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Question on Lammas Night and the Adept
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:15:17 am »
Katherine Lazo has questions concerning the Lammas Night/ Adept series family connections: Assuming that the Audrey referred to in The Templar Treasure is the niece of Sir John Graham mentioned in Lammas Night, how is it that Caitlin Jordan is Gray’s great granddaughter? Considering her age, she can’t be his descendent through a second marriage (one contracted after the events in Lammas Night). So (probably) Sarah/Lady Jordan is his granddaughter? However his “only son” Richard wasn’t said to have a wife and children and there was no mention of Gray having any daughters; given the war and how Audrey was taking part in the war effort, I would have expected Gray to have expressed concern for any daughter of his if only in passing, unless she/they weren’t involved in the war effort in the way Audrey was? Also, since Oakwood is the home of the Selwyns, how come Gray was referred to as “Oakwood’s master” in your Tales of the Knights Templar short story, “Obligations”, or will this be cleared up if Katherine writes Lammas Night II? Just wondering.

Katherine says: Ah, this comes down to precision, or lack thereof—which was deliberate, because of wanting to leave lots of doors open for the eventual sequel to Lammas Night, which will also tell the story of Philippa’s part in the later war effort. [Christiane Buehler wanted to know about that. Hi, Christiane!]

John Graham’s wife Caitlin was the daughter of Brig. Gen. Wesley Ellis. They had one son, Richard, who died with Prince William.

Gen. Ellis had another child whose daughter was Audrey—who was, therefore, granddaughter to Ellis and Gray’s niece by marriage. Audrey married Michael Jordan, second son of David Jordan Earl of Selwyn and the Hon. Alexandra “Alix” Deville. (Their first son, Geoffrey, also died with Prince William.)

Michael married Audrey later in the war. (He had become Viscount Jordan on the death of his elder brother Geoffrey, and became Earl of Selwyn on the death of his father.) Their son, merely identified as Lord Jordan in Templar Treasure, marries a lady named Sarah, and their daughter Caitlin Jordan is the Caitlin of The Templar Treasure. (Undoubtedly there are other children not named.)

What is not mentioned is that David Jordan Earl of Selwyn did not survive the war. After his death (no doubt in heroic circumstances), his widow Alix married Sir John Graham—thereby making Michael and Audrey Graham’s stepson and step-daughter-in-law. (This is also why he would have been referred to as “Oakwood’s master”, by marriage to its mistress—though technically, Michael would have inherited Oakwood , once he became Earl of Selwyn. But I’m sure he would have been quite willing to give Graham the courtesy of seniority in this extended household.)

The children of Michael and Audrey would have known Graham as their grandfather, because he was married to their grandmother, so Caitlin Jordan—named for Gray’s first wife (who was also Audrey’s aunt) would have known Gray as her great grandfather, and would have referred to him as such.


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