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KK Chat -- 23 Oct 2016
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:25:49 pm »
[06:18.36] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:18.42] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[06:18.43] <Eyikl> hi kk
[06:18.47] <KK> Hi, guys.
[06:18.48] <Evie> Hi KK
[06:18.51] <Derynifank> Hi kk
[06:19.00] <Jerusha> How was your week, KK?
[06:19.10] <Jemler> hi kk
[06:19.19] <KK> Busy, as usual.  Unfortunately, not with writing yet.
[06:19.32] <Jerusha> Ah well, all in due time....
[06:19.42] <Jemler> How is you mom doing, kk? she ok?
[06:19.43] <Evie> Life too busy happening?
[06:20.29] <KK> She's ok.  Getting more and more frail, but hanging in there.
[06:20.40] <Derynifank> Check out beginning of chat
[06:21.04] <Jerusha> Does she stlll live at your cottage?
[06:21.16] <The_Bee> How old is your mom now, KK?
[06:21.25] <Eyikl> can't you only see the chat stuff after you logged in?
[06:21.34] <Evie> Yes, Eyikl
[06:22.21] <KK> She's 91.
[06:22.31] <KK> Yes, she's still at the cottage.
[06:23.01] <Derynifank> Thanks again kk for creating a magical world and letting your fans play in it
[06:24.09] <KK> You're very welcome, Derynifank.
[06:25.03] <Jemler> :)
[06:25.19] <KK> So, what's everyone else been doing?  Evie, any new outfits for the Littles?
[06:26.03] <Jerusha> Starting to close up our cottage for the winter
[06:26.23] <Evie> I'm still working on a mail shirt (the same one as last week, because I've been too busy to work on it during the week), but today I started working on dining room chairs for my modern flat.
[06:26.39] <Jemler> i found out i don't need surgery right away.
[06:26.50] <KK> Cool.  Any photos yet?
[06:26.52] <Evie> That's good, Jemler
[06:26.55] <The_Bee> I went to a cider festival yesterday.  Sample half-a-dozen flavors, and cycled several miles in the rain.
[06:26.56] <Jerusha> Jerusha pictures dining room chairs with chain mail cushions
[06:27.02] <KK> Oh, good, Jemler.
[06:27.14] <Derynifank> Great, Jemler
[06:27.16] <Evie> Let me look and see if they have uploaded.  My phone is set to upload photos automatically, but sometimes it needs a bit of prompting.
[06:27.30] <Jerusha> Good news, Jemler
[06:27.42] <Eyikl> I also went to a fall festival.
[06:27.49] <Jerusha> Hope you are dry now, Bee
[06:27.55] * Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.563ED8.F843AE) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:27.59] <Evie> Although since I'm using sanitary pads for the chair seat padding, you might not want to see photos.  LOL!
[06:28.00] <Jerusha> Hi Shiral
[06:28.02] <Eyikl> hi Shiral
[06:28.06] <Derynifank> Fall festivals are fun
[06:28.07] <Jemler> hi shiral
[06:28.09] * Shiral enters Chatroom with a champagne cork pop
[06:28.12] <Shiral> Hello all
[06:28.19] <Jerusha> Ack, Evie
[06:28.25] <Evie> Hi Shiral
[06:28.27] <KK> Bee, there was a cider festival here, too.  Actually, an apple butter festival with attendant stuff.  I love apple butter!
[06:28.31] <Derynifank> Hi shiral
[06:28.33] <Shiral> How....modern, Eveie. =o)
[06:28.48] <Evie> OK, phone is now uploading all photos since last Thursday.  I guess I have to open Flickr on the phone before it starts uploading stuff.
[06:28.51] <Shiral> Evie.  Although I'm being generous today. Have a few more vowels
[06:28.58] <Evie> Oh, yum!
[06:29.14] <Evie> DH loves apple butter.  I like it, but he could practically wallow in it
[06:29.20] <Jerusha> Apple butter, or more vowels, Evie
[06:29.27] <Evie> LOL, Shiral
[06:29.47] * Shiral puts out an apple sauce cake on the Chatroom table
[06:29.52] <Evie> No more vowels for me, thanks. At least you didn't call me Evil
[06:30.10] <Shiral> Dang, talk about a wasted opportunity!
[06:30.30] <The_Bee> Vowels?  Am I missing something here?
[06:30.46] <Jemler> no more vowels? would you like to solve?
[06:30.52] <Shiral> I misspelled Evie's name above, Bee
[06:31.02] <The_Bee> Ah, okay
[06:31.05] <Shiral> Added an extra I and E
[06:31.08] <Evie> Photos are being really slow to upload for some reason.
[06:31.33] <Shiral> So have I missed any interesting news
[06:31.35] <Jemler> evieio! :)
[06:31.52] <Jerusha> :)
[06:31.53] <Shiral> Sounds kind of like you're yodeling, Jemler
[06:32.02] <Evie> Oh! I also got some new mini kitchen appliances and stuff this week.
[06:32.24] <The_Bee> E-I-E-I-O!
[06:32.47] <Evie> Here's the full set:  ++,,
[06:32.49] <Shiral> "And on that farm, Old McDonald had a Deryni..."
[06:32.55] <Derynifank> Old MacDonald has joined?
[06:33.02] <Jemler> oh miss evie had a name, eveio!
[06:33.31] <Evie> They are just slightly undersized, but not so much that they look ridiculously small. 
[06:33.44] <Jerusha> And that Deryni worked a spell
[06:33.55] <Evie> And since the kitchen sections are also just a tad undersized, they work well with it
[06:34.05] <Shiral> Opening a tiny restaurant, Evie? =o)
[06:34.44] <Evie> You'd think, with all this food!
[06:35.18] <The_Bee> Can any of the aappliances actually be used?
[06:35.31] <KK> That's a lot of kitchen stuff, Evie!  Do the Littles cook, I take it?
[06:35.34] <Evie> In situ.  Normally Eilonwy wouldn't have every kitchen tool under the sun out on her counters and be cooking for an army, but for photo taking purposes I just put it all out there
[06:35.38] <Evie> ++,,
[06:35.46] <Evie> They do now!
[06:36.21] <Evie> This one has better lighting:  ++,,
[06:36.27] <Shiral> Before they were all eating at the Golden Lion, I guess. =o)
[06:36.42] <Jerusha> You might have to make Paddy's uniform a little larger if this keeps up
[06:37.02] <Evie> ++,,
[06:37.25] <Jerusha> You might want to take the cupcakes with the icing out of the oven. :)
[06:37.30] <Evie> ++,,
[06:37.36] <KK> That's a well equipped kitchen.
[06:37.40] <Evie> LOL!  Yeah, I ran out of counter space
[06:38.07] <Evie> Not shown are the garlic bread and the fondue pot and little forks with broccoli and mushrooms
[06:38.31] <Evie> I forgot those are in the living room, since Maureen was having a cheese fondue snack
[06:38.32] <Jerusha> That sounds tasty
[06:38.52] <Evie> Now I'm considering color schemes for the kitchen to go with all the new aqua appliances
[06:39.14] <Shiral> That's a lot of dishes to use for a "fondue snack." =o)
[06:39.23] <Evie> I don't want to go completely retro, but maybe some neutrals like gray and white would set off the splashes of color
[06:40.06] <Evie> And since the dining room has no chairs yet (not to mention walls), that's what I'm working on now.
[06:40.43] <Evie> I forgot. Itty bitty silverware and utensils.  ++,,
[06:41.29] <Jerusha> Wonderful detail - I would not have  expected a silverware drawer
[06:41.38] <The_Bee> What's the actual size, Evie?
[06:42.42] * The_Bee ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:42.44] <Evie> The scale I work in is 2" to every foot in their world, but these are slightly undersized.  I don't think they're quite as small as 1" = 1', but they're closer to regular dollhouse size than true action figure size
[06:43.11] <Evie> But since Barbies have ridiculously small hands, and this kitchen is also slightly undersized (which is why I have to have it up on blocks to be the right height), it works out.
[06:43.12] * kermit ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:43.28] <Jerusha> Hi kermit
[06:43.31] <Evie> I just assume that the lasagna pan is an individual or two person size, for instance, rather than a family size pan
[06:43.43] * kermit is now known as The_Bee
[06:43.53] <Jerusha> wb, Bee
[06:44.20] <Derynifank> Anyone have any new fanfic in the works? Hope so
[06:44.45] <Evie> Here's a chair. I still haven't figured out whether to cut out legs or use a pedestal support.  The spool it is currently sitting on is a little too low.  ++,,
[06:45.01] <Evie> I do, but it's very slow going, so don't expect it for many months
[06:45.04] <Derynifank> Love your kitchen evie
[06:45.12] <Evie> Thank you!
[06:45.17] <The_Bee> thanks, Jerusha.  Evie, we'd have a better idea of scale if your hand--or Luke--were in the picture.
[06:45.37] <Evie> If Luke were in that picture, the stuff would be everywhere!
[06:46.19] <Evie> I have had to banish him from the room completely
[06:46.35] <Derynifank> But Luke would love to help
[06:46.42] <Jerusha> Is that Jen in the picture?  She looks like she is happily chatting while you iron
[06:46.44] <Evie> Oh yes, he Loooooves to help
[06:46.51] <Evie> LOL, yes, that's Jen
[06:47.43] <Evie> Here you go, Bee:  ++,,
[06:47.48] <Evie> That's the chair seat in my hand
[06:48.20] <Evie> I need a pedestal (or legs) about 2.5 to 3 inches.  Preferably 2.5, since the seat itself is about half an inch thick.
[06:48.47] <Evie> I was thinking of maybe getting some plastic shot glasses from Dollar Tree, if they are tall enough, turning them upside down and then spray painting them black
[06:49.02] <Evie> Or just wind the same black duct tape around them.
[06:49.02] <Derynifank> Elegant chair seat
[06:49.27] <Jemler> you could also try to cup that comes with niquil.
[06:49.42] <Evie> I found a pack of that silver and cream fabric with different patterns, but that was the only one with a pattern small enough for the seats. I may use one of the others for curtains or an accent wall
[06:49.59] <Evie> That would be a little too short, Jemler
[06:50.25] <Jemler> maybe use it as a basket?
[06:50.38] <Evie> Whatever I use needs to be around 2.5" tall.  I also thought of those disposable champagne glasses (the base part) and a dowel cut to the right length
[06:51.07] <Evie> That could work for a waste basket.  What I'm using in the office is the cap from a large bottle of mouthwash
[06:51.19] <Evie> They also make good lampshades
[06:51.39] <Jemler> what about dixie cups?
[06:52.03] <Eyikl> THe ice cream cus?
[06:52.32] <Evie> I have a toothpaste cap for a pencil holder at the moment, but I saw a tutorial for cutting a plastic straw into different lengths, gluing them together and painting them black to make those desk accessory caddies you see in office supply stores.
[06:52.52] <Evie> Dixie cups might be the right size, but I'd need to reinforce them for strength.
[06:53.07] <The_Bee> than ks, Evie
[06:53.09] <Jemler> use 2.
[06:54.05] <Evie> I haven't even given much thought yet to the remaining cabinet top.  I want that to be a balcony or rooftop garden, I think.
[06:54.17] <Evie> I have some tiny potted topiaries that could go there, and a grass mat
[06:54.37] <Evie> And a garden bench.  That might be all that will fit.
[06:55.03] <Evie> Though I'd love a hammock.  I saw a tiny crocheted hammock a friend made, and it looks like a real one.
[06:55.16] * Kelric (~IceChat78@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) Quit (Quit: Download IceChat at,,)
[06:55.28] <Derynifank> Have you checked out the garden shops for the fairue garden stuff?
[06:55.37] <Evie> Duncan lolling in a hammock, reading a book and sipping lemonade. You know you want this.  :-D
[06:56.04] <Evie> I have, but it's mostly too small.  I found one set of garden tools that was just the right size, though.
[06:56.05] <Derynifank> Fairie garden
[06:56.28] <Shiral> Oops, have to go, all. Have to be on desk the last hour
[06:56.36] <Jerusha> I was thinking or Morgan relaxing in the hammock, but Duncan sounds to comfortable to move
[06:56.44] <Evie> Good to see you, Shirale.  There, have an extra vowel. ;-)
[06:56.47] <Jerusha> Night, Shiral
[06:57.00] <The_Bee> bye shiral
[06:57.04] <Jemler> nite shiral
[06:57.18] <Derynifank> Nite shiral
[06:57.19] * Shiral steps onto her portal, waves farewell and disappears in a flash of Orange Steam (Just to be seasonal.)
[06:57.32] <Shiral> Thanks for the extra vowel, Evie. I'll give it a good home
[06:57.37] <Evie> Orange Steam sounds like it might be a fancy drink
[06:57.41] <Evie> LOL
[06:57.47] <Jerusha> I was going to give her a doggie bag for that extra vowel, but too late
[06:58.18] <Shiral> Okay, orange sparkles, then. But maybe that sounds "drink-y" too
[06:58.26] <Shiral> BYE!
[06:58.31] <Evie> Bye!
[06:58.32] * Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.563ED8.F843AE) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:59.12] <Evie> I have a little remaining black velour, and thought of making Richenda a matching gown to Alaric's tunic, but otoh it might be too harsh with her coloring
[06:59.23] <Evie> I don't want her to look like a widow
[06:59.46] <Jerusha> It could make nice trim for a sumptuous brocade
[07:00.09] <Evie> It could, especially since that black velour rolled over the edge of a garment looks a bit like fur
[07:00.35] <Jemler> make her a fur-lined cape.
[07:00.39] <The_Bee> Black trim would be good. What other colors do you have for her gown?
[07:01.20] <Evie> She needs a blue gown, since she is usually depicted in one in the novels, but I don't have one for her yet. She's been wearing shades of green (a nod to Corwyn green).
[07:01.55] <Jerusha> She does seem to favour blue
[07:01.57] <Evie> I was going to make Alaric a matching outfit once he moves out of his darkling phase, now that he has a permanent body to dress
[07:02.20] <Evie> Or at least some green to relieve the black
[07:02.44] <Jemler> oh, now you're focusing on Alaric? I'm telling Duncan!
[07:02.44] <Evie> I thought I had a deep emerald velour somewhere, but I might be out
[07:02.54] <Evie> Alaric needs clothes too.
[07:03.16] <Evie> Especially since he only has the one outfit thus far, since I can't get the man to try anything else on.
[07:03.26] <Jemler> where is DR tonight?
[07:03.33] <Evie> She's not feeling well
[07:03.44] <The_Bee> :(
[07:03.46] <Jemler> again?
[07:03.47] <Evie> So you're stuck with me
[07:04.05] <Jemler> well, i always log, so...
[07:04.14] <Jerusha> Oh dear (at DR not feeling well, not at being stuck with Evie)
[07:04.22] <Evie> Yes. She's been having some health issues, so I suspect she didn't feel up to coming tonight
[07:04.32] <Evie> LOL, thanks for clarifying!  ;-)
[07:04.34] <Jerusha> Hope she is better soon
[07:04.42] <Evie> I hope so too
[07:04.46] <KK> I hope she feels better soon.
[07:05.11] <Derynifank> Hope she is better soon
[07:05.23] * The_Bee sends feel-better woodgies DesertRose-ward.
[07:05.27] <Evie> I'm sure prayers / warm thoughts would be appreciated.
[07:05.43] <Jerusha> There will be  many
[07:06.19] <Eyikl> Eyikl sends positive energy.
[07:06.26] <Derynifank> Yes there will
[07:06.46] <The_Bee> How long has this been going on?
[07:06.50] * Evie sends Flat Alaric.  He's a Healer.  :-)
[07:07.42] <Evie> A while. Not sure what she would want to share, so I'll leave that up to her when she returns.
[07:07.55] <The_Bee> I understand.
[07:08.02] <Jerusha> Ditto
[07:08.19] <Jemler> her call.
[07:09.05] <Jemler> well, i goy up toop early this morning, so i'll check out.
[07:09.19] <Jemler> well, i got up too early this morning, so i'll check out.
[07:09.24] <KK> Nighters, Jemler.  Sleep well.
[07:09.27] <Jemler> getting tired.
[07:09.28] <Jerusha> NIght Jemler - have a good weeki
[07:09.32] <Evie> Just texted her to let her know you're asking about her.  Hopefully if she is awake, she'll see it.
[07:09.42] <Evie> Goodnight, Jemler!
[07:09.51] <The_Bee> bye jemler.  Glad you won't need surgery right away.
[07:10.09] <Jemler> if she can believe i'm capaple, good thoughts. :)
[07:10.28] <Evie> LOL!  We know you're capable of good thoughts when you exert yourself.  ;-)
[07:10.32] <Derynifank> Bye Jemler have a good week
[07:10.33] <Jemler> thanks bee
[07:10.43] <Jemler> nite all
[07:10.51] * Jemler ( Quit (Quit: )
[07:11.22] <Jerusha> I should go, too.  I need to herd mounds of laundry into the washing machine
[07:11.44] <Evie> I wish I could herd mine, but I have to carry it.  I need the herd spell.
[07:11.49] <The_Bee> Hire a b order colllie to herd it.
[07:12.08] <Jerusha> It would be easier if there wasn't a whippey laying on it
[07:12.16] <Evie> :-D
[07:12.17] <Jerusha> whippet, that is
[07:12.20] <Evie> "Helping"?
[07:12.36] <Jerusha> Oh, always.  Sigh....
[07:12.54] <Eyikl> like a six-year-old, I bet.
[07:13.01] <Evie> Or like Luke
[07:13.05] <Jerusha> Not even that well!
[07:13.24] <Evie> Maybe Luke is an undersized, funny looking whippet
[07:13.40] <Evie> That would explain a whole lot
[07:13.49] <KK> I have Gus on my lap.  He's helping me type.
[07:14.07] <Evie> At least he seems to spell better than Gigi
[07:14.08] <The_Bee> Hi Gus!
[07:14.14] <Evie> We haven't seen iyyo
[07:14.20] <Evie> or 94ikym4oy-3ya
[07:14.21] <Jerusha> If he can stand in front of you and trip you so that you notice him, he's a whippet
[07:14.34] <Evie> Yes, that's definitely Luke!
[07:14.42] <Eyikl> iTs ard to typ while hOlding a caT
[07:15.09] <Jerusha> Alas, I only have rented fingers to blame
[07:16.00] <Jerusha> Night everyone! Jerusha steps onto her portal with a mound of laundry with a whippet on top
[07:16.10] <The_Bee> LOL!
[07:16.23] <The_Bee> byejerusha
[07:16.29] <Eyikl> goodnight Jerusha
[07:16.40] * Jerusha ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:17.55] <Eyikl> Eyikl tries to remember the tune to "Whip it Good" by DEVO.
[07:19.08] <Evie> Darn, was checking a text and missed her
[07:19.27] <KK> I probably also need to head out.  The good news this week is that we have a court date for the last order to empty and close my dad's safe deposit box, so I expect to head south the day after the election.
[07:19.42] <Evie> OK.
[07:20.02] <The_Bee> I'm sure you'll be gladto be done with that.
[07:20.02] <Evie> So will it just be a fast trip down and back again, or will you be down there for a few days?
[07:20.04] <Derynifank> That's good.
[07:20.11] <KK> I should back by the weekend, though.  Only need to be there for a couple or three days.
[07:20.21] <Evie> OK
[07:20.48] <KK> I did track down a life insurance policy this week, at least.  That was something accomplished.  And I got a check.  That was also good.
[07:21.01] <Derynifank> I need to go too. Goodnight all
[07:21.11] <Evie> Goodnight, Derynifank
[07:21.23] <The_Bee> bye Derynifank
[07:21.34] <Eyikl> goodnight Derynifank
[07:21.44] <KK> See you guys next week.  Good work on the kitchen stuff, Evie.
[07:21.51] <Evie> Thank you!
[07:21.54] <The_Bee> KK, thanks for coming.  Hope all goes well this week.
[07:21.54] <Evie> Goodnight, KK
[07:22.03] <Evie> Hopefully you have a less busy week this week
[07:22.05] <Eyikl> goodnight KK
[07:22.19] <The_Bee> bye KK
[07:22.28] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:22.43] <KK> Nighters.
[07:22.50] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
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