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KK Chat -- 25 September 2016
« on: September 25, 2016, 07:36:17 pm »
Sep 25 19:09:58 *   KK has joined
Sep 25 19:10:03 <Jemler>   hi kk
Sep 25 19:10:04 <DesertRose>   Hi KK
Sep 25 19:10:09 <Evie>   Hi KK
Sep 25 19:10:11 <revanne>   Within sight of Washington State I'm surprised to discover.
Sep 25 19:10:14 <KK>   Hello, all.
Sep 25 19:10:16 <revanne>   Hi KK
Sep 25 19:10:19 <The_Bee>   Isn't that where Deborah Lanigan lives?
Sep 25 19:10:25 <The_Bee>   Hi KK
Sep 25 19:10:34 <Shiral>   Hello KK
Sep 25 19:10:49 <revanne>   It's very picturesque
Sep 25 19:10:54 <Eyikl>   hi KK
Sep 25 19:11:05 <Shiral>   I only just set out the ice cream offerings at the quarters. =o)
Sep 25 19:11:44 <Eyikl>   I guess they worked rapidly then.
Sep 25 19:11:51 <KK>   Well, they worked.
Sep 25 19:11:51 <revanne>   Am finding it a bit surreal to be thousands of miles from home and still have the Queen on the coins.
Sep 25 19:12:21 <Shiral>   Clearly. If Camber had known about ice cream, think how powerful his rituals would be
Sep 25 19:12:28 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:12:32 <KK>   How much longer will you be there?
Sep 25 19:12:37 <revanne>   Just as well he didn't.
Sep 25 19:12:53 *   DesertRose starts giggling about an old high-school in-joke.
Sep 25 19:12:55 <Jemler>   The Sun will never set on the British Empire, because God doesn't trust the English in the dark.
Sep 25 19:13:12 <revanne>   Another three days then fly home on Thursday/Friday
Sep 25 19:13:25 <revanne>   All too true Jemler!
Sep 25 19:13:56 <Shiral>   He wanted to keep a close eye on things
Sep 25 19:14:40 <DesertRose>   How's your week been, KK?
Sep 25 19:15:07 <KK>   No writing, but progress on the estate.
Sep 25 19:15:19 <revanne>   There's a joke about the Angel Gabriel complaining to God about how Scotland has been given too much and he says " Wait til you see who their neighbours are"
Sep 25 19:15:25 <DesertRose>   Well, that's not fun but necessary.
Sep 25 19:15:33 <DesertRose>   LOL, revanne
Sep 25 19:15:43 <revanne>   Glad there's progress
Sep 25 19:16:08 <Kelric>   I need to poke through my basement for something heartwarming.  I should have a copy of SPG somewhere down there
Sep 25 19:16:33 <revanne>   SPG?
Sep 25 19:17:17 <Kelric>   st. patrick's gargoyle
Sep 25 19:17:24 <revanne>   Ah
Sep 25 19:17:25 <Jemler>   aahh...
Sep 25 19:17:37 <revanne>   Need to read that
Sep 25 19:17:37 <Jemler>   revanne! get out of my head!
Sep 25 19:17:47 <revanne>   Sorry
Sep 25 19:18:23 *   revanne jumps out of Jemler's head with a muttered aplogy
Sep 25 19:18:25 <Jemler>   :)
Sep 25 19:18:27 <Kelric>   nyaaaa
Sep 25 19:18:41 <revanne>   Or even apology
Sep 25 19:19:23 <revanne>   I was moving too quickly to spell properly
Sep 25 19:20:47 <Jemler>   be vewy vewy quiet. i'm huntin wabbits.
Sep 25 19:20:56 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:21:01 <revanne>   How is her furry ladyship, Shiral?
Sep 25 19:21:28 <Shiral>   Tatiana has turned on her Cuteness beam and I've been helplessly pulled in, Revanne
Sep 25 19:21:58 <revanne>   And Dimitry?
Sep 25 19:22:16 <Shiral>   He's being a Flat Cat out in the hallway
Sep 25 19:22:32 <Shiral>   xzzzzzs
Sep 25 19:22:51 <Shiral>   That's Tatiana's greeting. She's a lousy typist or maybe just a bad speller
Sep 25 19:23:06 <Evie>   Luke and Gigi very deliberately turned and went under the bed in the guest/craft room when I was telling them it was time to go out, so I shut them in there.  I figure they'll be crying for rescue in a bit, but the natural consequences of being bloody-minded are being shut off away from Mom for a bit.
Sep 25 19:23:08 <revanne>   Proof that a solid can be poured.
Sep 25 19:24:32 <Jemler>   like mercury?
Sep 25 19:24:41 <Shiral>   However, Tati is well and happy, and has settled in very well. I think Dmitri is verg glad to have feline companionship, again
Sep 25 19:25:00 <revanne>   That's good.
Sep 25 19:25:07 *   Jerusha (Mibbit@A2BA3E.ADDBBB.FD705D.A39C3F) has joined
Sep 25 19:25:13 <Shiral>   Hi Jerusha
Sep 25 19:25:14 <The_Bee>   hi jerusha
Sep 25 19:25:22 <revanne>   Hi Jerusha
Sep 25 19:25:24 <Jerusha>   Hi everyone!
Sep 25 19:25:31 <Evie>   Hi Jerusha
Sep 25 19:25:33 <Jemler>   hi jerusha
Sep 25 19:25:38 <DesertRose>   Hi Jerusha
Sep 25 19:26:09 <revanne>   W
Sep 25 19:26:23 <Eyikl>   hi Jerusha
Sep 25 19:26:29 <revanne>   Sorry about the random letter
Sep 25 19:26:50 <Jerusha>   So long as it is not the purloined letter
Sep 25 19:26:59 <Shiral>   We know about rented fingers around here
Sep 25 19:27:09 <Eyikl>   I once heard an ode to the letter W.
Sep 25 19:27:10 <Jerusha>   Mine were recalled
Sep 25 19:27:17 <Jemler>   or a scarlet letter.
Sep 25 19:27:29 <Shiral>   You have defective W's, Jerusha?
Sep 25 19:27:37 <revanne>   I'll just check the alphabet to make sure there are still 3 ewes
Sep 25 19:28:02 <Jerusha>   They were supposed to be Vs
Sep 25 19:28:07 <Evie>   Or the letter Ock.  (Which my son insisted was in the alphabet when he was a toddler.)
Sep 25 19:28:38 <Shiral>   Twenty six letters are boring--let's invent a few more
Sep 25 19:28:39 <KK>   The letter Ock.  I see.
Sep 25 19:28:57 <Shiral>   Ock as in Ock-sana
Sep 25 19:29:01 <Evie>   My daughter added the letter Key too
Sep 25 19:29:08 <Jerusha>   It might have been an ock-cidnet
Sep 25 19:29:32 <Evie>   Don't make me aim that mackerel launcher at you!
Sep 25 19:29:39 <revanne>   Nooo! Not Ocksana.
Sep 25 19:29:47 <Jerusha>   Jerusha ducks
Sep 25 19:30:02 <Jemler>   makes sense. with 26 letters clock takes uo 4 (c twice) and 5 characters. with ock, it would only take 3 letters.
Sep 25 19:30:03 <revanne>   The mother in law from hell.
Sep 25 19:30:26 <Evie>   IIRC, his alphabet went A B C D E F Ock, then continued as normal from there
Sep 25 19:30:27 <Jerusha>   Yet she became a duchess
Sep 25 19:30:40 <Shiral>   Well, we don't know. We haven't heard either Richelle's or Rory's opinion of that
Sep 25 19:30:57 <DesertRose>   Okay, I like kid logic, but I'm failing to see where DS got that idea from, Evie.  :)
Sep 25 19:31:13 <Evie>   Got no clue, DR.
Sep 25 19:31:16 <Jerusha>   She travels with spare crockery
Sep 25 19:31:35 <Jemler>   when would we find an Ockasion to use that letter?
Sep 25 19:31:39 <Shiral>   The Duchess is hard on her dishes
Sep 25 19:31:45 <DesertRose>   I mean, I have no room to talk, being the person who at age three decided that the pets' claws were called pawnails.
Sep 25 19:31:51 <Jerusha>   Jemler! :)
Sep 25 19:32:16 <Jerusha>   Pawnails makes purrfect sense
Sep 25 19:32:23 <The_Bee>   My brother called an airplane a carbird.
Sep 25 19:32:25 <revanne>   There have been a fair few duchesses from hell. Just re-reading the Peter Wimsey books and Helen Duchess of Denver makes Oksana seem reasonable
Sep 25 19:32:30 <DesertRose>   Also, I managed to get my word order all wrong and would say, "I don't how know to."
Sep 25 19:32:42 <KK>   I like pawnails--and only recently discovered that Booker only has 4 pawnails on each of his front paws.
Sep 25 19:32:47 <Jemler>   Yoda you are.
Sep 25 19:32:48 <Evie>   We could only use it ockasionally, jemler
Sep 25 19:32:58 <Jerusha>   :)
Sep 25 19:33:09 <DesertRose>   Booker doesn't have dewclaws?
Sep 25 19:33:22 <Jemler>   no, he has didclaws.
Sep 25 19:33:23 <Shiral>   SS Or by Ock-sident
Sep 25 19:33:25 <revanne>   Pawnails is better than claws.
Sep 25 19:33:32 <KK>   Nope.  Of course, they could have been snipped off when he was a wee, small puppy, before I got him.
Sep 25 19:33:37 *   DesertRose smacks Jemler with a trout.
Sep 25 19:33:43 <DesertRose>   Ouch!
Sep 25 19:33:58 <DesertRose>   There is a miniature toe there where the dewclaw is located.
Sep 25 19:34:17 <DesertRose>   It's not a very useful bit of skeleton but it DOES exist.
Sep 25 19:34:20 <Jerusha>   Shouldn't he have five toes?
Sep 25 19:34:26 <KK>   I always thought all dogs and cats had 5 pawnails on the front paws--except for polydactyl cats, of course.
Sep 25 19:34:42 <DesertRose>   Yeah, polydactyl cats have six, sometimes even seven.
Sep 25 19:34:57 <revanne>   Never thought to count
Sep 25 19:35:12 <Evie>   We have a polydactyl cat who lives diagonally across the street from us, but he loves to visit if we're outside
Sep 25 19:35:12 <KK>   Or more.  I've seen pictures of some that have veritable catcher's mitts on their front paws.
Sep 25 19:35:21 <DesertRose>   You'd notice if Simba or Shere Khan were polydactyl.  The feet look big when there's a spare toe or two.
Sep 25 19:35:26 <Jemler>   i've heard of cat-o-nine tails, but never cat-o-seven toes.
Sep 25 19:35:29 <Shiral>   Having Technical Tatiana problems. On one of the hotter days we've had, she wants to lie on my keyboard
Sep 25 19:35:38 <Shiral>   Which makes
Sep 25 19:35:39 <Shiral>   ]ty
Sep 25 19:35:41 <Shiral>   +\
Sep 25 19:35:49 <Shiral>   ping difficult
Sep 25 19:36:00 <DesertRose>   Tatiana wants attention, and you are paying attention to chat and not her.
Sep 25 19:36:02 <Evie>   So we see
Sep 25 19:36:20 <revanne>   Given that Simba can't or won't retract his vlwas I'd definitely notice.
Sep 25 19:36:23 <Shiral>   She has been ge~~~~tting lots of attention. She just wants more
Sep 25 19:36:42 <DesertRose>   Oh, I didn't mean to imply she was attention-starved, just that she wants some.  :)
Sep 25 19:36:47 <Jerusha>   She is a true duchess
Sep 25 19:37:06 <KK>   brb
Sep 25 19:37:06 <revanne>   Another difficult Duchess. Watch out for your crockery
Sep 25 19:37:23 <DesertRose>   A lot of the Hemingway cats in Key West are polydactyl.
Sep 25 19:37:41 <Shiral>   Luckily, she's not so interested in the plate, but she's always interested in what i happen to be eating
Sep 25 19:37:45 <Jerusha>   Neighbor's cat was kind enough to bring them three mice trophies today
Sep 25 19:37:59 <revanne>   Lovely
Sep 25 19:38:14 <Jerusha>   Thoughtfulness counts, I suppose
Sep 25 19:38:29 <Evie>   The one across the street is actually named Axel, but DH and I didn't know that for months, so DH had been calling him Bottlebrush (for his bushy tail) and DD and I'd been calling him Hemingway.
Sep 25 19:38:43 <revanne>   Our cats used to when we lived next to an overgrown churchyard
Sep 25 19:38:53 <Evie>   So we still call him Bottlebrush/Hemingway even though we know his actual name now
Sep 25 19:39:05 <Jerusha>   Churchmice?
Sep 25 19:39:24 <Evie>   Were they poor?
Sep 25 19:39:47 <revanne>   Usually ex-churchmice by the time we made their acquaintance
Sep 25 19:40:05 <revanne>   Didn't get to ask?
Sep 25 19:40:10 <KK>   back
Sep 25 19:40:17 <Evie>   Poor church mice...oh, wait, i guess they WERE poor, then!
Sep 25 19:40:32 <KK>   I visited Hemingway cats when we went to Key West a couple of years ago.
Sep 25 19:40:36 <KK>   Neat!
Sep 25 19:41:00 <Shiral>   Did they ask you to read their manuscripts, KK? =o)
Sep 25 19:41:01 *   revanne groans at Evie
Sep 25 19:41:33 <revanne>   Hemingway cats?
Sep 25 19:41:49 <KK>   All the polydactyls are believed to be descended from one Hemingway bought for one of his kids.  Not all have multi-toes, but it's a thriving colony that lives in the grounds of his former home.
Sep 25 19:42:24 <Evie>   Feral, or have they been socialized?
Sep 25 19:42:31 <revanne>   Thanks. So cultured kitties.
Sep 25 19:42:34 <KK>   Polydactyls are sometimes called Hemingway cats because he had a fondness for them.
Sep 25 19:42:54 <Shiral>   Being polydactyl is very handy for author kitties
Sep 25 19:43:03 <revanne>   True
Sep 25 19:43:07 <KK>   THey're socialized, and cared for.  They come and flop on your feet and ask for attention; at least osme of htem.
Sep 25 19:43:15 <Evie>   What have I done with my gold thread? she asks rhetorically.
Sep 25 19:43:33 <KK>   some of them
Sep 25 19:43:50 <Jerusha>   I have some gold seed beads, but that won't help you
Sep 25 19:43:51 <Evie>   Ah, found it!
Sep 25 19:44:14 <revanne>   Maybe Duncan's got it for some new vestments.
Sep 25 19:44:19 <Jerusha>   Not real gold, of course
Sep 25 19:44:43 <Eyikl>   I think some people my parents lived with after college had a Hemmingway cat called Lieutenant Worf.
Sep 25 19:44:51 <Evie>   Duncan needs new vestments.  He's wearing ordinary clothes for Ordinary Time
Sep 25 19:45:16 <revanne>   Ok you've got until the end of November
Sep 25 19:45:17 <DesertRose>   Do clergy of denominations that use liturgical colors get tired of green?  :)
Sep 25 19:45:28 <Jerusha>   Something for the Christmas season, perhaps?\
Sep 25 19:45:32 <revanne>   Too bad if we do
Sep 25 19:45:50 <Evie>   I got tired of green fingernail polish the year I did liturgical nail colors
Sep 25 19:46:05 <DesertRose>   Indeed.  I was just wondering if that was something clergy grouse about amongst themselves.
Sep 25 19:46:30 *   Jemler shuts up.
Sep 25 19:46:31 <DesertRose>   "Alright already with the green!"
Sep 25 19:46:31 <revanne>   Or you can suddenly decide to celebrate a Saint's day. There's usually a odd one hanging around waiting to be noticed.
Sep 25 19:46:43 <Evie>   "Oh no, greens again, and I'm not even a vegetarian!"
Sep 25 19:47:18 <Evie>   Some were odder than others
Sep 25 19:47:18 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:47:24 <Eyikl>   It's not easy being green
Sep 25 19:47:35 <Jerusha>   I hope there are no hummus vestments
Sep 25 19:47:39 <revanne>   It wa useful the year I inadvertently dyed my hair green
Sep 25 19:47:43 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:47:49 <Evie>   LOL
Sep 25 19:48:07 <Jemler>   i'm a omnitarian.
Sep 25 19:48:11 <The_Bee>   Do clergy wear orange and black for Halloween?
Sep 25 19:48:16 <revanne>   Unless you count sackcloth in Lent,Jerusha
Sep 25 19:48:20 <Evie>   You eat Dodge Omnis?
Sep 25 19:48:24 <Eyikl>   hummus vestments wouldn't keep, so probably not.
Sep 25 19:48:25 <DesertRose>   That's one upshot of being a dark brunette.  All the blondes I know complain about swimming pool water turning their hair green.
Sep 25 19:48:30 <revanne>   Now that's an idea Bee!
Sep 25 19:48:59 <DesertRose>   Conduct a service dressed as a jack-o-lantern?
Sep 25 19:49:08 <The_Bee>   or a witch
Sep 25 19:49:31 <Jemler>   or pray to the Great Pumpkin (Carlie Brown)?
Sep 25 19:49:32 <KK>   Maybe they weren't natural blondes.  Mine never turned green, and we used to practically live in the pool when I was a kid.
Sep 25 19:49:52 <Jemler>   or pray to the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown)? Sorry.
Sep 25 19:50:08 <revanne>   Too tempting for my kids."Mum you don't need to dress up for that!"
Sep 25 19:50:19 <Jerusha>   The sermon in the pumpkin patch
Sep 25 19:50:25 <DesertRose>   Some of the ones might not have been natural blondes, but some I know for a fact were, and they did get a greenish tint after too much chlorinated swimming pool water.
Sep 25 19:50:34 <Evie>   I knew someone in 9th grade who accidentally turned her hair green long before that was trendy.  She had just had her hair highlighted, and then went swimming.
Sep 25 19:50:54 <DesertRose>   I turned my orange (like almost road-cone orange) around seventh grade.
Sep 25 19:51:22 <DesertRose>   Which would have been around 1987-1988, so post punk and pre Manic Panic.
Sep 25 19:51:49 <DesertRose>   *Mine, not my
Sep 25 19:51:52 <Evie>   Yes, I was going to say that you're enough younger than me for non-natural hair colors to have come in by that time
Sep 25 19:52:18 <Evie>   I was in college before I saw any non-natural colored dyed hair
Sep 25 19:52:23 <The_Bee>   I've sometimes fantasized about dyeing my hair red and green for Christmas.
Sep 25 19:52:23 <Jerusha>   All we had was "Sun-in"
Sep 25 19:52:30 <Evie>   Aside from platinum blonde, that is
Sep 25 19:52:43 <revanne>   I turned mine orange a few weeks ago. Luckily DD2 is home atm and she dashed out for some dye to cover it up. DH wouldn't have had a clue and I would have had to go to the supermarket with a nag on my head.
Sep 25 19:53:08 <Jerusha>   You were wearing a horsehead?
Sep 25 19:53:15 <Shiral>   That sounds.... inconvenient, Revanne
Sep 25 19:53:25 *   Derynifank ( has joined
Sep 25 19:53:28 *   Evie dies laughing, picturing revanne wearing either an old horse or my MIL on her head!
Sep 25 19:53:32 <DesertRose>   Mostly what I saw of dyed-hair-in-shades-that-don't-appear-in-natural-hair was on people who were still living in the punk rock era.
Sep 25 19:53:34 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:53:37 <DesertRose>   Hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:53:37 <The_Bee>   hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:53:37 <revanne>   Lol no !! Rented fingers agian
Sep 25 19:53:39 <Shiral>   Hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:53:59 <Jerusha>   Hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:54:02 <revanne>   Hi
Sep 25 19:54:03 <Derynifank>   Hi everyone. Sorry to be late
Sep 25 19:54:06 <Jemler>   hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:54:11 <Evie>   Hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:54:51 <KK>   Revanne, that would have surprised the hell out of your parishioners, if you'd shown up on the altar with that hair.
Sep 25 19:54:57 <DesertRose>   LOL
Sep 25 19:55:03 <Evie>   And now the scratching on the door begins.  Someone has figured out that they're trapped. :-D
Sep 25 19:55:07 <DesertRose>   Interesting choice of words, there, KK.  :-D
Sep 25 19:55:08 <Derynifank>   Any news?
Sep 25 19:55:25 <Eyikl>   hi Derynifank
Sep 25 19:55:36 <Jerusha>   A different kind of "hellfire"
Sep 25 19:55:52 <KK>   It was intentional, DesertRose.  ;-)
Sep 25 19:55:55 <revanne>   Lol yes KK and I'm too new into the Parish for them to have got used to my eccentricity
Sep 25 19:55:58 *   DesertRose pictures revanne as a feminine version of Hades from the Disney "Hercules" movie.
Sep 25 19:56:39 <KK>   Ah, then they don't know who you <rally> are.  ;-)
Sep 25 19:56:47 <KK>   really
Sep 25 19:56:47 <Evie>   DH is being a soft touch and letting Luke out of exile early.
Sep 25 19:57:05 <Jerusha>   Is Luke supposed to be in exile?
Sep 25 19:57:25 <revanne>   Maybe I'm giving the wrong impression here;)
Sep 25 19:57:38 <Jemler>   Is she the daughter of the Royal Lady Jessica and Duke Leto the Just?
Sep 25 19:58:13 <Evie>   Luke and Gigi were in the craft room with me until I told them it was time to go out because chat was beginning. Whereupon Luke started to head to the door, then gave me the "I dun wanna" stare and ducked under the bed instead.  Gigi, seeing this from the hallway (where she had already obediently retreated), saw this and dashed in to join him.
Sep 25 19:58:41 <Evie>   So I closed the door and proceeded to the living room for chat.  And it took Luke this long to notice he was shut in and away from me.
Sep 25 19:58:46 <Jemler>   brb. dinner.
Sep 25 19:59:07 <DesertRose>   Clearly Gigi is the brains of that operation.  :-D
Sep 25 19:59:17 <KK>   Never ind, Revanne.  They'll figure it out eventually.
Sep 25 19:59:26 <Evie>   Yes, DR. :-D
Sep 25 19:59:37 <KK>   And Evie, you really don't want Luke to help?
Sep 25 19:59:42 <revanne>   Lol yes.
Sep 25 20:00:10 <Jerusha>   Luke will add a little extra punctuation
Sep 25 20:00:11 <Evie>   "Luke" and "help" don't even belong in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence!
Sep 25 20:00:45 <Evie>   He's being on his very best behavior right now.  He already knows he's ticked off Mom.
Sep 25 20:01:10 <Derynifank>   Is he as helpful as Tiger was to Alaric?
Sep 25 20:01:11 <Eyikl>   what about the sentence' help from Luke is like being helped by a six-year-old'?
Sep 25 20:01:12 <Evie>   He's not as clever as Gigi, but he's not entirely dense.  :-D
Sep 25 20:01:43 <Shiral>   Dmitri  has twice tried to "help" me with my latest house. He's bewildered why red paint paw prints don't thrill me
Sep 25 20:01:59 <Evie>   More like a two year old, in Luke's case.  Gigi is more like five or six.
Sep 25 20:02:30 <revanne>   I remember trying to cut out a dress pattern for DD2 with 5 kittens in the house.
Sep 25 20:02:46 <Evie>   LOL
Sep 25 20:02:54 <Jerusha>   Mayhem
Sep 25 20:03:03 <DesertRose>   Adorable mayhem, but yes, mayhem.
Sep 25 20:03:15 <revanne>   They were very happy
Sep 25 20:03:27 <Evie>   That reminds me, I have a doll jeans pattern I want to try this week, so I will need to copy and cut it out tonight.
Sep 25 20:03:35 <Jerusha>   Especially if you have one of those tomato pin cushions
Sep 25 20:03:46 <DesertRose>   I do.
Sep 25 20:03:58 <Jerusha>   Me too
Sep 25 20:03:59 <DesertRose>   I used to have one that looked like an orange, and I don't know what happened to it.
Sep 25 20:04:08 <The_Bee>   I was cleaning out my school notebook one New Year's Eve when our cat decided to go charging through my papers.
Sep 25 20:04:16 <Evie>   I need to make some for my men also.  All of their jeans are a little too short because they were made for a shorter action figure.
Sep 25 20:04:28 <revanne>   Fun, Bee!
Sep 25 20:04:46 <DesertRose>   Bee, it must have been the kitty version of jumping into a pile of freshly-raked leaves.
Sep 25 20:04:48 <revanne>   Sock show horror!
Sep 25 20:05:28 <KK>   I have a tomato one.  Doesn't everyone who sews?
Sep 25 20:05:32 <Eyikl>   Are you commanding socks to look afraid, revanne?
Sep 25 20:05:36 <Shiral>   "We just don't know why Evie keeps making us  Capri pants. Is she expecting a flash flood?
Sep 25 20:06:12 <Evie>   At least hopefully your cat wasn't like the psycho kitty my ex-roommate had, who would pee on any paper she found lying on the floor.  I forgot about that (or thought it was just loose paper she targeted, not whole books) and she drenched my textbook when I was studying for finals.
Sep 25 20:06:13 <DesertRose>   Or else like Laura and Mary Ingalls and the straw stacks that they rules-lawyered.
Sep 25 20:06:15 <Shiral>   I remember those tomato pincushions. My mom had one. I have a wrist pin cushion
Sep 25 20:06:35 <revanne>   Well given that she probably blew up half the draiage system in Rhemuth, possibly.
Sep 25 20:06:49 <KK>   I also have a wrist one
Sep 25 20:06:50 <Eyikl>   oh no! Did you do okay?
Sep 25 20:07:01 <Shiral>   I got a package of new shoes last week. Tati valianty defended me from the tissue paper they were packed in
Sep 25 20:07:16 <DesertRose>   LOL at Tati, foe of tissue paper.
Sep 25 20:07:19 <revanne>   A wrist one sounds a good idea KK
Sep 25 20:07:40 <Jerusha>   I'll save you, Mom! "rip - shred"
Sep 25 20:07:44 <Shiral>   It was hilarious....until I saw shredded tissue paper all over the office rug
Sep 25 20:07:55 <KK>   My favorite, though, is a blue plastic one that looks like a hockey puck with an indented surface, and it's magnetized.  Very handy.
Sep 25 20:08:10 <revanne>   I tend to use the arms of chairs which is NOT A GOOD IDEA
Sep 25 20:08:17 <Derynifank>   I have a pincushion that looks like a teapot
Sep 25 20:08:17 <DesertRose>   Yeah, Carys seems to think she needs to defend me from entirely still spare rolls of toilet paper.
Sep 25 20:08:24 <Evie>   Who blew up the drainage system?  My little explosion wouldn't have affected the city drains.
Sep 25 20:08:56 <DesertRose>   Hence Carys is not allowed in the bathroom unsupervised.
Sep 25 20:08:59 <KK>   No, chair arms are not a great idea, unless you're sure you can finish the projecxt in one sitting.
Sep 25 20:09:07 <KK>   project
Sep 25 20:09:08 <revanne>   I'll bet Rhemuth Castle drains were fairly close to the surface.
Sep 25 20:09:13 <Evie>   I have a pincushion that looks like a doll chair...oh wait, I'm using that one as a doll chair.  :-D
Sep 25 20:09:29 <KK>   One's shirt-front is also not the greatest idea on the planet.
Sep 25 20:09:37 <DesertRose>   Ouch, no, KK.
Sep 25 20:09:39 <revanne>   Sounds like an instrument of torture
Sep 25 20:09:42 <Shiral>   Ouch,
Sep 25 20:09:43 <Evie>   LOL, I use my shirt front a lot
Sep 25 20:09:53 <Jerusha>   Hope the dolls are careful before they sit down
Sep 25 20:10:12 <KK>   So do I, but one must remember to remove the pins when one is finished.
Sep 25 20:10:27 <DesertRose>   You'll get an uncomfortable reminder if you don't!
Sep 25 20:10:47 <KK>   (One does not stick the pins in straight, but sideways, through two layers of cloth.)
Sep 25 20:11:04 <Evie>   Actually my chair pincushion has never been used for that purpose. It was bought specifically to be a doll chair, but since it also has a storage compartment in it for pins, that makes a handy under-seat storage compartment
Sep 25 20:11:09 <Derynifank>   Even worse if they fall on the floor and hide in the carpet
Sep 25 20:11:18 <Shiral>   But even so, move the wrong way and you could suddenly realize WHY that's not a good idea
Sep 25 20:11:27 <KK>   Definitely true.
Sep 25 20:11:52 <Evie>   I've started to take my shirt off at night (usually a t-shirt) and then realized, "Oops, THERE'S that pin!"
Sep 25 20:11:55 <DesertRose>   What Shiral said was what I was thinking of.
Sep 25 20:12:09 <revanne>   Going to grab some food -although it's 5pm here my digestion hasn't adjusted. Is it early chat next week?
Sep 25 20:12:33 <DesertRose>   Next week would ordinarily be early chat.  KK, does that work for you?
Sep 25 20:12:36 <KK>   Early chat next week, yes.
Sep 25 20:12:38 <Evie>   Next week is the first Sunday in October, so it should be
Sep 25 20:12:43 <DesertRose>   Okay, there we go. :)
Sep 25 20:12:44 <KK>   And I've done that, Evie.
Sep 25 20:12:45 <Evie>   OK, good!
Sep 25 20:12:50 <Jerusha>   October already
Sep 25 20:12:58 <DesertRose>   I've done that with bobby pins in my hair more times than I care to count.
Sep 25 20:13:10 <Jemler>   don't you mean Ocktober?
Sep 25 20:13:17 <Evie>   Evie smacks Jemler upside the head with a mackerel
Sep 25 20:13:21 <Evie>   :-D
Sep 25 20:13:27 <Jerusha>   LOL
Sep 25 20:13:34 <DesertRose>   *comb, comb, comb--"Crap, why is the comb not moving? Oh, I forgot that bobby pin was there."
Sep 25 20:13:47 <Evie>   I've been sewing doll clothes at work this week (during the quiet moments), so I have to be extra careful about where I leave my pins and needles
Sep 25 20:14:06 <revanne>   We had snow in Banff on Tuesday. Only a dusting but poignant because it would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday and he hated snow.
Sep 25 20:14:24 <Evie>   :-(
Sep 25 20:14:34 <Jerusha>   I am not fond of snow either
Sep 25 20:14:34 <DesertRose>   :(
Sep 25 20:14:39 <Eyikl>   :(
Sep 25 20:14:49 <Shiral>   Right now, a "dusting of snow" sounds so nice!
Sep 25 20:14:59 <KK>   I like snow.
Sep 25 20:15:05 <DesertRose>   Well, yeah, California could use precipitation in any form!
Sep 25 20:15:07 <revanne>   Difficult living in Canada Jerusha
Sep 25 20:15:16 <Jerusha>   Yep
Sep 25 20:15:26 <DesertRose>   Snow and cold are four-letter words.
Sep 25 20:15:32 <Evie>   Move to Alabama, Jerusha.  We rarely see snow here, so when we do see it, it's a treat.  We get to stay home on those days.
Sep 25 20:15:32 <The_Bee>   I don't like to wade through slush, but I still react to a snow-storm like  a kid getting a day off from school.
Sep 25 20:15:33 <revanne>   True
Sep 25 20:15:49 <Shiral>   We had a lovely, mild day on the autumnal equinox, windy clear and cool. Then Mother nature cranked up the thermostat this weekend and she's laughing at us. the ****
Sep 25 20:15:55 <Eyikl>   I like snow until it gets brown and slushy. However, when it's freezing I would rather there is snow.
Sep 25 20:16:12 <Shiral>   THAT's why I'd love a dusting of snow. But rain, yeah, we need lots of that, too
Sep 25 20:16:30 <Jerusha>   We had frost last night
Sep 25 20:16:49 <The_Bee>   We're having a cool spell, with much-needed rain possibly to come.
Sep 25 20:16:50 <Jerusha>   "Winter is coming...."
Sep 25 20:16:55 <DesertRose>   That was one of the things that annoyed me about Charleston's "winter" weather.  It would get cold enough to snow but the skies would be utterly cloudless.  If there were any chance of precipitation, it was almost always too warm for snow.
Sep 25 20:17:04 <Shiral>   I wish it would hurry up a bit, then!
Sep 25 20:17:06 <Evie>   Near-freezing rain is miserable. I'd rather have snow.
Sep 25 20:17:25 <Jerusha>   Snow is better than freezing rain
Sep 25 20:17:26 <revanne>   I love Autumn but not winter.It's more the dark nights I hate.
Sep 25 20:17:48 <revanne>   Lights on by 4pm is no fun.
Sep 25 20:17:57 <DesertRose>   Yes, I'll take snow over freezing rain or sleet any day.
Sep 25 20:18:01 <revanne>   Anyway food...
Sep 25 20:18:14 <DesertRose>   Okay, enjoy your supper, revanne!  See you later!
Sep 25 20:18:15 <Jerusha>   Enjoy, revanne
Sep 25 20:18:21 <revanne>   Nice to chat. Bye KK and everyone
Sep 25 20:18:25 <Derynifank>   Twist I could have shared. We had 14in in 2 days and floods. Wanted rain but not that much
Sep 25 20:18:27 <Jemler>   night revanne
Sep 25 20:18:30 <Evie>   I'm kind of hoping the temp job is over before the afternoons get dark
Sep 25 20:18:32 <The_Bee>   I like coo, sunnyl weather. spring or fall
Sep 25 20:18:33 <Eyikl>   goodnight revanne
Sep 25 20:18:34 <Evie>   See you later, revanne
Sep 25 20:18:39 *   revanne has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 25 20:18:58 <Jerusha>   Nighters revanne
Sep 25 20:19:23 <Derynifank>   Bye Revanne
Sep 25 20:19:45 <KK>   Yike, Derynifank, where do you live?
Sep 25 20:19:58 <Eyikl>   electric lights aren't much fun anyway.except maybe stage lighting.
Sep 25 20:20:02 <Derynifank>   Norfolk, Va
Sep 25 20:20:23 <Shiral>   Oops, I missed Revanne
Sep 25 20:20:32 <The_Bee>   several of us did
Sep 25 20:20:39 <KK>   Wow, we didn't get nearly that much in Staunton.  Of course, I was farther south when that all went down.
Sep 25 20:20:43 <Shiral>   There seems to be either too much rain, or not enough
Sep 25 20:21:15 <DesertRose>   Oh, KK, I saw a car on the road a few days ago that had a decal from a dealership in Staunton.
Sep 25 20:21:34 <KK>   Cool!
Sep 25 20:21:40 <Derynifank>   Coastal storm, remnants of T s Julia
Sep 25 20:21:42 <KK>   What kind of car?
Sep 25 20:22:04 <DesertRose>   Some sort of nice passenger sedan, maybe a Cadillac or another high-end car like that.
Sep 25 20:22:22 <KK>   Hmmm.  Well, Virginians do travel.
Sep 25 20:23:00 <DesertRose>   It was on Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, so they weren't very near the interstate, although they might have gotten off 295 to meander for food or gas.
Sep 25 20:23:03 <Jemler>   that's why Virginians are Slim!
Sep 25 20:23:06 <The_Bee>   Is that why Robert E. Lee namedhis horse "Traveler"?
Sep 25 20:23:18 <KK>   Could be, Bee.
Sep 25 20:23:44 <Derynifank>   Well he did travel a lot
Sep 25 20:23:54 <DesertRose>   Or they might have lived in Staunton when they bought the car but moved down here in the interim.  It wasn't an old car but it wasn't super new either.
Sep 25 20:24:40 <KK>   We have some friends who live here in the summer and go to Florida for the winter, so I suppose it isn't that unusual.
Sep 25 20:25:17 <DesertRose>   That's possible.  It's a little early for snowbirds but not ridiculously so.  :)
Sep 25 20:26:14 *   Derynifank has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 25 20:26:27 <Jerusha>   oops
Sep 25 20:26:30 <DesertRose>   Drat Mibbit.  It's being a pain tonight.
Sep 25 20:26:32 <Shiral>   Oops, we lost Derynifank
Sep 25 20:26:34 <Evie>   Tying knots in gold-wrapped thread is a pain in the patoot
Sep 25 20:26:47 <DesertRose>   Try cross-stitching with it.
Sep 25 20:26:50 *   derynifank ( has joined
Sep 25 20:26:57 <Jemler>   wb
Sep 25 20:26:59 <Jerusha>   rehi derynifank
Sep 25 20:26:59 <DesertRose>   I made a bookmark with gold-thread accents once.  NEVER AGAIN.
Sep 25 20:27:05 <DesertRose>   Rehi derynifank
Sep 25 20:27:16 <derynifank>   Mibbitex struck again
Sep 25 20:27:19 <Evie>   I've done that
Sep 25 20:28:20 <Evie>
Sep 25 20:28:37 <Evie>   Tired of doing tiny gold crosses, so taking a break
Sep 25 20:28:39 <DesertRose>   Pretty!
Sep 25 20:29:11 <Evie>   I think it will look pretty on the pillow.
Sep 25 20:29:34 <Jerusha>   Very nice
Sep 25 20:30:00 <Jerusha>   Alas - I must go.  The laundry monster is growling
Sep 25 20:30:12 <Shiral>   Night, Jerusha
Sep 25 20:30:19 <Evie>   It's going to cover the currently pink pillow.
Sep 25 20:30:30 <Jerusha>   Jerusha steps on her portal, holding a laundry basket
Sep 25 20:30:30 <Jemler>   nite jerusha
Sep 25 20:30:37 <Evie>   Or replace it entirely
Sep 25 20:30:40 <Jemler>   nite jerusha
Sep 25 20:30:45 *   Jerusha has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 25 20:30:54 <Evie>   oops, missed her
Sep 25 20:31:39 <derynifank>   Love your bookmark
Sep 25 20:32:05 <KK>   What are tiny gold crosses going to do on a pillow?
Sep 25 20:32:09 <Evie>   DR was the one with the bookmark.
Sep 25 20:32:29 <Evie>   Just be a decorative element.  I thought about beads, but at that scale they'd be really big.
Sep 25 20:32:51 <KK>   Ah.
Sep 25 20:32:54 <derynifank>   Evil, any chance of a new Kelson era story?
Sep 25 20:33:07 <Evie>   Although since this is a Deryni couple, there could be some spellwork in the stitching.  That's a thought.
Sep 25 20:33:24 <Evie>   I have one halfway written, but haven't had a chance to finish it
Sep 25 20:33:34 <KK>   Dearie me, look at the time.  I'd best get going.  See you all next week at 5, God willing and the creek don't rise.
Sep 25 20:33:36 <derynifank>   Evie, Hate auto correct
Sep 25 20:33:46 <Evie>   LOL, I'm used to it. Muahahaha!
Sep 25 20:33:49 <DesertRose>   Missed Jerusha, oops.
Sep 25 20:33:50 <Evie>   Goodnight, KK
Sep 25 20:33:59 <KK>   Nighters, all.
Sep 25 20:34:01 <DesertRose>   Okay, g'night, KK!  Have a good week!
Sep 25 20:34:01 <Evie>   See you at early chat next week
Sep 25 20:34:06 <DesertRose>   See you next week at early chat!
Sep 25 20:34:25 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Sep 25 20:34:35 *   KK has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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