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KK Chat--27 December 2015
« on: December 27, 2015, 07:36:18 pm »
[06:11.32] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:11.36] <Jerusha> Excellent
[06:11.37] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:11.39] <Evie> Hi KK
[06:11.41] <Jerusha> Hi KK
[06:11.45] <Laurna> Hello KK, Merry Christmas
[06:11.47] <Annie> Hi, KK.
[06:11.51] <Aerlys> Hello KK. Merry Christmas
[06:11.53] <revanne> Hi KK
[06:12.00] <jemler> hi kk. merry christmas.
[06:12.05] <KK> Woo-hoo, big crowd here tonight.
[06:12.08] <Aerlys> lol, Laurna and I think alike!
[06:12.20] <Laurna> lol twinsies
[06:12.34] <KK> I hope you all had a merry Christmas.
[06:12.37] <Evie> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, KK
[06:12.50] <Aerlys> Nice and quiet, especially compared to last year.
[06:13.01] <Jerusha> Quiet is good
[06:13.03] <The_Bee> Mine was good.  I spent it with famiy in Vermont.
[06:13.15] <KK> Revanne, are you affected by the awful flooding in the Midlands?
[06:13.29] <revanne> Lovely here
[06:13.43] <revanne> Thankfully no
[06:14.06] <revanne> Really dreadful though 
[06:14.09] <KK> Could hardly believe the aerial photos of flooding in York.
[06:14.37] <Evie> I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for some colder weather.  A Christmas in the mid to high 70s feels so wrong!
[06:14.55] <Jerusha> We had no snow - it was wonderful
[06:15.08] <KK> Aye, it does, though I understand we're to have colder weather beginning next week.
[06:15.15] <Jerusha> Ski hills are not happy, though
[06:15.20] <The_Bee> same here
[06:15.24] <revanne> Yes both rivers have burst their banks at once -I think water levels are about 15 feet above normal
[06:15.25] <Evie> Yes, it's going to be a nippy New Year's Eve
[06:15.28] <jemler> tomorrow here
[06:15.33] <Evie> Oh wow, revanne!
[06:15.48] <Jerusha> Down to -20C tonight
[06:16.13] <KK> Yep, cars underwater, and people having to be rescued from same.  They haven't shown any pics of the Minster.
[06:16.16] <revanne> That's cold
[06:16.23] <Annie> I don't expect you've seen the footage, Evie.
[06:16.26] <Jerusha> Yep
[06:16.30] <Annie> Whole houses swept away.
[06:16.49] <Evie> Just a little.  :-(
[06:16.50] <Aerlys> I think we've had more snow than you have back East. Not that it has stuck at our place, but Mt. Rainier and the foothills are a lovely white
[06:16.52] <Annie> Shots of rivers with trucks floating down them.
[06:17.01] <The_Bee> When did the rain start?  i haven't seen much news lately.
[06:17.24] <Annie> It's been bad on and off for about 3 weeks.
[06:17.26] <revanne> I think the Minister is on higher ground
[06:17.39] <Aerlys> Sorry, a little disjointed and behind on the conversation. Typing one-handed with the baby is pretty slow...
[06:17.41] <KK> UK has gotten several really big, named storms.
[06:17.57] <Annie> First flooding was the w/e we were up seeing DD's concert in Manchester, which was the first w/e in December.
[06:18.10] <Jerusha> Get him to help, Aerlys :D
[06:18.11] <Annie> There's another bad one on its way in Tuesday or Wednesday.
[06:18.21] <revanne> Yes they've just started naming the storms
[06:18.29] <Evie> That's how a few neighborhoods looked on Christmas night in Alabama, but that flooding was on a smaller scale and only on that evening. It was scary while it lasted, but mainly due to the tornados and  the fact both of my kids were caught away from home at the time
[06:18.33] <Annie> And yes, I think the Minster is safe for now.
[06:18.49] <Jerusha> Your kids are OK, Evie?
[06:19.05] <revanne> Would really appreciate it if you could all blow the other way
[06:19.44] <Jerusha> Jerusha turns the bellows around
[06:19.55] <Evie> They are.  DS had to stay overnight with his girlfriend's family, I think, but DD managed to get a ride home before the roads between where she got stuck during the worst of the storm and our home became impassible.
[06:20.21] <Jerusha> Oh, good
[06:20.22] <Aerlys> that's a relief, evie
[06:20.37] <KK> I even got a weather alert on my phone, re the Alabama tornadoes.  That's when I texted you, Evie.
[06:20.57] <Evie> Some counties had to completely close all roads because bridges and lower sections of roadway were washed away, and cars were getting swept away because they couldn't see the damage in the dark
[06:21.13] <Annie> Scary stuff.
[06:21.21] <Jerusha> Very
[06:21.25] <Aerlys> yikes
[06:21.31] <Annie> Also wildfires in Australia, so everyone is being hit at the moment.
[06:21.43] <Evie> But it wasn't that bad in our area, just rivers overflowing their banks a bit, but we're used to that enough that we just don't build next to the rivers that are prone to do that
[06:21.47] <revanne> Yes weather patterns all haywire
[06:22.06] <Annie> (Though it did mean we got cute pictures of koalas being rescued.)
[06:22.08] <The_Bee> el Nino at work?
[06:22.08] <Jerusha> Maybe it is Teymuraz
[06:22.26] <Evie> You got a weather alert for a different state, KK?  Wow!
[06:22.34] <Jerusha> (might have spelled that wrong)
[06:22.38] <Aerlys> blast his weatherworking!
[06:22.40] <KK> This sort of thing is beginning to happen every Christmastime.  This year's tornadoes and flooding, the big tsunami a couple of years back, an earthquake as I recall.
[06:22.59] <revanne> Trouble in UK is population density is such that it's hard to avoid rivers and flood plains
[06:23.00] <jemler> they alert everyone when alabama is on the move! :)
[06:23.08] <KK> I guess they thought we might get some of your tornadoes up here. 
[06:23.09] <Evie> I guess it's the planet's way of saying "Bah, humbug!"
[06:23.37] <revanne> LOL Evie
[06:23.46] <Evie> OK, that makes a little sense, since the storm path was roughly following Hwy 11.  ;-)
[06:24.09] <Jerusha> We're in a winter storm watch now
[06:24.13] <KK> At least all of us are ok.
[06:24.14] <jemler> then the storm drives better than my sister! :)
[06:24.52] <jemler> i keep telling her, it's like coloring. just stay in the lines.
[06:25.00] <Evie> LOL!  A lot of our AL tornadoes seem fond of Interstate 59
[06:25.02] <KK> Sad for all those folk affected, though. Spare them a prayer or two.
[06:25.19] <Jerusha> Yes
[06:25.58] <Evie> And last year's snowstorm fell north of our I-20, but all the areas south of the interstate were perfectly clear
[06:26.08] <The_Bee> safety woodgies to all who need them
[06:26.18] <revanne> And some good news my DS has a new job working for a charity which supports the families of Service personnel
[06:26.30] <Jerusha> Nice, revanne
[06:26.35] <Evie> sounds awesome, revanne!
[06:26.36] <The_Bee> good for him
[06:26.41] <Laurna> Sorry went to get tea. that woke up the puppies. then had to take them outside.
[06:26.43] <jemler> good. the government doesn't!
[06:26.48] <revanne> Just right for him
[06:27.01] <Aerlys> very nice, revanne
[06:27.10] <KK> Congrats to him, Revanne.
[06:27.16] <Laurna> Evie that is good news for your DH
[06:27.22] <revanne> Thanks.
[06:27.41] <Evie> What is?
[06:28.00] <Laurna> opps read that wrong.  Good new for Revannes DS
[06:29.09] <Evie> I was going to say, I don't think any branch of military service will take DH at his age, even if his knees could handle it!  :-D
[06:29.15] <Aerlys> ah...Rhys has finally slipped into a snuffly slumber.
[06:29.29] <revanne> He  was in the air cadets when younger so has always had an interest in that area.
[06:29.31] <The_Bee> Shhhhhh!
[06:29.39] <Jerusha> Please give Rhys a little hug on my behalf
[06:29.51] <jemler> revanne, are you in the UK?
[06:29.56] <Evie> (He was briefly in the Navy Reserves, but blew out a knee and had to have knee surgery, so he got a medical discharge because he didn't qualify anymore due to the knee injury)
[06:30.07] <revanne> Shall we sing Aerlys. Perhaps not!!!
[06:30.08] <Aerlys> hug has been duly given
[06:30.21] <Aerlys> lol
[06:30.23] <Jerusha> I will only sing if you want Rhys to wake up
[06:30.33] <Jerusha> And scream
[06:30.36] <Evie> Poor snufflebear
[06:30.41] <Aerlys> somehow i don't think he will hear you
[06:30.50] <Jerusha> Lucky boy!
[06:31.03] <Evie> brb, going to fix some hot tea
[06:31.03] <Aerlys> besides, he's used to commotion
[06:31.06] <Laurna> Need to get those healing genes aworking.
[06:31.08] <revanne> Yes Jemle plead guilty to being a cross the pond.
[06:31.34] * DF64 ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[06:31.41] <jemler> ok. i said earlier the government didn't care about servicemen i meant ours.
[06:31.42] <The_Bee> hi DF
[06:31.45] <Jerusha> Hi DF64
[06:31.46] <jemler> hi df
[06:31.56] <Aerlys> hi df64
[06:32.00] <DF64> hi all
[06:32.31] <Annie> hi df64. Long time no see.
[06:32.32] <KK> Hi, DF64.
[06:32.45] <Aerlys> wish i could send you guys a pic of Rhys asleep...
[06:32.53] <Laurna> i'm holding my Rhys,  all four paws and a wet black nose
[06:32.55] <revanne> Think that's fairly true about ours although Prince Harry is fairly active with working for injured veterans
[06:33.01] <DF64> i'm still around
[06:33.17] <Jerusha> Glad to know, DF
[06:33.37] <revanne> Hi DF
[06:33.43] <jemler> mistyck hasn't shown up tonight.
[06:34.01] <The_Bee> not for a few weeks
[06:34.08] <Jerusha> Jerusha pictures Aerlys' Rhys staring at Laurna's Rhys
[06:34.28] <KK> Well, this is a busy time of year.  I'm a little surprised that we're so many tonight.
[06:34.29] <Laurna> :)
[06:34.40] <jemler> thinking "this chatroom aint big enough for the both of us"
[06:34.48] <Evie> Maybe since it's after Christmas but before New Year celebrations
[06:34.49] <DF64> nothing else to do until new year's
[06:35.01] <Jerusha> True, DF
[06:35.01] <revanne> Wonder what the collective noun for Rhys's is
[06:35.11] <Evie> we're visiting in TN, but our hostess is at work right now
[06:35.12] <The_Bee> we need a break from holiday bustle
[06:35.24] <KK> Yes, all the super pressure is over, with gifts having been given.  Now it's mainly the cleanup of debris.
[06:35.28] <Jerusha> My limited Latin fails me
[06:35.31] <Evie> Rhyses?
[06:35.47] <Aerlys> That's my guess, Evie
[06:35.47] <Jerusha> Rhysae?
[06:35.52] <jemler> rhysems? rhysi?
[06:35.52] <KK> Rhysei?
[06:36.06] <Aerlys> Rhysae would be feminine
[06:36.14] <The_Bee> I go with Rhyses
[06:36.16] <Jerusha> Oops
[06:36.17] <jemler> i know ar rhys became Price.
[06:36.24] <revanne> Rhymes looks right
[06:36.31] <jemler> i know ap rhys became Price. s\orry
[06:36.37] <Laurna>  there both boys so Rhysei is best
[06:36.53] <jemler> they're
[06:36.57] <Jerusha> Give them both a hug
[06:37.06] <revanne> Rhyses not rhymes
[06:37.06] <jemler> long arms.
[06:37.07] <Laurna>  hugging
[06:37.15] <Aerlys> Mine is passed out on my lap
[06:37.32] <Laurna>  mine is awake and bitting my lip
[06:37.32] <jemler> hmmm...
[06:37.44] <Jerusha> "with visions of sugarplums"
[06:37.47] <The_Bee> What breed is your Rhys, Laurna?
[06:37.48] <revanne> Sounds painful
[06:38.04] * jemler 's dirty mind kicks in
[06:38.06] <Laurna>  Cavalier
[06:38.19] <Aerlys> I've heard of "cat got your tongue" but not "dog got your lifp"
[06:38.22] <Aerlys> lip
[06:38.24] <Jerusha> Jerusha lofts a sugar fish at Jemler
[06:38.25] <The_Bee> Oh, they're sweet!
[06:38.41] <Aerlys> Why am I not surprised, jemler?
[06:38.41] <Laurna>  red and white
[06:38.52] <Laurna>  8wks old
[06:38.56] <Evie> aww
[06:39.00] * revanne  searches for mackerel launcher
[06:39.00] <Evie> One of Jessa's?
[06:39.03] <Jerusha> So cute at that age
[06:39.07] <Laurna>  yep
[06:39.22] <Jerusha> Jerusha send a virtual ear scritch
[06:39.24] <Laurna>  Sophia is sound asleep
[06:39.27] <jemler> i didn't say anything! you people have dirty minds.
[06:39.43] * Aerlys takes a sip of bourbon and ignores jemler
[06:39.47] <Jerusha> Sophia the Third?
[06:40.04] <Laurna> yep
[06:40.24] <The_Bee> How many do you have, Laurna?
[06:40.30] <Laurna>  5
[06:40.37] <Evie> Would that make her a Queen Charlotte Cavalier?
[06:40.49] <Jerusha> :D
[06:40.52] <Aerlys> :)
[06:40.54] <Laurna> Archer is going to a new home next week
[06:41.04] <DF64> :D
[06:41.48] <Laurna>  lance And Rhys are going to my sister's week after
[06:42.06] <Evie> Just picked up four "Timeless Minis" at the thrift store. They're dollhouse scale, but items that could work in a smaller size for 1:6
[06:42.38] <Evie> well, aside from the copper mugs, which would be ridiculously tiny, but maybe they can be child-sized mugs
[06:42.41] <Laurna> Did Duncan recover his head?
[06:43.01] <DF64> Duncan lost his head?
[06:43.07] <Evie> He did, and I am in the middle of making a photostory about the event. :-D
[06:43.20] <Jerusha> Yea!
[06:43.22] <Evie> that's why I was nearly late for chat
[06:43.27] <Laurna> oh good
[06:43.45] <The_Bee> happy ending?
[06:43.49] <Jerusha> I can see Morgan saying "not again!"
[06:44.00] <Evie> Yes, this is Duncan's second head loss, so DH is joking that he ought to be Saint Duncan of the Reappearing Head
[06:44.18] <Laurna> lol
[06:44.18] <revanne> Sorry everyone post midnight yawns are winning. Night KK and all. Happy new year
[06:44.28] <jemler> nite revanne
[06:44.36] <Jerusha> Night revanne.  Happy New Year!
[06:44.38] <DF64> nite revanne
[06:44.40] <Laurna> good night revanne
[06:44.43] <jemler> early next week, remember!
[06:44.44] <The_Bee> nighters, REvanne.  Glad you came. EArly chat next week
[06:44.46] <Evie> goodnightrevanne
[06:44.50] <Annie> Night, revanne
[06:44.52] <Evie> Um, two words. :D
[06:44.55] <KK> G'night, Revanne.
[06:45.01] <Jerusha> Sounds like....
[06:45.03] <Annie> I think I may have to crash, too.
[06:45.12] <Jerusha> Night, Annie
[06:45.17] <The_Bee> bye, Annie.
[06:45.18] <Evie> My keyboard is not liking the space bar this evening
[06:45.19] <jemler> nite annie
[06:45.19] <Annie> It's been a hectic few days.
[06:45.24] <KK> We'll miss you, but we understand.
[06:45.24] <revanne> See you next week.
[06:45.25] <The_Bee> thanks for coming
[06:45.28] <Laurna> good night Annie
[06:45.28] <Annie> Night, all.
[06:45.34] * revanne (Mibbit@842092.C19ECF.753F56.D2B077) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:45.39] * Annie (Mibbit@BF1DC3.3B1D79.0E23C3.EA0EFB) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[06:45.39] <DF64> nite annie
[06:47.03] <KK> So, the pony I sent is too small for the adult Littles, Evie?
[06:47.23] <Aerlys> rats...i leave for a minute and  Duncan oses his head while Annie and revanne scurry off into the night
[06:47.28] <Jerusha> Someone got a pony for Christmas?
[06:47.42] <Evie> Yes, but it's perfect for my child sized figure
[06:47.45] <Laurna> a pony?
[06:48.02] <Jerusha> The Grub figure, Evie?
[06:48.08] <Laurna> Who is the lucky child
[06:48.19] <Evie> It's a Marx pony. 1:6 scale, but being a pony rather than a horse, my knights are too big for it.  But Grub fits it perfectly
[06:48.20] <The_Bee> any pics?
[06:48.28] <KK> Adults do ride ponies, you know.  The Queen even rides a pony, albeit a larger one.
[06:48.28] <jemler> one of Evies littles.
[06:49.21] <Evie> Yes, but when you see a photo of one of my adult male figures on it, you'll see it's quite small. They'd need a saddle that doesn't put their knees up their nosrirls, practically. 
[06:49.27] <Evie> nostrils, even
[06:49.51] <Evie> A smaller female figure might work on it
[06:50.13] <Jerusha> Poor Alaric, with his knees up to his ears
[06:50.17] <Laurna> maurad?
[06:50.23] <Evie> I have some larger Marx horses, though, so a pony could share their stable and be used for page training
[06:50.24] <Jerusha> That could work
[06:50.33] <The_Bee> smaller female like Meraude?
[06:50.34] <jemler> Meraude.
[06:50.39] <Evie> Meraude could probably ride her, yes
[06:50.45] <Evie> She's almost child sized
[06:51.05] <The_Bee> Do you have a Meraude little?
[06:51.06] <Jerusha> But not to be underestimated
[06:51.11] <Evie> I do
[06:51.22] <Evie> She comes up to Nigel's shoulder, IIRC
[06:51.56] <Jerusha> Or Kelson's, I think
[06:52.26] <Evie> Ooh, what I thought was a set of copper mugs on a hanging rack turns out to be measuring cups in graduated sizes, so this can still work for 1:6 scale!
[06:52.55] <Evie> along with the doll cradle and the little wheeled cart full of wooden blocks, which will work for toys for Grub
[06:53.09] <Jerusha> Nice
[06:53.16] <Evie> and a tool box that is slightly undersized but not ridiculously so
[06:53.16] <KK> Evie, that link I was tryingt o send you was for a Barbie-sized horse that moves, and the Barbie mounts up.  Tried to grab it off someone else's facebook page, but it didn't work.
[06:53.19] <The_Bee> Who is Grub?
[06:53.47] <Jerusha> Fictional Sextus' daughter
[06:54.09] <jemler> he named his kid after a worm?
[06:54.09] <The_Bee> Ah.  a toddler?
[06:54.23] <Evie> Sounds cool!  I might have one in my basement.  I have some sort of Barbie horse with an unusual foot rest assembly that makes the horse's head or tail move, I forget which. And the knees are jointed.
[06:54.25] <The_Bee> sounds like a nickname
[06:54.33] <Laurna> lol jemler
[06:54.37] <Evie> She's actually around 7 or 8
[06:54.50] <Evie> and yes, her real name is Amanda
[06:54.57] <The_Bee> and likes to get dirty?
[06:54.57] <Jerusha> And wise beyond her years :)
[06:55.02] <Evie> Very
[06:55.23] <Evie> very dirty, that is. Moderately wise on occasion.  :-D
[06:56.21] <DF64> and will give her great uncle denis a run for his money when she grows up
[06:56.31] <Evie> Squee!  mini toolbox comes with hammers, wrenches, screwdriver, shears, and pliers
[06:56.40] <Jerusha> Wow
[06:56.44] <Laurna> cool
[06:57.09] <KK> Woo-hoo, someone is unpacking her loot from today's foraging.
[06:57.16] <Evie> Yes. :D
[06:57.32] <Aerlys> how fun!
[06:57.34] <The_Bee> Who'll use the tools?
[06:57.57] <Evie> It was a bundle of four sets of minis that I almost passed up because they are dollhouse scale,  but I took a second look and realized I could make them work anyway
[06:58.17] <Evie> I have a few modern littles, though some tools haven't changed all that much since the Middle Ages
[06:59.08] <Evie> I think the cradle is meant to be a doll cradle anyway, since even for a dollhouse baby it would be a bit on the short side
[06:59.09] <KK> Eep, I have just been honored by Sasha jumping up on my lap.
[06:59.20] <The_Bee> You have worker little among the royals?
[06:59.25] <Jerusha> Hi Sasha
[06:59.32] <The_Bee> Hi Sasha
[06:59.58] <Evie> It's mainly Kelson's Court, though I have some extra figures who could serve for chambermaids, grooms, and the like.
[07:00.28] <Evie> Where's Gus?  I'm surprised there's room for Sasha in your lap
[07:01.39] <Evie> ++,,
[07:01.57] <Evie> There's Grub on the pony I still need to figure out a name for
[07:02.07] <DF64> nic picture
[07:02.14] <DF64> nice picture
[07:02.28] <Jerusha> Murray has been used
[07:02.55] <KK> Gus is elsewhere, perhaps outside.  But he'll probably come in to sleep with me.  And Sasha has taken to sleeping at my feet.
[07:03.03] <Evie> Yes, I have a Murray, and he looks almost the same but he's 12" tall instead of 9"
[07:03.42] <The_Bee> From his color, I'd say Shiral
[07:04.29] <Jerusha> Or Dunstan
[07:04.32] <Evie> I usually think of Shiral as more golden
[07:04.57] <The_Bee> Shiral may come in various shades.
[07:05.06] <Evie> I'd keep mixing up Duncan and Dunstan, which could lead to very funny results
[07:05.21] <Jerusha> :D
[07:05.35] <KK> True.
[07:06.09] <The_Bee> Is Dunstan one or Evie's characters or one of KK's?
[07:06.16] <Evie> Neither
[07:06.26] <KK> Try an adult on that horse, Evie.  With knees bent and stirrups lowered, it might not be too bad.
[07:06.29] <Evie> Jerusha proposed it as a name or the pony
[07:06.33] <Jerusha> It's the surname of a person I know
[07:07.00] <Aerlys> brb
[07:07.00] <Evie> The stirrups won't lower far enough.  Their legs go an inch or two below the lowest stirrup setting
[07:07.03] <Jerusha> Who has horses
[07:07.26] <Evie> I'll send you comparison photos of them on the pony and on one of my horses
[07:08.05] <KK> Can always change the stirrup leathers.
[07:08.49] <jemler> well, i'm gonna take off now. see you folks next week. happy new year.
[07:09.04] <The_Bee> bye jemler. Happy New year
[07:09.07] <Jerusha> Happy New Year Jemler!
[07:09.24] <jemler> evie, have you got the log?
[07:09.26] <DF64> bye jemler
[07:09.27] <KK> I also need to head out.  Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.  Or something like that.
[07:09.35] <Evie> I just took a pic of Alaric on it
[07:09.37] <Laurna> nite jemler
[07:09.39] <jemler> nite kk.
[07:09.45] <Jerusha> Works for me.  Happy New Year, KK
[07:09.46] <DF64> nite kk
[07:09.54] <Evie> let's see if it will upload to flickr fast enough for me to show you
[07:09.59] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles, after looking at the pic of Alaric.
[07:10.00] <The_Bee> bye KK.  Thanks for coming.  have a good week and a good year.
[07:10.07] <Laurna> nitekk
[07:10.47] <Evie> It's uploading slowly, probably since there are three people on computers using bandwidth
[07:10.52] <KK> Thanks.  Same to all of you.  (Sasha is giving me a leg cramp, but he's purring so nicely.  Loudest purr in the house.)
[07:11.12] <jemler> well, i have the log too. email me if you need it.
[07:11.16] <KK> I'll stand by.
[07:11.32] <Jerusha> Will always wait for Morgan....
[07:12.04] <Laurna> lol  yep
[07:13.13] <Evie> ++,,
[07:13.57] <Laurna> that made a good smile
[07:14.05] <DF64> very good
[07:14.16] <Laurna>  woke up Rhys
[07:14.24] <Aerlys> back!
[07:14.35] <KK> Ah, yes.  He is smaller than I'd realized.  But an ok pony, at least.  Ponies are very important in Deryniland.  :-)
[07:14.38] <Evie> That stirrup is at full extension, and the tip of his boot barely fits into it, and only as far as the base of his toes
[07:14.39] <Jerusha> Nice picture
[07:14.50] <The_Bee> looks Alaric should be carrying the pony
[07:15.05] <Evie> but for Grub it's perfect, and I think Meraude could probably ride it as well
[07:15.10] <Jerusha> The pony would agree
[07:15.17] <Evie> I used a short teen body for Meraude
[07:15.17] <Laurna> lol
[07:15.36] <Jerusha> "Excuse me sir, get a horse!"
[07:15.42] <KK> OK, I'll head out now.  see you next week, 5 PM.
[07:15.49] <Jerusha> Night, KK
[07:15.52] <KK> Happy New Year!
[07:15.53] <Evie> I'll show you a full sized Marx horse beside it sometime so you can see the difference. They're huge.
[07:15.55] <The_Bee> nighters, KK
[07:15.56] <Aerlys> Good night KK, thanks for joining us
[07:16.03] <Evie> Goodnight!
[07:16.13] <Laurna> Happy New years
[07:16.18] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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