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Hi. I've been reading the books since the early 90s. Haven't read them in a while as life has gotten in the way but some stuff has come up recently reminding me about them. And I ended up here.


And no, you don't have to pick a single favorite book! :D

ETA:  If your schedule permits, come join us in the chat room on Sundays around 7 pm US Eastern; Ms. Kurtz herself will pop in for about an hour and hang out with the fans.  On the first Sunday of the month, it's at 5 pm Eastern to allow European fans to participate without having to stay awake until ridiculous hours.  (Sometimes this gets rescheduled, depending on Ms. Kurtz's schedule, but if that happens, someone from the mod team [usually me] will post the schedule change for early chat in the news section.)

Welcome to the forum, LucyM!

Welcome. That sounds similar to me - I was reminded of the books some 25 years on, got re-hooked and found Rhemuth Castle. It's  a very friendly community  - I'm from across the pond btw.

Welcome to the site, LucyM.
Don't be afraid to comment on old posts, if you see something that interests you. It is fun when old posts are brought back to the surface and a fresh discussion starts again.
Or start your own post, on what interests you.
I hope you enjoy your stay with us.


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