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KK Chat -- 15 January 2017
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:23:14 pm »
Jan 15 19:02:58 *   KK has joined
Jan 15 19:03:05 <Evie>   Hi KK!
Jan 15 19:03:11 <DesertRose>   Hi KK
Jan 15 19:03:16 <KK>   Hello, all.
Jan 15 19:03:31 <DesertRose>   Mibbit seems to have an attitude problem tonight, so you may end up needing to use the alternate link, just as a heads-up.
Jan 15 19:03:57 <KK>   OK.  But so far, so good.  How was your birthday?
Jan 15 19:04:10 <DesertRose>   It's already kicked Jerusha twice and BalanceTheEnergies was having some kind of tech issue, which may or may not have been Mibbit related.
Jan 15 19:04:13 <DesertRose>   Quiet.
Jan 15 19:04:30 <KK>   Sometimes quiet is just what's needed.
Jan 15 19:04:46 <DesertRose>   My digestive system is still being contrary, so I didn't really do much.  My mom and daughter and I are planning to go see Hidden Figures, possibly on Tuesday when Kiddo gets out of class for the day.
Jan 15 19:05:11 <KK>   That sounds like fun.  I've heard it's a very good movie.
Jan 15 19:05:29 <DesertRose>   So have I.  I've been wanting to see it since I heard of it about a year ago.
Jan 15 19:05:44 <DesertRose>   And Kiddo loves anything and everything to do with space, always has.
Jan 15 19:05:50 <DesertRose>   And Mom's a history nerd.
Jan 15 19:05:57 <Evie>   And we're taking DS out to see Rogue One for an early birthday present, since he has clinicals on his actual birthday
Jan 15 19:06:22 *   Jerusha ( has joined
Jan 15 19:06:42 <DesertRose>   The Kindle version of the book the movie is based on was on sale on Amazon for $1.99 as recently as last week, might still be, so I snapped it up, but I haven't read it yet because I'd rather see the movie first.
Jan 15 19:06:46 <DesertRose>   Rehi Jerusha
Jan 15 19:06:54 *   The_Bee ( has joined
Jan 15 19:07:05 <Evie>   hi Bee
Jan 15 19:07:06 <DesertRose>   If I read the book first, I'll nitpick the movie to death; I'll enjoy them both more if I see the movie first.
Jan 15 19:07:08 <DesertRose>   Hi Bee
Jan 15 19:07:12 <KK>   My niece got the book for my mom for Christmas.  Mother is also a history nerd, or more precisely, an astronomy nerd, I suppose.  She also got the one about the lady Harvard astronomers--which I'd also gotten for her, so I've got to try to return it.
Jan 15 19:07:18 *   DomMelchior ( has joined
Jan 15 19:07:20 <DesertRose>   Hi DomMelchior
Jan 15 19:07:30 <Evie>   hi DM
Jan 15 19:07:45 <DomMelchior>   Good Afternoon/Evening all
Jan 15 19:07:47 <The_Bee>   Hi DR and all.  Hi Dom M
Jan 15 19:07:55 <KK>   Aha, folk are showing up like a waterfall.  We've more than doubled in the last 2 min.
Jan 15 19:08:23 <DesertRose>   :)
Jan 15 19:08:33 <Evie>   Trying to get the new remote control to turn off Netflix for chat.  DD got me a magic wand shaped remote for Christmas
Jan 15 19:08:35 <DomMelchior>   Happy New Year, a bit late perhaps, but I missed last week
Jan 15 19:08:43 <Evie>   I feel like a Hogwarts student
Jan 15 19:09:02 <DesertRose>   Also, Jerusha, I'm totally going to have that chocolate amaretto cheesecake for my birthday dessert, whenever my digestion calms down enough for me to have it.
Jan 15 19:09:10 <The_Bee>   Do hogs actually have warts?
Jan 15 19:09:21 <DesertRose>   There are worse ways to feel, Evie.  :)
Jan 15 19:09:47 <Evie>   Or maybe Ilvermorny
Jan 15 19:09:59 <KK>   Which reminds me that Early Bird Books will have Temple & the Stone on sale on Thursday.
Jan 15 19:10:06 <DesertRose>   Oh good.
Jan 15 19:10:15 <DesertRose>   Evie, you want to post the notice to the forum or shall I?
Jan 15 19:10:18 *   BalanceTheEnergies (Mibbit@83BF1D.5474AF.0EED19.9C444F) has joined
Jan 15 19:10:20 <KK>   And the omnibus of Legends of St. Camber will be on sale there through tomorrow.
Jan 15 19:10:21 <Evie>   Oh cool!  We can put a notice on the forum closer to time
Jan 15 19:10:24 <DesertRose>   Rehi BalanceTheEnergies
Jan 15 19:10:36 <The_Bee>   wb, bte
Jan 15 19:10:56 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello again. Not sure why my screen went black.
Jan 15 19:11:08 <KK>   You should all sign up for their newsletter, because my stuff is showing up there a lot.
Jan 15 19:11:16 <Evie>   Either, though if I do it will need to wait until later so my chat client doesn't assume I'm timing out
Jan 15 19:11:21 *   Jerusha has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 15 19:11:25 <DomMelchior>   Must have used a locked portal
Jan 15 19:11:33 *   Jerusha ( has joined
Jan 15 19:11:34 <DesertRose>   Now that there's a reasonable crowd, Jemler went into the hospital on Thursday for a planned procedure, and he was supposed to stay overnight and come home Friday.  Yesterday, his sister posted to Facebook that he was in ICU, and today she posted that their mom said he's still in ICU but improving.
Jan 15 19:11:49 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oh dear.
Jan 15 19:11:51 <The_Bee>   hi jerusha
Jan 15 19:12:03 <Jerusha>   Rehi, again
Jan 15 19:12:13 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello again
Jan 15 19:12:21 <KK>   Poor Jemler.  May he make a speedy recovery!
Jan 15 19:12:25 <Evie>   Well, I suppose that's guardedly good news, considering he could be still in ICU but not improving, or worse, no longer in ICU for the wrong reason
Jan 15 19:12:27 <The_Bee>   bummer.  Let's hope he continues to improve.
Jan 15 19:12:32 <DesertRose>   I can't remember what the procedure was.  I don't think it was the aorta thing because I thought Jemler said they were going to watch that until March or so, and I don't think it was the every-three-months stent replacement either.
Jan 15 19:12:32 <Jerusha>   Glad to see Jemler  is improving
Jan 15 19:12:36 <DesertRose>   Rehi Jerusha
Jan 15 19:13:02 <DesertRose>   I think the stent replacement is an outpatient procedure.
Jan 15 19:14:29 <DesertRose>   But anyway, keep him in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you do.
Jan 15 19:14:41 <Jerusha>   Absolutely
Jan 15 19:14:41 <Evie>   Definitely
Jan 15 19:14:43 <DomMelchior>   Absolutely
Jan 15 19:14:51 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Quite.
Jan 15 19:14:53 <DesertRose>   And his family, because I'm sure this is pretty stressful for them, since the hospital is in Pittsburgh, so it's a bit of a drive, since they live in eastern Ohio.
Jan 15 19:15:15 <KK>   Wow.  Not easy.
Jan 15 19:15:19 <DesertRose>   But where they are in Ohio, Pittsburgh is the nearest major city.
Jan 15 19:15:22 *   The_Bee sends healing woodgies Jemler-ward.
Jan 15 19:15:30 <KK>   Especially this time of year, with all the weather factors.
Jan 15 19:15:33 <DesertRose>   Yeah.
Jan 15 19:15:47 <Evie>   Fortunately Pittsburgh isn't too far over the state line, though I suppose it also depends on how far into Ohio they are
Jan 15 19:15:50 <DomMelchior>   woodgies?
Jan 15 19:15:56 <DesertRose>   East Liverpool
Jan 15 19:16:07 <DesertRose>   Energy, DomMelchior
Jan 15 19:16:18 <The_Bee>   woodgies==all-purpose good thoughts
Jan 15 19:16:42 <DomMelchior>   Etymology of the term, please 
Jan 15 19:17:07 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I admit a certain curiosity myself.
Jan 15 19:17:15 <The_Bee>   I have n o idea.  AFAIK, this is the only place that uses it.
Jan 15 19:17:19 <Evie>   Does "grew up hearing it" count towards etymology?  ;-)
Jan 15 19:17:25 <DesertRose>   Okay, I just Google-mapped East Liverpool, and it is RIGHT on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line, so Pittsburgh isn't very far, but still, pain in the neck for the family.
Jan 15 19:17:46 <Evie>   I've heard of woodgies, though possibly from someone originally from that area, since I was a Navy brat
Jan 15 19:17:56 <DomMelchior>   It might be regional, I suppose
Jan 15 19:18:02 <DesertRose>   Better woodgies than wedgies!
Jan 15 19:18:04 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Ah, so it is local
Jan 15 19:18:13 *   DesertRose slaps herself with a mackerel.
Jan 15 19:18:13 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :)
Jan 15 19:18:19 <DomMelchior>   I just get curious about these sorts of phrases/terms
Jan 15 19:19:05 <Evie>   I read that as you signing yourself with a mackerel. I wondered if it took ink refills, or if you gesture a certain symbol over yourself with it.
Jan 15 19:19:07 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Like the pop/soda/coke lines
Jan 15 19:19:12 <DesertRose>   BRB, need tea and the last glass was the last glass in the pitcher, so I have to go fix the new pitcher of tea.
Jan 15 19:19:21 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jan 15 19:19:28 <DomMelchior>   One can never tell when it'll be useful for some local flavor
Jan 15 19:19:43 <KK>   It's a highly esoteric term for sending psychic vibes while making typing-like motions with the fingers in the direction of where you want the vibes to go, and often accompanied by the sound, "Woodgie, woodgie, woodgie."  DomM, I would have thought you'd remember that.  ;)
Jan 15 19:20:19 <The_Bee>   Around Boston, soda used to be called "tonic."
Jan 15 19:20:19 <Evie>   LOL
Jan 15 19:20:55 <DomMelchior>   The memory is the second to go
Jan 15 19:21:17 <KK>   And you forget the first.  :D
Jan 15 19:21:22 <DomMelchior>   yup
Jan 15 19:21:27 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Ah, I didn't know that. I have heard the in parts of the southern US, all carbonated drinks are "coke", including grape and orange.
Jan 15 19:21:37 <Evie>   Yup
Jan 15 19:21:42 <Evie>   So true, BTE
Jan 15 19:22:06 <KK>   Yeah, there's a wide regional variety for naming various carbonated beverages.
Jan 15 19:22:09 <Evie>   "Want a coke?"  "Sure, whatcha got?"  "Dr Pepper, Sprite, Mtn Dew...."
Jan 15 19:22:43 <The_Bee>   That must be very frustrating to the makers of Pepsi.
Jan 15 19:22:52 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Admittedly, "pop" is pervasive here, but I tend to use "soda" and "pop" interchangeably.
Jan 15 19:22:53 <Evie>   LOL, yeah!
Jan 15 19:23:11 <KK>   And some places, it's soda pop.
Jan 15 19:23:12 <Evie>   "Wanna coke?"  "Sure." "What kind?"  "Pepsi." 
Jan 15 19:23:22 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :D
Jan 15 19:23:34 <Evie>   Then again, Coke HQ is in Atlanta
Jan 15 19:23:45 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Right.
Jan 15 19:23:47 <Evie>   So you can't get too much more Southern than that
Jan 15 19:24:07 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Am not sure where "pop" came from.
Jan 15 19:24:24 <Evie>   Maybe the popping of the cap releasing the fizz?
Jan 15 19:24:24 <DomMelchior>   because it has bubbles
Jan 15 19:24:47 <Evie>   Especially in the days before screw caps
Jan 15 19:24:53 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I get "tonic" b/c such beverages were advertised as quasi-health drinks back in the day.
Jan 15 19:25:03 <Evie>   When you'd more literally pop the cap off
Jan 15 19:25:18 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hmm Could be
Jan 15 19:25:30 <DesertRose>   Well, I thought Pepsi was headquartered in North Carolina, so that's pretty Southern too.
Jan 15 19:25:47 <The_Bee>   "Soda" has pretty much replaced"tonic" in supermarkets here
Jan 15 19:25:51 <Evie>   "Give me a screw" just doesn't have the same connotations as "Hand me a pop," you must admit.  :-D
Jan 15 19:25:52 <DomMelchior>   I thought they were from New England
Jan 15 19:26:00 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Maybe one syllable is easier than two, or it's about market share.
Jan 15 19:26:04 <DesertRose>   LOL, Evei
Jan 15 19:26:08 <DesertRose>   *Evie
Jan 15 19:26:12 <DesertRose>   Rented fingers
Jan 15 19:26:12 <Evie>   :-D
Jan 15 19:26:41 <Jerusha>   Too many interpretations to that, Evie.  :D
Jan 15 19:26:50 <DesertRose>   No kidding, Jerusha!
Jan 15 19:27:14 <Evie>   Yeah.  I'll stick to coke.  Which admittedly can have more than one interpretation, so I'll clarify by saying the fizzy bottled stuff.
Jan 15 19:27:30 <DomMelchior>   Ah. sexual innuendo Sunday!  ;-)
Jan 15 19:27:38 <DesertRose>   In certain parts of the South, you'll hear "Co-cola."
Jan 15 19:27:56 <Evie>   Yes, though less often around here
Jan 15 19:28:02 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :D No kidding. I once joked to a colleague about my "coke habit" and got an appalled reaction until I pulled the bottle from my bag.
Jan 15 19:28:04 <DesertRose>   Because we are apparently too lazy to say "Coca-cola" with all syllables intact.
Jan 15 19:28:16 <DesertRose>   LOL, BalanceTheEnergies
Jan 15 19:28:20 <Evie>   LOL
Jan 15 19:28:41 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yeah, it was kinda funny. Another colleague laughed.
Jan 15 19:28:53 <DesertRose>   Carys says hi
Jan 15 19:29:03 <Jerusha>   Hi Carys
Jan 15 19:29:08 <Evie>   hi fuzzball
Jan 15 19:29:08 <The_Bee>   Wasn't Coca Cola originally made with actual cocaine?
Jan 15 19:29:10 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello Carys
Jan 15 19:29:10 <DomMelchior>   Hi Carys
Jan 15 19:29:10 *   Jerusha offers a scritch
Jan 15 19:29:13 <Evie>   It was
Jan 15 19:29:13 <The_Bee>   Hi Carys
Jan 15 19:29:14 <DesertRose>   Yes, Bee
Jan 15 19:29:20 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yes, Bee.
Jan 15 19:29:47 <DesertRose>   Carys gratefully accepts scritches and responds by purring.
Jan 15 19:30:04 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Have heard some inactive parts of coca leaf are part too the modern formula. Not sure if that's true.
Jan 15 19:30:16 <DesertRose>   I don't know.
Jan 15 19:30:17 <DomMelchior>   So, to risk changing the subject, have any of you watched the new NBC show, "Emerald City"?
Jan 15 19:30:17 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Sorry part of
Jan 15 19:30:32 <DesertRose>   I don't drink it much anymore because I can't drink anything carbonated anymore without burping myself silly.
Jan 15 19:30:34 <BalanceTheEnergies>   No, but have seen advert on YouTube
Jan 15 19:30:50 <DesertRose>   I don't own a TV, so no.  What's the premise?
Jan 15 19:30:54 <DomMelchior>   I think it's interesting
Jan 15 19:30:57 <DomMelchior>   So far
Jan 15 19:31:01 <Jerusha>   Haven't heard of it, but that would not be unusual
Jan 15 19:31:24 <DomMelchior>   It's a dark retake of the Wizard of Oz
Jan 15 19:31:26 <Evie>   It's a spin on The Wizard of Oz, isn't it? 
Jan 15 19:31:39 <Evie>   I've only seen a trailer for it once, and I forget where
Jan 15 19:31:39 <DomMelchior>   Live action
Jan 15 19:31:41 <DesertRose>   Carys is now camped out left of the laptop, where the fan vent (and thus warm air) is.
Jan 15 19:31:41 *   Shiral ( has joined
Jan 15 19:31:43 <DesertRose>   Hi Shiral
Jan 15 19:31:47 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yeah, I recall seeing somebody on a cross.
Jan 15 19:31:47 <DomMelchior>   Cool special effects
Jan 15 19:31:51 <Evie>   hi Shiral
Jan 15 19:31:52 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello Shiral
Jan 15 19:31:53 <Jerusha>   Hi Shiral
Jan 15 19:31:57 *   Shiral pops into the chatroom like a champagne cork
Jan 15 19:31:59 <KK>   That ws a scarecrow.
Jan 15 19:32:11 <Shiral>   Hello, all
Jan 15 19:32:21 <The_Bee>   There's a story that the coca Cola formula has never been patented because patents expire.  Only two people know the recipe, and when one dies the other imparts it to a designated successor.
Jan 15 19:32:23 <KK>   Hi, Shiral.
Jan 15 19:32:26 <DesertRose>   Does champagne come with the sound effect?  :)
Jan 15 19:32:28 <Shiral>   Hi KK
Jan 15 19:32:29 <The_Bee>   H iShiral
Jan 15 19:32:32 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I figured, but seeing the head turn was a trifle disturbing.
Jan 15 19:32:40 <Shiral>   *POP!* closest I can come
Jan 15 19:32:41 <DomMelchior>   I am gratified that the networks are reaching out to do a big budget fantasy
Jan 15 19:33:01 *   Shiral snaps fingers and sets up a champagne fountain in the chatroom
Jan 15 19:33:13 <KK>   I missed the first episode because we were having our venison feast, but I saw the one this week.
Jan 15 19:33:13 <The_Bee>   Champagn e comes from the region in France where it originated.
Jan 15 19:33:19 <DesertRose>   It's okay.  My stomach probably wouldn't accept the champagne anyway, and I'd hate to waste good champagne on my ridiculous-at-the-moment digestive system.
Jan 15 19:33:33 <DomMelchior>   Of course, it remains to be seen how well they handle it in the long run
Jan 15 19:34:23 <Shiral>   What series is this?
Jan 15 19:34:24 *   Jerusha sets a bucket under the champagne fountain
Jan 15 19:34:27 <DesertRose>   Emerald City
Jan 15 19:34:55 *   Shiral snaps fingers and adds a big box of chocolates to the table
Jan 15 19:34:57 <Evie>   I'm currently having "Not Your Father's Vanilla Cream Ale," which has the distinction of being the only beer I've ever liked thus far, mainly since it tastes like alcoholic cream soda rather than anything ale/beer-like
Jan 15 19:35:05 <KK>   Well, it's got elements of Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow....  and another one that I can't remember the name of, but got too silly to watch, on one of the cable networks.
Jan 15 19:35:09 <The_Bee>   I've taped it, haven't watched it.
Jan 15 19:35:35 <Shiral>   Once again, I'm totally behind the curve
Jan 15 19:35:39 <Jerusha>   That sounds different, Evie
Jan 15 19:35:44 <DesertRose>   Some company is making hard orange soda, as in alcoholic orange soda.
Jan 15 19:35:49 <Evie>   It is.
Jan 15 19:35:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   As am i Shiral.
Jan 15 19:36:01 <Jerusha>   Just keep the champagne flowing, Shiral :D
Jan 15 19:36:02 <DesertRose>   I've seen it in the supermarket, and I did a double-take.
Jan 15 19:36:06 <KK>   Can someone tell me who the ladies are with the green/blue? habits and the wimples that make them look like flowers?
Jan 15 19:36:15 <Evie>   I normally veer between merely disliking and actively loathing beer
Jan 15 19:36:18 *   Shiral tops up the champagne fountain
Jan 15 19:36:47 <The_Bee>   In real life, KK?
Jan 15 19:36:51 <KK>   Vanila Cream Ale sounds like it might be interesting.  Don't like beer, but I'm fond of cream soda.
Jan 15 19:36:53 <DesertRose>   I've run across very few beers I didn't hate.
Jan 15 19:36:57 <Shiral>   I've never seen the point of beer, unless it's root beer
Jan 15 19:37:01 <Jerusha>   I admit to being partial to the bubbly.  Probably channeling my inner Steed
Jan 15 19:37:02 <DomMelchior>   They are acolytes of the Witch of the North who have been assigned to the Wizard as a council of advisors
Jan 15 19:37:04 <Shiral>   But I do like hard cider sometimes
Jan 15 19:37:06 <KK>   No, Emerald City, Bee.
Jan 15 19:37:44 <KK>   Ah.  I figured they had to be something like that.  It helps if one sees the pilot episode.
Jan 15 19:37:52 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I will drink it in March w.corned beef and cabbage, but I'm not a big beer drinker either. Wine, OTOH...
Jan 15 19:37:55 <DesertRose>   My neighbor made a home brewed Russian imperial stout with raspberry juice that you could taste on the aftertaste that I actively liked.
Jan 15 19:37:55 <The_Bee>   Sounds Oz-ian
Jan 15 19:38:10 <Shiral>   Have I missed any news from Rhemuth through being late?
Jan 15 19:38:12 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oh yes! I adore hard cider.
Jan 15 19:38:17 <DomMelchior>   Supposed to be virgins, though there's been one "oopsy" already
Jan 15 19:38:39 <DesertRose>   And there's a Belgian one that a local restaurant chain serves that tastes more like raspberry wine than beer that I also actively like, so apparently beer has to be masked with raspberries for me to like it.  ;P
Jan 15 19:38:47 <The_Bee>   no Rhemuth since I joined, Shiral
Jan 15 19:38:48 <KK>   No Rhemuth news.  I still haven't taken down the tree.
Jan 15 19:38:52 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Lambic?
Jan 15 19:38:57 <Evie>   I love cider
Jan 15 19:38:59 <DesertRose>   Yes, that's it, BalanceTheEnergies
Jan 15 19:39:10 <BalanceTheEnergies>   That's good stuff.
Jan 15 19:39:13 <DesertRose>   It is.
Jan 15 19:39:19 <Jerusha>   No writing yet, KK?
Jan 15 19:39:23 <Shiral>   So the New Year has been keeping you busy in other ways, KK
Jan 15 19:39:23 <DesertRose>   It's a little pricey, so it's an occasional treat for me.
Jan 15 19:39:25 <KK>   Nope.
Jan 15 19:39:38 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Then again, I like Chambord too.
Jan 15 19:39:46 <DesertRose>   Also, I'm on a couple of medications that don't play nicely with alcohol, and about 90% of the time, I'm driving.
Jan 15 19:39:46 <The_Bee>   I've had respberry beer. I liked it.
Jan 15 19:39:49 <Shiral>   LOVE Chambord
Jan 15 19:39:50 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I hear you DR.
Jan 15 19:40:07 <KK>   I'm still digging out my desk--and now starting to gather tax info, not only for us but for my mom and for my dad's estate.  It seems to never end.
Jan 15 19:40:13 <DomMelchior>   Oh, KK, Andy sends warmest regards and New Year's blessings
Jan 15 19:40:25 <DesertRose>   Oh lord.  A job is never over until the paperwork is done, is it, KK?
Jan 15 19:40:28 <Jerusha>   That's a lot to deal with, KK
Jan 15 19:40:30 <KK>   Chambord is lovely.  We call it Holy Hand Grenade.
Jan 15 19:40:37 <Evie>   LOL
Jan 15 19:40:48 <Shiral>   It does look rather like one. =o)
Jan 15 19:41:01 <KK>   They've changed the bottle, though.  New one doesn't look nearly as much like an orb.
Jan 15 19:41:01 <Shiral>   My sympathies re tax information
Jan 15 19:41:10 <DesertRose>   I was trying to explain the Holy Hand Grenade joke to my mom, except she has (Gasp! Blasphemy!) never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail all the way through.
Jan 15 19:41:13 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Was wishing for it and champers for New Year's
Jan 15 19:41:14 <The_Bee>   Chambord--champagne + bordeau?
Jan 15 19:41:19 <Shiral>   But you'll only have to do your Dad's estate taxes once
Jan 15 19:41:21 <KK>   Speaking of orbs, the Young Victoria series starts tonight on PBS.
Jan 15 19:41:26 <DesertRose>   Raspberry liqueur in a very fancy bottle, Bee.
Jan 15 19:41:39 <Shiral>   I know, I want to see it
Jan 15 19:41:50 <DomMelchior>   I've set it up to record
Jan 15 19:41:55 <Jerusha>   Isn't it a former Dr Who companion who is playing the lead?
Jan 15 19:41:57 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Sympathies on the taxes thing KK.
Jan 15 19:41:57 <Shiral>   Young Victoria, that is, I've seen Chambord already
Jan 15 19:42:15 <DesertRose>   Yes, Jenna Louise Coleman, I believe the actress' name is.
Jan 15 19:42:25 <DomMelchior>   Though the critics haven't given it as good a review as for Netflix's "The Crown"
Jan 15 19:42:39 <Shiral>   I assume she won't be stepping out of the Tardis
Jan 15 19:42:44 <DesertRose>   She played Clara on Doctor Who.
Jan 15 19:42:50 <KK>   Yes, but she only gets two series, then has to abdicate so an older actress can take the series forward.
Jan 15 19:43:02 <Shiral>   The Crown is a fave of mine
Jan 15 19:43:25 <KK>   I want to see The Crown, but we don't do Netflix yet.
Jan 15 19:43:28 <DomMelchior>   We binge watched the whole season last month  Glorious
Jan 15 19:43:31 <DesertRose>   The only reason I know that is that a childhood friend of mine whom I now keep in touch with via the magic of the internet since she now lives in Finland is a rabid Whovian.
Jan 15 19:43:33 <Shiral>   Although every now and then, I do wonder what Elizabeth sees in Philipp, as I find myself wanting to shake him
Jan 15 19:43:46 <The_Bee>   2 series or 2 episodes, KK?
Jan 15 19:43:55 <Evie>   The Crown was pretty good
Jan 15 19:44:08 <Shiral>   Once you watch it, you'll be hooked, KK. It's RIGHT up your alley.
Jan 15 19:44:15 <KK>   He's been a loyal companion for all these years, Shiral, and she apparently loves him deeply, always has.
Jan 15 19:44:18 <DomMelchior>   I gather he was quite the looker back in the day
Jan 15 19:44:18 <Jerusha>   He was tall and blond, and she was young
Jan 15 19:44:30 <DesertRose>   He was.  Google their wedding photos.
Jan 15 19:44:34 <DesertRose>   He was quite yummy.
Jan 15 19:44:49 <KK>   He was a young Greek god, blond and handsome navy hero.
Jan 15 19:44:54 <Shiral>   I know, there must be a strong bond between them for the marriage to have lasted so long. But I STILL sometimes want to shake Philipp!
Jan 15 19:44:58 <KK>   And a prince twice-over, of course.
Jan 15 19:45:13 <Shiral>   Well yes. The exterior packaging helps
Jan 15 19:45:26 <DesertRose>   Well, she probably has wanted to give him a good shake a few times over the years too.
Jan 15 19:45:27 <KK>   He does seem to have a tact chip that occasionally just cuts out.
Jan 15 19:45:36 <DesertRose>   Nobody stays married that long without arguing a few times.
Jan 15 19:46:05 <KK>   Two seasons, Bee.
Jan 15 19:46:12 <Shiral>   Very true. Fortunately, I can't even physically shake the actor who plays him. =o) I just have the impulse, sometimes
Jan 15 19:46:26 <The_Bee>   ah, ok
Jan 15 19:46:57 <DesertRose>   I saw a thing on Facebook that reminded me of my mom and stepdad (who have been married for thirty-two years as of a few weeks ago); it read: "Marriage is finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
Jan 15 19:46:58 <Jerusha>   Could be a bit frustrating, to be the male consort of the Queen
Jan 15 19:47:22 <The_Bee>   Two Seasons of Young Victoria?,, I thought it just started.
Jan 15 19:47:24 <DomMelchior>   I like that, DR
Jan 15 19:47:30 <DesertRose>   :)
Jan 15 19:47:33 <Shiral>   I'm sure being a Prince consort isn't easy. But as King George tells him early on "SHE is the job."
Jan 15 19:47:45 <DomMelchior>   I'm going to share it with my husband
Jan 15 19:48:21 <DesertRose>   Probably why I've never remarried.  I can't see myself annoying just one person for the rest of my life!  :D
Jan 15 19:48:27 <KK>   The actress has just started filming the second season; and she gets replaced for the third, because by then Victoria will be older than she can still play.
Jan 15 19:48:32 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Perhaps Jerusha, but his background is not simply royal, but royal in a chaotic Europe (two world wars). Monarchies aren't all that stable in his lifetime.
Jan 15 19:48:54 <Jerusha>   True
Jan 15 19:49:23 <DomMelchior>   They're going to do the same thing in "The Crown" KK.  New blood after season 2.
Jan 15 19:49:36 <Shiral>   Everytime Philipp tries to enjoy himself, the cabinet, the PM and sometimes Parliament start to fuss
Jan 15 19:49:48 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I think he might know that personally too. I seem to recall a tale of him being born on a kitchen table.
Jan 15 19:50:10 <Jerusha>   I believe that is true
Jan 15 19:50:25 <DesertRose>   Yeah, he's Greek by birth, and Greece at that time (when he was born) was pretty shaky.
Jan 15 19:50:46 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Right, it ceased to be a monarchy
Jan 15 19:50:58 <DesertRose>   There was also some fuss with Turkey, IIRC.
Jan 15 19:51:17 <KK>   He's also a prince of Denmark.
Jan 15 19:51:18 <BalanceTheEnergies>   yep. Cyprus, wasn't it?
Jan 15 19:51:18 <DesertRose>   Which was still run by the Ottomans then.
Jan 15 19:51:31 <Evie>   I enjoyed what I've seen of The Crown, but I take some of it with a grain of salt, knowing some bits are meant to sell the series as TV drama, not necessarily strictly true biography.  But that said, certain bits of it do line up fairly well with a recent biography of HM that I read
Jan 15 19:51:36 <DesertRose>   The last Ottoman heir just died here recently.
Jan 15 19:52:05 <Evie>   I just don't see the real Philip being quite the jerk the TV series' Philip is sometimes made out to be.
Jan 15 19:52:14 <DesertRose>   No, I don't think so either, Evie.
Jan 15 19:52:37 <DomMelchior>   It is a drama, after all, not a history.
Jan 15 19:52:38 <DesertRose>   I think sometimes he speaks before he thinks, but I don't think Elizabeth would have put up with him being a total jerk.
Jan 15 19:53:32 <DesertRose>   But I think pretty much everyone is occasionally guilty of letting something slip past their lips unconsidered that might have been better left unsaid.
Jan 15 19:53:34 <KK>   Which heir was that, DR?  I know a Romanov heir just died.
Jan 15 19:53:43 <The_Bee>   For their generation, a royal divorce may not have been an option.
Jan 15 19:53:43 <DesertRose>   Oh heck, I can't remember his name.  Hang on.
Jan 15 19:53:55 <Shiral>   I don't think he IS a total jerk, and I agree, she wouldn't have put up with that. BUT the Phillip who is portrayed in the series is the Phillip I want to shake
Jan 15 19:54:20 <Shiral>   It wasn't an option for Margaret and Captain Townsend
Jan 15 19:54:35 <Jerusha>   I suspect Phillip sometimes has a bit of fun with it
Jan 15 19:54:39 <Evie>   But there is obvious affection between them, Bee.  You can see it in some of their TV footage on YouTube, for instance
Jan 15 19:54:52 <KK>   Yeah, I can't imagine the conversation they've shown in the trailers about him being resistant to kneeling to her as his Queen.
Jan 15 19:55:00 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Bayezeid?
Jan 15 19:55:18 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Not sure of spelling
Jan 15 19:55:20 <Shiral>   I'd think he would have Royal conduct too deeply ingrained in his personality
Jan 15 19:55:31 <DesertRose>
Jan 15 19:55:39 <DesertRose>   There's his wikipedia article.
Jan 15 19:55:48 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Ta DR
Jan 15 19:55:58 <Shiral>   When your wife has just been crowned Queen and the whole world is watching, you DON'T refuse to kneel!
Jan 15 19:56:02 <DesertRose>   Transliterating from Turkish to English is dicey at best anyway.
Jan 15 19:56:11 <BalanceTheEnergies>   true
Jan 15 19:56:36 <Evie>   According to the biography I read recently, I think there are some grains of truth in that scene in that there was some discussion about it, and some concern about how her becoming Queen would affect their (very traditional) husband/wife dynamic, but I think the TV series played it up into a much more dramatic confrontation than actually happened.
Jan 15 19:56:37 <Jerusha>   And I believe he had given up all of his titles at that time
Jan 15 19:57:29 <DesertRose>   One of my local friends, who is Jewish, posted to Facebook back in December a picture of what looked like the front of a greeting card that read, "Happy [eight different possible spellings of Hanukkah], however you spell it," because transliterating Hebrew to English is also a complete pain.
Jan 15 19:58:08 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :)
Jan 15 19:59:15 <DesertRose>   Holy cow.
Jan 15 20:00:25 <DesertRose>   My neighbor is watching the Packers/Cowboys game, because he's a rabid Packers fan, and I can hear him carrying on.  This is highly unusual, because the building is really pretty soundproof.  Generally, for me to hear something going on in his apartment, I have to be in one of the rooms on the shared wall (which I am presently not) and the noise has to be ungodly loud.
Jan 15 20:00:52 <DesertRose>   He is cheering his head off about that flipping football game because I can hear him and I'm on the far end of my flat from the shared wall.
Jan 15 20:01:03 <Evie>   The biography I read recently was "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Court," by Robert Hardman.  Gave me a lot of respect for not only how very much she does, but the other family members as well, and how much the monarchy and the royal household's roles have evolved since the beginning of her reign
Jan 15 20:01:35 <Jerusha>   Green Bay won with a 51 yard field goa.
Jan 15 20:01:36 <DomMelchior>   Well, just heard the clock strike V, so I'm outta here for now.  Have a good week everyone!
Jan 15 20:01:39 <Jerusha>   goal, I meant
Jan 15 20:01:40 <DesertRose>   Ah.
Jan 15 20:01:48 <DesertRose>   Okay, DomMelchior, have a good one!  G'night!
Jan 15 20:01:52 <Evie>   Goodnight
Jan 15 20:01:58 <DesertRose>   That's a heckuva field goal.
Jan 15 20:01:59 <Jerusha>   Night, Dom Melchior
Jan 15 20:02:02 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Good night
Jan 15 20:02:14 <DesertRose>   I guess that explains the very loud Woohooing I heard.
Jan 15 20:02:24 *   DomMelchior has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 15 20:02:34 <Jerusha>   That was also me.  :D
Jan 15 20:02:43 <DesertRose>   What, Woohooing loudly?
Jan 15 20:02:49 <Jerusha>   Yepper
Jan 15 20:02:51 <DesertRose>   :D
Jan 15 20:03:40 <Jerusha>   He had to do it twice.  Dallas snuck in a time out right before the first kick
Jan 15 20:03:42 <DesertRose>   My biological father was a Cowboys fan, back in the day when Staubach was the QB, but in later years, he came to dislike them, and I think he died an Arizona Cardinals fan.
Jan 15 20:03:56 <Shiral>   Darn, missed saying goodbye to Dom
Jan 15 20:03:57 <DesertRose>   Oh wow.
Jan 15 20:04:12 <DesertRose>   Pulled off a 51-yard field goal TWICE?  That's some good kickin'!
Jan 15 20:05:02 <Jerusha>   Yepper
Jan 15 20:05:07 <DesertRose>   Impressive.
Jan 15 20:05:28 <Jerusha>   It was close the second time, though
Jan 15 20:05:36 <Jerusha>   Just made it
Jan 15 20:05:40 <DesertRose>   Well, it's hard to kick a field goal from that distance.
Jan 15 20:05:56 <DesertRose>   It made it, and that's what counts.
Jan 15 20:06:05 <Jerusha>   Yepper
Jan 15 20:06:49 <The_Bee>   so Patriots vs Packers next weekend.
Jan 15 20:07:04 <KK>   Impressive kicking, though in my heart of hearts, I still question why such a skill is so valuable that they pay professional sports people the astronomical salaries that they do.  But then, I'm just not a sports fan; couldn't care less.
Jan 15 20:07:15 <DesertRose>   There's a funny thing in my baby book about Dad holding me on the couch while he watched football; one of the first intelligible phrases I said was "Fall down!" from watching tackles.
Jan 15 20:07:52 <Jerusha>   That could apply to a lot of things, KK
Jan 15 20:07:56 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I don't know KK, as a proportion of the total revenue generated, it may not be so outlandish.
Jan 15 20:08:03 <Jerusha>   But obviously not  may salary
Jan 15 20:08:18 <DesertRose>   Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous the amount of money professional athletes make, compared to people who do things that contribute more to societal good.
Jan 15 20:08:41 <Evie>   TV show just came on, set in England, and Alan Tudyk is in it with an English accent.  My mind boggles.  :-D
Jan 15 20:08:56 <DesertRose>   He did one in "A Knight's Tale."
Jan 15 20:09:11 <Jerusha>   Alan Tydyk?
Jan 15 20:09:18 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I'm more angry about the owners blackmailing local governments for tax deals than what the players are paid.
Jan 15 20:09:23 <Jerusha>   Tudyk, I meant
Jan 15 20:09:28 <DesertRose>   Played Wash on Firefly/Serenity.
Jan 15 20:09:35 <Evie>   True, I'd forgot about that. But when I watched that movie, I hadn't seen Firefly yet, so I didn't have a permanent association between him and Wash
Jan 15 20:10:08 <DesertRose>   And I'm trying to remember the name of his character in "A Knight's Tale."
Jan 15 20:11:54 <Evie>   I can't remember
Jan 15 20:12:02 <Shiral>   Never saw that movie
Jan 15 20:12:24 <Jerusha>   Did Heath Ledger play the lead?
Jan 15 20:12:28 <DesertRose>   YEs
Jan 15 20:12:29 <DesertRose>   Yes
Jan 15 20:12:33 <Jerusha>   Thought so
Jan 15 20:12:33 <DesertRose>   Can't type today
Jan 15 20:12:44 <Evie>   It's a fun movie.  You can't take it too seriously. It's a medieval movie with a rock flair, and doesn't take itself seriously at all. 
Jan 15 20:12:56 <Jerusha>   Still fun, though
Jan 15 20:13:54 <DesertRose>   Yeah, you have to go into it with about the same mindset as you'd go into a Monty Python or Mel Brooks movie.
Jan 15 20:13:57 <Shiral>   I saw previews. They wee never enough to lure me into the movie theater
Jan 15 20:14:10 <Shiral>   were that is, not wee
Jan 15 20:14:31 <DesertRose>   LOL
Jan 15 20:15:17 <Evie>   Luke has joined us
Jan 15 20:15:21 <DesertRose>   Hi Luke
Jan 15 20:15:25 <Jerusha>   Hi Luke
Jan 15 20:15:26 <The_Bee>   hi luke
Jan 15 20:15:45 <BalanceTheEnergies>   <sigh> somebody just opened the sliding door and bent a prong on my charger
Jan 15 20:15:51 *   Jerusha offers scritches to Luck
Jan 15 20:15:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :P
Jan 15 20:15:55 <Evie>   Oh no
Jan 15 20:15:56 <DesertRose>   Shiral, if you catch it on TV, give it a watch.  It's fun.
Jan 15 20:16:00 <DesertRose>   Oh, bummer, BalanceTheEnergies
Jan 15 20:16:12 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yeah, the one for my iPad.
Jan 15 20:16:15 <Jerusha>   Yikes, BtE
Jan 15 20:16:16 <DesertRose>   Eek
Jan 15 20:16:33 <Jerusha>   Can you bend it back?
Jan 15 20:16:54 <BalanceTheEnergies>   I've tried and failed. Not sure if I can get it into an outlet
Jan 15 20:16:59 <DesertRose>   Well, drat.
Jan 15 20:17:09 <Jerusha>   :(
Jan 15 20:17:26 <BalanceTheEnergies>   :/
Jan 15 20:17:27 <Evie>   :-(
Jan 15 20:17:51 <KK>   GOtta dash, folks.  Scott brought home 2 venison steaks that I need to get cooked before 9 PM when Victoria starts, and I've not done these before.  Do it wrong, and you get a couple of pieces of shoeleather.
Jan 15 20:17:55 <Shiral>   Nuts =o(
Jan 15 20:18:07 <Evie>   Goodnight, KK
Jan 15 20:18:10 <Jerusha>   Good luck, KK!
Jan 15 20:18:10 <DesertRose>   Okay, KK, thanks for coming to see us.  Will we see you next week?
Jan 15 20:18:11 <Shiral>   Night, KK, will we see  you nex Sunday?
Jan 15 20:18:12 <KK>   Try pliers, BTE.
Jan 15 20:18:14 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Enjoy those KK
Jan 15 20:18:24 <Shiral>   Hope the documentation demand lets up onyou
Jan 15 20:18:25 <Jerusha>   Nighters, KK
Jan 15 20:18:27 <Shiral>   on you
Jan 15 20:18:27 <KK>   See you next week.
Jan 15 20:18:36 <DesertRose>   G'night!  Have a good week!
Jan 15 20:18:36 <The_Bee>   bye, KK.  May the venison turn out juicy and delicious
Jan 15 20:18:40 <BalanceTheEnergies>   No strength in my hands. Maybe my boos can help.
Jan 15 20:18:47 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Oops boss
Jan 15 20:18:51 <Shiral>   I hope you won't have to make Rudolph Shoes
Jan 15 20:18:58 <DesertRose>   Pliers, maybe?  For a little extra torque?
Jan 15 20:19:05 <The_Bee>   I thought you meant booze.
Jan 15 20:19:07 <KK>   Hopefully with more optimistic reports of tax documentation--and that the tree has been taken down.
Jan 15 20:19:20 <DesertRose>   A pox on paperwork.
Jan 15 20:19:24 <Shiral>   That would be a good step 
Jan 15 20:19:27 <Jerusha>   Or you could save it for a May pole
Jan 15 20:19:45 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Jan 15 20:19:47 <Shiral>   That would be one prickly firehazard of a May Pole!
Jan 15 20:19:55 <DesertRose>   No kidding, Shiral
Jan 15 20:19:56 <The_Bee>   glad you came, KK have a good week
Jan 15 20:19:57 <Shiral>   Night, KK Have a good week
Jan 15 20:20:04 <Jerusha>   What's wrong with some fireworks?
Jan 15 20:20:05 <BalanceTheEnergies>   Good night
Jan 15 20:20:13 <DesertRose>   G'night, KK!
Jan 15 20:20:21 <KK>   Evie, please remember to post the info on Early Bird Books.  :-)
Jan 15 20:20:28 <KK>   Nighters.
Jan 15 20:20:34 *   KK has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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