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KK Chat -- 4 June 2017
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:01:13 pm »
Jun 04 17:08:48 *   KK has joined
Jun 04 17:08:51 <Jemler>   i kk
Jun 04 17:08:58 <Laurna>   Hello KK
Jun 04 17:08:59 <drakensis>   good evening
Jun 04 17:09:00 <KK>   Hello, all.
Jun 04 17:09:01 <revanne>   Hi KK
Jun 04 17:09:29 <KK>   Hi, Revanne.  So sorry to hear about the on
Jun 04 17:09:39 <Dennis>   Hi, KK!
Jun 04 17:09:56 <KK>   Hi, Revanne.  So sorry to hear about the London attack.
Jun 04 17:10:22 <Laurna>   Awfully sad, horrible news.
Jun 04 17:10:28 *   Shiral ( has joined
Jun 04 17:10:38 <Laurna>   Hello Shiral
Jun 04 17:10:43 <Jemler>   hi shiral
Jun 04 17:10:45 *   Shiral surfs into the chatroom on a wave
Jun 04 17:10:50 <Shiral>   Hi everyone
Jun 04 17:10:57 <Laurna>   I love surfing
Jun 04 17:11:00 <DesertRose>   Hi KK and Shiral
Jun 04 17:11:02 <KK>   I just don't understand what those people hope to gain by these atrocities.
Jun 04 17:11:05 <Jemler>   who set the Traps?
Jun 04 17:11:05 <DesertRose>   Sorry, was afk for a few.
Jun 04 17:11:05 <revanne>   Not good. Just finished watching the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Amazing young woman.
Jun 04 17:11:11 <Shiral>   Hi DR
Jun 04 17:11:20 <revanne>   Hi both
Jun 04 17:11:22 <KK>   Ah, it was today?
Jun 04 17:11:37 <The_Bee>   D othey know anything more about what motivated the attackers?
Jun 04 17:11:42 <Shiral>   Did she perform a second concert
Jun 04 17:11:43 <revanne>   Yes - ironic timing
Jun 04 17:12:03 <KK>   Apparently they did it for Allah.
Jun 04 17:12:16 <revanne>   Yes -she got up a benefit concert and came back to Manchester.
Jun 04 17:12:34 <revanne>   Islamist terrorists
Jun 04 17:12:41 <revanne>   B
Jun 04 17:13:00 <Laurna>   That takes courage.
Jun 04 17:13:08 <Laurna>   To do another concert
Jun 04 17:13:11 <revanne>   Huge courage
Jun 04 17:13:22 <drakensis>   As I recall, someone defined a fanatic once as "someone who knows what God would want if HE was in full possession of the facts." Rather misses the point of omniscience
Jun 04 17:13:22 <Jemler>   there was a christian terrorist attack in oregon last week.
Jun 04 17:13:47 <Shiral>   Good for her--that is very generous
Jun 04 17:13:59 <The_Bee>   ?Jemler
Jun 04 17:14:02 <drakensis>   I don't think there's anything christian (or islamic, for that matter) about terrorism
Jun 04 17:14:04 <revanne>   I think they are all an excuse to murder
Jun 04 17:14:19 <DesertRose>   The stabbing on the Portland public transit, Bee.
Jun 04 17:14:50 <Shiral>   A man was harassing two Muslim girls on a train in Portland. When three men came to their defense, the man who was shouting at the girls killed two and seriously injured the third man
Jun 04 17:14:55 <revanne>   She visited some of the children in hospital too.
Jun 04 17:14:59 <Jemler>   a guy was bad mouthing a couple of women. one in a hijab. three men stood to defend the women. two were killed, one was wounded.
Jun 04 17:15:07 <DesertRose>   Some jerk started screaming at two young girls wearing hijabs, and a couple of men got in his way to defend the girls, and the harassing guy stabbed them; two of them are dead and the third is in the hospital, wounded.
Jun 04 17:15:17 <The_Bee>   oh yes.  The men who were stabbed for defending two muslim women
Jun 04 17:15:19 <revanne>   I saw that. Good fi
Jun 04 17:15:30 <DesertRose>   One of the guys who died was a recent graduate of Reed College and the other was older, an Army veteran.
Jun 04 17:15:44 <Jemler>   only 1 muslim, but they were both black and the attacker was white.
Jun 04 17:15:51 <revanne>   Good for the man who intervened but awful
Jun 04 17:16:07 <Shiral>   It's less what religion you follow, and more about how fanatically you do it. I hate terrorism, no matter who the attacker is.
Jun 04 17:16:30 <revanne>   Thw
Jun 04 17:17:00 <Jemler>   but when people say "Terrorist" we think "Islam".
Jun 04 17:17:09 <DesertRose>   Yeah, even atheists can be violent jerks.  Religion doesn't really have a lot to do with it sometimes.
Jun 04 17:17:25 <DesertRose>   Or perversion of religion, which is probably more accurate.
Jun 04 17:17:36 <drakensis>   I tend to think 'Irish' but that's not really any fairer
Jun 04 17:17:41 <The_Bee>   Well,christians ahve a history of burnibg each other at the stake.
Jun 04 17:17:54 <DesertRose>   Or going on Crusade.
Jun 04 17:17:59 <revanne>   There are real attempts to prevent anti-muslim backlash here. I think we have learned from some of the anti Irish injustices of the 70s and i
Jun 04 17:18:07 <revanne>   80s
Jun 04 17:18:13 <Jemler>   but atheists don't issue death threats if you find faith.
Jun 04 17:18:38 <Shiral>   000000000000000000000000000000000
Jun 04 17:18:44 <DesertRose>   Depends on the atheist.  Some of them are pretty nasty.
Jun 04 17:19:05 <The_Bee>   Someone said recently that no one has ever beheaded anyone in the name of atheism.
Jun 04 17:19:12 <Jemler>   i've never done that.
Jun 04 17:19:25 <revanne>   But
Jun 04 17:19:29 <Shiral>   sorry , dMITRI is saying hello
Jun 04 17:19:33 <DesertRose>   No, not you.  But there are some atheists out there with some very ugly attitudes and behaviors.
Jun 04 17:19:51 <The_Bee>   Hi, dmitri
Jun 04 17:19:52 <revanne>   Hi Dimitri
Jun 04 17:19:57 <Jemler>   i reserve mine to bad mouth trump. :)
Jun 04 17:19:57 <DesertRose>   Hi Dmitri.
Jun 04 17:20:00 <Laurna>   Hello Dmitri
Jun 04 17:20:15 <Jemler>   evie still in europe?
Jun 04 17:20:25 <Shiral>   And the little squirt hit the caps lock key, too
Jun 04 17:20:27 <Laurna>   Any word from Evie
Jun 04 17:20:29 <DesertRose>   I know several women atheists who stay away from formal atheist groups because so many of the men involved with them are raging misogynist jerks.
Jun 04 17:20:32 <KK>   I think she may be enroute, or close to.
Jun 04 17:20:33 <revanne>   I don't think the labels matter. It's how people behave.
Jun 04 17:20:39 <DesertRose>   I believe Evie and Co are flying back today.
Jun 04 17:20:50 <DesertRose>   Again, not you, Jemler.
Jun 04 17:21:00 <Dennis>   Missy says, "Meow."
Jun 04 17:21:01 <Laurna>   That was a fast week
Jun 04 17:21:03 <DesertRose>   I'm thinking more people like Richard Dawkins and his ilk.
Jun 04 17:21:06 <KK>   The pics she's posted to Facebook look like they're seeing some lovely places.
Jun 04 17:21:08 <DesertRose>   Hi Missy.
Jun 04 17:21:09 <Shiral>   Religion or lack thereof are okay with me, until someone feels justified to hurt or kill other people because of it.
Jun 04 17:21:15 <DesertRose>   Carys is snoozing on the bed.
Jun 04 17:21:46 <Laurna>   I have another friend in france she shared pictures of  the palace of versi yesterday  so amazing
Jun 04 17:21:53 <revanne>   Anything that makes people less is wrong
Jun 04 17:21:59 <DesertRose>   Yes, revanne
Jun 04 17:22:16 <Jemler>   well, i officially cut the cord last week. no more cable tv.
Jun 04 17:22:25 <Dennis>   Yes. RIchard Dawkins has it seriously in for Rebecca Watson, who writes as "Skep-chick." He won't attend an event if she's there, has gotten her speaking engagements canceled. Just a horrible person.
Jun 04 17:22:44 <DesertRose>   He's a bully.
Jun 04 17:22:57 *   drakensis applauds Jemler
Jun 04 17:22:59 <DesertRose>   Backs down from a real fight if he knows he's outmatched.
Jun 04 17:23:16 <revanne>   Inte
Jun 04 17:23:19 <DesertRose>   (Dawkins, that is)
Jun 04 17:23:43 *   demercia (Mibbit@42F7BC.A59036.8CA15F.AEE81E) has joined
Jun 04 17:23:44 <revanne>   Sorry rented fingers tonight. Am watching tv news.
Jun 04 17:23:46 <DesertRose>   Hi demercia
Jun 04 17:23:49 <Laurna>   I only turn on my TV to watch Dr Who.  and soon to watch game of thrones. but nothing else interests me
Jun 04 17:23:51 <Shiral>   Hello Demercia
Jun 04 17:23:54 <Laurna>   Hello Demercia
Jun 04 17:24:07 <The_Bee>   I think of atheists as either the Madeleine Murray O'Hre kind, who try to force their views on everyone, and the Ernest Jones kind, who don't deny the possibility that God exists, but see no particular reason to believe that He does.
Jun 04 17:24:09 <Jemler>   hi demercia
Jun 04 17:24:10 <DesertRose>   Now that you're both here, happy belated birthday, revanne and demercia!
Jun 04 17:24:18 <revanne>   I love Borough Market where the attack happwned.
Jun 04 17:24:25 <Shiral>   Coming back from a nice family beach weekend to more terrorism attack news was sobering
Jun 04 17:24:29 <revanne>   Hi sis
Jun 04 17:24:32 <demercia>   Hi
Jun 04 17:24:33 <The_Bee>   Hi and Happy Birthday, Demercia
Jun 04 17:24:38 *   DesertRose takes magic chat cake out of the oven, which is whatever sort of cake anyone wants it to be.
Jun 04 17:24:46 <Jemler>   i just got tired of the rauising the bill. even wihout tv, i'll be spending $85/mo for internet.
Jun 04 17:24:47 <demercia>   Thanks
Jun 04 17:24:49 <Shiral>   Happy birthda, Demercia and Revanne
Jun 04 17:25:04 *   Shiral brews a pot of tea that does the same thing. =o)
Jun 04 17:25:06 <revanne>   Thank you
Jun 04 17:25:17 <KK>   Ah, Happy Birthday, indeed, ladies!
Jun 04 17:25:26 <revanne>   Tea and cake is good
Jun 04 17:25:27 <demercia>   Thank you.
Jun 04 17:25:33 *   Laurna accepts a piece of chocolate chat cake from Shiral
Jun 04 17:25:34 <revanne>   Thank you all
Jun 04 17:25:34 <DesertRose>   In proper Anglican fashion!
Jun 04 17:25:36 <Dennis>   Any writing news, KK?
Jun 04 17:25:40 *   Shiral adds juicy strawberries for good measure
Jun 04 17:25:44 <demercia>   Tea and cake is very good.
Jun 04 17:25:48 <demercia>   Yum
Jun 04 17:25:53 <revanne>   Looks for cream
Jun 04 17:25:59 <Shiral>   This time, it's DR that's supplied the cake, I did the tea. =o)
Jun 04 17:26:13 *   The_Bee takes a sip of darjeeling, and a bite of chocolate cake with peppermint frosting
Jun 04 17:26:17 *   Shiral snaps fingers and supplies the cream
Jun 04 17:26:19 *   DesertRose sets out clotted cream and ice cream and snaps her fingers so that a fully appointed dessert table appears.
Jun 04 17:26:24 *   Laurna thanks DR
Jun 04 17:26:59 *   revanne provides dainty cucumber sandwiches.
Jun 04 17:27:15 *   The_Bee thanks Desert Rose and Shiral
Jun 04 17:27:16 <demercia>   I could just drink a nice cup of Darjeeling, but can't be bothered to go downstairs
Jun 04 17:27:18 <Laurna>   My tooth abscess acturlly thanks you for the vertural cake,  that does not hurt it to eat it.
Jun 04 17:27:44 <DesertRose>   Owie!
Jun 04 17:27:55 <revanne>   Are you having treatment, Laurna?
Jun 04 17:27:57 <DesertRose>   Abscesses anywhere are owie, but in the mouth! Ouch ouch ouch!
Jun 04 17:28:28 <Laurna>   Had a root cannal  4 days ago  but still on anibiotics 2nd round becuase it still hurts
Jun 04 17:28:28 <drakensis>   anything in the mouth is unpleasent. it's only 8 days since my wisdom tooth was removed.
Jun 04 17:28:31 <demercia>   Brandysnaps filled with cream anyone?  The biscuits that is not my cat!
Jun 04 17:28:45 <DesertRose>   I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled at once.
Jun 04 17:28:45 <Laurna>   Ooch drakensis
Jun 04 17:28:50 <revanne>   Yum
Jun 04 17:28:53 <DesertRose>   Twenty-mumble years ago.
Jun 04 17:28:54 <demercia>   Owe to all the teeth work
Jun 04 17:29:00 *   The_Bee politely declines with thanks Revanne's cucumber sandwiches
Jun 04 17:29:06 <demercia>   So did I DR.  Agonising
Jun 04 17:29:16 <revanne>   Me too.
Jun 04 17:29:42 <drakensis>   having just one lacked a great deal of being a pleasent experience. I wouldn't have enjoyed having the rest out at the same time (or at all, I suppose)
Jun 04 17:29:43 <DesertRose>   And I neglected to inform my dentist that I was still nursing DD (just didn't think about it), so baby!DD got a dose of Percocet via breast milk that evening.  Oops.
Jun 04 17:29:48 <Laurna>   Genetics saw that I have No  wisdom teeth.  so i am greatful for that.
Jun 04 17:30:00 <DesertRose>   My mom had only two; the other two never showed up.
Jun 04 17:30:17 <DesertRose>   Stoner!Toddler.
Jun 04 17:30:25 <revanne>   Lol
Jun 04 17:30:27 <Shiral>   Said goodbye to my wisdom teeth along with my teens. Don't miss either
Jun 04 17:30:29 <Laurna>   Poor baby
Jun 04 17:30:35 <demercia>   Mine were impacted which made matters worse.
Jun 04 17:30:39 <The_Bee>   My mom met my dad as an indirect result of having her wisdom teeth pulled.
Jun 04 17:30:40 <DesertRose>   She was high as a kite!
Jun 04 17:30:51 <DesertRose>   One of mine was impacted; the other three were simple extractions.
Jun 04 17:30:55 <demercia>   Her dentist?
Jun 04 17:31:29 <Laurna>   interesting way to meet
Jun 04 17:32:27 <DesertRose>   One of the only times I've ever seen my paternal aunt lose her temper was when my cousin (her son) went skateboarding after he'd had his wisdom teeth out and had been taking some narcotic pain medication.  She read him a fairly epic Riot Act for that stunt.
Jun 04 17:33:28 <DesertRose>   Actually, that might be THE only time I've ever seen her lose her temper.
Jun 04 17:33:48 <drakensis>   I was advised against any great amount of physical activity after the tooth was taken out. I didn't tell them that the most activity I was likely to indulge in was carrying a lego kit to the bus-stop
Jun 04 17:33:54 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jun 04 17:34:07 <revanne>   Going afk for a bit as I relocate upstairs -back soon.
Jun 04 17:34:14 <drakensis>   to be fair, quite a _large_ lego kit but still not very heavy
Jun 04 17:34:22 <Shiral>   The day after I got those teeth out, I was pretty much good for nothing but lying in bed waiting to die
Jun 04 17:34:34 <DesertRose>   Well, my cousin was all of fifteen, so at that age of ten feet tall and bulletproof, or so one thinks.
Jun 04 17:34:35 <Laurna>   I went straight to work, I was fine that night but working the next day was bad.
Jun 04 17:34:38 <KK>   I should imgine that building Legos would be good distraction therapy whilst recovering from dental adventures.
Jun 04 17:34:52 <demercia>   Depends on what you had made with the logo i suppose😀
Jun 04 17:35:13 <DesertRose>   Depending on how the pain meds affect you, you might construct some...interesting things with your Lego.
Jun 04 17:35:18 <drakensis>   a pool-hall, barber's shop and detective's office, demercia
Jun 04 17:35:23 <KK>   Luckily, I don't get after-effects from anaesthesia; never have, even when they weren't as advanced as they are now.
Jun 04 17:35:33 <demercia>   I remember being told to book the next day off work.  Took a week.
Jun 04 17:35:59 <demercia>   Sounds interesting.  Part of a bigger scene?
Jun 04 17:36:08 <The_Bee>   No, Demercia.  He was living at theYMCA, and she was a member of theY Players drama club.  He volunteered to help her with a dentist skit involving her pulled wisdom tooth. But then she couldn't find thetooth.
Jun 04 17:36:10 <DesertRose>   I don't usually, but the one they gave me in the ER last week I will never allow to be administered to me EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE.
Jun 04 17:36:49 <Laurna>   yikes
Jun 04 17:36:53 <drakensis>   this one, demericia:
Jun 04 17:37:05 <drakensis>   fits together with other kits to form a street
Jun 04 17:37:29 <Laurna>   looks complicated
Jun 04 17:37:47 <DesertRose>   They were trying to avoid administering narcotic pain meds, so they gave me IV ketamine.  According to my stepdad, I appeared to be asleep.  Inside my head, I was fighting to return to consciousness/reality from a terrifying hallucinogenic nightmare of unknown length.
Jun 04 17:37:58 <drakensis>   eek
Jun 04 17:37:58 <The_Bee>   Did the procedure help with your health problems, DR?
Jun 04 17:38:03 <DesertRose>   That medication is now on the permanent NOPE list.
Jun 04 17:38:16 <demercia>   I think today I must have met the nation's stupidest person.  We had a big service in the Cathedral and someone came in for it but left his backpack at the entrance.  When we found out who he was and I explained to him that we could allow that he still didn't get it.
Jun 04 17:38:22 <DesertRose>   No, it was for the headache induced by the smoke alarm going off in my flat for two hours.
Jun 04 17:38:30 <demercia>   Couldn't allow it
Jun 04 17:38:36 <Laurna>   agree with that. and make sure the doctor writes that in your chart
Jun 04 17:38:36 <DesertRose>   And in addition to the scary hallucinogenic nightmare, it didn't even help the pain.
Jun 04 17:38:59 <The_Bee>   YIKE!
Jun 04 17:39:11 <Shiral>   Worst of all worlds, DR! Sounds awful
Jun 04 17:39:19 <DesertRose>   Pretty epic suckage, yes.
Jun 04 17:39:22 <demercia>   Thanks Drakensis.  I will follow the link once I'm off Mibbit, I might not get back in.
Jun 04 17:39:35 <demercia>   And yikes indeed DR
Jun 04 17:40:41 <DesertRose>   I expect Carys' opinion of the smoke alarm fiasco last week, if it could be translated out of Cat into English, would not consist of words one says in polite company.
Jun 04 17:41:48 <DesertRose>   And since she spent some unknown length of time as a street cat, she probably has some questionable vocabulary.  ;)
Jun 04 17:42:04 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 04 17:42:10 <Shiral>   It very likely  hurt her ears, as well.
Jun 04 17:42:11 <Laurna>   Poor Carys' kitty
Jun 04 17:42:29 <The_Bee>   MMRRRRROOWWW!
Jun 04 17:42:31 <DesertRose>   It sure as anything hurt MY ears, so I'm quite sure her ears were hurting too.
Jun 04 17:42:43 <DesertRose>   Since cats' hearing is more sensitive than human hearing.
Jun 04 17:42:52 <Shiral>   And she had no rational explanation for why it was happening.
Jun 04 17:42:55 *   revanne (Mibbit@842092.C19ECF.762609.EE74A8) has joined
Jun 04 17:43:02 <DesertRose>   Nor did I, for that matter.
Jun 04 17:43:03 <Laurna>   rehi Revanne
Jun 04 17:43:04 <DesertRose>   Rehi revanne
Jun 04 17:43:04 <The_Bee>   rehi revanne
Jun 04 17:43:35 <Shiral>   I want a smoke alarm that shuts off when I say "cut it out, I'm only cooking!" if I use my broiler the smoke alarm kicks in
Jun 04 17:44:13 <revanne>   Hi -took me longer than I expected.  DH is away and Cassie, our dog thinks that means she can sleep on the sofa. It took a while to disabuse her.
Jun 04 17:44:21 <The_Bee>   I've had to wave away the smoke with a broom to silence my smoke alarm
Jun 04 17:44:41 <Laurna>   There have been times when I have removed the batteries. just have to remember to replace them
Jun 04 17:44:43 <Shiral>   I sometimes take the one nearest the kitchen down and put it outside if I'm going to use my broiler
Jun 04 17:45:09 <revanne>   We used to have a family routine whete we all grabbed teatowels and waved furiously.
Jun 04 17:45:24 <Laurna>   done that too
Jun 04 17:45:29 <Shiral>   Dogs love to do the forbidden when you're not looking right AT them =o)
Jun 04 17:45:29 <The_Bee>   Mine is in the ceiling and \i'm not tall enough to reach it.
Jun 04 17:46:00 <revanne>   Too true, Shiral.
Jun 04 17:46:25 <DesertRose>   Mine went off for no apparent reason.
Jun 04 17:46:34 <Shiral>   So do cats, actually. Sometimes they don't even care if you ARE looking. =o)
Jun 04 17:46:41 <DesertRose>   And it's not battery powered; it's hard-wired.
Jun 04 17:46:56 <Laurna>   My dogs are all comfortably asleep at my feet
Jun 04 17:47:03 <Laurna>   love my feet warmers
Jun 04 17:47:10 <The_Bee>   any complaints from neighbors?
Jun 04 17:47:19 <DesertRose>   So there was no way for me to disable it, and the maintenance people, when they finally got here, had to disconnect the thing entirely to get it to shut the [bleep] up.
Jun 04 17:47:22 <Shiral>   The cats are a little annoyed with me since I've been away for a few days
Jun 04 17:47:24 <revanne>   She gave me some very reproachful looks -if she could use a phone she would be onto the RSPCA (animal welfare charity)
Jun 04 17:47:34 <DesertRose>   No, but my immediate neighbor said he could hear it from his bathroom.
Jun 04 17:48:31 <DesertRose>   The building manager was with the maintenance people for some weird reason and they tried to blame me for the thing going off because I had been burning a stick of incense, but I've burned countless sticks of incense in the last six years and change I've lived here, and that's never caused the smoke alarm to go off before.
Jun 04 17:49:09 <revanne>   And going off for two hours makes no sense.
Jun 04 17:49:27 <DesertRose>   Also, when the stupid thing started screaming, the first thing I did was to extinguish the stick of incense and turn on the exhaust fan over the range hood to try to blow any smoke out of the apartment, and the stupid smoke detector kept screaming for another hour and forty-five minutes, so sorry, that dog don't hunt.
Jun 04 17:49:40 <revanne>   Go anywhere nice, Shiral?
Jun 04 17:50:00 <demercia>   Sorry all, but unconsciousness beckons.  Catch you all in July, unless  that's the 4th?
Jun 04 17:50:05 <Shiral>   The coast along Monterey Bay
Jun 04 17:50:15 <revanne>   Lovely.
Jun 04 17:50:17 <DesertRose>   It's the 2nd, demercia
Jun 04 17:50:21 <DesertRose>   So should be good.  :)
Jun 04 17:50:28 <Shiral>   About halfway between Santa Cruz and Monterey
Jun 04 17:50:28 <DesertRose>   G'night then!
Jun 04 17:50:37 <demercia>   Great.  Catch you then
Jun 04 17:50:40 <Shiral>   Night, Demercia
Jun 04 17:50:41 <revanne>   Goodnight
Jun 04 17:50:42 <Jemler>   nite demercia
Jun 04 17:50:43 <Shiral>   Sleep weel
Jun 04 17:50:47 <Shiral>   well, too
Jun 04 17:51:23 *   demercia has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 04 17:51:32 <The_Bee>   nighters, demercia. May your ret be  peaceful and reviving
Jun 04 17:51:35 <revanne>   Its being older than me that means you need the sleep.
Jun 04 17:51:39 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jun 04 17:51:45 <revanne>   Rats missed her
Jun 04 17:51:47 <Shiral>   LOL
Jun 04 17:52:01 <Shiral>   How many minutes older is she, Revanne? =o)
Jun 04 17:52:09 <revanne>   15 minutes makes a lot of difference.
Jun 04 17:52:28 <Shiral>   Oh, definitely
Jun 04 17:52:32 <DesertRose>   If y'all had been born at New Year's, it might have meant you were born in different years!
Jun 04 17:52:39 <DesertRose>   That's happened to a few sets of twins.
Jun 04 17:53:15 <revanne>   Ooh you mean Id have my iwn birthday☺
Jun 04 17:53:35 <revanne>   Or even own
Jun 04 17:54:59 <revanne>   My DS's birthday is the day before so birthdays are a little crowded in June as DD2's is in two weeks
Jun 04 17:55:51 <DesertRose>   Your family does the cluster birthday thing too, eh?
Jun 04 17:56:11 <revanne>   Yes
Jun 04 17:56:27 <revanne>   Great long gaps then all at once.
Jun 04 17:56:36 <Shiral>   My brother's birthday is March 30, my nephew's is April 7th. We usually have a joint birthday party for them around Easter.
Jun 04 17:56:42 <DesertRose>   My stepdad's birthday was a point of contention, because technically, it's 15 May, but he was born around midnight and his mother always swore he was born a little before midnight on the 14th, but the paperwork reads the 15th.
Jun 04 17:57:04 <revanne>   Two birthdays.
Jun 04 17:57:13 <Shiral>   And my oldest brother and my father had birthdays 10 days apart. The rest of us are more spreadout through the year
Jun 04 17:57:14 <The_Bee>   My younger sister's birthday is the same day as Rosemary's Baby's,
Jun 04 17:57:37 <revanne>   I bet she hates that, Bee.
Jun 04 17:57:42 <The_Bee>   My older sister and \i are ne yearsand six days apart.
Jun 04 17:57:48 <DesertRose>   We have a January/February cluster, an April cluster, an August/September cluster (that's a big one; everyone gets pregnant at the holidays), and a November cluster, with a few others scattered through the rest of the year.
Jun 04 17:58:03 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
Jun 04 17:58:09 <DesertRose>   Ack!  We lost KK!
Jun 04 17:58:14 *   KK has joined
Jun 04 17:58:25 <DesertRose>   Rehi KK!
Jun 04 17:58:35 <revanne>   Rehi KK.
Jun 04 17:58:38 <The_Bee>   No, I think she got a chuckle out of it.  June 25, exactly sis months from Christmas
Jun 04 17:58:43 <The_Bee>   six
Jun 04 17:58:44 <KK>   A hiccup on the internet, I thik.
Jun 04 17:58:48 <KK>   think
Jun 04 17:59:04 <DesertRose>   Well, phooey on that internet and its diaphragm spasms.
Jun 04 17:59:05 <Shiral>   WB, KK
Jun 04 17:59:33 <The_Bee>   Tell the internet to breathe into a paper bag.
Jun 04 17:59:43 <DesertRose>   LOL, or eat a spoonful of peanut butter
Jun 04 17:59:50 <Shiral>   The internet has lungs? =o)
Jun 04 17:59:58 <revanne>   My birthday is the same day as the coronation -it's  nice to have the flags flying for me and Demercia☺
Jun 04 18:00:02 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jun 04 18:00:11 <DesertRose>   Patriotic lasses, the two of you.
Jun 04 18:00:39 *   Jemler sneaks up behind the Internet and says "Boo!" :)
Jun 04 18:00:43 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jun 04 18:00:53 <Jemler>   see if that helps! :)
Jun 04 18:01:16 <revanne>   My mum was a great royalist but I don't think she was in labour for over two days just to get the date right.
Jun 04 18:01:24 <DesertRose>   LOL, I doubt that!
Jun 04 18:01:30 <revanne>   Lol Jemler
Jun 04 18:01:38 <DesertRose>   Nobody deliberately prolongs childbirth!
Jun 04 18:01:45 <DesertRose>   At least, no one I ever heard of!
Jun 04 18:02:06 <Jemler>   so you're the Queens Coronation gift?
Jun 04 18:02:33 <revanne>   6 years late ☺
Jun 04 18:02:38 <Jemler>   did your mum call you Princesses?
Jun 04 18:02:51 <DesertRose>   To my ex-father-in-law's unending amusement, I was in labor on Labor Day.  DD was born at 3:08 a.m. the Tuesday morning after Labor Day.
Jun 04 18:02:53 <revanne>   Generally not!
Jun 04 18:03:16 <revanne>   She called us lots of things.
Jun 04 18:03:22 <Shiral>   Babies tend to choose their own birthdays.=o)
Jun 04 18:03:23 <revanne>   Lol DR
Jun 04 18:03:27 <KK>   Are you guys identical or fraternal?
Jun 04 18:03:32 <Jemler>   imagine if she was born on mothers day! :)
Jun 04 18:03:34 <revanne>   Identical
Jun 04 18:03:42 <DesertRose>   She started as she meant to go on; she was due on August 31 but not born until September 8.
Jun 04 18:03:54 <DesertRose>   I.E. She was born when she was darn well good and ready to show up.
Jun 04 18:04:07 <KK>   Were you dressed alike as small children?
Jun 04 18:04:18 <revanne>   Like my DS who was three weeks late and late ever since.
Jun 04 18:04:36 <DesertRose>   DD can be on time, but she is hell bent on doing things her way.
Jun 04 18:04:37 <Jemler>   your daughter was like Gandalf. she arrived precisely when she meant to.
Jun 04 18:04:58 <revanne>   Yes -on photos I can't  tell which is me until we're  about 10.
Jun 04 18:05:00 <DesertRose>   Not that I've much room to talk about stubbornness.
Jun 04 18:06:09 <KK>   That must have been fun.  You had a womb-mate--and, I gather, are still very close.
Jun 04 18:06:43 <DesertRose>   I think it's interesting that both revanne and demercia felt the calling to the priesthood.
Jun 04 18:06:53 <revanne>   Yes - we drifted apartbin our teens and twenties but are close now.
Jun 04 18:07:09 <Jemler>   having a twin. talk about a womb with a view! :)
Jun 04 18:07:18 <KK>   And you can still dress identically when you want to, in clericals.
Jun 04 18:07:22 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jun 04 18:07:26 <revanne>   Lol
Jun 04 18:08:22 <revanne>   My Dad, who very much had your view of religion, Jemler, wondered what had gone wrong!
Jun 04 18:08:29 <DesertRose>   BRB
Jun 04 18:10:31 <Jemler>   i once got a birthday card from someone. the outside said "On the day that you were born the angels got together...", and on the inside it said "and tried to figure out just what went wrong!" :)
Jun 04 18:10:39 <Laurna>   Had to make reall brownies got that terrible urge for chocolete.  It is cooking now.
Jun 04 18:11:27 <revanne>   Yum, Laurna
Jun 04 18:11:38 <revanne>   Lol
Jun 04 18:12:03 <Laurna>    I think it must be wonderful to have an identical twin.  My sister and I are 4 years apart but we are very close in many ways
Jun 04 18:12:43 <revanne>   My daughters who are 15 months apart are very close too.
Jun 04 18:12:49 <Laurna>   Know that if I die from licking the spoon that I went happily into the ever after
Jun 04 18:13:20 <Jemler>   my older brother and i were about a year and a half apart.
Jun 04 18:13:23 <KK>   Must be really yummy batter.
Jun 04 18:13:26 <revanne>   That sounds a bit drastic. What did you put in the brownies?
Jun 04 18:13:49 <Laurna>   walnuts, chips, and chunks too.
Jun 04 18:13:55 <The_Bee>   Growing up, I was closer to me four-years-younger sister than my one-year-older sister.
Jun 04 18:14:00 <Laurna>   And a fudge packet
Jun 04 18:14:10 <Jemler>   you're not allergic to chocolate are you?
Jun 04 18:14:17 <Laurna>   Nope
Jun 04 18:14:18 <Shiral>   We'll be right over, Laurna!
Jun 04 18:14:29 <revanne>   Find that portal, quick.
Jun 04 18:14:42 <Jemler>   Suicide by Chocolate?
Jun 04 18:14:50 <Laurna>   be thirty minutes you  have time to build a portal
Jun 04 18:14:54 <KK>   That sounds a lot like Death by Chocolate (Brownies).
Jun 04 18:15:15 <DesertRose>   I've always been closest to my oldest brother, who is 16 years older than I am, than to my other two brothers, who are 14 and 11 years older than I am, respectively.
Jun 04 18:15:42 <revanne>   Sadly I don't have any Deryni to hand😢
Jun 04 18:15:45 <DesertRose>   But then, there's a metric crap-ton of family drama involved in the reasons for that.
Jun 04 18:15:46 <Jemler>   my younger brother is 3 yrs younger.
Jun 04 18:16:13 <DesertRose>   The one who's 14 years older than I am isn't in touch with the rest of us and I haven't even laid eyes on him in a couple of decades.
Jun 04 18:16:14 <revanne>   I always wanted a brother
Jun 04 18:16:34 <Jemler>   i have 2 left. pick one.
Jun 04 18:16:46 <DesertRose>   And I only reconnected with the youngest one at their mother's funeral; I hadn't seen him in over thirty years at that point, because of family drama caused by our father.  :(
Jun 04 18:17:26 <DesertRose>   Brothers can be fun, but they can be annoying too.
Jun 04 18:17:42 <DesertRose>   Mine used to call me Sasquatch and tell me I was like a puppy, someday I'd grow into my feet.
Jun 04 18:18:15 <DesertRose>   (Because my feet finished growing before the rest of me did; I've worn the same shoe size since I was about twelve, but I was about four or five inches shorter then than now)
Jun 04 18:18:18 <Laurna>   My older brother loved telling monster stories at night when he baby sat to scare us to death
Jun 04 18:19:31 <Shiral>   I remember one night when my brother and sister and I were watching a particularly scary monster movie. We ended up in the opposite corner of the room from the TV, all three of us shielded by a big floor pillow. =o
Jun 04 18:19:37 <Laurna>   I recall the big purple-people- eater was his favorite.
Jun 04 18:19:57 <Laurna>   Love it Shiral
Jun 04 18:20:18 <revanne>   Just seen the time -had better head for bed before the purple people eater gets me.
Jun 04 18:20:21 <Laurna>   Funny how I still love the color purple
Jun 04 18:20:29 <DesertRose>   Okay, g'night, revanne!
Jun 04 18:20:32 <Shiral>   My bedroom is on the second floor, it took a while before I had the nerve to go upstairs by myself
Jun 04 18:20:37 <Laurna>   Good Night Revanne
Jun 04 18:20:39 <Shiral>   Night, Revanne
Jun 04 18:20:49 <drakensis>   night
Jun 04 18:20:54 <The_Bee>   nighters, Revanne. Have a good week.
Jun 04 18:21:01 <DesertRose>   Carys has awakened from her nap and says Hi.
Jun 04 18:21:02 <drakensis>   sleep tight and don't let the purple people eater bite
Jun 04 18:21:03 <revanne>   Goodnight all.
Jun 04 18:21:16 <Jemler>   we were watching Arachnophobia on tv, and a friend of ours was literally trying to climb the wall to get away from the spiders!
Jun 04 18:21:17 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 04 18:21:31 <DesertRose>   Yeah, I don't do horror movies.
Jun 04 18:21:38 <Laurna>   Nor do I
Jun 04 18:21:45 <Jemler>   this guy was terrified!
Jun 04 18:21:46 <DesertRose>   I got trapped into watching a few of those awful 80's slasher flicks at slumber parties.
Jun 04 18:21:49 <Shiral>   I will NOT ever watch Arachnophobia--I'm too much of a real arachnophobe.
Jun 04 18:21:59 <DesertRose>   And I thought, even then, "This is gross and stupid."
Jun 04 18:22:15 <DesertRose>   When a well-read 11-year-old can see the plot holes, you have a screenwriting problem.
Jun 04 18:22:27 *   judyward ( has joined
Jun 04 18:22:30 <DesertRose>   Hi judyward
Jun 04 18:22:33 <Shiral>   Hello Judyward
Jun 04 18:22:38 *   Jemler hums Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jun 04 18:22:46 <Jemler>   hi judyward
Jun 04 18:22:46 <judyward>   Hi, everyone. I'm late!
Jun 04 18:22:59 *   Laurna tosses Jemler a gold fish
Jun 04 18:23:00 <DesertRose>   It's okay.  Early chat tends to run longer anyway.
Jun 04 18:23:01 <Jemler>   Fashionable.
Jun 04 18:23:03 <Shiral>   Be quiet, Jemler/
Jun 04 18:23:05 <The_Bee>   hi judyward
Jun 04 18:23:14 <KK>   Hi, Judy!
Jun 04 18:23:57 <judyward>   Sorry to be late but it was pouring rain at the grocery store. Hi, KK! First time I've been on while you were here!!
Jun 04 18:24:12 <Shiral>   Just gave Dmitri a big hug. He objected. =o)
Jun 04 18:24:20 <Laurna>   It is raining somewhere?
Jun 04 18:24:34 <Jemler>   probably.
Jun 04 18:24:41 <DesertRose>   It looks like it wants to here.
Jun 04 18:24:43 <judyward>   In Round Rock, TX it was POURING just a bit ago.
Jun 04 18:24:51 <The_Bee>   I dislike the suit of clubs because they remind me of bugs crawling over the cards
Jun 04 18:25:06 <Laurna>   LOL  love it bee
Jun 04 18:25:08 <DesertRose>   We need it.  It's been dry as a bone for months, and that wildfire in the Okefenokee isn't out yet, although we've gotten some rain and it's not as bad as it was.
Jun 04 18:25:18 <drakensis>   I'm going to go pass out. have a good evening
Jun 04 18:25:19 <judyward>   Bugs, hmm. Hadn't thought of that.
Jun 04 18:25:22 <DesertRose>   G'night, drakensis
Jun 04 18:25:31 <Laurna>   Good ngiht Drakensis
Jun 04 18:25:33 <Jemler>   nite drakensis
Jun 04 18:25:33 <Shiral>   Night, Drakensis
Jun 04 18:25:40 <judyward>   You're if FL, DR?
Jun 04 18:25:43 <DesertRose>   Yup
Jun 04 18:25:43 *   drakensis has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -
Jun 04 18:25:57 <DesertRose>   A native of Arizona, though, hence the username.
Jun 04 18:26:00 <judyward>   I was born in FL
Jun 04 18:26:01 <The_Bee>   "I bid two creepy-crawlies."
Jun 04 18:26:04 <Jemler>   but you like diamonds, because diamonds are a girls best friend!
Jun 04 18:26:08 <DesertRose>   Whereabouts in Florida?
Jun 04 18:26:21 <DesertRose>   I'm in Jacksonville, aka culturally southern Georgia.
Jun 04 18:26:26 <judyward>   Oh, I came west to Texas.
Jun 04 18:26:37 <The_Bee>   Hearts are my favorites.
Jun 04 18:26:37 <Laurna>   Bee your name tells me about creepy crawly flying things.  sorry.
Jun 04 18:26:54 <judyward>   Tallahassee but we lived in Brooksville, Inverness, Williston & Destin Beach.
Jun 04 18:27:08 <The_Bee>   My stinger is balanced by my honey.
Jun 04 18:27:17 <Laurna>   LOL
Jun 04 18:27:23 <KK>   Ugh.  The dog sprawled on the floor behind me just floated a biscuit.
Jun 04 18:27:24 <Shiral>   My brother and SIL live in Tallahassee, although they just spent his sabbatical year in Austin Tx
Jun 04 18:27:30 <DesertRose>   I'm incapussitated
Jun 04 18:27:38 <Shiral>   They're kind of sorry to go back--they really enjoyed Austin
Jun 04 18:27:51 <judyward>   He was close to here then. We live in Hutto NE of Austin.
Jun 04 18:28:00 <Shiral>   Carys got you pinned, DR? =o)
Jun 04 18:28:03 <judyward>   Austin is nice but really big now.
Jun 04 18:28:04 <DesertRose>   Yup
Jun 04 18:28:05 <Laurna>   Poor doggy
Jun 04 18:28:37 <Shiral>   I went to a wedding in Austin about 3 years ago--You can get very lost, there.
Jun 04 18:29:00 <DesertRose>   Her Highness is demanding her tax of pets and attention.
Jun 04 18:29:04 <judyward>   Yes, it's easy to get lost. Some streets have 3 names, depending where you are on it.
Jun 04 18:29:19 <judyward>   Must pet the doggies!
Jun 04 18:29:22 <DesertRose>   I'm wearing my San Antonio t-shirt right now that my family brought me back from a trip they took last year.
Jun 04 18:29:29 <Shiral>   I'd had an awful flight in, but once I got to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was and had a plate of fabulous barbecue in front of me, the day took a definite turn for the better. =o)
Jun 04 18:29:47 <DesertRose>   They happened to be there during Fiesta, so that's what the shirt says, in very bright neon lettering with fireworks graphics behind it.
Jun 04 18:29:56 <DesertRose>   The shirt itself is purple, my favorite color.
Jun 04 18:30:04 <judyward>   My Family Went to San Antonio & all their Brought Me was This T-Shirt?
Jun 04 18:30:12 <DesertRose>   Pretty much!  :)
Jun 04 18:30:49 <judyward>   If you want great T-shirts, I buy them at The Mountain, on line.
Jun 04 18:30:55 <Shiral>   Dmitri is also demanding love and attention. Even though the favorite baby sitter was here to care for him and Tati while I was gone. I think he's glad I'm back, but won't admit it.
Jun 04 18:30:58 <DesertRose>   Actually, the part of the trip that I really envied was the stop at Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri.
Jun 04 18:31:21 <judyward>   I bet that would have been nice. Haven't been there.
Jun 04 18:31:33 <DesertRose>   Me neither, and I grew up reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.
Jun 04 18:31:36 <judyward>   The Sunken Gardens in San Antonio are nice.
Jun 04 18:32:08 <judyward>   I never read them. Too busy reading Sci-Fi & The Black Stallion books.
Jun 04 18:32:09 <DesertRose>   Mom said that the kitchen at Rocky Ridge was beautifully designed.  Too short for Mom (who's about 5'6"), because Laura designed it and Almanzo built it for Laura, who was about 5' even.
Jun 04 18:32:38 <judyward>   My sister is 4'11" and once had a kitchen for short ladies.
Jun 04 18:32:45 <DesertRose>   They were both short, Laura and Almanzo.
Jun 04 18:32:53 <DesertRose>   He wasn't but about 5'4" or 5'5".
Jun 04 18:33:05 <judyward>   Guys were shorter then.
Jun 04 18:33:13 <KK>   I was with you, judyward, reading SF and Black Stallion.
Jun 04 18:33:14 <Shiral>   Everyone was shorter, then
Jun 04 18:33:16 <DesertRose>   Yeah, but he was short even for the time.
Jun 04 18:33:33 <judyward>   I loved those books! And The Island Stallion, too.
Jun 04 18:33:36 <Shiral>   My grandfather was about 5'8"
Jun 04 18:33:48 <The_Bee>   me too/////////////////////////////////////////1
Jun 04 18:33:50 <KK>   Yes.  And King of the Wind.
Jun 04 18:33:54 <DesertRose>   Like, short end of average, I guess.
Jun 04 18:33:57 <judyward>   He was tall for early 1900s
Jun 04 18:34:05 <judyward>   Oh, don't think I read that one.
Jun 04 18:34:10 <The_Bee>   My Friend Flicka\
Jun 04 18:34:14 <Shiral>   Definitely read Laura Ingalls Wilder. Lord, how HARD pioneer women worked! And out in the middle of the boonies!
Jun 04 18:34:18 <Laurna>   Actuelly we did some research and most everyone had the same length of leg and arms  just shorter in the torso.
Jun 04 18:34:25 <DesertRose>   My paternal grandmother was super tall for her generation.  She was born in 1919 and at her tallest was 5'9".
Jun 04 18:34:27 <judyward>   Yes, Flicka.
Jun 04 18:34:34 <Shiral>   Definitely Flicka
Jun 04 18:34:44 <KK>   It's about the Godolphin Arabian, who was one of the founder stocks for all thorobreds.
Jun 04 18:34:55 <judyward>   I don't know how women made it & in all those skirts, too.
Jun 04 18:34:56 <DesertRose>   Yup.  I have The Little House Cookbook, which is as interesting as food history as it is as a cookbook.
Jun 04 18:35:12 <The_Bee>   Didn't Laura's sister go blind in real life, as well as in the TV show?
Jun 04 18:35:15 <judyward>   Oh, I might  have to look for it, if still in print.
Jun 04 18:35:16 <DesertRose>   The skirts weren't such a problem.  The corsets on the other hand...
Jun 04 18:35:17 <DesertRose>   Yes.
Jun 04 18:35:20 <KK>   Look it up.  I"m sure it must still be available.
Jun 04 18:35:26 <Shiral>   I always loved the illustrations in Marguerite Henry books--all full of horses!
Jun 04 18:35:29 <DesertRose>   Not as dramatically as they made it out on the TV show, though.
Jun 04 18:35:32 <judyward>   I love Arabians
Jun 04 18:35:43 <judyward>   I will.
Jun 04 18:35:43 <Laurna>   Corsets are easy to wear. don't let people tell you otherwise
Jun 04 18:35:49 <DesertRose>   Mary had scarlet fever and her vision slowly dimmed until she had none at all.
Jun 04 18:36:09 <Laurna>   They make you stand better too
Jun 04 18:36:12 <DesertRose>   Well, I don't mind a Renaissance corset/bodice, but the Victorian ones, no thank you!
Jun 04 18:36:25 <judyward>   No thanks! As soon as I get home, the bra gets yanked off.
Jun 04 18:36:38 <Laurna>   I make, sell and wear victorian corsets  they are not a problem
Jun 04 18:37:00 <DesertRose>   The Renaissance style ones I find give me nice back support.  They become a problem when I need to drive the car, though. :)
Jun 04 18:37:01 <Laurna>   my coreset is more comfortable than my bra
Jun 04 18:37:06 <DesertRose>   Oh yes, definitely!
Jun 04 18:37:07 <judyward>   Do you have a website?
Jun 04 18:37:37 <Laurna>   My sister does.
Jun 04 18:37:53 <DesertRose>   Let me rephrase.  The way they wore them in the Victorian era, with the super-tight waist cinching, is what I can do without.
Jun 04 18:37:55 <The_Bee>   If you're not trying to turn a 24" waist into an 18' waist.
Jun 04 18:38:03 <DesertRose>   Or what Bee said.  :)
Jun 04 18:38:12 <The_Bee>   18", not feet
Jun 04 18:38:23 <KK>   ol
Jun 04 18:38:28 <KK>   lol
Jun 04 18:38:38 <DesertRose>   Scarlett O'Hara I am not.
Jun 04 18:38:39 <Laurna>   Only young girls  of very wealthy families trying to get a good rich husband tight laced.
Jun 04 18:39:00 <judyward>   I saw illustrations recently of what they did to your insides, laced that tight.
Jun 04 18:39:15 <DesertRose>   Yeah, that's what I meant, judyward
Jun 04 18:39:18 <Laurna>   don't believe what your read
Jun 04 18:39:19 <Shiral>   Wow, THAT would be uncomfortably tight lacing. =o)
Jun 04 18:39:36 <judyward>   Yes, they often went to extremes in those days.
Jun 04 18:40:01 <Shiral>   No wonder women couldn't do much when wearing corsets like that--they couldn't breathe
Jun 04 18:40:10 <DesertRose>   The 16th C. style ones I wear at SCA events sometimes are snug but I can breathe just fine.
Jun 04 18:40:20 <judyward>   That's why they fainted all the time.
Jun 04 18:40:40 <The_Bee>   I read once thata  white bridal gown meant, "My daddy is rich enough to buy me an expensive dress that I'll only wear once."
Jun 04 18:40:41 <DesertRose>   Even though we joke about them being "breathing optional clothing," it really isn't true.
Jun 04 18:40:41 <Shiral>   Exactly. Not much of a life, if you wanted to be more than just decorative
Jun 04 18:40:41 <Laurna>   Your falling into the hype, very little of that is true
Jun 04 18:41:02 <DesertRose>   That's about what it still means, Bee.
Jun 04 18:41:23 <judyward>   LOL on the wedding dress.
Jun 04 18:41:23 <The_Bee>   virginity optional
Jun 04 18:41:25 <DesertRose>   If I had ever remarried, I was NOT going to have a one-use-only dress.
Jun 04 18:41:26 <Shiral>   Unless it gets passed through the family. My cousin wore her mother's wedding dress
Jun 04 18:41:37 <DesertRose>   Yes.
Jun 04 18:41:40 <judyward>   Still thinking about A & R's wedding, KK
Jun 04 18:41:46 <Shiral>   My mother borrowed her cousin's wedding dress
Jun 04 18:41:49 <KK>   I remember when I was being fitted for my wedding gown, the strapless bra was too tight and I started feeling faint--and I've never fainted in my life!  Had to get one of those extenders to give myself breathing room.  Then everything was fine.
Jun 04 18:42:09 <judyward>   The things we do to look good!
Jun 04 18:42:14 <DesertRose>   My aunt wore her mother's wedding dress, as did her older sister, and her younger sister would have except that her wedding took place in Spain and she couldn't pack the dress because it had a big bulky skirt.
Jun 04 18:42:39 <The_Bee>   Mom got married during the depression.  Her gown was blue so she could wear it again.  Her students made it for her.
Jun 04 18:42:46 <DesertRose>   When I married my ex, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
Jun 04 18:42:53 <judyward>   My mom got married in a suit dress but it would have been too small for me.
Jun 04 18:43:09 <Jemler>   well, with the other two in there, she probably wouldn't fit!
Jun 04 18:43:22 <Shiral>   All my brothers and male cousins have been married at least once. my sister and I and my two female cousins never have
Jun 04 18:43:22 <judyward>   Yes, mom's was so she could wear  it to church & so forth.
Jun 04 18:43:28 <DesertRose>   Yeah, I wouldn't have been able to wear the wedding dress my mom wore when she married my biological father, because my mom is shorter than I am and smaller through the shoulders and chest.
Jun 04 18:43:45 <judyward>   I've been married once, but Lou 3 X now.
Jun 04 18:43:46 <Shiral>   I think we saw at close hand what happens when  you marry seriously the wrong person for you.
Jun 04 18:44:13 <DesertRose>   And I'm not sure she still has the outfit she wore when she married my stepdad, because their wedding was them, the preacher, my grandmother, my uncle (mom's brother), my aunt (mom's brother's wife), and me.
Jun 04 18:44:19 <KK>   Actually, we can blame white wedding gowns on Queen Victoria.  After she wore one, it became all the rage.  Before that, you wore your very best--and could wear it again and again.
Jun 04 18:44:29 <DesertRose>   Yes, KK
Jun 04 18:44:38 <judyward>   More practical.
Jun 04 18:44:39 <DesertRose>   Because Laura Ingalls Wilder got married in a dressy black dress.
Jun 04 18:44:49 <DesertRose>   Her nicest dress, basically.
Jun 04 18:44:58 <Shiral>   I don't know how my parents held on for 15 years--my mom said she knew it was a mistake, early on. But she came from a family where you stuck it out, anyway.
Jun 04 18:45:30 <Shiral>   Those darned fashion trend-setters. =o)
Jun 04 18:45:30 <The_Bee>   ONe of Kelson's brides wore blue, the other wore gold.
Jun 04 18:45:51 <DesertRose>   Sometimes I wonder how/why my mom stayed married to my dad long enough for me to be born!
Jun 04 18:45:56 <judyward>   Wait, he had 2?
Jun 04 18:45:57 <Shiral>   And his second marriage lasted a lot better, even if we only got to see the first few hours.
Jun 04 18:46:07 <KK>   In fact, I believe it was the custom in the upper classes, post-Victoria, for newly married ladies to wear their wedding gowns to court and such for the first year after the marriage--until, of course, they got pregnant and could no longr fit.  But the dresses were also more adjustable than we usually think of.
Jun 04 18:46:13 <DesertRose>   Sidana, then Araxie.
Jun 04 18:46:51 <judyward>   Oh, but he didn't actually marry Sidana, did he? Thought scummy cousin got her.
Jun 04 18:46:55 <The_Bee>   Sidana was murdered at the altar by her brother.
Jun 04 18:47:06 <DesertRose>   No, they had said their vows when her brother cut her throat.
Jun 04 18:47:14 <Shiral>   My stepmother and my dad were much more on the same wavelength--I think that's why their marriage lasted nearly 50 years
Jun 04 18:47:16 <judyward>   OH, I forgot about her! Wow! I need to do some re-reading.
Jun 04 18:47:37 <Laurna>   They were married a whole two minutes   sad indeed
Jun 04 18:47:41 <Shiral>   Crack open those books, Judy. =o) And no, Kelson didn't commit bigamy. =o)
Jun 04 18:47:45 <The_Bee>   I think the ceremony was competed, but of course the marriage was never consummated.
Jun 04 18:47:48 <DesertRose>   Yeah, same with my mom and stepdad.  Thirty-two years and counting.
Jun 04 18:47:53 <Jemler>   judy, that was rothana
Jun 04 18:48:29 <judyward>   Right, Rothana.  I do need to re-read. Almost just bought one of those for my pad.
Jun 04 18:48:48 <judyward>   Yes, she died in the church, poor thing.
Jun 04 18:49:01 <Shiral>   Well, my stepmother is now widowed. She misses my father very much. But is also very relieved. She stuck it out and cared for him loyally, but it's hard to be the caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient.
Jun 04 18:49:29 <judyward>   That's tough to do. She was very loyal.
Jun 04 18:49:40 <Shiral>   A horrible way for a wedding to end.
Jun 04 18:49:45 <Jemler>   an aunt on one side and an uncle on the other had that.
Jun 04 18:50:13 <judyward>   I take extra Vit D3 and extra B12, supposed to be good for mental health.
Jun 04 18:50:27 <Shiral>   She was with us at the beach, and is planning to go to a week-long music worship. She can do that now, without having to worry about my Dad, in any way.
Jun 04 18:50:44 <judyward>   Good for her to get out.
Jun 04 18:50:47 <Laurna>   Portal is open for anyone who wants brownies.
Jun 04 18:50:50 <The_Bee>   But Sidans's death left Kelson free to marry a Deryni woman.
Jun 04 18:50:51 <DesertRose>   Yum!
Jun 04 18:51:06 <Shiral>   I can't find the portal signature!
Jun 04 18:51:07 <DesertRose>   Not that I can eat brownies in real life, but I'll take a virtual one!
Jun 04 18:51:10 <judyward>   Yes.
Jun 04 18:51:13 <KK>   It's good that you have a relationship with her, Shiral.
Jun 04 18:51:21 <judyward>   Yum! Brownies!
Jun 04 18:51:53 *   Laurna sends the brownies out the Rhemuth castle denizens.
Jun 04 18:51:55 <Shiral>   We've always had "a relationship" but it's not always been an easy one. 
Jun 04 18:51:57 <Jemler>   did he activate araxies haldane potential?
Jun 04 18:52:13 <Shiral>   I would hope he had. More interesting for them both.
Jun 04 18:52:24 <KK>   Hope it will be easier now, and that you can share the positive memories you both have.
Jun 04 18:52:28 <judyward>   I can't remember, but didn't Araxie have Deryni blood?
Jun 04 18:52:37 <DesertRose>   Well, Araxie's mother was of the Orsal line, so she has Deryni blood, in addition to being a Haldane.
Jun 04 18:53:07 <Laurna>   KK did you the genetics for the Haldane potential ever get formulated?
Jun 04 18:53:09 <KK>   K & A's children should be...interesting.
Jun 04 18:53:20 <DesertRose>   Sometimes the stepparent/stepchild relationship can be tough.
Jun 04 18:53:35 <DesertRose>   My stepdad and I have had our moments, good and bad.
Jun 04 18:53:38 <judyward>   Yes, interesting is the word. Are we going to meet any of them?
Jun 04 18:53:39 <Shiral>   In a way, I think it will be easier. My Dad could be very opinionated, and he had a way of throwing wet blankets over occasions. Glenna joined right in the games and conversations, this weekend
Jun 04 18:53:45 <Jemler>   just ask cinderella!
Jun 04 18:54:25 <DesertRose>   Well, he'll accuse me of being stubborn, as if he isn't.
Jun 04 18:54:35 <DesertRose>   And I'm like, "Pot, meet kettle."
Jun 04 18:54:37 <Shiral>   Fortunately, she was never like that. =o) But when we visited them, it was "a visit" we didn't really feel at home--and all our own stuff was at our mom's house.
Jun 04 18:54:50 <Jemler>   brb. dinner, spaghetti and meatballs!
Jun 04 18:55:06 <DesertRose>   Or he'll dredge up things that have literally not been a problem in decades if he doesn't have anything better to do with himself and I'm like, "Can you drop it already?"
Jun 04 18:55:09 <judyward>   Oh, my. I'm going to have to go fix dinner soon.
Jun 04 18:56:08 <KK>   Yeah, I'm going to have to bow out, too.  There are these little steaks in the fridge....
Jun 04 18:56:31 <DesertRose>   Yum!  See you next week, KK?
Jun 04 18:56:31 <KK>   Anyway, should be here next week.  See you guys then.
Jun 04 18:56:33 <Shiral>   My step-mother was very much a wife, first. But it was probably wise of her not to try to be a parent.
Jun 04 18:56:36 <Shiral>   Bye, KK
Jun 04 18:56:42 <Jemler>   nite kk
Jun 04 18:56:43 <judyward>   We're being bad. Hamburger steaks and potatoes.
Jun 04 18:56:46 <DesertRose>   Thanks for coming to see us!  Have a good week!  G'night!
Jun 04 18:56:47 <Shiral>   Have a good week. Hope inspiration strikes!
Jun 04 18:56:51 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Jun 04 18:57:12 <KK>   Nighters.
Jun 04 18:57:15 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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