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KK Chat--5 March 2017
« on: March 05, 2017, 06:11:14 pm »
[04:32.49] * KK ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[04:32.55] <Evie> Hi KK!
[04:32.57] <KK> Hello, all.
[04:32.58] <drakensis> hi
[04:32.59] <@Laurna> Hello KK
[04:33.01] <Jemler> hi kk
[04:33.01] <revanne> Hi KK
[04:33.05] <Shiral> Hello KK
[04:33.08] <Annie> Hi KK
[04:33.16] <Derynifank> You must have been right under  a cloud
[04:33.25] <Derynifank> Hi KK
[04:33.40] <@Laurna> A wet Cload Derynifank
[04:33.43] * Shiral offers KK a cup of tea and a scone
[04:33.55] <Evie> Yum
[04:34.06] <KK> Sorry I'm late.  I've got a beastly cold and cough, and am feeling out of it.
[04:34.07] <revanne> How has your week been KK.?
[04:34.20] * Jemler puts out hot chocolate and peppermint sticks
[04:34.21] <Shiral> Sorry, that sounds awful, KK
[04:34.28] <Evie> Oh yuck.  I just got over that crud.  Still have an occasional lingering cough
[04:34.30] <@Laurna> Sorry to hear that KK. Send in the Healers
[04:34.30] <Derynifank> Sorry about the cold
[04:34.36] * Shiral adds lemon and honey to KK's tea
[04:34.39] <revanne> Poor you -that's horrid
[04:35.09] <KK> Let's see.  They finally finished installing the new boiler, but need to come back and fine-tune the settings.  And Penelope held up great in her dental adventure down at Va Tech, and is now starting to eat again.
[04:35.18] <Evie> Yay!
[04:35.30] <@Laurna> Good to hear on all acounts
[04:35.30] <Shiral> Glad to hear Penelope has weathered her troubles
[04:35.31] <revanne> That's good
[04:35.44] <Shiral> And that you have heat, again
[04:36.02] <KK> Yeah, she was a trooper.  Apparently students from all over the small animal hospital were coming in to look at our nearly-seventeen year old cat rocking her surgery.
[04:36.11] <Evie> :-D
[04:36.22] <@Laurna> :D
[04:36.47] <Derynifank> Add a drop of whiskey to the tea  and you have a good toddy for your cold. That's what my English aunt gave us
[04:36.51] <revanne> 😆
[04:37.22] <revanne> I usually miss out the tea.
[04:37.23] <KK> Mind you, she now has almost no teeth on top, except for the little bitty ones between the upper fangs.  The fangs themselves were being readsorbed by the jaw bone, so they had to partially amputate them and close over the space with gum tissue.
[04:37.32] <Shiral> Dmitri and Tati send you healing purrs, KK
[04:37.33] <Derynifank> Glad things went well  for Penelope 
[04:38.08] <KK> Hopefully she'll continue to put weight back on, now that her mouth won't hurt her anymore.
[04:38.12] <revanne> Ow that sounds painful
[04:38.18] <@Laurna> You and Penelope deserve to cuddle up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and an blinket
[04:38.29] <Evie> My name on a steampunk forum I used to belong to was Lady Penelope.  :-D
[04:39.15] <KK> Well, I stayed in bed this morning until nearly noon--hubby brought me my tea and breakfast biscuits and also the Sunday paper.  Had major coughing fits throughout the night.  It was not fun.
[04:39.25] <@Laurna> Somehow Evie that does not seem like a name for you.
[04:39.27] <revanne> I can  imagine you in a pink Rolls Royce
[04:39.29] <KK> But Penelope was curled up right next to me.
[04:39.41] <Evie> Wow, I need my eyes checked!  I read Laurna's comment as "You and Penelope deserve to cuddle up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and an idiot." I was about to say I didn't think Scott would appreciate being called an idiot!  LOL!
[04:39.46] <Shiral> It can be really hard to rest when you have a bad cough
[04:39.52] <Annie> There is an evil cough going around over here.
[04:40.17] <Annie> I caught it on the plane going over to Greece back end of October, and it's still doing the rounds.
[04:40.33] <@Laurna> I did not say that!  truly!  Oh dear!
[04:40.40] <Evie> It helped me to take Sudafed (the original kind, not the over-the-counter sort) during the days and Nyquil or Theraflu at bedtime.
[04:40.41] * mib_n74qcs ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[04:40.49] <Jemler> wb bee
[04:40.50] <revanne> Planes are horrible places for erms
[04:40.59] <revanne> Or even  germs
[04:41.05] <Evie> And lots of cough lozenges of the honey/lemon sort during the days if I felt the cough coming on
[04:41.07] * mib_n74qcs is now known as The_Bee
[04:41.13] <Shiral> Idiots are not very restful when you have a cold already. I'd recommend a nice warm blanket.
[04:41.23] <revanne> Rehi Bee
[04:41.30] <Shiral> WB Bee
[04:41.34] <KK> This is true.  I try to wash my hands often when traveling.  But sometimes a cold just has your name on it, no matter how careful you are.
[04:41.38] <Jemler> germs on a plane? gives a whole new meaning to airborne virus!!
[04:41.50] <The_Bee> than ks. My computer just had a hissy fit.
[04:41.54] <Annie> All that recycled air.
[04:42.00] <Evie> I'll be sure to handwash obsessively and drink some Emergen-C before and during my flight
[04:42.09] <Shiral> It's an inconvenience that can level the best of us
[04:42.10] <Annie> Recycled? Recirculated. You know what I mean.
[04:42.42] <revanne> Pre-breathed?
[04:42.56] <Jemler> if it gets too stuffy, just open a window! :)
[04:43.13] <@Laurna> That sounds so wrong Revanne
[04:43.21] <The_Bee> My mom thought my dad's death might have b een due to something he picked up on a plane.  They'd recently been to Soputh America.
[04:43.42] <@Laurna> yikes
[04:43.44] <The_Bee> or South America
[04:43.55] <revanne> 😕
[04:44.13] <Shiral> Soputh America is rough on your health. =o)
[04:44.30] <Jemler> Revanne, what part of UK are you from?
[04:44.32] <Evie> OK, so if I wear a face mask and draw a bunny muzzle on it, that won't look too conspicuous while flying, right?
[04:44.51] <Shiral> You'll blend right in, Evie
[04:44.54] <The_Bee> Or it may have been nature saying it was time for him to go.
[04:44.57] <Evie> lol
[04:44.58] <@Laurna> Like it Evie
[04:45.07] * Kelric (~IceChat9@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[04:45.08] <revanne> I now live in Northampton -right in the middle
[04:45.14] <The_Bee> Hi Kelric
[04:45.15] <Jemler> hi kelric
[04:45.24] <Evie> hi Kelric
[04:45.25] <revanne> Hi
[04:45.30] <Shiral> Hi Kelric
[04:45.38] <Derynifank> Hi  Kelric
[04:46.01] <@Laurna> I should do that with the face masks I have to wear at work.
[04:46.07] <revanne> Getting through  security  could be an issue, Evie
[04:46.20] <Shiral> mmmmmaybe!
[04:46.22] <Evie> It comes off
[04:46.32] <The_Bee> JUst out of curiosity, Revanne, in your denomination, are you known as a vicar, a priest, a minister or something else?
[04:46.51] <Jemler> why do the British send all their young people to the Caribbean?
[04:47.11] <@Laurna> For the sunshine Jemler
[04:47.16] <Shiral> To warm up
[04:47.19] <revanne> Sometimes as a priest sometimes as a vicat,
[04:47.21] <Evie> To meet Johnny Depp
[04:47.34] <drakensis> I thought they all went to the Spanish Med
[04:47.43] * Shiral has image of a cat wearing a clerical collar
[04:47.46] <@Laurna> Is I Vi Cat a new form o f cat
[04:47.55] <revanne> Lol
[04:47.55] <Jemler> well, i just thouht that was why they were called the British Virgin Islands. :)
[04:47.59] <Shiral> It's a vicat, never misses a Sunday service
[04:48.12] <Evie> Vicat is below a Cat in the order of precedence
[04:48.13] <revanne> Lol rented fingers
[04:48.14] <Jemler> well, i just thougt that was why they were called the British Virgin Islands. :)
[04:48.17] <Shiral> They only sent the virgins, clearly
[04:48.37] <Jemler> wiash i'd known that 20 years ago!
[04:48.50] <revanne> I donít think a cat would wear a dog collar
[04:49.07] <Evie> Luke wears a butler's collar
[04:49.19] <Evie> On dress occasions, anyway
[04:49.19] <Shiral> It sure wouldn't be the cat's idea if one ever did
[04:49.20] <Jemler> rhetts?
[04:49.26] <Derynifank> Why dog collar? I always wondered
[04:50.15] <Annie> Minister is often the term used in Scotland.
[04:50.33] <drakensis> also in the english Methodist church
[04:50.53] <The_Bee> because clerical collars encircle the neck like dog collars?
[04:51.26] <Evie> That seems the most likely reason.  That and it makes it easier to take revanne out for walkies.
[04:51.38] <revanne> Don't know - I am always losing mine and as I frantically rush round saying -has anyone seen a dog collar some helpful  member of the family is bound to say - on the dog!
[04:51.50] <@Laurna> oh dear  tossing fish at Evie for You Revanne
[04:51.50] <Evie> LOL!
[04:51.51] <The_Bee> LOL
[04:52.05] <Jemler> attach a bell to it.
[04:52.08] <revanne> Thanks Laurna
[04:52.26] <Evie> That would only help if the dog collar has a habit of walking around on its own, jemler
[04:52.51] <@Laurna> So is the term then one of an inside joke that got out into the world?
[04:52.53] <Evie> If it does, revanne would be seen running around the house saying "Has anyone called for an exorcist?"
[04:53.11] <revanne> That's likely Bee though now they are just slips of plastic that slde into a shirt collar.
[04:53.57] <Jemler> clip-on collar?
[04:53.57] <revanne> Things are mad enough here without haunted collars
[04:54.02] <Evie> My priest's collar encircles his neck and has a fastener in back
[04:54.36] <Evie> It looks like it would be less than comfortable to wear all the time
[04:55.04] <Jemler> is there a ring or something to attach a leash?
[04:55.05] <revanne> My shirts have collars with sort of a fabric tunnel you slide the plastic into -once it's  been found that is.
[04:55.13] <@Laurna> Your priests, evie have a one sixthed sized neck.  hard to use a 1/6ths sized plastic bit.
[04:55.13] <Derynifank> Especially  if starched
[04:55.51] <Evie> LOL!  I mean the one at my church, not my Littles clergy!  LOL!
[04:56.05] <@Laurna> Have you ever seen a mans victorian hard collar.  those look uncomfortable.
[04:56.20] <Jemler> priests shouldn't wear collars. chastity belts yes, but not collars!
[04:56.26] <KK> The tab collars are much more comfortable to wear than the ones that go all the way around the neck.
[04:56.31] <Evie> I think the tradition started with pretty much that sort of collar, but turned around to the back.
[04:56.36] <Shiral> People used to wear HIDEOUSLY uncomfortable clothes.
[04:57.15] <Derynifank> Victorians did  not  believe  in comfort 
[04:57.16] <drakensis> the purpose of the collar was originally to spare the neck chafing against the cassock, so comfort is all relative
[04:57.19] <KK> Someone was very smart to figure out that the tab in the collar tunnel would work so well.
[04:57.30] <revanne> The tab collars are ok -sometimes I forget I'm waering mine.
[04:58.00] <Shiral> Neither did the Tudors, the Stuarts, or the Hanoverians. =o)
[04:58.06] <Jemler> just usea dickey.
[04:58.09] <drakensis> I don't like wearing a neck-tie at all, I've a fairly thick neck so shirt collars almost always strangle me
[04:58.11] <The_Bee> I'm glad we women don't have to wear whalebone stays any more
[04:58.26] <KK> Yeah, and much easier to just remove the tab and open the top button when youw ant to run errands in civiess.
[04:58.27] <Shiral> Our layers of petticoats, or bustles
[04:58.56] <revanne> That's very true KK
[04:58.59] <Derynifank> Yes but we had lovely  corsets 
[04:59.14] <@Laurna> Well I will tell you that you can not wear the layers of petticoats and bustles unless you have a corset on.  I love my corsets and I have several
[04:59.58] <Shiral> This is true, Laurna. If you want to look right in period, you have to wear the underpinnings. This is also why I stick to modern clothing.=o)
[05:00.06] <The_Bee> I think uncomfortable clothes began with the Renaissance.  Norman gear was more relaxed.
[05:00.14] <Evie> A properly fitted corset isn't uncomfortable, unless it's a hot day, in which case any extraneous layer of clothing is uncomfortable.
[05:00.19] * Jemler imagines several of the ladies in ycra teddies.
[05:00.27] * Jemler imagines several of the ladies in lcra teddies.
[05:00.38] <Jemler> that should be lycra!
[05:00.39] <Evie> Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
[05:00.52] <@Laurna> They used to write about how hard it was to for a soldier to wear his sword belt on his hips. and then they would compare that to a ladies cloths. and the ladiis did much better then the men because of their corsets.
[05:00.54] <The_Bee> Try Lycra, Jemler
[05:00.54] <Jemler> don't like the idea, huh?
[05:00.55] <Evie> Maybe I should just smack your keyboard
[05:01.32] * revanne mutters about cold showers
[05:01.51] <Evie> The first piece of Roman armor that went on over the tunic was the belt, because it lent support for all of the other gear that went on
[05:02.03] <@Laurna> Actully Evie.  On 110+ days I am cooler in the multiple layers of cloths than the people around me in shorts
[05:02.06] <Jemler> i'm surprised it didn't aotucorrect to lyric!
[05:02.57] <Evie> On 110+ days I'd be cooler too, since I'd be indoors in the a/c wearing minimal clothing and sipping copious glasses of iced tea!  :-D
[05:03.07] <Annie> :)
[05:03.08] <@Laurna> lol
[05:03.11] <Jemler> thai iced tea/
[05:03.12] <revanne> I get that Laurna. I always  cover up in heat - if we get any and itís surprisingly cool
[05:03.19] <Annie> I've never even got close to that.
[05:03.27] <Evie> Fortunately we get very few 110+ degree days around here, because that sounds like the antechamber to Hell!
[05:03.39] <The_Bee> Yes.  I wear long skirts in summer because they protect from hot weather outside and air conditioning inside.
[05:03.57] <@Laurna> Dont come toSouthern california in July=Sept
[05:04.06] <Evie> (We nearly always top out in the high 90s)
[05:04.13] <KK> I agree.  Long skirts are actually much cooler than trousers.
[05:04.14] * drakensis shudders
[05:04.20] <Annie> 101.3 is the all time record in the UK, according to Wiki.
[05:04.33] <@Laurna> wow really Annie
[05:04.37] <Annie> I struggle with anything over 80.
[05:04.37] <Shiral> I wear summer clothes to work, because the temperature in the library is always perfect for whatever the weather was 3 days ago. Usually, it's too warm in there.
[05:04.43] <@Laurna> 128  here
[05:04.50] <revanne> If we get 70+here people  scream heatwave but then air con is still reasonably rare.
[05:04.57] <Evie> 128 sounds like an oven temperature, not weather!
[05:05.06] <@Laurna> LOL
[05:05.48] <Kelric> lesigh
[05:06.12] <Annie> When we were in Rhodes last summer it got to 96 or 97. I was evil.
[05:06.21] <Annie> Not a happy bunny.
[05:06.39] <Evie> That sounds like an August day here.
[05:06.54] <The_Bee> Aren't you always evil, Annie? :)
[05:06.56] <Evie> We escaped to the beach, where it was still hot, but the ocean breezes made it bearable
[05:07.01] <Annie> That was me noping on out and going back to the ship. :D
[05:07.14] <KK> Yuck!  And if it's also humid....  <shudder>
[05:07.17] <Annie> Only to characters, bee.
[05:07.38] <Evie> It was less humid on the beach than it was at home 4 hours inland
[05:07.52] <@Laurna> It is fortunate that we do not have the humiddity.  Except that it is still raining here today.
[05:08.08] <@Laurna> can I call that 100% humidity?
[05:08.28] <Derynifank> The dreaded triple h; hazy, hot, and humid
[05:08.30] <revanne> Valley of the Kings was 122 -I survived about half an hour which was a pity because  it was fascinating.
[05:08.37] <Evie> Technically it qualifies, but it doesn't feel like stepping into a sauna
[05:08.43] <Evie> Or a steam bath
[05:09.09] <@Laurna> You got to go there Revanne?  cool
[05:09.14] <Evie> Ow! I don't think I could do 122F either, and I'm more used to heat than you are.
[05:09.45] <Annie> We went to Egypt in January. It was very nice then.
[05:09.58] <revanne> We went to Egypt 6 years ago. We used my Mum's  legacy  as she loved to travel.
[05:10.24] <Annie> We went... lots of years ago.
[05:10.26] <Annie> Pre child.
[05:10.32] <revanne> It was May when we went as that worked for us all
[05:11.46] <Shiral> BRB, Hungry Pygmy lions
[05:12.18] <revanne> We did a son-et-lumiere in the ruins of the Temple  at Karnak which was cool in all senses of the word.
[05:12.56] <KK> Sounds really neat.
[05:13.27] <revanne> It was amazing
[05:13.58] <@Laurna> I had to look that up.  A light show on the temple would be awsome
[05:15.00] <Annie> Yeah, we went to the one at Karnak, too.
[05:15.03] <The_Bee> After church today we had a memorial service for a member who was a very talented musician. We sand one of his songs. ++
/>[05:15.31] <Derynifank> Have to go scare up some supper. Have a good week everyone 
[05:15.46] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:15.48] <Evie> Goodnight
[05:15.48] <revanne> And you
[05:15.52] <The_Bee> bye Derynifank.  Glad you came.
[05:15.57] <Evie> oops, not fast enough
[05:16.33] <Jemler> i saw today that Dr. Thomas Starzl died. he did the first successful liver transplant in pittsburgh. the transplant center i tried was named after hm.
[05:16.56] <revanne> I'll  listen to it tomorrow  Bee as DH is asleep next to me.
[05:17.07] <The_Bee> okay.
[05:18.26] <revanne> Think I'm going to try for some zzzzzz  ( zed zed zed that is Jemler). Night all
[05:18.35] <Annie> Night
[05:18.38] <Evie> The house is suspiciously quiet and I wonder what my cats are up to
[05:18.38] <Jemler> got it!
[05:18.44] <Evie> Goodnight, revanne!
[05:18.55] <Jemler> nite revanne.
[05:18.56] <The_Bee> Who's still here?  All I'm seeing are the idlers.
[05:18.58] <@Laurna> Good night Revanne
[05:19.03] <revanne> Thanks for early chat - really  appreciate  it.
[05:19.18] <drakensis> night revanne
[05:19.18] <The_Bee> bye Revanne
[05:19.21] <KK> I'm still here, though muzzy from the cold drugs.
[05:19.33] <@Laurna> Say hiello to Demarcia for us.
[05:19.38] <Shiral> I'm back
[05:19.39] <Evie> Hope they at least help still the cough and dry up the congestion a bit
[05:19.51] <The_Bee> Hang in  there, KK. Warm weather will come.
[05:19.57] <revanne> Will do.
[05:19.57] <KK> Working pretty well so far.
[05:20.10] * revanne (Mibbit@842092.C19ECF.EE0C8E.1ED1E1) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:20.18] <Shiral> Darn, missed Revanne
[05:20.19] <Jemler> i had my doctor prescribe sleeping pills. i have trouble sleeping most nights
[05:20.19] <Evie> I need to make a little tissue box for Eilonwy's bedside table
[05:20.21] <@Laurna> I was looking up a photo I thought I had of a castle all lit up at night.  I would love to see that
[05:20.48] <Evie> Duncan and Helena are back in their medieval clothes now.  Duncan wanted to have his purples back on in time for Lent.
[05:20.50] <Shiral> Since I was down in the kitchen, I made myself another cup of tea.
[05:20.52] <KK> But I need to get my RX for cough syrup with codeine renewed tomorrow.  Oh, and I think we've found a new family doctor, though haven't been to her yet.
[05:20.57] <@Laurna> I hope she is not couoghing through the night too.
[05:21.09] <Jemler> kk, would you happen to have a photo of your old castle?
[05:22.00] <KK> We have lots of photos.  Evie, how would I post those?  Can I simply send you a batch and ask you to do it?
[05:22.12] <@Laurna> Love to see them
[05:22.16] <Evie> I gave several of my Little ladies manicures last weekend. Nail polish for the modern ones, and even a bit of natural color and gloss on my medieval ladies' fingernails to make them stand out a bit and look more like nails than just skin
[05:22.39] <KK> Sounds like fun.
[05:22.45] <Evie> You can do that, or you have a section of the gallery that you can also upload photos to straight from your computer.
[05:23.00] <The_Bee> Do your medieval ladies use kohl?
[05:23.05] <KK> I do?  (Luddite here.)
[05:23.30] <Evie> No, I just go with a natural look on their faces, though some of them have very faint eyeshadow
[05:24.10] <Evie> LOL, KK!  OK, though if you can work out how to attach a photo to email, you can work out how to do an upload.  It basically just asks you where the picture is saved on your harddrive, and it does the rest for you.
[05:24.28] <Evie> But if you'd rather have me upload it, I can do so.
[05:24.45] <Jemler> i was just suddenly curious.
[05:25.01] <@Laurna> Just make the image smaller because a large file images will not load well.
[05:25.45] <Evie> I can also resize photos if necessary.
[05:25.53] <KK> Then, i'D HAVE TO SHRINK THE PHOTOS, TOO.
[05:25.54] <Evie> ++;cat=5,, is your section of the gallery
[05:25.54] <Shiral>  The max picture size is 2500X 2500 pixels
[05:26.08] <KK> Sorry about the caps lock.
[05:26.21] <Shiral> Your computer just woke up. =o)
[05:26.25] <Evie> Yeah, if you're worried about the resizing, I can take care of that for you
[05:26.38] <Evie> and then just add it to your gallery once I'm done
[05:27.10] <Jemler> i saw something on FB about a retro keyboard. it looks/sounds like an old manual typrwriter!
[05:27.44] <Evie> We appear to have your current house in the Gallery but not your home in Ireland
[05:28.20] <KK> Yeah, I was just looking at that.  But I don't see anything about user instructions.
[05:29.05] <Evie> If you need the photo resized anyway, just send it to me first.  But there aren't instructions. Just click where it says Add Picture and it will ask you where on your hard drive the picture is.
[05:29.07] <Jemler> brb.
[05:29.44] <Evie> The Add Picture button would be on your gallery home page with the thumbnails of all your photos.
[05:30.02] <@Laurna> Beuatifull house in the snow.  Love it.
[05:30.28] <KK> I may give it a try.  But don't be surprised if some photos arrive in the next few hours.
[05:30.57] <@Laurna> Love to see them
[05:31.10] <Evie> If you have a photo that isn't ten miles wide, you can just click on that, write any description you want to for it, give it a name, and then there is an Upload button that you click and tell it where the photo is on your computer (what the folder and file name is).
[05:31.38] <Annie> Okay, I need to go do some things before bed, so I'll be off.
[05:31.43] <Annie> Have a good week, all.
[05:31.46] <Evie> So if it's on your C: drive in a folder marked Photos, you look for C: Photos and then select whichever photo it is you want to upload.
[05:31.47] <@Laurna> Good Night Annie
[05:31.57] <Evie> Goodnight Annie!
[05:31.57] <The_Bee> nighters, Annie. Thanks for coming
[05:31.57] <Shiral> Night, Annie
[05:32.02] <KK> <shakes her head dubiously>  I'll try.
[05:32.07] * Annie (Mibbit@5E691D.471F44.849B97.9E6CC6) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:32.22] <Evie> If you run into trouble, you can call me and I can talk you through it
[05:32.46] <KK> I may well try that.  But probably not tonight.
[05:33.00] <Evie> Or, as i said, you can send them to me and I can do it for you, but it's good for you to learn how to do these things in case you ever want to upload something when one of us isn't around
[05:33.13] <Evie> Like if I'm traipsing through Germany on a river boat.  :-D
[05:33.24] <Evie> (Although the cruise ship has wifi)
[05:33.30] <@Laurna> lol
[05:34.33] <Evie> Remember, Luddite, technology does make some things easier once you learn how to do them. Or do you want to go back to writing novels on a typewriter and literally cutting and pasting scenes together if you came up with them out of order?  :-D
[05:35.47] <drakensis> and fixing typoes is much easier on a computer than a typewriter
[05:36.38] <Shiral> MUCH. I don't know how many times a page I'd have to pull out the liquid paper. I was so glad to use typewriters with correcting ribbons. Computers were only really getting going by the time I was a senior in college
[05:37.04] <KK> Oh, amen re not having to retype vast sections of book!  I'll see if I can do it.
[05:37.14] <Shiral> Personal computers are the friends of terrible typists!
[05:37.15] <KK> Evie, when are you going on your cruise?
[05:37.16] <Evie> I remember typing a 40 page research paper on my dad's old Underwood typewriter.  With footnotes rather than endnotes. And we weren't allowed to use erasable onionskin paper because it would smudge. Oh, the agony!  Then my Dad got me an electronic typewriter that would save two lines at a time and let me preview them before they got typed out
[05:37.31] <Evie> and I could erase them even after they were on the page.  I thought that was heaven-sent
[05:37.47] <Evie> We leave the US on 25 May and return on 4 June
[05:38.01] <Jemler> i'm back
[05:38.08] <Evie> I'm front
[05:38.13] <Shiral> I'm sideways
[05:38.49] <Evie> I have a day off work before and after those dates, the first to finish packing and the second so I can recuperate.
[05:39.03] <The_Bee> I'm upside down
[05:39.12] <KK> You're going to have a wonderful time!
[05:39.24] <@Laurna> I'll tripping out on imaginging typing novels withoout a way of making corrections on the reread.  That is the sign of real writers.
[05:39.29] <Evie> I'm looking forward to it. The last time I was in Europe was 1984.
[05:40.18] <Evie> Oh, we made corrections, it just meant we'd have to retype the entire page!  Or if there was only one error on the page, neatly strike it out and pencil in the correction.
[05:40.31] <Evie> Though for a research paper I wasn't allowed to do even that.
[05:40.53] <Evie> So yeah, it had to be either retyped or marked out with correction tape and typed over
[05:41.04] <KK> Were they teaching you how to do research, or how to type accurately?
[05:41.24] <@Laurna> lol  really KK I agree.
[05:41.27] <Shiral> Or being sadistically exacting?
[05:41.27] <Evie> In theory, the former, but the professor was a stickler for neatness and form, so it was a bit of both.
[05:42.15] <@Laurna> I fear I failed when I had professors like that.
[05:42.17] <Evie> Fortunately I had taken touch typing in high school, or I think that first freshman paper in college would have about killed me
[05:42.58] <KK> I wrote the first 6 novels on a Selectric.  (Actually, the first one was at least started on an ole manual electric.  The first thing I bought from the first advance was a Selectric typewriter.
[05:43.26] <Evie> Oh, I had my revenge.  I did my 40 page paper on the character of Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, not realizing that my professor hated LOTR, so he ended up having to read it in two sittings to give me a fair grade, because he couldn't take finishing it in one go.  :-D
[05:43.27] <@Laurna> I am in awe KK
[05:43.40] <drakensis> neat
[05:44.00] <@Laurna> love it Evie
[05:44.16] <Shiral> Wise woman, to invest in a better Word-Scriber! (Since you couldn't get a monk to take dictation =o)
[05:44.20] <KK> The other thing I bought from the first advance was my first trip to Europe, for Heicon in 1970.
[05:44.45] <Evie> I had an old Selectric typewriter at work that I used for years when forms had to be filled out.  I knew I was getting into my middle years when I had to teach one of our interns how to use it, since she had grown up using computer keyboards but had never even seen a typewriter before. And she was a grad student.  :-D
[05:45.12] <Evie> Oh, fun!
[05:45.44] <Evie> My first trip to Europe was in 1973, but it was as a Navy dependent, so we lived in Italy from '73 to '76
[05:46.09] <Shiral> My first trip to Europe was in the winter of 1969. I was not quite six
[05:46.31] <@Laurna> My only trip to europe was in 1982
[05:46.46] <Shiral> My sister and I went to see our Dad and our new step-mother in January 1969
[05:46.46] <Evie> And then I went back in '84 for my final term of school
[05:47.17] <Evie> Undergrad, that is.  It was a Study Abroad program, and I was in the very first class that went over from my university, so we got to pretty much make up our own rules.
[05:48.01] <@Laurna> I hope that was alot of fun and not just study.
[05:48.39] <Evie> Our house parents were pretty laid back, and figured that if we were adult enough to be at a university and taking a semester abroad, we were old enough to have input in deciding what logical rules we wanted to set for ourselves to follow re thiings like curfews, etc.
[05:48.57] <The_Bee> My only trip to Europe was a music-and-theater tour of England in 1985
[05:49.17] <Evie> Oh, it was!  We only had classes four days a week, and they ended at noon, so we have nearly every afternoon/evening and weekend for our own travel and exploration
[05:49.47] <@Laurna> nice
[05:49.57] <KK> A great experience for you.
[05:50.23] <Evie> We had a certain number of nights we had to see various plays, since we were doing a British Theatre course among others, but that was paid for via our tuition, so it was like getting a fun night out, and our homework was an essay about each play we saw
[05:51.03] <Evie> yes, it was great!  I just wish it had been about 10 years later, since at the time they hadn't finished building the new Globe theatre and a few other things I wish I could have seen.
[05:51.13] <Jemler> well, i'm gonna back on out. see you all next week.
[05:51.16] <Evie> I got to see the Jorvik Viking Museum, but it was still in very early years
[05:51.21] <drakensis> night Jemler
[05:51.24] <Evie> Goodnight, Jemler
[05:51.28] <@Laurna> Good night Jemler
[05:51.31] <Shiral> Night, Jemler
[05:51.34] <Jemler> kk, take care of that cold.
[05:51.37] <KK> Nighters, Jemler.
[05:51.46] <Jemler> bye all
[05:51.51] * Jemler ( Quit (Quit: )
[05:51.55] <The_Bee> bye jemler
[05:52.35] <Evie> York ended up being one of my favorite places to visit, partly because of that, and partly because we just happened to be in town the day that they had a traveling troupe doing a mystery play in the Guildhall, so it was like time traveling back to the Middle Ages
[05:52.46] <@Laurna> I am going to say good night for now.  it stopped raining and dad still wants to go shopping.
[05:52.54] <Shiral> Night, Laurna
[05:52.55] <Evie> OK. GLad you got to be with us
[05:52.59] <Shiral> Have a good week
[05:53.04] <KK> Cool.  We did go to the Viking museum.  Interesting.
[05:53.06] <Evie> Go make him happy.  :-)
[05:53.12] <@Laurna> Thanks gang  see you next week
[05:53.19] <Evie> Goodnight, Laurna!
[05:53.26] <KK> Night, Laurna.
[05:53.30] * Laurna ( has left #Deryni_Destinations
[05:53.45] <Evie> I wasn't in the SCA yet when I was there, or there are probably even more places I'd have added to my to-see list
[05:54.16] <Evie> For instance, I lived literally around the corner from the Victoria and Albert Museum for three months and never set foot into the place because I had no clue what was there.  :-(
[05:55.31] <KK> Lots of neat textiles and costumes, among other wonderful things.
[05:55.32] <Evie> The afternoon I'd planned to go to the Tower of London, I wasn't feeling well, so I skipped that figuring I'd go some other day, but I never got around to it.
[05:55.44] <Evie> Although I'd at least seen that when I was younger
[05:55.57] <KK> The Tower was fascinating.
[05:56.10] <drakensis> it's quite a place to tour
[05:56.13] <Evie> Since my Dad took a month off work and we did a camping tour around parts of Western Europe back in 1975
[05:56.37] <Evie> I vaguely remember going, since I have hazy memories of seeing the Crown Jewels
[05:56.50] <Evie> But I was only 12 at the time
[05:57.23] <Evie> There was another castle I got to explore, I think somewhere in Surrey...or was it Suffolk?...but I don't recall which one. 
[05:57.44] <Evie> It was mostly ruined, but I got to go up on the walls and peer through the crenellations
[05:57.51] <KK> Did you go to Canterbury Cathedral?
[05:58.00] <Evie> I did when I went back in '84
[05:58.15] <KK> One of my favorites.
[05:58.27] <Evie> We had a few weekend or daytrip excursions out, and that was on one of those tours
[05:58.52] <Evie> I think we also saw Windsor Castle on that trip
[05:58.54] <KK> Yeah, it's a significant train ride out there and back.
[05:59.04] <Evie> We had a chartered bus for that one
[05:59.26] <Evie> It was the whole class.  (Which wasn't hard to fit on the bus, as there were just 16 students, IIRC, and two house-parents.)
[05:59.29] <KK> How many of you were there?
[06:00.02] <Evie> Oh, it wasn't as far as our train ride up to Edinburgh and back, but we overnighted that one, IIRC
[06:02.01] <KK> We once put our old vintage Bentley on the overnight train to Edinburgh.  Great fun!  That's gone now.  But we did the car train from Sanford FL to just outside D.C. when we came back from Florida in September.  That was also impressive.
[06:02.06] <Evie> Our London school-away-from-school was an old B&B hotel about 2 blocks from the Gloucester Road Tube station in Kensington, and the university acquired it and turned it into a study abroad residence
[06:02.17] <Evie> I was born in Sanford
[06:02.21] <The_Bee> I visited the Victoria and Albert to see a collection of 18th-century political cartoons.
[06:02.56] <Evie> Yeah, the things I missed, not walking the two blocks or so to the V&A.  :-(
[06:03.10] <KK> The V&A is an awesome museum.
[06:03.52] <drakensis> night
[06:03.57] <Evie> I got all the way up to Scotland, because I made the effort to see things outside of London, but missed so many things in London I wish now I'd taken time to see, because I always figured I could do it another day, and before I knew it I'd run out of days.
[06:04.04] <Evie> Goodnight drakensis!
[06:04.09] * drakensis (~drakensis@7D8456.ED6234.6CA64C.C20BEA) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -,,)
[06:04.14] <The_Bee> bye drakensis
[06:04.54] <Shiral> OOops, missed, Drakensis
[06:05.07] <Evie> He tends to leave quickly once he's said goodnight
[06:05.13] <KK> Goodness me, it's after 7.  I think I'll take my cold off to the TV room to watch Mercy Street and then the season finale of Victoria before turning in.
[06:05.21] <Evie> OK. 
[06:05.22] <Shiral> Night, KK
[06:05.25] <Evie> Feel better soon!
[06:05.32] <Shiral> Get over that cold, and have a good week!
[06:05.39] <KK> From your mouth to God
[06:05.45] <Shiral> Thanks for stopping by
[06:05.45] <KK> 's ear.
[06:06.16] <KK> Gus also says goodnight.
[06:06.18] <Evie> Duncan waves healing hands in your general direction
[06:06.23] <The_Bee> Thanks for coming, KK.  Have a good week.
[06:06.33] <Shiral> Dmitri sends a good night cold healing purr
[06:06.42] <Evie> Though given the Healing gift's lack of efficacy against germs, he says prayer would probably be more effective
[06:06.50] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:06.55] <Evie> Goodnight
[06:07.00] <Shiral> Night
[06:07.07] <KK> Nighters.
[06:07.16] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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