Author Topic: Deryni Question on the Airsid  (Read 261 times)

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Question on the Airsid
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:05:58 am »
Rebecca Davis asks: “What was the religious affiliation of the Airsid (if any)? I ask because Orin is said to be the last of the Airsid, and he established the Templum Archangelorum. Jodotha trained at the Templum Archangelorum, yet her ring reads ‘Servant of the Gods.’ If the Airsid were non-Christian or pre-Christian with each member following his or her own religious beliefs, how did they all cooperate when it came to performing magical rituals which are heavily steeped in religion?”

Katherine says: “I expect that individual members had their particular views on religion, but I’ve always envisioned them as mostly Christian, if of slightly different persuasion than more familiar forms of Christianity observable today; How about “earlier-Christian?” Also, a closer look at most of the rituals we’ve seen thus far reveals them to be mostly devoid of exclusively Christian symbolism. If non-Christian practitioners were involved in a working, I doubt they would have any problem adapting.”