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KK Chat--12 February 2017
« on: February 12, 2017, 07:07:33 pm »
[06:07.05] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:07.10] <Jemler> hi kk
[06:07.27] <KK> Hi, guys.
[06:07.32] * Evie serves up hot pizza
[06:07.36] <Evie> Hi KK!
[06:07.53] <Evie> I just posted a notice on the forum saying we are having pizza in the chatroom tonight. LOL!
[06:08.34] <Evie> Not sure if folks are celebrating Valentine's Day early, or where everyone is.
[06:08.35] <Jemler> only because i'm not sharing my spaghetti and meatballs.
[06:08.48] <Evie> Not even the leftovers?
[06:09.10] <KK> Dunno.  It isn't Superbowl or Valentine's, so anybody's guess.
[06:09.23] <Jemler> left over meatballs? what are those?
[06:09.31] <Shiral> Hello KK
[06:09.49] <Evie> I was tidying up the craft room before coming in here, and discovered a shirtless mini-Morgan beside an empty dress and my miniature wine bottles. I'm afraid to even ask!  :-D
[06:10.16] * Shiral snaps fingers and produces a dark chocolate cake
[06:10.22] <KK> LOL.  Ya gotta watch these guys.
[06:10.30] <Evie> Yum, Shiral!
[06:10.41] <Evie> Also found Duncan in a bag
[06:10.52] <Shiral> Hmmmm...he does't SEEM like a cross dresser. Alaric, that is. =o)
[06:11.00] <Evie> Oh, it was much too small for him
[06:11.03] <Shiral> Oh dear. Someone's put the bag on Duncan
[06:11.20] <KK> How did Duncan end up in a bag?
[06:11.28] <Evie> I doubt he was wearing it, but it did make me wonder where the wearer dashed off to without her dress!
[06:11.59] <Evie> It was his carry bag I put him in now so he won't get face stains and his head won't get lost even if it pops off in transit.
[06:12.16] <Evie> But I could have sworn I unbagged him after his last outing
[06:12.47] <Evie> It's a white knit fabric drawstring bag that keeps him safe when he's in my purse
[06:13.08] <KK> Ah, I remember now.
[06:13.16] <Evie> I have three such bags in various sizes so I can carry up to 3 action figures at a time safely
[06:13.37] <KK> That ou put him in a bag for transport, not how he got left in the bag.
[06:13.48] <Jemler> kk, i finished the presidents vampire series.
[06:14.19] <Jemler> all 4 books.
[06:14.33] <KK> I'm waiting for the third book, which I ordered several weeks ago; should be here soon.  THey're usually quite prompt.
[06:14.46] * Dennis ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:14.50] <KK> How'd you like 3 & 4?
[06:15.03] <Evie> Any new writing lately, or is life still too busy to let the voices talk?
[06:15.10] <Evie> hi Dennis
[06:15.17] <Dennis> Hi, Evie!
[06:15.20] <Jemler> the burning men is a short story. it takes place between books 2 and 3. it deals with Spontaneous Human Combustion.
[06:15.32] <Shiral> Hello Dennis
[06:15.40] <Dennis> Hi, Shiral!
[06:15.41] <Jemler> hi dennis.
[06:15.47] <Dennis> Hi, Jemler!
[06:16.21] <Shiral> How's your mother doing, KK?
[06:16.53] * Eyikl (Mibbit@8027A0.AD6C34.D381B8.9C060D) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:17.08] <Shiral> Hello, Eyikl
[06:17.10] <Jemler> DesertRose isn't feeling well she bowed out early.
[06:17.11] <Evie> Hi Eyikl
[06:17.17] <KK> Much better, Shiral.  Thanks for asking.  She's gained back 1 1/2 lbs. in the past week, so that's good.  She'd gotten down to 107, I think.  Still needs some weight, but we're headed in the right direction.
[06:17.17] <Eyikl> hi everybody
[06:17.22] <Dennis> Hi, Eyikl!
[06:17.33] <Evie> Oh good re the weight gain!
[06:17.40] <Shiral> Good to hear that she's on the mend.
[06:18.03] <KK> Sorry Desert Rose isn't doing so well.  I hope that whatever ails her isn't serious, just persistent.
[06:18.16] <Evie> Persistent, it definitely is!
[06:18.30] <Shiral> Wish LBM well for me.
[06:20.26] <KK> I shall.  And how are your fur children doing?
[06:20.42] <Dennis> Missy says, "Meow."
[06:21.15] <Shiral> They are best buddies at this point. Give or take a few generational arguments
[06:21.46] <Shiral> Tatiana's still rather small, I think she's about 10 months old now, so not yet full grown.
[06:21.47] <Evie> We've been working on revamping the forum (Bynw's idea, making some things easier to find that were in danger of getting buried), so if you should happen to pop on there, it might look a little different from what you've seen in previous visits, but hopefully things will be easier to find now that they are in one place and organized more logically.
[06:21.53] <Jemler> no leftover meatballs.
[06:22.17] <KK> I'll be sure to take a look.
[06:22.18] <Evie> Aww, I remember Gigi and Luke at that "teenager" age
[06:22.24] <Shiral> Dmitri is holding on tight to his Senior Cat/"Might makes right" philosophy of life
[06:22.51] <Evie> Luke attempts to do that, but Gigi is more cunning than he is
[06:23.14] <Evie> It's like having Pinky and the Brain in the house
[06:23.16] <Shiral> He's a big guy and I think he must be at least 18 pounds.
[06:24.42] <KK> Wow.  And it seems like just yesterday that you got him as a scrawny kitten.
[06:25.04] <Shiral> When I first get into bed at night, Tatiana likes to have a cuddle session with plenty of ear scritchies.  She's a drooler when she's happy. 
[06:25.04] <Jemler> a cat that big would go with several plates of noodles at a Thai restaurant.
[06:25.17] <Dennis> I have decided if that if Missy were a hooman, she'd be Margaret Dumont.
[06:25.35] <Evie> Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
[06:25.47] <Jemler> i'm a dog man!\
[06:25.57] <Shiral> He was pretty big even as a little guy. He has long legs and a long body and a long tail.
[06:26.07] <KK> Thai noodles.  Yum!  And Thai iced tea.
[06:26.17] <Evie> I love Thai iced tea
[06:26.34] <Shiral> In what way does Missy demonstrate her "Margaret Dumontness" Dennis? =o)
[06:27.02] <Shiral> I like Thai iced tea==I LOVE Thai Iced Coffee
[06:28.18] <Dennis> Well, she's big and long, and she's immensely dignified. I picture her as a tall stocky woman of proud and serious mien, cooped up with two lunatics (me and the Lovely LIz, who says hello, by the way). Hence, Margaret Dumont.
[06:28.28] <Jemler> has a recipe for thai style ice tea.
[06:29.28] <Jemler> i can take a picture to post on the forum.
[06:29.40] <KK> Really?  I've always wanted to figure out a way to make it at home.
[06:30.31] <Jemler> i took the pic. i'll see if i can ul it. if not there, then on fb.
[06:30.36] <Shiral> Hello back to Liz
[06:30.37] <Evie> There is a place downtown that will be getting several new restaurants in it, including an Ethiopian restaurant, which we're excited about since the next closest one is up in Nashville, I think
[06:31.03] <Shiral> Sounds like a good assessment of Missy's personality. =o) You can be her personal Groucho Marx
[06:31.22] <Evie> And some other kind of cuisine we don't have around here yet, but I can't remember what it is, and DH isn't in the room at the moment for me to ask him
[06:31.48] <Dennis> I've been accused of that before, Shiral. :)
[06:32.15] <KK> I like Ethiopian food.  We went to one in D.C. years ago, with our friend who is an Ethiopian prince.  Fascinating experience.
[06:33.19] <Evie> I love their tej.  It's basically Ethiopian mead
[06:33.25] <Shiral> I've had Moroccan food and enjoyed it, but never Ethiopian
[06:35.05] <Evie> The few times I've had it, it's served on or with injera (sp?) bread, which is a sourdough flatbread that is used to pick up the food with, instead of forks
[06:35.17] <Dennis> I don't *think* I've ever had Ethiopean.
[06:35.21] <Evie> (Although both restaurants I've tried also had forks if you absolutely insisted of using them)
[06:35.37] <Jemler> uploaded to still needs approved.
[06:36.07] <Evie> The first time I had it, the food was put on a Lazy Susan in the middle of the table, and everyone helped themselves using the flatbread to pick up this and that.
[06:36.37] <Eyikl> I don't think I've had that type of food. Is it spicey?
[06:36.41] <Evie> The second restaurant had individual dishes for the items, but in both places the diners ordered a selection of dishes to share around the table
[06:36.54] <KK> That bread was interesting.  We scooped with it, too.  No forks.
[06:36.57] <Evie> It is pretty spicy, although there are some mild selections as well
[06:37.36] <Evie> I'm not a big fan of sourdough breads, but as that's the only way to pick the food up (unless you go American and use a fork), I adapted
[06:37.37] <KK> Our friend warned us which ones were particularly spicy.
[06:38.07] <Evie> What needs approval, Jemler? A photo?
[06:38.08] <KK> I'm with you on sour dough breads, Evie.  But you're right.  When in Addis....
[06:38.59] <Evie> The tej made up for the sourdough
[06:39.12] <Shiral> I have to stick up for sourdough, since we have some good stuff out here.
[06:39.25] <Evie> It's a very thin bread, sort of like a tortilla in terms of size and flatness, but I think it's a steamed bread
[06:39.42] <KK> I know.  But give me good French bread any day.  Or Italian.
[06:40.00] <Shiral> Oh no arguments here. Love French bread
[06:41.04] <Shiral> When my parents were newly weds, they traveled around the world. They both remember an extremely spicy dinner they had in Singapore. The memory lingered longer than the marriage
[06:41.06] <Jemler> anyone ever make a blt with greek tzatziki instead of mayo?
[06:41.34] <Shiral> Tzatziki is good. I'm not a fan of tomatoes, though
[06:41.38] <KK> Sounds like it wouild be good.
[06:41.51] <Evie> Jemler, I approved it for now so you can link to it, but since it's not really appropriate for that gallery, could we maybe move it to a thread in the Recipes section after chat?
[06:41.58] <Eyikl> sounds tasty
[06:42.08] <Evie> Which is where it really ought to go
[06:42.45] <Evie> I love tzatziki
[06:42.46] <Jemler> one greek restaurant up here makes their tzatziki with a sour cream base. it's thicker than anothers. yorgos is kind of thin and runny.
[06:43.10] <Evie> But I don't like tomatoes either.  A BLC with cucumber instead of tomatoes would work for me
[06:43.27] <Jemler> there was a recipes section? didn't see that. sure, move it.
[06:43.42] <Dennis> I usually just get a BL. I love the looks I get when I order a BLT with no tomatoes.
[06:44.14] <Evie> Do you have the original link for it, Jemler? I can post it to that section.
[06:44.29] <Jemler> i uploaded from my ipad.
[06:44.45] <Evie> Ah.  So it's saved as a picture on your ipad?
[06:44.45] * Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:45.00] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:45.04] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[06:45.07] <Shiral> Hello Jerusha
[06:45.19] <KK> Hi, Jerusha.
[06:45.20] <Jerusha> Sorry to be late; had to play with the grandpuppies
[06:45.26] <Dennis> Hi, Jerusha!
[06:45.29] <Eyikl> hi Jerusha
[06:46.10] <Jemler> ++,,
[06:46.18] <Jemler> there you go.
[06:46.31] <Jemler> hi jerusha
[06:46.37] <Jerusha> Hi Jemler
[06:47.07] <Jemler> evie, there is the link!
[06:47.51] <Evie> Exactly what I need!  What shall we call it on the forum, Torenthi Style Tea?  :-D
[06:48.12] <Jemler> Hortic!
[06:48.57] <Dennis> It's pobably someplace far to the east of Torenth, but we don't know anything about any of those places.
[06:49.11] <Jerusha> Furstan Free-radical tea?
[06:49.29] <KK> The spicedness comes from anise?  Never would have guessed.  I always thought it was some magical tea that made the difference.  Knew about the sweetened condensed milk.
[06:50.25] <Jerusha> The heavy cream and anise would not work for me
[06:50.41] <Evie> How about Byzantyun Iced Tea, given its Eastern origins?
[06:51.08] <Jemler> Byzantea?
[06:51.13] <Jerusha> Or Andelon Anise Tea?
[06:51.28] <KK> I'm not that fond of anise either, but if that's the magic ingredient.  I shall have to experiment.
[06:51.59] <Jerusha> Nice, Jemler.  :)
[06:52.33] <Evie> I'm not sure Andelon would be far enough to the east, unless it's a tea they came up with after importing the requisite spices from the far east
[06:52.46] <Evie> (Attempting to post recipe, but the forum is being slow for me)
[06:54.49] <Evie> OK, I had no problem going into the gallery, but for some reason this is taking forever to post. I hope it doesn't do the same thing when it's time to post the chat transcript
[06:55.09] <Evie> At any rate, I've clicked on "Post," but it is saying it's waiting for the server to do its thing.
[06:55.49] <Jerusha> Waiting for a server to do its thing is never a good sign
[06:56.04] <Evie> KK, by the way, any word from Julianne on whether she has managed to get the story submissions off her damaged hard drive, or should we maybe just try for resubmissions at this point?
[06:56.10] <Jerusha> Kind of like "abandon all hope...."
[06:56.17] <Evie> LOL, yeah Jerusha!
[06:56.38] <Jemler> lol jerusha. i just watched 'Inferno' today!
[06:57.22] <Evie> And after that long wait, it posted twice!  Have removed the extraneous copy
[06:58.09] <Jemler> kk. i saw something else about the President's Vampire. They are talking about a movie.
[06:58.37] <Evie> I think we've got some star anise in my SCA spice box, so I'll have to try to make some Thai tea once I get some of the cream
[06:58.53] <Jemler> let us know!
[06:59.47] <KK> I'll have to ask Julianne.  I'd guess that the submissions are still trapped on the old hard drive.
[06:59.51] <Evie> Just noticed this also uses real vanilla bean instead of just extract, which could explain some of the flavor magic
[07:00.31] <KK> We'll all have to do domr kitchen chemistry.
[07:00.36] <KK> some
[07:00.46] <Evie> I'm guessing that it might be better just to put out a new call for submissions at this point, given that the old ones are so old now that the original writers might not even be active and reachable anymore.  :-(
[07:00.48] <Jemler> 15 tea bags to 8 cups of water?
[07:00.54] <Shiral> I'm a big believer in vanilla beans
[07:00.55] <Jerusha> My kitchen chemistry tends to end up with smoke
[07:01.14] <Evie> We haven't had a new 'zine since I became active on the forum, so that's been at least 5 years if not longer.
[07:01.35] <Dennis> Is this for another Deryni Tales or Deryni Archives?
[07:01.35] <Shiral> It's been a while
[07:01.38] <Evie> Actually, I think longer. I don't think DD was in her teens yet when I joined the forum, and she's 19 now
[07:01.46] <Evie> Deryni Archives, the zine
[07:01.48] <KK> And on that note, I think I"ll check out.  I've gotten sort of hooked on Mercy Street, which is a Civil War setting and getting better with the second season.  Have given up on Emerald City already..
[07:01.55] <Shiral> Night, KK
[07:02.01] <Shiral> Have a good week
[07:02.05] <Evie> OK, Goodnight!
[07:02.06] <Dennis> Ah. Makes sense.
[07:02.07] <Jerusha> Thanks for coming, KK
[07:02.11] <Jemler> nite kk.
[07:02.16] <Dennis> Night, KK! Have a good weekend, and thank you for visiting with us again?
[07:02.19] <Dennis> er, !
[07:02.30] <Jerusha> See you next week?
[07:02.31] <KK> Ta for tonight.  See you next week.
[07:02.37] <Eyikl> goodnight KK
[07:02.38] <Evie> Bye!
[07:02.42] <Jerusha> Have a good week, KK
[07:02.43] <Jemler> it's a date!
[07:02.56] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:03.14] <KK> And that command does not work on this the way it does on mibbit.  Oh, well.
[07:03.22] <KK> Nighters, all.
[07:03.28] <Shiral> Night, KK
[07:03.29] <Evie> Goodnight!
[07:03.30] <Jerusha> Nighters, KK
[07:03.33] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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