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KK Chat--12 March 2017
« on: March 12, 2017, 08:01:02 pm »
[06:31.16] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[06:31.19] <Evie> Hi KK
[06:31.23] <The_Bee> Hi everyone!
[06:31.25] <Jerusha> Victoria is lovely
[06:31.27] * bynw huggles the stuffing out of KK
[06:31.27] <DomMelchior> Hi
[06:31.28] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:31.28] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[06:31.29] <Jemler> hi kk
[06:31.32] <Jemler> hi bee
[06:31.39] <Evie> I was wondering if I needed to head up Hwy 11 to check your clocks for you!  ;-)
[06:32.02] <DomMelchior> Yes, Jerusha, it certainly is.  One of my favorite spots on Earth
[06:32.06] * Evie wonders what a deflated KK would look like with her stuffing squeezed out
[06:32.13] <Derynifank> Hi kk
[06:32.22] <The_Bee> Is everyone enjoying the extra daylight in the evening?
[06:32.26] <KK> Hi, gang.  I am SO sorry to be late.  I duly reset the clocks, but I was down at my mom's and got talking.  And it wasn't that dark out--except that then I looked at the ti;me.
[06:32.28] <DomMelchior> No
[06:32.52] <Jerusha> That's perfectly all right, KK
[06:33.04] <Evie> I'll enjoy the extra daylight when I'm driving downtown after chat to take care of my grandkitty.  :-D
[06:33.09] <~bynw> KK, being with LBM is perfectly good reason not to be in chat
[06:33.19] <Jerusha> Jerusha tries not to imagine KK as one of the destuffed dog toys
[06:33.25] <The_Bee> I got here just in time to beat you here, KK.
[06:33.47] <Evie> We were just talking about time changes, stubborn young'uns, and my son's Jabba the Cat
[06:33.49] <KK> Except that you guys are sort of a standing appointment for Sunday evenings, and I don't like to let you down.
[06:34.10] <DomMelchior> Transfer Portals probably don't take well to Daylight Savings time
[06:34.15] <The_Bee> Life happens, despite our plans.
[06:34.29] <~bynw> parents dont last forever
[06:35.01] <KK> Bynw, I won't ask how your birthday was, but how are you doing?  So sad to lose a dad.
[06:35.23] <Jemler> Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon
[06:35.41] <Derynifank> So true
[06:35.59] <~bynw> KK, I'm doing alright. Yeah I've lost both parents now. My mom 10 years ago this summer to the dreaded C word and now my dad on my birthday :(
[06:36.03] <KK> Scott's birthday was splendid.  His brother came out from California for a surprise visit--and yes, he was surprised.  They had a great time!
[06:36.29] <Jerusha> Nice to hear, KK
[06:36.34] <~bynw> glad Scott had a good March 9th
[06:36.50] <DomMelchior> Deepest condolences to you Bynw.
[06:37.04] <The_Bee> Losing your dad on your birthday sucks, Bynw
[06:37.22] <~bynw> yeah it does :(
[06:37.25] <KK> Even if it had been anticipated, the timing sucks!
[06:37.41] <Derynifank> I have a fruend who lost  her dad on her birthday 
[06:37.41] <Evie> Definitely not what one wants on a birthday.  Or any other day, but especially not then.  :-(
[06:37.53] <~bynw> yeah
[06:38.18] <~bynw> i wrote this on my blog:  ++,,   dont read the rest of it unless you want to talk politics :)
[06:38.36] <Evie> LOL, no, let's not do that here.  :-D
[06:38.46] <~bynw> Evie, yes not here
[06:38.54] <Evie> Not unless I have time to find and put on DH's armor first.  LOL!
[06:39.03] <~bynw> but privately sure love it
[06:39.22] <KK> Scott's brother is a history professor, and they went off to Montpelier on Friday, and down to Washington & Lee, Lee's tomb, and Jackson's grave on Saturday.  They both loved it.
[06:39.23] <Jerusha> Where did I put my helmet....
[06:39.32] <Evie> ooh, that sounds fun, KK!
[06:39.41] <Jerusha> Nice
[06:39.52] <~bynw> KK, that sounds like a lot of fun. I would enjoy that myself. History has always been a fav subject
[06:40.13] <Evie> Someday DH and I want to go see Colonial Williamsburg
[06:40.19] <KK> They're going to be in Georgia this summer for some genealogial research, so we may join them for a few days if schedules permit.
[06:40.19] <Evie> and that surrounding area
[06:40.35] <Jerusha> I lived in Maryland during the Civil War centennial, but was too young to appreciate it
[06:40.42] <Evie> Knowing you, will it be in air conditioned comfort? ;-)
[06:41.07] <Jerusha> Williamsburg is nice to see
[06:41.20] <The_Bee> Montpelier, Vermont?
[06:41.24] <KK> Something like 90% of civil war battles were fought in Virginia, so we have a lot of history here.  Lots of independence history, too. 
[06:41.47] <Evie> Our friend who is taking us on the river cruise wants to go to Williamsburg also, so that might be our next vacation trip together.
[06:41.52] <Jemler> i'd like to go to Abington, Va. Hot air balloon rides over the Blue Ridge.
[06:41.59] * bynw misses being in here on sundays and is glad he could make it this week (the day off was already planned before tragic events came about)
[06:42.10] <KK> VA, Bee.  It was President Madison's home.
[06:42.14] <Jerusha> Glad you are here, Bynw
[06:42.18] <Evie> We miss you too, bynw
[06:42.26] <The_Bee> ok, thanks
[06:42.28] <Jemler> Missed you too, pal.
[06:42.30] <KK> Williamsburg is fascinating.
[06:42.38] <KK> Expensive, but fascinating.
[06:42.53] <DomMelchior> Indeed, when we lived in norther Virginia when I was little we would often go on school trips to the local battlefields.  Manassas was just a few miles from home.
[06:42.55] <Evie> Maybe a hot air balloon will fall on my son this week and knock some sense into him.  :-D
[06:43.10] <Derynifank> Yiu woukd love Williamwburg. I live clise enough to  go often and always  learn something new
[06:43.20] <KK> Manasxzsas is where Booker was born.
[06:43.22] * Jemler breaks ut his pea shooter.
[06:43.50] <KK> What sense needs to be knocks into him, Evie.
[06:44.21] <KK> ?
[06:44.28] <Evie> Well, he planned his Spring Break trip when the weather this week was expected to be much more temperate, but he's hiking the Appalachian trail (or part of it) from today to Thursday.
[06:44.33] <Jemler> he's hiking the A.T.
[06:44.37] <~bynw> Evie, mine is home safe and sound for spring break watching a movie with his mamma right now
[06:44.41] <Evie> Never mind that it's supposed to be raining/snowing/icy
[06:44.56] * Kelric (~IceChat9@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[06:45.04] <KK> Oh, wonderful.  THey're forecasting 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow night and Tuesday.
[06:45.05] <Jerusha> Hi Kelric
[06:45.06] <Jemler> kelric!
[06:45.10] <The_Bee> hi kelric
[06:45.10] <Evie> Which is where I wish mine had decided to do, or at least go somewhere warmer, like the beach.
[06:45.26] <DomMelchior> Hi Kelric
[06:45.41] <Evie> Yes, I know.  And he knows.  But despite that, he had already got his heart set on hiking the Trail, and so had his friends, so off they went bright and early this morning.
[06:45.44] <The_Bee> posssible blizzard here Tuesday also
[06:45.51] <Derynifank> Worst of the storm missing Norfolk 
[06:45.55] <KK> I hope he has enough sense to check into a hotel tomorow night, Evie.
[06:46.09] <Jemler> maybe he'll find Landover.
[06:46.21] <~bynw> well he's home to get some car repairs done by his older brother who is a mechanic then he's gonna go back to his apt and study for some tests he needs to take for an internship job he got
[06:46.23] <Evie> So I'm cat sitting for him while he's gone, and if he doesn't return as expected on Thursday, I'll resurrect his freeze dried corpse so I can throttle him.
[06:46.44] <Evie> Good luck on the tests, then!
[06:47.06] <Jerusha> I'm sure he will be fine, Evie
[06:47.11] <The_Bee> Does Jabba the Cat's temperament match his name?
[06:47.16] <Evie> KK, he's male and 22.  I'm not sure he'll get any walking-around sense back until he's at least 25.  LOL!
[06:47.27] <Jerusha> They tend to be lucky, or none of them would ever survive
[06:47.48] <Evie> Mister Butters (the cat's actual name) is a sweetheart.  Which is good, because the only thing worse than a bad-tempered cat is one the size of a small Buick.
[06:47.50] <Jerusha> Although 30 seems to be the magic age
[06:48.24] <~bynw> mine is 21 right now
[06:48.43] <Derynifank> If he is a Maine  Coon they are usually  very gentle
[06:48.57] <Jerusha> Buick the catt
[06:49.05] <Evie> He's got more sense now than he did in his teens, but every once in a while he comes up with an idea that makes me just stare and say "Whut?"
[06:49.16] <Jemler> i played it safe. i won't put me thru what my parents went thru! :)
[06:49.20] <DomMelchior> You sure he's not a Flemish Giant in disguise?
[06:49.21] <The_Bee> According to Gilbert and Sullivan, the age of discretion is 45 (or is it 4o>)
[06:49.27] <KK> Ours finally settled shortly before he hit 40.  I can blame it partly on the love of a good woman.  :-)
[06:49.38] <Evie> All I know is that Mister Butters looks like Luke, if Luke had swallowed a terrier.  Whole.  :-D
[06:49.50] <Jerusha> Well, mine are still working on it....
[06:50.38] <KK> That must be one monster cat.
[06:50.53] <Evie> I know he's over 20 pounds, I just don't recall  how much over.
[06:50.54] <Jerusha> Or one very annoyed terrier
[06:51.00] <Evie> LOL, Jerusha!
[06:51.20] <Evie> DH refers to him as "DS's furry anvil"
[06:51.53] <Evie> I suspect I'll find out just how heavy he is tonight, since I expect he'll be draping himself all over me while I attempt to sleep
[06:51.53] <The_Bee> I'm nearly 74, and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :s
[06:52.10] <Jerusha> Me either, Bee
[06:52.36] <DomMelchior> I object to the idea that we  halve to decide
[06:52.39] <Evie> The last time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up (I was 30 at the time, but looked younger, and they assumed I was in high school or early college), I just smiled and said "Old."
[06:52.42] <DomMelchior> have to
[06:52.50] <DomMelchior> rented fingers
[06:52.53] <DomMelchior> again
[06:53.10] <Evie> I object to the idea of being halved!  ;-)
[06:53.31] <DomMelchior> I'm split on the concept myself
[06:53.35] <Evie> LOL
[06:53.40] <The_Bee> A decision would have been helpful when I was trying to decide on a career.
[06:53.42] <Jemler> what do i want tol be when i grow up? younger.
[06:54.00] <Jerusha> You beat me to it, Jemler
[06:54.03] <Evie> I'm doubled over, DM
[06:54.06] <Derynifank> Maybe then you could be in two places  at once Evie
[06:54.17] <Evie> That would be really handy this week
[06:54.18] <DomMelchior> You will be.  The only question is younger than what
[06:54.22] <Jerusha> To halve of halve not
[06:54.34] <~bynw> i think i'll choose healthy over anything when i grow up
[06:54.41] <Jemler> and have 2 of her throwing fish at me?! no thank you!
[06:55.27] <Jemler> Early to bed, early to rise, and the girls go out with other guys.
[06:55.32] <Evie> Right now, depending on weather and Butter's inclination to let me sleep (or not), my plan is to spend two nights at DS's apartment, which is just 5 minutes from my office, then come home for a night to get more clothes and spend time with my own kitties, then go back for two nights with Butters
[06:55.33] <The_Bee> Pretend you're a dolphin, Jemler
[06:56.43] <Jerusha> So you can be noble and appreciate the shorter commute at the same time :)
[06:56.47] <Evie> I'm told that Butter's idea of a wake up call is to sniff the sleeper's face repeatedly as soon as the alarm clock goes off
[06:57.05] <The_Bee> Melantha licks my face.
[06:57.06] <Evie> Yeah, it will be a bit like having a staycation
[06:57.35] <Evie> I get a cute little flat all to myself, aside from a very sweet cat who will be very happy to see a human every night.
[06:57.56] <DomMelchior> I'll take it.  Rory likes to put his cold wet nose over my spleen.  A very effective alarm(ing) clock.
[06:58.02] <Jerusha> Will one of the littles be joining you?
[06:58.10] <Derynifank> I had a cat who dive bombed onto the bed from the top if the chestto wake me up, It worked 
[06:58.20] <Evie> In theory I should have internet connection and Netflix, if I can remember the password for the wifi, and can figure out how he uses his game controller as a TV remote control
[06:58.37] <Jerusha> Good luck, Evie!
[06:59.07] <Evie> LOL, I have two of my modern dolls joining me for tonight and Monday night. I might drop them off here Tuesday and take two others, possibly Duncan and Alaric. It depends on how Butters behaves himself around Littles
[06:59.21] <Evie> If he's a chewer, I don't want to introduce him to my Mini-Deryni
[06:59.26] <DomMelchior> Andy and i just finished a cool BBC series on netflix...the British version of House Hunters called "Escape to the Country"
[06:59.36] <DomMelchior> Very relaxing and fun
[06:59.46] <Evie> I haven't seen that one. I'll look for it
[06:59.48] <Jerusha> Some of those homes were awesome!
[07:00.05] <DomMelchior> Very
[07:00.06] <Evie> I saw the one about historic homes in Wales, I think it was
[07:00.18] <Jerusha> Oh, I would like to see that one
[07:00.38] <The_Bee> I have a long-standing fastasy about decorating my own house and garden
[07:00.39] <DomMelchior> Mostly "character homes"  You know, 300 year old welsh barn conversions and the like
[07:01.22] <Evie> One of my favorite places to stay when I was in Yorkshire was a B&B with a restaurant built in what had been the barn once upon a time. And the barn was about that old.
[07:01.41] <KK> That's obviously a newer series  I don't remember anything like that when we lived in Ireland.
[07:01.53] <DomMelchior> I recommend the series if you get Netflix.
[07:02.14] <Evie> The series I saw with the Welsh historic homes was only 6 episodes or so
[07:02.23] <DomMelchior> The one they showed was from 2013
[07:02.33] <KK> After our time.
[07:02.34] <DomMelchior> ish
[07:02.43] <KK> We need to get on Netflix.  Scott is planning it.
[07:03.12] <Evie> Bee, I'm satisfying my home decorating urge via my 1:6 dollhouse, since my budget won't allow me to renovate my real house like I'd like to.
[07:03.20] <DomMelchior> We only recently joined  We like it a lot
[07:03.33] <KK> What does it cost these days?
[07:03.45] <Evie> We dropped cable completely and just do Netflix and local channels now, after we realized how much we were paying for cable channels we hardly ever watched
[07:03.46] <~bynw> its around 10 for just streaming
[07:03.50] <DomMelchior> $11/month
[07:04.16] * bynw still has cable but works for the local cable company so cable is cheap
[07:04.28] <Evie> We just have streaming. For a little more, I think they also have a DVD rental feature
[07:04.53] <The_Bee> Can you get Netflix without cable?
[07:05.07] <DomMelchior> We joined to watch The Crown at the top of the year and haven't looked back once.
[07:05.37] <Evie> Yes. We don't have cable, but we have Netflix.  Although you need an internet connection
[07:05.43] <The_Bee> I tried a month trial of free Netflix, and kept going.
[07:06.08] <DomMelchior> I think you need some sort of internet connection, and maybe a smart TV, but I'm unsure of the particulars
[07:06.16] <The_Bee> I wish I knew how to connect my tv to theinternet.
[07:06.32] <Evie> Yes, my TV set is internet capable.  I can also use it to watch shows on YouTube
[07:06.51] <KK> Our internet is via the cable, so I'm not sure how that would work.
[07:07.22] <Evie> Is it a newer or an older TV, Bee?
[07:07.26] <The_Bee> I borrowed a dvd from thelibrary, then my computer couldn't ply it.
[07:07.42] <The_Bee> several years old
[07:08.06] <The_Bee> It does have HD
[07:08.44] <Jerusha> Dh downloads stuff to watch later.  Wooster and Jeeves is the latest one.
[07:08.46] <~bynw> a lot of folks get netflix/hulu and other video services, keep cable internet but drop cable video
[07:09.26] <The_Bee> My 2 newest computers, their herddrive died.  I'm using an antique Windows XP.  I downloads via snail mail.
[07:09.47] <Evie> Yes, you can keep the internet part of the service without signing up for the 100+ channels of nothing worth watching.  :-D
[07:10.15] <The_Bee> I have hulu, but I can only watch it on my PC
[07:10.20] <Evie> Oh, that sounds fun, Jerusha! I've read some of the books
[07:10.35] <Jerusha> It is priceless
[07:11.00] <Jerusha> Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are amazing in the roles
[07:11.26] <Evie> Some computers and TVs can communicate now, so you can play something on your computer but watch it on your larger TV screen
[07:11.26] <Derynifank> Loved those books
[07:11.27] <KK> We love Jeeves & Wooster.
[07:11.51] <The_Bee> I've download 300+ shows.  I may die of old age before I get around to watching them all.
[07:12.08] <Jemler> kk, have you finished Nathaniel Cade?
[07:12.25] <DomMelchior> Grace and Frankie is another great Netflix original series.  Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, Martin Sheehan, and Sam Waterston are a great combo.
[07:12.27] <KK> I've finished the 1st 3; need to get #4.
[07:12.44] <Jemler> red, white and blood?
[07:12.52] <KK> Read that.
[07:13.00] <KK> Isn't there one after that one?
[07:13.01] <Jemler> the burning men?
[07:13.08] <The_Bee> My tv chair is much more comfy than my computer chair.
[07:13.29] <KK> That doesn't sound familiar, Jemler, so that's probably the one.
[07:13.47] <Evie> Can you just bring your computer to your TV chair, or is it a desktop rather than a laptop?
[07:13.50] <KK> What's it about?
[07:14.01] <Jemler> it's just a short story that takes place 1 month before red, white and blood.
[07:14.23] <Jemler> spontaneous human combustion.
[07:14.26] <KK> Is there not a fourth novel?
[07:14.44] <Jemler> not that i know of. let me check. brb.
[07:14.59] <The_Bee> desktop.   have a laptop, but I'm not sure of the internet connection.
[07:16.01] <The_Bee> Besides, Melantha doesns't want to share my lap with a computer.
[07:16.08] <Evie> LOL, I know that feeling!
[07:16.17] <Evie> I'm amazed Luke is behaving himself tonight
[07:16.27] <Evie> Although he and Gigi had cuddle time with me before chat started
[07:16.29] <Jemler> ok, back. no other Cade books, yet.
[07:17.04] <KK> How is the Burning Men story available?  E-book?
[07:17.21] <Derynifank> Does he know you're leaving him for another cat
[07:17.35] <Jemler> yes. only $2
[07:17.35] <Derynifank> Temporarily 
[07:17.50] <Evie> He'll figure it out on Tuesday when I come home and he smells strange kitty on me
[07:18.29] <Jerusha> Somehow that sounds disturbing
[07:18.49] <Evie> They're somewhat used to each other's scents, since I get a thorough sniff test whenever I visit over there or come home from there
[07:18.57] <Jemler> getting some strange kitty on the side/ you're cheating on luke?
[07:19.04] <Evie> And Gigi too
[07:19.25] <Jemler> ooh. brb.
[07:19.39] <Evie> I think they've figured something is up, since they saw me take a suitcase downstairs earlier, and I checked their food level before chat started
[07:20.13] <DomMelchior> It does sound like it would make a good name for a rock band:  "Now appearing at The Forum--STRANGE KITTY!"
[07:20.13] <Evie> But it's not the red duffel bag I usually take when I go away for several days, so maybe they're not on to me
[07:20.19] <Evie> LOL!
[07:21.12] <DomMelchior> Well, that silenced the room.
[07:21.15] <Evie> Actually, my DD and I once came up with fake band names we want band T-shirts for.  Hers was Rainbow Unicorn Anarchy, and mine was Kitten Box Therapy.  I ended up using her band name in a fanfic, when I needed a name for a fictional death metal band.  :-D
[07:22.03] <Jerusha> :)
[07:22.41] <Evie> If I can figure out how to make little T-shirt transfers, I might make tiny band tees for my modern Littles
[07:23.01] <Jerusha> Alas, I must go.  Have a great week everyone, and scritches for Mister Butters
[07:23.14] <Evie> Maybe I can find iron on transfer paper that works with an inkjet printer
[07:23.14] <~bynw> good night Jerusha
[07:23.17] <DomMelchior> G'Night Jerusha
[07:23.19] <Evie> Goodnight!
[07:23.26] <Jerusha> Nighters!
[07:23.34] * Jerusha ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:23.35] <The_Bee> bye, Jerusha. Glad you came. Say  HI to the whippets.
[07:23.36] <~bynw> Evie, there should be lots of those out there. At least they used to exist
[07:23.53] <Evie> Yes, I just need to remember to look next time I'm in a craft store
[07:24.09] <The_Bee> clothes for tiny dolls
[07:24.43] <Evie> I love making tiny T-shirts.  They go together pretty quickly and look so cute.
[07:24.56] <~bynw> if you are a member of the RC forum great (place your pin location) if not you can join and place your pin location ...   ++,,
[07:25.37] <Evie> And if you don't want to pin your exact home address, you can do what I did and just make it approximate.
[07:27.06] <Evie> Fair warning: anyone trying to surprise me by dropping in on my pinned location is going to find themselves in a very sketchy part of town. LOL!  I just played "Pin the Tail on Someplace in Central Birmingham" game.  :-D
[07:27.19] <~bynw> lol
[07:28.12] <Evie> In retrospect, I should have picked something like Vulcan or Sloss Furnace to pin.  :-D
[07:28.32] <KK> I just pinned vaguely near where we are.
[07:29.01] <DomMelchior> Location: Earth.  Mostly.
[07:29.12] <Evie> So if some stranger opens her door one morning and finds a lost fan with an autograph book....  ;-)
[07:29.21] <~bynw> mine is close if you zoom in, but i dont mind a visit from any one in the group
[07:29.48] <The_Bee> I'm sort of accurate.
[07:29.54] <KK> My address isn't exactly secret.  Wouldn't mind visits from chatters.
[07:29.55] <Evie> Preferably let in the front door rather than through the window. 
[07:30.46] <Evie> If I ever get spending money again, I'm thinking a road trip up Hwy 11 would be lots of fun, since IIRC it goes all the way up to Canada
[07:31.47] <~bynw> KK, if i ever get a chance to go out to VA you know I'll drop by :)
[07:31.59] <Evie> And probably pretty scenic, at least in the stretch of it closest to me, since it parallels the foothills of the Appalachian chain
[07:32.29] * CGI756 ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:32.33] * CGI756 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:32.43] <The_Bee> Hi CG1756
[07:32.45] <DomMelchior> Well friends, I need to call it a day.  Andy (my husband) and Rory (our dog) send greetings.  Until next time, take care one and all.
[07:32.50] <The_Bee> and bye
[07:32.54] <Evie> Goodnight, DM
[07:33.00] <KK> Hwy 11 is a regular route for us.  In fact, we live on it.
[07:33.00] * DomMelchior ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:33.02] * Laura ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:33.08] <Jemler> nite dm
[07:33.09] <The_Bee> bye Dom M
[07:33.09] <Evie> You mentioned that once, I think.
[07:33.13] <Jemler> hi laurna
[07:33.15] <~bynw> hmm must be something going on with mibbit tonight
[07:33.19] <KK> Boy, he's fast.
[07:33.28] <Evie> Hi Laurna, or is it Aerlys?
[07:33.36] <The_Bee> Hi Laura
[07:33.46] <~bynw> hi Laura nice to have you here again
[07:33.48] <~bynw> :)
[07:33.50] <Derynifank> Getting late so I need to go have a good week all
[07:33.51] <Evie> Or another Laura?
[07:33.59] <Laura> Hi everyone
[07:34.09] <The_Bee> bye, DFK
[07:34.11] <Evie> Goodnight Derynifank
[07:34.18] <Jemler> nite df
[07:34.19] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:35.20] <The_Bee> No Shiral tonight. I wonder if she'd working or flooded out.
[07:35.25] <~bynw> KK, Laura is LArms from the gang of long ago
[07:35.29] * Pyracantha ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:35.32] <~bynw> The_Bee, she's working I asked
[07:35.35] <Evie> Ah, OK
[07:35.42] <The_Bee> HI Pyrecantha
[07:35.44] <Evie> Hi Pyracantha
[07:35.46] <Laura> I rememberThe Bee
[07:35.50] <~bynw> Hi Pyra
[07:36.11] <The_Bee> Are you still in the Air force, IIRC?
[07:36.19] * Pyracantha ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:36.24] <Laura> KK, any plans for doing  audio books
[07:36.28] <~bynw> and she closed out
[07:37.06] <Laura> Nope, I retired in Dec 2014
[07:38.00] * Pyracantha ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:38.09] <KK> Laura Arms, welcome back!
[07:38.18] <The_Bee> Hi again, Pyracantha
[07:38.19] <Laura> Thanks KK
[07:38.25] <Laura> It has been a long time
[07:38.47] <~bynw> can you chat here pyra?
[07:38.49] <KK> Most of them are on audio books now.Buy them!  I get good royalties.
[07:38.51] <Evie> Some of KK's books are on audio now
[07:39.05] <Evie> rehi Pyra
[07:39.13] <KK> Somw, correct.  Most are on e-books.
[07:39.29] <KK> Pyra, welcome!
[07:39.41] <Laura> Awww, I was on the road quite a bit last week and was looking but it came up with nothing when I typed in your name :(
[07:39.43] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:39.43] * derynibot sets mode +qao DesertRose DesertRose DesertRose for #deryni_Destinations
[07:39.48] <~DesertRose> Hi
[07:39.49] * bynwtesting ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:39.53] <The_Bee> HI DR
[07:39.58] <Evie> Pyra, I'm the one who emailed you a few years ago to ask your permission to use your Magical Priest artwork for my (former) cell phone cover.  Thank you for allowing me to do that; it got LOTS of compliments!
[07:40.04] <Laura> I will have to look again
[07:40.06] <Evie> Hi DR
[07:40.32] <~DesertRose> Bee, I don't know if you know, but Jim Cantore is reported to have flown into Logan, so you might want to batten down the hatches because I think the weather in your area is about to suck most mightily.
[07:40.42] <Evie> The Kelson-era books are on audio, I know, since I have all of those
[07:40.47] <~bynw> hi DR
[07:40.56] <~bynw> Pyracantha is having technical difficulties
[07:40.58] * Pyracantha ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:41.12] <KK> Our weather starts sucking tomorrow afternoon.
[07:41.14] * bynwtesting ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:41.16] <The_Bee> JIm Cantore?  Bringer of Storms?
[07:41.18] <~DesertRose> Yup
[07:41.26] * Pyracantha ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:41.37] <The_Bee> rehi Pyra
[07:41.41] * Evie hands Pyra some duct tape to help hold her here
[07:41.42] <KK> She's back!  At least for now.
[07:41.43] <~DesertRose> He whom the Weather Channel does not send on location until the fecal matter is almost assured to be about to strike the air oscillator.
[07:41.53] <Laura> Our weather is sucking right now. Getting lots of snow. ICK
[07:42.05] * Pyracantha ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:42.20] <~DesertRose> Hi Laura.
[07:42.36] <Evie> Ouch. I wonder if the alternate chat link might work better for getting and staying in here?
[07:42.41] <Laura> Hi DR, I think I remember you from long ago too
[07:42.48] <~DesertRose> I live in Florida and have spent the overwhelming majority of my life in places that don't get "real" winter, so "snow" is a four-letter word as far as I'm concerned.  :D
[07:43.04] <Jemler> DR! you're here! feeling better?
[07:43.08] <~DesertRose> Not really.
[07:43.38] <Laura> I agree! I never thought I would move back to Iowa,
[07:43.43] <KK> Yuck.  We <really> need to send Rhys to heal you.
[07:44.19] * CGI479 ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:44.26] <~DesertRose> I drank some half-water, half-Gatorade (because the only flavors of Gatorade I can stand are the citrus-y ones, and I was trying to cut down on the acidity), thinking that the headache was due to dehydration.  It didn't help and additionally made the nausea worse due to the acidity of the Gatorade, so I'm waiting for my stomach to chill the [bleep] out so I can lie down.
[07:44.26] <KK> Why Iowa, Laura?
[07:44.31] <Evie> hi CG1479
[07:44.37] <The_Bee> HI CGI1479
[07:44.50] <~bynw> iowa is a nice place :)
[07:45.13] <Laura> My husband's family lives around here. He grew up in Waterloo
[07:45.14] <KK> Isn't that where you are, Bynw?
[07:45.26] <~bynw> yes I'm in Iowa
[07:45.26] <KK> Or near there.
[07:45.27] * Pyracantha ( has joined channel #deryni_Destinations
[07:45.37] <~bynw> is that working for you Pyra?
[07:45.43] * Evie hands Pyracantha some Velcro
[07:45.48] <Laura> Yep, BYNW and I are less than 2 hrs apart
[07:45.48] <KK> Who'da thunk?  Two of you in Iowa.
[07:45.57] <Jemler> i'm surprised iowa has electricty. isn't it still 1882 there? :)
[07:46.00] <~DesertRose> I think we need Gorilla Glue at this point to keep Pyracantha in chat.
[07:46.08] <~DesertRose> Not that she's a gorilla, mind.
[07:46.17] <Evie> LOL, thanks for clarifying!  :-D
[07:46.17] <~DesertRose> Just that chat seems determined to boot her.
[07:46.32] <Pyracantha> hellp?I got  you but noghiing
[07:46.33] <KK> Certainly not.  Though I'll bet she could draw a really great gorilla, if she wanted to.
[07:46.35] * bynw makes a note that Iowa has more fiberoptic cable than most states do
[07:46.43] <~DesertRose> Oh certainly she could draw one.
[07:46.49] <Pyracantha> I have you here
[07:46.50] <Laura> Jem, I still rub my kitty to get electricity LOL
[07:46.51] <~DesertRose> Were she so inclined.
[07:46.58] <~bynw> there you are Pyra :) we can see you chat now
[07:47.01] <The_Bee> I'm trying to find a glue that will fix my glasses.  the fram'e cracked and the lens keeps falling out.
[07:47.22] <Pyracantha> Same.It ttakes a while for me to show up.
[07:47.30] <KK> I'd think gorilla glue would work on that.
[07:47.36] <Evie> Maybe if the same frame is still available, you can just replace the frame?
[07:47.39] <Pyracantha> I have gorilla glue.
[07:47.50] <~bynw> well that link i gave you that finally worked is one thats just going through my home connection
[07:47.51] <~DesertRose> If you weren't a thousand miles up the coast, Bee, I'd tell you to bring them to me and I'd have my stepdad take a look, because he has a lot of stuff for fixing things and can fix damn near anything.
[07:47.55] <The_Bee> better than Krazy Glue?
[07:48.17] <Pyracantha> hi Katherine
[07:48.23] <Evie> Oh yes, I think Gorilla Glue would hold something like that better than Krazy Glue
[07:48.41] <~DesertRose> He fixed my last pair of frames because the screw that held one of the lenses in place kept wanting to back out.  A little Loctite and that never happened again.
[07:48.42] <The_Bee> Thanks, I'll try it.
[07:48.58] <KK> There's also a newer glue that sets up with a special light.  Don't know the name, though.
[07:49.08] <The_Bee> My frame broke when my trike tipped over.
[07:49.22] * CGI479 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
[07:49.23] <Laura> I've tried that glue KK but it did not work
[07:49.29] <KK> Recently, or was that the old tip?
[07:49.35] <The_Bee> I have one of those, KK, but I couldn't turn it on.
[07:49.35] <~DesertRose> The only reason I don't use those frames anymore is that I needed a new prescription, bifocals, and those frames wouldn't work for bifocals, and also I got those frames and my current pair from Zenni Optical, so they're just not that expensive anyway.
[07:49.43] <Laura> It was a year ago
[07:49.52] <The_Bee> last December.
[07:50.13] <~DesertRose> Ouch, to the trike tipping over.  Not fun.
[07:50.21] <~bynw> KK, Pyra's in the house :)
[07:50.28] <Evie> Fortunately my current glasses are still usable, even though the prescription is just a tiny bit off now, since I found out to replace them it will be over $300, and that's just my copays.  If I didn't have insurance, it would be over $700!
[07:50.46] <Pyracantha> Hi Folks
[07:50.54] <KK> Yes, I see.  Greeted her when swhe first started arriving.  :-)
[07:50.59] <KK> she
[07:51.06] <Evie> So even my "expensive" multifocal contacts cost a lot less than new glasses
[07:51.14] <~DesertRose> I went bike riding one time with my aunt and uncle and cousins, and wound up riding my aunt's bike.  She's a few inches taller than I am, and it was just enough to make it awkward to ride her bike.  I fell off.
[07:51.23] <Pyracantha> Is this a regular chat event?
[07:51.23] <The_Bee> I paid $500+ for these glasses--after a $200 discount.
[07:51.26] <Evie> Looks like the Portal has stopped malfunctioning
[07:51.29] <The_Bee> Yes
[07:51.36] <KK> Every Sunday night, Pyra.
[07:51.43] <Pyracantha> kool what time?
[07:51.58] <~DesertRose> I skinned my knee and ripped my jeans, and the only Band-aids they had in the house were glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter ones, so I was somewhere in my 20's with a Harry Potter band-aid on my skinned knee.
[07:51.58] <KK> 7, except for 1st Sunday, when it's 5.
[07:52.03] <Jemler> ok folks. sorry to cut this short, but i have an early day tomorrow. so, until next week...
[07:52.03] <~DesertRose> 7 Eastern.
[07:52.09] <Evie> We are here just about every Sunday starting at 7:00 Eastern, except for the first Sunday of the month when it's 5:00 Eastern to allow our UK members a chance to join us without staying up too late
[07:52.16] <The_Bee> 7pm eastern. 5:00 pm on the first sunday of every month
[07:52.16] <Laura> Has it been going every Sunday since I lost contact?
[07:52.18] <Evie> Goodnight Jemler
[07:52.26] <KK> Nighters, Jemler.  Have a healthy week.
[07:52.28] <The_Bee> bye jemler
[07:52.28] <~DesertRose> Nighters, Jemler
[07:52.32] <KK> Yep.
[07:52.37] <The_Bee> Yes, Laura
[07:52.42] <Evie> Pretty much ever since I've been here, Laura, and I think I've been around since, what, 2012?
[07:52.53] <Laura> Wow, I have really been out of touch
[07:52.53] <~DesertRose> We've been doing the Sunday evening chats for a LONG time.
[07:52.54] <Pyracantha> I have to leave at 9 tonight for an electronic music program but now that Chris has solved my access problem I can participate as long as someone gives me the proper URL.
[07:53.10] <Jemler> good bight.
[07:53.15] * Jemler ( Quit (Quit: )
[07:53.16] * bynw is usually working Sunday nights so he cant join in but took this off as part of his birthday celebration that turned bad
[07:53.16] <The_Bee>,, 
[07:53.29] <The_Bee> scrol down to Chatroom
[07:53.34] <Evie> That's the forum address, but links to the chatroom are on that page
[07:53.37] <Pyracantha> sorry to hear about your dad Chris
[07:53.43] <KK> I'm about to leave, because Madame Secretary is about to start.  Only thing worth watching on Sunday evenings, now that Victoria has finished the season.
[07:53.45] <~bynw> i'll have to check out why Mibbit is flaking out today
[07:54.02] <~bynw> thanks Pyracantha
[07:54.16] <Evie> Today and every other St Swithun's Day, bynw?
[07:54.23] <KK> Should be here next week.  Won't be fooled by the light level outside.
[07:54.38] <The_Bee> Mibbit likes this old computer.  The only feature that doesn't run slooowwwwlllyyy
[07:54.42] <Evie> I can send you a reminder text if need be.  :-D
[07:54.47] <~bynw> it gets everyone every year KK
[07:55.00] <~DesertRose> I saw a meme on Facebook about "It's Spring Forward and Fall Back and Why the hell are we doing this anyway?!"
[07:55.09] <Laura> You're a youngster Evie, HaHa, I was a part of the chat in early 2000s
[07:55.09] <Evie> LOL, DR
[07:55.11] <KK> OK, nighters, all. 
[07:55.15] <Pyracantha> Reminder text would be good!
[07:55.21] <~DesertRose> G'night, KK.  Have a good week!
[07:55.23] <~DesertRose> Stay warm.
[07:55.26] <~bynw> night KK
[07:55.35] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:55.39] <~bynw> good to see you again (since i miss these)
[07:55.43] <Pyracantha> Do people talk about Deryni stuff here?
[07:55.55] <The_Bee> to give WWI faalks time to work their victory gardens, says one source.
[07:55.57] <KK> Yep.  nd other stuff.  But not politics.
[07:56.04] <Evie> Yeah, I showed up one day with a fully written fanfic and found Bynw in here.  Asked him if there was anywhere I could post the story, since at that point I had written it for exactly one reader.  :-D
[07:56.05] <Pyracantha> Okeh!
[07:56.19] <KK> Nighters, all.
[07:56.24] <Pyracantha> I have to go now, electronic music.
[07:56.26] <~DesertRose> Cats and dogs.
[07:56.26] <Evie> We talk about Deryni stuff and pretty much anything under the sun, especially cats
[07:56.30] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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