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KK Chat -- 26 February 2017
« on: February 26, 2017, 07:33:35 pm »
Feb 26 19:22:26 *   KK has joined
Feb 26 19:22:26 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Remember how he lost it after Duncan showed his aura when knighting Dhugal
Feb 26 19:22:28 <DesertRose>   Hi KK!
Feb 26 19:22:29 <Shiral>   Then Richenda would be the angry one
Feb 26 19:22:30 <Jerusha>   Hi KK
Feb 26 19:22:30 <Jemler>   hi kk
Feb 26 19:22:31 <Evie>   Hi KK
Feb 26 19:22:32 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello KK
Feb 26 19:22:33 <Shiral>   Hello, KK
Feb 26 19:22:39 <DesertRose>   That was Arilan who lost his cool.
Feb 26 19:22:42 <KK>   Sorry I'm late.
Feb 26 19:22:45 <Derynifank>   Hi KK
Feb 26 19:22:49 <Laurna>   Hello KK,  that worked Jemler
Feb 26 19:22:58 <KK>   Scott and I were out antiquing, and we lost track of the time.
Feb 26 19:22:58 <Jerusha>   Yes, I thought it was more Arilan than Cardiel
Feb 26 19:23:00 <Shiral>   Both Arilan and Cardiel lost their cool, just at different times
Feb 26 19:23:00 <Evie>   Although Cardiel was none too happy either
Feb 26 19:23:04 *   The_Bee ( has joined
Feb 26 19:23:08 <Jemler>   hi bee
Feb 26 19:23:09 <BalanceTheEnergies>   No, they both did, on separate occasions. Cardiel actually said GD if memory serves.
Feb 26 19:23:10 <Jerusha>   Hi Bee
Feb 26 19:23:13 <DesertRose>   Jemler just added hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, and cinnamon rolls to the table; must have worked as author bait.
Feb 26 19:23:15 <DesertRose>   Hi Bee.
Feb 26 19:23:16 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello Bee
Feb 26 19:23:19 <The_Bee>   Hi everyone
Feb 26 19:23:19 <Jerusha>   Find any nice antiques, KK?
Feb 26 19:23:21 <Shiral>   Hello Bee
Feb 26 19:23:43 <DesertRose>   I remember Jebediah said GD in CtH during the whole Blocking thing.
Feb 26 19:23:48 <Shiral>   The shortbread I baited our author traps with didn't work. SO it has to have been the smell of cinnamon
Feb 26 19:23:54 <DesertRose>   I'm not recalling Cardiel ever saying it.
Feb 26 19:23:59 <KK>   Well, not an antique, but bought a brand new Samsonite spinner suitcase for $70.  That was a good find.
Feb 26 19:24:06 <DesertRose>   Which does not necessarily mean it didn't happen.
Feb 26 19:24:24 <KK>   I don't think it's quite carry-on size, but not much bigger.  Useful size.
Feb 26 19:24:25 <DesertRose>   Samsonite is a good brand for luggage.
Feb 26 19:24:27 <Jerusha>   Nice, KK
Feb 26 19:24:40 <DesertRose>   My parents have a set that's older than I am and still in very good condition.
Feb 26 19:24:41 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Duncan asked how long he had to lay low, and Cardiel told him he had to change the Law of Ramos.
Feb 26 19:24:48 <KK>   And it's purple, which I love.  And easy to spot on the luggage carousel.
Feb 26 19:24:51 <Laurna>   Ah taveling inyour future?
Feb 26 19:24:52 <Shiral>   I think it was in Quest for St Camber when he's telling Duncan to keep on the Down low until Cardiel can get the law changed
Feb 26 19:24:55 <DesertRose>   Oh cool, KK!
Feb 26 19:25:04 <BalanceTheEnergies>   That's it Shiral.
Feb 26 19:25:09 <Jerusha>   Yes, Shiral, I think that is correct
Feb 26 19:25:20 <Shiral>   Not many people have purple suitcases, it's true!
Feb 26 19:25:38 <Jemler>   i don't know. she's buying luggage. are you taking a trip KK?
Feb 26 19:25:46 <KK>   Well, overnight in Blacksburg Tuesday, but that won't require a large bag.  (Penelope is having her teeth cleaned down at the Va Tech vet college, since she's 17 in August.)
Feb 26 19:25:46 <Laurna>   my only one is green  but I like purlple too.
Feb 26 19:25:51 <DesertRose>   I have a suitcase that belonged to my maternal grandmother that's kind of a mauve-y pink, so it stands out on the baggage carousel too.
Feb 26 19:25:56 <DesertRose>   Not that I fly that often.
Feb 26 19:26:23 <KK>   I'll probably use it for the first time for Dragoncon, or maybe the Michaeline retreat in July.
Feb 26 19:26:32 <Evie>   I need to get some luggage, I think, unless I can unearth the set I bought years ago.  I'll need it in May.
Feb 26 19:26:38 <Laurna>   Have them go easy on her, teeth cleaning can be very stressfull.
Feb 26 19:26:39 <Jemler>   oh. dr. you shouldn't say things like that in front of me!
Feb 26 19:26:41 <Jerusha>   You are going to Dragoncon this year?
Feb 26 19:26:47 <Shiral>   The person who thought to put wheels on suitcases deserves a medal, I think
Feb 26 19:26:57 <DesertRose>   What on earth are you talking about, Jemler?
Feb 26 19:27:19 <Jerusha>   Going somewhere special in May, Evie?
Feb 26 19:27:34 <Jemler>   you said you don't fly ofter. makes me wonder if you are out of brooms, :)
Feb 26 19:27:44 <DesertRose>   Absolutely, Shiral.
Feb 26 19:27:52 <KK>   They'll sedate her, with a board-certified anesthesiologist monitoring her.  She needs clean teeth so she can eat properly, so we have to do it.  If she doesn't make it, at least she dies peacefully on the table.
Feb 26 19:28:04 <DesertRose>   Shh!  My apprenticeship to Nanny Ogg was supposed to be a secret!
Feb 26 19:28:11 <KK>   Yes, I'm going to Dragoncon.
Feb 26 19:28:16 <Shiral>   LOL, DR
Feb 26 19:28:24 <Evie>   Our friend in TN is graduating from nursing school then, and for her graduation, her mom has booked a Rhine river cruise. She (our friend) wanted us to go along with her, so she is paying our way for the cruise, although we are saving up for incidental expenses like meals off board.
Feb 26 19:28:34 <Jerusha>   Way back when, our 17 year old Sheltie had the same and came through with flying colours
Feb 26 19:28:44 <Laurna>   warm thoughts for Penelope's clean teeth
Feb 26 19:28:50 <The_Bee>   You have to be careful how you pack a wheeled suitcase. Put the heavy stuff on the bottom or it will tip over.
Feb 26 19:29:08 <KK>   Well, P-Cat is in good shape for nearly 17, so we're optimistic that she'll gome through ok.
Feb 26 19:29:11 <Jerusha>   Sounds lovely, Evie
Feb 26 19:29:22 <Shiral>   Hopefully she'll come through just fine
Feb 26 19:29:39 <Evie>   DH has never been out of the country, and it's been his life's dream to see a castle. There will be two on the river tour.
Feb 26 19:29:46 <KK>   And Evie, you're in for a treat.  What cruise line, and where are you going?  (They often have great 2-for-1 fares on Viking, I know.
Feb 26 19:29:55 <Evie>   It's a Viking river cruise
Feb 26 19:30:02 <Shiral>   Sounds like a great cruise. Can we tag along? =o)
Feb 26 19:30:15 <KK>   The Blue Danube one?
Feb 26 19:30:21 <Laurna>   Evie that sound like fun. 
Feb 26 19:30:23 <Jerusha>   I want to see the castles!  I'll carry luggage.
Feb 26 19:30:27 <Evie>   Sure, but you may have to hang off the railing, since I'm told DH and I actually booked the last cabin available on our ship
Feb 26 19:30:31 <Derynifank>   That's terrific Evie
Feb 26 19:30:37 <Evie>   No, the Rhine
Feb 26 19:30:43 <Evie>   from Amsterdam to Basel
Feb 26 19:30:44 <Shiral>   Eh, my arms would get tired. I think I'll pass
Feb 26 19:30:53 <KK>   How many days?
Feb 26 19:30:54 <The_Bee>   Someday I may do a river cruise.
Feb 26 19:30:59 <Laurna>   Oh  wonderful
Feb 26 19:31:00 <Evie>   I think a week
Feb 26 19:31:08 <Shiral>   When I was little, I thought Amsterdam was actually Hamsterdam
Feb 26 19:31:14 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral
Feb 26 19:31:19 <Jemler>   i sit in the  lifeboat, in case we hit an iceberg.
Feb 26 19:31:19 <KK>   I'm sure it will be wonderful.  MOther and I loved out Viking cruise.
Feb 26 19:31:19 <Evie>   LOL
Feb 26 19:31:19 *   Jerusha wonders if she can sling a hammock from the railing
Feb 26 19:31:23 <Shiral>   I had a pet hamster I was very fond of
Feb 26 19:31:30 <Evie>   I've heard good things about them, KK
Feb 26 19:31:33 *   DomMelchior ( has joined
Feb 26 19:31:37 <Jemler>   hi dm
Feb 26 19:31:39 <Jerusha>   Hi DM
Feb 26 19:31:41 <Shiral>   Hi DM
Feb 26 19:31:41 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello Don
Feb 26 19:31:41 <KK>   Hello, DM.
Feb 26 19:31:41 <The_Bee>   Hi DomM
Feb 26 19:31:43 <DomMelchior>   Hi guys
Feb 26 19:31:43 <Evie>   Hi DM
Feb 26 19:31:51 <Laurna>   I spent a week cruising the ohio river that was fun,  I would really love to do the Rhine.
Feb 26 19:31:55 <Laurna>   Hi DM
Feb 26 19:31:57 <Jemler>   full house tonight.
Feb 26 19:32:01 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oops. Auto correct strikes again
Feb 26 19:32:19 <Shiral>   So other than antiquing, how has your week been, KK?
Feb 26 19:32:30 <Jerusha>   Any writing?
Feb 26 19:32:43 <DesertRose>   Hi DomMelchior
Feb 26 19:33:40 <Evie>   I don't dare risk losing any Mini-Deryni or their body parts in Europe, but DD is sad that she won't get to go with me, so I've been preparing for bringing Mini-DD along.
Feb 26 19:33:51 <Kelric>   yawn
Feb 26 19:33:58 <KK>   They finally finished the new boiler installation; must come back Monday, or more likely Thursday or Friday, to bleed the radiators and do some fine-tuning.  But we have background heat again.  Hurrah!  At least it wasn't terribly cold this past two weeks.
Feb 26 19:34:11 <Evie>   Yay!
Feb 26 19:34:23 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hooray for heat!
Feb 26 19:34:24 <Laurna>   I think a month in Europe would be just right. A week in England then a week in Scotland then all over wherever the heart wants to go.
Feb 26 19:34:42 <Jerusha>   Also a week in Wales
Feb 26 19:34:50 <Evie>   Yeah, it's supposed to start off this week here with highs in the 70s and lows around the high 50s, I think, but go down to lows in the upper 30s again by the end of the week
Feb 26 19:35:11 <Jerusha>   Snow, snow, then more snow
Feb 26 19:35:17 <Derynifank>   Wacky weather
Feb 26 19:35:41 <Evie>   Yes, I'd love to see Wales, especially those castles in the Marches
Feb 26 19:35:49 <DomMelchior>   It's even been chilly here in Soggy Southern California.  It was 43 in the parking lot at work ^:30 Friday morning, according to my car thermometer.
Feb 26 19:35:51 <Jemler>   it was nearly 70 on thur. it's 36 nosw.
Feb 26 19:35:56 <Shiral>   We can't have Duncan losing his head overboard, though. =o)
Feb 26 19:36:03 <DomMelchior>   6:30
Feb 26 19:36:11 <DesertRose>   The weather's been haywire here in Florida too, but that's semi-typical for February.
Feb 26 19:36:16 <Jerusha>   Definitely not!
Feb 26 19:36:16 <The_Bee>   We've been alternating warm and cold here.
Feb 26 19:36:17 <Laurna>   You'll be getting this storm we have right n ow.  it is a cold one.  today is 59
Feb 26 19:36:27 <KK>   No, Duncan losing his head in Europe would not be good. 
Feb 26 19:36:29 <Jemler>   he's a priest, let him walk on water.
Feb 26 19:36:29 <Evie>   No, I considered bringing Duncan, but that's a major fear, so if I do, it will be a laminated Flat Duncan
Feb 26 19:36:42 <Evie>   Along with laminated Flat Alaric
Feb 26 19:36:48 <Jerusha>   And flat Alaric, too?
Feb 26 19:36:50 <KK>   How about Lego Duncan and some of his friends?
Feb 26 19:36:51 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Easier to pack the flat ones, yes?
Feb 26 19:36:54 <Jerusha>   Yes!
Feb 26 19:36:56 <Laurna>   Flat Duncan and Flat Alaric should do very well
Feb 26 19:37:01 <Shiral>   Laminating and flattening is your way to treat your favorite priest???? =o)
Feb 26 19:37:14 <Evie>   That might be easier to pack, yes.  I could take pictures of the Lego Duncan and Alaric at the castles we visit
Feb 26 19:37:16 <DesertRose>   BRB, tea has gone empty
Feb 26 19:37:30 <DomMelchior>   I guess that would make him a holy card
Feb 26 19:37:40 <Shiral>   I hate it when the Butler forgets to bring me a fresh pot of tea.
Feb 26 19:37:54 <KK>   Where is Carson when you need him?
Feb 26 19:37:59 <Evie>   If I run him through a laminating machine, will he be a Holy Roller?
Feb 26 19:38:06 <Kelric>   yes.  time to go get my dinner.  Hawkey starts soon.  At least that will be better than even thinking about the "Yay me Hollywood" show today...
Feb 26 19:38:07 <KK>   He-he.
Feb 26 19:38:10 <Shiral>   Well, Carson DID retire, KK. =o)
Feb 26 19:38:16 <DomMelchior>   No, but the machine will be
Feb 26 19:38:17 <Shiral>   His hands were all shaky
Feb 26 19:38:30 <Laurna>   Flying Gold fish seen over Alabama
Feb 26 19:38:34 <The_Bee>   Carson?
Feb 26 19:38:35 <Shiral>   Evie GROANNNNNNN!!
Feb 26 19:38:36 <Jerusha>   There is always Jeeves
Feb 26 19:38:58 <The_Bee>   or Bunter
Feb 26 19:38:59 <KK>   How about Brabinger?
Feb 26 19:39:16 <Jemler>   and mr. french, mr. belvedere, and if all else fails, rhett.
Feb 26 19:39:26 <Shiral>   "Yo! Whatever your name is, I need some tea, up here!"
Feb 26 19:39:59 *   Jerusha loads a cup of tea in the catapult
Feb 26 19:40:08 <Laurna>   Let me find the portal, I have a kettle of Cinniman apple spice
Feb 26 19:40:29 <Jerusha>   Sorry about the mess, Shiral
Feb 26 19:40:31 <Jemler>   i have some Earl Grey, loose leaf.
Feb 26 19:40:34 <KK>   We named our old Morris Minor Brabinger.  Alas, he gave his life saving his family in the west of Ireland, when we were sideswiped by a guy racing to catch a ferry who tried to overtake when we were clearly signaling a turn. 
Feb 26 19:40:36 <Shiral>   Please don't use the catapault with the good china!
Feb 26 19:41:07 <Jerusha>   Plastic pot
Feb 26 19:41:08 <Shiral>   Yikes!
Feb 26 19:41:16 <Laurna>   Wow!
Feb 26 19:41:34 <Shiral>   Glad that Brabinger protected you and Scott from major harm, KK
Feb 26 19:41:36 <BalanceTheEnergies>   No one hurt, I hope
Feb 26 19:41:39 <Jerusha>   No one was hurt, KK?
Feb 26 19:41:41 <Jemler>   plastic pot? must make a stiff joint.
Feb 26 19:41:42 <The_Bee>   RIP Brabinger
Feb 26 19:41:48 <Evie>   Ow!
Feb 26 19:41:56 <Jerusha>   Jemler!
Feb 26 19:42:06 <KK>   That was probably the most serious car crash I've ever been in.  We were ok, but I had to pick bits of glass out of Scott's back.  The poor car was nearly broken in half.  Hit just behind the cente4r post on Scott's side.  (He was driving.)
Feb 26 19:42:06 <Laurna>   Jemler!
Feb 26 19:42:07 *   Shiral hurls a fistful of goldfish crackers at Jemler
Feb 26 19:42:07 <Jemler>   lol
Feb 26 19:42:29 <Evie>   OUCH!
Feb 26 19:42:30 <Shiral>   Sheesh!! How scary. And ow, poor Scott
Feb 26 19:42:31 <Jerusha>   Poor Scott
Feb 26 19:42:44 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :s
Feb 26 19:43:06 <The_Bee>   You were both lucky.  What happened to the reckless driveer?
Feb 26 19:43:23 <Shiral>   I hope he missed his darned Ferry!
Feb 26 19:43:56 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I hope he got a fine or points on his license or whatever they do there.
Feb 26 19:43:59 <Evie>   I hope he didn't end up crossing the river Styx.  Geez, that was dumb of him!
Feb 26 19:44:20 <Jerusha>   Caron would have rejected him
Feb 26 19:44:52 <KK>   Yeah, we were on our way to look at a castle; went back to our hotel, courtesy of the garda who came to take the report (in his trenchcoat over his pajamas), and each of us spent half an hour or so soaking in a hot tub, in hopes of averting too many achy muscles.
Feb 26 19:45:01 <Shiral>   I just had this strange vision of Carson the butler as Charon the ferryman =o)
Feb 26 19:45:26 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 26 19:45:40 <DomMelchior>   "Your boat is waiting, my lord"
Feb 26 19:45:44 <Evie>   LOL @ trenchcoat over pajamas
Feb 26 19:46:01 <Laurna>   I am not sure A hot tub would help with glass cuts.  Jeez that is awful.
Feb 26 19:46:24 <Shiral>   I remember when my original Honda Civic was totaled, it looked like a giant had taken a big wad of steel wool and scraped a lot of the paint off one side of the car
Feb 26 19:46:32 <Jerusha>   Whiskey taken internally for the glass cuts, I think
Feb 26 19:46:36 <DomMelchior>   "...and I have your silver coins right here."
Feb 26 19:46:39 <KK>   I don't know what ultimately happened to him and his carful of passengers, though they did miss their ferry.  We had to go to court in Scotland, where he was from; got damages, replacement value for the car, which had just been restored.  Should have been more hard-nosed, but he was driving a company car, and we didn't want him to lost his job.
Feb 26 19:47:27 <Laurna>   I hope he had not been drinking.
Feb 26 19:47:27 <Shiral>   Well, that was generous of you, KK. But if he was that careless a driver it might have served him right
Feb 26 19:47:32 *   Derynifank has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 26 19:47:32 <KK>   Scott did have room service bring him up a large Scotch.
Feb 26 19:47:43 <Shiral>   Smart man
Feb 26 19:47:49 <Jerusha>   Sensible
Feb 26 19:47:52 <KK>   Not drinking; just careless.
Feb 26 19:47:54 <Laurna>   Sounds like a good idea
Feb 26 19:47:56 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I heard some drunk driver hit parade goers at the Endymion parade (NOLA). No one seriously injured, but the driver will likely have the book thrown at him.
Feb 26 19:48:03 <Evie>   Did you ever get around to seeing the castle you were on your way to visiting?
Feb 26 19:48:23 <Jerusha>   Which one was it?
Feb 26 19:48:26 <KK>   Yes, we did.  Too small and too isolated, but it was fun to look.
Feb 26 19:48:42 <DesertRose>   Yeah, I heard about that too, BalanceTheEnergies.
Feb 26 19:48:56 <KK>   Don't remember the name, after this long--30 years.
Feb 26 19:48:59 <Jemler>   how big was your castle, kk?
Feb 26 19:49:01 <Jerusha>   Bye, DerynifanK
Feb 26 19:49:07 <DesertRose>   A high school classmate of mine is in NOLA now because her sons are in their high school marching band and their band was asked to perform in one of the parades.
Feb 26 19:49:08 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Friday night. I think Bacchus is on Saturday night
Feb 26 19:49:17 <Evie>   Y'all would be fun to go castle touring with.  I'll add that to my bucket list.  ;-)
Feb 26 19:49:27 <DomMelchior>   Andy and I have watched a couple of interesting series' on Netflix about country houses in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland
Feb 26 19:49:50 <Jerusha>   That sounds interesting, DM
Feb 26 19:49:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I went to university there, so went to Mardi Gras three times
Feb 26 19:50:01 <KK>   We stayed in some interesting ones.
Feb 26 19:50:06 <Jemler>   how big was your castle, kk?
Feb 26 19:50:12 <DesertRose>   My classmate and her sons and all their lot are fine, though.  They weren't near the car crash.
Feb 26 19:50:12 <Evie>   I've watched a few of those too recently, Dom
Feb 26 19:50:17 <KK>   THe one we owned?
Feb 26 19:50:23 <Jemler>   yes
Feb 26 19:50:35 <DomMelchior>   Worth watching if you like that restored and fascinating architecture thing.  We do.
Feb 26 19:50:43 <Shiral>   Love to SEE big houses, glad I don't have to try and heat one
Feb 26 19:50:56 <DesertRose>   Oh yes.
Feb 26 19:51:07 <Jemler>   try cleaning one!
Feb 26 19:51:10 <Shiral>   Is that series available now, Dom? I'd be interested in seeing that
Feb 26 19:51:10 <DesertRose>   When I was about fourteen, my parents and I went to Biltmore House (Asheville, NC).
Feb 26 19:51:30 <Shiral>   You really have to have the staff for that!
Feb 26 19:51:31 <Evie>   Biltmore is lovely
Feb 26 19:51:41 <DesertRose>   I shudder to think of the power bill for lighting and climate control on that place, and don't even get me started on cleaning!
Feb 26 19:51:41 <BalanceTheEnergies>   It is that.
Feb 26 19:51:54 <Jemler>   brb
Feb 26 19:51:55 <Shiral>   There aren't many Carsons around these days
Feb 26 19:52:00 <KK>   Well, it was technically a gothic country house, but it was about 7 bedrooms, my office, great hall, library, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, and some others that we only got back when we finished the restoration.
Feb 26 19:52:01 <DomMelchior>   I think all three of them are on Netflix now.  Try searching under "country houses of"
Feb 26 19:52:02 <Laurna>   I have a list of castles I would so love to see, Most in england but some in Germany
Feb 26 19:52:12 <Jerusha>   There are cleaning services, though
Feb 26 19:52:15 <Shiral>   It was a pretty spectacular house. =o)
Feb 26 19:52:16 <KK>   Biltmore is fascinating.
Feb 26 19:52:20 <DesertRose>   My parents went for the wine tasting, but since I was well underage, I had to settle for grape juice.
Feb 26 19:52:27 <Laurna>   Ah  I library all your own. 
Feb 26 19:52:31 <DesertRose>   It was some really good grape juice, as I recall.  :)
Feb 26 19:52:55 <Jerusha>   A library would be lovely
Feb 26 19:53:11 <DomMelchior>   And a jolly great set of alters in the hall.  We were so glad we got to visit you guys when we toured Scotland and Ireland back in '05
Feb 26 19:53:11 <Jerusha>   I almost have enough books to fill a small one
Feb 26 19:53:12 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Biltmore's library is fabulous.
Feb 26 19:53:12 <Evie>   Someone I know in the SCA did her graduate work in horticulture, and got to spend a summer living in the former maids' quarters at Biltmore, because she was doing a dissertation on their gardens
Feb 26 19:53:18 <DesertRose>   Oh cool!
Feb 26 19:53:20 *   Derynifank ( has joined
Feb 26 19:53:23 <DesertRose>   Rehi Derynifank
Feb 26 19:53:27 <Shiral>   WB
Feb 26 19:53:32 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello again DF
Feb 26 19:53:33 <The_Bee>   rehi DF
Feb 26 19:53:40 <Jerusha>   rehi, DF
Feb 26 19:53:43 <KK>   We have a library in our present house.  Used to be a sunroom, but we closed off the windows along the long wall, inserted book cases copied from the ones at our Irish house, coffered the ceiling, and paneled the lot.  It looks like it's always been here.  We love it.
Feb 26 19:53:46 <Evie>   She said even the "maids' quarters" were nice, and felt like staying at a hotel
Feb 26 19:53:54 <DomMelchior>   Antlers that is
Feb 26 19:53:55 <Derynifank>   Rehi. Mibbit strikes again
Feb 26 19:53:59 <Shiral>   I haven't seen any castles on the Rhine, but I've seen at least one Chateau on the Loire
Feb 26 19:54:33 <DesertRose>   I almost got a roommate situation in my uni years and the room that would have been mine had built-in bookshelves.
Feb 26 19:54:39 <Laurna>   Were you able to bring some of the old texts  from Iraland or did they need to say with the manor house?
Feb 26 19:54:44 <The_Bee>   oh, antlers!  I thought you meant altars, DM
Feb 26 19:54:51 <DesertRose>   I REALLY wanted to move in there, but the other housemates wanted someone older.
Feb 26 19:55:02 <Derynifank>   Sounds great I always wanted a library
Feb 26 19:55:08 <KK>   I saw some castles on the RHine on my first trip to Europe: Worldcon in Heidelburg.  We went on a river cruise for the afternoon, on the Rhine.
Feb 26 19:55:16 <Shiral>   A deer would look really funny with altars growing out of its head
Feb 26 19:55:32 <DomMelchior>   Rented fingers, Bee.  Used, worn out ones.
Feb 26 19:55:32 <DesertRose>   It was a beach house and in my budget (which was SUPER unlikely to find, and the built-in bookshelves just sweetened the deal for me).
Feb 26 19:55:34 <KK>   Yes, it would!
Feb 26 19:55:53 <Evie>   I think Heidelburg is one of our excursions
Feb 26 19:56:06 <Jerusha>   Nice
Feb 26 19:56:24 <KK>   Our apartment building has built-in bookcases in both 2-BR units.  Very nice building, with lots of period charm.
Feb 26 19:57:14 <KK>   That's Student Prince ocuntry, of course.
Feb 26 19:57:23 <KK>   country.
Feb 26 19:57:31 <DesertRose>   Beachfront house with built-in bookshelves at a price I could afford?  Yes please!
Feb 26 19:57:47 <Evie>   That would be a huge yes for me too
Feb 26 19:57:58 <Shiral>   Sadly. no built-in bookcases at my place. But it's not exactly vintage, either
Feb 26 19:58:04 <Laurna>   I have two walls of floor to cieling bookcases. mostly with original victorian fashion books and magazines.  along with a very large SF section.
Feb 26 19:58:22 <Shiral>   I think I could bear that too, DR
Feb 26 19:58:28 <The_Bee>   I don't know where I'd put a bookcase.
Feb 26 19:58:32 <Derynifank>   Wow
Feb 26 19:58:53 <DesertRose>   The reason the rent was so low was that the owners of the house were the parents of one of the housemates.
Feb 26 19:58:58 <DomMelchior>   Just wrap them around the books, Bee
Feb 26 19:59:01 <Evie>   My bookcase has an apartment, wait, that's the old chifferobe....  :-D
Feb 26 19:59:04 <KK>   (This app has a very annoying panner that says "Transferring data from" which almost always covers up the space where I type, which means that I can't see what I've typed until I hit enter.)
Feb 26 19:59:08 <DesertRose>   So they were cutting their daughter and her housemates a serious price break.
Feb 26 19:59:14 <KK>   banner
Feb 26 19:59:45 <Shiral>   Wow, Rhemuth castle is automated! That's either advanced Deryni Magic, or else Kelson is seriously ahead of his tiem
Feb 26 19:59:48 <Shiral>   time, too
Feb 26 19:59:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I could do with a couple of bookcases myself. My flat is in a refurbished Art Deco building. Modernized interiors in the units.
Feb 26 19:59:57 <Jerusha>   How are your mini apartments, doing, Evie?
Feb 26 20:00:21 <Laurna>   lol Shiral
Feb 26 20:00:21 <Evie>   I haven't done much with them lately due to lack of free time and energy coinciding at once.
Feb 26 20:00:35 <Evie>   Although I am slowly collecting items to make the dining room chairs with
Feb 26 20:00:44 <Jerusha>   I can understand that completely
Feb 26 20:01:15 <Evie>   It hasn't helped that I've been sick for the past week, and have just started feeling well enough to stay up and do things in the past few days
Feb 26 20:01:28 <DesertRose>   It's been going around.
Feb 26 20:01:31 <Jemler>   ok, i'm back.
Feb 26 20:01:43 <Jerusha>   Glad you are feeling better, Evie. 
Feb 26 20:01:43 <Laurna>   I dislike late winter colds.
Feb 26 20:01:47 <The_Bee>   glad you're feeling better, Evie
Feb 26 20:01:48 <Derynifank>   Anyone watching the Oscars?
Feb 26 20:01:53 <DesertRose>   I had that crud a couple of weeks ago that was like a cold or the flu, minus the respiratory crap that would normally go with a cold or the flu.
Feb 26 20:01:55 <Jerusha>   Nope
Feb 26 20:02:00 <DomMelchior>   I'm recording it
Feb 26 20:02:12 <Evie>   I thought I was going to have to postpone my own Confirmation, but my cold symptoms and conjunctivitis cleared up just in time, although I've still got a sporadic cough and now an ear infection might be threatening.
Feb 26 20:02:23 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I had the cold and seem to have developed a secondary sinus infection.
Feb 26 20:02:24 <DesertRose>   I was just super tired and felt basically like I'd been run over, slowly, by a steamroller.
Feb 26 20:02:25 <DomMelchior>   I'll speed through it later to look at the jewelry.
Feb 26 20:02:43 <Jerusha>   Confirmation?
Feb 26 20:02:56 <Evie>   In the Episcopal church.
Feb 26 20:03:01 <The_Bee>   Id like to see the gowns, but otherwise not really interested
Feb 26 20:03:13 <Jemler>   i never watch awards show. bunch of people patting themselves on the back.
Feb 26 20:03:26 <DesertRose>   I'll look for the pretty dresses later.
Feb 26 20:03:29 <Shiral>   It's become way too long, boring and overblown.
Feb 26 20:03:47 <DesertRose>   Someone I follow on Tumblr is a big fashion fan and will likely post red-carpet photos of all the good gowns.
Feb 26 20:03:48 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I hope Hidden Figures will do well, but i can wait for the results until morning.
Feb 26 20:04:02 <Shiral>   I really enjoyed Lala Land, but I won't be either upset if it doesn't win, or thrilled if it does
Feb 26 20:04:02 <DesertRose>   Me too, BalanceTheEnergies.
Feb 26 20:04:11 <Evie>   I might take a look at the gowns later and see if I can do mini versions of the ones I like
Feb 26 20:04:11 <Jemler>   isn't that the one about NASA?
Feb 26 20:04:13 <DesertRose>   I saw Hidden Figures and just loved it.
Feb 26 20:04:15 <DesertRose>   Yes, Jemler
Feb 26 20:04:24 <Shiral>   I saw Hidden Figures a couple of weeks ago--great story!
Feb 26 20:04:40 <KK>   I don't want to listen to all the political crap that's sure to infiltrate the speeches, so I'll look at the gowns tomorrow on the Daily Mail.
Feb 26 20:04:41 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yes, and the women who did the math before computers were all machines.
Feb 26 20:04:43 <Jerusha>   I never have seen the movies, so I can't get excited about it
Feb 26 20:04:46 <Shiral>   Duncan's going to have an Oscar gown? =o)
Feb 26 20:04:59 <Evie>   LOL, NOT for Duncan!
Feb 26 20:05:04 <The_Bee>   I missed a chance to see Manchester by the Sea.  The last mmovie I attended was the one we saaw ar our failed Derynicon in PA
Feb 26 20:05:09 <Evie>   For Sophia
Feb 26 20:05:10 <DesertRose>   I snapped up the Kindle version of the book because I happened to see on Twitter that the Kindle edition was on sale for $1.99 for a while, so I jumped on that.
Feb 26 20:05:18 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I have joined the waiting list for HF on DVD @ the library.
Feb 26 20:05:49 <Jerusha>   I suppose Duncan might have an Oscar cassock
Feb 26 20:05:50 <Jemler>   kindle! kk! did you finish Red, White and Blood?
Feb 26 20:05:51 <Evie>   After all, now that the Little Ladies have nice manicures, they need nice dresses to wear while showing them off
Feb 26 20:05:53 <KK>   I need to catch up on some of the pictures.  Want to see Hidden Figures.  Got the book for LBM for Christmas, and I think she's reading it now.
Feb 26 20:05:56 <Jemler>   kindle! kk! did you finish Red, White and Blood?
Feb 26 20:06:02 <DesertRose>   The woman who wrote the book, her dad worked with Katherine Johnson and the other computers.
Feb 26 20:06:10 <Evie>   I'm trying to imagine an Oscar cassock. LOL!
Feb 26 20:06:28 <Evie>   Would it be White Collar rather than White Tie?
Feb 26 20:06:30 <Shiral> could paint him dull gold, I guess... =o)
Feb 26 20:06:33 <Jerusha>   Amazing jeweled cross!
Feb 26 20:06:59 <BalanceTheEnergies>   And jeweled mitre
Feb 26 20:07:06 <DesertRose>   KK, Hidden Figures is REALLY good.  The three main actresses are really excellent.
Feb 26 20:07:06 <Evie>   He's already got those
Feb 26 20:07:19 <Jemler>   and the altar boys waving sensers around.
Feb 26 20:07:26 <Laurna>   I would love to see that
Feb 26 20:07:30 <KK>   I think it's black tie for the Oscars.  I should think a clerical collar would look quite nice with a tux.
Feb 26 20:07:35 <Jerusha>   Carnegorns like on Alaric's scabbard?
Feb 26 20:07:40 <DesertRose>   I was particularly impressed with Janelle Monae, since I primarily knew of her as a musician, but she did a remarkable job as an actress.
Feb 26 20:07:50 <Evie>   Well, I've got a tux and a clerical shirt.  This could happen.  :-D
Feb 26 20:07:52 <Kelric>   meh to the oscars.  I'll do hockey instead ;)
Feb 26 20:07:55 <DesertRose>   I knew Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer were going to be good.
Feb 26 20:08:16 <DomMelchior>   Andy just called me to the TV.  Scarlet Johanssen was on the red carpet wearing a pair of diamond earring that could have doubled for door knockers.  Amazing.
Feb 26 20:08:29 <KK>   Jemler, just started it two nights ago.  I was finishing Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen first--whcih was an excellent read, BTW.
Feb 26 20:08:32 <DesertRose>   Wow, DomMelchior
Feb 26 20:08:43 <Jerusha>   And I might think uncomfortably heavy
Feb 26 20:08:45 <Derynifank>   Hidden Figures was amazing. Can't believe we didn't know about them
Feb 26 20:08:50 <Evie>   Anything LMB writes is almost guaranteed to be a good read
Feb 26 20:08:51 <Jemler>   i just finished readi g a book in reverse.
Feb 26 20:09:24 <DomMelchior>   I'm guessing the main pair cut stones were at least 15 carats.  Each.
Feb 26 20:09:28 <DesertRose>   I wore a pair of fake diamond earrings to my senior prom that were pretty ostentatious, but my dress was a black satin sheath with almost no ornamentation (a little sequined detail across the top of the bodice), so the ornate jewelry worked.
Feb 26 20:09:37 <DesertRose>   WOW
Feb 26 20:09:53 <Jerusha>   15 carats?
Feb 26 20:10:02 <Jemler>   i wore a body cast to my High scholl graduation.
Feb 26 20:10:26 <Derynifank>   Goodness !
Feb 26 20:10:34 <DesertRose>   Ow, Jemler.
Feb 26 20:10:48 <Jemler>   i had scoliosis and had spinal surgery 2 months before.
Feb 26 20:10:55 <Jerusha>   But where can you wear something like that other than to the Oscars?
Feb 26 20:11:02 <DomMelchior>   I'm guessing, Jerusha, but probably in that neighborhood.
Feb 26 20:11:02 <The_Bee>   How come? That was before your aneurism, wasn't it?
Feb 26 20:11:05 <DesertRose>   I wore the lightest weight blouse and skirt in my wardrobe to my high school graduation, because it was outdoors in southern South Carolina in June and it was HOT.
Feb 26 20:11:23 <Jemler>   scoliosis 1981, aneurysm 1998.
Feb 26 20:12:10 <DomMelchior>   Oh, they're all loaners.  The company but them out there for the publicity.  Chopped, in this case, I think she said.
Feb 26 20:12:34 <Jerusha>   Not a bad one night stand, so to speak
Feb 26 20:12:45 <Evie>   My high school graduation robe was white (girls were in white robes and boys in red ones, since those were the school colors), so we were asked to wear white dresses underneath them so that colors wouldn't show through the robes.
Feb 26 20:12:53 <DomMelchior>   put, not but.  argh
Feb 26 20:13:01 <DesertRose>   And I still sweated to death under that ridiculous black polyester robe with that silly flat hat on.
Feb 26 20:13:28 <DesertRose>   Because the ceremony took about four hours since there were about 470 people in my graduating class.
Feb 26 20:13:30 <Jemler>   Blue and White for my school. Go Potters!
Feb 26 20:13:40 <Laurna>   I wore a pale pink summer dress under a dark blue polyester robe for High school grad
Feb 26 20:13:44 <Jerusha>   Rad and white for me too, Evie
Feb 26 20:13:57 <DesertRose>   My high school's colors were black and red.
Feb 26 20:13:58 <The_Bee>   I had to speak at my high school graduation.
Feb 26 20:13:58 <Shiral>   Green and White at my HS
Feb 26 20:14:01 *   Evie envisions Jemler's school cheering for Harry Potter during a Quidditch match
Feb 26 20:14:06 <DesertRose>   So we had to wear black robes with red stoles.
Feb 26 20:14:12 <DomMelchior>   Mine too, DR
Feb 26 20:14:28 <BalanceTheEnergies>   As did I Bee, with a congressman on the stage behind me. Week.
Feb 26 20:14:46 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oops meant Eek
Feb 26 20:14:59 <Jerusha>   I missed having to do that.  I was SO glad
Feb 26 20:15:31 <DomMelchior>   Not a good idea to turn your back on a politician, BTE, no matter what their stripe.
Feb 26 20:15:41 <DesertRose>   And the vice principal whose job it was to announce the graduates' names messed my name up in the way that annoys me most, despite due to the size of my graduating class, someone having distributed 3x5 index cards and magic markers for us to write our names on.
Feb 26 20:15:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I was top of the class, so it was expected. As for my wardrobe, let's just say it added to my discomfort and anxiety.
Feb 26 20:15:56 *   TheDeryni (~TheDeryni@Flirt.Storyteller.Wiseass) has joined
Feb 26 20:15:56 *   derynibot gives channel operator status to TheDeryni
Feb 26 20:15:58 <DesertRose>   I wrote my name in very tidy, large block capitals, and Dude STILL got it wrong.
Feb 26 20:16:02 <DesertRose>   Hi The_Bee
Feb 26 20:16:04 <DesertRose>   Hi TheDeryni
Feb 26 20:16:06 <The_Bee>   The 3 top students each wrote and memorized an essay for the occasion
Feb 26 20:16:13 <BalanceTheEnergies>   hello TheDeryni
Feb 26 20:16:18 <Jerusha>   Hi TheDeryni
Feb 26 20:16:25 <The_Bee>   Hi, TD
Feb 26 20:16:27 <Evie>   Hi, TheDeer!
Feb 26 20:16:30 <Laurna>   Hi TD
Feb 26 20:16:35 <Jerusha>   I was number 4 - thank heavens
Feb 26 20:16:44 <Jemler>   hi td
Feb 26 20:16:55 <The_Bee>   I also wrote the Class Ode, which was published in our yearabook.
Feb 26 20:17:23 <Laurna>   I was lucky to graduate after spending 2years in the Caribbean.
Feb 26 20:17:27 <Jerusha>   I was the yearbook editor - an experience I would not want to repeat
Feb 26 20:17:36 <Derynifank>   You had a class ode?
Feb 26 20:17:45 <The_Bee>   Yep
Feb 26 20:17:47 <Jerusha>   The Carribean would have been nice!
Feb 26 20:17:58 <Evie>   Spending two years in the Caribbean sounds awesome!
Feb 26 20:18:09 <DesertRose>   Unless a hurricane decides to pay a visit!
Feb 26 20:18:10 <Jerusha>   Where can I sign up?
Feb 26 20:18:13 <Laurna>   lived on a 42 foot ketch sail boat.  Loved those years.
Feb 26 20:18:17 *   BalanceTheEnergies has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 26 20:18:28 <Jerusha>   Oh dear - bye BtE
Feb 26 20:18:34 <TheDeryni>   TD smiles and waves to all...
Feb 26 20:18:37 <DesertRose>   Mibbit maybe?
Feb 26 20:18:40 *   BalanceTheEnergies (Mibbit@83BF1D.5474AF.0EED19.9C444F) has joined
Feb 26 20:18:47 <Jerusha>   rehi
Feb 26 20:18:47 <DesertRose>   Rehi BalanceTheEnergies
Feb 26 20:18:50 <The_Bee>   rehi BtE
Feb 26 20:18:55 <Evie>   Did you do distance learning, or how did you manage school work?
Feb 26 20:18:59 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Sorry about that.
Feb 26 20:19:03 <Shiral>   My surname was mispronounced
Feb 26 20:19:12 <Derynifank>   Mibbit misbehaves again
Feb 26 20:19:13 <Laurna>   Boats name was Sunlit  a we wanted to follow the sun
Feb 26 20:19:20 <Shiral>   At both my High School and College Graduations
Feb 26 20:19:20 <DesertRose>   Bynw has found another web-based chat client; we're testing it and it's not quite ready for prime time, but there's a possibility of an alternative to Mibbit in the future.
Feb 26 20:19:27 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I think i just lurked too long.
Feb 26 20:19:36 <DesertRose>   It was my first name that got hosed up, Shiral.
Feb 26 20:19:42 <Laurna>   I did some corrispondance classes but most ly missed 9th and 10 grade
Feb 26 20:20:02 <Jerusha>   How can you mess up your first name, DR?
Feb 26 20:20:02 <Evie>   How in the world does anyone manage to hose up your first name? It's not that complicated!
Feb 26 20:20:05 <DesertRose>   And as my first name has four letters and is just not that blooming difficult to pronounce, I was pretty annoyed.
Feb 26 20:20:08 <Shiral>   I'm used to it at this point--it's pretty rare for someone to pronounce my last name correctly unless I tell them
Feb 26 20:20:27 <DesertRose>   He called me Norma, and internally I was ranting "There is no M in my name, damn it!"
Feb 26 20:20:32 <Shiral>   LOL
Feb 26 20:20:34 <Jemler>   i missed my entire senior year. doctors orders. senior prom, class trip, everything but graduation.
Feb 26 20:20:35 <Evie>   LOL!
Feb 26 20:20:40 <The_Bee>   rhymes with "cool" IIRC
Feb 26 20:20:48 <Laurna>   oh dears DR
Feb 26 20:21:00 <Jerusha>   Oh dear, Jemler
Feb 26 20:21:03 <Evie>   :-(, jemler
Feb 26 20:21:09 <DesertRose>   What a bummer, Jemler.
Feb 26 20:21:11 <Derynifank>   So sorry Jemler 
Feb 26 20:21:13 <DesertRose>   That sounds like it sucked.
Feb 26 20:21:14 <Shiral>   I had a friend in High School named Brendan. HE had the honor of being called "Brenda" when he went to get his diploma
Feb 26 20:21:16 <Laurna>   I am glad you went to Graduation Jemler
Feb 26 20:21:24 <Shiral>   Ack, Jemler =o(
Feb 26 20:21:36 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :/
Feb 26 20:21:41 <DesertRose>   Yeah, my neighbor had that problem; his name is Heath, and something at his high school identified him as "Heather."
Feb 26 20:21:46 <DesertRose>   He was not particularly amused.
Feb 26 20:22:05 <Jerusha>   I should think not
Feb 26 20:22:16 <Evie>   I just get people here calling me "Evil"....  ;-)
Feb 26 20:22:21 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 26 20:22:29 <Derynifank>   Don't blame him
Feb 26 20:22:29 <DesertRose>   That's only the ones who know you.  :P
Feb 26 20:22:31 <KK>   It's amazing how names can get mesed up.
Feb 26 20:22:31 <Jemler>   try my last name. Emler. but i've been called ender, ember emmerling, emily, elmer, etc...
Feb 26 20:22:35 <Laurna>   Never Evil Evie
Feb 26 20:22:57 <Jerusha>   Well, maybe....
Feb 26 20:23:05 <Jerusha>   :D
Feb 26 20:23:23 <KK>   Jemler is a cool name, Jemler.  Is your actual first name John?
Feb 26 20:23:29 <Jerusha>   You did off a large part of Haldane royalty
Feb 26 20:23:39 <Laurna>   Perhaps everyone is just Dyslexic, and can not read.
Feb 26 20:23:42 <Jemler>   yes. John Michael Emler.
Feb 26 20:23:47 <Shiral>   In college, there was a girl named Michelle Houle although she pronounced it Hoolie. The admissions office got us mixed up for YEARS. They even tried to give MY tuition money to her one semester! Fortunately, we straightened that out
Feb 26 20:23:53 <Derynifank>   You wouldn't think they could mess up Jones but they di
Feb 26 20:24:03 <DesertRose>   My last name gets screwed up an awful lot too.  There's one fairly easy error (there's a double R in it, and a lot of people ask if my last name has one R or two, and that's a reasonable question).
Feb 26 20:24:06 <Shiral>   There is something about me that makes people think my first name is Michelle
Feb 26 20:24:20 <Evie>   I remember one particular inept pharmacy DH and I went to once (and only once) that managed to get our address wrong on all of our prescriptions and prescribed my birth control pills under his name.  And managed to misspell the first name when they did that.  So I had BC pills prescribed for "Tough Grove."  LOL!
Feb 26 20:24:31 <Jemler>   DR, there is only 1 R in Rose :)
Feb 26 20:24:33 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Perhaps performance anxiety, a.k.a. nerves is the trouble
Feb 26 20:24:34 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 26 20:24:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Public speaking isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Feb 26 20:25:39 <DesertRose>   My parents' surname gets screwed up too, and you really would think it would not be so easy to mess up.
Feb 26 20:25:57 *   TheDeryni is now known as TD-afk
Feb 26 20:25:59 <DesertRose>   Their last name is Berry.  It's just not that difficult a name, but holy cow, people mess it up left right and center.
Feb 26 20:26:11 <Laurna>   I admit to murdering peoples last names when I call them in for exams.   Sometimes I just say the first name and then have them say their last name too me.
Feb 26 20:26:39 <DomMelchior>   A wise course of action, Laura
Feb 26 20:27:13 <KK>   When Cameron was little, someone's kid thought his name was Gamera, and didn't want to approach him because they thought he was a monster.Well, in some aspects, occasionally, in those days....
Feb 26 20:27:18 <DesertRose>   LOL
Feb 26 20:27:30 <Laurna>   lol
Feb 26 20:27:38 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :)
Feb 26 20:27:45 <Jerusha>   :)
Feb 26 20:27:58 *   Evie_ ( has joined
Feb 26 20:27:59 <DesertRose>   Sometimes they are little monsters.
Feb 26 20:28:01 <The_Bee>   In high school Spanish class we were told that the custom is to say, "I want you to meet a friend of mine," and let them give their own names.
Feb 26 20:28:03 <DesertRose>   Hi Evie_
Feb 26 20:28:11 <Evie_>   Argh! 
Feb 26 20:28:13 <The_Bee>   wb, Evie
Feb 26 20:28:14 *   Evie_ kicks server
Feb 26 20:28:22 <Laurna>   Did not see you go Evie
Feb 26 20:28:27 <DomMelchior>   Well, I need to head out.  Everyone have a good week ahead.  G'Night.
Feb 26 20:28:31 <Jerusha>   Server rolls over and plays dead
Feb 26 20:28:35 *   DomMelchior has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 26 20:28:37 <KK>   Nighters, DM.
Feb 26 20:28:42 <Jerusha>   Night, DM
Feb 26 20:28:42 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Good night Dom
Feb 26 20:28:44 <Evie_>   Goodnight DM
Feb 26 20:28:44 *   TD-afk is now known as TheDeer
Feb 26 20:28:49 <KK>   Boy, he's fast.
Feb 26 20:28:52 <The_Bee>   bye, Dom. Have a good week
Feb 26 20:28:55 <DesertRose>   Someone on a forum I'm on asked for advice on helping her six-year-old son understand when to stop touching people (like when they've asked not to be touched).
Feb 26 20:29:01 <DesertRose>   He left fast.  Wow.
Feb 26 20:29:05 <Evie_>   Yeah, I just suddenly got a disconnect notice, but for once I was able to reconnect immediately
Feb 26 20:29:10 *   TheDeer is now known as TheDeryni
Feb 26 20:29:34 <Evie_>   :-D
Feb 26 20:29:40 <Evie_>   wb, TheDeerDeryni
Feb 26 20:29:42 <DesertRose>   And she updated recently that he's now saying "Stop tickling me! Ah!" and then whispering "No, keep tickling," which is such a six-year-old thing to do it cracks me up.
Feb 26 20:29:59 <DesertRose>   He's also getting better about not touching people when they've asked not to be touched, so this is good.
Feb 26 20:30:03 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :D
Feb 26 20:30:22 *   Evie has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
Feb 26 20:30:27 <Jerusha>   Oops
Feb 26 20:30:29 *   Evie_ is now known as Evie
Feb 26 20:30:30 <Laurna>   poor Evie
Feb 26 20:30:39 <Evie>   No, that was my ghost timing out
Feb 26 20:30:39 <BalanceTheEnergies>   revenge of the kicked server?
Feb 26 20:30:44 <Laurna>   Ahh
Feb 26 20:30:46 <Evie>   I'm still here
Feb 26 20:30:46 <KK>   Well, I'm going to head out, too.  It's hungry out.
Feb 26 20:30:52 <Shiral>   Bye, KK
Feb 26 20:30:56 <Jerusha>   Thanks for coming, KK
Feb 26 20:30:57 <Evie>   Have happy noms
Feb 26 20:30:58 <DesertRose>   Okay, KK, thanks for coming to see us.
Feb 26 20:30:58 <Laurna>   Good night KK.
Feb 26 20:31:00 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Good night KK
Feb 26 20:31:02 <DesertRose>   Early chat next week?
Feb 26 20:31:03 <Derynifank>   Hungry?
Feb 26 20:31:04 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Feb 26 20:31:07 <Shiral>   Careful about going outside when it's hungry. =o)
Feb 26 20:31:07 <TheDeryni>   Bye KK
Feb 26 20:31:14 <Shiral>   Have a good week
Feb 26 20:31:20 <Evie>   Yes, wouldn't want the night to swallow you up
Feb 26 20:31:22 <The_Bee>   Bye, KK enjoy your meal and your week.
Feb 26 20:31:25 <Jemler>   bye kk
Feb 26 20:31:26 <DesertRose>   Have a good week!
Feb 26 20:31:27 <Jerusha>   I should go, too.  Laundry calls
Feb 26 20:31:28 <KK>   Yes, early chat next week.
Feb 26 20:31:35 <DesertRose>   Okay, see you next week!  G'night!
Feb 26 20:31:36 <Shiral>   toodle-oo,Kk
Feb 26 20:31:37 <KK>   Nighters.
Feb 26 20:31:41 <Jerusha>   Nighters!
Feb 26 20:31:41 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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