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Question on Audio Books
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:25:53 am »
David Sanderson says: About a year ago I sent an e-mail to your American publisher (Ace or Del Rey—don’t remember which) about the possibility of doing audio books for the Deryni series. I got back a very positive response. .. I would happily listen to them all again and again as each new book came out. So, is there any chance the Deryni books could be turned into audio? If so, I’d recommend a woman reader—that just feels right to me.

Katherine says: Neither House has said anything to me about audio books, but I’d certainly support such a move. I’ve recently learned that most of the Deryni titles (all but two of the Camber books, apparently) are already available as Books for the Blind—this from a delightful fan I met by chance in a shuttle between my mother’s condo and San Francisco Airport. It was welcome news to me—and is, no doubt, for my visually impaired readers.