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KK Chat--22 January 2017
« on: January 22, 2017, 07:54:51 pm »
[06:04.39] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:04.45] <Evie> Hi, Bee and KK
[06:04.45] <Laurna> Hi Bee.  Hello KK
[06:04.46] <The_Bee> Hi KK!
[06:04.50] <KK> Hello, all.
[06:04.59] <The_Bee> and Hi everyone
[06:04.59] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK
[06:05.08] <Evie> Mibbit is being a bit tetchy, so I was hoping you'd show up without major mishap
[06:05.31] <KK> OK so far.
[06:05.42] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Bee & RaeLyn
[06:06.07] <Jemler> i'm back.
[06:06.11] <Evie> For anyone who gets booted, you can try the Alternate Chat Link also, but Annie says that one was also causing problems earlier.
[06:06.19] <Evie> Hi, back
[06:06.20] <Evie> ;-)
[06:06.25] <Laurna> Is anyone offering warm out of the oven brownies   I could really use one.
[06:06.33] <The_Bee> glad to have you, Jemler.  Everything okay?
[06:06.45] <Evie> So could I, Laurna.  But all I have is a cold cider.
[06:06.47] <Jemler> actually, a little better.
[06:06.50] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:06.59] <Evie> Hi Derynifank
[06:07.00] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Derynifank
[06:07.01] <KK> Yeah, we missed you, Jemler.
[06:07.08] <Laurna> Jemler Glad to have you here.
[06:07.10] * The_Bee sets out a plate of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
[06:07.25] * Jemler offers spiced mead.
[06:07.28] <Laurna> thanks Bede
[06:07.31] <Laurna> Bee
[06:07.41] <Evie> Oh wait, I have a box of Whitman's Chocolates I could put out
[06:07.46] <Derynifank> Hi everyone. How arecyou Jemlrt
[06:08.00] <Derynifank> Jemler
[06:08.01] <Evie> I wondered when Bee swapped places with the Venerable Bede
[06:08.08] <Jemler> doing great. thanks everyone.
[06:08.27] <Derynifank> Glad to hear that
[06:08.45] <Evie> I missed my mackerel target.   ;-)
[06:09.01] <Laurna> lol  Jessa Mia  discided to jump in my lap.
[06:09.09] <The_Bee> :D
[06:09.11] <Derynifank> Hard to aim a mackerel
[06:09.38] <Evie> especially from Alabama to Ohio
[06:09.41] <KK> I have a Gus in my lap.  He's made it very hard to work on filing this afternoon.
[06:09.48] <Annie> His shrine is in the cathedral in the city where I went to school.
[06:09.51] <Annie> school?
[06:09.56] <Annie> University, even.
[06:09.59] <Jemler> when shooting fish, it's best to do it in a barrel!
[06:10.23] <Derynifank> True
[06:10.33] <Annie> I've been deserted by small cat. She doesn't like me typing.
[06:10.35] <BalanceTheEnergies> They are slippery
[06:10.35] <Evie> Gus has a shrine, or Jemler?  Ohhhh, you mean Bede!
[06:10.41] <Annie> Bede...
[06:10.46] <KK> Indeed.  Eases up on the parallax problem when aiming.
[06:11.00] <Jemler> and use buckshot.
[06:11.47] <Laurna> grab fish from barrel and load catapult for just in case.
[06:11.56] <KK> My dad taught me about parallax when we used to try shooting fish with a bow.
[06:12.14] <Evie> If I'm a bit scatterbrained tonight and keep running off afk and back again, it's because DS is moving house tomorrow into a studio apartment, and I keep trying to think of things I need to bring for him so I can put it all in one place where I won't forget it.
[06:12.35] <Evie> I can't imagine bow fishing. 
[06:13.05] <Derynifank> Did you ever try fish tickling which was popular in Tirenth
[06:13.16] <Laurna> Not unless you have dynamite on the end of the arrow.
[06:13.48] <KK> It's...interesting.  The arrow has a line attached to a reel on the front of the bow, and the fish is always offset from where you think it is.  We didn't hit very  many, but it was fun trying.
[06:13.50] <Laurna> I watched them fish that way in south amarica
[06:13.58] <The_Bee> fish tickling?
[06:14.16] <Derynifank> Or spear fishing?
[06:14.39] <KK> Have you seen the videos of the golden retrievers catching salmon right in the river?  THey seem to love it.
[06:14.54] <The_Bee> I didn't know fish were ticklish.
[06:14.58] <Laurna> Good water dogs
[06:15.10] <Derynifank> Bears do it that way too
[06:16.05] <Laurna> It is reallly really raining. in calif. it never rains but it pours
[06:16.14] <KK> I've seen videos of fish-tickling.
[06:16.14] <Evie> Some of the Native Americans who lived along the Mississippi River in Mississippi used to catch catfish by sticking their hands under submerged rocks and other places where the fish liked to hide, and wait for the fish to bite their fist, then they'd grab them from the inside and bring them out of the water.  I learned about that when I did a research paper on the original inhabitants of the region back in high school.
[06:16.34] <Evie> I figured I'd have to be pretty desperate for a catfish to try that!
[06:17.03] <KK> My sister lives in Sacramento, and they've had 3 storms come through this weekend.  The drought is ended, at least in the northern part of the state.
[06:17.22] <KK> I don't think catfish can bite very hard.
[06:17.31] <RaeLyn> Actually, fishing for catfish like that is fun. I learned to when I was about eight.
[06:17.45] <Annie> I've not caught fish with my hands, but when I was a kid my uncle taught me to catch eels that way.
[06:17.50] <Evie> I think our drought is over here too, although we had such a rain deficit earlier in the year that every bit of rain we get now helps with making up for that.
[06:17.55] <The_Bee> Do catfish have teeth?
[06:18.00] <BalanceTheEnergies> Don't the whiskers sting a bit?
[06:18.00] <Evie> gentle rain, though. Preferably not storm
[06:18.23] <RaeLyn> Not teeth exactly but they're mouths can cut you.
[06:18.26] <Evie> Yes, Bee.  Not sure about if the whiskers sting, because I don't want to get close enough to find out
[06:18.47] <KK> I've never herad that the whiskers can sting.  I thought they were for feeling along the bottom.
[06:19.09] <RaeLyn> Yes their whiskers are like fingers.
[06:19.20] <Evie> They've got something sharp that makes grabbing them by the mouth not a very tempting idea.  :-D
[06:19.33] <KK> Evie, I hope none of the night-time stealth tornadoes have come close to you.
[06:20.10] <KK> They sound terrifying--just before they kill you!
[06:20.12] <RaeLyn> It isn't difficult but a little painful if you do it wrong.
[06:20.14] <Evie> No, I was telling the room earlier that the two lines of storms we got went parallel to us on both sides.  It was almost like someone had done a weather working, to look at it come so close and just miss us on two sides
[06:20.31] <Jemler> ok, everybody. quick question.
[06:20.49] <KK> Fire away, Jemler.
[06:20.54] <Evie> But the storm that came closest to us here sounded very ominous, which is why I was up at midnight or so to make sure it wasn't a tornadic storm moving in
[06:21.28] <Jemler> thank you. i wrote a few lines about what happened to me. should i post here, or on the forum?
[06:21.42] <KK> Do tell!
[06:21.45] <Evie> We had a night-time stealth tornado flatten a neighborhood just 2 miles away, and believe me, that was close enough.  And sounded terrifying even at this distance.
[06:22.00] <Evie> Five years ago, though, not last night
[06:22.18] <KK> Yike.  I was worrying that they were coming close.  Sounds like I was justified.
[06:22.26] <Laurna> 2 miles is too close
[06:22.35] <Jemler> well, on to what happened. I went to the hospital on Thursday, entered Same Day Surgery. I was following a nurse back to Pre-Op, and woke up Monday morning.
[06:22.35] <Jemler> Apparently after surgery the took me to dialysis. Sometime that day or the next I had a stroke or a seizure. They said I couldn't talk for two days! They dialysed me on Saturday, but I was bleeding. It was Tuesday before they gave me anything to eat or drink. They dialysed me on Tuesday, and everything went ok. Tuesday night they transferred me out of Intensive Care to a regular
[06:22.35] <Jemler> unit. They told me Wednesday, that I was being discharged, but my sister couldn't come for me for some reason. I had early dialysis Thursday morning, that ended just as my ride showed up. I got ready as fast as I could, and came home. They want me to wear a heart monitor for a while, as well as see a neurologist.
[06:22.52] <KK> Way too close.  and I didn't know you could hear them tht far away.
[06:23.40] <Evie> I'm so glad you are doing better, jemler!  We knew fairly earlier on there were complications based on what your sister said on Facebook, but didn't know what sort until later.
[06:23.41] <The_Bee> Yike, Jemler!
[06:23.41] <KK> Yike, Jemler!  That sounds scary!
[06:23.58] <Derynifank> Quite an ordeal! Glad you are doing better
[06:24.19] <BalanceTheEnergies> Do they know what caused it?
[06:24.21] <KK> Yes, don't do that again, please.
[06:24.34] <Jemler> i have one question about the heart monitor: Should I pick Ann or Nancy Wilson? :)
[06:24.40] <Evie> LOL!
[06:24.48] <Laurna>  wow jemler  can not believe you came home so fast   good recovery.
[06:24.48] <Evie> Yeah.  Definitely better. ;-)
[06:25.01] <Evie> Glad they are continuing to monitor you, though
[06:25.05] <BalanceTheEnergies> Both, just in case. Belt-and-suspenders approach
[06:25.12] <BalanceTheEnergies> :D
[06:25.13] <Jemler> seriously, they do want the monitor, i just wanted to get the joke out.
[06:26.08] <Evie> Don't make me roll out the mackerel launcher.  ;-)
[06:26.18] <Derynifank> 😃really  nny
[06:26.20] <Jemler> i'm pretty much still me. one doctor prescribed seizure medicine. i'll get a second opinion first.
[06:26.24] <Derynifank> Funny
[06:26.31] <Laurna> lol you are doing better
[06:26.59] <The_Bee> Just don't try the Christian Science Monitor.  They don't trust medicine.
[06:27.16] <Evie> And maybe steer clear of Monitor lizards
[06:27.34] <Jemler> Christian Science? Sounds like a contrdiction.
[06:27.45] <BalanceTheEnergies> It does indeed.
[06:27.49] <RaeLyn> It does.
[06:28.22] <The_Bee> It's a real denomination, and they publish(ed) a highly respected newspaper.
[06:28.25] <Derynifank> More like an oxymiron
[06:28.41] * RaeLyn (Mibbit@C06FE3.880C46.A1F608.6E805D) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:28.50] <Jemler> i went to dialysis at my usual clinic on sat. went great. my bp stayed syable, i wasn't as tired as i usually am.
[06:28.56] <Annie> One of my extended family was raised as one. Very odd indeed.
[06:29.12] <Jemler> raised as dialysis?
[06:29.35] <The_Bee> Their headquarters are in boston.  Well respected.
[06:29.52] * RaeLyn (Mibbit@C06FE3.880C46.A1F608.6E805D) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:30.03] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello again
[06:30.04] <The_Bee> rehi RaeLyn
[06:30.07] <Jemler> wb raelyn
[06:30.11] * Jerusha ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:30.16] <RaeLyn> Rehi everyone.
[06:30.18] <The_Bee> Hi Jerusha
[06:30.19] <Jemler> hi jerusha
[06:30.20] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Jerusha
[06:30.24] <Derynifank> Is mibbit at it again?
[06:30.25] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[06:30.31] <Laurna>  hello Jerusha
[06:30.32] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[06:30.32] <BalanceTheEnergies> Seems to be
[06:30.35] <RaeLyn> Yes mibbit is at it again.
[06:30.43] <Derynifank> Hi Jerusha
[06:31.40] <Derynifank> Maybe we can put a deryni spell on it
[06:32.04] <RaeLyn> I don't think that would work. Mibbit is just too stubborn.
[06:32.17] <Jemler> We stand outside Time, Ina Place Not of Earth.
[06:32.19] <The_Bee> Make a trap portal to keep people here.
[06:32.27] <Jemler> We stand outside Time, I na Place Not of Earth.
[06:32.41] <RaeLyn> As our ancestors before us bade,
[06:32.47] <Laurna> well  said
[06:33.01] <The_Bee> "Dies non est."
[06:33.01] <Jemler> we join togther, and are One.
[06:33.15] <Jerusha> Except for mibbit
[06:33.33] <RaeLyn> By the blessed apostles Mathew mark luke and john
[06:33.42] <Evie> I am not one with The Frog
[06:33.56] <RaeLyn> No one is one with the frog. Ever.
[06:34.00] <Evie> LOL
[06:34.13] <Jerusha> But we do seem to be green
[06:34.23] <Laurna> Frog?
[06:34.24] * Evie sings "It's not that easy being green"
[06:34.28] <Evie> The Mibbit Frog, Laurna
[06:34.39] <Laurna>  ahhh my favorate
[06:34.45] * Jerusha visualizes a tap dancing mibbit
[06:34.58] <Evie> Or, in the song's case, Kermit
[06:35.10] <Jemler> why are there so many songs about rainbows? and what's on the other side?
[06:35.24] <Laurna>  love
[06:35.28] <Jerusha> Mibbit, Kermit - could be related
[06:35.31] <Evie> Have you ever tried to get to the pot of gold at the end of one?
[06:35.37] <Derynifank> But Kermit is nicer than mibbit
[06:35.39] <RaeLyn> Yes.
[06:35.43] <Jerusha> RAter
[06:35.48] <Evie> I tried that as a child. Nearly got lost.  :-D
[06:35.48] <Jerusha> rather, I meant
[06:35.50] <Laurna>  Love Kermit and Sweetums
[06:36.02] <RaeLyn> I did get lost.
[06:36.11] <Evie> Oh dear! :-D
[06:36.26] <Jerusha> But you got found?
[06:36.40] <RaeLyn> Of course... The next day.
[06:36.41] <Jemler> hopefully not be 3 bears!
[06:36.46] <Evie> Wow!
[06:36.51] <Jerusha> eek
[06:36.59] <Laurna> Next day   Oh dear
[06:37.04] <RaeLyn> And I live in a town so small it isn't on the map.
[06:37.05] <The_Bee> How old were you?
[06:37.09] <Jerusha> But did you find the gold?
[06:37.10] <RaeLyn> Nine
[06:37.14] <RaeLyn> No
[06:37.16] <Derynifank> If you find the end I think a leprecaun gets you
[06:37.24] <RaeLyn> Maybe
[06:38.21] <Evie> I remember at some young age I had plans to run away from home, but they got foiled because I wasn't allowed to cross the street, and I'd reached the end of the block. So I went home. 
[06:38.40] <Derynifank> Lol
[06:38.45] <The_Bee> I'd love to see a moonbow, but city lights are too bright.
[06:38.56] <Jerusha> I packed a suitcase full of underwear, but didn't get very far
[06:39.15] <RaeLyn> Underwear??
[06:39.28] <Jerusha> One should always be prepared
[06:39.36] <RaeLyn> I suppose.
[06:39.37] <Evie> And when I was a few years older, I thought I'd try again, but by the time I got to the end of our driveway it dawned on me that we were living in Italy at the time, I didn't speak Italian, and I had no way to get to my grandma's house in the US (which is where I wanted to go). Curses, foiled again!
[06:39.51] <Derynifank> You packed the important  stuff.
[06:40.09] <Jemler> A guy I worked with 30 years ago, at the employee lounge one day was telling a story. He said that all the original Grimms Tales ended in tragedy. For example:
[06:40.09] <Jemler> In Goldilocks, the Three Bears ate Goldilocks!-
[06:40.09] <Jemler> And I asked if one said she too sweet, one said she was too sour, and the other just right!
[06:40.09] <Jemler> he looked at me and said, "You're sick!"
[06:40.42] <Evie> I caught my son heading out the door once with his Lion King backpack filled with clothes, peanut butter sandwiches, spare shoes, and my cake knife.  He was going to go live off the land. (Meaning the woods behind our house.)
[06:40.53] <Derynifank> Being caught without clean underwear is really bad
[06:41.00] <Evie> LOL, Jemler!
[06:41.13] <Jerusha> Living off the land with a cake knife could be challenging
[06:41.18] <Laurna> lol Jemler
[06:41.35] <Evie> Well, he was only 5, Jerusha. How was he to know?  :-D
[06:41.36] <BalanceTheEnergies> :)
[06:41.52] <Jerusha> Frosting will solve everything
[06:41.55] <Evie> That 5 year old turned 22 today, btw.
[06:41.55] <The_Bee> Fairy tales were intended as warnings to make kids behave.
[06:42.10] <Jerusha> They were not for the faint of heart
[06:42.14] <Laurna> Happy birthday
[06:42.19] <Derynifank> Or at keast maje it taste better
[06:42.23] <Jerusha> Yes, Happy Birthday!
[06:42.24] <The_Bee> Happy Birthday to Evie's DS!
[06:42.48] <Evie> 22 years old tonight, I was lying in a hospital bed thinking "Did I miss the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager?  Oh well, it was worth it!"
[06:42.51] <Derynifank> Happy birthday
[06:42.57] <KK> Wow.  And will soon be a nurse.  How's that going, Evie?
[06:43.03] <RaeLyn> I bet!
[06:43.12] <Jemler> Happy birthday!
[06:43.24] <Evie> Going pretty well thus far. Every day he survives that killer program is a day closer to graduating.
[06:43.29] * RaeLyn (Mibbit@C06FE3.880C46.A1F608.6E805D) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:43.33] <Jerusha> He should graduate soon, shouldn't he?
[06:43.40] <KK> When does he graduate?
[06:43.45] <Evie> Sometime next year
[06:43.49] <Derynifank> When will he graduate
[06:43.53] <KK> Wow.
[06:44.01] <Laurna> Good for him  . Those ae\re tough programs
[06:44.02] <Evie> I think Spring of 2018, but I'm not certain.
[06:44.23] <Evie> This university's nursing school is more challenging than most, from what I've heard.
[06:44.23] <Jerusha> Only a year away
[06:44.29] <Annie> Is he planning any specialism?
[06:44.40] <Evie> But if he can survive it, he can pretty much get a job anywhere
[06:44.52] <Derynifank> Which one is he attending?
[06:45.24] <Evie> He's thinking of going back later to become a nurse practitioner, but he has to work a certain number of years before he can do that
[06:45.27] <Evie> UAB
[06:45.44] * RaeLyn ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:45.46] <Evie> We didn't have birthday plans today because he was in clinicals
[06:45.52] <Jemler> wb raelyn
[06:45.54] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello again
[06:45.55] <The_Bee> wbraelyn
[06:46.02] <Jerusha> wb raelyn
[06:46.12] <RaeLyn> Hello again
[06:46.25] <The_Bee> How did he come to choose nursing?
[06:46.26] <Laurna> Make him Ice his own cake tonight with your old cake knife if you still have it.
[06:46.34] <Evie> But I'm helping him move to his new place tomorrow, so that will be Birthday, Part II.  We already had Birthday, Part I on the 16th,when we took him out for lunch and then saw Rogue One
[06:46.40] <Derynifank> Excellent program from what I hear
[06:47.09] <RaeLyn> It is, even though I really don't care for star wars.
[06:47.17] <Laurna> Good movie for a birthday present.
[06:47.22] <Evie> I have no idea, Bee. At first he was thinking of going into the Army and being a medic, then an Army nurse, and then he just decided not to do Army at all but just stick with nursing
[06:47.33] <Derynifank> Actualky I meant uab
[06:47.57] <RaeLyn> Ah
[06:48.27] <Evie> It's good,but very strict.  He had a couple of friends who got washed out of the program just for a dress code violation.  Wrong kind of socks, I think.
[06:48.34] <Annie> Wow
[06:48.43] <Jerusha> Egad
[06:48.43] <Derynifank> That seems exreme
[06:48.50] <Evie> Yes, I agree
[06:48.56] <RaeLyn> Very extreme.
[06:49.03] <The_Bee> UAB--University of Alabama at Birmingham?
[06:49.09] <Evie> Yes
[06:49.23] <Jerusha> It's a mindset, though I don't necessarily agree with it
[06:50.10] <Derynifank> Do they have a sock checker?
[06:50.21] <Laurna> I have to respect good nurses. My dad had a few really good ones last month  ones that were really helpful and carrying.
[06:50.23] <KK> I suppose it may be to underline that a nurse must follow directions.
[06:50.46] <Evie> It's a very competitive program, though, and not easy to get accepted into, but sometimes ridiculously easy to wash out of. And the clinical experience they get there is far and away better than some programs, given how huge the hospital end of campus is.
[06:51.29] <Evie> So they have no shortage of applicants
[06:51.35] <Jerusha> Sometimes you just have to keep focused on the end goal
[06:52.18] <Annie> Not at the same level, but DD's old school had a one earstud per ear rule, and the stud could be no more than 5mm diameter.
[06:52.49] <Annie> She said one time one of her teachers brought out a set of calipers, discovered that one kid's studs were 6mm, and sent her to the head teacher.
[06:52.49] <Evie> It came in handy in an odd sort of way at Christmas, when his cat got sick, and he knew enough of what was going on to know that it was a medical emergency and not something he could just take off and leave in a cat sitter's hands.
[06:53.15] <Laurna> My job has the same rule.  Do not want patients  grabbing your ears.
[06:53.17] <Jemler> just put a slass of my spiced mead on the candle warmer.
[06:53.19] <The_Bee> Is the cat okay now?
[06:53.20] <Jerusha> Is the cat OK now?
[06:53.24] <Derynifank> I think they wabt younto look professional  to inspire confidence
[06:53.59] <RaeLyn> That's part of it.
[06:54.13] <Evie> He is, but he had to have several vet visits and one trip to the animal after-hours ER before they got his problem under control.  It was a UTI thing
[06:54.45] <The_Bee> I had one of those last week.
[06:54.59] <Jerusha> You or the cat, Bee?
[06:54.59] <Laurna> No fun that
[06:55.07] <Jemler> you had a vet visit?
[06:55.13] <Evie> I gave up earrings for years when my kids were preschoolers, and even now I wear them more like every week or two rather than daily like I did before I had grabby infants.
[06:55.31] <Derynifank> Ours had a rule, no hoops ir dangling  ones If a person pukked hard enough  you could  have a torn  earlobe
[06:55.48] <KK> I've had two cats with serious enough UTI troubles that they had to have their plumbing rerouted.  Those were US cats.  In Ireland, they'd almost never heard of such a thing.
[06:55.49] <Jerusha> EEw
[06:56.12] <The_Bee> Me.  I wouldn't have known if I hadn't ben picked up by the police. They wouldn't let me go home til the doctors had checked me out.
[06:56.32] <Jerusha> You were picked up by the police?
[06:56.39] <RaeLyn> Why?
[06:56.48] <Derynifank> Why did thecpolice pick you up
[06:56.48] <BalanceTheEnergies> I have a fountain for mine to try to prevent that UTI business. So far, so good.
[06:56.50] <Jerusha> I didn't think UTI was a crime
[06:57.10] <Evie> In this case, it was the cat food, BTE.
[06:57.25] <KK> Were you mentally altered, Bee?  A bad infection can do that.
[06:57.37] <BalanceTheEnergies> I didn't know that could cause that Evie
[06:57.50] <The_Bee> for riding my trike on the highweay.  I was looking for a restaurant I wanted to try, but I couldn't find the Google Map directions.
[06:58.16] <KK> The vets in Ireland thought it might be different gene pools, or maybe a difference of diet.
[06:58.20] <Laurna> They said part of my dad's altered state was from a UTI, though I blame the meds just a much.
[06:58.22] <Derynifank> It can cause sepsis which is  really  serious 
[06:58.27] <Jerusha> No GPS on your trike?
[06:58.43] <The_Bee> They kept saying I seemed confused. I wasn't confused, I was lost and annoyed.
[06:58.47] <Evie> Yes, in cats some dry foods are more likely to cause urinary crystals in some cats, so wet foods or certain brands of dry food specially formulated for urinary health are safer.
[06:59.05] <Laurna> Oh dear Bee
[06:59.13] <Jerusha> But you are OK now, right Bee?
[06:59.17] <BalanceTheEnergies> Oh well, Wimsey's already on a specialty food for kidney support.
[06:59.21] <The_Bee> I give Melantha a mixture of wet and dry.
[06:59.32] <KK> That must have been annoying, Bee.  I gather that GOogle ws wrong?
[06:59.45] <Jerusha> I drink cranberry juice (which I am not fond of) to keep UTI away
[07:00.03] <The_Bee> Yes, I'm fine. But the cycling to church seems longer every week.
[07:00.03] <Jemler> time for librarians. i'll be lurking.
[07:00.19] <Jerusha> Is church very far?
[07:00.31] <Derynifank> I have found Google maps to be untrustworthy I like the old fashioned  kind
[07:00.32] <Laurna> I like Granberry/apple juice sometimes but not often enough'
[07:00.37] <KK> A recent medical report says that cranberry juice doesn't do anything different from other liquids, re UTI's.
[07:00.39] <The_Bee> bye Jemler.  glad you came
[07:00.48] <KK> Nighters, Jemler.
[07:00.54] <Evie> Goodnight Jemler
[07:00.55] <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night Jemler
[07:00.57] <Jerusha> Jerusha scowls at KK
[07:00.57] <The_Bee> aroumd 2.5 or 3 miles.
[07:00.57] <Laurna> Night Jemler
[07:01.05] <Jerusha> Night Jemler
[07:01.07] <Derynifank> By Jemler 
[07:01.16] <RaeLyn> Bye jemler
[07:01.28] <Jemler> oh i'm still hear, i'll just watching tv.
[07:01.35] <The_Bee> Bing maps don't have cycling directions.
[07:01.46] <KK> I know, Jerusha.  My mom has been drinking it for years.  Tastes good, but they now say that it doesn't do anything perticularly against UTI's.
[07:02.14] <Jerusha> Well, so far I haven't had another, so if it's really a placebo, I'm OK with that
[07:02.37] <The_Bee> I like cranaberry/grape.  2 healthy juices that taste good.
[07:02.38] <Evie> Here comes Luke to say hi and impede my vision
[07:02.39] <Jerusha> And I don't think it tastes good, BTW
[07:02.41] <Derynifank> Whatever  works
[07:02.57] <KK> And on that note, I'm going to go have a glass of cranberry-pineapple juice and some supper.  Saw the commercials, and thought it sounded interesting--and it is.
[07:02.57] <Jerusha> Hi Luke
[07:03.27] <The_Bee> supper's very interesting if you're hungry.
[07:03.40] <RaeLyn> It is.
[07:03.41] <Laurna> What is for supper?
[07:03.42] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:03.47] <Jerusha> Especially if there is a commercial :D
[07:03.56] <Evie> I need to see if I've got some box I can carry these cleaning supplies to DS's new apartment in, since I want to give his cabinets a scrub and put down new shelf paper before he puts anything in them
[07:04.00] <The_Bee> bye, KK. Thanks for coming and have a good week.
[07:04.05] <Evie> Goodnight, KK!
[07:04.08] <KK> See you next week.
[07:04.15] <Annie> Night, KK
[07:04.15] <Laurna> Good night KK
[07:04.16] <RaeLyn> Night KK!
[07:04.17] <Jerusha> Nighters, KK
[07:04.24] <Jerusha> Have a good week
[07:04.30] <Derynifank> Night kk
[07:04.49] <KK> Nighters, all.  And Queen Victoria is on at 9 PM on PBS hereabouts.  The first, double episode was excellent.
[07:05.01] <Laurna> Thanks for the reminder
[07:05.17] <KK> Ta-ta.
[07:05.20] <Evie> I wanted to see it, but I think I don't get PBS, since I couldn't find the channel last week when I looked
[07:05.20] <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night KK
[07:05.25] <Jerusha> Enjoy, KK
[07:05.26] <Jemler> nite kk.
[07:05.32] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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