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KK Chat -- 12 June 2016
« on: June 12, 2016, 07:53:42 pm »
[06:09.44] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:09.49] <DF64> hi kk
[06:09.50] <Evie> Yes, I just caught the early evening news about that, DF
[06:09.53] <Shiral> Hello Katherine
[06:09.55] <Evie> Hi KK
[06:10.09] <Evie> And just as KK shows up, Luke does too.  How do they know?
[06:10.11] <KK> News about what?
[06:10.11] <DF64> and that singer who was killed Friday night
[06:10.12] <jemler> hi kk
[06:10.23] <Evie> Orlando shootings
[06:10.28] <The_Bee> NIghtclub shooting was on the news here in Mass. as well.  Our minister called for a moment of silence in memory of the victims.
[06:10.29] <DF64>  50 dead
[06:10.37] <KK> Ah, it was in my news feed this AM.
[06:10.38] <DF64>  50 dead
[06:11.00] <Shiral> Dmitri is here on my desk dozing. For once, he's not sprawled across half the keyboard
[06:11.28] <The_Bee> 50?? It was given as 20 this morning.
[06:11.34] <jemler> i'll never understand how people can kill someone over a Bronze Age fairy tale.
[06:11.43] <Evie> Death counts tend to rise in the hours after a shooting, Bee
[06:12.00] <DF64> it has oudone Virginia tech in 2007
[06:12.05] <Shiral> And  53 were injured, many of them are in critical condition
[06:12.08] <The_Bee> I know, but that's still quite a leap.
[06:12.17] <KK> I'd heard 50 this AM, and 53 seriously wounded, some expected to die.
[06:13.15] <KK> Has anyone heard anything further about why that other guy shot the singer?  A stalker, maybe?
[06:13.22] <DF64> the hospital treating the wounded is closed off right now
[06:13.35] <Evie> Seems likely, KK, although I've not heard if they discovered that motive either
[06:13.47] <The_Bee> Who knows?  He killed himself after the singer's brother tackled him.
[06:13.47] <Shiral> That's the last explanation I heard about the singer, too. Poor girl =o(
[06:14.53] <jemler> USA Today had like 6 stories on one page about the singer!
[06:15.07] <DF64> he was interviewed in 13 and 14 for saying things sympathetic to jihadists but eventually was let go and FBI closed their investigation
[06:15.35] <The_Bee> I think the police are going to look on his computer for clues about his motive.
[06:16.55] <DF64> his dad said he got angry when he saw 2 men kissing each other
[06:17.37] <The_Bee> the Orlando shooter?  I hear that was at a gay pride event
[06:18.21] <DF64> gay nightclub where he was working--had 2 security guard licenses
[06:18.25] <KK> No, it was a gay night club.
[06:18.38] <The_Bee> ah, ok
[06:19.05] <jemler> if the guy didn't like the club, why did he go in?
[06:19.07] <The_Bee> This has been a Gay Pride weekend in Boston.
[06:19.08] <KK> He was <working> there?  Why the hell, if he disapproved of gay behavior?
[06:19.11] <DF64> over 300 people inside when it started
[06:19.27] <Shiral> No, he was from another city in Florida, further down the coast
[06:19.46] <DF64> port st lucie
[06:19.52] <Shiral> on NPR, it's said he was a security guard
[06:20.12] <jemler> last guy i'd trust with a gun.
[06:20.51] <Evie> If he was working there, that the shooting sounds premeditated to me, since gaining entry as an security guard who works there would be one way to get a weapon in without raising red flags
[06:20.52] <DF64> called 911 right before and gave his allegiance to ISIS
[06:20.55] <The_Bee> We need better background checks before we hire someone to carry a gun.
[06:21.11] <Shiral> MUCH better background checks
[06:22.21] <Shiral> He got into a fight with a police officer on the street before going inside. Probably, nobody inside was paying a lot of attention until he started shooting
[06:23.44] <The_Bee> Has the American Rifle Association started defending his right to bear arms yet?
[06:23.51] <DF64> believed to have had explosives in his vechicle
[06:24.37] <jemler> bee, give them a minute.
[06:26.18] <Shiral> A guy from Indiana was arrested in West Los Angeles early this morning. He had weapons, and materials for making an explosive device. Thank goodness, he was arrested before he could do the harm he'd planned at the Pride Parade there today.
[06:26.48] <Evie> I caught just a tiny bit of that story before the news went off just before chat time.
[06:27.34] <Evie> Glad he was caught in time.
[06:27.42] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:27.43] <jemler> are you logging, evie?
[06:27.49] <Evie> I am, jemler.
[06:27.51] <jemler> hi derynifank
[06:27.53] <The_Bee> HI, Derynifank
[06:28.02] <Evie> DR was planning on it, but lost connection and she's afk at the moment
[06:28.04] <Shiral> Hi Derynifan
[06:28.19] <Shiral> So...KK how was your week?
[06:28.24] <Derynifank> Hi everyonr
[06:28.27] <Evie> KK, in more/less depressing news, any news about Killingford this week?
[06:30.47] <Evie> Hopefully the ominous silence doesn't mean all the characters are dead already.  :-D
[06:30.51] <KK> Busy with non-writing things, but I got a lot of it done.
[06:30.59] <Derynifank> I would love to see a retrospevtive on Kelson's reign, Pax Kelsonus
[06:31.29] <Evie> I've been busy with Mini-Deryni babies this past week
[06:31.54] <KK> Any photos?  Have any of them been to church with Bishop Duncan?
[06:32.09] <Evie> John Nivard has been
[06:32.22] <Evie> But not the Little Littles yet
[06:32.28] * Jerusha (Mibbit@4CA975.E72DF0.406F11.711E0A) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:32.33] <KK> I saw the pic of the two of them after Altar Guild.
[06:32.37] <The_Bee> hi jerusha
[06:32.39] <jemler> hi jerusha
[06:32.56] * Eyikl ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:33.02] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone
[06:33.12] <Evie> ++,1741.msg15337.html#msg15337,,
[06:33.23] <Derynifank> Hi jerusha
[06:33.42] <Evie> There's most of my babies, aside from the little one in swaddling clothes and a girl I don't have clothes for yet.  And Albin, who is having a bad hair week.
[06:33.59] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[06:34.00] <Jerusha> On my iPhone, so I apologize for all typos in advance
[06:34.47] <Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[06:35.05] <Evie> Luke is now asleep on my right shoulder, the silly lump!
[06:35.42] <Jerusha> We are babysitting the grand puppy this week
[06:35.56] <Evie> Awww
[06:36.18] <Jerusha> She is a very cute Ewok
[06:36.24] <Evie> LOL
[06:36.56] <jemler> i don't want an Ewok. I want Gizmo!
[06:37.13] <Jerusha> Feeling a little insecure and cuddled beside DH at the moment
[06:37.41] <The_Bee> you or the puppy, Jerusha?
[06:37.46] <Evie> :D
[06:37.50] <jemler> is he feeling frisky, or something? :)
[06:37.52] <Evie> I just thought that too, Bee
[06:38.03] <Jerusha> With two whippets I don't need a Gizmo
[06:38.27] <jemler> with two whippets, you have a Devo.
[06:38.37] <Jerusha> The puppy!
[06:39.01] * Eyikl ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:39.06] <jemler> wb eyikl
[06:39.07] <Evie> rehi Eyikl
[06:39.12] <The_Bee> rehi eyiki
[06:39.16] <Jerusha> Or a demolition
[06:39.18] <Eyikl> hi everyone
[06:39.33] <Eyikl> a demolition of what?
[06:39.56] <Jerusha> Hi Eyiki
[06:40.14] <KK> Evie, is that a really tiny baby or a doll in the arms of the little girl second from right?
[06:40.26] <Evie> demolition= what having two whippets is like, Eyikl
[06:40.34] <Jerusha> Just about everything when they were younger
[06:40.35] <Eyikl> :D
[06:40.45] <Jerusha> Not so much now
[06:41.04] <Evie> It's a really tiny baby.  Though there's a doll for the children in the toy crib near that girl's feet also.
[06:41.47] <Evie> It's a Guatemalan worry doll I've turned into a rag doll for the children to play with
[06:41.54] <Eyikl> repost the link?
[06:41.59] <Evie> ++,1741.msg15337.html#msg15337,,
[06:42.09] <Eyikl> thanks
[06:42.50] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:43.26] <Evie> Poor DF isn't having an easy time staying connected.  Keeping fingers crossed I won't lose my connection, since I'm supposed to be transcript logging.
[06:43.33] <DF64> great looking pieces
[06:43.43] <jemler> i'm logging too, evie.
[06:43.58] <Evie> Oh wait, that wasn't DF, that was Derynifank
[06:43.58] <KK> How is the doll house coming along, in the old entrtainment center?
[06:44.13] <Evie> Slowly.  I need a job so I can afford supplies. 
[06:44.26] * Derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:44.29] <The_Bee> Is the cat Luke?
[06:44.33] <Evie> But I've started working on flooring with stuff I've already got
[06:44.38] <The_Bee> wb DF
[06:44.41] <Jerusha> Any luck there, Evie?
[06:44.45] <jemler> wb derynifank
[06:44.47] <Evie> The cat in the diorama?  He's a Mini-Luke.  :-D
[06:45.11] <DF64> never left
[06:45.25] <Evie> Not yet, Jerusha, but my parents were in town for nearly a month, so I didn't apply for anything during that time or the weeks prior to that because I wanted to spend that whole time with them.
[06:45.36] <Evie> So I've just been seriously looking since the first of this month.
[06:45.36] <Derynifank> Lovevthe littles
[06:45.50] <Jerusha> That makes good sense
[06:46.00] <Evie> Thanks, Derynifank
[06:46.11] <DF64> I was not disconnected--just on pause
[06:46.22] <Eyikl> Luke is interdementional then?
[06:46.33] <The_Bee> Sorry, I meant Derynifank.
[06:46.40] <jemler> df64, derynifank logged out/in.
[06:46.48] <Evie> Yes, I mistook derynifank's abrupt departure for you losing connection, DF.
[06:46.51] <Jerusha> Multi-universal
[06:47.05] <DF64> just idle
[06:47.13] <Evie> Luke is pretty demented, yes.  Oh wait, not what you meant....  ;-)
[06:47.31] <The_Bee> So Luke is inter-demented?
[06:47.33] <Eyikl> ;)
[06:47.44] <jemler> you mean luke is DEMON-ted?
[06:47.52] <Evie> He's demented on more than one plane of existence.  Scary.
[06:48.08] <Jerusha> Maybe just inner-demented?
[06:48.18] <Evie> Yes, that's it, Jerusha.  :-D
[06:48.38] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:48.38] * derynibot sets mode +qao DesertRose DesertRose DesertRose for #deryni_destinations
[06:48.45] <jemler> hi dr
[06:48.46] <The_Bee> Hi DR
[06:48.49] <Shiral> Hi DR
[06:48.51] <Evie> Hi, DR
[06:48.52] <DF64> hi dr
[06:48.57] <~DesertRose> Hello y'all.
[06:48.59] <Eyikl> hi DesertRose
[06:49.01] <Jerusha> Jerusha those a devil fish at Jemler
[06:49.11] <Evie> My other favorite photo of the week.  I love how the lighting turned out in it:  ++,844.msg15338.html#msg15338,844.msg15338.html#msg15338,,
[06:49.14] <Jerusha> Hi DR
[06:49.42] <Eyikl> Did you know the grey whale used to be called the devil fish?
[06:49.46] <The_Bee> connection problems solved, DR?
[06:50.09] <~DesertRose> Yup.
[06:50.23] <Jerusha> Throws, I meant
[06:50.41] <Evie> "Those devil fish!"
[06:50.46] <~DesertRose> Connection at home is fixed, and the connection here dropped because my daughter thought my laptop wasn't on and closed it, which forced a hard reboot.
[06:51.07] <~DesertRose> It wasn't actually a connection problem.  It was a Kid Messing With My Stuff Without Asking Permission problem.
[06:51.21] <jemler> brb
[06:51.23] <DF64> kids do the darndest things
[06:51.43] <~DesertRose> Indeed, except she's 23 and ought to know better.
[06:51.52] <Jerusha> How is DD doing, DR?
[06:52.08] <Evie> You don't have a hibernate mode on your laptop?  (Although the connection with chat would probably still drop if your laptop went into hibernation mode, but when I close mine without shutting it off, I can just log back on and pick up where I left off in most programs.)
[06:52.23] <~DesertRose> She's fine.  She's annoying as ever.  :D
[06:52.45] <Shiral> Nice to know her vital signs are normal, then. =o)
[06:52.50] <Evie> LOL
[06:53.02] <~DesertRose> I need to take it to have it looked at because it won't wake up if it's closed.  It'll hibernate if I leave it open, but if it gets closed, I'll have to hard reboot to get it to start again.
[06:53.04] <~DesertRose> Grr.
[06:53.04] <Jerusha> Back to normal, then 😀
[06:53.11] <~DesertRose> Yup
[06:53.36] <~DesertRose> It never would, though; ever since I got it, if I closed it while it was still on, it wouldn't come back up.
[06:53.44] <~DesertRose> And I've had it almost a year.
[06:53.58] <Evie> Sounds annoying
[06:54.05] <Eyikl> That sounds odd.
[06:54.09] <Evie> Laptop, I mean, not DD.  LOL
[06:54.21] <jemler> i'm back. had to take med. my bp was low.
[06:54.27] <~DesertRose> I've just worked around it, but normally the laptop is at my flat where no one messes with it but me.
[06:54.34] <Evie> rehi jemler
[06:54.39] <The_Bee> Mine automatically goes into sleep mode if I ignore it too long.
[06:54.53] <~DesertRose> Here at my parents' house, there are three other people who might mess with it; it's happened twice today, so it's getting irritating.
[06:55.04] <Eyikl> I think you can reset that if you want to.
[06:55.21] <~DesertRose> Yeah, mine does the sleep mode thing, and as long as I leave it open, it's fine, but closing it messes something up and I have to turn it off and turn it back on.
[06:55.28] <Jerusha> Mine gives a demonic laugh and goes into oblivion
[06:55.31] <Eyikl> the sleep mode, not the other people
[06:55.32] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:55.46] <Evie> LOL, Jerusha
[06:56.40] <jemler> my father had a car once with a sticker. the sticker said "If you value your life as much as I value this vehicle, keep your f*** hands off!" Maybe you need asign like that.
[06:56.57] <The_Bee> I once had a laptop that I couldn't figure out HOW to shut off.  I even unplugged it, but it reopened.
[06:57.10] <~DesertRose> No, I just need to tell my family if the laptop's open, leave it open please.
[06:57.10] <Evie> That reminds me of the time when the kids were small, DH was away from home, and I was up late.  I was on the phone with DH when I heard a demonic laugh coming from the kitchen.  Warily, I traced it to the source, half afraid I had a Peeping Tom stalking me through the open window, but no.  It was a broken Patrick Star toy in the trash.
[06:57.16] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:57.18] <Eyikl> I'd find that worse
[06:57.25] <Jerusha> Now that is a possessed laptop
[06:57.48] <Evie> Or a very determined one.  :-D
[06:58.08] <jemler> my nephew had a tot Godzilla that started roaring in the middle of the night.
[06:58.13] <jemler> toy, sorry
[06:58.21] <The_Bee> I just couldn't find the power-off button
[06:58.25] <~DesertRose> Normally it's a non-issue, but I'm staying with my family for a few days, so it's an issue for the moment.
[06:58.45] <~DesertRose> My ex boyfriend had a Yoda that was like a Furby and the least little thing would set it to talking.
[06:58.48] <~DesertRose> So annoying.
[06:59.05] <Evie> Yes, we had a talking Lamb Chop doll that also started making weird sounds from inside the toybox late one night.  Fortunately DS and DD slept through it, but it was creepy.
[06:59.08] <Eyikl> With your laptop? maybe store it under things so other people don't notice it as much.
[06:59.12] <jemler> so punny! :)
[06:59.19] <Jerusha> That would be scary
[06:59.31] <Eyikl> lamp chop doll?
[06:59.44] <Evie> I have that Yoda, but I keep him turned off so he doesn't do that.
[06:59.47] <Derynifank> Tge secret life of toys?
[06:59.48] <jemler> a sheep puppet from the 60s
[06:59.54] <The_Bee> from an old TV show
[07:00.12] <jemler> Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.
[07:00.40] <Derynifank> The secret life?
[07:00.47] <Evie> Yes, as in Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (which made a comeback in the 80s or thereabouts, I think, since my kids were born in the '90s and I was still able to find Lamb Chop toys and videotapes.)
[07:00.52] <jemler> to infinity and beyond!
[07:01.14] <Jerusha> They have Lamb Chop dog toys, which is a little disturbing
[07:01.23] <KK> Shari Lewis was a very fine ventriloquist.  A shame she didn't have a better career.  Or maybe she did, and I just missed it.  But I liked Lamb Chop.
[07:01.43] <jemler> with mint jelly
[07:01.59] <Eyikl> mint jelly to infinity?
[07:02.16] <Shiral> Infinity is jelly?
[07:02.20] <Jerusha> Jerusha lobs a jellyfish at Jemler
[07:02.22] <Evie> Yes.  This Lamb Chop toy had a button that you'd push to get it to say various phrases, and it also had things on it like shoelaces, buttons, etc. so toddlers could practice learning how to fasten clothing closures
[07:02.40] <jemler> lamb chop and mint jelly, or is the leg of lamb?
[07:02.44] * Evie lobs mint jelly at Shiral
[07:03.00] <Shiral> Great, now I'm all green and sticky!
[07:03.08] <Evie> It's not that easy being green....
[07:03.18] * Evie sings like Kermit the Frog
[07:03.27] <DF64> :D
[07:03.33] * Shiral menaces Evie as an improvised Swamp Thing
[07:03.42] <Eyikl> "why are there so many songs about rainbows..."
[07:03.44] <jemler> you could have made my jellyfish a grape jellyfish! :|
[07:03.47] <Shiral> rawr!!
[07:04.08] <Evie> I'm pretty sure there are scarier things than you in the back of my fridge
[07:04.46] <Shiral> There are scarier things than me at the back of EVERYONE's Fridge!
[07:04.51] <Jerusha> Swamp Thing meets Fridge Thing
[07:05.04] <Evie> News at 10:00
[07:05.11] <Eyikl> No one wants to clean up after that!
[07:05.12] <Shiral> Microwave both and see which one wins!
[07:05.24] <Eyikl> would they fit?
[07:05.54] <Jerusha> Freeze dried Swamp Thing
[07:05.55] <Evie> "Could be meat.  Could be cake.  Could be meatcake."
[07:05.59] <Shiral> Well, maybe not. We don't want to destroy the world
[07:06.38] * Fukiyama ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:06.40] <~DesertRose> LOL
[07:06.42] <~DesertRose> Hi Fukiyama
[07:06.43] <Eyikl> could be headcheese
[07:06.50] <The_Bee> hi fukiyama
[07:06.52] <Fukiyama> Hello.
[07:06.52] <Shiral> Hello Fukiyama
[07:06.54] <jemler> hi fukiyama
[07:06.55] <Evie> I put in a job application with Michael's Arts and Crafts today.  Pretty sure that's like an alcoholic applying for a job at a bar.  :-D
[07:06.55] <Jerusha> Hi Fukiyama
[07:06.56] <Eyikl> hi Fukiyama
[07:07.02] <Evie> Hi Fukiyama
[07:07.09] <Shiral> Okay, headcheese wins the scary contest
[07:07.21] <Eyikl> I win!
[07:07.30] <~DesertRose> Dubious victory, that.  :)
[07:07.41] <Jerusha> I totally understand, Evie
[07:07.43] * Evie gives Eyikl a gold plated soap bubble
[07:07.51] <Shiral> well...if you get an employee discount.....
[07:08.00] <Eyikl> yeah, I might win Freeze Dries Swamp Thing.
[07:08.09] <Evie> Yeah, that was also incentive to apply at Tuesday Morning.  :-D
[07:08.13] <Evie> Employee discount, that is
[07:08.13] <~DesertRose> LOL
[07:08.15] <jemler> added to a five-finger discount...
[07:08.45] <KK> Both spots sound dangerous.
[07:08.52] <Evie> No five-finger discount. Don't want my employer giving me the middle-finger goodbye wave
[07:09.07] <Shiral> No, that would be embarrassing
[07:09.19] <~DesertRose> ROFL
[07:09.24] <The_Bee> "Tuesday Morning."
[07:09.25] <Jerusha> That would be like me working in a jewelry store. 
[07:09.29] <jemler> depends on the size of the finger. :)
[07:09.31] <The_Bee> what's that?
[07:09.56] <Evie> It's a store that specializes in selling overstocks or items that are being discontinued and therefore aren't selling in other stores anymore
[07:10.33] <Evie> So you can often (not always) find things there at a really good price, and if you're lucky you'll even find them on clearance rather than their regular low price
[07:10.47] <Eyikl> I'm not sure I've ever seen one of those. Are they regional?
[07:11.15] <Evie> I got several Madame Alexander playline dolls there at about $7 each when they are normally closer to $20 for that particular line.
[07:11.24] <KK> For a while, before ours moved to a different location (and got better organized),I was finding really good angel statues there.
[07:11.37] <Evie> (That's what the mini-Haldane Kids and my Grania Morgan dolls are.)
[07:11.39] <The_Bee> I think there\s an online store called OVerstock.
[07:11.49] <Evie> They may be regional.  I don't know.
[07:12.12] <Evie> There is, Bee.  I got a really nice set of boots from once
[07:12.25] <KK> Yes, Bee, but is mostly furniture and household accessories, and bedding.
[07:12.53] <Shiral> Dmitri has awakened from his nap, so if you see weird typos, it's because he's trying to encroach on the keyboard
[07:13.07] <Evie> I've seen clothing and jewelry on that site too, KK, unless they've changed their stock in more recent years.  It's been at least five years since I bought my boots there, I think.
[07:13.28] <~DesertRose> Hi Dmitri.
[07:13.38] * DesertRose offers scritches to Dmitri.
[07:13.49] <Shiral> He purrs his thanks, DR
[07:14.00] <Eyikl> hi Dmitri
[07:14.18] <The_Bee> My point is, there may well be a number of businesses that sell surplus of discontinued merchandise.
[07:14.48] <The_Bee> OR discontinued
[07:14.48] <Fukiyama> A brick and mortar version of where I live is known as Big Lots.  Don't know how widespread the chain is or what all they sell.
[07:14.51] <~DesertRose> Big Lots (called Odd Lots in some places) sells that sort of thing.
[07:15.10] <KK> We have Big Lots.  Occasionally, good stuff can be had.
[07:15.13] <~DesertRose> But it tends to be very hit or miss; sometimes you can find really nice stuff in there and sometimes it's all just junk.
[07:15.22] <Evie> We have Big Lots here
[07:15.22] <KK> Yes.
[07:15.25] <The_Bee> Ocean State in Rhode Island
[07:15.28] <Eyikl> In my neck of the woods we have Marshalls
[07:15.39] <The_Bee> here too.
[07:15.41] <Shiral> I've seen Big Lots, but have never shopped there so far
[07:15.54] <Shiral> I can get into enough trouble at Michael's
[07:15.57] <KK> Yes, which is related to TJMaxx.
[07:15.58] <Jerusha> We only have a Winners
[07:16.19] <Derynifank> Did you check ebay? They have lots of MA dolls
[07:16.43] <Evie> I've picked up doll clothing and the occasional 12" soldier action figures there around Christmas, which is the only time of year I've found them in stock, but their 12" World Peacekeepers line of figures are only $10 each, which is very low for a fully articulated figure
[07:16.59] <~DesertRose> Or Ross, which is similar to TJMaxx or Marshall's.
[07:17.09] <Evie> We have both Marshalls and TJMaxx here
[07:17.16] <Evie> And also we have Ross
[07:17.56] <Eyikl> I think we also have TJMaxx sround here, but I only went in there once.
[07:18.51] <Evie> I haven't, but usually by the time you add shipping costs, it would be difficult to beat $7 for a local purchase of anything Madame Alexander. And I'm not interested in the collectable dolls from that brand, just the (much less expensive) vinyl dolls.  Articulation is the main reason I'm interested in them.
[07:19.00] <The_Bee> I believe Home Goods is also owned by thew people who own Marshall's and TJ Maxx
[07:19.03] <KK> I've found wonderful earrings at TJMaxx.
[07:19.41] <~DesertRose> Yeah, I think you're right, Bee, about Home Goods being owned by the same parent company.
[07:19.51] <The_Bee> anyone know the difference between TJ Maxx and Marshall;s?
[07:20.21] <Evie> I want to get over to Southeastern Surplus again (I think that's the store name) and pick up another box or two of miniature tiles that were only 65 cents per box of 24 tiles.
[07:20.25] <~DesertRose> I don't know that there is much of one, Bee.
[07:20.43] <Eyikl> organization of the store? I don't know.
[07:20.47] <~DesertRose> I think there may once have been until they were bought by the same parent company.
[07:20.56] <Evie> At least I hope they still have some left.  That could become the source of Duncan's study's marble floor if they do
[07:21.15] <The_Bee> I wondered maybe different merchandise
[07:21.50] <Evie> Ours seem almost interchangeable here
[07:21.57] <Eyikl> I think they tend to have similar types of stuff
[07:21.59] <Evie> Just on different sides of town
[07:22.53] <KK> I've found that TJMaxx is that bit more up-market than Marshall's or Ross.  Have never found decent clothes in any of them, but bedding, kitchen and dining room items, pet beds, odd-ball stuff...
[07:23.10] <~DesertRose> Well, those types of stores (TJMaxx, Marshall's, Ross) all tend to have a weird assortment of merchandise depending on what their buyers got their hands on, basically.
[07:23.37] <Evie> I found a gorgeous embroidered dress in TJMaxx once, but I've long since outgrown it, unfortunately.
[07:23.39] <~DesertRose> My mom has found some fairly nice kitchen stuff in all three stores; she hits them up on a semi-regular basis.
[07:23.42] <KK> Decent clothes do not include anything made of polyester.  :s
[07:24.26] <Eyikl> says you
[07:24.32] <~DesertRose> Yeah, not a fan of polyester either.
[07:24.37] <Evie> We also have Steinmart.  I once got lucky and found a pure silk dress for $35 there.
[07:24.57] <~DesertRose> A good percentage of Mom's work wardrobe (before she retired) came from Stein Mart.
[07:24.58] <Eyikl> nice!
[07:25.03] <jemler> i always wondered who they were?
[07:25.13] <Evie> That was years ago, granted (I wore that dress to my bridal shower), but that was still an insanely good price for a 100% silk dress even in the late 1980s.
[07:25.40] <~DesertRose> Who who were, jemler?
[07:25.50] <jemler> Polly and Ester.
[07:26.04] * DesertRose slaps jemler with a catfish.
[07:26.10] <DF64> :D
[07:26.51] <Evie> I found a jewelry box shaped like a couch at Ross once.  It's the Barbie sized couch I used to keep at the office to hold work keys on and used for seating for any Mini-Deryni visiting me at work.
[07:27.05] <Eyikl> Very unfortunate if they had to be people's clothes!
[07:27.18] <~DesertRose> LOL, Evie
[07:27.23] <~DesertRose> Indeed, Eyikl
[07:28.05] <Shiral> I prefer clothes that breathe, especially in hot weather
[07:28.15] <Evie> I knew someone who asked a mother he was working with (he was a social worker) why she had named her sons Rayon and Elgin.  She had picked the names out of a department store catalog because she liked how they sounded.
[07:28.39] <~DesertRose> Wow
[07:28.51] <Shiral> They should be grateful they didn't end up as
[07:28.56] <Shiral> Cheese cloth
[07:29.14] <Eyikl> Elgin is a type of cloth?
[07:29.17] <Evie> Yeah, I can think of all sorts of things one might pick from a catalog that would sound even worse!
[07:29.20] <The_Bee> There was a Lord Elgin.
[07:29.27] <Evie> No, Elgin is a brand name for watches, IIRC
[07:30.15] <Evie> Yes, that one at least was a name, although I'm not sure the mom knew that.  Rayon, on the other hand...
[07:30.23] <The_Bee> Lord Elgin was the man who brought the Elgin Marbles to England.  Statues.
[07:31.12] <Evie> And I actually went to school with twin sisters named Swiss and Cheddar whose younger brother Jack was born in Monterrey, CA
[07:31.32] <~DesertRose> OMG WHY?!
[07:31.35] <KK> You've got to be kidding.
[07:31.39] <jemler> at least she didn't name him something x-rated. like Timex.
[07:31.43] <~DesertRose> Jack isn't so bad for a boy's name, but why on earth would you name your children Swiss and Cheddar
[07:31.44] <~DesertRose> ?
[07:31.48] <Evie> Yeah. I still haven't met anyone with names to top those.  At least not personally.
[07:31.57] * DesertRose throws a handful of goldfish at jemler.
[07:32.08] <jemler> you got it! great!
[07:32.17] <Eyikl> yeah, those names sound really cheesey
[07:32.21] <~DesertRose> I saw one recently where someone had named their daughter KVIIIlyn.
[07:32.29] <Evie> Yes, Jack is a perfectly good name until you find out his sisters are both named after cheeses and his birthplace makes his name a cheese name also
[07:32.37] <~DesertRose> Yeah.
[07:32.43] <Evie> Wow
[07:32.53] <KK> Do keep in mind,though, that many, if not most, brand names started out as people's names.  That's where I got the Chopard name. (My watch is a Chopard.)
[07:33.04] <Evie> Because that won't be confusing when she learns phonetics before she learns Roman numerals. :-D
[07:33.05] <The_Bee> A couple named Rose named their daughter Wild.  She married a man named Bull.
[07:33.12] <Derynifank> Need to go. Hope everyone has a good week
[07:33.13] <~DesertRose> Yeah, exactly, Evie
[07:33.23] * jemler ( has left #deryni_destinations
[07:33.25] <~DesertRose> See you, Derynifank!  Have a good week.
[07:33.28] <The_Bee> bye, derynifank
[07:33.30] <Evie> Goodnight, Derynifank
[07:33.34] <Eyikl> Yeah, but most brand names are people's last names, so that's a little different.
[07:33.35] <Shiral> Bye  DerynifanK
[07:33.38] * jemler ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:33.41] <~DesertRose> Rehi jemler
[07:33.48] <Jerusha> Night Derynifank
[07:33.52] * Derynifank ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:33.55] <~DesertRose> Or at least, a lot of brand names are someone's surname, yes.
[07:33.55] <jemler> i have no idea what happened.
[07:34.05] * jemler ( has left #deryni_destinations
[07:34.12] * jemler ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[07:34.13] <Eyikl> poof!
[07:34.15] <Jerusha> Wb Jemler
[07:34.17] <Evie> And at least in this part of the US, a lot of  surnames (especially mother's maiden names) are also used as first names
[07:34.17] <The_Bee> mibbit is sneaky, Jemler
[07:34.25] <Evie> .
[07:34.32] <~DesertRose> jemler, you're a rabbit and some magician is putting you in and out of a top hat.  :D
[07:34.33] <jemler> i start typing and poof!
[07:34.41] <~DesertRose> Yes, or middle names, Evie
[07:34.55] <jemler> let's try this again.
[07:34.58] <~DesertRose> jemler isn't on Mibbit, Bee.
[07:35.12] <The_Bee> My brother's middle name is our mom's maiden name.
[07:35.38] <~DesertRose> My middle name was someone's maiden name way back my maternal line.
[07:35.46] <jemler> kinsey milhoan.
[07:36.02] <~DesertRose> But it's also my mother's middle name, her mother's middle name, and my grandmother's maternal grandmother's middle name.
[07:36.21] <Eyikl> That's a lot of people.
[07:36.27] <Jerusha> DS1's middle name is my maiden name. All 11 letters of it
[07:36.31] <~DesertRose> Yup
[07:36.39] <jemler> my middle name is Michael.
[07:36.46] <~DesertRose> I didn't know how far back it went or else I'd have made it DD's middle name too.
[07:37.06] * DF64 ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[07:37.07] <KK> I think using surnames as first names is a very Southern thing.
[07:37.26] <~DesertRose> I knew it was Mom's and my grandmother's middle name, but I didn't know it was my grandmother's grandmother's middle name until after my grandmother's death, by which point DD was almost five years old.
[07:37.30] <Jerusha> Night DF64
[07:37.35] <Evie> Yes, I've noticed it here more than in other places I've lived
[07:37.38] <Shiral> night, DF
[07:37.39] <~DesertRose> We lost DF64, oops.
[07:37.59] <Eyikl> I think in my family we only kept up that sort of thing for two generations at most.
[07:38.12] <jemler> no one knows who kinsey milhoan is?
[07:38.17] <Eyikl> nope
[07:38.40] <Evie> The name's familiar but I can't place why
[07:39.02] <Shiral> She's the detective in the "A is for ===etc etc" series, isn't she?
[07:39.12] <The_Bee> fictional private eye
[07:39.15] <Shiral> I can't remember the author's name
[07:39.18] <jemler> she's the main character in the Alphabet mysteries bu sue grafton. kinsey is her mothers maiden name.
[07:39.23] <~DesertRose> I have some letters my mom wrote to my grandmother while my mom and my biological father were still married.  If I'd been a boy, I'd have been given the first name William, and my reaction to reading that was "Dear God, WHYYYYYY?" because there are a BUNCH of men named William in the family already.
[07:39.53] <jemler> Sion Benet DVIII?
[07:39.56] <Shiral> I always wondered what SUe Grafton planned to do when she got to X and Y =o)
[07:40.12] <~DesertRose> Something like that.
[07:40.15] <jemler> X is just X. already read it.
[07:40.58] <Eyikl> Let X equal X.
[07:40.59] <Evie> X is for Xtra Glad I'm Almost Done With The Alphabet
[07:41.04] <~DesertRose> LOL, Evie
[07:41.38] <Evie> Or Xtra Worried About Moving On To Numbers Next
[07:41.45] <Shiral> I've wondered if she'll do somebody in with a Zebra
[07:41.47] <~DesertRose> LOL
[07:42.06] <jemler> Z is for Zombie!
[07:42.09] <The_Bee> My parents deliberately gave me a name that had never been used in our family.  Maybe that's why I've always felt a bit disconnected.
[07:42.17] <Shiral> "It was tragic! He was trampled to death by a herd of fleeing zebras!"
[07:42.24] <Evie> She could do someone in with a Zamboni (or however it's spelled)
[07:42.28] <~DesertRose> I got family names all around.
[07:42.30] <Eyikl> zombie zebras?
[07:42.46] <Shiral> That would be one heck of a way to go
[07:42.55] <Jerusha> Riding a Zamboni
[07:43.07] <Shiral> Zombie Zebras on a Zamboni
[07:43.17] <~DesertRose> My middle name I already explained, and my first name was my father's paternal grandmother's sister's name; she had a major hand in raising my bio-father and my aunt, and I think my dad had been waiting to father a daughter so he could use the name.  (I have three brothers.)
[07:43.19] <Eyikl> or zebras fleeing a zamboni
[07:43.33] <~DesertRose> ROFL
[07:44.08] <Shiral> I think a zamboni would have "mobility issues" in the middle of the African Savannah =o)
[07:44.10] <~DesertRose> Zebras fleeing a Zamboni driven by a zombie?
[07:44.19] <Shiral> Zowie!
[07:44.35] <Evie> Maybe the zombies chased the zebra into an ice rink?
[07:44.51] <Evie> from the Zoo, of course
[07:44.51] <~DesertRose> Maybe.  :D
[07:45.04] <jemler> try having 2 uncles and 2 cousins named John. all 3 families get together we had more Johns than a hookers little black book!
[07:45.13] <Fukiyama> My mom named me after Steve McQueen's character in The Sand Pebbles after my dad declined my mom's suggestion of John Jr.
[07:45.14] <~DesertRose> JEMLER!
[07:45.42] * DesertRose loads a trebuchet with puffer fish and launches them at jemler.
[07:46.11] <jemler> LOL
[07:46.14] <KK> And on that note....:)
[07:46.17] <~DesertRose> Oh, if DD (my only child) had been a boy, she would NEVER have been a junior.  I hate the concept of juniors, and my ex (DD's bio-dad) hated his name.
[07:46.28] <Jerusha> Jerusha thumbs through the book 😀
[07:47.10] <KK> TIme for me to go, guys.  It's nearly time for Game of Thrones, and I must see what the next installment of mayhem will bring.
[07:47.12] <Shiral> Night, KK. Have a good week
[07:47.17] <jemler> i managed to log everything. even getting bumped twice. who shall i send it to?
[07:47.20] <~DesertRose> Okay, see you next week, KK?
[07:47.22] <Eyikl> goodnight KK
[07:47.28] <~DesertRose> Thanks for coming to see us!
[07:47.29] <Shiral> Hope Killingford beckons this week! =o)
[07:47.33] <Jerusha> Night KK
[07:47.36] <KK> ?me steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:47.37] <Evie> Goodnight, KK.
[07:47.38] <jemler> nite kk
[07:47.39] <The_Bee> thanks for coming, KK.  have a good week
[07:47.44] <Evie> I've got the full log
[07:47.44] <~DesertRose> G'night, KK!
[07:47.49] <KK> Should be here next week.
[07:47.53] <jemler> ok.
[07:47.55] <Shiral> Enjoy Game of THrones
[07:47.56] <Evie> With no connection issues this time, amazingly
[07:48.00] <~DesertRose> Okay, see you next week!
[07:48.06] <KK> Ta-ta for now.
[07:48.09] <~DesertRose> Later!
[07:48.16] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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