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KK Chat -- 6 December 2015
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:59:59 pm »
[04:38.03] * KK ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[04:38.09] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[04:38.16] <Demercia> Hi KK
[04:38.18] <Shiral> Hello KK
[04:38.21] <KK> Hi, guys, sorry I'm a bit late.
[04:38.22] <Annie> Hi KK
[04:38.41] <Evie> Hello!
[04:38.46] <revanne> I assumed it WAS A VERY BIG BILL, Bee
[04:39.02] <revanne> Hi KK
[04:39.13] <The_Bee> I talked them into letting it go.
[04:39.29] <revanne> That's good.
[04:39.50] <Evie> "Your bill will be Five Hundred Dollars and Fifty-Three cents, precisely."
[04:39.57] <Annie> :)
[04:40.07] <Demercia> I asked Evie what time it was for you KK and her reply was so precise it diverted us into the "speaking clock"
[04:40.14] <The_Bee> Once I got an electric bill for $1000+
[04:40.20] <Evie> Ow!
[04:40.22] <Demercia> What!!!
[04:40.41] <Evie> What were you lighting up and heating, a warehouse?
[04:40.54] <revanne> Ouch :/
[04:40.57] <KK> Yike, am I to assume that Bee got a big electric bill?
[04:41.38] <The_Bee> Theymisread my meter, and hadn't been able to get in to re-read it. Whaen they finally got it right, I had several months credit.
[04:41.41] <Shiral> Bee, you've just got to stop lighting up entire neighborhoods in Boston
[04:42.26] <KK> We had that happen a few times in Ireland.  Eventually got it sorted out, thank God.
[04:42.38] <The_Bee> speaking of lightsd, it's time to turn on my xmas lights.  BRB
[04:43.01] <Evie> The furry anvil is across both arms again
[04:43.14] <Annie> We've been debating whether to do decorations this year.
[04:43.20] <Shiral> My furry anvil keeps trying to do the same thing
[04:43.26] <Annie> On the one hand, I'd like to as DD will be home.
[04:43.40] <Shiral> Francesca wishes you all a good Feast of St. Nicholas, by the way
[04:43.41] <revanne> Very long complicated story to do with competing utility companies but a couple of years back we were supplied with Gas for 15 months without being billed.
[04:43.44] <Demercia> The utility company for my previous house have just decided they owe me 162.  The letter accompanying the cheque didn't clarify why they think that, but the final sentence said very firmly "this account is now closed".  I'm not arguing.
[04:43.49] <Annie> On the other, we have our mini-demon, who would probably try to wreck/eat everything.
[04:44.10] <Demercia> Thanks Francesca
[04:44.14] <drakensis> Revanne - they should write off anything more than a year old
[04:45.08] * drakensis works in utilities
[04:45.14] <revanne> They did -so we ended up about  1000 to the good.
[04:45.25] * drakensis nods. all is right then
[04:45.58] <Evie> Furry Anvil:  ++,,
[04:46.22] <Annie> Aw
[04:46.46] <Demercia> Butter wouldn't melt
[04:46.56] <Evie> That's what I'm trying to type around
[04:47.08] <The_Bee> Yike! s heas big as he looks?
[04:47.09] <Evie> or more accurately, under
[04:47.38] <Evie> He's a fairly big kitty.  Not the biggest I've seen, but definitely not petite like Gigi
[04:47.47] <revanne> "Who" not "what :says Luke
[04:47.56] <Evie> He's stretched out, so that makes him look bigger
[04:48.26] <Evie> and he's also in the foreground, so that plays some tricks with perspective
[04:48.47] <KK> Definitely a big boy.
[04:48.52] <Shiral> Francesca's more like a rowboat anchor
[04:49.05] <Evie> Yes, but not terrier sized like that photo makes him appear to be
[04:49.19] <KK> So, are you now retired, Evie, or is it next week?
[04:49.19] <Shiral> But she still manages to interfere to her utmost extent
[04:49.32] <Evie> My last day of work was this past Friday
[04:50.04] <KK> Ah, so you won't really get the full sense of freedom until this next week.
[04:50.30] <Evie> Yes, tomorrow is my first "work day" without an alarm clock going off insanely early
[04:51.02] <Evie> and no place in particular I have to be by a certain time, though I do have some stuff I need to get done
[04:51.08] <revanne> I've  been asked to bless a friend's new puppy but if her current dog is anything to go by she really needs an exorcist
[04:51.16] <Evie> LOL
[04:51.18] <Annie> LOL revanne!
[04:51.25] <Annie> That sounds like Merry!
[04:51.37] <KK> And will you still get a couple of paychecks, as you use up your vacation days, and maybe even earn another couple, since you'd still be on the clock?  That happened when I left LAPD.  Left the Friday before Labor day, and still got progressively smaller checks until November or so.
[04:51.40] <The_Bee> Does his head turn 360 degrees?
[04:52.03] * bynw forgot it was an early chat day
[04:52.20] <KK> No matter how manic the puppy, a good blessing can only be to the good, Revanne.
[04:52.29] <revanne> Not quite Bee :)
[04:52.46] <Evie> Yes, that's more or less right.  I'll keep drawing a regular paycheck for the next couple of months and then my paycheck kicks in after that
[04:52.55] <Evie> My pension, I mean
[04:53.27] <Evie> I have an insane number of vacation days accrued
[04:54.05] <revanne> Agreed KK.  There's some good liturgies produced by the Anglican Church of New Zealand so might browse them.
[04:55.18] <Evie> I need something, maybe more a Deryni spell rather than a blessing, that will make a cat levitate half an inch or more so my arms won't fall asleep under him.
[04:55.44] <Demercia> Revanne there are some good animal prayers in a book which I have downstairs -I'll send you the details tomorrow.
[04:56.01] <revanne> Toy mouse full of catnip?
[04:56.09] <KK> Have you seen the new Anglican/Catholic missal that apparently has just been released, which restores some of the Anglican liturgical bits to the Roman mass, for Anglo-Catholics who had been feeling forlorn and missing the traditional bits of Anglican liturgy they'd had to give up when they went to Rome?
[04:56.41] <KK> Haven't had time to look at it myself, but it sounds promising.
[04:56.59] <revanne> No  I haven't KK -I'll keep my eye out.
[04:56.59] <Demercia> Haven't seen it but have picked up some favourable comments on Facebook
[04:58.15] <revanne> Demercia maybe Brandysnap could bring the book across
[04:59.13] <Demercia> using Evie's cat levitation spell?
[04:59.16] <~DesertRose> Hello, KK!  Sorry, I went afk to help my mom cook supper.
[04:59.39] <Evie> ++,,
[05:00.25] <Evie> at least your connection seems to have settled down, knock on wood
[05:00.29] <~DesertRose> Silly cat.
[05:00.30] <KK> He <is> a big boy--and looks very comfortable.
[05:00.31] * Evie knocks on Luke's head
[05:00.36] <~DesertRose> Yes, hopefully, it'll behave itself.
[05:00.58] <revanne> He's growing or maybe he's just very stretchy
[05:01.13] <Evie> This is his usually position during chat, KK, unless Gigi got to me first
[05:01.26] <Evie> He's Elasticat
[05:01.40] <Demercia> Cathedral clock has just struck 11 (precisely!), so since my alarm does go off insanely early I'll say goodnight.  Have a good Christmas all and catch you in 2016,
[05:01.55] <Evie> Goodnight, Demercia!
[05:02.03] <~DesertRose> Night, Demercia.
[05:02.04] <Shiral> Night Demercia
[05:02.05] <drakensis> night Demercia
[05:02.08] <Evie> I'll have a new chapter of BoP up for you by your morning
[05:02.20] <revanne> Night.
[05:02.31] * Demercia ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:02.50] <KK> Wow, she's quick.
[05:03.30] <Evie> Maybe she's afraid the coach will turn back into a pumpkin
[05:03.44] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:03.54] <Shiral> Pumpkin coaches can be so cramped
[05:04.16] <EPCarpenter> Hi KK!
[05:04.22] <revanne> I'll turn in too. Made the announcement this morning that I am moving to a new parish in the spring. Very emotional so feel a bit like a wet dish cloth
[05:04.33] <~DesertRose> Night, revanne.
[05:04.42] <Shiral> Night, Revanne
[05:04.43] <~bynw> night revanne
[05:04.43] <Evie> That used to be my dad's standard goodnight. "Well, I'm going to go turn into a pumpkin now."  I always wondered if he was secretly a coach.
[05:04.54] <KK> Nighters, Revanne.  Where's the new parish?
[05:04.59] <The_Bee> nighters, revanne
[05:05.09] <Evie> Goodnight Revanne.  I know that had to be hard.
[05:05.15] <EPCarpenter> GNight revanne
[05:05.23] <Annie> night, revanne
[05:05.35] * DesertRose produces a death-by-chocolate cake for Evie's birthday, a day late.
[05:05.41] <Evie> yum!
[05:05.44] <revanne> In the South Midlands -Northampton and much nearer our family.
[05:05.56] <KK> Ah, well that's good, then.
[05:05.58] <Annie> Not so far from me, then.
[05:06.07] <Shiral> Yeah, you've had enough years, Eat some chocolate cake and shuffle off the mortal coil!
[05:06.12] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:06.18] <Evie> You can have the UK Mini-Derynicon
[05:06.23] <Annie> heh
[05:06.33] <revanne> That's  right Annie I'm in Peterborough  Diocese.
[05:06.47] <Evie> that is, a mini-con for Deryni lovers, not necessarily a con for mini-Deryni, before the littles get all excited
[05:06.50] <Annie> Where Spawn went to school. :)
[05:06.58] <EPCarpenter> Ha! Chocolate as assisted suicide! (I think I may have been doing that for a number of years now...)
[05:07.05] <Shiral> Aw, you had to get my hopes up, Evie... =o)
[05:07.37] <Evie> What a way to go.  Chocolate!  :-D
[05:08.01] <~DesertRose> We all must die, may as well go out happy!  :)
[05:08.22] <Shiral> Yup, we're all terminal on this bus. Just depends which one is our stop
[05:08.37] <KK> We had a friend who had a pair of linked parishes in Peterborough Diocese.  Something with Helpston.
[05:08.38] <revanne> Grabs a bit of hopefully non fatal chocolate Cake and disappears. Night
[05:08.42] <Shiral> Aren't you glad we're talking about this after your birthday, Evie??? =o)
[05:08.44] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:08.56] <Evie> LOL
[05:08.57] <EPCarpenter> Yup! Besides, cardiac surgeons have been touting dark chocolate in small daily quantities as a heart healthy food for years.
[05:09.10] * revanne (Mibbit@3EB374.EE6CE5.049C98.802621) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:09.15] <Shiral> Mortality can be so much fun!
[05:09.27] <Evie> I'm glad to do my bit for good cardiac health by eating dark chocolate
[05:09.39] <~DesertRose> :-D
[05:10.10] <Shiral> was supposed to be SMALL amounts????
[05:10.29] <Evie> It's small enough to fit in the fridge, does that count?
[05:10.34] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:10.47] <Shiral> Dang, knew it had to be too good to be true....
[05:10.49] * Aerlys ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[05:10.54] <~bynw> hi Aerlys
[05:10.58] <~DesertRose> Hi Aerlys
[05:10.58] <Evie> Luke hasturned around and I have facefull of cat brb when i can wee
[05:10.58] <The_Bee> hi aerlys
[05:11.04] <Shiral> Hi Aerlys
[05:11.07] <Evie> see, that is.  Seeing now.  And breating
[05:11.10] <Evie> breathing.
[05:11.16] <Annie> :)
[05:11.19] <Evie> hi Aerlys
[05:11.24] <Aerlys> Hello!
[05:11.26] <KK> Seeing, not weeing, I hope.
[05:11.28] <EPCarpenter> Just like Whiskey- A couple of teaspoons a day is very good for you. Two teaspoons a minute for five hours however...
[05:11.41] <Shiral> Evie, you're having fun with Nanoisms brought on by furry anchors. =o)
[05:11.41] <Evie> LOL!  Yes, no bladder byproducts involved
[05:12.04] <Shiral> One of my favorite Nanoisms this year was "He had long since walked up the peach."
[05:12.12] <Aerlys> like this little piggy all the way home...
[05:12.13] <Evie> LOL
[05:13.03] <Shiral> And "he hit the cushions on the soda one more time.."
[05:13.08] <Evie> My left arm is now fully liberated and has mostly stopped tingling
[05:13.15] <Evie> LOL, Shiral!
[05:13.47] <Evie> How is Micro-Mister, Aerlys?
[05:13.48] <Shiral> Soda cushions---a home decorating idea whose time has come.
[05:14.08] <Evie> By the makers of the Waterbed
[05:14.19] <EPCarpenter> Horseback riding on the peach. It turned into a mushy moment.
[05:14.24] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:14.26] <Evie> LOL
[05:14.39] <Shiral> Not to mention a gravity-defying one.
[05:15.00] <Evie> It just takes one good stomp
[05:15.28] <EPCarpenter> Then there were the two popular peaches that were pitted against one another.
[05:15.43] <Evie> argh!
[05:15.50] * Shiral loads the fish cannon and aims it
[05:15.59] <Evie> Don't make me haul out the mackerel launcher!
[05:16.06] <EPCarpenter> <<starts watching for the inevitable fish>>
[05:16.08] * DesertRose smacks EPCarpenter with a trout.
[05:16.14] <Aerlys> Micro-mister is finally starting to acquire some chubbiness
[05:16.22] <Evie> awww
[05:16.29] <Shiral> POW! A rain of goldfish crackers rains down on EPCarpenter
[05:16.42] <The_Bee> speaking of fish has anyone heard from Jemler?
[05:16.47] <Evie> About that age is when DD started to get chipmunk cheeks, IIRC
[05:17.05] <~DesertRose> He probably just forgot that it was early chat.
[05:17.32] <Aerlys> Well, he's got a little way to go before he hits chipmunk stage
[05:17.38] <~bynw> yeah he will show up in about 30 minutes
[05:17.47] <Evie> Luke is falling asleep on my right arm, I think.  I just saw his head sag.
[05:18.00] <Aerlys> Micro mister, not jemler :)
[05:18.31] * Evie imagines jemler as a chipmunk
[05:18.37] <Evie> almost typed chimpunk
[05:18.43] <~bynw> i just had to remove a cat from my computer chair (get a for a couple of minutes and they take over)
[05:18.46] <Evie> which must be a punk chipmunk
[05:19.12] <Evie> Yes, but was she using the computer?
[05:19.23] <Evie> Gigi's fond of trying to use ours
[05:19.33] * DesertRose pictures a chipmunk with a neon-pink mohawk and ratty denim jacket.
[05:19.34] <~bynw> what kind of punk chipmunk? cyberpunk, steampunk ...
[05:19.43] <Shiral> Chimpunks--the scourge of the jungle
[05:19.56] <Evie> Once she played an entertaining game of "What Mom freak out by disappearing windows."  She was tapping the Escape key at random intervals
[05:19.57] <~bynw> no Evie she was not using my computer (yet)
[05:20.13] <Evie> Watch Mom, even
[05:20.52] <Annie> Pippin once managed to sprawl across the keyboard, bring up Google, copy the contents of my clipboard into the search box, and do a search on it.
[05:20.55] <EPCarpenter> My Budgie occasionally flies over and lands on the laptop. Some of the controls are surface touch, so when he walks around on it he turns on the DVD player. So cute...
[05:21.01] <Annie> He is a very advanced cat. *nods(
[05:21.24] <~DesertRose> Wow, that is impressive of Pippin, Annie.
[05:21.40] <Annie> How the heck he managed it eludes me, frankly...
[05:21.51] * bynw likes Sundays when he can come to the chats :)
[05:22.05] <~bynw> simple Annie, cats really control the world
[05:22.13] <Evie> that does sound like an impressive feat!
[05:22.15] <~bynw> just ask them
[05:22.22] <Annie> Yeeeaaaah.
[05:22.28] <~DesertRose> Catarina, a cat my family used to have, managed once to justify the paragraphs on a document.
[05:22.29] <Annie> You've never met Pippin, have you?
[05:22.35] <Annie> World's dumbest cat.
[05:23.13] <Evie> Luke on my (typing) right hand
[05:23.16] <Evie> ++,,
[05:23.30] <Shiral> Dmitri managed to lose some words on my Nanonovel this year. Suffice to say, he was most unceremoniously removed from my desk!
[05:23.47] <~DesertRose> Ctrl-Z is your friend.
[05:24.03] <Evie> Gigi once inserted a full paragraph of alien script into BoP
[05:24.08] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:24.19] <Shiral> It is...after you recover from the panic-driven heart attack
[05:24.28] <~DesertRose> Yes.
[05:24.52] <Evie> Is Ctrl-Z the same as Undo?
[05:24.52] <~bynw> i don't allow the girls to be ON my desk
[05:25.02] <KK> Luke almost looks like Gus, in that last shot.  (Who is sitting in my lap right now, purring up a storm, being a perfect cat.)
[05:25.13] <~DesertRose> Yes, it' the keyboard shortcut for Undo.
[05:25.16] <Shiral> Ear scritchies to Gus, KK
[05:25.18] <~DesertRose> *it's
[05:25.18] <The_Bee> Hi Gus!
[05:25.22] <EPCarpenter> The Egyptians certainly thought they did. I remember someone telling me once about a story idea- Cleopatra's story told from the POV of her cat.
[05:25.26] <~DesertRose> hi Gus!
[05:25.27] <Evie> Hello, Gus
[05:25.58] <Shiral> Francesca must be Deryni--she's sending me images of empty food bowls
[05:26.19] <~DesertRose> Heaven forbid the kitteh food bowls be empty.
[05:26.25] <Shiral> And pathetic starving kitties
[05:26.35] <Evie> LOL
[05:26.47] <Annie> We had an automatic feeder malfunction while we were away.
[05:26.58] <~DesertRose> Merlin likes to try that.  It would work better if he didn't weigh 16 lbs on a body that ought to weigh more like 13.
[05:27.00] <The_Bee> Half the time Melantha won't eat even when the bowls are full.
[05:27.03] <Annie> Were met at the door by a pathetic starving kitteh.
[05:27.04] <Evie> Our automated feeder is still up from Thanksgiving and mine are still insisting on their daily doses of wet food since I'm home
[05:27.04] <Shiral> However, I happen to know she's definitely not starving. And Dmitri certainly isn't
[05:27.22] <Evie> oh no, Annie!
[05:27.30] <~DesertRose> Oh, poor kitteh!
[05:27.43] <EPCarpenter> Having cats was much easier than having birds. Cats you can leave for the weekend and can board many places. Avian exotics are much tougher.
[05:27.44] <Annie> Merry got food because she has a different feeder.
[05:27.59] <Evie> Ours works, but DH had to repair it since Gigi performed surgery on it to turn it from a timed dispenser to a vending machine
[05:28.00] <Annie> We got a lot of "mow-wa" from Pip, though.
[05:28.24] <Evie> So he had to put some sort of shield on it that keeps her from reaching up inside the dispenser to help herself to more
[05:28.25] <~DesertRose> LOL to Gigi performing surgery on the feeder.
[05:28.26] <Annie> Which is his hungry/food noise.
[05:28.36] <The_Bee> How long were you away, Annie?
[05:29.05] <Annie> He had breakfast yesterday and we got back this afternoon.
[05:29.19] <Annie> However.
[05:29.30] <Evie> OK, so thankfully not too long, but certainly long enough for poor Pip!
[05:29.54] <Annie> From the state of his belly, I suspect he has found a cat flap locally that doesn't need a magnet or microchip to get through.
[05:30.07] <Annie> So he probably supplemented elsewhere.
[05:30.07] <Evie> LOL
[05:30.10] <KK> LOL
[05:30.40] <KK> That's how we acquired Sasha.  He came in through the cat flap to eat our cats' food, and stayed.
[05:30.42] <Annie> He is certainly fatter than is warranted by the amount of food we give him.
[05:31.06] <Annie> I suspect Pip is more of a marauder than a stayer.
[05:31.39] <Annie> Apart from anything else, he cries for his sister if he's separated from her for too long.
[05:31.47] <Annie> She's like "Yeah, whatever."
[05:31.54] <Evie> LOL
[05:31.57] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:32.31] <~DesertRose> BRB
[05:32.39] <Annie> Anyway, I am really flagging now, so I shall give them their supper and turn in.
[05:32.49] <Shiral> Night, Annie
[05:32.58] <Evie> that's Luke and Gigi. Luke's my needy one who can't stand to be alone.  Gigi likes Luke, but I suspect she'd be just as happy as an only cat.
[05:33.02] <KK> Nighters, Annie.
[05:33.05] <Annie> Night, all.
[05:33.10] <Evie> goodnight Annie
[05:33.13] <The_Bee> nighters, annie
[05:33.15] <~DesertRose> Night, Annie.
[05:33.25] * Annie (Mibbit@BF1DC3.3B1D79.0E23C3.EA0EFB) Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
[05:33.28] <Aerlys> good night Annie
[05:33.47] <Aerlys> drat, lefy handed typing delay
[05:34.01] <Aerlys> left
[05:34.02] <Shiral> I think Francesca would take out oa contract on Dmitri, if she ever found out that was an option
[05:34.08] <Evie> Luke has moved over to my left shoulder now, allowing my right arm to wake up again
[05:34.17] <Evie> lol
[05:34.19] <~DesertRose> Silly fuzzballs.
[05:34.31] <Shiral> I can't have a phone conversation without Dmitri walking all over me.
[05:35.13] * Aerlys imagines Francesca conversing with the Feline Mafia
[05:35.55] <The_Bee> Wrengl used to call her cats the Meow Mafia.
[05:36.08] <~DesertRose> LOL
[05:36.14] <Evie> I just realized I haven't posted my latest photos to the Mini-Deryni thread!  Seisyll Arilan has properly dark Arilan hair now.
[05:36.29] <~DesertRose> Oh, good!
[05:36.33] <Shiral> Well now you have time, Evie. =o)
[05:36.34] <~DesertRose> BRB
[05:37.19] <Shiral> KK, it sounds kind of like Sasah acquired YOU!
[05:37.39] <Shiral> Sasha, that is
[05:37.45] <Evie> ++,,
[05:38.10] <Evie> That's him taking the paintbrush away because he got tired of me trying to get the color balance just right
[05:38.15] <Shiral> Fortunately for Dmitri, Francesca has led a very sheltered, indoor kitty life.
[05:38.26] <KK> We had many of our cats do that.  Hero, Edgar, Sophie, Sasha.
[05:38.41] <Shiral> They knew a good thing when they saw it
[05:39.12] <KK> He looks good, Evie.
[05:39.39] <Evie> I was going for mostly black but with some brown highlights, but the highlights kept blending in
[05:39.59] <Evie> I did a bit of puttering with him the next evening, but not too much more.
[05:40.09] <Shiral> He does look like he's saying "Enough with the fiddling around, okay?"
[05:40.20] <KK> Well, natural hair has highlights; it isn't all just one flat color.
[05:41.20] <Evie> Yes, but they were blending too much, that was the problem
[05:41.36] <The_Bee> When I went to the hospital for surgery last winter, I expected to be home in a day or so.  I just filled Melantha's food and water bowls.  I may have asked my landlord to feed her; then she went to stay with my neighbor and his cat.
[05:41.45] <Evie> I'd try to put on highlights that were visibly a lighter shade, and by the time they dried, all the hair appeared that shade
[05:41.56] <Evie> ++,,  How it finally ended up
[05:42.27] <The_Bee> looks good
[05:43.16] <Evie> Unfortunately DH has borrowed my itty bitty brushes, so I couldn't give him Arilan eyes just yet
[05:43.26] * Desert_Rose ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[05:43.33] <The_Bee> rehi DR
[05:43.43] <Evie> oh dear, connection problem again?
[05:44.18] <KK> That's a good dark brown now, Evie.
[05:44.38] <KK> Looks like real hair, which the all-black doesn't.
[05:44.50] <Evie> Yes.  Browner than I was going for, but oh well
[05:45.28] <The_Bee> Isn't "black" hair really very dark brown anyway?
[05:46.13] <Evie> I started off with dark brown on all black, but that turned into deep black all over.  Then I got gradually lighter with the brown highlights until I finally was using more of a caramel tan, but you see how dark it turned out overall despite that
[05:46.15] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[05:47.14] <Evie> Depends, Bee.  For most Caucasians what people call "black" hair is a very dark brown,  but for some Asians like my Mom, her highlights were actually more bluish than brownish in her youth, and her black was a true black
[05:48.04] <Evie> although now that she's in her 70s, she uses a dark brown to cover her grays because none of the black dyes look natural, even though she had black hair
[05:49.04] <Evie> If I dye my hair, "Darkest Brown" is usually the shade that matches my natural hair color, but it's still lighter than my Mom's hair used to be.
[05:49.15] <Desert_Rose> Okay, supper's ready.
[05:49.37] * Desert_Rose is now known as DesertRose
[05:49.47] * DesertRose ( Quit (Changing hosts)
[05:49.47] * DesertRose (~DesertRose@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[05:49.47] * derynibot sets mode +qo DesertRose DesertRose for #Deryni_Destinations
[05:49.53] <~DesertRose> Going to eat now.
[05:50.04] <The_Bee> enjoy your meal
[05:50.36] <Shiral> see ya later, DR
[05:50.46] <Evie> Yum
[05:51.46] <KK> Enjoy dinner, DR.
[05:51.57] <Evie> I also made a silk undershirt, only to learn it didn't fit the figure I made it for because of his stupid elbow that's permanently bent, so I ended up having to give it to someone else
[05:52.31] <drakensis> good night
[05:52.39] <Evie> Goodnight, drakensis
[05:52.48] * drakensis (~drakensis@5A6A32.C188A1.042699.D1A066) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -,,)
[05:53.38] <Shiral> Oops, Missed Drakensis
[05:53.41] <KK> Who'd you make the silk shirt for, and who ended up with it?
[05:54.06] <Shiral> BRB, the pressure of hungry kitties is now too insistent to be ignored
[05:55.40] <Evie> It was for the Michael Jackson figure my friend bought me that I was going to turn into a Torenthi, but Seisyll is temporarily wearing it
[05:56.03] <Evie> It's a bit too princely for him, but I haven't decided yet who will get it
[05:56.05] * Aerlys ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[05:56.12] * Aerlys ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[05:56.18] <Evie> rehi Aerlys
[05:56.34] <KK> BRB
[05:56.38] <Aerlys> no idea how that happened. I was typing and then POOF!
[05:56.55] <Aerlys> and no cats to blame
[05:58.03] <Evie> Michael Jackson--or Mikail bin Yaqub--has his arm bent to hold a microphone in front of his face.  that in itself isn't too bad, since he can hold a staff or sword, but it means I have to make clothing extra loose to go on over the bent arm, or else split it down the back or front to get it on him.
[05:58.31] <Evie> magical disappearing chat, Aerlys
[05:58.54] <Evie> I keep accidentally switching windows somehow, but I don't know what I'm brushing against to do it
[05:59.37] <KK> What color is the shirt?
[05:59.43] <Evie> white
[06:00.23] <KK> And tht is too fancy for Seisyll because...?
[06:00.31] <Evie> super fine silk
[06:01.07] <KK> He <is> a noble...
[06:01.13] <The_Bee> What should someone of seisyll's rank wear?
[06:01.14] <Evie> I figured it might be more along the lines of what Alaric or Kelson would wear, though.
[06:01.42] <Evie> True, he's nobility. But just a landed knight, yes?
[06:02.11] <Evie> OK, maybe he decided to treat himself to a very spendy shirt one year
[06:02.46] <Evie> Imported fabric from far Byzantyun brought home to Tre-Arilan for Sophie to sew into a Court shirt for him
[06:03.14] <Evie> Probably muttering and cursing the whole time like I wanted to do while cutting and sewing the dratted thing!  :-D
[06:03.29] <Shiral> Back
[06:03.36] <Evie> (Very slippery fabric with a life of its own and a disregard for straight line cuts!)
[06:03.50] <KK> Sounds like light scaraf material.
[06:03.54] <KK> scarf
[06:03.57] <Evie> ++,,  Duncan at the creche
[06:04.04] <Evie> Yes, it's a very fine veil silk
[06:05.01] <Evie> ++,,  There's Duncan practicing his seam repair skills on it
[06:05.22] <KK> "Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella, bring a torch to the cradle, run...."
[06:05.28] <The_Bee> Is Sophie Seisyll's wife, mother, or sister?
[06:06.01] <Evie> And Seisyll wearing it: ++,,
[06:06.03] <KK> Looks like you're using those itty-bitty quilting pins.
[06:06.03] <Evie> Wife
[06:06.26] <Evie> I am. I love those pins!  Regular length pins are quite unwieldy at this scale.
[06:06.36] <KK> Well, with layers over it....
[06:07.15] <Evie> ++,,
[06:07.15] <The_Bee> looks more like a nightshirt
[06:07.44] <Evie> It's a bit too sheer to be worn even with the overtunic pictured above.  He either needs a longer tunic or at least some chausses worn underneath the silk
[06:08.57] <The_Bee> for modesty's sake?
[06:09.11] <KK> Chausses, yes.  And is it hemmed?  If shorter, could go under a kilt, perhaps.
[06:10.00] <Evie> I wondered if the Arilans would be considered lowlanders or Borderers, given the location of Tre-Arilan being a bit west of Rhemuth
[06:10.51] <Evie> Here's Duncan modelling a Norman style Easter egg...I mean helmet: ++,,
[06:11.26] <The_Bee> I always knew he was an egghead.
[06:11.46] <Evie> And Nigel threatening me with execution if I crack any conehead jokes:  ++,,
[06:12.39] <Evie> He looks like he's under a 60s style hair drier!
[06:13.12] <KK> Needs to be cut down so a nasal is left--or is it too shallow to do that?
[06:13.24] <Evie> I'm planning on adding the nasal on
[06:14.01] <Evie> Probably thin craft foam, so it will bend properly over the nose and the band will curve around the rim of the egg
[06:14.13] <Evie> There'd be bands over the top as well.
[06:14.48] <Evie> Haven't decided yet to spray them all steel colored, or whether to do the bands in a gold color.  might depend on the rank of the wearer
[06:15.08] <Evie> I could get fancy with some of the bands and make them look like coronet shapes
[06:15.32] <KK> Sounds like that could work quite well.
[06:15.56] <Evie> That way Alaric can have his strawberry leaves
[06:16.12] <Evie> if Gwyneddan dukes have those on their coronets
[06:17.03] <Evie> I wonder if I could manage a tiny Sutton Hoo dragon nasal?
[06:17.20] <~DesertRose> That would be some intricate work.
[06:17.24] <The_Bee> Sutton WHO?
[06:17.25] <~DesertRose> Back from supper.
[06:17.48] <Evie> I've got the Friendly Plastic, but it would be a pain to do something too detailed
[06:18.10] <Evie> I don't have the skill for anything beyond rough shaping with the Friendly Plastic
[06:18.21] <Evie> and Sculpey might be too fragile
[06:18.33] <KK> It occurs to me that some spray-can lids might be the right size for cutting down into flat-topped helms.  I'll have to go look in my under-sink area and see what comes to mind.
[06:18.57] <Evie> Could be
[06:19.21] * Aerlys ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:19.44] <~DesertRose> Flat-topped helms always make me think of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  "Come back!  I'll bite your kneecaps off!"
[06:20.00] <Evie> At least I think there is a brand that has sloping sides but a flat top, like some helmets.  The ones that are straight sided and flat topped would be too big
[06:20.05] <Shiral> I'm going tlo take off, folks. I'll be working next Sunday, so probably won't make it to chat
[06:20.12] <~DesertRose> Okay, see you later, Shiral.
[06:20.18] <~DesertRose> Have a good couple of weeks.
[06:20.19] <The_Bee> bye shiral
[06:20.38] * Shiral waves farewell, steps onto her portal and disappears in a flash of red and blue seasonal steam
[06:20.40] <Evie> They're a little later century than what I've been looking up lately, IIRC
[06:20.42] <Shiral> BYE!
[06:20.51] <Evie> bye Shiral
[06:20.55] * Shiral ( Quit (Quit: )
[06:21.20] <Evie> although there's a bishop Crusader action figure with a flat topped helm that pops up sometimes on eBay
[06:21.22] <KK> Drat!  She got away too fast.
[06:21.31] <~DesertRose> Yeah, she kinda sneaked off.
[06:22.14] <Evie> I occasionally give that helm a look since it's got a mitre built in, but I suspect it would be too small for Duncan.  Cardiel or Arilan might be able to wear it though.
[06:22.15] <KK> I'll have to see what my cbinets yield.
[06:22.25] <KK> cabinets
[06:23.03] <Evie> DH joined the SCA back in the days when carpet armor and freon can helmets were legal
[06:23.12] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:23.27] <Evie> His first armor was butt-ugly but it did the job
[06:23.47] <KK> Freon cans were also the norm when I began.
[06:23.51] <~DesertRose> Most fighters' first armor is butt-ugly.
[06:24.10] <~DesertRose> Frequently cobbled together from old armor from more experienced fighters.
[06:24.22] <Evie> yup
[06:25.13] <Evie> Our shire's fighters all took an interest when I was creating Duncan's brigandine
[06:25.45] <Evie> apparently armor at any scale is more interesting than mere "Barbie clothes"
[06:26.18] <~DesertRose> LOL
[06:26.19] * NavaWazr ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[06:26.23] <~DesertRose> Hi NavaWazr.
[06:26.24] <Evie> hi Nava
[06:26.42] <NavaWazr> Hi DR, Evie, KK and Bee
[06:27.06] <The_Bee> "cobbled together"--SCA armor, or real-life medieval soldiers?
[06:27.14] <~DesertRose> SCA armor
[06:27.27] <~DesertRose> But possibly true historically too.
[06:27.43] <Evie> I'm sure a lot of armor ended up scavenged.
[06:28.47] <Evie> Aside from when the conditions didn't allow for it, like at Wisby
[06:29.34] <The_Bee> Wisby?
[06:30.38] <Evie> The battle of Wisby, after which a lot of the dead were buried with their armor still on, which is where we have found a lot of extant samples to learn as much as we have about armor construction from that period
[06:30.48] <Evie> it's an archeological treasure trove
[06:31.13] <~DesertRose> BRB
[06:32.10] <The_Bee> thanks for the info, Evie
[06:32.52] <Evie> I don't recall exactly why so many of the dead were buried with their armor, but IIRC it had something to do with extremely wet weather conditions combined with the number of the dead making immediate burials impossible, so by the time the ground dried enough to allow for the grave digging, the armor was too ruined by exposure to wet weather and decomposing bodies to salvage.  At least I think that's the story behind it, but it's been a while since I read up on it.
[06:32.54] <NavaWazr> there is a book, many blogs and a Pinterest site on Battle of Wisby!
[06:33.11] <Evie> and I may be conflating battles
[06:34.47] <NavaWazr> you are right
[06:34.52] * The_Bee reminds herself to google Wisby
[06:34.58] <NavaWazr> .hot weather and their great number (about 2,000 bodies were disinterred six hundred years later) defeated the efforts of the victors to strip them before decomposition began
[06:35.17] <Evie> 2000? Wow!
[06:35.30] <Evie> I knew there were a lot of casualties, but I didn't remember it was that many
[06:35.34] * NavaWazr gets the point for first to get to Google and Wikipedia!
[06:36.28] <NavaWazr> for those who want the movie...
[06:36.28] <NavaWazr> ++
/>[06:36.52] <Evie> There's a movie!
[06:37.16] <KK> Cool!
[06:37.31] <Evie> Oh wow!
[06:37.40] <Evie> Where is Wisby? Sweden?
[06:38.09] <NavaWazr> Denmark and Sweden were arguing over it
[06:38.37] * bynw ( Quit (Changing hosts)
[06:38.37] * bynw ( has joined channel #Deryni_Destinations
[06:38.37] * sets mode +aoq bynw bynw bynw for #Deryni_Destinations
[06:39.17] <NavaWazr> Denmark eventually won
[06:40.24] <Evie> I know a Swede in the SCA in Drachenwald.  If I ever make it over there, maybe Earl Morgan can point me in the right direction to see Wisby.  DH would love to visit there, I'm sure!
[06:41.23] <Evie> (Morgan, btw, is his real name, but also his SCA name.  He is a Deryni fan and took the name "Morgan de Grey" after reading the Deryni Chronicles.)
[06:42.42] <The_Bee> Invite him to chat sometime.
[06:42.49] <Evie> I'd love to see an event outside a real castle.  :-D
[06:43.18] <Evie> Maybe an early chat.  I think it's even later for him than it is for revanne and Demercia
[06:43.31] <The_Bee> probably
[06:43.48] <KK> I went to one at Caerphilly Castle in Wales, when I lived in Ireland.  It's still moated, and was really cool.
[06:43.59] <NavaWazr> I loved the Chronicles. I am going to read them through again over the holiday break, start in the morning and not stop until done
[06:45.20] <NavaWazr> walking through the old buildings and seeing the reenactments (for real or online) makes me really happy I live in this age of modern conveniences
[06:45.31] <Evie> any idea when we might get the second Kelson trilogy in ebook form, KK?
[06:45.50] <KK> Don't know.  They're working on it.
[06:46.41] <Evie> So true, Nava, although the castles weren't quite as grim as one might think, looking at weathered ruins many centuries later.  Look up Dover Castle for a nicely recreated interior of one.
[06:47.19] <Evie> But still, they were primarily fortresses first and cozy homes only secondly
[06:48.08] <NavaWazr> plumbing, hot baths, tea whenever I want it, fridge with ice cream...
[06:48.37] <Evie> I like the monasteries with the running water for hand washing and under the garderobes to flush away the wastes.  Of course, I wouldn't have wanted to live downstream of those monasteries. :-D
[06:48.42] <The_Bee> and tapestries were intended to keep out the chill, not just for decoration
[06:49.45] <KK> True, and they were usually brightly painted, like the tombs in the great cathedrals--not just dull grey stone.
[06:49.46] <Evie> so were bed hangings
[06:50.44] <Evie> I saw a cathedral on Instagram that still had the faded remnants of formerly bright paint clearly visible. I don't think the caption said which cathedral it was or in which country, though
[06:51.30] <Evie> but it was colorful enough to make me wonder if the paint had managed to last that long due to the climate there, or if the cathedral had been repainted in more modern years and that's why some pigment still remained
[06:51.43] <KK> You can often see traces of the original colors.  Take a small flashlight, or your phone with its flashlight feature, because it's dim in those old churches.
[06:52.01] <Evie> cathedral exterior, that is, not just an interior fresco
[06:52.59] <KK> Exteriors were also often painted, at least the statues on the west faces.  It must have been magnificent.
[06:54.10] <Evie> With modern technology, it would be possible to reconstruct a picture of one looked like if there were enough paint traces left to work from and program into the computer
[06:54.21] <KK> Well, I see it's nearly 8, and time for the President to again decline to name the Islamist terrorists.  /me shakes head
[06:54.28] <Evie> LOL
[06:54.33] <KK> Might as well go listen, though.
[06:54.41] <Evie> yes, might as well
[06:54.49] <~DesertRose> Okay, night, KK.  See you next week?
[06:55.05] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[06:55.15] <~bynw> have a good night KK
[06:55.21] <KK> Yes, I expect to be here next week.  See you all then.
[06:55.24] <Evie> I don't have a TV set, so I'll probably catch the latest online at some point
[06:55.28] <Evie> See you later
[06:55.35] <~DesertRose> Okay, have a good week!
[06:55.45] * KK ( Quit (Quit: ++,, ajax IRC Client)
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

I have a vocabulary in excess of 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it!


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