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KK Chat--2 April 2017
« on: April 02, 2017, 06:04:23 pm »
[04:13.30] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:13.35] <revanne> Do you come in friendship?
[04:13.37] <Teymuraz> I greet you, KK.
[04:13.38] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[04:13.39] <Evie> Teymuraz has promised to be on his best behavior if we hand over, I mean if we give him cookies.
[04:13.45] <Evie> Hi KK!
[04:14.03] <revanne> Nhi KK
[04:14.09] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:14.37] <Evie> Is it as warm there as it is here?
[04:15.01] <Teymuraz> evie, this isn't as much fun as i thought it would be.
[04:15.10] * Teymuraz is now known as Jemler
[04:15.11] <KK> 62 here, so I suspect not.
[04:15.18] <Jemler> hi folks
[04:15.36] <revanne> Hi
[04:15.48] <Evie> It's 84 here
[04:15.59] <Jemler> 54 here.
[04:16.06] <Evie> Though temps are supposed to dip again later in the week after some storms pass through
[04:16.07] <KK> Hmmm, edging into summer temps.
[04:16.14] <revanne> You'd rather have mackerel  than cookies?
[04:17.00] <Jemler> last year i logged onas teymuraz and evie reached for the ward cubes. april fool!
[04:17.14] <revanne> Loll
[04:17.29] <Evie> :-D
[04:17.31] <revanne> Or even lol
[04:17.38] <Laurna> Hello KK, Ah Jemler that was you.  Hello Jemler.
[04:17.44] * Evie lolls on the couch
[04:18.05] <revanne> Lolling is good
[04:18.21] <Laurna> Dogs are lolling at my feet
[04:18.22] <KK> Lolling is very good.
[04:18.42] <Laurna> except the one with the ball that wants me to play with him
[04:18.54] <Evie> I only have one and a half day per week to loll, so I'm enjoying it while I can
[04:19.01] * Jemler puts out cinnamon-sugar monkey bread.
[04:19.23] <KK> That sounds yummy.
[04:19.32] * The_Bee sets out flasks or mead.
[04:19.36] <Evie> I read that as cinnamon-monkey sugar bread, which just sounded confusing until I tried again.  :-D
[04:19.38] <revanne> Cassie is lolling on the floor at the bottom of my bed as DH is away so she has sneaked upstsirs and is lying very quiet so I won't  notice.
[04:19.41] <KK> Spring temps must be keeping most folk out of doors.
[04:20.07] <Evie> I would guess so
[04:20.07] <Laurna> Good Cassie keeping you company
[04:20.17] <revanne> Yes
[04:20.25] <KK> Bee, how's the weather in your eck of the woods?
[04:20.29] <KK> neck
[04:20.48] <KK> Did you get much snow?
[04:20.50] <revanne> In our previous house which was haunted she hated coming upstairs
[04:20.59] <The_Bee> I had a bit of a surprose the other day. Melantha was playing with a mouse.
[04:21.28] <Jemler> your cat can use the computer?! :0
[04:21.30] <Evie> Hopefully she didn't put it in your shoe, like Luke did with DH's shoe once
[04:21.35] <The_Bee> sunny today and tomorrow, pouring Tuesday
[04:21.36] <revanne> Poor mouse. I hate it when they do that.
[04:21.37] <KK> Oh, you also lived in a haunted house?  Don't suppose you exorcized it?
[04:22.08] <Laurna> When you pet will not join you going upstairs  I would be a little hesitant myself.
[04:22.08] <revanne> No, it wasn't doing any harm just wandering around a bit.
[04:22.31] <KK> We had wandering ghosts at Holybrooke, totally benign.
[04:22.31] <Jemler> we have a ghost. Henry.
[04:22.51] <Jemler> breen with us since i was a kid.
[04:22.55] <The_Bee> The poor thing must have been too hurt to run. I let Melanatha play for afew minutes, then flushed it dow nthe toilet.
[04:23.25] <Laurna> Is that a Rabbit  6foot tall rabbit, Jemler?
[04:23.38] <KK> You flushed it alive, or had it died by then?
[04:23.40] <Jemler> i won't tell my niece you drowned mickey.
[04:23.55] <revanne> It unnerved me when I heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom when I was in the bath once but they stopped before entering so all was well.
[04:24.05] <KK> We regularly got mice left in innteresting places at Holybrooke.
[04:24.27] * Jemler remembers the shower scene from Psycho.
[04:24.32] <The_Bee> It was alive; I hope it drowned quickly.  And I hope there aren't any more.
[04:25.27] <KK> We also had footsteps coming toward the bathroom.  THey ceased when Scott yanked the door open.
[04:25.45] <Jemler> answer the unanswered riddle.
[04:27.20] * drakensis (~drakensis@7D8456.ED6234.6CA64C.C20BEA) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:27.29] <Evie> Hi drakensis
[04:27.33] <drakensis> hi
[04:27.37] <The_Bee> Did you ever actually see a ghost, KK?
[04:27.48] <Jemler> hi drakensis
[04:27.51] <The_Bee> Hi Drakensis
[04:27.52] <Laurna> My sister's house was built in 1892 however, it was moved to its new location in the 1970's  so we figure any ghosts were left behind.
[04:28.18] <KK> No, but Scott did.  I only heard them.
[04:28.24] <Laurna> Hello Drakensis
[04:28.44] <Laurna> Oh  Scott saw one,  scary  or cool?
[04:29.10] <revanne> Hi Drakensis
[04:29.19] <drakensis> how are you all?
[04:29.35] <revanne> Good thank you
[04:29.47] <Laurna> enjoying a spring day.  How are you across the pond?
[04:29.56] <The_Bee> not too bad
[04:29.59] <KK> He saw several--or the same one several times.  They weren't scary.
[04:30.01] <drakensis> depleting the world supply of cough sweets
[04:30.13] <revanne> Oh dear.
[04:30.28] <revanne> Cough sweets that is
[04:31.11] <Jemler> KK, where could i find a copy of the Lay of the Lord Llwellyn?
[04:31.16] <Evie> Yuck.  Went through that in February. Hope the cough subsides soon
[04:31.24] <drakensis> my second time around this year
[04:31.43] <revanne> I've been laid low with Asthma this week so the UK contingent is clearly under the weather
[04:31.43] <KK> In the library at Coroth.
[04:32.03] <Jemler> do you need a library card?
[04:32.17] <KK> Things are coming into bloom, so I suspect everyone's allergies are acting up.  I know mine are.
[04:33.06] <revanne> Yes the pollen here is pretty powerful although the blossom is lovely
[04:33.25] <Laurna> For a minute I thought you had been using your portal to get to Coroth Corwyn,  and I want to be invited to use it to.
[04:34.05] <drakensis> on the matter of medical matters, has anyone here had a wisdom tooth out? because I'm due for one and the dentist suggests taking a few days off work. which I'm not keen on
[04:34.19] <drakensis> is it actually that bad?
[04:34.43] <Evie> Fortunately I've never had one out, since I'm one of the lucky people who never had any to come in to begin with
[04:34.52] <KK> Is it impacted or a straight pull?
[04:34.54] <The_Bee> My mom did.  It led to her meeting my dad.
[04:34.54] <Laurna> Depends.  My sisters were inpacted,  she was black and blue in the face for a few days.
[04:35.11] <drakensis> not even sure what impacted means
[04:35.23] <KK> Hasn't broken through the gum.
[04:35.56] <drakensis> ah, no. straight removal
[04:36.11] <KK> If the dentist has to dig for them, it will be harder.  I had all 4 done at the same time, office procedure but sedated.  I took a day or two, but had little pain or brising.
[04:36.13] <Laurna> Than you should do well drakensis
[04:36.47] <drakensis> okay. that should be fine then. it's due to be done on a bank holiday weekend anyway so I'll have a couple of days
[04:36.54] <Laurna> But make sure your cold is gone before you do it.
[04:36.56] <The_Bee> One of mine never came through. Never bothered me.
[04:37.18] * drakensis snorts. they couldn't book me in for 8 weeks. I _hope_ the cold is gone by then
[04:37.29] <Evie> Mine simply never existed.
[04:37.42] <Evie> And both of my children have inherited my lack of them also
[04:37.55] <KK> It won't be fun, but you shouldn't have any problem.  Soft foods will be your friend.
[04:37.59] <Laurna> I am like Evie  Never had wisdom teeth.
[04:38.27] <The_Bee> "Without medication, a cold will last a week.  With medication, it will last seven days."
[04:38.44] <KK> Mine weren't bothering me, but impacted ones tend to develop problems later on, when the surgery would be more of a big deal.  So it was preventive dentistry, in my case.
[04:38.59] <Laurna> Without medication my cold will last 6 weeks.
[04:39.15] <KK> And you'll be more miserable.
[04:39.58] <revanne> Mine were impacted and needed to be removed under general anaesthetic but a straight extraction should be fine
[04:40.06] <drakensis> I can usually manage miserable without surgical assistance. although I try not to.
[04:40.30] * Shiral ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:40.31] <Evie> :-D
[04:40.33] <drakensis> and I could stand to eat less, so that's good
[04:40.33] <Evie> Hi Shiral
[04:40.37] <Laurna> Hello Shira
[04:40.38] <drakensis> hi Shiral
[04:40.39] <Laurna> l
[04:40.40] <The_Bee> Hi Shiral
[04:40.44] * Shiral enters chat with a champagne cork pop
[04:40.48] <Shiral> Hello everyone
[04:41.56] <Laurna> On a good note, my bathroom remodel is half done.  the new tavertine tile for the shower looks gorgeous.
[04:42.03] <Evie> Nice!
[04:42.11] <Jemler> hi shiral
[04:42.17] <The_Bee> any pics?
[04:42.51] <Shiral> Hi Jemler
[04:42.56] <KK> Are you doing the work, or having it done?
[04:43.01] <Laurna> Not yet. My contractor took a couple days off but he will come back tommarrow to  grotte
[04:43.05] <revanne> Hi Shiral
[04:43.14] <Shiral> Hi Revanne
[04:43.29] <Jemler> evie, how'd DR?
[04:43.55] * Shiral snaps fingers and sets up a spring tea table, complete with little sandwiches and scones and chocolate easter eggs
[04:44.03] <Evie> Not feeling well today, so she's having a nap
[04:44.09] <revanne> Yummy
[04:44.33] * revanne adds toasted hot cross buns
[04:44.34] <Evie> DH just got home. BRB
[04:44.48] <revanne> Okay
[04:45.19] <Jemler> everyone log off at omce. really freak her out! :)
[04:45.25] <Shiral> Hell Evie, Drakensis, Jemler KK, Laurna, Revanne and Bee. I think that covers everyone
[04:45.44] <Jemler> Hell?
[04:45.55] <Shiral> Hello, I meant
[04:46.06] <Laurna> Please Shiral   Please don't send us to Hell
[04:46.12] <Laurna> lol
[04:46.30] <Shiral> Nope, that would really mess up our fun
[04:46.39] <Evie> Hell, woman, good to see you too! *pumps Shiral's hand vigorously*
[04:46.44] <Shiral> Stupid O key!
[04:46.59] <Jemler> plus there is that restraining order...
[04:47.08] <revanne> Would certainly melt the chocolate eggs
[04:47.15] <Evie> LOL
[04:47.16] <Laurna> lol
[04:47.19] <Shiral> I see that I'll have to confess, I AM an agent of Satan, but my duties are chiefly ceremonial
[04:47.54] <Laurna> It is good that we have revanne with us today then.
[04:48.02] <Jemler> why?
[04:48.09] * Demercia ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[04:48.17] <Jemler> hi demercia.
[04:48.21] <The_Bee> Hi Demercia
[04:48.26] <Shiral> Hi Demercia
[04:48.42] <Laurna> To keep us on this side of the gates of HELLO, minus the O
[04:48.48] <Evie> Hi Demercia
[04:48.55] <Laurna> Hi Demercia
[04:49.10] <revanne> What are the duties of a ceremonial demon?
[04:49.13] <Demercia> Hi all.  Have declined Mibbit's suggested nickname of mud pit 😡
[04:49.20] <Evie> Alabama weather? ;-)
[04:49.25] <Laurna> lol 
[04:49.26] <revanne> Lol
[04:49.30] <Evie> LOL, Demercia!
[04:49.34] <Shiral> I'm in charge of traffic jams. I live in the right part of the world for it
[04:50.15] <Jemler> Shiral, you might try smaller, more private ceremonies...
[04:50.35] <Demercia> Although given the conversation I have landed in the middle of maybe mud pit is ok😱
[04:50.43] <Shiral> =o)
[04:50.50] <Evie> LOL, Demercia!
[04:50.54] <revanne> So you  liase with the infernal authorities in charge of the M25- London orbital motorway otherwise known as the largest car park in Europe.
[04:51.00] <Jemler> it's ok demercia, i logged in as Teymuraz!
[04:51.19] <Demercia> Help, Jemler
[04:51.22] <Shiral> I report to that demon. I'm too junior in rank to mess things up on that scale
[04:51.33] <Laurna> lol
[04:51.38] <revanne> Lol
[04:51.55] <Shiral> The bureaucracy in the underworld....well. it's hellish
[04:52.09] <Evie> What else would bureaucracy be?
[04:52.25] <Laurna> I am often reminded of Doctor Who episode with the 24 year long traffic jam.
[04:52.26] <Jemler> *everybody throws fish at ME!*
[04:52.42] <Evie> Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
[04:52.50] <Jemler> see?
[04:52.59] <Shiral> If you can't find a parking place when you're running late for something important, that's one of my specialties
[04:53.03] <Laurna> Is that  a hell fish?
[04:53.16] <Jemler> shiral makes groaner, and i get blamed.
[04:53.27] <The_Bee> no ,it'a holy mackeral
[04:53.37] <revanne> We had 40 hour traffic jams last year for real on the motorway to Dover.
[04:53.38] <Laurna> lol
[04:53.47] <Demercia> Demercia thinks that if she sits quietly for long enough this will start to make sense
[04:53.51] <Laurna> yikes
[04:53.54] <Jemler> get ut and walk!
[04:53.56] * drakensis doubts it
[04:54.18] <Evie> When do we ever, Demercia?
[04:54.25] <revanne> Not over the channel, Jemler.
[04:54.32] <Demercia> Occasionally
[04:55.02] <Evie> Luke has joined us.  He says Mrrroow++www.,,
[04:55.02] <KK> We don't have traffic jams in Staunton.  Over the hill in Charlottesville, however....
[04:55.06] <Laurna> I love the"late to work" in the car parking garage trying to go to the  5th floor behind some person who thinks every parked car is surly going to vacate a spot for them.  and they will not let you by.
[04:56.00] <revanne> Must have been one of your fellow demons who made the pillar inthe car park jump out and wrap itself around my wing mirror last week, Shiral.
[04:56.16] <Laurna> ooch
[04:56.32] <Shiral> Nice touch, wasn't it? I'm not usually that detail oriented, though
[04:57.05] <Demercia> Brandysnap says hi Luke.
[04:57.23] <Evie> He has settled in for a nap on the couch back behind my head
[04:57.33] <revanne> It was very subtly achieved. The pullar hid until  the ladt moment  before  saying boo!
[04:57.47] <revanne> Or even pullar
[04:57.58] <revanne> Pillar! !!!
[04:58.03] <Evie> LOL
[04:58.05] <Laurna> lol   BOO!
[04:58.15] <revanne> Rented fingers are no good
[04:58.51] <Demercia> I've been away for a few days so Velcro kitty is clinging close
[04:59.29] <Evie> Mine doesn't even need that much of an excuse
[05:00.07] <Laurna> My cat has taken to my dad, and  now that cat is always in his room.
[05:00.12] <Shiral> Tati has discovered that the power position is between me and the laptop keyboard
[05:01.26] <revanne> That's nice for your Dad
[05:01.48] <Laurna> Yep, dad likes the cat too,  so all works out.
[05:02.13] <Evie> Good.  :-)
[05:03.23] <Laurna> Dad is also learning to play fetch with the dogs.  it took awile for them to start giving him the ball, but finialy this week they have been able to play
[05:04.08] <revanne> Is your Dad with you permanently Laurna?
[05:04.09] <Demercia> There is a research paper waiting to be written somewhere on the appreciation of good fantasy and the finer points of felines
[05:04.26] <Laurna> Yes for the time being
[05:04.31] <The_Bee> A dog once  invited me to play frisbee with her on Boston
[05:05.07] <The_Bee> common.
[05:05.13] <Laurna> Did you play Bee?
[05:05.20] <KK> Cats are good for aging parents.  Gus spends regular stretches of time down at Mother's cottage.
[05:05.33] <The_Bee> Of course!
[05:05.58] <Laurna> Good for Gus. and good for playing frisbee
[05:06.01] <KK> Notice it's almost always cats rather than dogs who show up in fantasy stories?  I'm sure there's a reason for that.
[05:06.54] <Evie> Because they insist on being written in? That's how a cat ended up in one of mine!  :-D
[05:07.15] <Demercia> When my uncle was in hospital at the end of his life, his family's final visit included the cat
[05:07.34] <Shiral> My dad was allergic to cats, alas.
[05:07.44] <Laurna> They must be cats with Deryni abilities sending out telepathic vibes.
[05:07.57] <KK> Mother's not at end of life yet, but when she was in rehab late last year, we took Gus to visit her twice.
[05:08.09] <Shiral> I'd agree. I'm seeing empty cat food bowls, suddenly....
[05:08.17] <Demercia> I suspect all cats of being Deryni
[05:08.19] <KK> He ws a great hit with all the residents of her wing.
[05:08.41] <Demercia> I can imagine KK
[05:09.02] <Evie> It's great he was allowed to visit her there
[05:09.08] <Shiral> Imagine that soft fur and a pleased purr would be cheering
[05:09.38] <Laurna> The rehab where my dad was allowed pets.  mom took her dog over once.
[05:11.00] <Jemler> i'm a dog guy.
[05:11.15] <Laurna> Did Gus have to go in a kitty crate or just in your arms?
[05:11.28] <revanne> Sorry. Sleep is beginning to win out. Zzzzzzzzz Goodnight.
[05:11.36] <Evie> Goodnight, revanne
[05:11.44] <Laurna> Sleep well Revanne.
[05:11.44] <Jemler> nite revanne
[05:11.56] <The_Bee> There was a news story some years ago about a cat who visited people just before they died.
[05:12.06] <The_Bee> nighter, Revanne
[05:12.12] <drakensis> night revanne
[05:12.15] <Shiral> Night, Revanne
[05:12.15] <Demercia> Goodnight .   Think I will follow suit.  Goodnight all
[05:12.20] <KK> He went in a crate.  Safer for all concerned.
[05:12.29] <Shiral> Night, Demercia
[05:12.30] <The_Bee> good night, Demercia
[05:12.32] <Evie> You're going to visit people before they die, Demercia?
[05:12.33] <Jemler> it's only 11?:12pm over there.
[05:12.37] <KK> G'night, ladies.
[05:12.47] <Jemler> nite demercia.
[05:12.54] <Evie> They just had their time change in the past week, though, Jemler. 
[05:13.27] <Demercia> Not planning to no, Evie
[05:13.37] <Evie> Goodnight. :-)
[05:14.06] <Demercia> only 11 Jemler but my day starts early☹️️
[05:14.33] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:15.15] <Laurna> I am still wondering what is for lunch.
[05:15.26] <Evie> The one thing I'm not looking forward to when I go on vacation in May is the jet lag
[05:17.10] <KK> Going on a cruise, you'll hardly notice it.
[05:17.33] <The_Bee> Is jet lagworse going east to west or west to east?
[05:17.43] <Jemler> brb. dinner.
[05:17.54] <Evie> Yes, but I'm more worried about the return. I have a day off before I have to return to work, but even still, waking at 6:30 am is going to be hard after almost two weeks off!
[05:18.14] <Evie> My Dutch friend says it's worse coming back in this direction
[05:18.44] <Evie> But that if we just make ourselves stay up until a decent bedtime, local time before going to bed there, we should adjust fairly quickly
[05:19.06] <KK> I never found it much problem.  Try to sleep as much as you can on the return flight.  Both flights, for that matter.
[05:19.37] <KK> Do you go directly to your ship on the way over?
[05:20.18] <Evie> No, we have two days in Amsterdam before we leave from there, which is good since one of my best friends lives 30 minutes outside Amsterdam, so he has offered to be our local guide for those two days.
[05:20.35] <The_Bee> Cool!
[05:21.28] <Evie> But IIRC, the two nights in a hotel before the cruise are included in the cruise expense as an extension of the overall cost
[05:21.58] <KK> You'll have little problem, then.
[05:22.00] <Evie> (That is, you could pay a bit extra to add on two extra days of sightseeing either before the river cruise begins or right after it ends.)
[05:22.28] <The_Bee> Remind me:  Are you doing a river cruise or an ocean cruise?
[05:22.34] <KK> Makes great sense, since you're already there.
[05:22.36] <Evie> River cruise down the Rhine river
[05:23.07] <The_Bee> I want to do a river cruise someday.
[05:23.34] <Evie> I'm hoping to take lots of photos
[05:24.11] <Evie> Hopefully the shipboard wifi connection will be good enough for me to upload them to Flickr as I go, so I won't have to keep them in my phone's memory the entire time
[05:24.31] <Evie> Though I think DH is bringing his mom's digital camera as well
[05:24.52] <KK> THey're great fun, Bee.  And not too horribly expensive.  Viking frequently has 2-for-1 deals.  Even so, it will run close to $10,000 per person, by the time you add on port taxes and tips and insurance and the like.  But that includes everything.
[05:25.41] * revanne (Mibbit@842092.C19ECF.3A0E88.D7A5EF) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:25.56] <The_Bee> $10,00 sounds pretty expensive to me.
[05:26.17] <The_Bee> $10.000
[05:26.38] <Shiral> Yeah....I have to admit it would be a splurge for me, too
[05:26.42] <The_Bee>  $10,000!
[05:27.06] <Evie> Yeah. It's a lot more than we'd have been able to come up with on our own.  Fortunately the opportunity was given to us as a gift, although we're also saving up as much as we can for the extra expenses that I'm sure will go along with the basic fees.
[05:27.10] <The_Bee> $10.00 I could handle
[05:27.21] <Jemler> do they take Monopoly money?
[05:27.45] <Evie> LOL!  I could handle it if it was in Catopoly money. We have a Catopoly board somewhere.
[05:28.40] <Laurna> Sorry I was helping dad with lunch.   I need to go have great week everyone. \
[05:28.47] <KK> But that's transport, rooms, food, the ship, excursions.  If you were to fly over there, rent a car, do hotels and meals every night, have insurance to cover you while away from the US, tours....  It adds up.
[05:28.50] <Evie> Bye, Laurna!
[05:28.53] <Shiral> BRB, Pygmy Lions are hungry
[05:28.57] * Laurna ( has left #deryni_destinations
[05:30.58] <Evie> Yeah, this is a dream vacation for us that there is no way we could normally afford, but our friend who is paying our way went through a really rough time a few years ago, and now that she is getting back on her feet, this is her way of saying Thank You for being there for her. A wildly generous Thank You to be sure!
[05:31.33] <KK> A wonderful thank you.
[05:31.36] <The_Bee> :)
[05:32.23] <Evie> Plus we'll get to share it with her and her Mom, so that's double the fun.  :-D
[05:33.18] <Shiral> And I have returned
[05:33.24] <Evie> reHi
[05:34.59] <KK> You're sure to make friends on the cruise, too.  People are very friendly.  And having Viking take care of all the details, the transfers, the bookings, the luggage...makes it all effortless.
[05:36.13] <Jemler> Evie, if you go to Denmark, try some of the local mead. i hear it's very good.
[05:36.21] <Evie> I've been taking long walks every chance I get, trying to build up stamina for the walking tours, since I normally sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, so I'm not used to walking a lot anymore.
[05:36.31] <KK> Not like having to schlep the luggage, drive a car, hassle with airport security (well, there's a bit of that), find rooms each night, skimp on meals to save money, when you can have 5-star meals every night....  I think it's good value for money.  A bit of a stretch for most, but oh, the memories you'll have.
[05:37.01] <Evie> The tour begins in the Netherlands, goes through mostly Germany, with I think just a tiny bit of France and ends up just over the Swiss border.
[05:37.09] <The_Bee> I'm even having trouble with my trike nowadays.
[05:37.42] <Evie> Oh dear. Trouble riding it, or trouble keeping it working?
[05:38.09] <KK> I ws thinking the same thing.  The trike itself, or stamina to ride it?
[05:38.20] <Evie> I'm doing the skimping of meals to save money now. LOL!
[05:38.50] <Jemler> i'm back.
[05:39.02] <The_Bee> Stamina.  We're both getting old and it has only one gear. 
[05:39.06] <Evie> (Well, not skimping so much as working on more nutritious, less fatty meals.)
[05:39.34] <The_Bee> I'm checking out newer ones.
[05:39.39] <Evie> Are there motorized trikes?
[05:39.47] <KK> Fortunately, if you walk a lot on the shorside tours, you can work off a lot of the calories.  Because the food is fabulous aboard!
[05:39.59] <KK> shoreside
[05:40.26] <KK> You need to ride more, Bee!  <g>
[05:40.40] <Evie> KK, I need you to come with me so we can scout out Deryni movie locations together! LOL!
[05:40.42] <The_Bee> yes.  they cost more.  I'm hoping a 3-gear trike will do better going uphill.
[05:40.46] <KK> Good cardio, build up that strength.
[05:41.07] <Evie> Yes, a geared trike should help with those
[05:41.52] <Evie> Can you trade in the old trike for a better deal on a newer one?
[05:42.14] <The_Bee> I found an internet page that said which size to get for your height, but I forget where it was.
[05:43.19] <The_Bee> I don't know, Evie.  I'd almost be ashamed to ask for moneyvfor it.
[05:44.08] <The_Bee> not if I buy on ebay
[05:44.25] <Evie> We have a lot of hilly terrain where I live, but fortunately there is a nice park in town that is flatter, so I've been walking there and then working up to smaller hills around where I work.
[05:44.28] <Jemler> bee, was it
[05:44.50] <Evie> Haven't braved the rollercoaster hills around my home yet, though
[05:45.02] <The_Bee> never heard of that, jemler
[05:45.29] <Jemler> what kind of trike is it?
[05:45.44] <Evie> If you can find the page again, you can bookmark it to make it easy to find when you need the information
[05:45.46] <The_Bee> Downhill I worry about being able to stop!
[05:46.19] <The_Bee> the kind with 2 rear and 1 front wheel
[05:46.43] <KK> Hand brakes or coaster brakes?
[05:46.51] <The_Bee> hand
[05:47.22] <The_Bee> I'm wondering if a recliner trike will be easier. or a hybrid.
[05:47.33] <KK> I never really got used to those.  My first and only bike I owned had coaster brakes, which worked very well.
[05:48.05] <The_Bee> Mine has to be locked or it will roll downhill.
[05:48.25] <The_Bee> coaster brakes?
[05:48.39] <KK> A recliner will be less safe, since you'll have a lower profile and be harder for drivers to see you.  Put an antenna and flag on whatever you ride.
[05:49.09] <KK> I thnk that's what they call them.  The kind where you pedal backward to put on the brakes.
[05:49.12] <The_Bee> a basket is a MUST!
[05:49.22] <Jemler> bee, what about
[05:49.34] <Shiral> My bike has handbrakes
[05:49.56] <The_Bee> don't  know thqt either.  I'll try to check it out.
[05:50.58] <Jemler> how  tall are you?
[05:50.59] <The_Bee> I may neeed to choose between a new trike and a new PC.  I'm using my laptop today.
[05:51.18] <The_Bee> 5' 3"
[05:52.00] <Shiral> Tatiana and Dmitri both send their greetings to the chat room
[05:52.18] <The_Bee> Hi Pygme Lions
[05:52.42] <Evie> Mew!
[05:53.39] <KK> Murfle!
[05:53.44] <KK> Chirp!
[05:53.50] <Shiral> I'm typing through little furry legs
[05:53.53] <The_Bee> ' not sure if that's a 20'\" OR 24"
[05:54.21] <The_Bee> "Chirp"?
[05:54.39] <KK> Doesn't Melantha chirp?
[05:54.54] <Shiral> Tatiana does, actually
[05:55.02] <drakensis> night
[05:55.06] <Shiral> Her mews are dainty little squeaks
[05:55.09] <Evie> Goodnight
[05:55.12] <The_Bee> once when she saw a bird on the porch
[05:55.17] <Shiral> Night, Drakensis
[05:55.24] <KK> There is also the little machine-gun sound that they make when watching a bird or squirrel.
[05:55.29] <The_Bee> bye drakensis
[05:55.35] * drakensis (~drakensis@7D8456.ED6234.6CA64C.C20BEA) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -,,)
[05:55.44] <Evie> I've only heard Gigi make that chattering sound once, when we first got her, and Luke has never done it.
[05:55.47] <The_Bee> ick-ick-ick
[05:55.58] <KK> That's it.
[05:56.04] <Shiral> It's the Mighty Hunter chatter
[05:56.08] <Evie> But it was a bird outside our window that got her excited enough to make it
[05:56.13] <KK> I was just going to say.
[05:56.47] <Shiral> Both my guys keep a close eye on the hummingbird feeder outside my dining room
[05:57.01] <The_Bee> The mouse was certainly squeaking.
[05:58.34] <The_Bee> Maybe it's the females who have the hunt-to-feed-my-kittens instinct.
[05:58.37] <KK> Well, I hear Penelope howling in the background, informing us that it's time to feed her.  Again.  Seriously, she's been eating like a little stoat since she got her teeth cleaned.  Has gained quite a lot of weight, too, no longer looks you could carve meat with her sawbone backbone.refugee.
[05:58.51] <Evie> :-D
[05:59.17] <KK> What a difference a month makes.
[05:59.29] <Evie> Truly!
[06:00.01] <KK> Anyway, off to feed the cat, and probably cats, by the time I get out there.  See you guys next week at our regular time.
[06:00.12] <Jemler> nite kk
[06:00.22] <Evie> OK, see you next Sunday!
[06:00.27] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:00.33] <The_Bee> thanks for coming, KK.  Have a good week
[06:00.37] <Shiral> Bye, KK
[06:00.41] <Shiral> Have a good week
[06:01.07] <Shiral> I'm also going to sign off and enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap
[06:01.07] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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