19:37:45 <Shiral>   Well no wonder poor Scott felt so unwell...
Jun 11 19:37:47 <Shiral>   =o)
Jun 11 19:37:50 <DesertRose>   That, and it's way out of reach financially, too.
Jun 11 19:38:10 <judyward>   Yes, really expensive.
Jun 11 19:38:30 <KK>   He is not a good sailor.  Used to get sick on the ferries between Ireland and the UK regularly.
Jun 11 19:38:31 <Alkari>   I intend to save up
Jun 11 19:38:32 <Laurna>   I don't get sea sick anymore
Jun 11 19:38:47 <KK>   It doesn't bother me at all.
Jun 11 19:38:57 <Alkari>   I used to sail, not ocean cruising but enough.  Didn't get seasick
Jun 11 19:38:59 <DesertRose>   Some people it doesn't.
Jun 11 19:39:12 <Alkari>   As long as I can get fresh air
Jun 11 19:39:13 <Laurna>   I just make sure I have a Horizon to look at. Not four walls
Jun 11 19:39:13 <The_Bee>   The only time I got seasick was when I saw someone else vomitting.
Jun 11 19:39:15 <Jerusha>   I don't
Jun 11 19:39:33 <judyward>   Ive given up saving up. Just when I start to get somewhere, a dog gets sick, or the car need fixing, or the roof has a hole...
Jun 11 19:39:37 <Jerusha>   Eww
Jun 11 19:40:02 <DesertRose>   I have a friend who is enough older than I am that he was in the army during the Korean War (except he was stationed in Germany), and when he was going over to Germany, they went by ship, and their ship went through some fairly nasty weather, so a lot of his fellow passengers got sick.
Jun 11 19:40:03 <Alkari>   The only time I did get sick was a small motor cruiser in a viscious cross-choppy sea, when they were determined to go against wind and waves.
Jun 11 19:40:04 <DesertRose>   He did not.
Jun 11 19:40:06 <judyward>   I've never been seasick on anything so far. Even the ferry in Seattle.
Jun 11 19:40:09 <Shiral>   Car sickness used to be my problem. Fortunately I outgrew it
Jun 11 19:40:13 <Alkari>   Which is why sailing is better in a way
Jun 11 19:40:29 <Eyikl>   I don't think I get seasick?
Jun 11 19:41:17 <KK>   So, what was the highlight of your trip, Evie?
Jun 11 19:41:31 <The_Bee>   Have you had an opportunity to find out, eyiki?
Jun 11 19:41:40 <Shiral>   I've never been on the sea in a boat long enough to know if I get sick.
Jun 11 19:42:04 <Jemler>   i've never seen the sea
Jun 11 19:42:15 <Evie>   That's hard to say.  I'd be hard pressed to pick between Marksburg and Cologne Cathedral.
Jun 11 19:42:27 <Evie>   And Strasbourg was a close runner up. 
Jun 11 19:42:29 <Laurna>   Really Jemler?  I am sending you a bucket with sea water in it.
Jun 11 19:42:58 <Evie>   But the biggest treat, on a personal level, was finally getting to meet my best friend in person after knowing him for nearly 20 years.
Jun 11 19:42:58 <Jemler>   the bucket for my bucket list? cross off one item! :)
Jun 11 19:42:59 <Derynifank>   Have been on whale watching  trips  on the Atlantic  no sickness
Jun 11 19:43:03 <Eyikl>    When I was young I sailed around in Scandinavia, and occasionally I go on whalewatches.
Jun 11 19:43:12 <Alkari>   Evie, I have a pic of Cologne taken by my parents in 1952, and literally the only thing standing was the cathedral
Jun 11 19:43:27 <The_Bee>   We'll all throw fish to fill Laurna's bucket.
Jun 11 19:43:30 <Alkari>   All the rest was rubble - being Germany, it was in neat piles
Jun 11 19:43:36 <Jemler>   you never met your best friend?
Jun 11 19:44:01 <Evie>   Yes, I saw one postcard that showed before and after shots of the Cathedral area, one from just after the war and one from modern times
Jun 11 19:44:29 <Evie>   Not in person, Jemler.  We met online, and he's Dutch, so that makes face to face contact difficult except via Skype
Jun 11 19:44:51 <Evie>   I have now, though. He was our tour guide for two of our three days in Amsterdam
Jun 11 19:45:06 <The_Bee>   Cool!
Jun 11 19:45:07 <Derynifank>   Cool, Evie
Jun 11 19:45:11 <judyward>   Nice!
Jun 11 19:45:12 <Laurna>   That is aswesome Evie
Jun 11 19:45:44 <Evie>   Would have been all three days, but unfortunately he had to work on our last day there, so we went exploring on our own that day.
Jun 11 19:46:05 <Eyikl>   Did you arrange for that to happen, or did it just work out?
Jun 11 19:46:28 <Alkari>   Amsterdam is fun, and everyone very friendly
Jun 11 19:47:12 <Evie>   We arranged to meet and he offered to take us around to show us the sights and then take us to dinner on Saturday evening.  But he had a project he wasn't able to fully complete before our arrival, so he couldn't have the entire three days free.
Jun 11 19:47:12 *   Jemler takes a break, takes a break, takes off a break of a Kit Kat bar!
Jun 11 19:47:55 <Evie>   But he also took us to the Hague to a museum that was a medieval prison gate once upon a time
Jun 11 19:48:03 <Shiral>   I'd like to see Amsterdam
Jun 11 19:48:04 <judyward>   Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad (apologies to whatever band that was)
Jun 11 19:48:10 <Eyikl>   :)
Jun 11 19:48:15 <Jemler>   Meatloaf!
Jun 11 19:48:19 <Evie>   Amsterdam is really picturesque. 
Jun 11 19:48:25 <judyward>   I thought it was him!
Jun 11 19:48:34 <Shiral>   And more of Germany. I've traveled THROUGH Germany, but have never had it be the destination OF a the trip.
Jun 11 19:48:37 <Jemler>   hence all the pictures.
Jun 11 19:48:40 <Evie>   Just watch out for bicycles.  Those things are deadly!  :-D
Jun 11 19:48:47 <KK>   Berlin was like that, the first  time I went in 1970.  In the east, it looked like the war had ended last week.
Jun 11 19:48:55 <Alkari>   We stayed in a fun little hotel that used to be the headquarters of the Amsterdam Mounted Police
Jun 11 19:49:00 <Shiral>   OF the trip. Wow, terrible grammar, above.
Jun 11 19:49:06 <Jemler>   who went with you, evie?
Jun 11 19:49:08 <Evie>   I kid you not, one of the things I took photos of was a triple layer parking deck for bikes only!
Jun 11 19:49:35 <Evie>   My husband, our friend Vicki (the one we sometimes stay with in TN), and her mom
Jun 11 19:49:36 <DesertRose>   I wish more US cities were bicycle-friendly.
Jun 11 19:49:39 <KK>   That sounds useful.  Leave it to the Dutch.
Jun 11 19:49:41 <Shiral>   Me too, DR
Jun 11 19:49:48 <Alkari>   well, their city is FLAT
Jun 11 19:49:55 <Shiral>   I'd do more bike riding that way.
Jun 11 19:50:07 <Shiral>   Another good point, Alkari
Jun 11 19:50:13 <Alkari>   Easy to put cycle ways if you have something that doesn't have a hill
Jun 11 19:50:19 <Alkari>   Sydney is like SF
Jun 11 19:50:22 <DesertRose>   So is mine, for the most part (except for bridges, basically), but it is very much NOT bicycle friendly.
Jun 11 19:50:32 <DesertRose>   Flat, I mean.
Jun 11 19:50:37 <Evie>   Bikers have the right of way, so they are fearless, since they expect cars to stop for them.  And pretty much every road has a bike lane beside the car lane. And sometimes a tram lane as well.
Jun 11 19:50:46 <The_Bee>   The Dutch have a reputation for tolerance.  Pilgrims, gay marriage, pot, assisted suicide...
Jun 11 19:51:11 <Shiral>   About two weeks ago, my mother got a new car and let me have her old one. I must say it's nice not to have to worry about having manual transmission anymore
Jun 11 19:51:14 <DesertRose>   It doesn't help that several of the bridges are old as hell (as infrastructure goes) and in dire need of either extensive refurbishment or total replacement.
Jun 11 19:51:15 <Alkari>   Having a car makes much less sense in some European cities with excellent transport
Jun 11 19:51:15 <The_Bee>   We have many bike lanesin Boston.
Jun 11 19:51:16 <Eyikl>   My dad went to Amsterdam and said that thereyou don't just need to chain the bike to someting, but lock all the parts of the bike together so no one steals  the seat or tires or anything
Jun 11 19:51:51 <Alkari>   I watched Mumjs delivering kids to school by bike - they had some crazy contraptions
Jun 11 19:52:09 <Alkari>   Like a 3 seater thing behind the rider, to take 3 kids
Jun 11 19:52:11 <Jerusha>   I like my manual transmission
Jun 11 19:52:13 <Shiral>   In my part of the US, public transportation is way behind in terms of being able to get where you want to go efficiently
Jun 11 19:52:23 <Alkari>   Or one kid sat in front, the other twobehind.  Or even a trailer behind a bike.
Jun 11 19:52:37 <DesertRose>   I like manual transmission, because I feel like I have better control of the car that way, but my left knee no longer likes working the clutch.
Jun 11 19:52:56 <Jemler>   my favorite way to get somewhere was to walk.
Jun 11 19:52:56 <Evie>   Our Viking guide who took us to our hotel said that Amsterdam has a crirme rate that seems crazy high until you take a closer look at exactly what the crimes are, and then you discover the majority are bike thefts, and it's not quite so alarming.  :-D
Jun 11 19:53:00 <Alkari>   My car is just back after getting a complet transmission replacement - an 18month onl Subaru!!
Jun 11 19:53:07 <Shiral>   I drove a manual transmission for years. I am enjoying the automatic now, instead
Jun 11 19:53:22 <Alkari>   Transm,ission just packed it in, luckily in front of Mum's home so I wasn;'t stranded on freeway or anything
Jun 11 19:53:35 <The_Bee>   I flunked driving school.
Jun 11 19:53:35 <judyward>   Wow! I thought Subarus were really good??
Jun 11 19:53:35 <Jerusha>   I can relate, but I will keep my manual Mini forever
Jun 11 19:53:36 <DesertRose>   I've alternated between manual and automatic most of my driving life, and now I have to have automatic because of my left knee.
Jun 11 19:53:39 <Annie>   Trailers are quite common here.
Jun 11 19:53:43 <Shiral>   That's a good place for it to happen, yes, Alkari
Jun 11 19:54:01 <Alkari>   Its an automatic, and I like it, because it is AWD and has excellent road grip
Jun 11 19:54:13 <DesertRose>   Yeah, if it had to die, at least it died in a semi-not-inconvenient place, Alkari
Jun 11 19:54:18 <Alkari>   AND it has a full sized spare tyre!!
Jun 11 19:54:26 <Annie>   I've actually never driven an automatic.
Jun 11 19:54:40 <Eyikl>   Ditto
Jun 11 19:54:43 <Derynifank>   What,no  donut?
Jun 11 19:54:48 <Shiral>   I had a  pang of regret, seeing my Honda towed away. I donated it to KQED, our local NPR
Jun 11 19:54:49 <Alkari>   All sorts of interesting safety features too
Jun 11 19:54:53 <DesertRose>   I HATE donut spare tires.
Jun 11 19:55:06 <Derynifank>   Mr too
Jun 11 19:55:12 <Derynifank>   Me
Jun 11 19:55:13 <Alkari>   A proper spare tyre was a mandatroy requirement when looking for a new car
Jun 11 19:55:21 <Shiral>   It was a remarkably efficient and painless way to unload a 13 year-old used car.
Jun 11 19:55:28 <The_Bee>   donuts are for eating, not driving.
Jun 11 19:55:35 <Alkari>   Not interested in wannabe SUVs with kiddie tyres
Jun 11 19:55:39 <judyward>   Mine's 13 <G>
Jun 11 19:56:00 <judyward>   I have a GMC Envoy, real size spare tire.
Jun 11 19:56:00 <KK>   I have  Subaru and love it.  Also drove Hondas for years.  Excellent cars.  But I prefer the convenience of automatics nowadays.
Jun 11 19:56:01 <Jerusha>   Run flats, no spare tire
Jun 11 19:56:15 <Shiral>   I hope my Honda will be a good, reliable car for someone who really needs it. It has plenty of life left in it for the next person.
Jun 11 19:56:19 <DesertRose>   My second-to-last car (as in, not the car I got rid of about this time last year, but the car before it) was a five-speed manual, and it was a good car, but it had something close to 240,000 miles on it and it was starting to give up the ghost, and there was the issue of my knee screaming any time I did extensive city driving where I had to change gears a lot.
Jun 11 19:56:27 <Shiral>   But it was NEVER a very comfortable car
Jun 11 19:56:45 <Alkari>   This was the only glitch KK.  And I am "negotiating' about them paying the cost of a hire cafr for 3 weeks, because I needed the space of the Outback to carry stuff while we were clearing Mum's house
Jun 11 19:57:08 <Shiral>   Sometimes you do need a car that can carry stuff, yes
Jun 11 19:57:30 <judyward>   YEs, we have 3 big dogs. Always have to have plenty of room.
Jun 11 19:57:33 <Alkari>   The hire company gacve me a Toyota RAV4.  OK car, had the luggage room, but not nearly as conmfortable as the Subaru
Jun 11 19:57:52 <Shiral>   Dmitri has come to join me. He sends his purrs
Jun 11 19:57:54 <KK>   I didn't realize I would be hauling dogs when I bought the Subaru, but these things tend to work out as they should.  And AWD is excellent in the snow.
Jun 11 19:58:00 <DesertRose>   Hi Dmitri *sends scritches*
Jun 11 19:58:04 <The_Bee>   Hi Dmitri
Jun 11 19:58:17 <Jerusha>   Hi Dimitri
Jun 11 19:58:20 <Shiral>   I must say a four door car is easier than a 2 door
Jun 11 19:58:31 <judyward>   I've always heard good things about Subarus.
Jun 11 19:58:34 <Alkari>   Yes.  I came back late the other night in rain and mist through a very steep and winding gorge to a friend's place, and was glad of AWD
Jun 11 19:58:46 <DesertRose>   I bet, Alkari!
Jun 11 19:58:56 <Alkari>   This transmission crash was totally weird - even SUbaru is puzzled
Jun 11 19:58:56 <Shiral>   I think His Highness has forgiven me for my four days away at the beach
Jun 11 19:58:58 <KK>   A Subaru feels like a solid car around you, unlike some of the flimsy Japanese rice-grinders that some people drive these days.
Jun 11 19:59:04 <Alkari>   Agree KK
Jun 11 19:59:19 <The_Bee>   I've seen the toyota commercial bragging about how they have more standardsafety features than Subaru.
Jun 11 19:59:20 <DesertRose>   Every so often, even a solid manufacturer will build a screwed-up car.
Jun 11 19:59:21 <judyward>   That's what Lou calls them, rice grinders.
Jun 11 19:59:33 <Alkari>   And the Outback is comfortable.  I bought it while Mum was still alive so it could take 3 adults plus her wheelchair
Jun 11 19:59:39 <judyward>   You owe Dmitri lots of scritches!!
Jun 11 19:59:57 <Alkari>   My brother came and was test passenger in back seat, and said it was the smoothest.
Jun 11 20:00:03 <Shiral>   It was really funny down at the beach--my brother and SIL had rented a Yaris, my stepmother, brother and sister all drive Priuses, and my mom and I have Camrys--it looked like a Toyota Sales Lot. =o)
Jun 11 20:00:12 <DesertRose>   I had a car some years ago that was technically a Chevrolet Nova, but it was the variety of Nova that was basically a Toyota Corolla with a Chevy label on it, and the way it died was the head gasket went on it, and the mechanic who diagnosed it said it was the first time he'd ever seen that happen on that type of engine.
Jun 11 20:00:13 <Jemler>   KK you do realize the Subaru is a Japanese car?
Jun 11 20:00:19 <The_Bee>   Vokswagen got in trouble for faking their emissions tests
Jun 11 20:00:21 <Shiral>   Judyward, Dmitri agrees wit you!
Jun 11 20:00:22 <judyward>   When we did dog shows, we had a Ford Tiara van, but a few years back, someone pulled out in front of me & totaled it.
Jun 11 20:00:34 <KK>   Yes, but it isnt flimsy.
Jun 11 20:01:01 <judyward>   I know cats!
Jun 11 20:01:03 <Alkari>   They build them to stand up to things.  I am seeing more and more of them on the roads here - Foresters are very popular
Jun 11 20:01:25 <judyward>   Subaru is the only Japanese car Lou likes.
Jun 11 20:01:26 <KK>   I have the Outback, but Foresters also look good.
Jun 11 20:01:28 <Laurna>   I drive a Nissan Morano, Nicest most sturder car I have ever driven.
Jun 11 20:01:37 <Shiral>   He has taken to sharing my pillow again at night, so I think he is mollified
Jun 11 20:01:52 <Alkari>   The Outback and Nissan X Trail were equal second choice for me
Jun 11 20:01:56 <The_Bee>   Japan induustr has come a long way.  I can remember when "made in Japan" meant flimsy.
Jun 11 20:01:59 <judyward>   He's forgiving you, but that doesn't mean you can stop the scritches.
Jun 11 20:02:01 <DesertRose>   Last I checked, Consumer Reports liked the Forester.
Jun 11 20:02:02 <Derynifank>   I likr my Honda  CR-V which is roomy, solid  and most of  all easy  to get in and out of
Jun 11 20:02:04 <Alkari>   Oh yes, Bee
Jun 11 20:02:18 <Alkari>   I hated the Honda CRV that I test drove!!
Jun 11 20:02:36 <Alkari>   I thought it went like a brick with a wheel at each corner, and was SO uncomfortable.
Jun 11 20:02:37 <Jerusha>   Mini Countryman rules!
Jun 11 20:02:58 <Eyikl>   When did 'made in Japan' mean flimsy?
Jun 11 20:02:58 <DesertRose>   Carys has just jumped up in my lap and says "Hi," and "Purr."
Jun 11 20:03:01 <KK>   I remember when Toyotas were awful.  My sister had one for her first car, and had constant problems with it.
Jun 11 20:03:10 <The_Bee>   1950s
Jun 11 20:03:38 <Alkari>   EVen later than that - I remember in the 1970s deciding not to buy a Japanese sewing machine because they were flimsy
Jun 11 20:03:39 <KK>   Late 60's-early 70's.
Jun 11 20:03:41 <judyward>   Yes, 50s and 60s.
Jun 11 20:04:03 <Alkari>   So I got a Swedish Elna - still going strong since 1976  :)
Jun 11 20:04:25 <Derynifank>   Never heard of that one
Jun 11 20:04:50 <DesertRose>   Toyota had gotten their act together (at least with auto manufacturing) by the mid 1970's, because my parents bought a Toyota Land Cruiser when I was six months old, and it held up through my dad's extremely hard use of it until I was ten.
Jun 11 20:05:03 *   Alkari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 11 20:05:15 <judyward>   When I started school (back in the Dark Ages) a teacher had a VW Beetle & was the talk of the town.
Jun 11 20:05:17 <Eyikl>   Hm. They must have been making a lot of stuff to sell if they kept their market going for that long then.
Jun 11 20:05:23 <DesertRose>   (This would have been summer 1976 when they bought the Land Cruiser, and it was a 1976 model.)
Jun 11 20:05:28 *   Alkari ( has joined
Jun 11 20:05:32 <Derynifank>   Is mibbit acting up again?
Jun 11 20:05:35 <DesertRose>   Rehi Alkari
Jun 11 20:05:37 <Alkari>   stupid mibbit!
Jun 11 20:05:43 <KK>   Elna is a sewing machine, Derynifank, and I've heard they're good.  I have a trusty Kenmore, myself.
Jun 11 20:06:00 <Jerusha>   Reno Alkari
Jun 11 20:06:06 <judyward>   I had a Singer.
Jun 11 20:06:08 <The_Bee>   My dad carpooled for a while in a Beetle. He said it swayed in a strong wind.
Jun 11 20:06:19 <DesertRose>   My mother's new sewing machine is a Kenmore.
Jun 11 20:06:24 <DesertRose>   I have her old one, which is a Singer.
Jun 11 20:06:29 <judyward>   KMs are good.
Jun 11 20:06:30 <Eyikl>   My mom's car does that.
Jun 11 20:06:32 <Alkari>   I don't know that brand
Jun 11 20:06:35 <KK>   My first car was a Beetle.
Jun 11 20:06:43 <Jerusha>   That was supposed to be rehi
Jun 11 20:06:46 <DesertRose>   Which one, Kenmore, Alkari?
Jun 11 20:06:48 <Alkari>   I would look at ELna, Husquvana or Janome
Jun 11 20:07:02 <Alkari>   Yes - I havent seen a Kenmore out here
Jun 11 20:07:03 <KK>   THen I had a succession of Hondas, which were very good.
Jun 11 20:07:06 <Shiral>   My dad managed to pack the four of us into the back seat of his beetle for years
Jun 11 20:07:11 <DesertRose>   I think they might be a US-based brand.
Jun 11 20:07:14 <KK>   Kenmore is a Sears brand.
Jun 11 20:07:18 <Alkari>   Ah, OK.
Jun 11 20:07:18 <Shiral>   We called it the tomato soup car because it was about that color
Jun 11 20:07:21 <judyward>   KM = Kenmore (I work for Sears Call Ctr, that's how we abbrev Kenmore.)
Jun 11 20:07:30 <DesertRose>   I know they also make kitchen appliances (refrigerators, ranges, etc.).
Jun 11 20:07:41 <KK>   Kenmore makes excellent appliances.
Jun 11 20:07:46 <judyward>   Still do.
Jun 11 20:07:52 <Shiral>   He and my Stepmother also managed to cram about 10 Persian rugs into it when they went crazy at a rug auction
Jun 11 20:07:57 <Alkari>   Good to know, in case the big US chains start selling that stuff here
Jun 11 20:07:58 <DesertRose>   Husqvarna makes very good sewing machines, but they're awfully pricey.  Not everyone can afford them.
Jun 11 20:08:14 <judyward>   Yes, but every kind has a lemon somewhere & I have to talk to the people who got them.
Jun 11 20:08:18 <Alkari>   I guess it depends on what you need them for
Jun 11 20:08:26 <DesertRose>   Well, there's that too.
Jun 11 20:08:37 <DesertRose>   If you're a professional sewist, it might be worth the investment.
Jun 11 20:08:41 <KK>   Scott and I got 3 0r 4 BIG oriental carpets in my Subaru.  But it was a near-run thing.
Jun 11 20:08:49 <Shiral>   I surprised myself a number of years ago by returning home with a sewing machine when I'd left home without any specific intention to go buy one that day
Jun 11 20:08:58 <Alkari>   I paid top dollar back in 1976 for my Elna, and people said I was mad.  But I have sewn everything from horse rugs to evening wear and it has never missed a beat
Jun 11 20:09:00 <Eyikl>   Wow, that's a lot of rugs.
Jun 11 20:09:11 <Shiral>   Well, many of them were small
Jun 11 20:09:28 <Shiral>   And it was the 1970's before rugs were so expensive
Jun 11 20:09:30 <Alkari>   LOL @ KK.  Thye Outback has an amazing capacity to take stuff!
Jun 11 20:09:31 <judyward>   I gave mine away when it became abundantly clear I was never going to use it enough.
Jun 11 20:09:40 <DesertRose>   My mom bought the Singer that is now mine used, at some point in the late 1960s or early 1970s.  It's a late 1960s model Singer, and it's still going strong.
Jun 11 20:09:44 <Derynifank>   In general  I've had good  luck  with  Kenmore  but had a Frigidaire that lasted 30 years
Jun 11 20:10:32 <Shiral>   My mother and sister think I need new kitchen appliances. The fridge is okay. The stove....well I can see their point. I already replaced the dishwasher last year.
Jun 11 20:10:58 <DesertRose>   My mom's new Kenmore sewing machine has speed control, which I'd kill for because, while I'm a very sensible driver, I have a lead foot with the sewing machine pedal.
Jun 11 20:11:09 <The_Bee>   I once used a treadle sewing machine.  easier to contol if you preferred slow.
Jun 11 20:11:12 <judyward>   All of our appliances are 2004, when we built this house, so I'm knocking on wood when I talk about them.
Jun 11 20:11:13 <Alkari>   I got new stuff when I redid the kitchen 5 years ago
Jun 11 20:11:38 <Shiral>   I have an adjustable speed machine, but I'm rather timid, so it's always on the slow setting.
Jun 11 20:11:40 <Alkari>   I have my granbdmothers very old SInger machine - the first of the fully electric models
Jun 11 20:11:54 <Alkari>   She brought it back with her from the USA
Jun 11 20:12:01 <Alkari>   Pre WW2
Jun 11 20:12:05 <DesertRose>   Wow!
Jun 11 20:12:09 <Shiral>   My sister has the old singer machine that my Dad gave my mom back in the 1950's. It's still going strong!
Jun 11 20:12:16 <judyward>   My Grandmother had a very old treadle Singer.
Jun 11 20:12:20 <Eyikl>   You BUILT an entire house? And wired it and everything?
Jun 11 20:12:20 <Evie>   Our stove is at least 23 years old, because it came with the house, and we've been here at least that long. Maybe 24.
Jun 11 20:12:46 <Alkari>   I know several people who keep ancient Singer treadle machines because they sew through anything.  Like heavy canvas
Jun 11 20:12:52 <judyward>   LOL.  No, but we watched a lot while it was being built.
Jun 11 20:13:04 <Shiral>   My stove works okay, but it has those tippy burners, and there's absolutely nothing fancy about it.
Jun 11 20:13:19 <The_Bee>   The bobbin was a major improvement in keeping the thread from pulling out.
Jun 11 20:13:31 <Laurna>   I have 4 treddle sewing machines and likely 10 other sewing machines  but use my husquvarna mostly
Jun 11 20:13:39 <Eyikl>   That's fun. It's surprising how fast some phases can be.
Jun 11 20:13:43 <Alkari>   A collector!
Jun 11 20:13:45 <judyward>   When she could still sew, Mom had a really fancy machine.
Jun 11 20:13:45 <KK>   I ran my Kenmore machine on a transformer the whole time we were in Ireland.  It must be nearly 40 years old now, because I used it to make my wedding gown.
Jun 11 20:13:57 <Shiral>   My sister is a quilter--I think she now has at least three sewing machines'
Jun 11 20:14:25 <judyward>   Wow! You sewed your own wedding gown?
Jun 11 20:14:32 <Alkari>   how lovely, KK
Jun 11 20:14:33 <DesertRose>   What I collect is scissors.  I have a large pair of shears that are mostly for cutting fabric, a small pair that are for my cross-stitch stuff, a pair of pinking shears...
Jun 11 20:14:38 <judyward>   How cool!!
Jun 11 20:14:47 <Jerusha>   I must go.  Night everyone!
Jun 11 20:14:50 <DesertRose>   G'night, Jerusha
Jun 11 20:14:52 <Shiral>   Night, JErusha
Jun 11 20:14:53 <Alkari>   Nigh Jerusha
Jun 11 20:14:56 <The_Bee>   bye jerusha
Jun 11 20:14:57 <Evie>   goodnight, Jerusha
Jun 11 20:14:59 *   Jerusha has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 11 20:15:00 <judyward>   Good night!
Jun 11 20:15:01 <Eyikl>   Godnighht Jerusha
Jun 11 20:15:05 <Derynifank>   Need to go now . Hope everyone  has a good  week.
Jun 11 20:15:06 <Laurna>   My sister is remodeling her victorian bathroom and we disided to use a treddle sewing machine stand to put the washbasin upon.
Jun 11 20:15:10 <DesertRose>   g'night, Derynifank
Jun 11 20:15:12 <Jemler>   night jerusha
Jun 11 20:15:25 <Eyikl>   Goodnight Derynifank
Jun 11 20:15:28 <The_Bee>   good week to you, DFK
Jun 11 20:15:29 <Laurna>   Missed Jerusha  Good night lady
Jun 11 20:15:29 <Alkari>   They are good for that sort of thing Laurna
Jun 11 20:15:30 <Derynifank>   Night all
Jun 11 20:15:32 <Evie>   g'night DfanK
Jun 11 20:15:33 <judyward>   'night!
Jun 11 20:15:46 <Alkari>   Night Dfank
Jun 11 20:15:46 *   Derynifank has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 11 20:15:56 <KK>   Re making wedding gowns, remember that I was an SCA costumer.  If one can make a TUdor, one can make a wedding gown.
Jun 11 20:16:10 <DesertRose>   :)
Jun 11 20:16:10 <judyward>   In a little bit I'm going to step on a Portal to Baskin-Robbins before it gets dark.
Jun 11 20:16:11 <Alkari>   Did you do lots of lace and embroidery too?
Jun 11 20:16:20 <judyward>   True!!
Jun 11 20:16:47 <Shiral>   Well that would follow, yes!
Jun 11 20:16:52 <The_Bee>   My niece was/is an SCA basket-maker
Jun 11 20:17:02 <KK>   On the gown?  Appliqued lace on the bodice, some beading on the sleeves and collar. 
Jun 11 20:17:08 <Alkari>   Lovely
Jun 11 20:17:16 <judyward>   Do you still have it?
Jun 11 20:17:19 <DesertRose>   My mom has two baskets that a former coworker of hers made out of sweetgrass, which is a Charleston thing.
Jun 11 20:17:21 <Shiral>   Are there any pictures of you wearing that gown, KK?
Jun 11 20:17:27 <Alkari>   I was looking at the piecing that would have bene needed on that gown for Kate Middleton, and just wow
Jun 11 20:17:32 <judyward>   Yes, we need a picture!
Jun 11 20:17:37 <DesertRose>   There's a little basket that Mom uses to hold keys and then there's DD's Easter basket.
Jun 11 20:17:46 <Evie>   I loved Kate's dress
Jun 11 20:17:46 <Alkari>   I'd love to leanr how to do beading
Jun 11 20:18:09 <KK>   Oh, yes, there are pictures, though the main one I used to have on display in Ireland disappeared in the move.  I need to have a new print made.  Should I post it on the website?
Jun 11 20:18:17 <judyward>   You have a lot of patience for lace work & beading. I don't have it.
Jun 11 20:18:18 <Alkari>   YES!  Please do.
Jun 11 20:18:25 <Evie>   Ooh, that would be lovely, KK
Jun 11 20:18:30 <Shiral>   Wedding dresses, they ain't simple! Unless you're my step mom. It was a very late 60's wedding--she took a beautiful piece of sari cloth and basically made herself a short shift from it.
Jun 11 20:18:35 <DesertRose>   I thought the Duchess of Cambridge's dress looked a good bit like Grace Kelly's dress when she married the prince of Monaco.
Jun 11 20:18:37 <judyward>   YES, please do!
Jun 11 20:18:49 <Shiral>   Please show us!  We want to see!
Jun 11 20:18:56 <judyward>   We were on the same wave length, Alkari.
Jun 11 20:18:57 <DesertRose>   Yes, KK, please do, and if you have trouble, let me know and I'll either walk you through it or do it for you.
Jun 11 20:18:58 <The_Bee>   YRS!
Jun 11 20:19:09 <The_Bee>   YES too
Jun 11 20:19:15 <KK>   Yes, well, the DoC's gown was a McQueen, exquisitely wrought.
Jun 11 20:19:16 <Shiral>   I loved Kate Middleton's dress--every part of it was very well cut and proportioned
Jun 11 20:19:37 <Alkari>   And Kate's was by Giles Deacon
Jun 11 20:19:37 <Jemler>   well folks. i have an early day tomorrow, so i'll sign off now. see you all next week.
Jun 11 20:19:39 <KK>   It was very fitting for a future queen.
Jun 11 20:19:44 <Evie>   goodnight, jemler
Jun 11 20:19:48 <DesertRose>   I loved, in the footage of that wedding, how Prince Harry mouthed to his brother something about "She looks amazing," or something like that.
Jun 11 20:19:48 <Alkari>   OK jemler - good luck with surgery
Jun 11 20:19:49 <Shiral>   Bye, Jemler. Good luck tomorrow
Jun 11 20:19:52 <The_Bee>   nighters, jemler
Jun 11 20:19:54 <Laurna>   Good Night Jemler
Jun 11 20:19:56 <DesertRose>   G'night and good luck, Jemler
Jun 11 20:20:00 <judyward>   Bye, Jem
Jun 11 20:20:06 <KK>   Nighters, Jemler, and good luck.
Jun 11 20:20:11 <Shiral>   I liked the trees in Westminster Abbey. =o)
Jun 11 20:20:18 <Eyikl>   Goodnight Jemler
Jun 11 20:20:30 <judyward>   Time to go to B&R. Chocolate cone is calling me. Good night all!
Jun 11 20:20:33 <The_Bee>   hope the surgery goes wellm jemler
Jun 11 20:20:34 <DesertRose>   G'night, judyward
Jun 11 20:20:38 <Shiral>   Night, Judyward
Jun 11 20:20:39 <Evie>   goodnight, judyward
Jun 11 20:20:40 <Alkari>   Night judyw
Jun 11 20:20:45 <Laurna>   Night Judyward
Jun 11 20:20:46 <The_Bee>   nye, JW
Jun 11 20:20:57 <Evie>   good luck, jemler
Jun 11 20:21:01 <The_Bee>   and bye
Jun 11 20:21:03 *   judyward has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jun 11 20:21:17 <KK>   Yes, it was a beautiful wedding.  Friends of ours who don't get BBC America came over early that morning to watch it with us, and brought the fixings for an exquisite brunch.  It ws a fun morning.
Jun 11 20:21:20 <Evie>   Trying to type with Luke on my chest
Jun 11 20:21:29 <DesertRose>   Oh, that was a nice way to watch it!
Jun 11 20:21:38 <Alkari>   Lovely idea
Jun 11 20:21:38 <Jemler>   it's an easy procedure. made bearable by a greek restaurant across the road from the hospital! :)
Jun 11 20:21:39 <Shiral>   Everyone dresses so well at a Wedding. =o_
Jun 11 20:21:42 <Shiral>   =o)
Jun 11 20:21:55 <KK>   Yum to Greek food!
Jun 11 20:21:57 <Evie>   Yum, Jemler!
Jun 11 20:22:01 <DesertRose>   Indeed.
Jun 11 20:22:06 <Shiral>   Just as long as you remember NOT to go to the restaurant for your surgery. =o)
Jun 11 20:22:15 <DesertRose>   Best wishes for a successful surgery and yummy food afterwards, Jemler!
Jun 11 20:22:24 <KK>   Especially a royal wedding, Shiral.  However, Princess Beatrice's hat.....  Ugh!
Jun 11 20:22:34 <The_Bee>   Did you see the hats some royals wear for special occasions?  I wonder if the have a contest to see who can come up with the most outlandish chapeau.
Jun 11 20:22:38 <Shiral>   Well, yes. She dared to be a "Fashion Don't"
Jun 11 20:22:42 <Evie>   My son asked to be awakened to see the Royal Wedding, since it was a historic occasion, but when the time came, he was too sleepy to get up. But I watched it.
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"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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